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Dale: I'm in early to make sure the server is up. Gotta go...
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changed username to Rich Drushel
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: hi rich see I'm not the first one here
Rich Drushel: Hi Richard (back from a brief check of E-mail)...BTW, the printer arrived, your $$$ are going out in the mail tomorrow.
Rich Drushel: I haven't unpacked it yet, though :-)
rich-c: OK, glad it got there in reasonable time - trust it survivied the trip
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changed username to james
Rich Drushel: The box appears undamaged.
james: morning, all :)
rich-c: hey, James is here bright and early - good morning!
Rich Drushel: Hello to James in Japan! Morning, indeed :-)
rich-c: james, got your email earlier today
james: early indeed. i didn't sleep so well, but i don't like to miss these chats ;)
rich-c: we have to pick Dr. D's brains here about assembly language
Rich Drushel: It's 12 hours ahead/behind in Japan, yes?
james: 13 now, 14 when you guys go on daylight savings time. glad we don't do that here.
Rich Drushel: Assembly language! At tghis hour! Well, I was looking over some Z80 code earlier today, so I guess I'm still primed.
rich-c: that's relative to Eastern, of course
james: yes. what time zone are you in Rich-d?
rich-c: james wants to learn Z80 assembly but lacks resources
Rich Drushel: I have an E-mail/Unix talk penpal in Finland; we have been having weekly 1-hour chats since May 1993. It's quite a talk archive.
Rich Drushel: Cleveland is in Eastern time zone, I think with EDT we are -0400.
Rich Drushel: Finland is 7 hours ahead of me here.
Rich Drushel: Of course, some years the Finns switch to "summer time" at a different time than us, so it goes to 8 hours ahead.
james: i find 13 hours a quite convenient time difference. i get extra time to remember people's birthdays etc.. :)
james: some years? they do things differently from one year to the next?
rich-c: rich, would CP/M and/or TDOS prove useful to anyone wanting to disassemble Logo?
Rich Drushel: What assembly language stuff did you guys want to pick my brains about? I was looking at SmartFiler earlier; and from my last TWWMCA, you can tell that I was all through the various bits of ADAMserve.
james: rich-c has been very helpful in getting me equipment and acquainted with the resources i'll need. going to do a number on logo :)
rich-c: I think what james needs is a good Z80 disassembler
Rich Drushel: Disassembling LOGO...I would recommend Z80DIS 2.2, which runs under CP/M and TDOS. That's what I have been using of late to regenerate assemblable source code from various ADAM binaries.
james: i'm going to write that down *right now*
Rich Drushel: In some back issue of TWWMCA, I have a whole detailed writeup on how to do it. I can look up the specific article if you like.
Rich Drushel: The example used was either the ColecoVision game Pitfall or else SmartWriter.
rich-c: it's on your website, isn't it, rich?
Rich Drushel: Well, if you go to the FTP site listed at the end of each TWWMCA, you will be in the directory with all the articles. No HTML, so no easy way to tell what's in what. I suppose I could rectify that some day...or let Scott Gordon do it :-)
james: :D well, it probably couldn't hurt me to read through a few of them, but if you happen to know approximately
james: when the article is from, i can ftp a bunch from that vicinity.
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rich-c: what is james likely to need as a basic kit, and how do we get it to him?
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Rich Drushel: Just grepped through the files...a good article to start would be TWWMCA 9701.19. The URL is:
changed username to BobS
rich-c: welcome Bob
Rich Drushel: This is anonymous FTP; your webbrowser should do it for you automatically. If you have a command-line client, then you can login as anonymous, etc.
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Rich Drushel: Howdy Bob!
BobS: hello der!!!
rich-c: how's life in Grand Rapids today?
BobS: NICE!!!!
BobS: lots better tahnb humid hot yersterday
BobS: farn digners
james: thanks for the article number rich-d
Rich Drushel: And James, there are some articles after that one which mention more tidbits about disassembly. Stay tuned also to my current articles; I am disassembling SmartFiler right now.
rich-c: yes, that great nortrhern high is sure great, isn't it?
BobS: got package #2 yesterday, no more yet
BobS: thanks goodness for the high pressure
james: thanks. i have a bit of a learning curve ahead of me first, as i've not done any z80 assembly before.
rich-c: no doubt they're on their way - I staggered the mailings to keep Customs from getting uptight
BobS: how's the weather in Japan james????
BobS: goog thinkin Richard
Rich Drushel: Speaking of things northern, last Friday night/Saturday morning I stayed up to watch the annual Perseid meteor shower. From 4:00-4:30 AM, there was a genuine bright aurora borealis! I never saw one before; it was beautiful! And I was amazed that it was visible so far south.
james: morning bob :) hot as usual, a little cooler in the evenings now, finally.
james: rich-d, you into astronomy too?
rich-c: well, this is supposed to be a good year for auroras
Rich Drushel: Overlapping streamers of flashing light in the northern sky, from horizon to straight overhead.
Rich Drushel: Must be the 11-year sunspot cycle at its peak again.
rich-c: I've seen them in Toronto to within 15 degrees of the southern horizon
Rich Drushel: I'm told that they're common in Upper Peninsula Michigan, too; ever see any auroras, Bob?
james: i think i'm too far south to see any auroras here. august is in fact the worst month for stargazing in japan.
Rich Drushel: Bet the view is great from the top of Mt. Fuji...
james: so i missed the perseid meteor shower too.
rich-c: A lot of auroras aren't visible against city lights - get out in the country and there they are
Rich Drushel: Fri/Sat was better here than Sat/Sun, though it was clear skies both nights. I couldn't get out of town, though, so with the city lights and trees, I only saw the brightest meteors.
james: weather forcast for august: daytime, hot humid, cloudy. nightime, cloudy, foggy.
Rich Drushel: I can't complain too badly about our summer this year in Cleveland. Yeah, a few muggy days, but nothing even close to 90 degrees F.
james: i'm out in the countryside which is nice. i'm in a very small town and the light pollution here is still reasonably low.
james: rich-d, we've been at 30C (?F) since about may 1st..
Rich Drushel: 9/5 + 32 ... :-)
rich-c: that's about 86F
Rich Drushel: That's a long warm spell...hope you have some form of air conditioning.
rich-c: I approximate using double plus 30 - gets close enough usually
james: yes. i'll have to try to remember that. just that japan is metric anyways so.. (okay, *not* another discussion about the metric system),. :D
rich-c: Dr. D. is a scientist - he speaks metric
james: i've got a/c in my study and in our bedroom. a unit downstairs. nothing in my classroom yet though.
rich-c: Japan runs mostly from south of 30 to north of 40 - you're towards the south, right, James?
