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james: i'm all alone....
james: so this is what happens when you show up early..
james: don't you .. forget about me.. don't, don't, don't you forget about me..
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james: good morning :)
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi ya James.
james: ohayou gozaimasu :)
Dale: You were warly this week!
Dale: ohayo.
james: surprised even me :)
Dale: early not warly
james: hopefully others will show soon (not that you're not good company) :D
Dale: Well, maybe I'll post to the mailing list. That usually wakes up a few.
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james: can't hurt. got me last week as i'd almost forgotten.
changed username to rich c
Dale: Hi Richard.
james: hi rich :)
changed username to rich c
james: he's in stereo
Dale: Hmmm.
Dale: Here twice?
rich c: Oops! see I managed to duplicate my entry - hi Dale and James
james: :) hi rich and rich clone :)
rich c: Yes, it didn't seem to accept my first try so I did it again
rich c: so Dale, how do I lay the ghost?
rich c: and anyway, good morning, James
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james: morning
Dale: You must have 2 windows opened.
rich c left chat session
james: there we go.
changed username to Rich Drushel
rich c: I do, the second one just came up, so I exited chat on it
rich c: just in time to let Dr. D. in - hi Rich
Rich Drushel: Hello everybody.
Dale: So I finally got some Sunday pictures up.
james: morning
Dale: Hi Rich.
rich c: good to have you aboard - your pprinter's in the mail
Rich Drushel: Yes Richard, I got your E-mail today...thanks. I'll let you know when it arrives.
james: ***yawn*** sorry, still waking up.
Rich Drushel: You guys will probably never be able to guess what I'm doing along with this chat...Hint: it is *very* clean.
Dale: So has it been a busy week Rich?
james: very clean... hmm, reading enn?
Rich Drushel: Arggh yes, only 20 days until robot class starts...lots of maintenance to do.
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Rich Drushel: The "clean" part of this evening is running pillowcases full of LEGOs through the washing machine...the parts are dirty after 5 years of use.
changed username to rich c
james: :D i wouldn't put them in the dryer..
rich c: Sorry, gentlemen, got dumped for a minute
rich c: guess it didn't like the way I came in
Rich Drushel: Re: dryer, 10-15 minutes on the lowest possible setting, with the dryer packed with some towels to reduce the noise, does an excellent job.
Rich Drushel: Of course, you don't fill the pillowcases chock-full...maybe 20%.
james: sounds like you've done this before..
Dale: That'll teach you Richard to cme in twice at once.
james: rich c - thanks for your e-mail, just read it a few minutes ago.
Rich Drushel: First time was last night :-) It was recommended on one of the LEGO websites.
rich c: OK, hope that brings you up to date; we'll see later how it works for you
james: sounds good, if you give me your snail-mail address, i can get a money order on its way to you.
Dale: I sent an email invite to the mailing list. Maybe that'll bring some others in.
rich c: have an idea on that too if you still maintain a Canadian bank account
james: rich d - do you teach robotics?
Rich Drushel: I remembered without the E-mail reminder.
rich c: He even brings robots to Adamcons sometimes, James
Dale: Good for you Rich. You've been right on the ball lately.
rich c: I seem to recall teh reaction of the chambermaids at a certain event...
james: sounds like fun. i was doing a little robotics in high school on an interface card i built for the pc. nothing fancy but it was fun.
Rich Drushel: Dale, Re: ADAMserve source, I need just one evening's work to regenerate the lost source for the HARDDISK boot. Everything else, PC and ADAM, .ASMs and .LSTs and binaries, is ready to go.
rich c: What's Adamsource, Rich?
Rich Drushel: If it weren't for that one missing source, I would have had it up for you Sunday night.
Dale: Rich is making an AdamServe distribution "for the rest of us".
rich c: This will be a more generic upgrade than the one he gave Michael, then?
Dale: I understand Rich. But I'd rather have it all, than have that part missing.
Rich Drushel: "ADAM source" means my source code for one of the ADAM-side pieces of ADAMserve: the 1K boot program which gets invoked after the block 0 cold boot from the boot disk, seems to exist now only as a binary on disk images...I couldn't find the source code file when I was putting everything together for Dale.
rich c: Right - anyway I had misread something; got it now
james: sorry rich - just saw the message re canadian bank account - yes, i do but i'm not sure how much is in it
Rich Drushel: Fortunately, it is a simple variant of a boot program that I *do* have the source for, so all I have to do is modify it and then verify that the binary it generates is identical to the binary that I have.
Dale: So I've been doing some time trials on my AI seek and evade program on the Adam...
rich c: I'll tell you why I asked the question by email later, James
rich c: The bottom line is there's a convenient gimmick I've used with others
Rich Drushel: Is it too efficient (i.e., a killer)?
james: sure, sounds good.
Dale: It way too slow on the Adam. My prototype on the web site is okay...
