The AdamCon VIII Gallery

Relive the memories of AdamCon VIII, the eighth annual celebration of the Coleco Adam computer, which took place September 1996, by touring around this gallery. touring around our gallery.

The photos were all provided by Rich Drushel Web space maintained by Dale Wick

The Legacy of AdamCon

The banner each year represents the essence of each AdamCon. It oversees and enjoys the proceedings each year.

AdamCon01 -- named as a joke (as if a computer that hadn't been made for 3 years could have a regular convention. Organized by Monte Niece it took place outside Orlando, FL. This first AdamCon had a banquet, a swap shop/store, and many interesting sessions run in parallel.
But MTAG out of Toronto Canada and LAUGH out of Hamilton took up the banner, and ran jointly AdamCon02, headed by chairman Ken Batcher. A tradition had begun. At this AdamCon the first games contest (using Adictus) was tried. Here there were 2 parallel sessions with the group divided into 20s which rotated between speakers.
The tradition became a regualar event when AdamCon03 was run by 463ADAM with chairman Dean Rhodes. This AdamCon was more free form with three parallel sessions which you'd have to choose between.
BASIC and Herman Mason and George Koczwara snatched AdamCon IV. This is the site of the first Programmer's Meeting where the EOS 7 project was started
The first AdamCon out West, AdamCon05 (run by vendor Alan Nealy, of Adam Link of Utah) marked the 10th anniversery of the Coleco Adam, celebrated by a spectacular fireworks display.
Back to Florida for AdamCon SIX where Bob Blair and SFLAUG introduced a theme "Hands on Learning".
In Canada again, AdamCon007 was "The Year to Bond", chaired by Dale Wick and sponsored by MTAG. This featured more hands on sessions including breaking topics like surfing the web, or using your harddisk
AdamCon VIII was back in the Cleveland area, where Herman Mason and George Koczwara chaired a more quiet AdamCon centered around small groups

The Banquet

At AdamCon every year there is a banquet on the final evening. This is a chance to get together, and enjoy some good food, give out the obligitory door prizes which are so generously donated by the Adam community.

The sponsors

As each Con doesn't happen in a vaccum, here are some of the members responsible for running this year's convention:

The B.A.S.I.C group out of Cleveland Ohio

Herman Mason and George Koczwara

Rich Drushel

Next year

As the dying embers of the final banquet come to a close, the dramatic future of the AdamCon saga continues with the traditional passing of the banner to the organizers responsible for the next AdamCon.

Bob and Judy The banner is passed

For more information on the Coleco Adam and it's suprizingly active community check out: Mail comments to Dale Wick.

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