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Choose a playable character. Then it is time to investigate the age old question: "Who took the cookie from the cookie jar?"

Tour around, and catch up with the suspects and interview them to help you deduce who took the last cookie from the cookie jar, and then didn't fill it up again.


  • Brooklin Fairgrounds Swings
  • Bridge on Lion's Trail
  • Front door to Blair Ridge
  • Brooklin Public Library Large Print Books area
  • Front door of their house
  • Sidewalk by the fence posts
  • Club house

Game starts on map mode, and you can click on any of the locations in Brooklin.


All members of the club.

Cookie types!!

  • chocolate chip
  • oatmeal rasin
  • ginger snaps
  • short bread
  • digestible
  • jam filled
  • cream filled
  • peanut butter

Questions and Answers!!

  • -- Did you have any cookies today? -- Yes I had two I think.
  • -- What type of cookie did you have? -- I remember the one was a _____.
  • -- How many were left in the jar after you took them? -- ____ were left after I took the first one.
  • -- Was it plain or did it have something in it? -- It was plain/It had ___ in it.
  • -- Did you take them both at once? -- Yes / No, I came back later for the second one at _____.
  • -- When did you take this first one? -- I don't recall / As ___ was leaving. / At ____ o'clock.

Voice work special notes.!!

  • Numbers from 1 to 13
  • Hi there
  • Could you answer a few questions for me?
  • Look, I've got to go. Bye.


  • you may need to interview some people more than once to find out everything
  • they will only answer 3 questions at a time

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Page last modified on June 07, 2011, at 02:01 AM EST