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Whooter: testing
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changed username to <undefined>
<undefined>: (PRIVATE) Jerry V.
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changed username to Jerry V.
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changed username to Colecoguy
Colecoguy: Hello
(Colecoguy winks)
(Everyone welcomes Colecoguy)
(Colecoguy laughs heartily)
(Colecoguy slaps Colecoguy playfully)
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Colecoguy: Who is ubdefinded
changed username to Jeff Mitchell
Colecoguy: who is undefined
(Everyone welcomes Jeff Mitchell)
Jeff Mitchell: Methinks I'm a little early. :)
Colecoguy: No Jeff I left the hotel before dinner, their late!
(Colecoguy laughs heartily)
Jeff Mitchell: Hehehe... <g>
Colecoguy: stand bye on fone with Isp....
Colecoguy: Michael Hurst know as Colecoguy
Colecoguy: friend of your Dads from Ottawa
(<s> reboots <o>'s computer remotely.)
Jeff Mitchell: Yes, I remember the name :) Was looking at some of the pictures from the 'con. Looks like a great time is being had by all.
Colecoguy: so far so good!!
Jeff Mitchell: Wish I could have made it...just wasn't in the cards this year.
Colecoguy: well the same happened to me when it was in ktichner and I lived in to flu day before
Jeff Mitchell: That's bad timing for sure.
Jeff Mitchell: What's the weather like there today?
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changed username to Dale/AC12
Dale/AC12: Hi all
Dale/AC12: I finished supper first, so I'm the first to join you.
Colecoguy: well I'll stand bye I am here I just want to do a few things till we see some noise OK
Jeff Mitchell: Hi Dale!
Dale/AC12: How are you Jeff?
Colecoguy: Hi Dale I was first at 8:00 and then Jeff joined in
Jeff Mitchell: I'm good. Was looking at the pictures that have been posted, wishing I was there. :)
Dale/AC12: I guess that Richard is going to go home to get in on the chat. He was upstairs in the resteraunt just a moment ago.
Colecoguy: thats what he told me
Dale/AC12: It's been lots of fun so far.
Colecoguy: for sure Dale Thanks for a great day!!!!
Dale/AC12: Neil has just joined me.
Jeff Mitchell: Cool :)
Dale/AC12: Murray Mc just joined us.
Jeff Mitchell: What topics were covered today?
Dale/AC12: We talked about...
Dale/AC12: AdamEm utilitiyes
Dale/AC12: Digital cameras
Dale/AC12: AdamBomb 2
Dale/AC12: Searching the web
Dale/AC12: A panel discussion on "Why old computers are interesting"
Dale/AC12: (still interesting)
Jeff Mitchell: Neat! Quite a wide variety of stuff. I like the last one especially. :)
Dale/AC12: Some great stuff, and varied topics too.
Jeff Mitchell: What's AdamBomb 2?
Dale/AC12: Neil taped it, and took lots of pictures...
Dale/AC12: if it works out we can setup a narrated slide show of that one.
Dale/AC12: on his web site)(
Dale/AC12: Well, I suspect that you'll hear a lot more about it now...
Dale/AC12: it is a game and we got Ron hooked thisafternoon...
Jeff Mitchell: Hehehe... <g>
Dale/AC12: It is a map game with some puzzles...
Dale/AC12: Around 180 screens ...
Dale/AC12: Neil says that it is actually an adventure.
Jeff Mitchell: Holy cow! Sounds huge :)
Dale/AC12: It was written by Steve Pittman
Dale/AC12: In the game you collect different coloured keys..
Colecoguy: dale url for bob s pages pls......
(Colecoguy winks)
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Dale/AC12: There are doors that you can open, one way halls and spikes...
left chat session
Dale/AC12: It is really a lot of fun.
Dale/AC12: Hmm...someone almost joined us.
Jeff Mitchell: No, that was me. Opened another browser window which triggered another instance of the chat window :)
Dale/AC12: So at the session we spent an hour giving tips on how to deal with the HUGE map, ...
Dale/AC12: some tricks and techniques...
Jeff Mitchell: Neat!
Dale/AC12: Oh yeah, and how to talk about the rooms with those of us who have solved the game...
Jeff Mitchell: So what was the final attendance count, about the same as last year?
Colecoguy: thanks dalew got it and bookmarked it!!
Dale/AC12: The defacto standard is the numbering done by Bob Bair, who numbered the rooms in ...
Dale/AC12: the order that he saw.
Dale/AC12: The attendance count is pretty good. I have a lot of the local MTAG members, so there are 4 first timers this year.
Dale/AC12: The final number is something like 19 or 23 or something.
Jeff Mitchell: Wow, that's fantastic!
Dale/AC12: We are using just 7 rooms. But many people are coming in from the area.
Colecoguy: Harvie Powis may join in Dale
Dale/AC12: That'd be great.
Dale/AC12: Now what happened to the people upstairs?
Colecoguy: and Richard
Dale/AC12: I'm sure that they got online last night. Ron was going to join them from upstairs.
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Dale/AC12: Richard just left for home in the last 15 minutes.
Dale/AC12: Hello <undefined>
Colecoguy: OK thks
Jeff Mitchell: It's a ghost :)
changed username to Harvie Powis
Jeff Mitchell: Hi Harvie!
Dale/AC12: Harvie!
Dale/AC12: Good to see you.
Colecoguy: Hello harvie
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changed username to cleechez
Colecoguy: richard welcome
cleechez: hello all
Harvie Powis: howdy all
Dale/AC12: Hi Richard
(Everyone welcomes cleechez)
Jeff Mitchell: HI Richard!
cleechez: Hi - see wqe've got a good bunch already
Colecoguy: 5 thus far
cleechez: And, Jeff - good to see you online; wish you were here
Dale/AC12: Ron has entered the room.
