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Dale: Hi Rich.
Rich Drushel: Hi Dale. Guess this is the right place/time.
Dale: I haven't checked my email, were people going to meet here tongiht?
Rich Drushel: Rich Clee sent a message hypothesizing that heretofore chats would be here Wednesdays.
Dale: Sounds good to me. Maybe I shopuld afirm that on the AdamCon home page.
Rich Drushel: If you weren't expecting a chat, were you near a console etc. to see me come in?
Dale: Just a sec.. (I'll still have you in the corner of my screen though.
Dale: No, I'm expecting a chat, but I went to theadamreosurce first, and noone is there.
Dale: It is advertised on delphi's home page.
Rich Drushel: Hmm, I asked when we were about to have the chat on Saturday night, whether it was on Delphi, and the answer was no, nobody used that one anymore, they used this one.
Rich Drushel: Unless I have misunderstood what I was told (Doug Slopsema, I think).
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Dale: Well, the delphi message board used to advertise theadamresouyrce as the place to chat, but...
changed username to rich c
Dale: everyone seems to like this chat software better.
Dale: I Hi Richard.
Rich Drushel: Response time is better than I remember from Delphi, that's for sure.
rich c: hi folks
rich c: see I guessed right in making it rich C
Dale: Well, my server is basically dedicated to us, so there is likely to be little lag.
Rich Drushel: Hello Richard.
rich c: Hi Rich, glad you made it home OK
rich c: Did Eleanor enjoy the convention as much as she seemed to?
Rich Drushel: Yes, it was a nice ride home...Elanor said she had a good time. She also liked getting wet at Niagara Falls :-)
rich c: Yes, kids are like that!
Rich Drushel: I'm just glad that she didn't become the female counterpart to Wayne Collins (i.e., annoying kid).
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rich c: You have to explain thing like that to me - I'm not into tv or movies
Dale: There I've got the home page changed, I think.
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Dale: Many visitors appear!
Rich Drushel: Wayne Collins, as in son of former ADAMite Ron Collins, who was rather a pest at ADAMcon IV.
rich c: I thought Eleanor was spectacularly well behaved
changed username to Remav
changed username to BobSlopsema
Rich Drushel: I only had to tell her to stop being "Chatty Cathy" a few times.
rich c: She certainly must have heard you
Remav: Good Eveing Gentlemen
rich c: but then she was apparently very interested in much of what went on
Dale: There. Now there is anb invite to chat on the fornt page of my site.
Rich Drushel: Hello to Bob (and any others from the Michigan contingent).
rich c: Hello Remav, whoever you may be
Dale: Hi Bob.
rich c: Greetings Robert
Rich Drushel: Thanks for updating the info, Dale. Nothing like making theory reflect practice :-)
Remav: Sorry, should have put in my name... habit. Robert Miller
rich c: You're new to our chats then. Neat to have you!
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Dale: My systems are not all set up yet here, so I can check mail, but not reply to it yet :-(
Dale: Hi Remav.
changed username to Guy B.
Dale: Hi Guy.
rich c: Hello Guy
Guy B.: Greetings Everyone
BobSlopsema: hello
(Everyone welcomes Guy B.)
Remav: Yes, 1st chat since Compuserve days... save for one appearence on delphi
rich c: Bout time, Bob
BobSlopsema: dads not typing
rich c: That's OK, if you've got a soft spot for Adam we have a soft spot for you
BobSlopsema: him and doug are working on their new aquisitions
(A dog howls in the distance)
rich c: Assume we have Meeka then
Dale: Remav, so what do you think of our picture gallery so far?
BobSlopsema: yes
Remav: Took a look at it, but was at work... It was nice to (once again) match some of the names to faces hehehe.
Guy B.: Bob, I got your e-mail. Sorry I had to leave so early the flight was at 8:43 and I needed to be there by 7:15.
Rich Drushel: Re: picture gallery, I want to see some *Sunday* pictures...none yet for 12, none ever appeared for 11...
rich c: Meeka, could you ask Bob if he wants the printers and keyboards too?
Dale: Hmmm...well that is mostly out of my hands...
Rich Drushel: If those printers were stripped to be bare power supplies, I'd take them...
BobSlopsema: if they work and no one else needs them
Dale: I tried to get Meeka's pictures for Sunday, but they are to be emailed to Neil, I guess.
rich c: I am told that all have had at least a superficial check lately and work
BobSlopsema: I need neils address before I can email them.
BobSlopsema: I can email them tyo you to if you would like
Rich Drushel: Okay, Re: Sunday pictures. I'm vain: last 2 ADAMcons, my sessions have been Sundays, and no photos of me :-(
rich c: Dr. D., how many power suppklies do you need?
Dale: Meanwhile, Neil says that he has AC11's Sunday pictures on a CDROM, but I guess he didn't find it with him.
Dale: I'll try and pin Neil down before the end of the weekend to but up this year's pictures at least.
BobSlopsema: i have started to put this years on my site if anybody wants to see them
Dale: Neil's address is
BobSlopsema: the address is
rich c: that the Bob site or Meeka site?
Rich Drushel: I'm only thinking in terms of the amount of space that whole printers take up, compared to just power supplies. I set up one ADAM system next to my PC, and my original Jameco surplus power supply (small footprint) I've got a printer on the floor: it's too big to fit on the table with the other computers.
BobSlopsema: it is my site (meeka)
Rich Drushel: The other possibility is that I strip down some of the printers that I have which go with my ADAM systems. I think I have 5 complete systems here, not counting my Mini Wini hard drive system.
