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Get cats to go where you need them.


Farm house with cardboard box for kittens.

Player functions

Controls are touch or mouse based. Use spells to create illusions to direct the cats. Illusions require upkeep, and go away if upkeep expires.

List of Spells

Spells are created with gestures.

  • Create fences (H gesture)
  • Create illusion of dog (cat repeller) (D gesture)
  • Create illusion of mouse (cat attractor) (C gesture)
  • Instantiate cat treat (effectiveness wears off) (T gesture)


The map provides the challenge.

  • cardboard box - target for the kittens
  • chair - hard to direct area
  • barrel/crate - impassible area

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Page last modified on May 04, 2013, at 10:18 PM EST