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Screen Design

  • the game consists of 7 screens: title screen, how to play, credits, map view, hive view, flower view and battle view

--- Title

Bee Line

Copyright 2014

a Team Sushi production

  • New Game
  • How to Play
  • Credits

--- How to Play

Tap on the Bee Hive to change bee assignments.

Tap on the map to explore, or send patrols or gather nectar. --- Credits

Programming Dale Wick, Dan Sutherland, Danny Glover

Graphics Melissa Davidson, Matt Baird, Jeffrey Wick

Sound Andrew Kropel --- Hive Screen

  • side view of inside the hive.
  • the hive is a beekeeper's hive, with several rectangular frames in slots in a box. For the tojam game, we aim for just one rectangular fame.
  • tiles show the current state of the honey comb. Each tile holds one hexagonal cell. The tiles are 32x32.
    • empty - available for building
    • nursery - the queen fills these cells with eggs at a rate of 1/second, need 0%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100% mature.
    • honey - this acts as fuel, and is what we are defending against bears and beekeepers (full and empty ie. to be filled)
    • select tile - should be 50% opacity (for a foreground layer)

Also we need sprites for:

  • queen bee 64x64 - flapping cycle, in 6 directions
  • worker bee (gardner) 48x48 - flapping cycle in 4 directions
  • worker bee (soldier) 48x48 - flapping cycle in 4 directions
  • worker bee (nursemaid) 48x48 - flapping cycle in 4 directions
  • baby bee (unassigned role) 32x32 or 48x48 - flapping cycle in 4 directions

--- Map Screen

Should be isometric or top down

Tiles for:

  • black "fog of war tile" for unexplored areas
  • green grass
  • flowers
  • bushes
  • water (9 tiles for connected ponds or rivers)
  • hive

Also need sprites for:

  • worker bee (16x16) - flapping cycle in 4 directions
  • bear (64x64) - walking, harvesting, swatting, retreating in 4 directions
  • bee keeper (32x64) - walking, smoking (to calm the bees), harvesting
  • flag for worker bees with job thought bubble 32x32 for: exploring, bringing back news, attacking, mellowed

--- Flower Patch

  • optional

--- Battle View

  • optional

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Page last modified on April 27, 2014, at 11:36 AM EST