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BobSlopsema: CUTE!!!!
moved to room Meeting Place
BobSlopsema: OK!!! "define" your own self!!!
BobSlopsema: OR we will shootit out @ 23 meters......
changed username to StPeter-Calgary
BobSlopsema: Welcome Gerry!!!!
BobSlopsema: don't know where Dale is, he invites us in and then is absent.....
Dale: Hi
BobSlopsema: How you have been?????
StPeter-Calgary: Well, with the opportunity and such a clear reminder that there was a CHAT, How could I pass up saying hello
BobSlopsema: Hi dale!
BobSlopsema: GOOD!
Dale: I was just eating.
BobSlopsema: WELL!@
BobSlopsema: you have time for that on Monday!
Dale: So were you having problems with Scott's site?
BobSlopsema: I couldn't get on, Richard sent email he couldn't get on
Dale: So how's Clagary?
StPeter-Calgary: So, this is the first time I have ever been on time for a chat, and I thank Dale for the email and ready facility
Dale: Well I set this up back in September...
Dale: But have never actually use it until tonight.
StPeter-Calgary: It's been a wild weather cycle. Rain hail sun tornados and hot, every day
Dale: I am planning to use it on Saturday for the AdamCon chat session though.
Dale: So how does the chat client seem so far?
StPeter-Calgary: Well, it is first class and I jumped at the chance with the link right there in the email. So Bob, long time no see, In fact both of you since AC @
StPeter-Calgary: That should be AC 2
Dale: Hmm, that is a while.
Dale: It seems that there are a lot of changes since then.
Dale: Like, I use the AdamEm emulator more than I use the Adam.
Dale: But I'm hot to see everyone who's coming. I'm just bubbling over with anticipation.
BobSlopsema: I don't even REMEMBER that far bacak hardly Gerry!
StPeter-Calgary: I have not read all the dialog re: AC OC
BobSlopsema: `Am set up to leave first thing in the mornign for Toronto
Dale: Gerry, is your picture on my ftp server?
BobSlopsema: Dale what's the price of gasoline per litre?????
Dale: Too much lately.
BobSlopsema: gott make a dicision about getting gas in Michigan or in Ontario
StPeter-Calgary: But there seems to be a lot of the old faithful planning to go.
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Dale: I think it is around 74 cents per litre lately.
changed username to Guy B.
BobSlopsema: oh, man!!!!!! another undefined person!
Guy B.: Hi Everyone.
StPeter-Calgary: Hello there undefined? Where have you been for so long?
Dale: Hi Guy!
BobSlopsema: Hi Guy!!!!
BobSlopsema: what time you flyin out guy?????
Dale: Everyone is undefined unless the Chat server remembers you.
StPeter-Calgary: Hello there Guy, are you the <undifined>too?
Guy B.: Had the same trouble everyone else had with Scott's site. Just rechecked my e-mail.
BobSlopsema: yup, BUSTED!!!!
Dale: This is my setup for Saturday night.
Guy B.: Guess what. I got through on the Adamresource.Com. I'm the only one there.
Dale: I actually mentioned last week to Scott that I was going to steal his chatters for the week.
StPeter-Calgary: So what is the SPANIEL Chat... is this your software Dale, and why the name Spaniel
Dale: I was actually online at 8pm for a bit, but then when I tried to get back on at 9pm it couldn't connect.
BobSlopsema: well stay to help the lost Guy, and direct them here
Dale: Spaniel Chat the the chat server I'm using.
Guy B.: Ok, will do. I'm keeping the Window up.
Dale: It's free, supports "unlimited chatters", but has ads for SerachSpaniel.
BobSlopsema: your creation Dale?????? or something you picked up???
BobSlopsema: oh well!
Dale: Something I picked up. The server works in Java on my machine.
StPeter-Calgary: Oh, I was wondering since I used to raise train and fun English Springers in Field Trials
Dale: Then everyone downloads the Java client.
BobSlopsema: all I see is the spaniel banner on the top, no moving changing stuff like Delphi had
Dale: It seemed rock solid back in September.
Guy B.: This the only picture you have Dale?
BobSlopsema: hoipe so!
Guy B.: Dale is up at
StPeter-Calgary: Yes quite quite on the advert front. So what is the big news in the ADAM world?
