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Dale: Starting soon.
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james: good morning :)
changed username to rich-c
rich-c: aand a good morning to you!
james: how are things?
rich-c: still got the easy weatehr?
rich-c: took the trailer in for service this afternoon
james: it's really nice now, it's cooled off a little
james: must be looking forward to your trip :)
rich-c: we had teh benefit of that too - only about 16 but bright sun
rich-c: yes, we're chompin' at the bit now
james: we're still in the mid to high twenties during the day but compared to 33 it's very nice.
rich-c: I don't think we got as high as 33 all summer, surprisingly enough
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rich-c: barely a sign at all of our traditional Exhibition weather
james: i've heard, my mother's been complaining since april about the weather in ottawa
changed username to Rich Drushel
rich-c: well, we now have an increase in our riches
james: :D
james: good morning rich-d
rich-c: anyway yes, we had a warm speel in May, and one or two others, but not much
Rich Drushel: Hi gang, I can't stay too long tonight...I just finished running an extra session in the robot lab, and I haven't had any supper yet.
rich-c: Ouch!@ man without his food has a problem
Rich Drushel: Also, I've been here since 6 AM, so it's been a long day...
rich-c: yes, that fits my definition of long
james: hmm.. 6 am to 10 am.. that's only 4 hours ;)
rich-c: got a box when I went shopping today and am hoping it may be big enough
Rich Drushel: I wasn't able to twist the arms of any of our volunteer assistant staff to run the session tonight, so it fell to me.
rich-c: yes, they're never there when you need them most
Rich Drushel: Good to hear, Richard. I haven't dismantled the printer you sent previously. Probably I'll tackle that in the next week or so.
Rich Drushel: Since they're volunteer, no pay, I have nothing except suasion :-)
rich-c: OK, next one I send looks real ratty but don't be surprised if it's only cosmetics
rich-c: swap a few pieces around and you may end up with a neat fully working unit
Rich Drushel: I got an ADAM that had a mouse nest in it once...
rich-c: yes, I have an Adam mouse but I've never hooked it up
Rich Drushel: These printers are destined for power supply salvage anyhow.
Rich Drushel: This mouse hooked himself up :-)
rich-c: I know, but at least you'll have the option
rich-c: especially if the fire inspector drops by in a bad mood
Rich Drushel: James, Re: your E-mail, my immediate suggestion is to look through my TWWMCA archive (even in its current debug mode) to see how I went about disassembling Pitfall (the CV game) and SmartWriter.
rich-c: Frances found a wasp nest uder the trailer stone guard today
james: thanks rich-d, i'll definitely be doing that.
Rich Drushel: Even with those as a guide, though, there's no way to teach it except to do it. Experience with writing Z80 code also helps, to identify various programming "tricks" that confuse disassemblers.
james: okay, well i'm in it for the learning experience, i don't want it done for me.
Rich Drushel: First place to start would be the block 0 boot. It loads to address 51200 decimal (c800 hex) and is usually a little self-contained program, whose only job is to make a boot screen and load the rest of the app.
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rich-c: rich, is CP/M assembly language programming a synonym for Z80 assembly language programming?
Rich Drushel: Once you get into the app, however, then it gets hard :-)
james: what are you using to decompile?
Rich Drushel: Well, CP/M was developed for the 8080, whose machine code is a subset of the Z80 machine code. (I.e., Z80 has extra instructions, but executes all the 8080 ones).
changed username to BobSlopsema
BobSlopsema: howdy ya'll!
rich-c: OK, Bob's our man!
james: morning bob :)
rich-c: now that you're back, Bob, is it my turn to go?
BobSlopsema: MORNING?!?!?!?!?;-)
Rich Drushel: "CP/M programming" also implies that you're using CP/M function calls and data structures (which are conceptually similar to EOS ones, but very different in implementation).
rich-c: I was asking because I do have some books on that
Rich Drushel: James, I use Z80DIS22, an "intelligent" disassembler written in Turbo Pascal (and compiled for CP/M). The TWWMCA articles tell how to use it and where to get it.
james: cool :) then i shall do as i was taught in first year engineering - RTFM ;)
Rich Drushel: I actually had E-mail from the author, Kenneth Gielow, complementing me on being able to use it productively. (It's freeware, and I think he's released the TP source code, too.)