BobS: OUCH, that is one hot workday then
Rich Drushel: From all my years of talking to my Finnish friend, I should be better about temperature conversions...I've got the European time (24-hour) and date conventions ( down, but I still struggle with temperature.
james: yup, i'm in the southwest, the closest point across the sea from the korean peninsula.
rich-c: it's OK, it's awkwards, so we all do
james: bob - very hot. you can imagine how tired i am after teaching for 8 hours straight without a break in my classroom that is
james: typically 28c during the day
rich-c: yes, Toronto is 44 north and we only see the aurora rarely
Rich Drushel: It's tricky at first to remember that 3.10 is October 3rd, not March 10th. I forgot my friend's birthday that way once.
rich-c: I now prefer the international standard dating -
james: :) still your friend, i hope. we use hear so that's what i'm used to.
Rich Drushel: I stargazed all through my high-school years, in lightless country, but that was a bit further south in Ohio than Cleveland.
rich-c: as in 00.08.16:21.22.xx right now
james: i got a telescope for my birthday last year, and a book on the constellations for new years. i hope to get more into it.
james: when it isn't cloudy i like to get a good look at jupiter and saturn.
rich-c: over the years I've got so tired of confusing and being confused by our Yankee friends I've now got bloody minded
Rich Drushel: Richard, I call the international standard the "stardate" (like from Star Trek): I use it with 2-digit years, though :-) "Captain's Log, Stardate 0008.16. We are engaged in an ADAM chat over a primitive, pre-subspace radio communication channel..."
rich-c: right on. actually the large to small sequence makes the greatest sense
Rich Drushel: I agree that we aren't such great neighbors...
james: i shouldn't throw into the mix that the year here is currently "12".
Rich Drushel: Twelfth year of the Emperor's reign, right?
james: that's right :)
rich-c: that on the short cyclke or the last two digits of a real big number?
Rich Drushel: How do you prefix the years to accommodate different emperors?
james: continuing cycle, it's based on the emperor's reign (as rich d said)
james: we generally use the first character of the kanji compound that represented the name that was designated.
rich-c: sort of like our laws - II Eliz xx...
Rich Drushel: Hard to do math on years expressed in that form, however, unless you have memorized the lengths of all the reigns of all the emperors.
james: for example, we are currently in "heisei", so we use the first char, "hei". the previous was "showa", so we use "sho", etc going back
rich-c: anyway, their identified by the monarch and year of reign when passed
james: sometimes they use the romanised to. H, S etc.. now is H.12.08.17
james: and yes, if you don't now the length or have some reference dates, it can be confusing.
Rich Drushel: Do you think we will see VI Chas I ... ? (I think he's the VIth one now)
rich-c: good question, don't know the answer
rich-c: besides, he won't necessarily take the name Charles for his reign
james: hey bob - i hear that at one point you were trying to contact adam buyers on e-bay after sales but weren't getting any response..
Rich Drushel: Why wouldn't he? What else could he take? (Who else has taken a name as regent that wasn't his/her own?)
BobS: still am james........
james: how's it going?
rich-c: Each monarch takes the name he pleases, just like the Pope
rich-c: And Charles has a number of given names
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BobS: It simply amazes me how many ADAM's are sold at auction and when I email them only 1 of 100 replies ata ll
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings All!
james: how long have you been doing that?
Rich Drushel: Charles Philip Arthur George, something like that (I do rememer that Diana mixed up 2 of them when reciting her wedding vows).
james: morning guy :)
rich-c: Hello Guy - you're late tonight
BobS: about a year or so
Rich Drushel: Hello, Guy.
Guy B.: Ran late with the dog.
james: hmm.. it's too bad that more people don't reply, there must be quite a few users out there.
BobS: they have to be using ADAM's for more than doorstops!
Guy B.: Dr. D how's the Smartfiler disassembly coming?
rich-c: how about the ones you've sold yourself, Bob?
james: i bought two off e-bay in january
Rich Drushel: Dunno...I have only ever gotten about 2 replies to any of my TWWMCA articles posted to USENET, ever.
BobS: don't hear anything from them later either
BobS: a few are repeat customers, but no contact past that
rich-c: maybe all they ever use them for is Colecovision game machines
Rich Drushel: SmartFiler disassembly is coming is a reasonably "well-behaved" program inside, but the design is icky, *and* there was lots more planned, clearly, that in the end was just dropped on the floor.
rich-c: but even at that, you'd think they'd want more games, or an Atari adapter, or...
james: it's possible like rich-c says, they're just into gaming. they get a bit of nostalgia, play some games and then move on..
Guy B.: Have you reached the point where Smartfiler hits the Adamnet routine?
Rich Drushel: I have still been trying to figure out how the whole thing works, rather than just focussing in on the ADAMserve problem. Probably, though, since that's what Guy cares about, I should do that soon. The fix can probably be made to the binary without a complete reverse-engineering.
rich-c: One real drawback of SmartFiler is that it demands a whole disc/tape but never fills it
james: ironic - i've got two adams, the roller controller, atari adaptor, wheel with pedal and not a single cartridge game yet!
BobS: EXACTLY!!! I just sold a mem expander to a guy in Chicago who bought some blank and assorted DDP's before, but he doen't seem to need help either, and he is NOT using a mem expander for CV games
Rich Drushel: The problem is pretty certainly the fact that SmartFiler does block I/O at a level below that at which ADAMserve EOS emulates an ADAMnet device.
james: that is weird, someone buying a mem expander would usually be more into things other than gaming.
BobS: you'd think so........who can figure!
rich-c: it is kinda baffling
james: not i. that's certain.
Guy B.: Does that mean that some sort of a patch may have to be written for Smartfiler databases?
BobS: will keep making a pset of myself! :-)
Rich Drushel: ADAMserve traps _READ_BLOCK, _WRITE_BLOCK, _RD_1_BLOCK, and _WR_1_BLOCK. If, however, a program tries to do background loading with its own _START_RD_1_BLOCK and _START_WR_1_BLOCK, however, ADAMserve EOS doesn't catch it--so it's trying to write to an ADAMnet device through the DCBs, which don't exist.
BobS: pest!!!
james: well, even if we get 1 of every 100 people, it could add up. the trick is getting them to stay.
rich-c: it won't satisfy our curiosity though - what ARE they doing with them?
