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In the game Meltdown, their are various hazards that the player must watch out for.


The Explosions can happen at any time, when running through a level, an explosion can dramatically change the environment, forcing players to find new ways to get to their destinations.

Falling Girders

O NO!, a girder just fell, did it kill you? no. good.
watch out for these as you make your way through the world, sometimes helpful, other times...deadly...

Flexible Girders

these girders are a double edge, while they bend and can help you reach new destinations, they are also extremely hot, touching them without proper protection, may result in death.

Super heated steam

steam was already an issue with nuclear power plants, but without cooling temperatures are rising drastically, be careful not too get hit by some steam.

Super heated water

not yet steam, and not as deadly, the water is still too hot to touch, be careful when dealing with this very hot liquid.


it's invisible out!

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Page last modified on April 21, 2011, at 11:41 PM EST