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  • Laser - corresponds to the fire type
  • Icicles - sends bolts of frozen water
  • Particle cannon - sends bolts of electricity

There are three enemy types:

  • Flame - looks like a burning crystal being. Is subdued by water, attracted to laser, and repelled by energy bolt
  • Frosty - looks like a walking icicle spider. Is subdued by electricity, attracted to ice, and repelled by fire
  • Zapper - an electric eel in sheeps clothing. Is subdued by flame, attracted to electricity, and repelled by water.

There are 6 ground types:

  • cavern - is a cut passageway
  • dirt - can be cut by any tool
  • rock - cannot be cut by any tool (requires heavy miners to come)
  • ice - thawed by laser or particle cannon, refills icicles
  • coal - cut by icicles or particle cannon, refills laser
  • uranium - cut by laser or icicles, refills particle cannon
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Page last modified on December 18, 2010, at 04:45 PM EST