Rich Drushel: The "brute-force" patch is to simply replace in the binary all references to the _START_... EOS function calls with the high-level _READ_BLOCK and _WRITE_BLOCK. This can be done by editing the binary, and is not a hard or long job. As I said, I should probably do this right away for you (or at least try it), and save the larger disassembly stuff for TWWMAC; that way you won't be held up.
BobS: I think that once an interest is sparked and help is made available AND they do minimum seeking of that help, they will get "hooked"
james: seriously, i can't imagine someone buying a system and accessories only to re-put them into a closet.
Rich Drushel: ADAMs and ColecoVisions don't seem to be particularly "collectible", at least not yet. Concur?
BobS: you can explore and jazz up an ADAM program etc, much easier probably than the new Win stuff
Rich Drushel: I mean, it's not an Apple I or an IMSAI.
rich-c: there is starting to be some interest in Colecovisions
Guy B.: Good Idea. Then this way, I can test the patch out and report any problems to you.
james: i'd say not "collectible" yet, though the interest is there.
BobS: there are collectors also
james: speaking of imsais, i was browsing the vintage hardware section of e-bay yesterday, one imsai is currently at $723 us.
Rich Drushel: Oh I'll test the patch here, before I send it out. (Said the Grinch to Cindy-Lou Who... :-) )
rich-c: well, when collecting gets hot, man, will I ever cash in!
BobS: sold one mint in box last week to a collector, CCV units are regularly selling for about $50-60 US
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james: rich-c, you have an imsai?
Guy B.: Ok, two heads better than one.
changed username to Howard Pines
rich-c: All that stuff I sent you (Rich and Bob) didn't even leave a discernible gap
Guy B.: Hi Howard, glad you came by tonight.
james: good morning.
BobS: HI Howard!!!!
Rich Drushel: Hello Howard, long time no hear, at least between you and me.
rich-c: hey, word from the Panhandle - Howard, great to have you aboard
Howard Pines: Hi all, Don't get to talk with everyone often, but will when I can.
james: rich-c - have any "hero 1" robots? those are going for a couple of thousand!
james: hello, howard. don't think we've met.
rich-c: nope, and I don't even recognize what an IMSAI is
james: i wouldn't either, but the price caught my eye when i skimmed through the right-hand column.
rich-c: he's too modest to tell you, james, but Howard is an ace Adam repairman
james: neat. i'm generally better at breaking than fixing things.
rich-c: he lives in Ft. Walton Beach in the Fla. panhandle and runs a seriously neat computer shop
(Guy B. laughs heartily)
Howard Pines: Faye asked me when the next AdamCon is? Any firm dates yet?
james: fla. panhandle? where's that?
rich-c: Really? Faye? How's her literary career progressing?
Howard Pines: Lower Alabama.
BobS: and James is our Canadian transplant to Japan running his own school!
Rich Drushel: No firm dates yet...Me and George Koczwara and Herman Mason are planning to meet sometime in a few weeks to discuss just this topic, among others.
james: interesting. never been further south in the u.s. than boston.
Rich Drushel: My bet is 2nd or 3rd week of July, "as usual".
Howard Pines: She is getting her cook book published, and she is working on a romance novel
rich-c: maybe if it's feasible you should consider something out of the height of the tourist season
Howard Pines: Well, maybe the next AdamCon aught to be in Ft. Walton Beach?
BobS: well James.....go south of Boston about 1000 miles then west about 200 miles or so......
james: that would certainly help me. i'm considering going to the next one, if it's feasible.
Guy B.: 2002 for you Howard?
rich-c: You set it up, Howard, and we'll be there
Howard Pines: I have been seriously thinking about it.
rich-c: Think hard about it. How do we encourage you?
BobS: NUTHIN to it!!!! Just convince a bunch of diehards to come for a long weekend! ;-)
Rich Drushel: Which "next" mean 14, I presume?
Rich Drushel: The Cleveburgers have spoken for 13 :-)
rich-c: I really like that area down along Gulf Shores and east
BobS: well, can't be # 13.......
Howard Pines: You guys have never let me have one here, You don't know what you're missing.
Guy B.: And set it in after the big tourist season.
rich-c: Only problem is the nice time is October (except for teh occasional hurricane)
BobS: and then Dr D has problems./..........
Howard Pines: October is a great month on the Gulf coast.
Guy B.: The peak hurricane season is usually August and September.
rich-c: amen, Howard
rich-c: You'll love the campground at Gulf Shores, Bob
Rich Drushel: For my part, it wasn't a matter of wanting to take it from somebody else who wanted it...I just hadn't heard of any other possible takers. So I went to 12 with the thought that I'd take it if nothing else came up.
Howard Pines: Got to see if Faye feels up to it. She is the only Adamite left here except me.
Rich Drushel: Of course, needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few, etc., if there would be better attendance me out of 13.
Guy B.: Let Rich have 13, and Howard you do 14 in 2002.
BobS: Rich you are STUCK!!!!!
james: can i have 2003? ;-)
rich-c: Howard, we're all very content with Cleveland - but the Clevelanders would be just as happy to have someone else do the work
Guy B.: As long as it's not in Japan.
Rich Drushel: I want there to be *an* ADAMcon 13. It doesn't have to be *my* ADAMcon ego from me.
BobS: james. if you can set it up and get a super airfare, WE BE DER!!!!!!
Howard Pines: Sounds ok to me. Time will tell if plans change, but pencel me in for 14
james: guy b- you wouldn't want it in japan? ;)
rich-c: If you could make it in October, Rich, you'd really like Ft. Walton Beach
james: yeah, price being a major consideration, i wouldn't expect anyone to show up :)
Rich Drushel: Only if I could paint my ADAM olive drab with a big Mitsubishi meatball on it ;-)
Howard Pines: I'll go to Japan for 15, Can you get everything for about the same price as we have been doing it?
BobS: that's 2 years hence Rich, so you got a lot of conniving to consider
Howard Pines: I think I can catch a military hop there and back.
rich-c: he just has to write us all a program that picks winning lottery numbers
james: probably not. airfarre round trip would be about $1000 u.s. at least. as for conference halls etc.. not sure.
Guy B.: Considering the exchange rates in Japan.
rich-c: then we'll just charter our own 747
Howard Pines: James, where in Japan are you?