Jeff Mitchell: Richard>Thanks! :) I wish I was there too.
cleechez: Harvey, you going to be able to drop in on the 'con and pay your respects?
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changed username to Ron
Ron: I'm here... y'all
Harvie Powis: I may be able to drop by tomorrow if I don't get ny emergency calls
Colecoguy: welcome ron Byteman
Ron: let the bells ring
Ron: You made it home ok colecoguy?
Jeff Mitchell: There he is! :)
Colecoguy: 6 now and counting
cleechez: What took you so long, Ron?
Ron: yep
Ron: Jillian and i HAD a bit of a discussion about tips and gratuities with the waitress
cleechez: tonight the handle's ckleechez so Frances can join in
Ron: the gratuity was added to the bill when we got it
Ron: made us both a little steamed
Jeff Mitchell: Oh no!
Ron: The waitress gave my change to George K.
cleechez: Judy was saying something about that but I didn't see anything - I did check but casually
Ron: we got it straightened
Ron: with the aid of a supervisor
Jeff Mitchell: Oh man! A little excitement for the evening. :)
Harvie Powis: They just take a look at the customer and can tell the high rollers when they see them
Ron: that's right
cleechez: Must have been quite a discussion - I had time to fetch the car and drive home while you were at it
Ron: wha in an ADamcon Tshirt?
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Ron: took a while all right
cleechez: aha - a mystery guest
Ron: Are we gonna see you over here Harvie?
changed username to meeka & judy
meeka & judy: hello everyone
Colecoguy: welcome meeka 7 JUDY
cleechez: Hi Meeka and Judy - how was the swim?
(Everyone welcomes meeka & judy)
meeka & judy: nice. too many kids though
Jeff Mitchell: Hello ladies! :)
meeka & judy: how are you jeff
Harvie Powis: Maybe tomorrow
Jeff Mitchell: Like little toddler type kids? :)
Jeff Mitchell: I'm great, wish I could have joined all of you.
Ron: You want a T shirt Jeff?
meeka & judy: there are some left
Jeff Mitchell: Hmmmm...yeah, that would be cool. :)
meeka & judy: i think there were 4 or 5 at last count
cleechez: My Dad went to a convention and all I got was this lousy T-shirt....
Jeff Mitchell: LOL!
meeka & judy: ha ha
meeka & judy: ha ha
(Colecoguy smiles)
Ron: ok - tell everybody in the universe what size t-shirt....because I'm not sure
Ron: medum right?
Ron: alright Rich
cleechez: Medium fits me - might be a bit tight for Jeff
Jeff Mitchell: Actually, I think large might be better. (no comments <g>)
Ron: ok large it is
(cleechez winks)
Jeff Mitchell: Ron>You missed the huge lightning storm we had here last night. It was amazing
cleechez: thought you didn't get thunderstorms on the left coast
Ron: oh really!
Jeff Mitchell: Well, there wasn't really much thunder, just a whole pile of lightning...forks, sheets, the whole nine yards.
Ron: that is not normal for our part of the land
Jeff Mitchell: I was out at a late movie and was driving home around 11:30 or so. Fantastic!
Ron: you don't stand under a tree
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cleechez: Hmmm - who don't we have yert?
Harvie Powis: Zonker said he was going to be here
changed username to RichDrushel
Colecoguy: WELCOME Richard
meeka & judy: who is undefined
Jeff Mitchell: Hi Rich!
Ron: yea the Zonk man Wonder if he knows what site
cleechez: I se this undefined is Dr. D
Jeff Mitchell: I think that was Rich
(Everyone welcomes RichDrushel)
RichDrushel: Okay, now I finally have this NetZero thingy installed, and it's working (albeit slowly). Hi everybody at the ADAMcon 0C chat!
cleechez: Wonder if Bob has it working yet? Or does that account for Judy and Meeka?
meeka & judy: no doug and dad are still trying
cleechez: Sokehow, it figures
Colecoguy: 7 here and more arriving??
(Colecoguy laughs heartily)
cleechez: Hey, the night's young and we're barely started
Jeff Mitchell: Ron>How was your flight?
RichDrushel: Bob's problem was that the phone in his room was not activated until today. Or so he said when he and Doug were lending me the NetZero install disks.
Ron: good Jeff. 1/2 hour late out of YVR, but other than that I lost a jacket between Comox and Vancouver
Ron: Left it in the overhead, where it probably rests even as we speak
Jeff Mitchell: Oh no! :)
cleechez: Yeah, Jeff, phone Air BC and see if they found it
RichDrushel: BTW, is there any way to log this chat?
Ron: I filed a report
Ron: You always have to file a report
Jeff Mitchell: LOL! Yes, they're critical :)
Colecoguy: dosen't seem like it rich
Ron: Neil says it's being logged by the server on Dale's machine at home
Jeff Mitchell: Ron>You'll probably get it back, I'm sure they found it pretty quick.
Ron: I'll check in on the way back Jeff
Ron: So ADAM is a better stronger computer for our having met here
Jeff Mitchell: Sounds like it. Dale mentioned some of the topics that were covered so far. Neat stuff! :)
cleechez: I reckon that's a fair comment
Ron: right. all sorts of possibilities
cleechez: given all your efforts, maybe even I'll get the emulator up and running
RichDrushel: Hi Jeff Mitchell!
Jeff Mitchell: How are you Rich?
RichDrushel: Re: possibilities, yes there are still lots of possibilities for the ADAM...I just want time to do some of them :-(
RichDrushel: To Jeff: I'm doing well, busy (as usual), still doing slug research and teaching LEGO robotics.
Ron: Aye... there's the rub. Even for those of us with theoretically unlimited time
Jeff Mitchell: Cool!
Ron: We missed an online video bcst of the Easter Egg hunt Jeff
Ron: you'll have to try that again Rich D.