Guy B. left chat session
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rich c: Even if Bob wants all the working printers, I think I have a derelict or two (printhead problems) I could cannibalize for you
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changed username to Colecoguy
changed username to Guy B.
changed username to Robert Miller
Colecoguy: Hello All
rich c: Hi Michael, took you long enough!
Guy B.: Ok, my mouse slipped.
Guy B.: Hi Michael
Rich Drushel: I would certainly pay for any labor involved in the deconstruction...I would have been glad to do it while in Toronto, had I known any of it was available. Would have saved some time and trouble for all concerned.
Colecoguy: Hi Guy was loooking over the files you gave me thank you!!
Guy B.: No problem.
Rich Drushel: Hello was nice to finally meet you. Did you get the ADAMserve stuff working yet?
rich c: yes, I wish you had mentioned it. I have a lot of stuff to dispose of
Colecoguy: No I have moved the files off of the laptop onto a ibm ps2 486 etc but have ro ask a few stupid questions to ge tit sorted out
rich c: Anyway, Rich, tell me what you need and I'll see you get it - your only cost will be postage
rich c: Michael, if the questions are short, do you want to share them with teh rest of us?
Rich Drushel: I'm building a war chest, I guess, for ADAMcon 13...and power supplies are easier to transport to a hotel than whole printers :-)
Dale: Hi Michael.
Guy B.: Bob, I'm going to have my notebook checked by my IT techicians at work. I described the problem about those lines. He said bring it in.
Colecoguy: OK one.. where do I put the files on the PC in the root of c or what?
Rich Drushel: And I still have about $CN75 left over, so I could pay you properly ;-)
rich c: Yes, that will cover even the weight of a power supply or two
Colecoguy: Hi Dale! I think we can meet over the week end or lastest Monday! As I have some appts tommorrow
Rich Drushel: Michael, you can put the files in any directory you want. Why not make something called C:\ADAMSERVE and put them there. The server expects the hard disk image to be in the same directory as where the application was started from.
Colecoguy: Got it!
BobSlopsema: guy, dad said ok. that sounds like a good idea
rich c: See what I was after, Michael? You're getting information we all can use
Colecoguy: Two.. When I boot the ADAM do I turn off harddisk or does it matter?
Rich Drushel: Before I forget, Guy: I have started to disassemble SmartFiler. I'll keep you posted on what I find with the ADAMserve conflict.
Guy B.: Meeka, what's Bob doing?
Guy B.: Ok, Rich. Let me know what you find.
BobSlopsema: him and doug are breaking everything they brought back wuith them :)
Guy B.: I believe it.
Dale: The problem with taking power supplies out of the printers is that it scares the staff.
rich c: Meeka, did he actually go home through the Windsor tunnel?
BobSlopsema: they managed to stuff everything in the trunk
Dale: We had 5 setup Adams at AC12, I thought that it worked out well.
BobSlopsema: we even stopped along the way at an antique store and bought a couple things
Guy B.: Worked out pretty well.
Dale: If you want to move away from the Adam printers, then I suggest that you convert some PC 200WATT power cubes instead.
Rich Drushel: Re: Two--to boot ADAMserve properly, you should run the server program on the PC first. After the server screen comes up (and after an error message about a configuration file not found, you can ignore it), *then* you can boot your ADAM from the ADAMserve boot disk. If you boot the ADAM first, before the PC is up, then there will be nobody listening on the serial line, and the ADAM will time out and bail out to SmartWriter.
Colecoguy: Yes the Room was pretty well setup for the number of persons attending each session! Job well done still yet to comment to one and all in my first ADAMcon report
rich c: Yes, Dale, you did a neat job. Thought the convention ran very effectively
Rich Drushel: Re: PC power supplies, I'd use 'em if I had 'em, but I don't make the rounds of the hamfests (that's HLM-GMK's department), and buying them new is more than even buying complete ADAM systems.
rich c: There's also that business Ron mentioned - inspectors get worried about bare power supplies
Rich Drushel: Inspectors where?
Colecoguy: I swear by the IBM power supplies..find that the ADAM attached hardly ever locks up
Guy B.: Dale did a great job despite printing things out like crazy. He really kept his cool.
rich c: Maybe I should ship you the printers complete - the power supply is most of the weight anyway
rich c: That way you won't have cut off wires waving around live and will have a casing
Dale: Thanks Richard C.
Colecoguy: I second that one Guy Dale and Jillian worked HARD for all of us!
Rich Drushel: I don't want you to be mucking around tearing printers're probably right.
(A dog howls in the distance)
Guy B.: My faithful dog enters the living room. She was happy to see me when I got home.
rich c: (Thought "undefined" had left us?)
Guy B.: Whoever that was.
Rich Drushel: I have a nice design for a wooden box for a bare power supply; you've probably all seen it at one ADAMcon or another. I will have to strip off the parts from my dead Jameco one. I'm pretty sure that the transformer is shot in it, and that special multitap transformer can't be bought anywhere.
rich c: I hope we're not intimidating Bob Miller - he's awful quiet at the moment
Dale: Probably just a browser.
Colecoguy: AS was my dog Pj he didn't know what was up over the weekend see me in the morniing then not again till night then not at all for a whole night scared him! I got the dance when I got home monday am
Rich Drushel: But I really did like that brushed aluminum box that IIRC Ron Mitchell had.
Rich Drushel: Michael, I hope your dog didn't, shall we say, despoil your apartment in your absence...
Colecoguy: No faithful Roomate attend the old dog!!
Colecoguy: attended
Robert Miller: hehehe, ... just back from vacation in Japan and trying to keep up with you all and also get through my 187 unread emails. ... so just count me as a "lurker" tonight thanks.