Rich Drushel: An October ADAMcon is doable for me *if* the only course I'm teaching is the LEGO robot course; my partner could take over for me while I'm gone. (I cover for him when he goes out of town). The problem with me for 10 was that I was teaching a M-W-F course all by myself, with nobody to take it over while I was gone, and too much material to cover to cancel it for the duration of the convention.
james: i'm in the southwest, across the sea from the korean peninsula.
Guy B.: James, are you near Tokyo?
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Rich Drushel: Right now, I'm not teaching that course, and it doesn't look like I will be teaching it again for the near future. So, I wouldn't let me and October be anybody'
changed username to Ron
Rich Drushel: s disincentive.
Guy B.: Ron, has made it in!
Ron: Salut tout le monde
Howard Pines: I was at Tachakowa and Mitzowa (spelling?)
BobS: YO RON!!
Ron: Yo!
rich-c: Bienvenue, Ron
Rich Drushel: Der Machtiger Mitchell kommt!
Ron: hey I like that
james: guy - i'm about a 12 hour drive from tokyo, which in the context of the size of this country is quite far.
Ron: Hi James
Rich Drushel: It's just "The Mighty Mitchell" in German :-)
james: hmm not sure where you're referring to, howard, sorry..
Ron: kinda figured
Guy B.: What province are you in and the nearest city?
james: morning ron :)
rich-c: we're trying to decide between Ft. Walton Beach and Japan for Adamcon 14, Ron
Ron: now there's a heck of a choice to be made eh?
james: i'm in shimane, the nearest big city most people would know is hiroshima, about a two hour drive from here.
rich-c: japan's nearer for you, isn't it?
Guy B.: I'd take Florida anytime.
Ron: Why don't we have 2 days at Fort Walton Beach and then hire a Concorde..... ummm.. guess not eh?
james: rich-c, i know it's nearer for me :D
Ron: was gonna say 2 days then in Japan
Rich Drushel: Only if there are no Firestone tires on it...
Guy B.: Concordes are currently grounded.
Ron: no certificate of airworthyness
Ron: airworthiness?
Howard Pines: I know where Shimane is, that's way south.
Guy B.: I'd figured it was south.
james: well, given the recent "accident" involving a french concorde, i wouldn't get on one, certificate or not.
Ron: ya got that right James
rich-c: I dunno - runway hazards can wipe out any make of aircraft
james: yup. i'm out in the countryside too. small town of 8,000 people. i'm *the* foreigner.
Ron: I would not want to be an aircraft tire...... no way.... no matter what type of aircraft
rich-c: you mean the kids address you as "gai-jin san?"
Howard Pines: That was the only accadent the concord ever had, not a bad record.
james: rich-c, i agree but that tragedy could have been prevented. like most, it was caused by human error/negligence.
Howard Pines: Gotta go, Good talking to everyone. Talk again next week if I can get here soon enough.
Rich Drushel: So long, Howard...
Ron: niters Howard
Howard Pines left chat session
Rich Drushel: Re: Concorde, do they know that it was negligence etc.?
james: actually, most people are really good, they address me as "sensei" or as appropriate.
rich-c: look forward to it, Howard - ourr best to the family
Guy B.: Right now that investigation is still going on, but they are looking at the tires.
james: by howard.
james: oops - bye, that is.
Ron: Do you speak Japanese James?
rich-c: re concorde: they think the tire was blown by debris on the runway
rich-c: just like you could blow a car tie running over an old muffler hanger on the road
james: so that would be negligence. last i heard, runways aren't supposed to have debris on them.. :p
rich-c: you got it
Guy B.: That's what they think what happened and pieces of the tire went into the engine causing the fire.
Ron: correct
Rich Drushel: Now there is a Rube Goldberg chain of events...
rich-c: not quite - they think the debris punctured a fuel tank
Ron: airport staff supposed to look now and then for stuff
james: :D
rich-c: it was the fire from that that knocked out the engine adjacent
rich-c: details, but important details
james: i never feared flying but now that i do it regularly, it weighs on my mind a little more.
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rich-c: it's probably safer than just about anything else you do
Ron: hate landings. Otherwise I sleep
james: hi ron - i'm going to bug you for a couple things on e-mail in the next day or so.
changed username to Adamitey
Ron: gets her down six feet off the deck then drops like crate of eggs
james: safer than teaching? :D
rich-c: Hello Adamitey
Guy B.: And Adamitey would be?
Ron: ok James, no problem, long as it's not money
BobS: ADAMinee's brother! ;-)
james: no, not that i've got plenty, but no, i won'T be bugging for money :)
Ron: geez!
rich-c: no, that's Adamickey
BobS: whatever
Ron: or ADAMduck
(Guy B. laughs heartily)
BobS: Ron you here when james volunteered for ADAMCON 15??????
Ron: no! but wouldn't that be interesting
BobS: we is goin' to jApAn
Ron: hey.... I get to go west instead of east
Rich Drushel: I volunteer to host ADAMcon XXXVIII on Alpha Centauri :-)
Guy B.: If that happens, get ready for a LOOONNNNG plane ride.
james: well, i'll see what it costs to rent a conference hall and to get you there. of course, you'd have to see a few things too.
BobS: convention # 167 vancouver island. victoria to be exact......
BobS: i mean # 15
james: rich-d, i think we share a common interest or two. sounds like you're into star trek and astronomy.
Ron: I could rent a row boat
BobS: course after japan, we will be broke so we will just have to gather online and chat......
james: :D vancouver is actually not too bad for me. 3 hour trip to osaka, 10 hour flight to vancouver. yes, i consider that "not bad"
Ron: James is the longest serving LOGO expert in ADAMland
BobS: hey, ron, I could pick you up in the speedboat and we could head out foer Japan
Adamitey left chat session
Ron: Bob, you're on
BobS: HOT DAWG!!!!!
Rich Drushel: I go back to TOS days with Trek...TNG recaptured the magic, but DS9 after season 2 didn't do anything for me, and I gave up on Voyager after 1 season, and never went back...I also have 3100 work units completed in Seti@home.
Ron: Tell ya what. If I win a 10 million lottery between now and 15, I'll pick up the tab
james: **pshaw** (blushing). yeah, but you got alot further with it than i ever went.
Rich Drushel: Ron, your relatives might have something to say about that...
Ron: yes but you started first James
Rich Drushel: Maybe we could find a Japan, Oregon, or Japan, Tennessee...