Ron: next year
Jeff Mitchell: Hehehe... :)
RichDrushel: Sigh. I think I've decided that I will have to resurrect my "This Week With My Coleco ADAM" weekly article series, in order to force myself to do stuff with my ADAM every week.
meeka & judy: BONZAI !!!!!!
meeka & judy: tis I mineself !!!
RichDrushel: Re: webcast of Egg Hunt, the Great Lakes Center (where we had the Spring 2000 Egg Hunt) wants us back in December, so my guess is we'll be doing it again.
Jeff Mitchell: Ron>This is off topic, but the frame for my degree certificate FINALLY arrived. :) Got it hanging on the wall in my office with the others
meeka & judy: Roberto SlopsemA
cleechez: well, make it "my month" so there'll be even more to report
RichDrushel: Jeff, your Dad said you had finally graduated; congrats!
Ron: Good Jeff., about time.
Jeff Mitchell: Rich>Yes, I did, thank god. No more school for at least 20 years! <g>
Ron: They had to cut the wood from some unsuspecting ebony tree in South Africa
Colecoguy: great Jeff ....Nice to see it on the wall yeh!
meeka & judy: /name
meeka & judy: bob
meeka & judy: s
meeka & judy: that didn't work......
Ron: dunno how you change names on this one Bob, Dale had to do it for me
RichDrushel: No more school...hehe...classes start at CWRU on 28 August...almost no summer left for me :-(
Ron: Jeff, a laptop is becoming a required item down here
Jeff Mitchell: Ron>Yeah, it would make things more convenient.
Ron: Got Neil combing the Toronto paper
meeka & judy: AIN'T NO WAY bubba!!! you know how long it takes whilest using this cheapo freebie netzero service????
RichDrushel: I lugged my 486 minitower system from home, and an ADAM, both set up in my room. I'll be using them for an ADAMserve demo tomorrow.
Colecoguy: sorry caps lock on Bob S.
Ron: Had I come by car, I would have brought my iMac
meeka & judy: on poipose !!!
Ron: but it's useless in holding an internet connection
cleechez: More Adams in laptops here then in the original config
RichDrushel: Re: laptop, the only one I could have brought would have been a PowerBook 1400 from the robot lab.
meeka & judy: laptops are easier to lug than the ADAM
RichDrushel: Rich Clee is unfortunately right about the real vs. emulated ADAM population...
Jeff Mitchell: Well folks, I must depart. :) It's dinner time here.
Ron: soon we're going to hold an ADAMCON with only laptops
meeka & judy: the "girls" went across the street for some milk anyway
Ron: what, food?
cleechez: You just might be right
Colecoguy: I third that motion since thats what I been playing with
meeka & judy: aw, Jeff.....
Ron: hamburgers?
Jeff Mitchell: I'm hungry, what can I say? <g>
Ron: I had lamb and I paid 15 % extra for it
cleechez: no protests from this well-fed mob
Jeff Mitchell: Hehehe...that's right :)
Ron: Good you could drop by Jeff
Harvie Powis: Across the street is MTO
Jeff Mitchell: Take care everyone, enjoy the rest of the 'con :)
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Ron: Where is the nearets Harvey's Hamburger.. I want a Harvey's Hamburger
RichDrushel: Frankly, though, if some way could be found to import the ADAMserve disk I/O code into the emulator (as Doug has suggested), then people *could* use ADAM emulators at PC workstations, since they could read/write real ADAM disks.
Ron: I'm here in the east
changed username to zonker
Jeff Mitchell: <grins as he leaves> 'Night folks!
Jeff Mitchell left chat session
Ron: There goes the neighbourhood
zonker: howdeeeee!!!!
cleechez: Hey Zonker! Welocme aboard
Ron: Niters Jeff
meeka & judy: YO ZONK!
Colecoguy: Zonk you made it!!
Ron: Hi Zonk...
RichDrushel: Good night Jeff...and welcome to Zonker!
zonker: hey, didn't realize the chat started so early....i figured 9....go figure.
Colecoguy: Hello
Harvie Powis: Jane st. and Gordon McKay rd. ron
zonker: shoot, i missed jeff....
Ron: Who's gonna dive onto the floor in front of the group picture Zonk?
Ron: Zonk
Ron: ??
meeka & judy: hey Harvie, Ron is from da oder side of da contOnint.....he don't know where taht is!
zonker: not you, ron....i think those bones of yours won't be able to take it! :)
Ron: ya got that right son
cleechez: that's OK, there's one in my neighbourhood
meeka & judy: can we walk??? there
RichDrushel: I volunteer my daughter Elanor for the picture dive role; she is limber enough :-)
Ron: Met Harvie when when he and Colecoguy came up to Ottawa one time
cleechez: no, it's about a mile and a half
zonker: is bob there? or is that him hiding out as meeka & judy? :)
meeka & judy: hiding because I don't knwo how to change names
cleechez: yes, he hasn't figured out how to change the name yet
Ron: good Rich D. That's a go. Eleanor will be good there
zonker: hey, rich, you could even give her a little boost on the dive!
RichDrushel: hehe...maybe we could do synchronized dives.
zonker: DO you change names? i'm just happy i got in here....
(cleechez laughs heartily)
Ron: Zonker, fax us a dive
zonker: my machine is giving me merry hell today. (typical)
RichDrushel: Elanor has been pretty well-behaved this ADAMcon, so I won't be tempted to boost her across the room :-)
cleechez: what flavour sulks does it have?
zonker: ron! i guess i could take a jpeg of myself and UPload it there. think anyone would know the difference? :)
RichDrushel: Re: computer hell, mine have been surprisingly well-behaved this ADAMcon. Nothing has broken (good thing, as I left all my tools at home this time).
Ron: yah Zonk, that'll do it....?
zonker: rich d. you are dooming yourself to a break down after that pronouncement.
Ron: Did ya hear that Murphy?
