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Dale: Nobody here yet.
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changed username to Rich Drushel
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changed username to Dale/
Dale/ Hi Rich!
Rich Drushel: Hi Dale, I finished giving 3 baths just in time to get here :-)
Dale/ Excellent! So I guess you could say you made a clean break.
Rich Drushel: ROTFL. Fortunately only Gretchen and Diana do I have to wash myself; Elanor just has to be chased *into* the bathroom (no easy task, sometimes).
Dale/ No doubt. <grin>
Dale/ Did you get a chance to look at my Seek/Evade example thatI published this week?
Rich Drushel: I may have to bail out for a few minutes to put the younger two into bed shortly after 9:00.
Rich Drushel: Re: Seek/Evade, I ran the applet and looked briefly at the code. It seems to work well.
Dale/ Okay. You don't want to have lingering problems wandering about, asking for a glass of water.
Dale/ The map is lots of fun for Evade. I can force the bad guy into any position on the board if I'm careful.
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changed username to rich
Dale/ I prepared the example in C originally for AdamCon, then translated it when I realized that I'd forgotten to use it.
rich: Hey, we've got big R Rich and little r Rich
Dale/ Hi yah Richard.
Rich Drushel: That's part of the problem of playing games that you wrote yourself. My Star Trek game for DOS/CGA graphics was too easy for me to beat, since I know how the enemy state machine worked; but when I made it hard enough for me to beat, nobody else could beat it.
rich: Hi Dale, too
Rich Drushel: Howdy Richard.
Dale/ BTW, Chane Name is now enabled in the Edit menu.
Rich Drushel: Is there a way to save it so that you don't have to set it each time you run the applet?
rich: OK, though I'm happy with mine - still, I'll tell Frances if she feels talkative later
Dale/ There is a way to save it, but I haven't gotten around to adding that. I'll consider it requested though.
Rich Drushel: :-) No problem for me setting it each time.
rich: By the way, I went to the serch site advertised at teh top of teh page - it looks interesting
Dale/ John-Paul says that the best player of any game is always the programmer.
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rich: Aha! our man is here
Dale/ The saved names have the advantage that people don't enter as "Undefined".
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changed username to BobSlopsema
BobSlopsema: Howdy fellers!!!
rich: Let's guess - that's Guy now?
(Everyone welcomes BobSlopsema)
Rich Drushel: Hopefully nobody will pick "Undefined" as his nickname :-)
Dale/ Bob!
BobSlopsema: Ya sure tis ME!!!!
BobSlopsema: all by myself!!!
Rich Drushel: Hi Mr. Slopsema from the not-quite-great-white-north!
rich: Bob, you now have three parcels on teh way - when's the divorce?
BobSlopsema: naw, Rich, not white till Dec or Jan! :-)
BobSlopsema: shh......we won't tell her!!!!
BobSlopsema: how much I owe ya????
Rich Drushel: I'd like to see a scale drawing showing how all their stuff fit into the car :-)
BobSlopsema: we got pictures!!!!
Dale/ Wow!
BobSlopsema: don't know where they are.....
rich: So far it it around $60 Cdn or $40 of yours - but there's more to come
Rich Drushel: Of Sunday? I wanna see some Sunday pictures...
Dale/ Not quite settled with your acquisitions?
BobSlopsema: gees Richard ship it slow boat to china!
BobSlopsema: :-)
BobSlopsema: no got picturesd of the trucnk! loaded
Dale/ Meeka sent me Sunday pictures...
rich: Canada Post is the enarest equivalent, but slower
Dale/ but they are all from after the sessions.
Dale/ I'll try and get those up tonight.
BobSlopsema: cool!!!
Rich Drushel: How did the group pix turn out?
rich: Long as they have the folks in them, Dale, they're welcome
Dale/ I'm still trying to get the daytime pictures.
rich: You folks are a bad influence - now Frances wants a digital camera
BobSlopsema: HA, knew we'd get you interested!!!!
rich: Maybe I'll tell her OK as long as she does the picture editing on the Amiga
Dale/ Well, there is a good group picture on Meeka's site. Look at:
Rich Drushel: Use a Quaker Oat box to make a pinhole camera, and use a digit to cover/uncover the shutter hole ;-)
rich: Sheesh! Didn't know you were old enough to rmember that trick!
Dale/ Richard, that's why we devited a session to digital camera <very bug grin>
Rich Drushel: Pinhole cameras take great pictures; trouble is, you have only one shot, and you need a darkroom to load the camera.
rich: Oh - is Neil planning to add them as a sideline to his busienss?
Dale/ No, not really. He just has always been into photography.
rich: It's quite a fascinating and satisfying hobby, though of late I have sort of drifted awasy
Dale/ As Neil points out, people with Digital cameras tend to take many more pictures than with traditional cameras.
Rich Drushel: As a Ph.D. student, I spent hundreds of hours in the darkroom, developing sheet film from and electron microscope, and making 8x10 BW prints.
Rich Drushel: Now the microscopes just write a TIFF to hard disk...
rich: What format are digital pics, by the way - TIFFs?
Rich Drushel: Oops, that was supposed to say "from an electron microscope".
Dale/ So have digital cameras infiltrated electron microscopes? Or is film still enough higher res to stick with the more traditional techniques?
Rich Drushel: I thought Neil said that the cameras made JPEGs.
Dale/ Mostly JPEGs.
Rich Drushel: Re: EM, yeah, it's an option for the newest ones.
rich: Do they compress them in teh camera?
BobSlopsema: jpg file typ
Dale/ Though they may be in an internal format and then converted to a more traditional format.
BobSlopsema: ours and Meeka's come out to the world as JPEG pics
rich: How big is the jpeg from a single shot on say a 1.3 magepixel camera?
Dale/ The camera usualy compresses them with varying degrees of qulaity.
Rich Drushel: I personally distrust the digital stuff, because the storage media seem to evanescent for me. Paper lasts millenia, photo negatives and prints have lasted centuries...but binary data in electronic format? One magnet or disk crash and it's all gone...
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Dale/ Kodak cameras have "good" "better" and "best"
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Dale/ That controls the amount of information that the camera records/how tightly it compresses it.
Rich Drushel: Argh, "too evanescent" 486 is not keeping up with my typing in this applet.
rich: If you want archival quality, CDROM ought to do reasonably well
Rich Drushel: I think I will hold out for 4096x4096 24-bit color, option for uncompressed, before I buy a digital camera :-)
Dale/ Kodak claims that their PhotoCD discs are good for 99 years.
rich: I wanna see the monitor you display that on!
Dale/ The 1.3 megapixel cameras will take from 200k to about 1.5MB depending on that quality setting, I guess.