Ron: What was the name of the young lad who started the ADAM User Friendly Group, do you remember?
james: i've got all the tos episodes in vhs, and would like to get tng on dvd when it's available. was doing seti at home until leaving my
james: computer on all the time noticibly impacted my electric bill.
Ron: true Rich D. I'd have to change my will
james: yes - actually, i'd like to get ahold of him. wasn't it lou hubert?
Ron: I'm back to taping Battlestar Galactica now
Ron: you all must remember that one
Rich Drushel: Ouch! I started with SETI@home on my 486DX2-66 here in the basement (which I'm typing on right now)...200+ hours per work unit. I have since installed it on all 11 of the robot lab Macs and my desktop Mac and P3-450.
Rich Drushel: Battletub Galaxative...or, Bonanza in Space.
james: battlestar galactica, lorne greene. yes, a fun show.
Ron: yup... you got it. Lou
james: wonder what he's up to these days. i tried looking for him on canada 411, no luck.
Ron: last I heard from him was about a year after he left Ottawa for U Waterloo
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Rich Drushel: I liked the first season, but 2nd season when they went back to1970s Earth and had "soooper powers", I gave up in disgust.
Ron: :) Never heard it described that way
james: how long ago would that have been? (lou that is, not the battlestar galactica stuff)
changed username to WillieB
Ron: those are the ones that are on now
Guy B.: Hello Willie!
rich-c: hi Williw
Ron: prefer the episodes that have those robot dudes
WillieB: Hello All!
Ron: What did they call em?
Ron: Nylons
james: rich-d, i had units crunching in 11 hours under beos on my p3-500. was doing well until my power company made it too pricey.
Ron: no Xylons
Ron: hey WillieB
BobS: Hiya Willie!!!!!
james: i was interested in how long it would take on a 486. thanks for telling me. i had 5 486's but i wasn't going to leave those
james: on all night..
BobS: don't mind to star wars group here, we adamites are just listening quietly
Rich Drushel: Cylons
Ron: right
WillieB: Hello BobS, did you receive my letter for the expansion?
rich-c: Heavens, Willie, do folks still use letters?
BobS: yessir! packed it tonight will mail tomorrow!
Rich Drushel: Yeah, 486s are slow...I've seen reports about people using 386s, with about 1.5-2x the time.
BobS: now. we are in curiousity stage, just what do you use the ADAM for??????
Ron: how does one participate in SETI?
Ron: I've heard about it
BobS: most of the stuff I auction is bought but nobody seems to want any contact after that
james: ouch. ironic if it'd be the one guy running a 386 in his basement that crunches one unit and discovers a signal.
rich-c: first, you have to have the computer on all the time
Ron: ok and then?
james: ron - just go to the seti@home website and download the client. it runs as a screensaver or in the background
BobS: and that is :odd: to say the least.........
WillieB: I just purchase the Adam off Ebay and right now I am reading all the materials.
Ron: do you have to be connected all the time?
BobS: we have ANY and ALL the help you could want availablre fro FREE!!!!
rich-c: Willie, what would you LIKE to do with your Adam?
james: if you set up your dialup to just dial out when downloading or uploading a completed unit, then no.
Ron: ic
james left chat session
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BobS: oh, oh....lost Jamers
changed username to james
rich-c: oops, we've lost james
Guy B.: He's back.
james: okay, i'm back :)
Ron: echo
Ron: echo
james: i guess my last line didn't go through
BobS: you is FASt James!!!!
rich-c: that'll teach you to type too fast - bet you hit the wrong key
james: ron - you can setup your a i'm dead
Guy B.: That happens in all of us.
james: nope, i'm not. sorry.
BobS: prolly, darn win keyboards anyways
rich-c: I think that's how I dumped myself once
WillieB: Right now I am exploring different "retro" machines. When I was growing up I had Ataris, Commodores, Sinclairs, but never an Adam.
james: you can set up your dialup connection to dial in to upload a completed unit and then download a new one, so you don't need to stay connected.
Guy B.: You had a Sinclair?
rich-c: Ron, Willie is your kind of people
Ron: sounds like it.
rich-c: We're still trying to get Ron into an Amiga, Willie
Ron: My brother just brought back a C64 that I gave him 3 years ago. Says he's no longer interested
Rich Drushel: Ron, go to and read about it. You download a client program, which periodically connects to Berkeley and downloads 340K of radiotelescope data from Arecibo. Your computer analyzes it, and sends back the results when finished, grabbing another "work unit", etc.
rich-c: It's about the only classis he doesn't have
Guy B.: Heck, I have an old Atari 2600 sitting in my living room still in the box with some games and all the controllers including a trackball.
Ron: can't understand the lad at all
Rich Drushel: It runs as a screen-saver (though you can run it full-time in the background if you want, and if that doesn't eat up too much CPU power for you).
WillieB: My first computer was a Sinclair ZX-81 and I still own an Atrai 400, 800, ST and a Commodore 64.
Ron: ok got it guys. My son Jeff is into the SETI thing. I'll have to go check it out
Rich Drushel left chat session
Guy B.: Lost Bob
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Rich Drushel
Rich Drushel: Sorry I had to go away; buffer overflow problem again.
james: rich-d, you have a telescope?
Rich Drushel: Ron, go to and read about it.
Rich Drushel: Yes I do, a 6-inch reflector, built by Edmund Scientific in 1962.
james: 6" nice :) i've got just a very small scope right now, but finances permitting, i hope to get a better one next spring.
james: just started with a small one to test the waters.
rich-c: of late, Terence Dickenson has been pushing astronomical binoculars
WillieB: Edmund Scientific ? is the company still in business. When I was younger I would receive their catalogs!
rich-c: he seems to find them more comfortable than his telescopes
rich-c: yes, Willie, their Canadian agent is still getting supplies from them, Ibelieve
Rich Drushel: This one I inherited from my Great Uncle. He got *everything* for it, *except* the clock drive...when I asked EdSci about 10 years ago if some kind of compatible clock drive was still available for it, they laughed...I have no idea how I'd get one for it now. But in all their astronomy booklets that they still sell, my scope is the one that appears in all the drawings.
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changed username to BobS
Guy B.: Bob's back.
Rich Drushel: Go to and request a catalog.
james: think i'll grab that address.
BobS: Window has performed an illegal function.........DARN STRAIGHT!!!!! It crashed!!!!
Ron: ok. Got the url
BobS: whats is for??????
Guy B.: Don't have First Aid 2000, eh!
rich-c: Gee! Guy speaks Canadian!