RichDrushel: Well, we could take Zonker's JPEG and use Neil's wonderful color inkjet to print the picture on super-glossy photo paper, and then throw that across the floor in front of the camera for the group shot.
zonker: rich c. the machine is letting me dial up the internet, but is making me wait for a connection for a very long time.
cleechez: given teh number of miscellaneous computer parts floating around, we could probably find a fix for anything
Ron: Hey! Here's living proof that Zonker was at ADAMCON 0C
Ron: He doesn't remember it, but here's the picture....:)
cleechez: You using some sort of freenet?
cleechez: Bob and Doug are using Netzero and it took them forever to get on
zonker: sorry,went to get some supper.
cleechez: And come to think of it, Guy isn't here yet
zonker: yeah,i am on trying to use freenet, but so far, not much luck.
Ron: I'm gonna pass to someone else here...wander upstairs.. Heeeeere' Neil!!
zonker: i think my problem is that i don't have MY end setup properly.
RichDrushel: I put in NetZero, too, (on a 486 with WinNT 4, no less, talk about uncommon) and it's no "slower" than usual for me. Even with running SETI@home full-time in the background. CPU usage is 100%.
cleechez: configuring for a new provider isn't alwasy that easy
Colecoguy: I run seti too Richard on to networked 486's here!
cleechez: Yes, Rich, but you know how these things work
zonker: don't let mitchell wander around by hisself.
RichDrushel: I'll have to see if they have a local-access number in Cleveland, just for the heck of it. Just in case my ISP goes down.
Colecoguy: thats on two ntwroked pcs Richard
Colecoguy: typing
zonker: hey! ya tryin' ta say i don't know what i'm doing? :) i don't but ya didn't have to say it.
RichDrushel: Re: knowing how stuff works, not sure that helps any for this did complain during startup that I didn't have an E-mail client installed, please install one. I read my mail using tin from a UNIX shell account.
cleechez: it's OK, Zonk - why should you be different from the rest of us?
meeka & judy: njmkl.hnj.
zonker: yeah, if everything isn't in the proper place, the computer gods are not happy.
cleechez: Dr. D.: English translation, please?
zonker: meeka & judy-yeah, with a spoon.
meeka & judy: I just got a message from Netzero that if I didn't hit the button they would disconnect me in 21 seconds
moved to room Meeting Place
meeka & judy: stupid browser!!!!
changed username to Guy B.
meeka & judy: musght be Gu;y Bona
moved to room Meeting Place
zonker: hello undefined! welcome aboard. what a clever handle....
Guy B.: Yep, it's me.
changed username to Neil Wick
cleechez: Finally made it on, Guy
Guy B.: Had to install Netzero on my notebook.
Neil Wick: Sorry, Ron got up and I accidentally hit some wrong button and I had to forcibly
Neil Wick: close Netscape to get back on.
zonker: guy, you are certainly the most undefined user i've ever met....
RichDrushel: Uebersetzung fuer cleechez: I don't use a GUI program like Eudora or Outlook to read mail. I login text-style to a UNIX shell account (sorta like a DOS prompt) and use a text-based E-mail program (elm). Oops, I said "tin" before; that's an error: "tin" is a USENET newsreader (also text-based).
Guy B.: Gee, Zonk, thanks alot.
cleechez: Ah so!
zonker: in this corner, the other corner, neil wick....and may the best man win.
cleechez: You must be using 4.7, Neil
RichDrushel: Netscape is a man?!? I've heard too many people yell at it as if it were a certain unpleasant kind of woman...
Neil Wick: Not *that* old ...
Guy B.: Zonker, how's the weather been in Kent?
Neil Wick: It's 4.73 I think.
zonker: 68 and cloudy. :(
cleechez: Go back to 4.08, Neil,that one works
Neil Wick: The problem is that I accidentally closed the browser window with the chat window still
Neil Wick: open and it got a bit confused.
meeka & judy: GET A HORSE!!!! ;-)
Guy B.: Ah, it's partly cloudy here in Toronto.
Neil Wick: Richard, this one works fine.
zonker: everyone getting fed on time? :)
cleechez: Neil, on my exoperience, that's famous last words
cleechez: For me it works fine for 37 minutes, then freezes solid
Guy B.: Of course, Dale makes sure he tends to our needs.
moved to room Meeting Place
Harvie Powis: Guy> The way it's been raining around here, partly cloudy is like sunshine
RichDrushel: The weather here has been among the most unusual I have ever seen: the mornings are beautiful bright sunshine, but then it clouds over and gets windy and chilly as if it were November in Cleveland...but by sunset it's clear and sunny again (like right now, gorgeous sunset).
changed username to Neil Wick
Neil Wick left chat session
RichDrushel: Anybody know what the connect time limit is for NetZero, before you get booted automatically...I can't believe it doesn't have some kind of time limit (1 hour?).
cleechez: Yes, Guy, you should have been here for May and June
Guy B.: Sometimes that happens in Chicago too. It looks like it could rain and sometimes it does.
zonker: who goes outside for long at an adamcon?
cleechez: We set an all-time record for rainfall for that two-month period
Guy B.: Rich, you're right. We had the same thing.
zonker: don't know rich, but i think your gonna find out.(about the time limit)
Guy B.: Michael, how are things by you?
zonker: earlier, ron mitchell said he was gonna wander upstairs....did he jump off the roof? :)
RichDrushel: heehee...1 hour is approaching for me, methinks. If I disappear, you'll know what happened to m..~~~/dzzz~;lL:.~~ NO CARRIER
Colecoguy: very good sir chating
moved to room Meeting Place
cleechez: there's that guy again
Guy B.: Wish you could be here with us.
changed username to Neil Wick
Neil Wick: I think I'm actually bac know.
Neil Wick: back now.
meeka & judy: welcome back Neil!!!!!
cleechez: On Internet Explorer, I trust?
zonker: brb...