Rich Drushel: The manual is very Fine, I assure you :-)
james: :D
rich-c: how was the camping trip, Bob?
james: are you still into astronomy at all? btw - i read last week's transcript, i'd have nailed the "ugly bags of mostly water"
BobSlopsema: camping trip was,.....shall we say eventful?
rich-c: tell us more, Bob
BobSlopsema: HOT HOT HOT for Wed-Fri then rain sat AM and Sun AM then cold Mon AM
rich-c: didn't mangle any more fingers, I hope!
Rich Drushel: Yes, a little, though I don't read Sky and Telescope, e.g.
james: i've just picked up the hobby and i think it's something i could get into for awhile. i'm also blessed living in a rural area.
Rich Drushel: I watch the stars when I can (the last 2 mornings have been dark and crystal clear, I could easily see the 7 Sisters in the Pleides).
Rich Drushel: Lots of light pollution in Cleveland. Still, I got good views of Hale-Bopp and Hyakutake when they were "in town".
rich-c: Can that constellation be seen this far north?
james: hale-bopp was a comet...
james: ;)
Rich Drushel: Easily...go outside at 5 AM and look SE, about 70 degrees above the horizon. It and Orion are readily visible.
Rich Drushel: Both were comets, and good viewing.
Rich Drushel: Hale-Bopp in particular had lots of different colors in it, when viewd in my 6-inch reflector. I didn't cart it out for Hyakutake.
james: we couldn't see them in ottawa, completely overcast.
Rich Drushel: Without the clock drive, though, it's hard to use the high-powered objectives I have, though :-(
BobSlopsema: Rich Clee......did you get the $$$$ I sent ya ???
Rich Drushel: Re: overcast, that's too were probably too far north to see Hale-Bopp well. It came out about 30 minutes
rich-c: what's your effective magnification with teh objectives, Rich?
rich-c: You bet Bob, many thanks
Rich Drushel: before sunset, and set rapidly. Against blueish sky, though, it was distinctly orange.
Rich Drushel: Effective mag, oh gee, I don't know. Maybe 3X what you'd get with "standard" binoculars, before the rotation of the sky gets so fast that you can't track it manually.
rich-c: now can I tear up the insurance receipts?
BobSlopsema: ya shure!
james: i'll be back in a sec..
rich-c: got the bux from Dr. D too, including prepayment for the next two boxes
rich-c: now all I have to do is find the boxes
Rich Drushel: Well, some of that was for Frances...
Rich Drushel: The bux, not the boxes.
Rich Drushel: And I still have some more native currency if necessary.
rich-c: Why? She doesn't think you owe her anything
Rich Drushel: I don't...just being nice. She's been nice to me.
rich-c: Funny - that's just what she says about you
Rich Drushel: Though I'd hate to be around the person that even Frances couldn't find the heart to be nice to...
Rich Drushel: ...that would be an unpleasant person indeed.
rich-c: try our provincial premier - her word for him is "loathsome"
rich-c: in my view, she's being entirely too charitable about him
Rich Drushel: We have a few of those around here, too...
james: mike harris, is he still premier?
Rich Drushel: So, have any of you looked at the TWWMCA archive? It was memory lane for me rereading it all to convert it to webpages.
rich-c: anyway, don't know if this will be my last time on for a while
Rich Drushel: That's right, you're going on holiday.
rich-c: james: yes
james: rich-c - found the pleiades down the street ;)
rich-c: yep, took the trailer in for service today; may be ready by the weekend
rich-c: then we have to work on it here, don't know how long that will take
james: how are you doing bob?
BobSlopsema: busy James....busy
Rich Drushel: Great. Now find the Andromeda galaxy (it's in the area). Need really dark night and dark-adapted eyes, but it is visible with the naked eye--the most distant such object in the sky.
rich-c: at that distance, James, did you study it with your telescope ;-]
james: :D no, but i'm almost tall enought to reach up and grab them.
Rich Drushel: Maybe he went to see the Seven Sisters ;-) ;-)
james: might explain why i slept so well..
rich-c: we're headed down east to rural areas - reckon we'll have a bit of quality dark available
Rich Drushel: It's hard to find...CWRU has something like a 20-inch reflector that is basically useless now.
rich-c: yes, Toronto had already given up the campus observatory in my time, and now the David Dunlap is all but useless
james: rich-d - you referring to andromeda galaxy being hard to find?