Dale: Rich, I would think that you could find a surplus store in Cleveland area, or enlist George to pickup 5 PC power supplies for around $5-10 each.
Guy B.: That's alot of e-mail there. No wonder we didn't hear from you.
rich c: Robert, if james comes in he's teaching English in Japan - you may want to say good morning to him
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Colecoguy: Ya where is Jim he said he'd try and make it!
Robert Miller: Yes, I saw his post and emailed him. Sorry it appears we just missed each other as I was all around his town.
rich c: Maybe that's him coming in now
changed username to Ron
Dale: Well, I stopped to visit my cats twice since the AdamCon started, and when I finally got home on Monday at 2, they wouldn't let me sleep for over an hour...
BobSlopsema: hello ron
Guy B.: Hey Ron made it in.
Ron: Arrived have I
Ron: hello all
Dale: They all wanted my attention. I can't remember seeing them so happy.
Dale: Hi Ron.
rich c: Hi Ron, how's it going?
Colecoguy: Hello Ron Glad to hear you made it home OK!
Rich Drushel: Welcome to The Mighty Mitchell!
Ron: This is good. The fact that I'm not still knocking at the door is good
Guy B.: They know when you're away for an extended period of time. They are happy to see you.
Colecoguy: Dale when will you post the photos from the last day and banquet??
Guy B.: They will know you will come home.
Ron: Finally got all my gear back and working
Dale: But of course then I selpt for a while. Jill says that she thinks of AdamCon as a place where everyone either talks or listens...
Dale: but somehow it is very physical.
BobSlopsema: ]dale, ill send you copies of my pictures from sunday when doug and i go home tonight
Colecoguy: I went away last year for three weeks when I got home it took PJ an hour or so to see that I really was back and not just for a visit!
Dale: The Sunday pictures are to be posted when Neil gets them ready to upload.
Dale: You can write him an encouraging email at
Rich Drushel: Ahh, so Doug and Meeka are watching over Bob's shoulder...hi Doug and Meeka!
rich c: as in.... "or else..."?
BobSlopsema: no meeka is typing
Colecoguy: OK dale I'll send a quick note asking Please!!
Rich Drushel: Then change your handle, darlin'!
Ron: Hi Meeka
rich c: Meeka - did you go home by Detroit or Port Huron?
BobSlopsema: doug and dad are playing with their new toys they managed to fit in the trunk with the suitcases:)
Dale: Hmm...I must reset my server with the "Change Name" setting enabled. We are used to using it, I guess.
BobSlopsema: we went through the tunnel
rich c: How did the old man like the Detroit route?
Colecoguy: Hey Meeka Glad to have met you all and I hope I can make it to my second ADAMcon in Cleveland
Dale: The default has that option disabled because they are worried about people assuming each other's identities.
Dale: But CompuServe always allowed for it, so why not.
rich c: makes sense, we aren't likely to have intruders
(Colecoguy slaps Dale playfully)
Dale: So I got home from AdamCon and found that I forgot about an example I prepared from my talk...
BobSlopsema: we stopped at an antique mall, went through a garden, and went through the tunnel and still made it home by supper time. no overturned semi's:)
Rich Drushel: I don't think any of us will come in and try to impersonate anybody...I can barely be myself :-)
Colecoguy: You mean you had your notes already prepared dale
rich c: some days you hit it lucky. No probs with teh customs bunch?
Ron: If I impersonate somebody I want a thinner person
Dale: So I'm planning to publish it tonight on It shows how seek, evade and random walk work.
Guy B.: That's good. I discovered that customs was at Pearson's. So I went direct to terminal 3 at O'Hare in Chicago.
Dale: Jill looked at it and said "Wow. That makes it clear." I said "Doh! I should have used it." >grin>
Dale: Michael, when can I come and see you on Friday?
(A dog howls in the distance)
Colecoguy: Well good you'll post it then we can put it with the other notes made... FYI dale I get the files you gave me for the game as it is now
Dale: I have a disk with some stuff you asked for, but I didn't get to give it to you before you left in the morning.
Rich Drushel: Ron, I can recommend running...I hate it, it hurts, but 2 months of 0.6-1.2 miles per day has taken 14 pounds off me. That and only eating/drinking anything but water at mealtime. The photos I have seen of ADAMcon 0C show a thinner me, I think.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to meeka
Guy B.: Well, Meeka is letting Bob do the typing now.
Rich Drushel: Oops, that last sentence parsed wrong...I eat normally, but only at meal times; in between, no juice or pop, just water.
meeka: ok guys is this better
Ron: Certainly do Rich. I noticed. My problem with excercise is I keep it up for about 3 weeks then take 3 months off
Guy B.: Now we know it's you Meeka.
Colecoguy: As I was saying earlier I guessed you missed it Dale Monday will be my best dale as I will not be here on the weekend and I appts Thursday!
Ron: better Meeka. Now we know who you are
Dale: Michael, I have spent many hours researching and preparing examples for my session. But I didn't get time to polish it before ther 'Con...
rich c: Ron, exercise helps but it's calorie counting that works - trust me
Ron: yeah, but that's like planning
meeka: i know. we had to figure out how to change the mane
Colecoguy: Last part of sentence said not understood Dale
Dale: so the actual session didn't acomplish all that I wanted it to. But I'm hope to do more SuperGAME stuff at the next AdamCon.
Colecoguy: OHhhh I see what you mean Dale Sorry!
Dale: It has been suggested to me that I should divide my session over several days...