Neil Wick: Ron just went upstairs finally, but he's returning with something soon.
Guy B.: I'm on Netscape. IE wanted to download a virtual machine. AHHHHHH!!!
cleechez: Where are you operating from, Neil?
meeka & judy: Neil, did you EVER subscribe to a magazine named Rbecca's Garden????
Neil Wick: cleechez: still the same browser, but I did something to
meeka & judy: Judy got one at the store and now it is cancelled
Neil Wick: open two chat windows and when I closed one, it wouldn't let me send messages.
RichDrushel: Guess that's why the Spaniel is a beta :-)
cleechez: You just closed the wrong one. Of course, there was no right one
zonker: it's also why the lady is a tramp.
Neil Wick: Dale says he paid $250 to keep the room here open all night, but I'm here alone.
Guy B.: But, at least we can get more of us on than with Scott's website.
zonker: that's why he paid the $250.
cleechez: You're down in the Black Creek Room, then?
Neil Wick: Actually this chat software works pretty smotthly.
Neil Wick: Yes, I'm in the Black Creek room.
zonker: yeah, i was suprised at how well it works.
RichDrushel: I'm logging out for a while to test something for Ron M. and George K...hope to be back soon.
Guy B.: Works darn well. Hat's off to Dale.
Harvie Powis: It doesn't correct spelling mistakes though
cleechez: It is so far by far the easiest chat software we've had
zonker: i thought we were going to use delphi but checked my email and found we're hre.
RichDrushel left chat session
Colecoguy: Neil is there a place to crash in a sleeping bag I 'll come back and stay up with all the rest!!
zonker: see ya dr d.
(Colecoguy laughs heartily)
(Colecoguy laughs heartily)
zonker: hmmmm....what mysterious project is mitch,gk and dr d up to?
Neil Wick: Dale said he changed the config so you can switch use names at will (usually this is disabled),
cleechez: are you sure you even want to know?
Neil Wick: but he forgot to reboot the chat server after that,
meeka & judy: Dale, forget????
cleechez: Yes, change user name is greyed out in edit
(zonker winks)
(zonker laughs heartily)
(zonker smiles)
Neil Wick: Colecoguy, I honestly don't know that crashing situation, but at the moment, I not sure about the staying up part either, based on the empty room.
zonker: hey, guess what i just found? :) :)
cleechez: zonker finds new toy on edit menu
Harvie Powis: Just what drugs is Zonker on?
zonker: (zonker makes complete idiot out of self)
Guy B.: ok, Zonker what did you find?
Neil Wick: Zonker, I'd never guess (grin)
cleechez: harvie: caffiene and nicotine
zonker: zonker falls down laughing at harvie....good one.
Colecoguy: Ok just asking??!!
zonker: i found this....
(zonker laughs heartily)
(zonker smiles)
(Guy B. winks)
Guy B.: So did I.
Neil Wick: I have no witnesses, Zonker, but I can assure you that I actually am laughing heartily.
zonker: yes, neil,i'm sure you are.(hssst! the rest of you,keep an eye on neil)
meeka & judy: tha just means nobody is there to watch over you Neil
cleechez: watch out, he may go looking for volunteers
meeka & judy: but Zonk, we are missin ya!!!
zonker: i can't figure out the actions though
Neil Wick: But the people walking by on their way to the pool look perplexed as they glance in here.
zonker: let me try summin'
meeka & judy: hookay
cleechez: they wonder why the place looks like my basement, Neil
zonker: that didn't work....
meeka & judy: THAT is obvious!!!!!
zonker: you'll have to aim better, bob. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!(but not heartily)
cleechez: except that it doesn't have dust elephants
Neil Wick: Shall I send them over to survey your basement (for comparison purposes) :-)
meeka & judy: I aim to be plenty on target, son
cleechez: Just remember the alpenstock - and elephant gun
meeka & judy: OK, everybody over to Clee's house
Guy B.: And how may I ask are we all getting there??
zonker: hey, i was much amazed to learn that gk made it up there WITHOUT HERMAN! can this be true????
Neil Wick: Sorry we're all out of alpenstock !?
cleechez: You can't - I've got teh truck with me
Colecoguy: You' need a mac truck to hall away that lot !! ::))
meeka & judy: he doesn'y live far, we can walk
Guy B.: Yeah, he's bunked with me.
(Colecoguy laughs heartily)
(A dog howls in the distance)
zonker: suddenly a shot rang out
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
Colecoguy: gun powder no doubt!
meeka & judy: that's jus B O !!!!
(The lights sudddenly go out)
zonker: just what are you people up to up there?
Colecoguy: anyone there
cleechez: you don't want to know
zonker: neil, if'n i was you, i'd stay in that room....and barricade the door.
Neil Wick: Might be a good idea!
moved to room Meeting Place
zonker: i mean at any minute you know
Harvie Powis: Who would notice the lights going out? Aren't we all blind?
Guy B.: Were having fun playing with you Zonker.
cleechez: that man is here again
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Sebob
zonker: well, that would explain the strange smell
meeka & judy: S & DougDoug S
Neil Wick: Well they're on the 10th floor and I'm in the basement, so I'm okay to a few minutes.
changed username to Bob & Doug S
Guy B.: Bob, you made it.
cleechez: Hey look - we've got a Sebelist - our day is made!!!
Sebob: Hell there all
Bob & Doug S: Hi Bob
zonker: dougdoug s??? what is that some kinda rapper?
Guy B.: Bob S. how are you tonight?
cleechez: Long time no hear from Bob - how goes it?
Neil Wick: Hi Bob!
Sebob: Good folks...and how is everyone
zonker: hey!!!! bob sebe!!! what up, bro?
Bob & Doug S: havin a ball at AC12
Guy B.: Were good here.