Rich Drushel: Take back the night--by taking out the lights.
rich-c: or at least point them down and stop wasting them
james: i'm currently surrounded by rice fields but our idiocracy of a town government wants to build townhouses all around us.
Rich Drushel: Yes, Andromeda galaxy. I could never remember exactly where it was, so I always had to look at a star chart showing which star in Andromeda constellation to offset from to find the galaxy.
rich-c: james, that sounds depressingly familiar
james: this is stupid because our population is actually going down..
james: rich-d - i think i'll take up that challenge the next clear night we get.
Rich Drushel: It's easily seen with binoculars when it's clear, but the naked eye part is hard. It's been some years, actually, so my almost-38-year-old eyes may not be capable of it any more...
james: very depressing. they ruined the southwest sky by putting up about 20 of those megawatt street lights on a road that
james: no one uses after 9.
Rich Drushel: I've certainly gotten farsighted in the last few years.
james: i might be okay, i'm far sighted. my students get a laugh out of that. 26 is "ancient" by their standards.
rich-c: your vision change seems to be coming on a bit early - usually the number needs a 4 in front
Rich Drushel: I'm also getting tired and I think I am going to sign off and go search for a food replicator. Starbase Cleveland, closing hailing frequencies, gentlemen.
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james: 'night rich :) eat and sleep :)
changed username to WBurnside
rich-c: Rich, see you next week if I'm here. last confab in October if not
Rich Drushel: Class tomorrow is at 8:30 :-)
WBurnside: Hello All!
rich-c: Hi Willie
BobSlopsema: hey Willie!!!
Rich Drushel: Okay Richard, have a safe trip.
Rich Drushel: Goodnight, WBurnside (Rich on his way out)...
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rich-c: yuh get some, yuh lose some...
rich-c: how's things in Chicago tonight, Willie?
WBurnside: The weather is nice and cool!
rich-c: won't say about time - it has been basically a gentle summer
james: i'm going to side with wburnside on this one.
rich-c: but we had around 63 today - very nice with teh clear blue sky and full sun
rich-c: should say it's been a gentle summer on our side of the Pacific, James
rich-c: but then - what's teh latitude where you are?
james: hmm.. i looked this up for ron last week. i think it was around 35N if i'm not mistaken.
rich-c: that would seem to put you on a lelve with the top of the Mediteeranean - not chilly country
james: a fair bit south of ottawa in any case.
rich-c: in fact be glad you're on an island or you'd have temperatures like Lebanon
james: my friend from l.a. is already wearing longsleeve shirts and complaining that it's "cold"..
james: i don't think i'd cope well in the middle-east
james: 18c is still t-shirt weather for me.
rich-c: nor I; I like heat but there are limits
rich-c: and as the years go by your endurance gets rather less
james: i think new delhi would kill me. don't know how the people there live in 44c..
rich-c: well, I wore a T-shirt today - but with slacks and a nylon shell jacket
WBurnside: Hot weather by itself can be dangerous. High temperatures and high humidity are a killer combo.
james: :) but it's probably a little cooler there than here now..
james: it's very humid in japan.
WBurnside: Fall type weather appeals to me the most
james: i like the fall. it appeals to me and my wallet. no need for a/c or heating. keeps the bills down.
rich-c: I'm a springtime sort -always getting warmer, and the days getting longer
james: the bugs start to die off and the leaves turn. it's nice.
BobSlopsema: Richard, got a question for ya.......
james: and it gets darker earlier, which means i can get more stargazing in without being up so late.
rich-c: I've had some very memorable Thanksgiving weekends (Canadian Thanksgiving)
BobSlopsema: do you possess Internet Explorer
rich-c: I think I still have it, Bob
james: internet exploder 3?
BobSlopsema: yup, james, need it to run w/ windows
rich-c: In fact it's on my Windows 95 disc as part of the system
james: :D i have a japanese version if you'd like..
BobSlopsema: do you have a virgin version ready to load up and then install???
rich-c: It won't run with Win 3.1. I tried. Crashed my system
rich-c: also tried 4.0 and 5.0, same results
james: it's a 32-bit app, isn't it? win 3.1 is 16 bit..