Rich Drushel: I wanted to do something slowly over a long period of time, so I wouldn't have to do something drastic and too hard to keep going. It also helps that I have a giant piece of graph paper in the kitchen with everyone's daily weight since I started the regimen in mid-May.
Dale: to make it easier to grasp the concepts that I tend to present (as opposed to as the last session when everyone is the most tired >grin>)
rich c: You're just too organized, Rich
Colecoguy: Yes that might be a good idea as some people get lost in all of the many details
Rich Drushel: Dale, Re: Super Games, are any of the assembly sources that I retyped from the ADAM Technical Manual of any help to you? Or did you just rewrite your own versions?
Colecoguy: and if we could focus on one item at a time it might be more interesting for more poeple
Ron: Actually I found the session quite interesting Dale, but I'm not sure exactly how much I really understood
rich c: I found if I just ate till I'd had my daily quota of calories then swore off till next morning, it worked fine
Ron: The problem with learning to program is that you have to practice actually doing it
Dale: What time on Monday Michael?
Ron: And writing a full length video game is probably a little advanced
Rich Drushel: The scales say I only gained back 1 pound this weekend, which was very surprising, since I was 4 days without running and 3 meals per day instead of my usual two.
Colecoguy: Ron, thats kind of how I felt... I know of what Dale speaks somewhat but am soon lost as he does move on rather quickly!
rich c: My scales said things too, but not what I wanted to hear
Rich Drushel: My legs were very happy yesterday morning, though, when I ran again: I think that they needed a little rest.
Guy B.: Getting rest in-between running actually will help.
Dale: Rich, the assembly stuff that you retyped are useful. I'm not using them right now, but plan to.
meeka: there are some strechs you can do to help your legs
Rich Drushel: Richard, I don't know if you've ever been heavier than now, but for as long as I've known you, you looked pretty thin to me.
rich c: Before we met I was more than 65 poundss heavier
Rich Drushel: Christina played field hockey and softball this year at her school; maybe she knows all the stretching exercises. My legs feel pretty limber, just the odd twinge or cramp here and there.
rich c: I was overweight all my life till in 1973 I just got fed up with it
Ron: It's a weighty matter
Rich Drushel: 65 pounds, wow!
Colecoguy: Call me Please Dale!
Rich Drushel: <rim shot for Ron>
Ron: I know...that was horrible
Dale: Well, consider this years session from me as a quick overview. I really intended to talk about fewer things, but in more detail which I'll be sure to do next year, since I'm not..
Guy B.: I've always been overweight. I go up and down alot. Abby will decide where to go for her walk with me.
Dale: distracted by being AdamCon chair.
Colecoguy: Well I can honestly say I gained 2 pounds just from the three meals I had WOW!!!
Rich Drushel: Also a rim shot for Richard: " fed up".
Guy B.: And it feels good, but my legs tell me later.
Ron: Need to learn a little C
Ron: Nothing's stopping except the guy on the other side of the mirror
rich c: at my age I'll settle for my legs just holding me up - beyond that, don't push
Rich Drushel: I didn't mean to make this an informercial for weight control methods.
Ron: who hates any kind of logical focus on specific tasks, like losing weight, meeting people at airports
Ron: and learning to program in C
Colecoguy: Haha Richard
Rich Drushel: What was it Yoda said? "When 900 years you are, look like this you will, too, hmm?"
Guy B.: We all have our way to get slimmer.
rich c: yes, I just happened to find the lazy one
Colecoguy: works for me Rich
Ron: Life goes on despite our best attempts to prevent it
Guy B.: Now that another Adamcon has passed. I'm ready to tackle some computer projects I've been putting off.
rich c: if you want to find the most efficient way to do the job, give it to the laziest guy in the shop
(Everyone laughs mockingly at Ron)
Ron: You know good people.... there were some things we didn't talk about at the 'con
Guy B.: Like what Ron?
Ron: 1) Re write proposed by Scott Gordon of the ADAM Survival Guide
rich c: well, yes, it's polkite company
Rich Drushel: A cartoon I saw in MAD Magazine once, in my youth: a fake magazine ad, banner headline "Lose 20 pounds of ugly fat!", with a BEFORE and AFTER picture. BEFORE was a rather large woman; AFTER was the same woman, same large body, but her head had been cut off at the neck...
Ron: 2) ANN Survival
Ron: 3) ???? must have been something
rich c: Well, Scott has the original ASG to scan and post on his site
Guy B.: Scott did mentioned that earlier this year. We should try getting this back on before next year's con.
Ron: Don't know if Scott is still leading the charge on the Survival guide
rich c: if he or anyone else feels like contributing an update, it will not be thrown back
Ron: hell, I thought he was talking about this year
Ron: s
Rich Drushel: What do you mean by "ANN Survival"?
Ron: We need some fresh material
Guy B.: Rich, I believe it's suppose to be the Adam Survival Guide update.
Ron: Bob's gonna run out of re-runs
Dale: Well, Neil and I are prparing "AdamCon 12 Conference Proceedings and ANN archive" with sessions, disk images, ANN archives, and photo gallery -- oh yeah, and a video prepared by Scott, hopefully.
Rich Drushel: Who shot video during the convention? I didn't see anybody, I don't think.
Dale: Rich, you know all of the ANN subscribers are sent to Vancouver Island, and every 3 days one is voted off...
Ron: no Rich D. No videocams this time. Lots of digital cams
Colecoguy: Sound great dale looking forward to seeing it!
Dale: the last on there gets all of Bob's Coleco Adam stuff.
meeka: doug played with our camera and the laptop but dont know if he kept anything
Guy B.: No one did. I remember the last one was at either Adamcon 6 or 7.