Rich Drushel: This is the C version, not a hand-translated to native Z80 assembler version, right?
Dale: because the grid is small, but with the 64x16 grid, even the PC version is really slow.
Dale: So I have a more efficent algorithm given the parameters I'm working with.
Dale: It uses dynamic programming, which would be slower for the smaller grid.
Rich Drushel: Probably the speed depends upon the lookahead distance, and how twisty the maze is.
james: rich c - was up again last night, i've started translating ch2 of "turtle talk"
rich c: right - haven't got back to your site yet, but soon
james: no rush, won't take you all of 5 mins to read everything there.
rich c: unfortunately have to deal with teh car tomorrow so may not get a peek till evening if at all
Dale: Yes, that's it When the depth goes beyond a look ahead of 20, there are over 6 million searchs with my recursive code, but only 1000 cells in the whole grid. I'm trying to do a 50 cell lookahead.
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james: cars are fun. i currently don't have one. given that i'm a 10 sec walk from work, i take my bike just about everywhere else
Dale: Okay it looks like my ISP's stability is an issue today.
rich c: I have a truck (compact van) and historic vehicle (sedan)
Dale: Rich is gone.
james: my wife has a car. it's supposedly "our" car but she's very good at prefixing "my" to various mutual items.
rich c: no comment - that's how folks end up one head shorter
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changed username to Rich Drushel
rich c: wonder if the problem is your ISP or somewhere else, Dale?
rich c: I see that Rich is back; now the question is why did he fall off?
james: i haven't had any problems staying on - yet.
Dale: I've been having some wierdness with the stability of my Internet feed today. Did it bump you Rich?
Rich Drushel: Okay...I resized my Netscape window, and it brought up a second copy of the SpanielChat. I cancelled that one, leaving the original one. I could type text into it, but it never echoed I killed it all and started again.
rich c: I had a problem loading the applet - seemed to go to sleep; I used the refresh button
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changed username to BobSlopema
rich c: Yo Bob!
BobSlopema: hello der!!!!
Dale: Okay, so maybe it isn't all my ISP's fault then.
james: good morning bob :)
Dale: Hi Bob.
BobSlopema: Hi ALL!
rich c: Could be your ISP, or maybe your own server is loading up, or maybe it's just us
Rich Drushel: Netscape seems to take a window resize as license to reload the current page, which brings up more chat windows.
rich c: you must be running Netscape 4.7x
james: could be sunspots, for all the stability that a windows environment offers..
Dale: My server is dedicated to us. I rebooted my router before the chat. Hopefully that'll keep problems away.
rich c: the 4.7 version of Netscape is notoriously cranky, James
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left chat session
Dale: Netscape is like that.
Dale: It is Netscape 4.08 that Rich is running.
Rich Drushel: Well, this is the stand-alone plain old Navigator, version 4.08.
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rich c: whoops, now we've lost James
changed username to james
BobSlopema: OOPS !! lost a newby AND James
BobSlopema: James is back!
Rich Drushel: Hi Bob (before I forget).
james: ditto on v. 4.5 of netscape.
Dale: The thing to do is either open a "New Window"
BobSlopema: Hi Rich
Dale: or flip to another page first. :-(
rich c: yes, I've founbd 4.08 very stable under 3.1, but 4.7 in Win95 is so buggy I've quit using it
Dale: 4.72 is more stable
rich c: yes, but Netscape won't give it out unless you give them your life history and half your hard disc for their cookies
Rich Drushel: I have no use for the Composer stuff in Netscape, E-mail, news, etc.; I just want Navigator. I use text-only apps for mail and news. Color me curmudgeon :-)
rich c: But a NICE curmudgeon, Rich!
Dale: I wonder if we'll see anyone tonight ,,,
Dale: who has come in when noone else was around.
Dale: In the transcripts I've seen Alan Neely,...
Dale: Whooter, and several others.
Dale: Richard, can I get you to convert some 1992 ANN disks using that AdamDos program?
Dale: You have them in EOS format, right?
Dale: (I mean Rich C)
Dale: Uh's down.
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changed username to Guy B.
Dale: Hello.
Guy B.: Well, here I am finally.
Dale: Sorry for the interruption.
Dale: I guess both Richards were bumped.
Guy B.: Couldn't get in the website Dale, what happened?
Dale: I had some temporary downtime...
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changed username to rich
Guy B.: That explains it then.
Dale: My ISP's connection to me has been bad all day today.
Dale: Welcome bach Richard.
rich: you must be on Rogers
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Dale: My net connection was just down.
Dale: Richard, have you heard something specific?
Guy B.: I think some of us should look into a second ISP a free based one. So we can get on if our primary ISP gives us trouble.
rich: I went over to Scott's chat to see if anyone switched
Dale: Did they?
