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Their are several items which you acquire through the course of the game, they each help in their own way to get you through the game, but each item also has a cost.

Fire Extinguisher:

The Fire Extinguisher is something that is quite common, uses fuel, and is also quite heavy. use it to cool down girdle's to make them tolerable to walk across, or use it to put out fire's to get to your destination, but do remember, jumping becomes quite difficult with this in tow.

Radiation Suit:

Survive the unsurvivable by walking around in a radiation suit, but do be careful, this is a full body suit, and is very heavy, as well, picking up things can be quite difficult with this on, but at least radiation can't hurt you...that's a plus.

Heat resistant boots:

want to go jumping on that very hot, and very bendy girdle, just slip a pair of these boots on, and go jump away, light weight, and easy to wear, they seem to have no downside, except you can't wear the radiation suit with these on, just remember, your feet are is all that's protected from the heat, you still can't walk through fire.

Radiation Treatment

Reset your radiation stats with this experimental treatment.

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