Rich Drushel: But those aren't CD/R-type media, are they? CD/R's are reputed to be liable to fade, unlike the masked CDs used for large production runs.
rich: Ouch! At that rate I could burn up an LS120 disc awful quick - at up to $20 a pop
Dale/ 4096x4096... 16 megapixel. 48MB per image.
Rich Drushel: Analog has great information density...I am sorry to see it go.
Dale/ That would take a while to transfer to a PC at 19,200 baud to the Adam :-)
Rich Drushel: When Disney digitally restored "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", it was done digitally on frame scans that were 4096 pixels across.
Dale/ Kodak's PhotoCDs are made a little differently than cheap CD-Rs. But you can buy blank Kodak brand CD-Rs.
Dale/ Kodak beleives in them, though maybe not as much as the PhotoCDs.
Rich Drushel: I always liked magneto-optical disk. That's what we use in our lab, and have for about 8 years. Haven't had a bad disk yet, though of course standard disclaimers apply.
Rich Drushel: We need something the size of a 3.5-inch disk which holds 20 gigabytes :-)
Dale/ Analog is good. But if you are talking about 35mm, the information really disappears beyond about 3072x2048. For higher res you need a larger neg.
rich: Not quite sure what the magneto-optical disc is, though I've heard of it. Who makes them?
rich: Anyway, soon we'll have DVD/R that will store 6 gig on a CD/R size disc
Rich Drushel: MO disk is a rewriteable technology, uses lasers to etch pits in the medium. The disks are block-structured, like HDs; if you open the sliding window and look at the disk surface in sunlight, you see beautiful rainbow patterns on each block. We get them from Kyocera, but there are other vendors (can't think of names right now).
Rich Drushel: MO disks are great, because they are like removable HDs, but they don't get the "Click of Death" like ZIP and JAZZ disks.
rich: What sort of a drive uses them? What's the capacity? Dare I ask what they cost and work with?
Rich Drushel: Too bad they seem to be dying out...
Dale/ CD-RW are much more cost effective over MO. That's the reality now.
Rich Drushel: MO is a dedicated drive. The disk is in a 3.5-inch package, sizes start at 128MB. 240MB is common now. If you go up to 5.25-inch format, you can get several GB.
rich: SOunds very much like my LS120 drive, which appears to use a laser to write the 120 MB disc
Rich Drushel: My daughter Christina just walked by on her way to bed...with her pajama shorts on her head, like a hat...
Dale/ Hey Rich, I'm still looking for a distribution of AdamServe for my AdamCon proceeding.
Dale/ Say hi to her from us.
Rich Drushel: Okay, what do you want, binaries, source, all of it?
rich: Say hello to Chris from us, too - we missed her this year
Dale/ Sure, that'd be good. Esp. binaries. What can I use to build the source.
Rich Drushel: The PC side is Borland Turbo Assembler (TASM). The ADAM side is Z80ASM+.
Dale/ Is it something that I could include as well?
Dale/ Maybe not then.
Dale/ Of course I could try and get a volunteer to convert it to use the CP/M archive's z80asm
Dale/ and djgpp's assembler for the PC side.
Rich Drushel: Well, when SLR was bought by Symantec, all their programs went down the memory hole...probably no problem there (though I wince 'cause I paid Jay Sage $150 for one of the last registered copies of it).
Dale/ They are very similar syntaxes to the tools you mentioned.
Rich Drushel: As for TASM, Borland is bigger and may have more lawyers...I haven't done anything strange with the PC source (that I know of) that would keep e.g. MASM from assembling it okay.
Dale/ Well, both z80asm and DJGPP's assemblers are free.
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Dale/ So it shouldn't be too bad.
changed username to Guy B.
Rich Drushel: There are a number of places where .PHASE and .DEPHASE are used for the ADAM code (most notably for the reverse-engineered versions of HARDDISK and FILE MANAGER). The 3rd-party assembler would absolutely have to support that.
Dale/ Hi Guy.
rich: Hi Guy, welcome
Guy B.: Greetings All!
Rich Drushel: Wilkommen!
BobSlopsema: HI gUY!!!
Guy B.: A German!
BobSlopsema: stupid caps lock.....
BobSlopsema: NIEN!!!!
Rich Drushel: Ja, ich kann ein kleines bisschen Deutsch.
BobSlopsema: herr Drushel????
Rich Drushel: Bob, du meinst "nein", nicht "nien". (Translation: you mean "nein" not "nien".)
Guy B.: Hi Bob, got my notebook back from my IT dept. They can't fix the line problem. They tell me that the display screen might have to be replaced.
rich: Et vous parlez un petit peu de francais aussi, n'est-ce pas?
BobSlopsema: das FRENCH
BobSlopsema: nein just fifn't look "right"
BobSlopsema: too bad about the lines on the notebook, you just gonna have to live with them
Rich Drushel: My French is limited to "Frere Jacques" and counting up to thirty-nine (I can't remember what forty is).
Rich Drushel: We were taught 6 months of French in 2nd grade, and that, plus the names of some of the colors, is all I can remember.
rich: Thought you'd at least have "Au pres de ma blonde..."
Guy B.: But the good news is that the display works just fine with a monitor, so the video card was ruled out. But he did try reconnecting the cables, and no dice.
Rich Drushel: (bad spelling) "Sur la pont D'Avignon" I can remember a little, too.
rich: Spelling looks OK to me
Rich Drushel: Wow, thank Mrs. Davis back in 1969 :-)
Dale/ So I just checked zmac, which I've used on Unix and Windows, and it supports .PHASE and .DEPHASE.
Guy B.: And I got a PC card modem for free from the IT dept.
Rich Drushel: Well, Dale, do you want me to test this stuff on the PD assemblers before giving it to you?
BobSlopsema: cool ! you arre online then son
Rich Drushel: It could jump to the top of my ADAM queue, displacing my disassembly of Smart Filer (which was going to be the topic of my next TWWMCA).
Guy B.: I'm using the desktop. I'll try the notebook with Netzero later on in the week.
BobSlopsema: Corecomm hwere has been a llittle flaky of late, so I also put ALTAVISTA on the puter just in case
BobSlopsema: ALTAVISTA is a LOT shorter load up! instead of 3 1.44 disks it is only 600k
rich: Wouldn;t surprise me if all the web is a little congested of late
BobSlopsema: look sthe same but goes faster
Dale/ No, well let the community test it on the free assemblers.
Guy B.: That's sure alot better than the four disks with Netzero.
rich: I've had to do the odd retry when connecting too, and my ISP is right on the UUNet
Dale/ Guy, you should try removing your display driver, rebooting with VGA, then reinstalling a new display dirver...
Dale/ I've seen this problem before, and it is usually a display driver issue.
Guy B.: Do you think that it might correct the display lines problem?