Guy B.: Rich, I went there and I got on there and no one else was there.
rich: no - by the way, our lights blinked about the time you went down
rich: guess you entered just after I left, Guy
rich: I just stayed on for about eight minutes
Dale: Okay, well, maybe it rebooted their systems and the flakeyness from earlier today will go away.
Dale: James is theoretically still on though.
Guy B.: I tried twice and it said it was either down or no response. Checked my e-mail and I still have that up.
Guy B.: James, has the heat subsided in Japan?
rich: my screen just froze and when I tried a refresh it said the server was unavailable
Dale: The problem was on the side. The net feed for was temporarily down.
rich: We do seem to have lost Dr. D, though
rich: Oh yes, and Bobn
Dale: Well, I spent a lottle time chatting with myself before I realized that the server was isolated from the world.
rich: Likely Bob and Rich are now over with Scott
Guy B.: I think whoever was on at the time the site went down, may try again in a little while.
Dale: They may come back, or they may be gone.
rich: I'll go see - back in a minute
Dale: Guy, can you email me your presentation notes?
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Dale: Maybe as a collection of attachments?
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changed username to BobSlopsema
changed username to rich
Dale: Hi james!
Dale: Or wait it's Bob.
BobSlopsema: I'sss back!!!
BobSlopsema: I think I got blackballed!!!
rich: I'm back - hope I'm connected
Guy B.: I can send you the outline, but the other half that I did last year I
BobSlopsema: AHA, it weren't just me eh???
rich: oops - duplicate page again - will reenter
Dale: How about the outline and a copy of all of the batch files.
Guy B.: l'll have to redo. What format should I send it in? I have it in Wordperfect 6.X format.
rich left chat session
Dale: Bob, apologies, my server's connection went down for 10 minutes...
rich left chat session
BobSlopsema: AH SO!!! I wondered wht happened
Dale: probably a power glitch at my ISP's switch/hub/router.
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BobSlopsema: figured it was a line between you and me
Guy B.: The batch files I can send it in a zip file.
changed username to rich
Dale: Guy, that's exactly what I need.
Dale: Thanks.
Dale: Send it to
rich: Ah, now maybe it will work right
Guy B.: Ok, I'll get them together and send it to you.
BobSlopsema: Richard, got package # 1 today w/ 3 consoles and 3 keyboards
rich: Have we lost James now or is he off to teach school?
rich: Really? You got it already?
Dale: It was just the ghost of James that was on.
BobSlopsema: just one though
rich: There we two mailed the same day, then a gap, another, and the final one yesterday
BobSlopsema: well, yes!! sent the 2nd and it is already the 9th, heck I can drive it in 7 hours!
BobSlopsema: maybe they will get here Tuesday when we get home from camping
rich: Yes, but the U.S. Snail is not quite so efficient
rich: Heading out again, are you?
BobSlopsema: at least OUR mailman is not so efficient.....been on this route for almost 31 years and still got a "swing" route
Dale: It there a long weekend in the US this month?
BobSlopsema: going upto the Traverse City MI area for the weekend
rich: prowling for stock for teh business?
BobSlopsema: there is for me Dale
Dale: Last weekend was a long weekend for Toronto, etc.
Guy B.: Ahh, thought it was that time of year for you Bob.
BobSlopsema: nope just sitting and looking at the sights
rich: we haven't decided on our trip for the year yet
BobSlopsema: just WHAT do you do on Civic Day????
rich: We get cut off from our mail delivery
BobSlopsema: that figures........
Dale: In Toronto we celebrate "Lord Graves Simpco" (sp?)
BobSlopsema: "mailpeople" use ANY excuse for a dayoff
rich: actually most folks go out of town, to the cottage
BobSlopsema: ah, free day.......
rich: the rest go down to the Caribana parade and party on the Islands
BobSlopsema: party????????? we could DO that!!!
Dale: He was the most important Governer in early Toronto. Built Yonge St (still the longest street in the world at several hundered miles).
rich: Anyway, it's officially the August Civic Holiday, first Monday in August
rich: Toronto of late has taken to calling it Simcoe Day for John Graves Simcoe
Dale: Each city/municipality can declare a local holliday.
rich: He was the first governor of Upper Canada and more or less founded Toronto
BobSlopsema: yea, I know, we have a seminary student for Chatham who has been attending our church; talked to him about it Sunday and his slant was that EVERY month "needs" a holiday, so the Canadians have on!!
rich: Well, we don't have a holiday in February like you folks
BobSlopsema: but we have more months with no holidays except for thw postman
rich: Nor do we have Memorial Day, or MLK Day
BobSlopsema: Mem day is OK, MLK day is a just for the gov't and postal employees
rich: Yes, and you have that real oddball time for Thanksgiving, too
BobSlopsema: they alwasy need an excuse to stay home
rich: Don't complain - at least you get Saturday delivery
BobSlopsema: you don't????
rich: not for donkey's years - bet Dale''s too young to remember when we did
BobSlopsema: that SUCKS!!!!!
