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The Needed Graphics Assets

  • Sprites are organized in a grid aligned sprite sheet
  • All assets are in PNG or transparent PNG format
  • Sprites are 128x128 pixel frames
  • Static models are in Wavefront OBJ
  • Animated models are in FBX format
  • Static models are in inches relative to the real world, with the characters oversized relative to the furniture (double normal size?)

Assigned to Nick

  • parkay wood floor tile to create a checkerboard pattern. (2x2 tiles in light and dark colours) 256x256 pixels Images of parkay wood floor
  • Farmhouse wall timbers (512x512) (Board and batton )
  • Dog growlling
  • Mouse running around in a circle
  • Cat (maybe up to 6 types although it totally doesn't matter, since there are always 6 on screen) with walk cycle, and walking in any of 4 directions
  • Cat sleeping (cat deactivated animation)
  • Cat cleaning itself (idle animation)
  • Cat attacking mouse (attack animation)
  • Cat eating cat treat (eating animation)
  • Title screen 1280x768, 720x720, 1024x600
  • Icon 512x512, 480x480, 150x150, 144x144, 86x86, 64x64

Assigned to Meyitzo

  • 3D barrel
  • 3D crate
  • 3D chair, table
  • fence
  • cat treat
  • cat bed (cardboard box, cut low on the front, with a blanket)
  • fireplace

Meyitzo's source models: barrel, baker, blacksmith

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Page last modified on May 04, 2013, at 10:14 PM EST