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The map is a 64x64 autogenerated map with statistical distribution of enemies, land types and resource types, skewed to clump up, with corresponding enemies near clumps of the material that they feed the most on.

The screen view is with 64x64 pixel tiles at 800x600. So that means that you can see 12x8 tiles at a time.

Controls are: mining ship tracks cursor. Digs with appropriate tool when mouse held down (assuming you have that kind of fuel).

  • On PC: use arrow keys to move, space to dig, period (".") to change tools.
  • On tablet/phone: drag in the direction of movement, hit on screen buttons to change tools and drill.

The trophy is always in the bottom right corner. Your journey there is always different depending on the level.

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Page last modified on March 21, 2013, at 04:28 PM EST