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You are a Real Estate lawyer, invited to visit a Count in Transylvania in order to complete a real estate transaction in Whitby, England. As your visit continues you encounter increasingly strange events including vampires and even your fiancee is turned into a vampire.

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There are three types of weapons:

  • holy water (which is a range weapon, with wide spread, limited amount available unless you refill it, does temporary damage)
  • a stake (which is a close milee weapon, and you need to be accurate -- fatal if in the heart, enrages otherwise)
  • and a defensve weapon (the cross) -- fast to use, and close range only.


  • d-pad: move around
  • X: use weapon
  • /\: get item
  • L/R trigger: change weapon
  • START: extended options (Continue, Show Objective, End Night, Restart Level, Controls Help, Quit Game)

You need to: get stake (level 3 and up), refill holy water (level 2 and up), get

 cross (level 1 and up)

Dracula/vampires: convert people to vampires (which you need to kill), switches to a bat to escape, freezes if hit by holy water (for 1 second), is repelled by cross.


the style is various rooms, with an expanding map as you play.

Night 1 is in your room in the mansion

  • you are visiting a duke in Transylvania on a diplomatic mission
  • start off asleep, and you're awakened by a sound
  • you get out of bed to investigate the sound
  • you investigate the sound, and examine various objects in the room, pick up a cross
  • you decide the sound was from a cat prowling in the hallway
  • you go to bed, and Dracula appears
  • he lunges at you, and you repel him with your cross, or it's game over (ie level restart).

Night 2 is in anther room in the mansion (and you're defending your love interes t)

  • start in your room again
  • hear noise again
  • check hallway again
  • investigate, examine objects and find holy water
  • enter other bedroom
  • encounter Dracula attacking love interest
  • moves to fast to use cross
  • need to time closeness to get holy water to be effective, without running out
  • if you miss, it's game over (ie level restart), as you get converted to a vampire before you can change weapons to the cross

Night 3 is in the dungeon (where you face a vampire horde)

  • Hear a noise
  • check hallway: refill holy water
  • check other bedroom
  • down staircase to foyer
  • library has book on vampres, suggests a stake to the heart
  • basement, find stake
  • dungeon contains vampires. Must repel 1, then 3, then 5, then 7 or game over (restart level?)
  • end of night

Night 4 is in the crypt (where you face Dracula for a final showdown/boss fight)

  • Night falls, not waiting for a noise
  • patrol hall, refill holy water
  • visit other bedroom, find love interest gone, kidnapped by Dracula
  • staircase to foyer
  • library has book: says that vampires sleep in coffins, so go to graveyard.
  • dungeon had vampires. Must repel 1, 3, 5, 7 then
  • graveyard, with 3 and 4 vampires to stake
  • extra holy water in fountain near crypt
  • find dracula in crypt.
  • appears to be in 2 places, only 1 is real.
  • can only stake him with stun from holy water + stake, since otherwise he changes to a bat to escape, or bites you.

You win! Your love interest converts back to human. You get that highly desire d kiss.

Now beat it on a harder skill level.

Design points to ponder

- should there be a secondary points gathering objective (coins, diamonds, etc.) to help lead the person around?

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