Sebob: hey Zonk.. how ya be
Colecoguy: welcome bob and Doug
Sebob: that's great
zonker: couldn't be better, sebe....didn't make the con this year...logging in from home.
Bob & Doug S: yup, we'us am here
Sebob: yes..I either..bum foot
Guy B.: What happen?
Bob & Doug S: hey zonker how aare you?
zonker: but the question remains....what happened to mitch,gk and the incredible dr. d.
cleechez: Herman couldn't come either, and PJ hasn't turned up yet - we really miss you-all
zonker: pj not there???? holy cats.....
Sebob: well, mom passed away and we are still cleaning things up
zonker: i aare fine.
cleechez: Ain't a real Adamcon without a hig from PJ
Neil Wick: Zonker, never seen hide nor hair of them since.
Guy B.: She's visiting her grandkids in Indianapolis.
zonker: but,but...indianapolis is just a few hours drive away! yeah, right.
Neil Wick: PJ is supposedly driving up to arrive today, but we haven;t seen here yet, so I don't know.
zonker: i think mitch and company are up to no good.
cleechez: Sympathy on yur loss, Bob - though I know there are mitigating circumstances
Guy B.: We hope she will make it by tomorrow.
Colecoguy: I just spoke with her soninlaw and they left at noon so where are they!!
zonker: sorry for your lose,bob.
Colecoguy: they are supposed to be staying with me here
Sebob: Well, tkx.. Syl is still adjusting
zonker: ten hours isn't too long to get from indianapolis to toronto...sorry she is missing the chat though
cleechez: You had a hard time for a long time, Bob, but a loss still hurts
Sebob: yes..actually we did what we could to make her days as nice as possible.. and fun... and I think it was good
zonker: kids i've got to cut the strings here. i hope you all have fun.
zonker: take lots of pictures and tell me where i can see them......
cleechez: OK, Zonk, great to have you in - join us for the next regular chat, ok?
Guy B.: Leaving so soon? Make it in next week.
Sebob: nite zonk..take care
Neil Wick: Zonker, Ron says what would you do at an Adamcon if something didn't work?
Neil Wick: Advice?
Harvie Powis: Nice to hear from you again Zonker
zonker: hmmmm....i suppose to log off you just close out.
Guy B.: Bye Zonker.
zonker: tell ron that if something didn't work at an adamcon....why, i'd blame it on HIM!! :)
zonker: see ya.
zonker left chat session
Neil Wick: Zonk, look for a link on the home page. 70 pics there so far,.
Bob & Doug S: well zonk, don't be a stranger :)
cleechez: Fraid he got away before your message, Neil
Colecoguy: see ya zook
cleechez: Which reminds me - will we meet here or with Scott on Wednesday?
Neil Wick: WEll, I tried.
moved to room Meeting Place
Neil Wick: It's in the coladam mail anyway.
changed username to Dale/AC12
Guy B.: Dale finally makes it.
Dale/AC12: Hi I'm back from my room.
cleechez: That was about tonight's chat, or have I missed something?
Dale/AC12: My laptop just barely was willing to cooperate.
Neil Wick: Dale, back where? At home?
Neil Wick: Or back *in* your room??
moved to room Meeting Place
Dale/AC12: I'm in 1009, and I had to disconnect my...
Sebob: having laptop troubles Dale?
changed username to james
Dale/AC12: docking station to get the modem to work in Windows.
cleechez: Hey look, we've got Japan reporting it
Guy B.: Hi James.
Dale/AC12: I almost never dial out to the interent any more.
james: morning :) how is everyone?
cleechez: James, missed you last week - and mean missed
Dale/AC12: Hi James.
Guy B.: How are you doing James?
james: i've had *alot* of trouble the last few weeks getting onto volcano chat..
james: thanks guy, i'm doing pretty good. busy as ever :)
Colecoguy: hey James morn'ng
cleechez: it booted or barred the lot of us this week
Dale/AC12: So far my setup with Spaniel Chat seems good.
james: morning :)
Colecoguy: don't tell haven we all
Guy B.: Wednesday, No one was able to get in. Forty minutes later I got in. But, Dale had this chat up.
james: i like this interface too.
Colecoguy: so far dale quite nice
cleechez: It's been working perfectly last Wednesday and this evening
Dale/AC12: We seem to be able to fit a boatload of people too.
Neil Wick: What's the boat capacity?
james: i noticed. i never saw more than 5 people on volcano chat
cleechez: Is there a theoretical limit beyond plain bandwidth?
Guy B.: Dale, we have 10 of us online.
Neil Wick: Just bandwidth I guess.
Dale/AC12: I don't know. It is a Java server running on a Pentium 133...
Sebob: my chat window keeps 25 on...
cleechez: Yes, and counting those who have been in and out, that's a new high for a single chat
Dale/AC12: I expect it is more bandwidth than anything else.
james: :) we all know how *fast* java is :D
Dale/AC12: Well, for just text, it is plenty fast.
Neil Wick: Seems quite speedy enough for this app.
Sebob: runs nice
cleechez: Yes, there's a limit to how fast we can type
james: true. so how is adamcon going?
cleechez: Other than your absence, very well indeed
Guy B.: Going great.
Dale/AC12: We have bout the same number of people this year as last, so that is a success at least.
james: i'd really like to have made it.
Dale/AC12: Today was an interesting set of things.
cleechez: Considering teh exceptional number of disruptions and ememrgencies for our regulars, that's very good
Dale/AC12: Web searching, AdamBomb 2, Digital Cameras , and...
cleechez: we know, James, and we'd have loced to have you with us
cleechez: Adamem utilities
Dale/AC12: A round table discussion on "Why old computers are interesting"
Sebob: how come Dr.R didn't hook in live video feed.. so we could watch
james: i think it's sad what people throw away as "trash"
Neil Wick: We don't have live video feed, but I
Sebob: like his robots.. that was interesting
Dale/AC12: We'll have to look into it for the next AdamCon, I guess.
cleechez: I gues his video equipment belongs to the university
Neil Wick: I'm hoping we may have audio of the "old computers" thing on the web.
moved to room Meeting Place
Dale/AC12: But the pictures so far look pretty good.
