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Changed line 22 from:
* Create fences (H gesture)
* Create fences (U gesture)
Changed line 25 from:
* Instantiate cat treat (effectiveness wears off) (T gesture)
* Instantiate cat treat (effectiveness wears off) (7 gesture)
Added lines 6-9:

* List of [[GraphicsAssets|Graphics assets]]
* List of [[SoundAssets|Sound assets]]
* [[Scoring]]
Added lines 10-13:

[++Non-cooperative Player Functions++]

There are up to two players, who are playing as the kittens. Each player controls 3 kittens, and can use the direction stick to direct the "locus" of the kittens, and a button to spread or attract together those kittens. They are still affected by the illusions and cat treats.
Added lines 1-24:
Get cats to go where you need them.


Farm house with cardboard box for kittens.

[++Player functions++]

Controls are touch or mouse based. Use spells to create illusions to direct the cats. Illusions require upkeep, and go away if upkeep expires.

[+List of Spells+]

Spells are created with gestures.
* Create fences (H gesture)
* Create illusion of dog (cat repeller) (D gesture)
* Create illusion of mouse (cat attractor) (C gesture)
* Instantiate cat treat (effectiveness wears off) (T gesture)


The map provides the challenge.
* cardboard box - target for the kittens
* chair - hard to direct area
* barrel/crate - impassible area
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Page last modified on May 04, 2013, at 10:18 PM EST