BobSlopsema: well shucks, it should, I ran it until I upgraded to win 95 and then ie5
rich-c: kept telling me once installed I didn't have enough memory left to load Windows
james: hee hee..
rich-c: when I deleted it, everything ran fine again
BobSlopsema: for browser only takes 4 megs ram, 386 or higher, and no win32.exe
rich-c: anyway, you can download it from
BobSlopsema: i wiped out the disks not 3 months ago, and now.....STUPID!!!! never throw anythign away
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rich-c: it wouldn't let me load on a 166MMX with 32 megs of RAM
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
james: reminds me of an error message i got once, wish i could have saved it: "out of memor"
WBurnside: Hi Dale!
rich-c: Hi Dale, welcome aboard
BobSlopsema: hi Dale
james: morning dale :)
BobSlopsema: I only had minimal ram and win 3.1
Dale: I had to work late tonight, but I'm here now.
rich-c: Anyway, Bob, Tucows has both 16 and 32 bit versions of both browsers
james: you missed rich-d.
rich-c: and it's the full package, not the thingy that makes you let Microsoft install it for you
BobSlopsema: what's Tucows????
Dale: My new web site launches next week. I'm getting excited. I can almost taste it.
BobSlopsema: tried a place that said it had it but it was only a minor upgrade
james:, download site for pc shareware, lots o' stuff for other platforms too like mac and be os.
rich-c: The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software
Dale: A great place to find any useful shareware/freeware for your favorite OS.
BobSlopsema: I BE BACK!!!! :-)
Dale: They cover Win32, Win16, Mac, etc.
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rich-c: guess we answered his urgent question pretty good!
BobSlopsema: AH HA!!!! I am in duplicate!
rich-c: well shame on you!
BobSlopsema: methinks I might like dis place!
rich-c: Bob, if you can find out how to make IE run under Win 3.1, do let me know
rich-c: Dale, is there any equivalent for ATM (Another Task Manager) for 3.1?
BobSlopsema: gopnna try mightily. got to get the outlaws set up with FREE internet and a 486 minimal mem don't get it!
Dale: Never heard of it.
BobSlopsema: so gonna try win 3.x and ie3.x and see what happens
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changed username to Guy B.
changed username to Ron
Guy B.: Ok, I'm Here!!!!
james: welcome aboard gents.
BobSlopsema: GUY, my AMN!!!
BobSlopsema: MAN
Ron: Hey!
rich-c: Dale, ATM is a freebie expanded version of Task Manager that gives rather more info about what's running (or just crashed)
WBurnside: Hello!
BobSlopsema: the mighty one!!!
rich-c: Greetings Guy and Ron
Ron: How come.... I just tried to vote in the "How Many ADAMs do you have"
Ron: and it gave me a error
Ron: I didn't lie
james: i got the same error.
WBurnside: same here!
Guy B.: I got the same thing. Dale what's going on with that?
Dale: An error?
Dale: I'll look into it.
james: some kind of permission error or something.
Ron: dale my son
rich-c: Gentlemen: for the sake of the new arrivals I'll repeat
Ron: some little squibble in the java no doubt
rich-c: It's maybe 70/30 I will be here next week
Ron: when ya got a squibble in your java
Ron: it ain't good
rich-c: If not, earliest "guaranteed" return is October 25th
Ron: where ya headed Rich?
Guy B.: Heading off to see the fall colors Rich?
rich-c: down east - beyond that, no specific plans
rich-c: depends on the weather, mod, whatever
Ron: aha.. the old 'downeast' trip eh?
rich-c: almost certainly New Brunswick, likely Nova Scoptia
Ron: how about the place of my birth?
rich-c: don't know if they'll let me on Spud Island
rich-c: they might have found out I know you
Ron: I could write a letter
Guy B.: Was Rich Drushel on here earlier?
james: yeah, you missed him. he left about 10 minutes ago, if that.
rich-c: yes, he just left about ten minutes ago
Dale: Vote away. I've fixed the home page.
Ron: ok dale.
Ron: vote we shall
rich-c: what if I don't know the count, Dale? Is 'around 50" enough?
Guy B.: Still haven't had a chance to try the patch for Smartfiler on Adamserve yet. Definately this weekend I'll try it.
Ron: And what, prey tell, do you propose to do with the information thus gathered?
james: he's gonna sell it to the telemarketers!
Ron: :P
Dale: I think that is either "more than 5" or "boy do I have a lot of parts ;-)
Ron: :)
rich-c: find out how many are left in the wild
Ron: useful
Guy B.: Dale, are you trying to see how many Adam owners there are out there?
Dale: I propose to create another poll in a month.