Guy B.: The video driver is a Cirrus Logic on the notebook.
rich: Is this an issue of macimum tresoplution, Dale? Is my memory correct that some of the older flat panels had ratehr low limits?
Dale/ I thought that Altavista had a smaller footprint than 3 disks.
rich: Cirrus Logig? Are they still around? And how much video memory does it have, anyway?
Guy B.: Good question. I think it's 1mb.
rich: And what resolution/ colour depth are you trying to use?
Dale/ CL cards for LCD flat panels are a tenious balance at best...
Guy B.: Right now it's at 640X480. I tried the 800 by 600 and it wouldn't work.
rich: How many colours? 16? 256?
Guy B.: 256
rich: Dale, on 1 meg of memory he's pushing things, isn't he?
Dale/ I have an IBM thinkpad which uses a Western Digital chipset (the division has since been sold, and shut down by Paradise, so no longer supported by anyone but the Laptop manufacturers).
Guy B.: I could check Dell's website for video card drivers for the notebook.
Dale/ So Rich, maybe the idea that a user group around particualr Laptop manufactuers isn't so far fetched. I have a site...
Rich Drushel: :-)
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Dale/ called where I talk about the trials and tribulations of geting Linux to work properly on my Thinkpad.
Guy B.: Dr. D. did you get Herman's e-mail about Smartfiler on Adamserve.
changed username to cmurray
Dale/ Hi Murray.
rich: Welcome to murray
BobSlopsema: Oh, oh, and "undefined" is here! :-)
Guy B.: Hey Murray, glad you made it in.
BobSlopsema: MURRAY, MY MAN!!!!
BobSlopsema: glad you came to life here
cmurray: Hello all!!!
Dale/ In 1MB you can fit in video memory 800x600x65536 colours, IF you can find an appropriate driver.
rich: By the way, we have upper case Rich (D.D) and lower case rich (A..A.M. Serv)
Dale/ Usually the stock driver with Windows trys but gets it slightly wrong.
Rich Drushel: Guy, I did. He's probably right...but what (I think) is causing the problem under ADAMserve isn't that. I suspect that SmartFiler is making an unemulated EOS call to do disk I/O. I have to find it.
Guy B.: I'll check the video memory when I visit Dell's website. I find all the information on the notebook there.
Rich Drushel: ADAMserve traps _READ_BLOCK and _WRITE_BLOCK. It doesn't trap _START_RD_1_BLOCK and _START_WR_1_BLOCK.
rich: It may have to do with the difference between what the CL chip can theoretically and practically support
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changed username to H Mason Jr.
Dale/ If you learned your lesson well in Neil's session, there may be other help out there.
Dale/ Hi Herman!
rich: Hello Herman!vLong time no see
H Mason Jr.: I finally made it in here
cmurray: Dale: Is the Net unusually slow this evening? I've been on the Queen's EduNet since 8 and I've managed to send 1 message!!!
BobSlopsema: HERMAN!
Rich Drushel: But the people who wrote SmartFiler were tape-game oriented, hence all the I/O to specific blocks rather than using file I/O.
H Mason Jr.: yea it has been awhile
rich: Nothing like that slow in the Toronto ara, Murray
Dale/ The START_RD_1_BLOCK are used fr any background loading though. How do games work with AdamServe then (if at all).
Guy B.: So in other words, Adamserve is having trouble reading certain blocks on Smartfiler databases.
Rich Drushel: There is also a boot-block message which says BY SIERRA ON-LINE, INC. PLEASE WAIT WHILE LOADING GAME, but it's skipped over.
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changed username to james
BobSlopsema: Hi James
Dale/ James! You made it before we all left this time.
Rich Drushel: I have never tried to run a Super Game under ADAMserve. I suspect that they will all fail.
Guy B.: Herman, Rich D and I were just talking about your e-mail.
rich: Hello and good morning, James
james: morning everyone!
Guy B.: James, glad you made it in.
Dale/ I noticed from the logs that you arrived about 5 minutes after I left (as the last one in the room).
james: glad i could too. you can thank dale's e-mail as i'd *almost* forgotten!
rich: Heaven forfend! What else can you do on a hot morning in Japan?
H Mason Jr.: If memory serves me, there is something needed around 274
james: occasionally i sleep in :)
H Mason Jr.: Rich can correct me, if wrong, I am sure he knows
rich: sensible man!
cmurray: James:I'm sorry I don't know you. Have we met? Is my mind goinggggg?
Rich Drushel: I have proto-ADAMserve code (from my EOS-8 project) which does all emulation at the _START_whatever level. The code worked beautifully, but it was too big to fit into 8K of EOS. I would have to build a bank-switched EOS and require a 64K expander to get around it; and way back in 1995, people convinced me that it was unreasonable to assume or require a 64K expander.
james: no, i just looked over at the list of names and you seem to be someone new to me :) nice to meet you
rich: no, you've just been out of the loop, Murray
rich: That's what you get for not joining our chats
Rich Drushel: Hi Herman, your E-mail is correct, but it's not (I don't think) the problem.
(Guy B. laughs heartily)
Rich Drushel: Hi to Murray (whose entrance I missed).
cmurray: rich: I guess I have been.
H Mason Jr.: OK
james: if anyone's interested, i've got the talbe of contents and chapter 1 of the smartlogo manual translated
james: hey rich, sorry about that last e-mail being so long.
rich: no problem james, if I weren't so lazy you'd have had a reply yesterday
cmurray: Rich: Hi. I see that its 'official'. Next year its in Cleveland.
Dale/ I'd like to take a look James. My Japanese may be getting rusty, but I'll see what I can see.
rich: you should also know, james, that I'm notorious for my book-length emails
H Mason Jr.: George Broke the good news to me when he hit Cleveland Monday
james: it's weird, i've hardly gotten e-mail from *anyone*, so i was wondering if my mail server wasn't down or something :)
james: rich - we'll get along well :)
rich: yes, the mailing list just suddenly dried up
Guy B.: Maybe we don't know your e-mail address in Japan James.
james: dale - you speak japanese?
Dale/ But you got my mail, so that is a sign of soemthing James.
cmurray: james: How do you like Japan? I taught ESL in Korea for a year at middle school and teacher's college. I stopped off in Japan on my way home to visit Akibara district in Tokyo. My eyes lit up!!!.
Rich Drushel: Herman, you aren't volunteered for anything :-)
Dale/ Only a little. I got into it because ...
james: yeah, the server is fine, i guess people are busy this week :)
james: because.. japanese gf?
Dale/ I was planning to work there for a year, and I like Japanimae...
Dale/ but I didn't wind up in Japan.
