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Screen Design

  • the game consists of 7 screens: title screen, how to play, credits, map view, hive view, (optional) flower view and (optional) battle view
  • music loop for hive view, map view, (optional) bear/beekeeper harvesting
  • virtual canvas is 800x480 for all screens.


Bee Line

Copyright 2014 Created at TOJam 9

a Team Sushi production

  • New Game
  • How to Play
  • Credits

How to Play

Tap on the Bee Hive to change bee assignments.

Tap on the map to explore, or send patrols or gather nectar.


Programming Dale Wick, Dan Sutherland

Graphics Melissa Davidson, Youkie Koizumi, Jeffrey Wick

Sound Andrew Kropel, Marty Bernie

Hive Screen

  • side view of inside the hive.
  • the hive is a beekeeper's hive, with several rectangular frames in slots in a box. For the tojam game, we aim for just one rectangular fame.
  • tiles show the current state of the honey comb. Each tile holds one hexagonal cell. The tiles are 32x32.
    • empty - available for building
    • nursery - the queen fills these cells with eggs at a rate of 1/second, need 0%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100% mature.
    • honey - this acts as fuel, and is what we are defending against bears and beekeepers (full and empty ie. to be filled)
    • select tile - should be 50% opacity (for a foreground layer)

Also we need sprites for:

  • queen bee 64x64 - flapping cycle, in 6 directions
  • worker bee (gardner) 48x48 - flapping cycle in 4 directions
  • worker bee (soldier) 48x48 - flapping cycle in 4 directions
  • worker bee (nursemaid) 48x48 - flapping cycle in 4 directions
  • baby bee (unassigned role) 32x32 or 48x48 - flapping cycle in 4 directions

Sounds - click, select area, assign role

Map Screen

Should be isometric or top down. Isometric base tile 128x64.

Tiles for:

  • black "fog of war tile" for unexplored areas
  • green grass
  • flowers, mainly clover based flowers, (0% pollen, 25% pollen, 50% pollen, 75% pollen, 100% pollen)
  • bushes
  • water (9 tiles for connected ponds or rivers)
  • hive

Also need sprites for:

  • worker bee (16x16) - flapping cycle in 4 directions
  • bear (64x64) - walking, harvesting, swatting, retreating in 4 directions
  • bee keeper (32x64) - walking, smoking (to calm the bees), harvesting
  • flag for worker bees with job thought bubble 32x32 for: exploring, bringing back news, attacking, mellowed

Sounds - bee selected, bear near, bear harvesting, bear swatting, bear retreat, bee keeper near, bee keeper smoking, bee keeper harvesting.

Flower Patch

  • optional

Battle View

  • optional

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Page last modified on April 27, 2014, at 11:36 AM EST