Dale: I just got through on Scott's server.
Dale: Picture, Guy?
StPeter-Calgary: What is Scott's last name?
BobSlopsema: GORDON
BobSlopsema: Mark Gordon's son
BobSlopsema: seems to be quite computer interested
BobSlopsema: ADAMCON # 10+2 is the big news this week, Gerry!!!
Dale: Yeah, he runs
Guy B.: Bob, have you tried Scott's website again? Dale and I got through.
BobSlopsema: no, should I......we are here now!
Dale: So the big news is really AdamCon has 20 dedicated Adam users attending.
StPeter-Calgary: Yes, AC OC is earthshaking ADAM news, but I have know about AC OC for a year. Any NEW NEWS?
BobSlopsema: Ron MItchell just sent email he couldn't get on....
BobSlopsema: told him to come here!
Dale: Wait until it starts. Then we'll get some where.
Dale: Fridaymorning we are going to learn how to create life!
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Guy B.: Rich Clee couldn't get through and he reminded us in his e-mail to bring a sweater or jacket as it is cool there.
Dale: Since I'm running this on my own server, it means that if it goes down it's more my fault than anyone elses.
StPeter-Calgary: Create if I new that I had a chance to create life at AC OC, I would have booked a room and registered
Dale: Which is both good and bad, I guess.
changed username to cmurray
Guy B.: Hi Murray
BobSlopsema: HI MURRAY!!!!!
Dale: We are going to learn about Conway's Life, with a new Life simulator programme for the Adam.
StPeter-Calgary: OK just who is the cmurray fellow? Hi Murray
cmurray: Hi Guy & Bob. Long time!!!
Dale: Hi Murray.
BobSlopsema: yes, LONG time!
BobSlopsema: most of a year
cmurray: Hi Dale. It's getting that time!
Guy B.: Yeah, it's been awhile. Are you coming to Adamcon 12 tomorrow?
Dale: On Sunday we are having a session on creating Artificial Intellegence.
Dale: So simple life on Friday, and Intellegence on Sunday.
Dale: I think that this is going to be an exciting AdamCon.
cmurray: I will becoming up tomorrow. Probably late afternoon.
BobSlopsema: BUT!!!! nobody told me yet....what the price of gas in Ontario???????
Guy B.: Same here. I'll be flying up and meeting Ron Mitchell at the airport.
BobSlopsema: per litre, Canadian!
StPeter-Calgary: Well that seems like a logical progression Dale. Create life and then it evolves into INTELIGENT LIVE ;-)
Dale: I said about $0.74CDN
BobSlopsema: sorry missed it i guess......
cmurray: Artificial intelligence??? A topic that was out of favour for a while!!
Dale: What is it in MI?
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Sebob
Dale: This is oriented towards making game AIs and will sport all of the traditional techniques.
Guy B.: Bob Sebelist. How are you?
BobSlopsema: RobertO!!!!! hallo!!!
Sebob: howdy there
Dale: Hi Bob!
StPeter-Calgary: Well Dale, this must be a success, we have another <undefined>
BobSlopsema: and the lovely Sylvia????? how she be?
Sebob: how's everyone tonite
Dale: Boy my simple post has people crawling out of the woodwork!
Sebob: Good Bob
StPeter-Calgary: Just wonderful
BobSlopsema: cool, how's Margaret doing?
cmurray: St.Peter. I'm not sure if we've met?
Guy B.: Doing fine here Bob.
Sebob: Mother passed away in may.....
BobSlopsema: condolences Bob......
Dale: So it turns out that as Rich Drushel mentioned at the last AdamCon...
Sebob: it was time
Guy B.: Same here.
Dale: Sorry to hear that Bob.
BobSlopsema: BUt really for the better, fo her anyway.....
StPeter-Calgary: Well, I was at AC 2, and have been on the adamlist since it began. I am here in Calgary AB
cmurray: Well, we all can't live in Paradise!!!
BobSlopsema: so! Bob,..........boogie on up to Toronto over the weekend!!!
Dale: the seemingly complex behaviours can be done in very simple ways.
Dale: On Sunday we'll learn how to make it happen.