H Mason Jr.: But I don't mind if you do as long as it is something I can do, Like arguing with Hotels, or raising H... I can handle it :)
BobSlopsema: yes, Hermen is GOOD at raisin' cain!!!!
james: cool. well, i floated this idea by rich, but it'd be nice to have an adamcon here if it weren't so expensive for people
james: to get here
Dale/ Re: Japanese LOGO, what is your strategy? Hirigana/Katakana?
rich: yes, if we could afford it, we'd all come, I'm sure
Rich Drushel: Herman, you and I and GK need to have dinner some time this month and just talk about have brains and experience that I need to pick over very thoroughly.
james: you mean my strategy for localizing Logo itself or for translating the manual?
H Mason Jr.: No Problem I will convey that to GK and we all can set a date
H Mason Jr.: ofr Dinner
rich: by the way, I asked Frances about the edchar thing, since she has done some fonts in Logo
james: okay, what'd she say about it?
Rich Drushel: Dale, Re: anime, there are some Asian students in our lab who are anime fans; last Friday we spent a video evening in the lab watching "Laputa" and "Mononoke Hime", which one student had subtitled from his laserdisk.
rich: she says that she just uses the pixels she needs, since sprites can overlap and are transparent
Dale/ For localizing LOGO. It seems clear how to translate the manual at least.
Rich Drushel: I don't know why Disney is scared of "Mononoke", except on the technical animation fronts: the story and sensibilities are too different from their target audience, there is no competition.
rich: takes some calculation to get the descendrs right on all the letters
rich: and oh yes, she uses the stamp command to establish spellings etc
james: hmm.. yeah, i'd thought of that too, but i'm looking to go a little deeper than just stamping them onscreen
james: it'd be nice to have the sprite shapes available as they are
Dale/ It is a very different way to tell stories, that's for sure.
rich: well, there's a limit to the number of sprites. What would she do if the Roman alphabet had 40 letters?
Dale/ At my University we started a club: CTRL-A (Club That Really Likes-Anime)
james: dale - i haven't decided yet. both hiragana and katakana have advantages. katakana being easier to design for limited resolution.
Dale/ The club did monthly screening nights, including some freshly translated/locally trnaslated stuff.
Rich Drushel: Here there is a CWRU Anime Society, but the anime fans in our lab have no use for them, as all the Society wants to watch are the hentai (pornography).
Dale/ And it spawned crazy demand for the Japanese class.
cmurray: Dale: It's getting late. And things here have slowed......Till next week.
james: rich - exactly. i need a little more than 40, even if i limit to one character set.
Guy B.: Bye Murray.
Rich Drushel: Don't leave so soon, Murray...but if you're going, bye!
rich: See you next week, Murray, we trust
(Guy B. kicks cmurray)
james: it was nice meeting you murry - hope to see you again.
H Mason Jr.: I was trying to get GK but no luck yet
BobSlopsema: bye Murrey
H Mason Jr.: Bye Murrey
Dale/ Well bye for now then Murray.
james: dale - are you from toronto?
cmurray: Nite.
Rich Drushel: I don't think I even remember GK's home phone number...have to go through my old Procomm Plus dialing directory.
cmurray left chat session
Dale/ Yes, I'm living in Toronto now.
james: where are you from?
Dale/ Here abouts.
james: ever hear of the nabu network?
Dale/ I'm from a small town just outside of Toronto.
Dale/ I don't know it well.
james: lots of small towns "just outside of toronto" :D
Dale/ "Brooklin"
james: "ottawa" :D
Dale/ I see.
Dale/ LOL
Dale/ Ottawa, where they roll up the sidewalks at night?
james: :D almost. acutally, ottawa's been growing *really* fast lately (or so i'm told)
Dale/ My wife worked there for a while while we were dating. She was not amused.
H Mason Jr.: it is 8836668
james: what didn't she like?
rich: Frances lived there during the war, and likes to visit every once in a while
Dale/ Yes, there are lots of tech companies spurned by Bell Northern Research and the ever shaky Corel.
Rich Drushel: Thanks Herman.
james: corel. yeah, there's one balloon that just won't stay airborne
Dale/ But in the evening you still have to go to Quebec for fun.
Rich Drushel: Dale, Corel is shakey?
Rich Drushel: Oops, shaky?
rich: still, Cowpland seems remarkably adept at pulling chesnuts out of fires
james: so rich - what do you guys think of ottawa?
Guy B.: I have Wordperfect from them.
james: i *hate* wordperfect. sorry, i just can't stand it. bug infested junk.
rich: Hey, it's our capital. What do the Yanks think of Washington?
Dale/ Well, I think that she didn't like the fact that she was so far from me. Oh well.
james: okay - i see :)
Rich Drushel: Washington, DC: nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.
Dale/ Corel keeps running short of money. They might have gone under this year...
james: having grown up in ottawa, i always thought it was a little stuffy, but it's more high tech than government now.
rich: I think you've nailed it pretty well, james
Dale/ they had to do layoffs of something like 20% of their staff to help make ends meet.
james: i'm surprised ottawa is as cold as it is in the winter, given all the hot air coming off of parliament.
rich: I like to visit Washington, too, but wouldn't care to live there
Rich Drushel: Originally, I don't think people were supposed to live there; just have government buildings etc. That's why the inhabitants are not full "citizens", since DC is not a state; the founders didn't want the capital to belong to any state.
rich: Just about all software companies except Microsoft have periodic cash crunches
rich: Rich, my understanding was that the capital district was to defeat envy
rich: though I must admit no one envies Ontario for having Ottawa
Dale/ And this year specifically has made it harder to raise money due to the market shake-out.
Rich Drushel: So, what vultures would pick the bones of Corel, if it went under? Or would all its products just disappear?
james: one thing i *do* like about ottawa, rarely will you find a town so small with an international airport.
rich: Seems to me their graphics products might have a fair value
james: of course, most of the flights are routed through toronto and vancouver...
Guy B.: And Corel puts out very good products.
Dale/ I really like their Linux distribution.
Rich Drushel: Re: airport, my little close-to-hometown of Youngstown, Ohio, has an "international" airport (proclaimed in large letters), merely because it has a few flights to Canada :-)
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james: i was going to ask someone about that - how is their linux?
changed username to Colecoguy
rich: I guess if they have provision for Customs clearance they're "international"
Guy B.: Michael, glad you could make it tonight.
Dale/ Ottawa -> Montreal or Ottawa -> Toronto seems to be the most common routes to the rest of the world.
james: richd - :) funny :)
rich: Hello Michael, you're late
Colecoguy: Hello all sorry I'm late working on special adamcon newsletter for MTAG
Dale/ Hello Michael.
james: apparently there is a direct tokyo-ottawa flight, which i just might try next time.
james: rich - you ever been to japan?
rich: dare I suggest when you price it, you won't?
