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Railway Czar

Map: 64x64 grid contains: point to point railway construction (owned by a player) terrain type (plain, forest, mountain, river) -- every grid resource type -- 1% of grid squares based on terrain type trains travelling on the railways cities (0.25%) with a name, size, resources requested

4 terrain types + 30 possible resources/processed resources fit in one long. Resources are: 1. gold, sliver, copper, iron (mountain) worth 100 2. wood, pelts (forest) worth 50 3. wheat, corn, milk, olive oil, beef, chicken, pork, cotton (plains) worth 15 4. fish, water (river) worth 5

Processed resources (if we add an industry component): 1. jewelery, stove, pots, knives worth 200 2. lumber, chairs, crates, coats worth 100 3. bread, cake, cheese, jerky, sausages worth 30 4. cloth, thread, clothing worth 30

Train holds: one item, and moves 1 square/minute Upgrade: 1. extra train (costs 4x option 2). 2. extra item (costs 500*how many items) 3. speed up by 1 square/minute (costs 800*how many items*current speed)

Building rail costs: 1 for plain 2 for forest 5 for mountain 10 for river and takes 1 min/cost/square.

Renting rail costs 1 per km. Structure is: 8 way track layout from the centre, owned by some player or another.

Daily wheel: 1. 10, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000 money 2. 10, 25, 50, 100 km instant track 3. half price upgrade 4. load of specific resource 5. instant travel for 100 km

Over the wire it is: 1. current trains for player - size, speed, manifest (current cargo), current orders (list of n stops for a level n train) 2. money, level, xp until next level. 3. current group

then for the map:

gziped in tiles of 64x64: 1. terrain type for every tile 2. list of city names: city name, size, requested resources, available resources 3. for every tile: 8 compass points, with owner id for track, or 0 for not built

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Page last modified on April 29, 2011, at 08:38 PM EST