Dale: >very big grin>
Ron: (Mitchell pushes Wick into the Pacific Ocean)
Ron: (hypothermia)
(Guy B. laughs heartily)
Dale: Scott prepared the video with some stuff he had from older 'Cons.
Rich Drushel: (humpbacked whales die, Greenpeace invades B.C.)
(Guy B. smiles)
(Colecoguy laughs heartily)
Ron: We have a Kennedy out here right now
(Someone throws a brick at Rich Drushel)
Guy B.: Which one?
Rich Drushel: Aren't they extinct yet?
Ron: Robert?
Rich Drushel: Brick missed me, nyah-nyah!
Ron: It was on the news today, and I'm going.... lordy.... which one of them still lives?
Dale: That is the famed first edition of the ANN CD-ROM I'm talking about.
Robert Miller: Yes, Ron?
(Guy B. slaps Ron playfully)
(Colecoguy slaps Rich Drushel playfully)
Dale: But to finish it I need Rich D to make his AdamServe stuff available to me.
Ron: no Robert, I meant Robert Kennedy.
(Someone throws a brick at Ron)
Rich Drushel: (Rich takes the hint from Dale)
rich c: Aren't you going to make it run under the emulator, Dale?
Rich Drushel: What is this, Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse?!?
Colecoguy: I can give you the adamserve stuff I email all the files to your email address one at a time
(Guy B. laughs heartily)
Robert Miller: sheepish grin... ...down to 37 unread, but obviously not keeping up with the thread too well.
rich c: then we could use the drive on the DOSbox
Rich Drushel: I was goint to *try* an experiment to see if ADAMserve would allow an EOS hard disk to be supported under the emulator. This is a project for several months from now...
Colecoguy: As was said at the conventon during your yalk right Richard
Ron: Dale, do you have to pay for this Spaniel thingy?
Ron: Sure like it.... it's like a breath of fresh air
rich c: I still can't get the 5.25" and 3.5" and CDROM drive into teh three bays of the 386
Colecoguy: Second that Ron!!
Dale: Ron, no it's free! An excellent chat server for free. They make money off customizing it I take it.
rich c: Some guys do manage to hunt out the real prizes, Dale
meeka: ok time to go. will turn things back over to bob
Ron: Aha. Well, think this is the best we've seen so far, for a group like us (of our size I mean)
Guy B.: Sure better than Scott's. We get more of us on.
rich c: Wonder how neat it would be if it wre customized?
Ron: Be good Meeka
Guy B.: Bye Meeka. Keep an eye on him.
Colecoguy: Anyways Got to go now Folks Thanks for all of the wonderful ADAMcon and I hope I make it to the next one Richard!
Rich Drushel: 'Nite, Meeka.
rich c: Enjoy Meeka, see you next week
meeka left chat session
Guy B.: See you later Michael.
Dale: I had to try 3 or 4 before I found one I liked. The only concession I make is the ad for Search Spaniel.
Colecoguy: bye meeka
rich c: Talk to you later this week, Michael
Ron: well Dale, that doesn't sound like much of a price really
Rich Drushel: Richard, how else would you want this customized? Looks good to me...and the Spaniels don't bark or jump around stealing CPU time from my overworked 486.
Colecoguy: Dale can you call me please
Dale: Rich C, what do you want to run under the emulator? I'm including AdamEm disk images of everything I can.
Ron: It's up at the top. It doesn't flash or bark or make faces at you
rich c: Dr. D., that's the point - what else could one make it do?
Dale: Well, right now you can add custom actions. like:
(Dale reboots rich c's computer remotely.)
Dale: Is one I adde.d
Rich Drushel: Well...I bet that the Spaniel ad image is just a GIF or JPEG...and someone clever could substitute it with a different picture, maybe ADAM blue on white.
(Someone throws a brick at BobSlopsema)
Colecoguy left chat session
Rich Drushel: "Now you see the violence inherent in the system!"
Dale: Rich D, of course, but I'd have to pay US$139 for that right.
Guy B.: I like that idea. Dale can that be done?
rich c: I think it's kinda cute - maybe I'll even consider adding it to my search engine collection
(Everyone welcomes BobSlopsema)
Ron: Are those real bricks or virtual bricks?
Rich Drushel: But *I* would get out my block editor and start looking for the image :-) :-) As long as the .EXE doesn't have a checksum, it would never know. I guess I've been disassembling stuff too long.
BobSlopsema: HEY!! that HURT!!!
(Guy B. hugs BobSlopsema)
Rich Drushel: Don't worry, it's only a virtual Bob...
Dale: The image is in a seperate file as a GIF, but the license agreement forbids my changing it. I'm allowed to do just about anything else.
rich c: Gues they just don't realize the talents they're dealing with when they let you at it, Dale
Rich Drushel: Got it...surprising that they did that so simply.
Ron: Does the agreement not say something about decompiling, reverse engineering, etc
Ron: ??
Dale: You can buy the source for $US139.
Ron: Oh really!
Dale: They don't mind you having the source. If you want them to change it...
rich c: Maybe you should make the investment, Dale
Dale: they charge by the hour.
rich c: If they can do this good a job on something that's defeated so many others
rich c: it might be worth it to have a peek at their methodology
Ron: true
Rich Drushel: Reverse engineering is an accepted practice in all forms of engineering that I am aware of. Patent protection is one thing, but "trade secret" is open season. As they say, security through obscurity is not very secure.
Dale: It is 100% java so they know as well as I do, that it does decompile well, but it won't include the comments, etc. that way.
Rich Drushel: Anyhow, the Spaniel doesn't bug me. If he starts woofing, etc., then maybe I will put a piece of tape over him :-)
rich c: So the question becomes, are teh comments worth $210 of ral money?
