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Meltdown is pretty simple to play, you must just get from point A to point B, without dying, simple right?.


Meltdown uses a 2.5D display system for moving around the world, it's a 3D world, but using 2D physic's for a great platformer experience. Using Jello Physics to make a landscape that is interactive, you must use the environment to get past obstacles, as well as items you have acquired through your journey.


But not too quick, for it's easy to die in this world as well, remember, this is a nuclear meltdown.
Be careful of how high you are, falling to your death is not uncommon.
Be weary of the sounds of an oncoming explosion, for you'll have seconds to get outside of it's blast radius.
Touching anything that is very hot is very bad, at least if you don't have the right gear covering the right body parts.
Running into radiation is very bad, listen to your Geiger counter, take too much radiation, and you'll die.\\

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Page last modified on April 22, 2011, at 12:04 AM EST