Dale: (My session, and I've been working on preparing it for months now.)
Sebob: I wish... but I ran my foot over with a lawn mower... won't be doin' anything for at least 2 more weeks
BobSlopsema: you GOTTA be more careful!
StPeter-Calgary: 'Well Dale, after a session of creating live, some of us would be resting and not thinking!
Guy B.: Whoa, must be very painful right now to even walk on it.
Sebob: yeh... getting clumsy...hahaha
BobSlopsema: everything get sewed back into the correct position ok?
Sebob: I do self care.... superglue...hahahah
cmurray: Dale: Is the hotel north or south of 401. To my recollection it's across from Yorkdale.
StPeter-Calgary: He measured his lawn and found it was out by a foot when he was through cutting the grass
BobSlopsema: ....superglue........GET REAL!!!!! I tried (unsuccessfully) to remove somem finger parts this spring, but allis well now
Sebob: hahahahaha
BobSlopsema: :-)
Dale: I found it...
Dale: A picture of Gerry StPeter
Dale: from AdamCon 02 at:
BobSlopsema: oh, I thought maybe you meant the hotel!
Sebob: so is the adamcon all set for fun and games?
BobSlopsema: hope so!
BobSlopsema: I am bringing MY rubber duck and fins......
Dale: The hotel is beautiful.
BobSlopsema: save me the penthouse suite Dale......
Guy B.: I found pictures of the hotel on another site of Toronto while finding a map of it. Dale, you picked a good one.
Dale: We are on the top two floors in the "Executive Suites"
BobSlopsema: looks like the mighty Mitchell and the honorable Clee have packed it in for the night
BobSlopsema: you told them we were noisy eh?
Dale: It is easy to get to, just follow the main highway (the 401) to Keele St. It is 200 meters North of the highway.
Sebob: early isn't it?
Guy B.: No one else on Scott's site except for Dale and I.
BobSlopsema: EARLY, yes......but they were trying to get onto Scott Gordon'
BobSlopsema: s site and couldn't
Sebob: what's Scott got?
Dale: I could phone Richard, but I wonder if it's too late at night.
StPeter-Calgary: Yes, you did take the first digital picture of me.
BobSlopsema: website and a chat rooom much like this one
Guy B.: The website. Has a chat room where we meet every Wednesday night.
Sebob: ohhhh...
BobSlopsema: naw, he is usually here on chat till 11PM
Dale: Maybe I'll try ringing his number then...
Sebob: I've gone to video and voice chat
BobSlopsema: oh, man........better comb my hair then
cmurray: I must get to bed early. Have lot's to do tomorrow morning. Hope to eee you all tomorrow.
Sebob: nite CM
BobSlopsema: ok Murray! see you tomorrow!!!!!!
Guy B.: OK Murray look forward to seeing you there.
StPeter-Calgary: Well, I appreciate the chance to meet all you fellows again, and certainly wish the RESOUNDING SUCCESS OF AC 0C
Dale: Hmmm Richard's line is busy.
Dale: Maybe he's online still.
Guy B.: Take care Gerry.
cmurray left chat session
Dale: Thanks Gerry.
BobSlopsema: then he should be here!!!
StPeter-Calgary: Yes Guy, I will be checking this addy again on Friday did you say Dale?
Sebob: well, you aqll have fun this weekend... and good luck
Dale: Saturday.
Dale: Starting at 8pm Eastern.
Sebob: my bed time
Sebob: goodnite
Guy B.: Stay up for the chat. Bye Bob.
Sebob left chat session
Dale: See you later then Bob. I hope to see you Saturday.
Guy B.: No one else showed up on Scott's site tonight.
Dale: Well it is an hour after the normal start time. I wonder if my logging on early got the count (maximum 10) got messed up.
BobSlopsema: taht is strange that Richard is not coming here OR there........
BobSlopsema: shouldn't have anything to do with that Dale
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to HPines
BobSlopsema: NEW FACE
BobSlopsema: Howard!!!!
Guy B.: Howard, how are you tonight?
BobSlopsema: hello der!!!!
HPines: Hi all, wish I could be at the con.
Dale: I just talked to Richard.
BobSlopsema: in spirit my boy!
Dale: HE says that he'll be right on.