Dale: Bob, I've updated my Adam pointers page to point at your and meeka's new sites.
rich c: Oops! Keep forgetting only Eudora has the spellcheck
Dale: Well, Richard, I'll have to decide that. For now I'm pretty happy with the way it works now.s
moved to room Meeting Place
BobSlopsema: I think he is kinda cute!
moved to room Meeting Place
BobSlopsema: Hey, did anyone go to Scotts place and tell him to join us????
Rich Drushel: He looks like the hushpuppy from a shoebox.
Ron: yeah me too.... nice little dude
Robert Miller: "0 Unread" Yipee!!! ...did I miss anything?
rich c: Wasn't suggesting you change it, Dale, only wondering if you could learn $210 worth from it
BobSlopsema: super Dale
Ron: insights on the meaning of life Robert
Guy B.: Wow, that must have taken a long time.
Dale: Wow, Bob, did you miss anything in the conversation >grin>?
Robert Miller: D'oh!
Ron: Don't stay in any hotels near Paris
Rich Drushel: Okay, has something crashed?
BobSlopsema: yea a LOT!!!!!!!! Doug was over tonight and we were messing with all the ADAM's
Dale: I'm there now, but the only visitor was Guy, and then he came over here.
Guy B.: And what did you find?
Ron: Sounds like trouble
BobSlopsema: and finally got them all working again
rich c: You must have caused a world shortage of parts cleaner, Bob
Rich Drushel: Hello, Central!
BobSlopsema: HD messed up and had to put new HD boot sector on
BobSlopsema: another he screwed up the monitor cable hooking up the Orphanware 80 col card
Rich Drushel: My screen is not updating...
Ron: I see you here Rich D.
BobSlopsema: he finally went backhome, so now I can lie to you guys! ;-)
Ron: :)
BobSlopsema: DR. D.!!!!!!!!!
Robert Miller: (PRIVATE) test
rich c: Bob, confirm you want teh printerss and keyboards too?
Ron: It's just nice not to be bumped into cyber oblivion every 5 minutes
Rich Drushel left chat session
BobSlopsema: one thing Dale, this place is a lot easier than even Scott's place for getting connected and staying connected
rich c: Wait till Dale comes up with that remote reboot...
moved to room Meeting Place
Ron: del *.*
rich c: Course mind you I could use it those nights when Netscape freezes up!
BobSlopsema: yes Richard, ALL working stuff I will pay the shipping for. "OBSOLETE COMPUTER PARTS......NO VALUE"......
changed username to Rich Drushel
rich c: Don'
BobSlopsema: someone told me that once
rich c: t worry about the declaration phraseology - I invented it originally
BobSlopsema: long as it works, they don't care
Dale: Rich D., still a pretty good record, you were still sending, but your receive buffer must have filled
Rich Drushel: Okay, I logged out and back in again...but I don't seem to be able to scroll back to the beginning of the chat.
Rich Drushel: Earliest thing I see is Ron: del *.*
BobSlopsema: why look there, we are talkin' in the flesh here....
rich c: Makes sense if your buffer automatically clears on the logout
BobSlopsema: and HOW is MR Miller??????
Rich Drushel: Hmm, that is an undesirable behavior.
Robert Miller: Fine... and you?
BobSlopsema: super!
BobSlopsema: ya shoulda been there Robert!!!!
Robert Miller: Just bought a house & trying to figure out where the ADAM room will be.
rich c: If Dale has teh auto logging enabled, he can send the mailing list a transcript anyway
BobSlopsema: had a great convention thanks to the illustrious Dale & Jillian and MTAG and everybody else who helped
Ron: If Robert just bought a house, that means they knew how much money he had and they took it all
BobSlopsema: pretty close
Robert Miller: Really wanted to go (like every year) but trip to Japan and house purchase pretty much tapped me out.
Dale: I have autologging, and I plan to post a transcript shortly of our last three chats.
rich c: buying a house will do that to a guy
Ron: If the Real the seller didn't take it then the Real Estate or Bank or Legal peple d
Ron: did
Rich Drushel: Re: chat log, good :-)
BobSlopsema: some things ya just gotta do Bob!!!!
Robert Miller: It does make for a sort of good story.... Cheapest piece of property in Mendham, NJ by $125,000! ...
Dale: Maybe next year Bob M, how far are you from Cleveland anyway?
rich c: wonder if seeing what goes on will encourage the absentees to join in or run away?
Robert Miller: can you say FIX-ER-UPPER?
BobSlopsema: yup
Ron: or a "Handyman Special"
BobSlopsema: will make them WANT to join us
Robert Miller: Cleveland is not so far.
rich c: What part of NJ is Mendham in, Robert?
BobSlopsema: heck where else in the continent can you buy a box of computer parts for a buck or two????
Ron: Dr. Drushel will build it, and they will come
Dale: Thanks for the kind words Bob.
Robert Miller: North Central part. do you know NJ?
BobSlopsema: you are WELCOME sir!!!!!
rich c: I was born there
BobSlopsema: ya done good!!!
Rich Drushel: I hope will be lonely if only Joan and I are there.
Robert Miller: Morristown area
Ron: I contemplate driving
rich c: OK, got a general handle I think. My early years were Bergen County
Ron: we'll see
BobSlopsema: that's a long ways Ron......
Ron: yeah.... quite a long way
rich c: If you can afford the time, Ron, it's a glorious tri[p
Robert Miller: Its the kind of house that starts out with a 30 Yd dumpster in the front lawn.