Colecoguy: Hey Everyone glad to be here!
rich: no james, I have always been limited to North America, though I know it well
Dale/ I recommend Corel Linux for first timers, but you need to have recent enough hardware. At least PCI, and maybe AGP.
james: i've gotten used to the prices. it's cheaper on the off season, but average round trip is about $1600 cdn
Colecoguy: Hey Bob Herman Hpw are you~~
Colecoguy: How are ya's
Dale/ Others might work but with recent hardware hte install is a breeze.
H Mason Jr.: Hello Mike
rich: no cheaper options breaking the flight into a couple of legs, different airlines?
BobSlopsema: good Michael
Colecoguy: Herman spoke with George at convention and will be straighten things out with you guys ASAP
james: i've tried. it's "only" $1000 during the off season, but who the hell wants to be in ottawa in march.. (the last time i went)
BobSlopsema: glad you madke it!
Colecoguy: ALways Glad to Chat with my ADAMite friends
rich: yes, we like Ottawa when teh Ottawa-Nepean campground is open
Dale/ Well, you may have a point James. I have a good friend and a couple in-laws in Japan right now...
james: :) i'm from nepean. i usually just say ottawa so people know what i mean.
Dale/ And I'm trying to pick the best time to go for a week.
james: hmm.. are you shopping on price, convenience or climate?
rich: right, Dale and I live in North York
Colecoguy: Herman thatis you'll write me email outline what I owe for 2 serial ports and any other costs you incured due to me
rich: right now I emphasize the North York just to have one in the eye for Mike Harris
james: yes. mr. harris. is he stll premier?
Rich Drushel: Hmm, looks like the buffer overflow thingy again...logging out and back in again. See you shortly.
Dale/ Price would do. I don't know really.
rich: I regret to have to affirm that
Colecoguy: and I 'll forward the funds and follow thie instructions that George gave me for the fix I need done on the mini wini
Rich Drushel left chat session
H Mason Jr.: OK will check with GK
Dale/ Yup, Harris got another majority.
Colecoguy: Thanks Herman I will look forward to hearing from you!
james: hmm. cheapest time to go round trip is likely march. april isn't too bad. once you get into the summer months, be prepared to part with at least
james: C$1500
moved to room Meeting Place
rich: yes, air travel bargains in the summer season are hard to come by
changed username to Rich Drushel
Dale/ March? Isn't that when the Cherry blossoms are out?
james: i'm not a big fan of mr. harris but i didn't care for the ndp either..
Dale/ Maybe I should plan for then.
Dale/ I Rich again.
Colecoguy: Hello Dr, D, Have ADAMserve up and working correctly on the IBM PS/2 no probs Fantastic
rich: Let's just say we have not been at all fortunate in our provincial governors for many years
james: depending where you go, yes. where i am it's a little cooler, so they come out a fair bit later.
rich: say, since Bill Davis, at least?
Rich Drushel: Michael, that's good to hear!
Dale/ Are you in the north then?
james: i'm just glad they're doing a bit better at the federal level. chretien's okay. well i don't *loathe* him which is more than
james: about 96% of people can say about mulroney.
Colecoguy: I was wondering if you could send me the smatbasic 1x program I still have the printed documentation!
Dale/ And yet Mulroney got re-elected.
james: i'm in the southwest, but i'm up in the mountains so it's a little cooler.
rich: It's not as if he were still alive ;-)
Rich Drushel: Dale, any clue how to keep this chat client's buffer from filling up on me?
james: mulroney? is he dead?! i'll have to fly my flag extra high on that day.
Rich Drushel: Michael, I can make a disk image...give me your E-mail address and I'll send you instructions on how to retrieve it.
rich: no, I was being snarky about Chretien
BobSlopsema: :-)
Dale/ Rich, the client seems to like to keep the history back to the first monent of recorded time...
james: oops :) yeah, honestly, he's done his bit and i think it's time to let someone else take the helm.
BobSlopsema: does NO one like politicians????
Colecoguy: dr. D it is
rich: I like the honest ones - just haven't found any yet
Rich Drushel: Thanks, Michael.
Dale/ so, the answer is run it in a different environment (Browser/OS/Computer), I guess/
james: no. don't like politicians. *especially* japanese politicians. didn't realize how *honest* canadian politicians were.
Rich Drushel: Then how come the rest of you haven't had to reboot your clients?
rich: honest meaning, they stay bought?
james: i've been having no probs..
Colecoguy: Thanks for helping me out Richard I look forward to seeing you next year at ADAMcon OD
Guy B.: Me neither!
BobSlopsema: don't look at me, I am not even sure what you are referring to!
BobSlopsema: I am not trying to capture anything......
Rich Drushel: Yeah, let's OD on our ADAMs :-) :-)
Dale/ Well, Bob, our mayor Mel Lastman is wildly popular ("85% approval rating")...
Colecoguy: I am not getting anything strange either Richard
james: heh heh.. :) politicians here are *very* financially corrupt.
Dale/ but most of our polititions have a less than 40% approval rating all of the time.
Colecoguy: Thank you Richard D.
Dale/ It is just one more thing we like to gripe about. <grin>
james: the current pm (of japan) is about to slip below 20%. i don't even know the whole story and i don't like him either.
rich: I just prefer folks with IQs bigger than their belt size
BobSlopsema: popular does not = above board and liegitimate
(Everyone laughs mockingly at Rich Drushel)
james: and with some politicians, that's a tough call.
(Colecoguy laughs heartily)
(Guy B. smiles)
H Mason Jr.: so is it official it is gonna be OD
james: OE in japan? ;-) i might be the only one who makes it..
Guy B.: I thought it was 0dh
rich: Yes, as it wass in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be... digital
H Mason Jr.: GK said whenever is good for the meet is good for him and me as well I guess
Colecoguy: yup OD or 13 what ever you wish herman
Rich Drushel: I haven't decided...I could be like Prez. Bill and hedge my bets with 13/XIII/0Dh :-)
BobSlopsema: us commoners prefer just plain ol' 13
rich: how do you define "my"?
Rich Drushel: Or else just spell it out "ADAMcon Thirteen".
BobSlopsema: easier to keep track of ya know
Colecoguy: oppsss I got it wrote hex challanged
Guy B.: Why not have all three. It would be a first in Adamcon history.
H Mason Jr.: OR the cleveland tradition XIII
H Mason Jr.: GK said when will hats be in Dale
Dale/ Like "AdamCon Six"
Rich Drushel: How about 15 octal? :-)
Colecoguy: I agree with Guy B>
james: so i see there are people that still use roman numerals..
BobSlopsema: DAT's an idea!!!
Rich Drushel: Probably Cleveland tradition of Roman numerals will win out...
rich: Good thought, but computers these days seem settled on hex
BobSlopsema: too long though
Dale/ Herman, he should get them early next week. There was a longer delay than I expected. :-(
james: 1101
Rich Drushel: James, ROTFL...