Dale: Hi howard.
Guy B.: What;s he doing Dale?
BobSlopsema: how's Elizabeth doing????
BobSlopsema: and Jack and fammily?????
HPines: yah, I always am in spirit
Dale: He was trying to get through to theadamresource but couldn't
BobSlopsema: well then, Rich a;hs to read his current mail!
Dale: Yeah, I haven't heard from Jack for a while.
Guy B.: Dale, we are still the only one's there.
Dale: Is he still in the Orlando area?
Dale: Bob, where are you planning on corssing the border?
HPines: Yes, he is. He just had a new son, and had to move to a new 3 bedroom apt. He's been busy.
Dale: Howard, I guess so.
BobSlopsema: planning on hitting the tunnel in Detroit tomorrow and then crossing @ Sarnia onthe way back
Dale: Hey Howard, do you still have my disk drive from AdamCon 10? <grin>
Dale: Sarnia is the way to go. How'd you get so smart?
BobSlopsema: I own an ADAM, remember????
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changed username to rich
Dale: Well, I guess so Bob. I almost forgot.
Guy B.: He's not saying Dale.
BobSlopsema: Want ot go thru the tunnel into Windsor just for theck of it, never been that way before!
HPines: I just went to check whos drives I have. Yes I do have yours Dale
Dale: Hi Richard!
Guy B.: Rich, you made it in.
rich: your gonna be sorry, Bob
BobSlopsema: why??????
HPines: I also have Ron Mitchells
BobSlopsema: mileage is not much different
rich: the Windsor tunnel is almost as much of a pain as getting to it
BobSlopsema: Howard, ya figure out "how" to fix them yet????
Dale: Hmm...did the patient survive?
HPines: and two others. Dale, yours is the only that isn't repaired.
HPines: I don't have a powersupply for Dale's
Dale: Great. Just my luck. But mine was one of those altered states, 1.44MB drives.
HPines: The problem is shipping them.
Guy B.: Rich, I'm bringing three disks for installing Adamserve to your XT and a boot tape. We need to make copies of these for you.
BobSlopsema: you mean Mark didn't even use the same PS for the suckers????
Dale: power supply? Do I need to ship you an appropriate one?
HPines: Dale, do you have the power supply for it?
Dale: Well Mark had two power supplies that he used...
HPines: If you do, give it to PJ if you see her at the con.
Dale: with either the familiar DB9 or an edge connector.
rich: Dale, converted Adam drives mostly used Adam power supplies
Guy B.: I've closed my window to Scott's website.
HPines: The one with the 4 pin square connector
Dale: I'll see her at the Con. That's a good idea.
rich: Or is this one of the MI originals?
BobSlopsema: Dale, did you ever get that EOS ADAMNET harddrvie unit from Bob Blair????
Dale: Is the drive I gave you one with an edge connector for power?
HPines: I have been trying to get these drives to PJ so she can get them to everyone, but I keep missing her.
Dale: I've never has a Coleco made disk drive.
Dale: Bob, nope. I have talked to Bob Blair in ages. I'm sure he doesn't even know where I live anymore.
HPines: Gotta go, got a laptop to repair. emergency
HPines left chat session
BobSlopsema: nice to stop in Howard, come back ya hear?????
rich: Howard, sorry I got here late. Great to know you're on chats
Guy B.: He sure left in a big hurry.
Dale: My dish drives were from with Micro Innovations or Trisyd (from IMHR)
Dale: I hope to see you Sat evening right here.
Dale: (I missed him).
rich: How long has this been going on?
Dale: What Richard?
rich: your chats
Dale: I set up the server last September, and have never published the URL until tonight at 9:20pm.
Dale: Richard, How does the chat client see to you tonight?
rich: No wonder I didn't know about it!
Guy B.: It worked out great Dale. Are we using this for Saturday?
rich: Don't know quite what you mean by that, Dale
Dale: I've use the chat server to talk to John-Paul whom I work with...
Dale: and who is teaching us to create life on Friday morning.
Dale: Quite a rocking chat tonight. We must remember to promote the chats on the mailing list once a month or something.
rich: I never even knew this was here till you called. Did I miss a mailing list posting?
Guy B.: We should do that. Good idea.