Dale: Neil got Saturday delivery until about 5 weeks ago.
Guy B.: If you guys noticed, that I'm watching you dish this out. Had a rough 3 days this week. My dept. moved from the 15th to the 3rd floor last night and I'm bushed.
Dale: He was a rural destination, and now he's not.
rich: I can sympathize - my daughter went through the same thing at her office a few months back
Dale: He also got mail twice a day until then too.
BobSlopsema: it would have been worse if they made you carry all that stuff UP to the 15th floor FROM the 3rd floor!!
rich: Back in the 60s downtown we got it several times a day
Guy B.: Oh I left the heavy stuff for the movers. The light stuff I took down myself. Cubicles are bigger.
rich: I remember once sending a teletype to Lackawana, NY at 9.30 a.m. and getting a MAIL reply before noon!
BobSlopsema: WOW!!!
rich: yeah, I was pretty impressed too
BobSlopsema: by pony express???? ;-)
Dale: Guy, well that almost makes it worthwhile.
BobSlopsema: just kiddin ya Rich
rich: now you know why I talk about the good old days
BobSlopsema: right!
Guy B.: Well, there was a plus side to this. We got to wear casual clothes, plus my company picnic is Friday. So only Thursday I wear business attire.
Dale: You'll forget how!
rich: didn't know folks still got dressed up to go to work these days
BobSlopsema: only had to work Mon, Tues and Thurs....hmmmm.....
Dale: It depends on the office.
Guy B.: Oh especially when we get a whole bunch of people passing through daily from around the world.
BobSlopsema: some do, some don't and Fridays are casual day
Guy B.: Not my company. But, this Friday is the exception.
rich: I guess what it really shows is that I hardly ever go downtown any more
BobSlopsema: Probably should know by now, Guy, but what do you do for work?????
rich: Must admit, though, I put on a tie for our class reunion lunches
BobSlopsema: ALRIGHT!
Guy B.: I'm a Membership Data Assistant. In plain terms, I key in data into the membership database.
rich: for who?
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Guy B.: Rotary International.
changed username to Rons iMac
Dale: I there iMac
Rons iMac: allo
rich: Well, the left coast is heard from!
Guy B.: Ron, you made Mac Fan.
Rons iMac: ya, I'm here because I'm not all there
BobSlopsema: ah, an APPLE MAC eh?
Rons iMac: the same
BobSlopsema: McAPPLE............
Guy B.: No Windows tonight Ron. Just good old Mac.
Rons iMac: it's prolly gonna disconnect me every 5 min, so if I drop out, don't take it personally
BobSlopsema: that a McDonalds thingy????
rich: I got a basket of Jersey Macs today - are they similar?
Rons iMac: Jeff is here defending the galaxy on my win machine
BobSlopsema: uh huh
Dale: Hi Jeff.
Guy B.: What game is he playing?
rich: tell Jeff to nail a few space boogers for us
Rons iMac: Jeff sez Hi
Rons iMac: Dark Rain
Rons iMac: ???
Rons iMac: Got this sexy female computer voice
Guy B.: Hmmm. A new one.
Guy B.: Whoa.
Rons iMac: so how is all?
Dale: Don't know that one.
(A dog howls in the distance)
Dale: Going good.
rich: actually got some warmth this week, but it got muggy
Guy B.: My dog is tired today. Rough day for her.
Rons iMac: Jeff says Dark Rain is by Activision
BobSlopsema: very fine tonight....been hot and HUMID all week but tonight is nice!
rich: got a cold front coming through now - knocked out Dale's connection for a few minutes
Rons iMac: we went down a couple of degrees today... but still hit the swimming pool this afternoon
Guy B.: We finally cooled off here in Chicago around 5:30 this afternoon after being really muggy.
Rons iMac: Oh Oh
rich: had a severe weather watch all day, but it went by south of us
Dale: Still with the interminable rain, but it is somehow muggy too.
Rons iMac: I know about muggy..... (Ottawa)
Rons iMac: you got the worst of both worlds Dale
BobSlopsema: ALL the rough weather has been wither going north or south of us, been lucky
Guy B.: Had one Sunday. But the worst went South of my area. Still a lot of rain came pouring down.
rich: in truth, we have mostly had a very comfortable if damp summer so far
Rons iMac: Had the whole fam damily here this past weekend. Sister and boyfriend, brother, son
rich: but other parts of southern Ontario have had huge rainstorms - a month's worth in a few hours
Guy B.: How are they all doing?
Rons iMac: brother and son remain
Rons iMac: well and ok thanks
BobSlopsema: a fambly REunion,. so'
BobSlopsema: s to speak
Rons iMac: yup
rich: bout time they came to you instead of your having to go to them
Guy B.: Who's the oldest one in your family?
