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Resource Production

So my concept is that of the 5 available resources, each player gets assigned an ordered list of 3 of them that they can produce. One produces every 2 minutes, if you click on it. Once produces every 20 minutes, if you click on it. And one produces every 4 hours if you click on it. (roughly a factor of 10 each stage) To get the other 2 resources, you have to either trade with your network, or you can trade them in 5:1 for whatever you need.

When you move up to level 10, 20, 30, 40, etc. you can upgrade one resource production site. That resource production site can now produce 2 things at a time, with a doubled time factor for the second one, and a tripled time factor for the 3rd one, etc. (so for instance your 3rd increase of the 3rd resource would take 12h instead of 4h to produce).

Every time you expand the size of your community by building roads in your town, you move up a level. Moving up a level may open up more options.

Building Costs

The cost for building things is priced in the 5 resources. So you will have an advantage in some costs and disadvantages in others. Here is the cost table:

Alley level #   
Road  level #  
Highway   level # 
House 21 1
Townhose Row 1020 10
Condo  1007530
Strip Plaza 1515 25
Large Mall300300 250 
Office  211
Office Complex  102010
Office Tower  8020050
Street Party5   2
Town Fair20   50
Major Exhibition500   175

Development of a level 1 building requires an alley. Development of a level 2 building requires a road. Development of a level 3 building requires a highway. Each site starts as a level 1 building, and then can be upgraded.


Network trades will take 20 seconds per real world km distance the other player is from you're last known location. So if you are playing with someone in the room it will be fast and if you are trading between US and Australia it will take a whole day.

Daily Spin

Once per day, maybe at midnight local time, the daily spin becomes available. On the wheel is resources, opportunity cards, etc.

  • 10 brick
  • 100 brick
  • 1000 brick
  • etc.

Opportunity Cards

You can visit the soothsayer to either get a read on your population or buy an opportunity card. The possible cards are:

  • 2:1 exchange on brick
  • free street party
  • free town fair
  • free major exhibition
  • free alley->road upgrade
  • free alley
  • free road->highway upgrade
  • etc.

User Interface

The things across the bottom are: missions, building details, marketplace (for 5:1 trades and maybe daily specials), build menu, network, and share (to connect to other players in person)

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