Ron: never done cross continent via the US route before
Ron: lots of times in Canada, b ut never south of the border
Rich Drushel: How much of North Dakota do you want to see? :-)
Robert Miller: hehehe... did I say "lawn" ...sorry... its not there : )
BobSlopsema: IF you were retired, then you would have the time Ron!!!!
rich c: Oh goody - you can test the Minnesota Bumpmaker
Ron: like a bridge across it
Guy B.: Well, I'm going to go. See you all here next week.
Ron: niters Guy
Dale: I'll be there. I'm planning my next session.
BobSlopsema: be good Guy!!!!
Robert Miller: Nite Guy
rich c: Night, Guy. till next Wed
Rich Drushel: Good night, Guy!
Dale: Good bye Guy.
Dale: 'Till next time.
(The lights sudddenly go out)
Guy B. left chat session
Ron: njiters all
rich c: You on your way already, Ron?
Ron: no, just thought everyone else was going
Rich Drushel: Yeah, I guess I ought to go to sleep now, too. My day started at long, gang. I hope to have my first "This Week With My Coleco ADAM" article written this weekend.
rich c: Not yet, maybe half an hour or so
BobSlopsema: heck I just GOT here!!!
rich c: We'll be looking forward to it, Rich. See you next week
BobSlopsema: my wife says I can stay up another 25 minutes!!! Ain't that nice o' her????
Ron: ok.... I'm not going anywhere.....
rich c: And I'll send you an email about the power supply bit
BobSlopsema: see ya Rich!
Rich Drushel left chat session
Ron: Have my con report half done
BobSlopsema: "power supply bit"...what did I miss?
Ron: ok
Dale: Not quite yet Ron.
BobSlopsema: shoot, I haven't had time to start one!!!!
rich c: told him you had dibs on the working printers, but if he needs a power supply or two I have my own dead printers to cannibalize
Robert Miller: Well, I have to go too. Sorry I wasnt too attentive to the chat tonight. Maybe next week if I can pry myself away from the house. Nite all!
BobSlopsema: hey, if ANYONE wants any of that stuff, give them first dibs!!!
Ron: Bob, I have that printer all packed up. Alls I have to do is add your address and take it to the PO
BobSlopsema: se you Robeetrt
rich c: G'nite, Robert, look forward to your joining us again soon
Ron: will do that tomorrow
BobSlopsema: have a good week
Dale: Hey check out
Ron: See ya Robert
Robert Miller: will do that. See ya <poof>
BobSlopsema: send it via "slow boat to china way" Ron
BobSlopsema: it'll get here just fine
Robert Miller left chat session
rich c: don't matter when, just so long as it arrive eventually
Ron: Yea.... there's a thing I can do here..... I can send it parcel post but for an extra buck or two I can insure it. which makes it traceable
BobSlopsema: if the shipping is cheap enough I always add the 85 cents insurance, then they treat it nicely....
Dale: It is a program to explain the concepts introduced in part 1.
rich c: Observed and mental note filed, Bob
BobSlopsema: ok....will write that down.....
BobSlopsema: kinda scares the postman into thinking it is valuable or you wouldn't have insured it......then they hopefully take a little extra care in throwing it around
Ron: right
rich c: I have meployed that theory before. The stuff did arrive in working condition
Ron: Oh i Know what I forgot to ask.... while I'm asking for things
BobSlopsema: got the 80 col card from Bob Stoud up and running...although it doesn't seem to be compatable on the ADAM's running MI stuff
Ron: Anybody got one of those 60 wire ribbon cables used to connect an Orphanware serial port or a MIDI mite
BobSlopsema: I have had NO problems using 3rd class slow mail insured ata ll for heavy stuff
Ron: need one with three plugs on it
BobSlopsema: even when the fools don't pack things well, it comes thru ok
BobSlopsema: only got them connected to serial port equipment, no extra's.......
rich c: maybe the secret is to make it too heavy to be comfortably thrown but not so heavy as to irritate
Ron: somehow I screwed the one I had, which connects my eve 80 col my MIDI mite and my Orphanware serial port
Dale: Ron, those are kinda hard to find in quantity. I'd email George maybe.
BobSlopsema: does the mini mite take a 60 pin connector????
Ron: yup 60 pin female card edge connector
rich c: only 60 pin cable I've seen is a SCSI wide
Ron: I have an older one working now on a wing and a prayer. Was looking for a backup
BobSlopsema: GK has them for sure
Dale: The MidiMite is a side port expansion that same as the orphanware serial or the Eve 80 column, right Ron?
Ron: yup, you got 'er Dale
BobSlopsema: broke the conectors????
BobSlopsema: or sliced the cable itself???
Ron: and this one can't be fixed with pushpins
Ron: Broke the connector
BobSlopsema: oops, and Radio Sjack has no new connectors???
Ron: Will have to check with Herman or George
Dale: I have many defective cables. It is embaressing going to the MTAG meeting and finding that my MIDI mite jsut isn't working because of a flaky cable.
BobSlopsema: they are not hard to put on, even for the push pin-ally challenged
Ron: I MIGHT find one here at Radio Shack or one of my second hand places, but it'll be the luck of the draw
Dale: That connector was nver super common. The 50 pin ones were used for SCSI.
Ron: That's what I did today. took two broken ones and made one good one. Somehow or other I always seem to have
Ron: this trouble after a 'con
BobSlopsema: that's because yo fly Air Canada!!!! they got any Concorde's????
Dale: It is the most volitile part of the Adam. In my Adam in a PC box, the MIDI mite lives inside the case.
rich c: If they match SCSI, then a wide SCSI should be easy to find
Dale: That seems to help a bit.