Dale: Yes Guy, this is the one that we'll be using on Saturday.
BobSlopsema: announcing late tonight helped a LOT
BobSlopsema: just remind the list every wed night at suppertime'
rich: Better make sure you tell everyone or they'll all be going to Scott
Dale: Yes, I announced it on the mailing list after I determined that Scott's server didn't work.
Dale: I had been intending on posting about it earlier but the day got away from me.
rich: Like tonight, you mean. But I'd already checked my email for the day
Guy B.: Unfortunately, I don't have a modem card for my notebook. So I'll sit in with someone. Bob, I'll come by your room.
Dale: If you're bringing a computer consider "freeav" the AltaVista service provider. Find the signup at ...
BobSlopsema: gottcha Guy
rich: I think I may join from home - that way I can get to bed early enough
rich: also it wont hurt to have the big monitor
BobSlopsema: you gotta just minimize the mail while online Rich, then it pops thru without doing as specific check
Dale: and click on the top bar "Free Internet" and download the "access with microportal"
rich: I'm using Eudora and it only comes when called
Guy B.: That's what happened with me.
rich: actually, I should say that I have my prefs set that way
BobSlopsema: AH HA!!!!
BobSlopsema: got a FREE srvice Dale.....netzero and a dialup in the same area code as ther hotel
BobSlopsema: hope that works
rich: when I'm online I don't want some spammer burning up my bandwidth on a long download
Dale: netzero is also a good choice.
rich: all these freebies have some sort of hidden price
Dale: Richard, I get trapped at work all the time because I'm in the habit of checking me email "just before I leave".
BobSlopsema: yup, don't use it fro anything but mail, BUT it is free and has a toronto dialup!
BobSlopsema: so we can deal with it for a weekend
rich: Well, my computer is off most of the time, since it's only online when I'm using it
Dale: For traveling, a free internet provider with the banner are worth it.
rich: Have to find out more about this on the weekend
Guy B.: That would be worth it. Since my ISP doesn't have dialups in all states yet.
Dale: Well, AltaVista has free internet almost everywhere in Canada and US.
rich: Even if the dialup is in the state, it doesn't mean its in the calling area you're in
Dale: They get their access through who is one of the largest ISP/master ISPs around.
rich: doubt any ISP without an 800 number would be much use if you're camping
BobSlopsema: oh, you'd be surprised how many dialups these outfits have
Dale: It depends where you camp Rich, but then how much Internet access do you really need while camping. <grin>
Guy B.: Well, I'm going to go. I'll see you all tomorrow. I should arrive I hope by 6:00, but will try sooner.
rich: Yes, but even phoning locally the range in rural areas is very limited
Dale: Bye Guy.
BobSlopsema: see ya tomorrow Guy, have a NICE trip in!
rich: Guy, if your plane gets in on time with luck you may make it by 5, tho 5.30 is more likely
BobSlopsema: we hope to hit the hotel about 4:30-5PM
rich: You sure aren't gonna if you go via Detroit
Guy B.: Ok, I hope around there. See you all tomorrow.
Dale: Hey Richard, if you get "desperate" you can always phone long distance.
BobSlopsema: less we have fill the stomach tank too often.........
Guy B. left chat session
Dale: Some of the new cell phones let you check and even send email after a fashion.
Dale: Bob, what is the MI gas prices?
BobSlopsema: Richard, I am the guy your mama warned you about in the traffic lane
rich: I still haven't used my cell phone yet though I've had it for years
BobSlopsema: gas is down now to about 1.60 US
BobSlopsema: yours is about 1.72 or so US
BobSlopsema: SO I gas this side!!!
rich: Then fill in Port Huron before you cross the border - ours is playing yo-yo
rich: today in Toronto it's 70 cents a litre - that's down
Dale: It has be bouncing around a lot lately.
rich: multiply by 3.8 for a U.S. gallon, then take a third off for US exchange
BobSlopsema: I got that written down and stapled to the monitor already!
Dale: Still more deneros than MI though.
rich: OK - to it add - I will NOT go through Detroit!!!!!
BobSlopsema: but I never went that way before!!!!!