Rons iMac: Outside of mother at age 84?
Rons iMac: me
Rons iMac: then brother Dave at 49
Rons iMac: and Sister Steph at 48
Guy B.: Which one of your kids is the oldest?
Rons iMac: and son Jeff at 29 (almost)
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Rons iMac: Have the one son
rich: see we have a new face coming in
Rons iMac: who be "undefined"?
rich: maybe it's a lurker, or he's scared
Guy B.: Hasn't identified himself yet.
rich: maybe he's smart - wants to see what kind of characters he's meeting
BobSlopsema: heck, you are a "kid" your own self!!
rich: Don't recognize the name
Rons iMac: some days my first childhood isn't over
rich: but welcome anyway
(Someone throws a brick at <undefined>)
BobSlopsema: characters????/WHERE????
rich: cmon in - we don't bite (unless very provoked)
BobSlopsema: Richard I anot sure of yet, but the rest of us is ok
BobSlopsema: :-)
rich: well, us old folks are allowed to be a little eccentric now and then
BobSlopsema: hey Rich, Judy didn't even get mad when the box came today!!!!!
(Everyone welcomes <undefined>)
BobSlopsema: just sais something to the effect, what's you get now.....
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Ron
Ron: Well at least here I can get back in
Ron: This iMac can't hold an internet connection to save its soul
BobSlopsema: heck we'll let you, EVEN IF youare using a Mac
Guy B.: So you here twice now. Back to Windows for you.
rich: Your ghost is still on the list
Ron: you're so kind
Ron: Right
BobSlopsema: will a MAC run the ADAMemulator????
BobSlopsema: then ron could do GREAT things!!!!
Ron: yes sir, on top of the Win 98 emulator running DOS
Dale: It'll run the Colecovision emulator.
BobSlopsema: tha sound like the Leaning Tower alright
rich: well it has a PC emulator, so it could run the Adamem within that...
Ron: Had Red Hat running on it too, but it was Sllllooooooowwww
Guy B.: That's what Ron has on his iMac.
Dale: And there is a Java based Colecovision emulator too. It should work on the iMac too.
rich: who did the Java model?
BobSlopsema: what a computer guru....... ;-)
Ron: it's kinda interesting to see where the tower falls over
BobSlopsema: :-)
Ron: But the iMAC has NO PUSH PINS....(so far)
left chat session
Dale: It was started in 1997. I found it from a new site:
Guy B.: Well, who ever that was, has left.
rich: doesn't have a disc drive, either
Ron: not a disk drive in sight
Ron: Although I do cheat a little
Guy B.: But, you can buy an external drive for it, right?
Ron: Have a MAC LC475 which can read Mac/IBM disks and it's ethernet connected to iMAC
rich: coleco in France, eh?
BobSlopsema: no disk drive!!!!! SACRILIDGE!!!
Ron: yep - re the external drive
rich: wonder if they'd be interested in doing an Adam upgrade...
Ron: But now that I have a CD burner, there doesn't seem much point
Ron: It's really quite amazing how little I use one..... on any of the machines
rich: yes, these days hard discs seem to do it all
Ron: yep
rich: and programs and stuff are so big they don't fit on floppies anyway
Ron: There's also a cyberspace workaround if I get desperate....
Guy B.: Some critics are saying even though the iMac's are doing great. Apple should have put in a floppy drive.
Dale: The Java ColEm doesn't have sound though.
Ron: will allow me to store up to 3 meg for free
rich: at least my LS120 floppy can hold a decent amount of data - even by DOS world standards
Ron: That's true Rich, Jeff has one of those.
Guy B.: And thne there's the Zip drive. Now there's a 250mb drive. I still use the Zip 100.
rich: good for him. they really are quite useful, even though the media are expensive
Ron: I have a ZIP drive hanging off the old 486 but it's only a 100 Meg jobbie
rich: yes, I found a Syquest 135. Frances has that on the Amiga
Dale: Checkout which gives you 100MB, and should work with the iMac.
rich: sort of thing I need to stash the surplus cards in free cell
Guy B.: I did check that out. They give you 25mb to start and if you get some friends to sign up. You get more up to 100mb free.
Dale: Also gives you 50MB.
(A dog howls in the distance)
(Guy B. smiles)
rich: mostly I find net freebies are worth what you pay for them
rich: but there are some sterling exceptions
Guy B.: One nice thing about those is you can access the drive anywhere theres an Internet connection.
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Dale: The only time I use floppies is when booting from CD-ROM doesn't work, or my LAN isn't helping me.
rich: yes, and by sharing passwords you can transfer big files
Dale: Only a few times in the last year.
rich: why would you be booting from a CD anyway, Dale?
BobSlopsema: Richard, you got any copies of ADAMBOMB2????
rich: You can oder as many as you like - I have a licence from Steve Pitman
Dale: How much is AdamBomb 1?
rich: hold on while I go look it up
Ron: How do I change names
Guy B.: Oh good. I don't have that game. How much is it Rich?