BobS: i donknow........
BobS: whats that?????
james: i *just* noticed that too. :)
rich-c: eh?
Ron: yeah, we're getting BobS converted... soon he'll like the Island
Guy B.: That program will catch programs crashing on you.
BobS: I luv de Islands!!!!!
Ron: I know
rich-c: PC Medic does that too - if I could only figure out what it's telling me
Ron: we will come back to the island
BobS: even the dreaded windows crashes????
BobS: :-)
Ron: not sure which is worse... WinCrash or MacCrash
rich-c: isn't there a new program that's supposed to take you back one step after you crash?
Ron: here I've got 'em both
BobS: yup......REset ont he box......
Ron: Tell ya what I want, what I really really want
james: well, at least the good people at mac *knew* crashes would occur and went to the expense of drawing a nice little bomb when
Ron: is some error descriptions that tell me what is going on
james: this does happen.
BobS: ....."a life".........
Ron: some idiot wrote "Contact your System Administrator"
rich-c: why, don't you find 40 lines of hex code illuminating?
Ron: Well... he sure as hell doesn't know what's goin on around here
Rich Drushel: Ctrl-Alt-Sledgehammer...
Ron: I
Ron: I AM the System Administrator
james: :D i've had to pull the power cord from the wall on one occasion.
BobS: ROTFL........
Ron: Macs don't crash as spectacularly, they just kind of freeze up and stop
rich-c: yes - that's how you react to the error message "blue smoke"
james: hmm...
BobS: I can associate with all the above!!!
Rich Drushel: Macs with no power-off switch (or one you can't reach) have had their power cords yanked for reset...
james: ping....
james left chat session
WillieB: Alas we should go back to more elegant OSes like DOS or CPM
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changed username to james
BobS: you got taht right Willie!!!
Ron: the reset switch on the iMAC is located inside that stupid little panel door they got
rich-c: Willie, you definitely understand the Adam world
Ron: and you gotta have a pen and then very good eyesight to see it
Rich Drushel: One of these <undefined>s has got to turn into Dale, soon...he said he would be late...
BobS: I don't EVER remember the ADAM giving me that stupid message....
james: sorry, that was just me, got bounced back oot again.
BobS: it might stop and look stupid once in long while, but it doesn't doit with any regularity like this pentium'
Rich Drushel: "Chairman Bill says, give me your credit card number in 15 seconds, or else it's DELTREE *.*"
Ron: well no, that's true....
WillieB: Actually the most elegant OS I have encountered was the one for the Amiga
BobS: you are a regular "rubber ball" tonight James
james: i am. i am.
rich-c: yes, I am quite impressed with it
Ron: There are nights when I could quite cheerfully send all my 24 computers swimming
rich-c: wonder what the new Amiga OS will be like?
james: beos is nice too, would be nicer if there were actually usefull apps for it though.
BobS: an idea, a POOL PARTY!!!!!!
Ron: hey!
Ron: right
Rich Drushel: I'm not going swimming where any computers are plugged in nearby...
WillieB: I do not know about the new Amiga OS? In fact who owns them now!
Guy B.: Well, I'm going to take off. Got to check McAfee's website for my sister. She bought Dr. Solomon's anti virus and now she can't get Win95 up, plus get the e-mail. See you all next week.
BobS: oh no, thery would have to leave their cords onshore
rich-c: They've been bought by some of teh former Amiga executives
BobS: see ya Guy
BobS: 1
Ron: exactly
Rich Drushel: Good night, Guy. I'll let you know about SmartFiler stuff soon.
rich-c: They say the new OS will be compatible with legacy apps
WillieB: bye Guy
rich-c: but I believe it will be built around a Unix kernel
Ron: Actually, quite often, the hazard to operations is the dude sitting over the keyboard
Rich Drushel: And be both a floor wax *and* a dessert topping!
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: See you Guy
Ron: by Guy
Ron: i mean bye
BobS: the "system administrator"'s to speak??????
BobS: garbage in....garbage out..........operator.......
james: pibcak :)
Ron: yup. the old GIGO thing
Ron: pibcak?
james: hey ron - you ever use the nabu network?
rich-c: anyway, Willie, and I belive even are still up
james: pibcak - "problem is between char and keyboard".
Ron: No James. But somebody gave me the equipment about 3 years after it went Belly up in Ottawa
Ron: turned on the computer, and all it could do was look for its mother
WillieB: Has anyone tried Linux? How is it?
Ron: Didn't get much out of it
rich-c: I got the Corel disc at a publicity seminar
Ron: WillieB, I have it installed here. Even have an iMAC version
rich-c: haven't installed it yet but at the seminar the samples looked really neat
Ron: I am impressed at it's stability, but somehow something is missing
rich-c: applications?
Ron: Corel is a nice setup for LINUX, IF you're using modern equipment
Ron: which is not the case around here
rich-c: well, I have a Pentium-class CPU,...
Ron: yes Rich, that's basically it. They have a long way to go to come up to speed
rich-c: Soon as I figure the optimal way to do it, I plan to install Linux
BobS: hey Rich C, or Ron you have Internet Explorer v3 or 4??????
rich-c: I'm on 5.01
james: neat that you actually have nabu equipment lying around.
Ron: just got that James.. pibcac rotfl
BobS: I want to use one with win3.1
BobS: and that takes the older versions
james: :D when i had my own business, back in ottawa i used it alot.
BobS: can't seem to get a full download off microsoft, only updates
Ron: Well, I don't have the NABU any more James. It never left Ottawa. Think I gave it to Guy Cousineau
rich-c: I was using 4.08 and it is far better than 4.7 under Win95
Ron: you see, the whole thing was that NABU was CP/M based
Ron: but we couldn't get at the system
james: hmm.. i'll have to bug him.
rich-c: Bob, try the independent sites - CNET, Tucows, stuff like that for Netscape
james: they had some neat stuff on the nabu. couple games i really enjoyed and i liked their version of logo too (from which i've based my current project)
Ron: For those who are wondering, NABU was an online computer service started in the Ottawa area
Ron: which was probably a pre-cursor to full Internet
Rich Drushel: What is NABU an acronym for?
Ron: sort of a combo cable/use your computer thing
rich-c: Sort of like Bell's Alex
Ron: but they went belly up
BobS: can get netscape but so long since i have run it, i wanted to stick with familiar IE
james: a search on "nabu network" on google turns up some interesting articles and a few pics.
Ron: I have no idea. James, do you know?