BobSlopsema: curiousity is killing the cat!
rich: Fine - do it going home when being a day or two late won't matter
BobSlopsema: may have are painting a HORRIBLE picture! ;-)
Dale: Hey, we haven't had anyone bumped tonight! Is that a good omen or a coencidence?
rich: You can be all the left lane terror you want, but it won't help if there's an 180wheeler on its side across it
BobSlopsema: GUT OMAN!!!!! Seno~r
rich: Even coming in from the north side, Detroit is a pain, and when you get down to teh bridge area, there's just too many vehicles - especially trucks
BobSlopsema: gotta hit the sack guys and head for Ontario in the AM!!!!!
Dale: Well, I thought this was a good chat server. I just like the publicity of the Delphi one.
Dale: See ya later Bob.
rich: OK - remember - I69 via Lansing and Flint to Port Huron - 402 to London - 401 to Toronto
BobSlopsema: tomoorw guys!!!!!!
Dale: See you tomorrow! I'm so excited. <grin>
BobSlopsema: 40????????
BobSlopsema: ;-)
rich: By the way, then the gas you bought in Michigan will last all the way to Toronto
rich: And, you'll have the higher Michigan speed limit much longer
BobSlopsema: Oh, did the map I sent the list hit the hotel on the head or not?????
rich: bingo
Dale: And remember when you get to Keele St, turn left (North actually), and the hotel is just past Canadian Tire.
BobSlopsema: Jean Stone made me promise to send her directions from the aiport and then Rich D was asking
BobSlopsema: so they ALL giot it
Dale: The map looked good.
BobSlopsema: cool! see you tomorrow!!!!!
BobSlopsema left chat session
Dale: I talked to Jean and She said it was almost too easy.
rich: looking forward to it, Bob
rich: looks like just us, Dale. Everything teed up?
Dale: Rich, I ay want you to bring one or two setups, but I won't know until Friday whether I need them or not. I'll need them Sat/Sun if at all. I'm mostly looking for swapable parts for the hardware I have lined up.
rich: OK, just keep a list in your pocket and when it gets rlevant, yell for help
Dale: I have the room booked Sat morning until Sun evening, but just during the day on Fri.
rich: Sounds quite ok
Dale: I guess I'll see you at the hotel.
rich: By the way, Michael has family problems, won't see you till Saturday AM
Dale: So I heard. Hope I see him Sat, since...
Dale: he has PJ hostage <grin>
rich: I'm thinking at the moment of coming over to the hotel around 5, maybe seeing about joining the gang for dinner somewhere
Dale: Sounds good. It looks like that's when most will arrive.
rich: Given Pj and Michael's standards of organization.....
rich: need I say more?
Dale: LOL for sure.
Dale: Well, this will be Michael's first ever AdamCon to *attend* then.
rich: Anyhow, time's getting on. Shall we close it down?
rich: I do like your chat, by the way. It's working well
Dale: Yup I'll talk to you later
Dale: Thanks. I've liked it too.
rich: OK, see you tomorrow afternoon. Colour me gone
(A dog howls in the distance)
Dale: Bye for now.
rich left chat session
Dale moved to room The Hallway
(Dale slaps Dale playfully)
(A dog howls in the distance)
(The lights sudddenly go out)
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
(Dale winks)
(Dale laughs heartily)
(Dale smiles)
(Everyone laughs mockingly at Dale)
(Everyone welcomes Dale)
(Someone throws a brick at Dale)
(Dale hugs Dale)
(Dale kicks Dale)
Dale created action P/Reboot them
(<s> reboots <o>'s computer remotely.)
Dale created action SO/Remote reboot
(Dale reboots Dale's computer remotely.)
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changed username to Alan Neeley
Alan Neeley: Looks like everyone has gone to sleep... :)
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Alan Neeley: Nobody in here?
Alan Neeley moved to room The Kitchen
Alan Neeley: It's dark. Where's that damn fridge - I'm hungry! :)
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Alan Neeley: Where's the Crown?
Alan Neeley moved to room The Garden
Alan Neeley: I'm outa here! Have fun at ADAMCON
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changed username to Neil
Neil: Hi all
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changed username to james
james: anyone here?
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changed username to H Mason Jr.
H Mason Jr.: Just testing system will be back tonite if anyone is watching
H Mason Jr.: well now
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