(Someone throws a brick at Rich Drushel)
(The lights sudddenly go out)
(A dog howls in the distance)
Rich Drushel: Krazy Kat sez, "Ya missed, Ignatz!"
Dale/ Wait where am I?
Colecoguy: the lights went out and it smells
Rich Drushel: You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all different.
Dale/ Oh no! I wandered into a battle.
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
Dale/ Have at you!
H Mason Jr.: OK message conveyed Dale
moved to room Meeting Place
left chat session
H Mason Jr.: I am getting Lightnig I gotta go
H Mason Jr.: Bye
rich: Is the Mighty Mitchell on the threshold?
H Mason Jr. left chat session
Colecoguy: see ya herman!!
Rich Drushel: So long Herman.
Dale/ Richard, what Browser/OS/Memeory/virtual meory are you using?
Guy B.: Whoa, storms hit Ohio, see you next week, Herman.
BobSlopsema: come back soon Herman
Dale/ Bye Herman!
moved to room Meeting Place
rich: Someone should sell Herman a surge suppressor
Rich Drushel: WinNT 4.0 service pack 6, 32MB physical RAM, about 160MB virtual, Netscape Navigator 4.08.
Rich Drushel: On a 486DX2-66 :-)
changed username to GerryStPeter
Guy B.: Hi Gerry!
Dale/ That sounds like a reasonable combination.
rich: Well, the Wild West comes to visit - welcome Gerry
james: hello, gerry. nice to meet you.
Colecoguy: Welcome Gerry
GerryStPeter: Greetings Adamites, and it is Wednesday Like they said
BobSlopsema: Hi Gerry!!!
Rich Drushel: I can't try Exploder, as I deleted it long ago :-)
GerryStPeter: Hello to all and greetings
Dale/ I wonder why that wouldn't be stable enough. So far I've usually signed on at about the same time as you, but I've used ...
rich: Why? What was your problem with IE?
james: wednesday? no, it's thursday! it's thursday - DAMN YOU ALL!!! :)
Rich Drushel: Machtiger Mitchell must have forgotten about the chat.
Rich Drushel: Philosophical, Richard :-)
Dale/ Linux and Netscape 4.72 or Netscape 4.6
BobSlopsema: James, you are just ahead of us in EVERYTHIGN!!!!
Guy B.: Mainly he's 12 hours ahead of us.
james: it's too hot. i'm tired of the summer already.
GerryStPeter: Well that is true he cold be in Australia...Maybe
rich: Naw, it's just that us Adam folks are behind teh times
Guy B.: Got cool here in Chicago this afternoon. After it got pretty warm yesterday.
rich: You can ship some of it back home, james. Don't think we've seen a temp near 30 yet
james: da bearsss.
Dale/ Too much rain this summer.
james: we've been at 30 since the beginning of may and will be until the end of september. too much for this ottawa boy.
Guy B.: Yep, Da Bears play their 1st preseason game this Saturday.
GerryStPeter: Well, in Calgary, we have had a week now of really hot weather for here, but it was cooler 25F today
rich: Can't watch, Guy, the Brickyard 400 is running
moved to room Meeting Place
Guy B.: Bears are on Saturday night Rich.
james: calgary. cool. i've got fambly out there.
changed username to Rich Drushel
Rich Drushel: Okay, sudden disconnect here...Herman's lightning? (I haven't seen anything).
Dale/ It was 25F?
rich: Licking their chops in anticipation of the Argo game Friday, Gerry?
GerryStPeter: So who is this Colecoguy? Is that Cosineau?
GerryStPeter: No that should be 25C
Rich Drushel: Christina says it's raining outside, though...I'm in the basement, next to the furnace/air conditioner, so I can't hear anything.
Colecoguy: Michael Hurst
Guy B.: Michael Hurst, Gerry.
BobSlopsema: naw it's Michael Hurst
BobSlopsema: from Torontotown
Dale/ That's better. The pond is freezing this summer, I guess shirt sleeve weather is over soon. :-)
Guy B.: I don't want to think about that YET!!!!
Dale/ Oops, I mean the Iced Tea isn't melting so fast. ;-)
GerryStPeter: Ah, well that makes it understandable How are you Micheal?
Colecoguy: Fine and you Sir??
BobSlopsema: we've had the 3rd cloudiest Muly on record AND the 3rd coldest one too
BobSlopsema: JULY
Rich Drushel: Here in Cleveland, we had an entire month of July with no temperatures 90 degrees F or above...very remarkable.
BobSlopsema: so much for the hot dry summer
BobSlopsema: same here Rich, no 90 degrees
rich: Yes, the Great Lakes area has been setting a lot of records for clouds and cool since the start of April
GerryStPeter: I keep using the line OUTSTANDING STILL, but really I am moving around a bit
Rich Drushel: Our lawn has never been so green this late in the summer.
Dale/ Rainy humid summer in Toronto. At least for AdamCon we had reasonable weather.
Guy B.: I agree with you Bob. We haven't hit a 90 all summer. But, we still got this month to hit one.
BobSlopsema: naw, prolly won't happen in August either
Guy B.: Now we have been getting rain after a 3 week dry spell.
rich: There is something about having to mow the lawn every three days that is less than attractive, though
BobSlopsema: it rains here about every 3rd day it seems
GerryStPeter: Thanks Dale for the timely email again, that make it simple to know that an ADAM chat was in progress.
Rich Drushel: Speaking of mowing, that is up for me after work tomorrow.
Guy B.: Ok gang, I'm going to go here. See you all next week.
Dale/ You are very welcome.
rich: We were under a severe thunderstom watch all day, but only got a dab of rain
Dale/ Bye for now Guy.
Guy B. left chat session
Rich Drushel: G'night, Guy!
james: salut guy!
GerryStPeter: Nice to talk at you Guy. Have a good one
moved to room Meeting Place
rich: Bye Guy, see you next week
BobSlopsema: see ya guy
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Well, my buffer stopped too. See you next week.
Dale/ I think that me mentioning the chat bumps people into dropping by.
Guy B. left chat session
Rich Drushel: BOOM! There was some thunder and lightning! Gotta shut down the system. Good night, all.
BobSlopsema: night
rich: It does seem to be having that effect, and it's really good, Dale
BobSlopsema: !!!
james: we've certainly got good turnout.
Dale/ Bye Rich. Send AdamServe
rich: OK Rich, see you next week
GerryStPeter: Well, it connects checking your email with the Wednesday chat.