Ron: hmmm....
james: i'm certain there are far more than are participating in our weekly chats or even on the mailing list.
Dale: It is just for fun, really. This poll engine is "painless to integrate with any site"...
Ron: Estimate the total value of goods purchased from ADAM services in the past 12 months
Ron: a) $10,000 plus
Guy B.: Recall there were about 500,000 Adams made back when Coleco stopped production.
Ron: etc
WBurnside: Correct me if I am wrong. Coleco sold about 950,000 Adams and does that figure include the expansion unit for the Colecovision?
Dale: but it didn't work with my preprocessor, I guess. So I added <protect> around the form, and now it works fine.
Ron: I heard 500,000
Ron: More seriously:
Dale: Phil Koczowski claims that about 550,000 were completed with about another 400,000 in some stage of production.
WBurnside: Maybe I am wrong, but I am sure it outsold the PCjr.
rich-c: I've heard up to 1.5 million, but on no authority whatsoever
Ron: can anyone explain to me why I'm having trouble with power connectors manufactured by Micro Innovatrions?
Guy B.: But were those 400,000 ever built?
Ron: have a 3-1/2 in floppy drive and a hard drive both doing the same intermittent dance
Dale: I think that most of the rest of the 400,000 showed up in many surplus stores.
Ron: wiggle the power plug and back they come
Dale: The card edge design, or the DB-9 design?
BobSlopsema: oh no!!!! surgery?????
Ron: Sorry to change the subject ..
rich-c: Scott says the 5.25 drive I sent him to repair had two wires revered
Ron: it's the DB-9 design Dale
Ron: in both cases
Guy B.: Maybe we underestimated the number of Adams that were produced. Now I'm wondering how many of those Adams are still being used today?
james: i can tell you that one of them is for sale on e-bay now, a guy living in toronto.
Ron: Or more to the point.... how many ADAMS are in attics around the land
Dale: Well, in general the most often sited problem with the "tin" connectors is that they oxidize.
rich-c: there's a lot of hidden ones - I strill sell printer ribbons every now and then
Dale: The most popular fix is either pencil eraser or rubbing alcohol. That only work on one end though...
Ron: right Dale. That's true of most connectors using pins. Have tried cleaning both
Guy B.: Or are all those people who have Adams are waiting to see of they become collectors items?
Ron: maybe I'll try it again
Dale: pushing and pulling on the connector will make a fresh new connection.
rich-c: the ones I sell to are actually using teh
rich-c: them
Ron: Now connectors using push pins.....there's another matter ..... quite robust really
Dale: Some people I've talked to recommend pushing and pulling the connector about a dozen times
Ron: been there, done that
WBurnside: Well I saw a Sinclair Z-80 sell for over $250
Ron: interesting
rich-c: hey, when they plant me is my estate ever gonna be wealthy!
james: ron, did you get my e-mail? ;)
Ron: Bob S is here?
BobSlopsema: right Rich
rich-c: yes, just uncommonly quiet
Ron: today James?
rich-c: he's likely downloading from tucows on the side
WBurnside: Right now we are experiencing a time of nostalgia
james: no, about 4 days ago..
Ron: been out most of the afternoon
rich-c: Ron, I said yes to the Amiga mags and will pay postage
Ron: with the pic of the push pins attached?
Ron: ok Rich I'll get on that
james: yup, that's the one.
Ron: tee hee James.... was neat.... sent it to Bob S and Meeka and Doug
rich-c: have Elmer get in touch with me soon since we're leaving a.s.a.p.
james: thought you might like it :)
Ron: ok Rich
Ron: If you think I'm an addicted collecter of old gear, you ought to meet Elmer
rich-c: is he Canadian or Stateside?
BobSlopsema: I's here
Ron: Canadian....right here in Courtenay
Ron: If you like, I can go get 'em and hold 'em for you
rich-c: how come you haven't sold him an Adam, then?
Ron: welll..... I could have probably at one time
Ron: but he was too busy selling (or giving) me Commodore stuff
rich-c: get him on the chat here and we'll get him all worked up
Dale: Oh, I saw a military plane at the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) Air Show here in Toronto, which flew out of Comox, BC.
