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_Titan Miners_

You have been hired by the Titan Mining Co to be an advanced scout as the mining operations proceed below the surface of the Titan moon of the planet Saturn. When the company set up shop, they believed that there was no life. But before long, a new form of life was discovered below the surface of Titan. The indigenous life was so long lived that they seem to be immortal. Not only that, but no known weapons could defeat the entities found there.

You have been deployed to visit trouble areas, and trap the immortals, so that the mining company can mine. You'll fight with them, or if you're more clever you'll use a growing list of tools to trap them, ideally through luring them over thinned ice, and then refreezing it.

So there is some exploration, and some puzzles, and some battling, and some tool use. The enemies will be big.

So the last question is: is it ethical to be trapping immortals just because some mining company hired you to do it? I don't know. Probably you're on thin ice there for sure.

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Page last modified on December 15, 2010, at 04:15 PM EST