Neil Wick: I haven't yet checked the quality of my tape. It may not be good enough.
changed username to Colecoguy
Bob & Doug S: and why njot Neil???
Bob & Doug S: you a are the expert, eh?
cleechez: James, were you here when Neil mentioned having pictures on this website?
Guy B.: Even old PC's still can be useful. I have a 486 and 386 at home. Both will be DOS machines. The 486 can run Windows 3.1
james: no, but i seem to remember reading a posting about pictures.
Neil Wick: Haven't been upstairs since noon and I don't have CWRU's equipment either.
cleechez: Just go to the main page - there are 70 posted
Colecoguy: wheen will you put up todays Neil?
Bob & Doug S: heck Guy they were BORN as dos machines
Sebob: Guy... I have 386 and 166P plus my 475 laptop
Guy B.: That was fast Neil.
james: 70?! wow :) i'll check them out.
Dale/AC12: I have a disk from George here.
Sebob: 386 runs like a top
Neil Wick: Today's: probably not till after the chat finishes.
Colecoguy: OK thanks
Guy B.: Just got a Dell P90 and Doug Slopsema hooked a modem to it and have Netzero on it. A free Internet service.
cleechez: I've been trying to put a new drive in my 386 so it's out of action right now
james: i've got 3 486's, 2 pentium class machines and 2 adams in my classroom.
cleechez: but when I shut it down it was running just fine
Neil Wick: I have to get George's disk and see if Slopsemas have any more.
Guy B.: That's my notebook.
Sebob: Guy... wish I lived close enough for free internet
cleechez: We were trying to talk Jean Stone into using SmartLogo in her classes in Texas
Guy B.: Jude & Meeka. You're quiet tonight.
Dale/AC12: I think that all is lost. I've run out of disk space.
Guy B.: judy, sorry!!!!
james: i wish i wasn't paying $1.20 an hour in dialup charges to NTT for my net access..
cleechez: Yes, that can add up in a hurry
Dale/AC12: I think my ISP is going to kill my connection soon....
Dale/AC12: but I'll be back if it does.
Guy B.: Whoa! Indeed that can add up fast.
james: cleechez - what does she teach?
cleechez: Does that mean we'll all face a blank screen?
cleechez: Not sure, but it does include some elementary school
Neil Wick: I think he's talking about his terminal at the hotel.
james: i hope to have my children's beginner class starting up sometime in the fall. i've got two adams and will probably take groups of 4
Guy B.: Wish my ISP that I have at home was avaiable here in Toronto. But, the free Internet will do.
cleechez: Overall, I still think SmartLogo is the best Logo dialect yet written
james: i totally agree. it's a very nice dialect and if i ever figure out how to decompile it and make enhancements, it'll be even nicer :)
Sebob: the ease of ADAMCalc is mine... I use it all the time
cleechez: Don't use it myself but Frances has been investigating Apple, IBM, Amiga nad other Logos
Neil Wick: She teaches computers to grades 9 to 12.
Guy B.: I still use Smartfiler. Using it to catalog my movies at home.
Neil Wick: She's in a private (Methodist?) school on the Texas/Mexico border, so have a lot of Mexicans as well as Texans
james: i've used logo on the c64, appleII and a machine we had in ottawa called "nabu network".
cleechez: Yes. Adam works reliably, and you rarely lose major amounts of data in a crash
james: any data i've ever lost was due to mechanical failure of the tape drive.
Guy B.: One thing about Smartfiler. It stinks with trying to create reports. Probably will setup one with Speedywrite.
cleechez: Of course, that latter won't necessarily apply if you depend on a hard disc
Dale/AC12: I'm still here even though my dialer program says it hit a fatal error. Maybe I need to just avoid the Clode box.
Dale/AC12: (Close)
james: we all still here?
cleechez: The tape drives are beginning to get a bit dicey at times now
Bob & Doug S: yup
james: yeah, mine squeaks. i need to pick up a diskdrive soon.
cleechez: Far as I can see everyone's still with us
Dale/AC12: SmartLOGO does allow machine language enchancements...
Dale/AC12: The chat server isn't at risk.
Guy B.: Some of us could be snoozing!!
Dale/AC12: It is just my laptop which ran out of disk soace.
Neil Wick: Jean says she's dragged enough stuff to the school. She's looking for a good Logo that works under Windows.
Guy B.: How big is your drive Dale?
james: dale - you're the person i need to talk to. i want to make enhancements to smartlogo.
Dale/AC12: Rich, do you still use tapes?
james: why doesn't she run smartlogo under adamem then?
Dale/AC12: It is 200MB for Win98 and 800 for Linux. But my modem doesn't work under Linux yet.
Dale/AC12: Most of the time I use a LAN card to connect to my home network.
Guy B.: Smartlogo should work fine with Adamem
cleechez: I can use tapes but use discs
Dale/AC12: I've used SmartLOGO with AdamEm quite successfully, but...
Neil Wick: James, that's actually a very good suggestion.
Dale/AC12: it is no longer supported by the company, which tends to be an issue for schools.
cleechez: Didn't Dr. D say something about having a problem patching it for the hard disc?
Guy B.: But, since Smartlogo is on tape, we need to copy it to a disk then use Dcopy to transfer it to an disk image for the emulator.
cleechez: SmartLogo transfers to disc with no problem
Dale/AC12: I'd like for the emulator to ask if I'm sure first so I don't hit F10 to quit by accident so often when I'm supposed to be pressing SmartKEY VI.
cleechez: Doesn't even need the boot drive changed, if I recall
Dale/AC12: My mind says "quit editing" "PC keyboard" therefore "F10"
Colecoguy: Ya I need to get the TDOS file for it
Dale/AC12: My version of SmartLOGO is unmodified.