Ron: right.... his son is Sales Manager for one of the local computer stores, and Elmer has been 'converted' to that OTHER machine
Ron: all of which goes to prove....again.... that everyone has a price
rich-c: and also that some sell out too cheap
Ron: exactly.... in Elmer's case I was as surprised as hell....but I guess when they fall, they fall hard
rich-c: anyway, what's teh matter with using more than one machine?
rich-c: staring at nothing but Windoze is too dull - assuming it hasn't crashed again anyway
james: just so i can follow, what machine is the "OTHER" machine?
Ron: nothing : here I'me surrounded at my work desk by iMac, a 386 an Amstrad PCW8256, a 286, an LC475, and an ADAM
Ron: and that's only 1 of 3 workstations
james: test
Guy B.: Amstrad, boy do I remember those. When Niad had the Compukingdom store in Lisle, IL. He sold those as well as the Adams.
Dale: Hi James.
rich-c: I thibnk it's going to be a long time before Frances gets pried away from her Amiga
Ron: If anybody hears of a mouse for an Atari 1040 ST... I'm willing to pay
rich-c: though she's quite happy to use the DOSbox to surf the Aminet
Ron: Frances knows a good computer when she sees one
Ron: I must investigate Amiga
rich-c: the Toronto Atari Federation has them but I don't have a contact there
Ron: they must have a web site eh?
Dale: I think so.
rich-c: they were showing off one from New Zealand that works on the Amiga too
Guy B.: And I'm planning out my new system next year. But, kind of deciding what CPU to get.
Dale: They still exhibit at the CompuFest, I think.
WBurnside: Ron, you have an Atari 1040ST
james: for ron:
Ron: Dale, I may have asked you this before, but is there such a thing as network software for Xt's and 286's? i mean
Ron: pre-win 3.1.1
Ron: yes WB....just got it... (one of these free to a good home deals)
Dale: Yup. Novel has a free network software for DOS.
WBurnside: I have an Atari 520stfm boosted to 1 MB
Ron: good. Have two spare network cards
WBurnside: Bought it back in 1989
Ron: when I get done here, I shall become one with my created computational intelligence
Dale: Also I think that DR-DOS now known as OpenDos from Caldera is also free and networked for ISA NIC cards.
Guy B.: Novell Dos 7 is the ONLY Dos that has built in networking. Caldera has taken over that version of DOS. It's OpenDos now.
Ron: Actually, I'm impressed WB.... neat machine. Motorolla 68000 processor
Guy B.: I have a copy of Novell Dos 7, yet to be installed.
Dale: I've installed OpenDos from Caldera and played the network game that it came with.
Ron: mine had BASIC with it, and a DOS emulator
rich-c: that's the one with really neat built-in MIDI, isn't it?
WBurnside: The Gem OS was not bad, could have be better except for the Aplle lawsuit
Ron: yes Rich, and that is really what I'd like to find out about. There's an in and out MIDI port just
Ron: waiting for something to be done
WBurnside: that's Apple
Dale: You need some sort of ISA network card. For an XT you'd need an 8-bit network card. You might have gotten an appropriate one at AC11 though.
Ron: Recall something about software known as 'Notator"
Dale: IBM also makes networking software for DOS, and it could probably work with a Samba server running on Linux.
Ron: those were the cards I was contemplating using, although they're all 16 bit
rich-c: can't do much to help until the Amiga group resumes - maybe half past November if you remind me
Dale: The IBM networking software is probably available at and works with their version of an NE-2000 card.
Ron: I'll do that Rich. Maybe somebody's got some spare eqp't
rich-c: OK, there is some cross contact between the two groups
Ron: address noted
rich-c: in general, if it's free, are you in the market for another Atari?
Ron: Well, not really, I have two now, but only one monitor, and one of the units has a disk drive problem (i think)
Ron: What I'm really looking for now is a mouse. Have borrowed on for the moment
rich-c: OK, I was offered one a while back but declined. Forget the sourcve, unfortunately
Ron: b ut's been made quite clear to me, that the mouse is to be returned
Ron: it's the Amiga I'd be interested in ..... never had one
WBurnside: I am always in the market for a free Atari, I will pay the postage!
james: ron, did you see the e-bay address i posted?
rich-c: Mental note made, Willie
Ron: Well, Wb, I probably have one that will be surplus whenever I find out why it isn't working
Ron: Comes up with the TOS, but no recognition of the internal 3-1/2 drive
WBurnside: If you can find a free Amiga I will take one after Ron gets his. I love old computers
Ron: No James..... or ... wait a minute, maybe I did, but it didn't register....
rich-c: If you aren't critical, we occasionally see the lesser Amigas on a giveaway list
rich-c: I will try to mention it around the club, see what turns up
Ron: Well, as long as it has at least one floppy drive, a monitor, and something I can do with it... preferably BASIC, I'm in
james: scroll up about a page.. ;)
Ron: ok brb
james: hang on, i still have it on my clipboard.