BobSlopsema: and how much for ADAMBOMB2??
BobSlopsema: click on top of screen on EDIT then on CHANGE NAME
BobSlopsema: you MAY be undefined, butwe like you better as RON
changed username to Ron
Dale: Richard, I spend much of my life installing new OSes on test machines for evaluation purposes. On newer hardware CD-ROM drives are bootable.
Ron: Ok got it
Ron: Mac is being BAD
rich: Looks like Steve says they'e both $19.95 US - with shipping, $21.
rich: I charge $24.95 in Canada, taxes and shipping extra
BobSlopsema: ok, just sold an ADAM to a guy north of here and was telling him about Abomb2
BobSlopsema: was interesterd
BobSlopsema: and I didn't see it on your list
rich: just give him my phone number - or better still, email address
BobSlopsema: ya sure, gonna do dat!!!!
Guy B.: Ok, gang. I'm going to take off here. I'll see you all next week.
BobSlopsema: invited him to stop by one night, we'll see........
BobSlopsema: have agood one Guy!!!!
rich: since my days are so unpredictable, email is likely a better bet to contact me
rich: Guy, have a good week, see you next chat
Guy B. left chat session
Dale: Has anyone heard from Norman G Sipple? His website has vanished from it;s usualy place.
rich: not a word here
BobSlopsema: haven't been there for a while
moved to room Meeting Place
Dale: Norman G Sipple.
changed username to Ron
BobSlopsema: oh oh Ron's back SHHHHH...everybody....
rich: Ah, the iMac has decided to talk to us again
Ron: yeah, watch the language
Dale: Well, he has some good information.
Ron: gonna hafta get this checked out
BobSlopsema: he had a good site
Dale: Lots of people link to him, and of course the AdamCon 9 page on
Ron: modem doesn't seem to recognize the fact that somebody is using it, and thinks it's idle
Dale: But we all know that that page has moved too.
BobSlopsema: yup
BobSlopsema: bigger house with a pool
Ron: good idea
Dale: Bob, you should tell a bunch of search engines about the new URL.
BobSlopsema: tried with yahoo and somebosy else, don't know if threy did it though
rich: not to mention verifying that all teh links to you are updated
Ron: whose responsibility is that.... telling search engines about the fact you exist?
BobSlopsema: heck! your page still has the compuserve address on it
Ron: do they pick you up, or do you have to make your presence felt?
BobSlopsema: they eventually pick it up, but you can email them and "ask"
rich: you guys and your musical ride ISPs!
rich: can't you find a good one and stick to it?
Ron: aha
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Dale: Well, excite is quite independent minded. Most other sites allow you to submit an update to your record.
left chat session
BobSlopsema: tryin to get you business Richard,....or is that giving you the business....hmm....
Ron: ic
BobSlopsema: ic, uc, we all c!!!
Dale: Of late I've been working through many search engines and making sure that they mention as well as not refering to
Ron: is Excite run by Apple..... they seem to have some sort of deal\
rich: that must be a major task
Dale: Excite is it's own dog, last I checked.
Ron: that's what I got as a home page installed on my Mac browser when it first arrived
Ron: ok
Dale: Although they may have merged with @Home Networks.
rich: oh, all the ISP buy space like that
Ron: I have a mail box over there, but I never use it
rich: look at all the links pre-installed on Windows - they didn't get them placed there through Bill Gates goodwill
Ron: Anyway guys, I hear we're going to rent a movie, so given the performance of iMAC the Grape here, think I'll call it a nite
rich: enough money, and we could have the default home page on any computer built
Ron: maybe next week.... good Lord willin
Dale: That'd be neat.
rich: good lord or Steve Jobs?
Ron: one or the other
Dale: I'll have to make a custom version of Netscape like that...
Ron: niters all
rich: Oh no! Now I'm giving him ideas...
Dale: I can license a customized version on Netscape that way, you know.
rich: Nite Ron, till next week
Dale: I can see it now!
Dale: Bye Ron.
Ron: :)
Ron left chat session
Dale: A new special service for AdamCon visitors.
Dale: Scott Gordon will love it.
rich: Just as long as it isn't version 4.7x
Dale: Well, Netscape 6 isn't far off. It is completely different from Netscape 4 series.
rich: Dale, Frances has an Amiga question for you - putting her on now
Dale: Anyway, it is almost 11, so I'll get going soon.
Dale: Frances?
rich: frances here - Dale, Cloanto has an Amiga emulator for a PC called Amiga Forever - know anything about it?
Dale: I haven't tried it yet.
Dale: I know others who've used it though.
rich: Haven't heard anything?
Dale: Well, the early versions were flakey.
rich: That's not much help!