Rich Drushel left chat session
rich: Unless I get a power outage, I can afford to stay on in thunderstorms now
GerryStPeter: Been good to chat with you RIch, Goodnight
james: unless my wife uses the hair dryer and turns on the a/c, i can stay on..
rich: gatehr you don't have 200 amp service there, james
Dale/ Michael, do you point to for the chat now?
Dale/ (I mean from Delphi)
moved to room Meeting Place
GerryStPeter: So is the "rich" Clee?
changed username to Colecoguy
james: i don't even know if we've got 20amp service :) i definitely need a ups.
rich: yes, gerry, we have Rich and rich on teh chats - I'm the little one
GerryStPeter: Ah the lower case...;-)
Dale/ Michael does Delphi point to for chats now?
rich: yes, a ups is the best answer - add a surge protector for the phone line and you can ignore storms too
Colecoguy: No but I will update the page tommorrow
Dale/ Thanks.
Dale/ I have to start going to Delphi more again.
rich: Is Scott pointing here now?
james: phone lines here are so bad, i doubt it'll help. for awhile it was disconnecting spontaneously, even in good weather. and for this i pay
james: 120 yen an hour for connectivity.
Colecoguy: I will use the link right into your chat applette
Dale/ I don't know. I got the video he prepared finally.
Dale/ Yesterday it appeared, having been sent on Monday before AdamCon, with a stamp that said "Cleared by Customs".
rich: I think his plate size may otuweigh his chewing ability
Dale/ I guess that it took them a while to decide that "" was sending a video tape with acceptable content, or something.
BobSlopsema: gotta take off for tonight also guys!
BobSlopsema: same time same place next week, eh?
james: buy bob :)
rich: For something Customs got into their grubby little mits, you may have set a new speed record
Colecoguy: see ya Bob
BobSlopsema: see ya!
BobSlopsema left chat session
rich: See you nexct week, Bob
GerryStPeter: Night Bob
Dale/ Often parcels can make it much faster. But I guess that the video tape was suspicious.
rich: Ah yes - the Sin Seekers could never resist looking at any video tape
Colecoguy: Dale I'll take off now and go and modify the Delphi Main Page to reflect the change
rich: Maybe he should have labelled it "heroin" or something
Dale/ Catch ya later Michael.
james: heh heh heh.
Colecoguy: I'll see you all next week earlier
james: test
rich: Do it, Michael. Will talk soon
GerryStPeter: Or, Handle with care...EXPLOSIVE
Dale/ Back at you james.
Colecoguy: Night All
Colecoguy left chat session
james: love customs. they gave me a bi*** of a time coming in once at the ottawa airport.
rich: Maybe Scott should have put on an outside note - "here's the movie of our vacation, Dale"
GerryStPeter: Ok guys, good night from Alberta too, I will close for tonight, but will try to check in next week
Dale/ The video tape had a 2 minute sequence at the beginning, and that's all.
rich: Customs are (deleted) at the airports, but we have no trouble on the road
Dale/ It must have confused them to no end :-)
moved to room Meeting Place
rich: OK Gerry, we start at 9 EST so the earlier you can join us, the better - neat to have you aboard
james: well they went through my *whole* suitcase, had my underwear on the floor. after all that they found nothing because
changed username to Lonesome
GerryStPeter: Thanks Dale and TTY next week
Dale/ Hi ya Loren.
GerryStPeter left chat session
james: the idiots ignored my suitcase pockets. which btw, is where i'd kept my cartoon porno for a friend.
Lonesome: Hi
moved to room Meeting Place
Dale/ I have'nt seen you on chat for a while.
Lonesome: lucky you james
rich: We travel with a trailer - Customs seem to realize there's no way we can't beat them
Lonesome: never seems to work out Dale
rich: So they are very polite with us and we don't do anything to embarrass them'
Lonesome: grin bigger trailer less hassel at times
moved to room Meeting Place
Dale/ The border cross customs guys are generally very casual.
changed username to Colecoguy
Lonesome: hi coleco guy
Dale/ If you are on the road.
james: hi <undefined>
james: :) customs. yes. i travel as lightly as possible and mail gifts ahead of myself.
james: hi lonesome. don't think we've met.
james: well, ottawa being the international hotspot of terrorist activity that it is, i guess they don't want to take chances
james: with my underwear.
Colecoguy: Made it back to let you all know that delphi start page updated as of now so all will know where the chats are everyone
Dale/ But there are more casual and less casual officers.
Lonesome: true not crossed borders in while tho
rich: But generally returning to Canada we get waved right through
Dale/ I've always found the Charter flight customs officials seem like they're almost asleep, but the
Colecoguy: bye
rich: Remember once going into BC from Montana we hit a kid on his first shift
rich: dont know how I kept a staright face - talk about "by the book"
Dale/ business traveler ones in the airport are much more on guard.
Lonesome: the troble I had with delphi chats is I would forget my darn password and this darn ibm would take a dump on me
james: only had trouble once. coming in toronto or bc, i could have had plutonium in my backpack.
Colecoguy: No worry now we are here and it works Thanks to Dale!
rich: too long to tell here, but I have quite a story about one day at Niagara Falls
Dale/ Hmmm...Lonesome perished...
Colecoguy: good night again see ya's next week!
james: so lonesome, where are you from?
Colecoguy left chat session
james: gone..
rich: essentially, try getting a declaration made 15 minuted before quitting time on a sunny Augst Friday
james left chat session
Dale/ Is everyone being bumped?
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to james
rich: Guess so - maybe it's time to pack it in anyway - we usually go at 11
Dale/ What happened James?
james: things seemed to bail, so i logged out and back in..
Dale/ True. I is mostly hold 'em or fold 'em time.
Dale/ Well, somehow I never get bumped.
rich: James, I was just telling Dale I'm afraid I've got to go now too
moved to room Meeting Place
Dale/ Lonesome are you back?
james: i do too actually, i need to have breakfast and my friend is coming at 1 to teach me chinese.
changed username to geob64
rich: But I got some promising shipping boxes today; now I just have to excavate for teh stuff you're interested in
Dale/ Hi Geob64
rich: Be patient, I'll get back to you soon as I can
james: *thanks* :) i'm looking forward to your e-mail! (no rush)
Dale/ What's up?
geob64 left chat session
Dale/ Gone again.
rich: OK, I'll go soon as I find out who our newcomer is
james: i may need a couple of tape drives too..
Dale/ Now I'm feeling queezy.
Dale/ What with everyone coming and going.
rich: Oops, guess I won't -
james: queezy? why?
rich: OK, just got a few new ones, some should work
james: i probably need two. one i have is starting to go and the other doesn't close.. :(
Dale/ The first hour of tonight's chat was wuite stable.
Dale/ (quite)
rich: Well, I have yet to have any problem; make of that what you will
james: i blame ntt for all my problems. phone related or otherwise.