Guy B.: That's the beauty of Smartlogo. Smartbasic we had to fix some address to make it load the HELLO program.
Dale/AC12: That is a bug in SmartBASIC, but there are patches that fix that around.
Guy B.: Yes, I remember that. Just poke the drive number into some address. Can't recall what that was.
Dale/AC12: So did I miss much while I valiently tryed to get a computer on the next in my room?
Dale/AC12: Did Scott Gordon drop by?
cleechez: Haven't had Scott yet
Dale/AC12: Neil could you email a reminder to coladam-list?
cleechez: Are you going to post the chat transcript later?
Dale/AC12: I plan to. The server is logging it all.
cleechez: Good show, don't fporget to notify the mailing list
Neil Wick: Dale: You mean send it now?
Dale/AC12: Alan Neely dropped by after everyone else signed off on Wednesday night.
Sebob: did he.. how's alan
Dale/AC12: Neil, yes. to encourage them to pop by.
Colecoguy: yeah and change my email to
cleechez: You have to send that to coladam-admin, Michael
Colecoguy: I know email I I wll
Neil Wick: (PRIVATE) Are we still going to be here on the chat?
Harvie Powis: I just got yelled at for tying up the phone too long, so see you all later
Sebob: bye Powis
cleechez: OK Harvie, hope you can drop by tomorrow
Guy B.: Bye Harvie, glad you made it tonight.
meeka & judy: OH, Michael!!!! write this down!!!!!
Colecoguy: seend email with two address please Rich as I don't have tem at present
meeka & judy: WEBPAGE FOR ANN
meeka & judy: bye Hrviwe
Harvie Powis left chat session
cleechez: @haome and what else, Michael?
Bob & Doug S: b
Colecoguy: I got it bob
Bob & Doug S: good!!!
cleechez: Disregard that last, Michael; I get what you mean now
Colecoguy: I was asking you Rich to send me a qucik note with the email address for eh list in full
Colecoguy: both email address's
Bob & Doug S: James,how the weather in Japan???
james: it's been too damn hot. we've hardly had a day below 30C in the last month.
Guy B.: Send that warm air here. It's been rather cool up here.
cleechez: Somehow that doesn't fit my perception of Japan
james: i've heard. my parents have been complaining about how they get nothing but rain all the time.
Bob & Doug S: no, Japanseems like it should be azbout like our weather
james: the summers here are very hot and humid. like ottawa usually is but longer.
cleechez: Got a lot to do and need to get up early tomorrow, so I'm going to have to pack it in
Sebob: nite rich
Bob & Doug S: Rich 'QUICK!!!! 30 celsius is what fahrenheit
Guy B.: Ok Rich. Will see you in the morning.
cleechez: Bob S, great to hear from you again; James, welcome aboard; Michael, I;ll send the addresses
Bob & Doug S: about 85n or 87
Sebob: nite all..have fun and enjoy!
cleechez: Call it about 86
Colecoguy: ok thanks.........
Bob & Doug S: got it!!!
cleechez: Colour me gone
Bob & Doug S: nite bob
Sebob left chat session
cleechez left chat session
Colecoguy: nite
Colecoguy: see ya in the am....
Colecoguy: bye
Colecoguy left chat session
Guy B.: James did you try coming in Wednesday on Scott's site?
james: sorry for the delay :) i may have missed trying this last wednesday. i did try for 2 or 3 weeks before that and didn't have much luck.
Bob & Doug S: well, we couldn't get in either wed,k so we went to this site!
Guy B.: Nobody was able to get on. Dale sent an email to everyone about this chat room. Then 40 minutes later I got through to Scott's site. Right, we have no idea why.
james: if the chats are being hosted here now, then i'll come here. this seems to be far more reliable and easy to get in.
Guy B.: Plus, we can get more of us on than with Scott's site. His can only hold five.
james: i noticed that, even though his web page says 10..
Guy B.: Something with the bandwidth. He hasn't had time to look into it.
james: okay, i know i've been pestering people about this and i don't want to be a pain in the ass,
Bob & Doug S: Dale got bounced so maybe it is about time to pack it in
james: but who should i be talking to about decompiling stuff etc? if i could get some pointers to get started, it would help..
Bob & Doug S: Dale is going downstairs wiith Neil to check it out and ;maybe stay on
meeka & judy left chat session
Guy B.: While I got Netzero up, I can check my email at Yahoo. Can't with my regular ISP.
Bob & Doug S: hurry up there Guy
Neil Wick: I'm waiting... Ron Mitchell seems to have vanished.
Bob & Doug S: Ron is up w/ Dr D and Powerpaint isn't he??
Guy B.: Ok, I'm going to go. See you all next week. Will check both Scott's and Dale's chat rooms.
Bob & Doug S: po ol Ronanld is LOST
james: think i'm going to get breakfast. catch everyone later.
Guy B.: Bye James, hope to see you next week.
Bob & Doug S: ok James, be good!!!!
Neil Wick: Dr D just came here a few minutes ago looking for Ron.
james: i'll try not to :) bye!
james left chat session
Bob & Doug S: gonnago chekc mail etc boys!!!! see ya up on the 10th floor!!!!
Bob & Doug S left chat session
Neil Wick: Hm hu hmmm.
(A dog howls in the distance)
(The lights sudddenly go out)
Neil Wick: Where's the lights?
(Neil Wick reboots Guy B.'s computer remotely.)
(Neil Wick laughs heartily)
(Someone throws a brick at Guy B.)
Guy B.: Well, I'm shutting down. See you next week.
Guy B. left chat session
Neil Wick left chat session
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dave sands: hi there, anybody home?
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