Dale: But if I'm not mistaken, it is supposed to work fairly well now, on a Pentium 3.
rich: I sort of thought I would like some kind of backup for my Amiga
Dale: Have yo been having toruble getting it up and running?
Dale: I think I've downloaded it, but not actually tried it.
rich: No, haven't got it yet but I'm considering it - also have to persuade Richard to put it on his machine
Dale: It's an alright idea.
rich: Okay, I'll push him. I have Cloanto's PersonalPaint 7.1 and it works fine
Dale: Well, if I get back to it, I'll tell you how it went.
rich: Thank you
Dale: The bigest problem is that it's hard to read Amiga floppies on the PC.
rich: Bob, you still there?
BobSlopsema: yup
Dale: But there are other ways.
rich: What?
Dale: Serial transfer, Zip disks, etc.
rich changed username to frances
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frances: And,of course , since it's an Amiga emulator, CrossDos doesn't work
changed username to Robert Miller
Robert Miller: I guess tail end is better than nothing?
Dale: That might be an option to get the info onto disks that the PC can read though.
BobSlopsema: hey Robert!!!
frances: Bob, going over to Sleeping Bear Dunes?
Dale: Hi Robert!
BobSlopsema: nope, just to the state park in town at Traverse city and laof
Dale: What's new?
BobSlopsema: loaf
Robert Miller: Hi all... at least I have a good (bad) excuse. Stepped on a nail over at my new house... I love home ownership!
BobSlopsema: been to the dunes lots of times, holds no charm anymore
frances: We were at Traverse City 12 years ago, also the Dunes
BobSlopsema: DARN, missed you !!!
BobSlopsema: it is a nice area though
BobSlopsema: did you get up the Mission peninsula and vist any wineries???
frances: Yes, we went first to the Upper Peninsula, then the Dunes then over to look for that warbler that lives only in jack pines
frances: didn't find one - the bird, that is
BobSlopsema: looking for birds is tough, they are so little and the world is so big!
frances: is the Mission Peninsula up from Traverse City?
BobSlopsema: it's the finger that goes up the center of the bay at Traverse city
frances: if so, we were there but didn't visit any wineries
frances: right!
BobSlopsema: another reason to revisit!
frances: I'd love to and lots of other places too like the mountains, both sides of the border
Dale: Bob, with AdamEm, ...
BobSlopsema: asee, Rich said you didn't have a trip destination planne dyet.......
frances: Mr. Miller, this is Frances Clee - Richard has gone to smoke his brains again and will be back soon
Dale: is there a way to make it run without asking you to hit space?
BobSlopsema: you are the programmer here, you can handle that! ;-)
Dale: Jill just set up AdamBomb on the emulator, and I usually don't use the DOS version of the emulator.
BobSlopsema: as far as I know, no....
Robert Miller: Tell him to stop! hehehe, I quit (again) it lasted 8 mos this time.
Dale: Okay, I guess that that means a mod is needed. On Linux it doesn't pause.
frances: If only he would!
BobSlopsema: use the WIN95 start page, which allows you to select programs etc, but it still jumps to dos and wants the space bar, then F9 to start the joystick movement
BobSlopsema: then alt & ctrl for fire buttons
Dale: That works okay. Jill set up an icon, gave it the command line parameter, a custom icon, and set it to be full screen and close on exit.
BobSlopsema: oh man!!! you guys just want it TOO easy!!! ;-)
frances changed username to rich
Dale: Now she just double clicks, hits space and the game starts.
rich: got the old guy back now
BobSlopsema: I gotta hit the sack guys & gals......hugs to Frances and handshake to the guys!
Dale: Bye for now Bob.
BobSlopsema: well then email the "cheat" to Judy ans Meeka
Dale: I guess they use AdamEmMam, right?
Dale: I'll try to write it up and post it.
BobSlopsema: see ya next week!!!!!
BobSlopsema: VACATION!!!! YES!!!!!!!
BobSlopsema: yup
Robert Miller: Well, I gotta go put my foot up [throb, throb, throb] sorry I missed the "meat and potatos" maybe next week. Nite all.
rich: enjoy, Bob. See you next week
Robert Miller left chat session
rich: sorry I missed you, Robert. See you again soon I hope
rich: looks like we're down to the last, Dale
Dale: Check out the transcript Robert.
Dale: Well I'll see you all later then.
rich: Have to get an email off to James, so I'd better pack it in too
rich: see everyone next week - nite now
rich left chat session
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changed username to james
james: howdy
Dale: We've all left.
Dale: I'm sure of it.
james: so it seems :)
james: when did rich c log off?
Dale: About 10 seconds ago.
james: damn.
Dale: He said "rich: Have to get an email off to James, so I'd better pack it in too"
james: bummer. yeah, i was teaching and went a litte overtime. i meant to be back here about 15 mins ago.
Dale: So there you have it.
james: so how are things in torana?
Dale: A bit muggy.
james: like here. too hot.