BobS: maybe not much diff screen I don't remember
rich-c: I think I got an IE off CNET a while back
james: was well ahead of its time, that's for sure.
james: sorry ron - do i know what?
BobS: will lookthere
Ron: Do you know what NABU stood for?
james: forget, but it's in one of the articles that turn up under the google search.
rich-c: Sometimes Netscape will show a screen much better than IE
Ron: I remember you could play online games .... like PONG
Ron: :)
james: i use netscape exlusively.
BobS: but if in-laws havr netscape in Fl and I am here w/ IE, we could get lost with instructions.....
james: i liked their game "zot" and "grog".
WillieB: Has anyone use the browser called OPERA
Rich Drushel: Was NABU a dialup network? And if you played PONG, was that done with character-cell graphics?
BobS: no, just like Yahoo or the others????
rich-c: no, it's well reputed but costs and the big ones are free
james: the ascending sound when downloading while it displayed a blue screen was kind of neat.
rich-c: mind you, with Netscape I'm not sure it's worth what you pay for it in 4.7
BobS: costs $$$$$$??????? SHAME on them!!!!
Ron: Never actually saw it Rich D.
rich-c: Yes, Bob, it's written by an independent software company in Norway
BobS: I.C>
james: here you go: Natural Access to Bidirectional Utilities
rich-c: I believe they want about $30 for it
BobS: browser, I was thinknig search engine
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Ron: we had to ask didn't we!
changed username to Colecoguy
james: :D ask, and ye shall receive.
BobS: Michael Hurst, as we live and breath.........
rich-c: Well look, Michael just woke up!
Colecoguy: Hello All
Ron: About time
james: morning *)
BobS: ;-)
Colecoguy: Shut-up Rich!
Rich Drushel: Hello Michael.
Colecoguy: Ya So I goy up and called in
rich-c: gotcha!
Ron: So now James, tell me, what time of day is it in your parts
Colecoguy: Hey Richard D.
james: it's going on for noon :) you?
BobS: 10:39 AM?????
BobS: 10:45PM here in the east
Ron: 7:45 pm yesterday
BobS: :-)
james: lol. :)
Ron: here it's Aug 16 7:45 pm
WillieB: 9:41pm in the midwest
Colecoguy: 12 hours difference Ron I have an anut in sinapore and its always 12 in daylight savings and 13 otherwise
BobS: well at tleast you got the same day Ron.........
Ron: Willie your clock is 4 min slow
james: we're all over the globe.
Colecoguy: 10:46pm EDT
WillieB: Alright! I will reset it!
rich-c: Singapore's a fair piece from Japan, Michael
james: ron, i'm curious, did you guys do anything with nabu except turning her on?
BobS: hmmmmm, now we need someone from say Greece....or Italy.....
Ron: :)
BobS: had an inquiry from Italy about shipping cost for an ADAM.....
Ron: No James. That was about it. Somebody gave me the unit, and I'm having trouble recalling exactly what it looked like
james: guy should do what i did - surface mail. yes, it takes forever, but it's 4times cheaper.
Colecoguy: Really Bob and did you send one!
Ron: The person who gave it to me didn't know anything about it, and while I'd heard about NABU, that was about all
Ron: the experience I'd had with it
BobS: not yet, post office wants $90US and UPS wants $179US......
james: hmm.. i'll bug mr. cousineau then. i'm rather interested.
Colecoguy: Question what is NABU
Ron: you might have to get him to talk to a buddy of his, Bill MacPherson. Think Bill was the one who eventually took ownership
WillieB: is thie the airmail price ? or surface mail?
james: cool, still on my clipboard: Natural Access to Bidirectional Utilities
rich-c: ron, do you have a private email address for Guy or is it still the office he uses?
Rich Drushel: I'm going to sign off for tonight, gang...see you on the mailing list, and next week.
BobS: ...northern ADAM Boys Utilities......or somethin like that
Ron: sec Rich
james: g'night dr. d.
BobS: night Rich
Colecoguy: see ya Rich D have a great week
Rich Drushel left chat session
rich-c: See you Rich - have a good one
Ron: ok here goes
Colecoguy: OHHHH!
james: thanks ron. i don't know if you know of my current undertaking, which is to add some functionlality to logo and localize it for japanese
BobS: surface mail price according to the internet US mail service
james: i'm going to add the "edhcar" command, which was available in nabu logo.
rich-c: still using the ministry address, then
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: heck, I liked my name better........
Ron: It's been a while since I've talked to him
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Colecoguy: hey Dale
BobS: FINALLY, the "lost" is found!
Ron: Dale my son
rich-c: Dale, Rich D just left - he was hoping you'd come
WillieB: hello Dale
Dale: I told you I'd be _very_ late.
Dale: I was at dinner.
Ron: Eating again eh?
Dale: Out with friends.
rich-c: fashionably late dinner, obviously
Colecoguy: Ron looking forward to hearing more about moving files from one computer to the other and learning more about making img files
james: speaking of eating, i think i need to go. time for brunch and then i'm teaching.
BobS: HEY, what's more inmportant........US or eating?????
james: eating.. ;)
Ron: good to see you here James
rich-c: james, catch you next week
Colecoguy: eating I agree
Dale: Well, we meet for dinner at 7:30 or 8pm usually.
Ron: you make us truly International
BobS: ok.......then......have a good week James, see you next week
Dale: TTYL James.
Colecoguy: bye James
james: i'll definitely be here next week. rich-c and ron. will have e-mails for you this afternoon while you're sleeping ;)
rich-c: look forward to it, james
Ron: good... will expect
BobS: Dale, finalized AC12 costs yet????
james: cheers! (someone better fill in dale about ac15 costs!) *poof*
james left chat session
Dale: Pretty much. I'm much better off this time than the last 'Con I ran.
rich-c: like, you're almost solvent?
Colecoguy: That's great to hear Dale!!!!!
BobS: ok
Ron: Oh yeah..... you got any business in Japan Dale?
Dale: Maybe, maybe.
Ron: something you could go there for?
BobS: and take us with youo??????
Ron: James wants to host a 'con
Dale: Our company is hoping to expand to Japan in about 3 years.
WillieB: I have to go now good people! I will see you next week same Battime Same Batchannel!
Colecoguy: Ron did you see my earlier comment
Ron: that would work about right
Colecoguy: Bye Willie
Dale: Bye for now Willie.
BobS: glad you came Willie, have a good week!!
Ron: no Colecoguy...whatdidyasay?
