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++Dental Tower Defense++
[++Dental Tower Defense++]
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* mouthwash does wide area damage split evenly between targets
* toothbrush does targeted damage
* toothpaste slows target
* dental floss does rapid targeted damage
* gum drops, medium speed { red=1 hit, green=2 hit, blue=4 hit, purple=8 hit}
* tic tacs, fast speed { 1=1 hit, 3=3 hit, 5=5 hit}
* chocolate pieces (caramilk, or pot of gold shaped), slow speed {16 hit, 24 hit, 32 hit}
* donut, slow speed, resists toothpaste (honey glazed 48 hit, chocolate 64 hit, powder 96 hit)

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++Dental Tower Defense++

As you journey throughout the year, your teeth need help defending themselves. Use your wits, your toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouth wash, dental floss and more to keep them safe. Upgrade them to the max, and win the day against cavities.

* [[artwork|Required Artwork]]
* [[soundeffects|Sound Effects]]
* [[screendesign|Screen Design]]


* [[mainmenu|Main Menu]]
* [[instructions|Instructions]]
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