Dale: How has the summer been treating you? In the mountains you're supposed to be immune...
Dale: to the torment of a hot summer, right?
james: how are you bob?
james: i wish. it's been 30c and humid since about may 1st..
Dale: I think that he's actually not here, but didn't exit properly.
Dale: Ack, ack!
james: hm. i got booted off earlier and tried to come back on so i could make a "polite exit" but gave up.
james: since i've got you on chat - i don't suppose you have issues of AUFG lying around?
Dale: The net was down for a while for the server. :-(
Dale: I've only seen them, never owned one. Why?
Dale: Is it an issue that was given out at AdamCon that you want?
james: trying to get ahold of them. no, i want old issues for nostalgic reasons.
Dale: (I might have one like that)
Dale: Well, maybe Ron M knows someone who has a set to part with.
james: wish i had access to ottawa news servers. trying to get ahold of someone who would have the issues i had before ron took over AUFG
Dale: Have you tried
james: no, perhaps i should.
Dale: It allows you to post last I checked and covers most Canadian news groups.
james: is there a fee?
Dale: Very handy. Also known as
Dale: Advertising supported.
james: works for me. i'll definitely try that. i used to have the very first issue of AUFG when it was being run by.. lou hubert i think his name is.
james: the reason i want them is because they have some listings of a few of my logo programs.
Dale: That's cool. Were any of them submitted to ANN?
Dale: Maybe there are some on my web site even.
Dale: What years are relevant?
james: i honestly have no idea. shortly after ron took over aufg, i got into doing other things and was no longer active with adam.
james: relevant years.. hmm... lemmie see, that's stretching my memory, but i believe 1985-86
Dale: What name was on the byline for your articles?
james: byline?
Dale: The name of the article's author (if any)
Dale: Hmm...that predates ANN. I guess paper copies are the most promising after all.
james: duh. sometimes i just don't think. likely at that time "Jamie De Carlo" as opposed to "James"
Dale: Do you mention the Adam on your web site?
james: yeah, it predates alot of things :)
james: i've got a set of very skeletal adam pages up now, with blurbs on my plans for smartlogo
Dale: Maybe I should add the URL to the Adam pointer page then. What is the best URL for me to add.
james: sec..
Dale: Got it.
james: cool. i hope to be adding more as i go along, and if something pans out the way i want, a review of a coleco game
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Dale: Updated.
james: good :) interested in a copy of a Japanese smartlogo manual?
james: :D
Dale: Definately.
Dale: It's always good for me to practice me Japanese.
Dale: It sounds essential.
james: i've started translating chapter 2, so when i'm done "turtle talk" i'll make it available in printed form. haven't decided yet
james: if i'm going to tackle the reference manual or not, though a complete, translated set is a nice goal.
Dale: The turtle talk is the most important part for sure.
james: most of what i found useful was in the reference manual, stuff on using the joysticks etc..
Dale: But once you understand the basics, you can guess the rest from the English manual, probably.
james: probably, i've done the same with japanese reference manuals.
Dale: I'd better go.
james: okay, looking forward to next week :)
Dale: Sounds good.
changed username to Dann
james: time for lunch. bye!
Dale: Hi Dann.
james: hello dann :)
Dann: hiya dale
Dale: How are you today?
Dann: my coleco was made in japan.. but i never saw any japanese ref manuals
james: i'm working on translating the smartlogo manual into japanese
Dale: It was made by Coleco Japan/Singapore and assembled primaraly in the US/Canada.
Dann: we had a japanese foreign exchange student .. about 1984.. he had never heard of the adam computer at the time.. but he had fun working on it.. did some programming in basic
Dale: I met one of the "Quality Control Inspectors" from the dreaded first batch Adams shipped.
Dann: i am at the office.. just got back from checking on #1 daughter's dorm room. can try to get back on here from home puter in about 15 minutes if you are still here...
Dale: Phil Koczowski. He said that 19 out of every 20 early Adams were returned...
Dale: but they had to ship them or the President of Coleco would be sent to jail for insider trading.
Dale: We were just about to sign off for this week.
Dann: ok.. thanks\
Dale: But we'll be back next week.
Dann: try to catch you on another wednesday night
Dale: I loo forward to it. Do you know ...
Dann: cyas
Dann left chat session
james: know who? :)
Dale: Well, I guess he is here and gone in the blink of an eye.
Dale: New to me.
james: i think i am going to go for lunch
Dale: I don't think that he's on the Adam mailing list.
Dale: Do you ever stop eating?
james: i haven't eaten yet today and it's almost 1 p.m.
Dale: Weren't you just having reakfast when the chat started?
james: don't eat breakfast. i don't have any appetite until lunch..
Dale: I guess not.
Dale: Okay I guess I'll go too then.
Dale: poof.
james: goodbye!
james left chat session
Dale left chat session
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