Conway's Game of Life Examples

By Dale Wick version 1.1 2000 07 28 - for the Coleco Adam

This example program was prepared for AdamCon 12 in Toronto Canada in 2000. Source, example start states, and tape image included.

First download the file or just the conway.img file (using SHIFT+left mouse button).

To run the program either CLONE the conway.img file onto a tape or disk from CPM or TDOS, or block copy the conway.img file onto blocks 0 to 14 using a program like FileManager, or start it in the emulator as a tape image:

	adamem -tapea conway.img
A hard disk version is still to be done.

To see the next generation, simply hit the space key or any other key. You'll find that you can buffer up about 16 requests at a time. While an iteration is calculating, it displays "Working" just below the display of the current generation.

To switch to a predefined start state, use SHIFT+C through SHIFT+M (capital C through capital M).


To make your own patterns available, the format is 128x64 pixels in a standard 8 pixel segment MSB on the left, LSB on the right, grouped in 8 pixel tall "cards", arranged in 16 "card" wide lines, which are 8 lines tall. Basically the same as the video chip.

To build this example program, simply use the ZMAC and HEX2RAW application either under Linux or with CygWin for Windows. Directions are available at:
The current version doesn't use main.z80 at all, but all of the active code is in the bootload.z80.

If you make any useful changes, please contact me at: or

-- Dale