WBurnside: St basic is a good start, but the Atari had more powerful Basics and also STOS. On an Amiga it was known as AMOS
Guy B.: Well, I'll see you all next week and I'll try to get here earlier. Still working overtime.
rich-c: I envy folks who have the time to check eBay regularly
rich-c: OK Guy, if not next week, see you in November
BobSlopsema: ok Guy, be GOOD!!!!
james: by bob :)
Guy B.: If your not there Rich, have a safe trip.
rich-c: thanks Guy - will try
Dale: Bye Guy.
WBurnside: My wife reads romance and horror comics, so Ebay has become a source for them
BobSlopsema: I'm stayin james
WBurnside: Bye Guy
Guy B. left chat session
Ron: Noted James
james: oops, i meant guy :) sorry bob!
Ron: Nite Guy
rich-c: did you know Scott's mother is a very successful writer of romance novels?
Ron: didn't know that
rich-c: look for stuff by Anita Gordon - I believe Bantam is her publisher
Dale: She writes under several different pen names.
BobSlopsema: thought she used an assumed name
rich-c: She's done at least four good-selling romances and a couple of sorta Gothics
rich-c: She writes the Gothics under a pseudonym
rich-c: I think Scott said it's Anne Brookfield or something
james: think i'm going to go now. have a few things to do, and i've already made ntt 220 yen richer..
james: i hope they rot someday.
WBurnside: Bye James
rich-c: lessee - that's about three bucks Caqnadian
Ron: James, would you send me that ebay URL in an e-mail?
Dale: TTYL James. I'm really tired today, so not as chatty.
BobSlopsema: see you next week james
james: np. i'll be on again next week :)
Ron: I've got it copied by hand here, but not sure I got it right
rich-c: se3e you James, as and when
james: ron, sure thing.
Ron: thanks sir.. G'nite
james: have fun on your trip if we don't talk before then rich.
Ron: go east, young man!
rich-c: thanks james - I'm looking forward to it
james: time for lunch. bye all! *poop*
james: i mean *poof*
james left chat session
Ron: hey! get it right eh?
Ron: meanwhile..... today I played golf
rich-c: yeah, especially when you're quoting the ineffible Zonker
rich-c: around here, no one dares - Tiger Woods is in town
WBurnside: Ron, How well di you play?
WBurnside: did
Ron: oh yes... the Canadian version of the Tiger Woods show cometh
Ron: Wb, flashes of brilliance and long periods of mediocrity
rich-c: yep, it's at Glen Abbey starting tomorrow
Ron: we shall be watching, mother and I
Ron: hear the place is completely sold out
rich-c: that's the word
Ron: my handicap is too high to boast about
rich-c: popular as the Molson Indy at Vancouver
Ron: or even to mention
Ron: well I tell ya, I find myself wishing these days that somebody else would win now and then
Ron: But I've always enjoyed watching people doing things well that I've tried to do myself
rich-c: I believe Tiger is 18 for 28 this year so far
Ron: yeah, up there somewhere
rich-c: still, it does mean there's still some competition around
Ron: I find that if my driving is passable my short game goes for the pits
Ron: or vice versa
Ron: Well young Sergio gave him a run for his money a week ago
rich-c: golf just isn't my sport
Ron: you're certainly not alone Rich. But I find that a couple of times a week it keeps me away from these damn keyboards
Ron: and is physical
BobSlopsema: mine either, but Tiger Woods is a great golfer, no question
Ron: for a few hours
Ron: he's really amazing. Did you see that shot he made in the dark....where was it? the Buick?
rich-c: true, a bit of a walk in teh fresh air does help
Ron: exactly Rich
Ron: Have some good friends here who play....(about the same game as me) and we get out a couple times a week
Ron: And also Mom still likes to play and that is quite remarkable
Ron: If I'm still standing on the right side of the ground at age 84, I'll be happy
rich-c: yes, you'll have beaten the odds by quite a bit
Ron: indeed
Ron: Had a visit from Dave Cobley today as well
rich-c: just be casreful, there's ripe old age, and over-ripe old age
Ron: concerned about Midge.... she's up here in intensive care with congestive heart failure.
rich-c: Great - how is David getting on these days?