Ron: Nope. No
Ron: No Concords
BobSlopsema: GOOD!!!
Ron: weren't that a mighty mess!!
BobSlopsema: al;though it was a SAFE plane, and something was bound to happen sooner or later
rich c: hey, they've only dropped one since they were built - what other model has that good a score?
Ron: it was
Ron: great safety record and all
BobSlopsema: wonder if that mechanic team is in HOT water.......
rich c: did you hear tonight that the takeoff was delayed so an engine could be "repaired"?
Ron: I wouldn't want to be anywhere near that team on the org chart
BobSlopsema: tonight they reported that it was the same engine they worked on
Ron: They are going to answer a question or two
BobSlopsema: yup, thrust reverser
BobSlopsema: which they need to land AND take off
rich c: well, not need, though if it ain't there it's much missed
Ron: yeah it takes the thurst from the engine and directs it toward the ground against the direction of travel
BobSlopsema: had a good crowd tonight eh?
rich c: Terrific. Hope the transcript inspires even more when Dale posts it
BobSlopsema: heck sent it to EVERYONE on the web, that'll show them!!!
Dale: Yeah, AdamCon is definately a pinicle of Adam community activity.
BobSlopsema: that we ARE a force to be reckoned with!
rich c: For starters, just everyone on the mailing list will do
Dale: It renews everone's interest I think.
rich c: Dale can work up a suitable virus to spread it more widely later
BobSlopsema: I was much inpressed with the LOG demonstration
BobSlopsema: that Peter gave.....
Ron: very well done indeed - LOGO
BobSlopsema: and can't wait for Rich to email me Frances' stuff witht he train, night and all
Dale: Bye Bob.
BobSlopsema: yo leavin????
Dale: I'll give Peter S the complments.
rich c: that should test whetehr I've mastered Ron's lesson, right enough
Ron: please do Dale, I think everyone enjoyed it, and he's a good presenter
BobSlopsema: -----
moved to room Meeting Place
rich c: Even got Frances digging to see which of the demos she had
changed username to BobS
Dale: Well, he was nervious, to present infront of all of you, but he had been getting to know you over the weekend, so that helped.
Dale: Hi BobS.
BobS: well he did a gereat job!
Ron: yes, if he'd been on first it might have been real scary
rich c: Yes, swe're so used to teh familiar gang we tend to forget how unnerving it can be for newcomers
BobS: and now Frances can get renwed interwest too
Dale: Expecially if you consider that to a fist time AdamConer, you are te people he's read about for years.
rich c: Well, she was into Logo on the Adam tonight, so draw your own conclusions
BobS: I asked him if he might come to Cleveland and he answered yes!
BobS: Good for Peter and good for Frances!!!!
rich c: I expect we will all be there is we can possibly make it
Ron: I have to resurrect my copy of The Game of Life from my hard drive. It's blocked saved on there somewhere
Dale: He's only been a member of MTAG for 5 years, so he as Rich D like to call himself a "relative newcommer"
Ron: have a note on which blocks
Ron: Yeah, he was telling me that.
Ron: He's made good progress
rich c: Frances was having a great time explaining it to Murray; he was very taken with the whole thing
Dale: I know he was sucked in when he ordered an AC tshirt at the end of the weekend >grin>
BobS: well, Murray needs a hobby also!
Ron: Do you suppose he or Ralph would come to Cleveland Dale?
BobS: and Jean was ready and willing to LOGO also!
rich c: Oh, I suspect teh horses can keep a guy kinda busy
rich c: Can't see Ralph making it - he's not the type
BobS: gave her 2 LOGO manuals to take with her, and doug made a self extracting ADAMEM with the Win 95 front end and LOGO on it for her
Dale: Maybe Peter. I'll try and help him get there for sure.
Ron: good
rich c: He seems the most actively interested of your members
Ron: How many members does MTAG have?
Dale: Ena was saying yesterday that she might ...
Ron: (including those who have not yet paid the current year ahem!)
Dale: go to Cleveland and even present on how to publish a newsletter.
Ron: Speaking of mainstays .... Ena
Dale: Somewhere around 10.
BobS: that would be good, ena is like a ghost, she drops in for a few hours and then dissappears
Ron: well, ya can't knock it
rich c: if there's a club there at all, that's better than most anyone else is doing
Dale: Ron, your membership is actually long overdue. Ena says that if you send her a cheque for $20 for lat year and $25 for this year, that she'll send you all of the back issues that you're missing.
Dale: Renewal is normally in April every year.
BobS: whoa!!! Ron is a PROCRASTINATOR
Ron: consider it done. I guess I was expecting a notice
BobS: yea right........
Ron: Had lost track of my expiry date
BobS: hey guys, my time is up and over and under and thru, etc........
Dale: Last year, the largest meeting had 7 people I guess.
rich c: Yes, the clock is cathing up on us
Ron: Ok Bob, I'm gonna go and putz aroound the snake pit here
BobS: Oh Rich!!!! hit the tunnel, the Queens Garden in Windsor I think and had a great time ont he way home!
Ron: see ya's next week good Lord willin'
rich c: I have to pack and mail a certain adapter plug...
Dale: Hmm Bob, changing your name again isn't gonig to give you an extension >grin>
Ron: thank you sir
rich c: good night all around, then
Ron: the cheque wings its way east as we speak
BobS: bye ya'll.......BUT it worked that itme didn't it!!!!
Ron: good stuff.... fer sure eh?
BobS: next week gents!!!!
rich c: Nite all
Dale: Good night.
Ron left chat session
BobS: see ya!
rich c left chat session
BobS left chat session
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