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Time to make for the win

PSP FTW is a game of social engineering. You know that someone is going to win. But you don't know ahead of time what the win condition is going to be. Players take turns selecting a goal, and then the rest of the players vote on the idea.


So on the HUD (heads up display), I need to show the current player and maybe the top ranked player's stats.

The stats are:

  • mana (how much mana you've collected)
  • hits (how many other players you've hit with fireballs by using mana)
  • blocks (how many fireballs you've blocked when they were thrown at you)
  • waypoints (how many waypoints you've visited on the map).

They are always in a range from 1 to 9.


The theme is ancient egypt. So I am drawing inspiration from movies like the scorpion king.

The map cells are:

  • . = open square
  • T = palm tree
  • B = fern bush
  • R = rock
  • W = waypoint (for mana and player start points)
  • A = wall
  • M = mana

Proposed but not confirmed:

  • S = stream (unpassable)
  • G = bridge (over troubled waters)
  • P = pond (usually in groups)
  • L = lava
  • H = house

Client Commands Commands:

  • Md = move in direction d where -1 is stopped
  • G = grab mana
  • S = shoot fireball
  • B = block attack
  • Rt,n = win condition is type t, with number n
  • Vy = vote on rule with y=1 for yes and 0 for no.
  • L = list of games, returns created games, and list of players for each
  • T = top players, returns the top players
  • Iplayername,password = identify playername
  • Pplayername,password,newpassword = set password or create new account
  • Jgid = join game gid, returns player id
  • N = new game, returns gid, player id

Server notifications

  • join playername,pid
  • begin seconds
  • quit pid
  • winner pid
  • bill pid -- who's turn it is to propose a new rule
  • vote pid,type,number
  • result pid,type,number,yea,nay
  • games gid,seconds,playername,playername,playername,playername
  • top rank,playername,wins
  • player recognized
  • wall playename,message
  • game joined,gid
  • state pid,x,y,mana,hits,blocks,visits
  • fire cid,x,y,direction
  • mana cid,x,y
  • captured cid,pid

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Page last modified on March 18, 2011, at 08:59 PM EST