Ron: Everything is under control I understand, but David looked drained
Ron: he dropped in here on his way over to the hospital
rich-c: No bloody wonder - that is not a comfortable diagnosis
rich-c: in fact, it is what my young brother died of
BobSlopsema: sorry to here about Midge.....
Ron: I gather she'll pull through
Ron: she hasn't been well for the past 3 or 4 years
rich-c: Still, do pass on our sympathy and best wishes next time you talk
Ron: shall indeed
Ron: David mentioned that he's tried to get onto these chats, but can't get any farther than the Spaniel sign on
rich-c: David is a great guy, true character, and we have missed him much of late
BobSlopsema: just gotto wait a few minutesd for it to load
Ron: you got that right
Ron: yeah Bob, that's what I told him. Like tonight, I think it took the better part of a minute
Ron: for me here
rich-c: that's odd; I would say I was in quite quickly
Ron: It varies here, some nights it's almost instantaneous
Ron: some nights no
rich-c: there are a lot of applets or screens to load
Ron: through my tin can and string
rich-c: but the bottom right corner of the screen tells what's going on
Ron: yup
Ron: like right now it says "WARNING: Applet Window"
BobSlopsema: heck, I am too busy looking at the dog!
Ron: I tell ya
Dale: Not in Internet Explorer by default though.
Ron: Someday I'm going to give a course to programmers on writing error messages
Ron: it's going to be given from a user's perspective
rich-c: like, at gunpoint?
Ron: yes Rich...quite definately
Dale: Hey Ron, have you thought any more about writing a list of programs that the Adam community needs?
Dale: I'll try and get that Seth ideas page up before the weekend.
Ron: let me emblazon that on my forehead slipped my mind we'll put it back
rich-c: I think the Seth page is going to provoke a fair bit of action
Ron: it has already
rich-c: Pity we can't get Shawn on teh chats from Anchorage
Ron: I lose focus around here.... a LOT
Dale: He's coming back to civilization soon though isn't he?
rich-c: I wish I understood what he's talking about, even enough to know if it's for real or just fantasy dreaming
WBurnside: I am going to be signing off. Goodnight All!
BobSlopsema: nite Willie
Dale: See you later WB.
WBurnside left chat session
rich-c: Night Willie, see you next time
Ron: nite WB
rich-c: Sheesh - he went fast
Ron: you want some more push pins Bob?
BobSlopsema: seems to indicate his stay in Alaska is coming to an end
BobSlopsema: yougonna SOLDER somthing and lose the pushpins?????
Ron: yes... that's what he said... California or something like that?
Ron: ya ya, I know
BobSlopsema: hot damn!!!!!
rich-c: well, with luck maybe he'll be in a position to join in more, then
Ron: Although it wasn't definate
Ron: I need a PACE soldering course
rich-c: right - I think he did say something in one of his mailing list postings
Ron: sent all my techs on it back in the mid 70's
Ron: shoulda gone myself
BobSlopsema: hey guys I gotta go also.....Richard, you and Frances have a SAFE fun and carefree trip, see you when you get back
rich-c: one always finds these things out too late
Ron: say goodnight Bob
rich-c: night Bob, see you when
Ron: exactly Rich. Had no idea back then I'd ever be doing anything other than managing
BobSlopsema: Ronald, hope you don't get too golfed out and Dale........say hi to Jill and give here a hug
Dale: Will do.
BobSlopsema: POOF!!!!!!! :-)
Ron: nah...
BobSlopsema left chat session
Dale: Hmmm Three left, and I'm not really here.
rich-c: It is getting about that time - think I'd better pack it in too
Dale: I am so tired tonight.
Ron: heavy day Dale
Ron: ??
Dale: Yup. May deadline is coming up very soon.
rich-c: see everyone next week, probably; if not, well, have to be back no later than Oct. 25
Dale: Have a good time.
Ron: have a good trip Rich.. best to Frances
rich-c: Thanks - see you when
Ron: and you better get some sleep Dale
rich-c left chat session
Ron: I'm gonna go and move something else around the room
Dale: Bye for now.
Ron: or maybe start that list
Ron: niters Dale
Dale: Good idea.
Dale: poof.
Ron: disappear
Ron left chat session
Dale left chat session
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