Dale/ And you are using Netscape 4.08 the same as the other Rich.
rich: And I always had problems on Delphi and sometimes with Scott
rich: No, I'm on IE 5.01
rich: When I use Win 3.1 I have NN 4,08 there
Dale/ So overall it seems quite a bit better except for Rich Drushel, and the odd stragler who can't get their hooks in. :-(
rich: But in Win95 I've found NN 4.7x buggy and unstable
james: definitely alot better than volcano chat.
Dale/ Well, I guess that our brief visitors aren't coming back, so goo night.
rich: Anyway, really must go. Night, James and Dale. Till next week.
moved to room Meeting Place
james: night rich :)
james: dale - i know it's highly unlikely, but if you should happen across anyone with nabe connections, i'd be interested.
rich: <poof>
changed username to Lonesome
rich left chat session
Dale/ Do you have the Japanese LOGO pages published yet?
james: sorry - nabu
Dale/ You're back!
Dale/ I hope you can stay long enough to chat a little.
james: i'll try and get them up on my web page later.
Lonesome: yup me to dale
james: hi lonesome, where are you from?
Dale/ What happened? Most people have been having good luck with this chat server.
Lonesome: guess I need to keep explore running in background
Lonesome: James I am in Salmon Idaho ..close to a 94k acer fire
james: ouch. yeah, i've read about the fires over there.
Dale/ I've added your URL to the Coleco Adam Pointers Page
james: thanks dale :)
Dale/ That is a bit further west than I thought you were.
Lonesome: I could get the web address where you can look at pictures the forst curcuse er srevice has posted if you want me too
james: i've got to leave. time for lunch :)
Dale/ Okay James.
james: dale - i know i'm being a pain, but could you ask around about nabu network for me? i don't have access to canadian news servers.
Dale/ Lonesome, you are a bit late. The chat is mostly winding down.
Dale/ James, I'll make a note.
Dale/ Where should I ask?
Lonesome: Sorry but I lose track of it
Dale/ We've been talking about AdamServe, the next AdamCon,...
james: nabu network was an ottawa thing, so ott. something, maybe computing, or forsale. i'm trying to get nabu network manuals or
Dale/ weather, how to fix your laptop configuration and lots of other things.
james: if possible hardware/software.
Dale/ Okay, I'll see if I get any bites.
james: thanks. okay, now i'm really going :) see you next week!
Dale/ See you next week.
Lonesome: darn was trying to paste the ural of fire web site
james: <sayonnara>
james left chat session
Dale/ I'll look, and it will appear in the Chat archive too.
Lonesome: guess I can send it via the coleco mail list..
Dale/ What have you been up to lately?
Dale/ Sure send it to the list. I think that the others would be interested.
Lonesome: oh seeing the Doctors about my back got few disks that dont play very nice
Dale/ Hmmm...maybe yo should reformat them ;-)
Dale/ A bad problem.
Dale/ My wife and I spend last weekend trying to turn our appartment upside down...
Lonesome: got some real spooky shots of blow up last thursday yea right Dale or replace em...
Dale/ to make room for some new furniture that we just bought.
Dale/ the result is that I was sore all over, and Jill's hand hurts, and flared up her tendonitus.
Lonesome: bet it looks funny to the others with things stuck on the celing ..
Dale/ But at least we are "1/3" done.
Dale/ Now we have the long weekend this weekend to either kill ourselves, or finish. Whichever is harder, I guess :-)
Lonesome: yup that can be a pain.. I cant even lift a adam cpu right now..wight I can lift is >3lbs
Lonesome: er less then
Dale/ Well, the chat is a different experience upside down, for sure :-)
Lonesome: grin it would be... u seen Zonker online lately?
Dale/ A He popped in for the chat during AdamCon. You can check after you leave here. He appears somewhere near the middle.
Dale/ Just do a "Find in page" to locate where he steps in.
Lonesome: Anyway it has been nice but this smoke is killing me here..will check at later date..
Dale/ So have you been up to any Adam stuff lately?
Dale/ Okay, catch you later then.
Lonesome: No not been up to much of anything lately .. what with this back & meds I be on right now
Dale/ Next time try to ome earlier. There wee lots here then.
Lonesome: Ok if I rember it might send message via icq to me ..17202791
Dale/ That is: come earlier and were lots here then. About 10 people in all, I think.
Dale/ Hmm...I haven't been using ICQ lately, but I'll keep it in mind.
Lonesome: yup but timeing do count at least I did get here b4 everyone split
Dale/ I'll have to add you as a contact.
Lonesome: ok will need to authorise u tho..
Dale/ Herman Mason made it tonight, and ...
Dale/ on the AdamCon site at least, that is a first.
Lonesome: humm yup got e mail from him via icq bit ago
Dale/ I never got ICQ to work both at the office and at home, and though I work from home often, I don't always.
Dale/ It kind of disrupted my ICQness.
Lonesome: need to xplain ICQ dont handle hlm graphics
Dale/ Right.
Lonesome: humm u can use icq number on more then one computer but contacts stay on just one less you port em over via disk
Dale/ That is really the problem.
Dale/ One way around it though is that my computers are all connected to the Internet through a firewall. So if I'm clever, I can get that part to update automatically.
Lonesome: there be tricks to it I know..with a bad hd I need to do back up of contact list again ...before it <shh crashes> again
Dale/ But I never sorted that part out.
Dale/ I sympathise. My first Adam HD was flakey...
Dale/ I cound never get the mini-winnie system to work reliably.
Lonesome: humm.... not worked with firewall and network sept when useing computers at the VA
Dale/ I later sold it to Groege, who never had any problems with it.
Dale/ It drive me crazy.
Lonesome: humm life do that but Gorge had a big hammer to fix it with so it behaved its self
Dale/ My HD would work for a while, then it would start recording bad CRCs in places where it wrote to.
Dale/ It was like having a read-only HD.
Dale/ The VA?
Dale/ I have 4 of my computers at home networked, sharing a Cable modem.
Dale/ And at work we have all of our computers going through the same type of firewall.
Lonesome: I have the Mark set up here (external drive & hard drive set up with 2 mfm hds and 2 disk drives on it ..) Vetran Adminastration Hospital <VA>
Lonesome: sorry my speller not to hot 2 night
Dale/ I now use the MI low cost Slot 3 HD card. It is IDE, which is good since you can still find the IDE drives around.
Dale/ Also it has potiential for CD-ROM support.
Lonesome: humm I have that card not thought about useing it much after "smoke" testing it once...pluged it in backwards..1 time
Dale/ I should go soon for some supper as it's 11:30pm here.
Lonesome: ok just 2130 here..
Lonesome: night
Dale/ Scott Gordon is active again, and if you contact him, I think he could work out a way to get it up and running if you're interested.
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Dale/ Bye.
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