WillieB left chat session
rich-c: or earlier, Willie - we start at 9 - hope you can make it
Colecoguy: I was saying that I was looking forward to hearing more about how to make img files and also how to move the files from one machine to the other IBM to ADAM
Dale: So what did I miss?
rich-c: SETI - the Concorde - auroroas - Logo - assembly - more
BobS: graba disk and say.....DARN IT PUT IT ON IT!!!!! and then stick in the other machine adn read it!
Ron: all that
BobS: :-)
Colecoguy: I did read over the notes from your presentation but still don't have all of the things that I need
Dale: Michael, did you try that AdamDos program we gave you at AdamCon?
Ron: And the System Administrator is the dude on the other side of the mirror
BobS: and he always has a puzzled look on his face too!!!!
Colecoguy: Just checking the laptop wait a sec
Ron: What do you need
BobS: a tutor.......
BobS: Richard can do it!!!!!
Ron: rotfl
Dale: The original file is called ADMDOS.ZIP I think.
BobS: just pull the zipper down and.......
Ron: :)
Colecoguy: No Dale I didn't ge that
Dale: Well, I guess I'll have to look over the transcript later.
rich-c: never mind Michael I have it
Ron: somebody must have it on a site somewhere
Dale: I'm planning to publish it to the AdamCon 12 area soon.
rich-c: since it's a DOS program I can send it as an email attachyment
BobS: hmmm.....did I send you the AUG ANN yet Dale????
BobS: it is on there
Colecoguy: I managed to get a copy of 22disk and I have something else that Ron gave me to copy to the laptop but I don't think it was adamdos
BobS: maybe all zipped in with the ":front" side files
rich-c: thought the back was the DOS side, Bob?
BobS: 22disk will work with TDOS and CP/M
BobS: ADAMDOS works with EOS smartwriter files
Ron: yup
Colecoguy: ya I know Bob thats why I grab it today!
BobS: oh yes, Richard...but the Dale gets a special version......
BobS: in computerese....machine code ya know
Ron: Rich C. Did you see what happened to our Prime Minister today?
rich-c: Michael, swap you AdamDOS for 22Disk
Dale: Bob, I think I got the June and July, but haven't added them to the archive yet.
Ron: he got pied
Ron: pie'd
Colecoguy: Sure rICH nOT a PROB
BobS: thought I sent ya Aug too maybe not yet....
rich-c: yes, he didn't take it very well
Colecoguy: Sorry caps lock
Ron: And it happened in my home province
BobS: when you get the 22disk next month Richard, you can get the pay for upgrade with allthe ADAM disk drive versions listed
rich-c: guess they've gone downhill since you left, Ron
Ron: I knew it
BobS: OR just try to use the old PD version I am gonna put on the disk
rich-c: sooner or later I will get all this sorted out
Colecoguy: The copy I have has support for adam disk formats all 4
BobS: hey dudes....gott go for tonight.....
Colecoguy: Nighters Bob
rich-c: one thing we have to do is get a way to transfer files to james
BobS: see ya's next week the lord willin and the lake don't flood out!!!
Ron: good nite Bob.... your printer is on its way
rich-c: Judy's calling, is she? - Night. Bob
BobS: Judy yes, printer, not yet, but waitin!
BobS left chat session
Ron: just mailed it yesterday
Ron: we're good, but we're not that good
Colecoguy: Ron will you have time to send me a quick how ro on making the img files and if not could you mail the 1.44 disk img of tdos
Dale: There. It is now online.
Dale: Check out
Ron: I don't know if I could explain it to anybody Michael
Dale: and it'll point you at the AdamDos zip under the transfer utilities near the bottom of the page.
Ron: I'll mail it
Ron: Have one here
Ron: Everytime I try to tell someone about this process, I end up creating something that doesn't work
Colecoguy: Thanks Ron! I have finally gotten the ADAMserve software working on a 486 with out any Probs
Ron: good stuff
Dale: Michael, I gave toy a zip file called DSKS.ZIP did I not?
Dale: It should have some TDOS .IMG files in it.
Colecoguy: Well I thought that you were the person whom was teaching the rest!
Ron: That doesn't mean I actually know anything
Ron: :)
Colecoguy: Dale ???
Colecoguy: Who is toy??
Dale: I made for you a disk with a ZIP file called DSKS.ZIP...
Colecoguy: not me you didn't
Dale: but now that I thnk more about it, you left before I managed to give it to you...
Dale: Because I didn't see you Monday morning.
Ron: By the way Dale, you'll be pleased to know that in a few days I'll be a paid member in good standing of MTAG
Ron: finally
Dale: Yea!
Ron: mailed Ena the money yestarday
Ron: time flies when you're here on the island
Dale: Well, I made one for you. Maybe I can publish that on too
Colecoguy: The more the merrier as they say...P.J. is joining also and I am about 70 percent finished the ADAMcon Report that will come out in September
rich-c: got to get the recycling out - have to leave now
Colecoguy: Dale if you put it up I'll download it Right away....what about the logo I asked for??
Ron: yeah me too... it's garbage night in the COMOX Valley
Ron: see you all guys
Colecoguy: night Rich Ron Have a good week and lord willing we'll see you next week
Ron: yes
rich-c: might all....poof
rich-c left chat session
Ron: disappeared in cloud of thick smoke
Ron left chat session
Colecoguy: Well Dale if you send me an email about those files or tellme where to find them i'll get them
Dale: The files are ther now.
Colecoguy: OK dale I'll go look now thatnks!!
Dale: It contains two TDOS images and one otr two others.
Colecoguy: Thanks Dale see you an the weekend I hope!
Colecoguy: The meeting is Friday or Saturday
Colecoguy: ??
Dale: As for the logo, I'll see what I can do.
Colecoguy: OK
Dale: Isn't the meeting a week from Friday?
Dale: Usually the 4th Friday.
Dale: 6pm.
Colecoguy: Oh yea that's right perfect if it is Friday that's great as I will be having a small vaction starting that Saturday!
Colecoguy: 6pm Friday is great for me and I'll be there for sure! looking forward to it!
Dale: Well, I'll see you then, or on next week's chat.
Colecoguy: OK I'll let you go and I'll go off and look for the files!
Colecoguy: bye
Colecoguy left chat session
Dale: Bye.
Dale: Poof
Dale left chat session
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changed username to james
james left chat session
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changed username to james
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changed username to Dale > chat > 2000-8-16
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