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mrjive: Hi
Colecoguy: Hello
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changed username to Ron
Colecoguy: Welcome Ron!!
Ron: Hey1
mrjive: Are you Bob?
Colecoguy: Who is mrjive
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Colecoguy: No I am Michael Hurst
Ron: dunno
changed username to Guy B.
Ron: Guy is here
mrjive: Doug Dirks, Cheyenne, Wyo
Ron: Hi Doug. Are you an ADAM owner?
Guy B.: Ok, I'm here and I couldn't get in. Dale having problems again.
mrjive: Yes I still have it.
Colecoguy: welcome Doug glad to have you aboard
Guy B.: Hi Doug.
Ron: Aha. A man of the faith
Colecoguy: Do you have a ADAM Computer
Colecoguy: Hey Guy B
Guy B.: Michael, good to have you in tonight. How's everything?
Colecoguy: Hows Life this week for everyone going
mrjive: Anybody here use to get the old AUG (adam users group) magazine?
Colecoguy: Great for me I am finally getting back to my ADAM with a certain gusto...
Ron: I've seen AUGment
Guy B.: I'm finally starting to create my website. I'm using Word 97 to create it. It will be on the Adam Emulator utilities.
Ron: I think I'm the only one left in the world who doesn't have a web site
mrjive: Yes Ron...I wrote a security program that was published in it....long time ago.
Guy B.: I have all the Augment issues.
Colecoguy: Wow teach me more Guy!!!!
Ron: Cool
mrjive: /me doesn't have a web site either.
mrjive: dang
Colecoguy: I will be offering a site soon as a dupe of Scott Gordons site call
mrjive: I can't believe you guys are still using those old machines.
Guy B.: Well, everytime I use Word 97 at work, I always wanted to try the webpage feature. Today I did using the webpage wizard. I have Word 97 on the notebook. So, I'm going to continue it from there.
Colecoguy: Much of it links to his site with my own flaver and graphics
Colecoguy: Ron Have you had any time to get to those img files for me??
Ron: mrjive, I like the old machines better than the new ones, and I have both
Guy B.: Finally tried that patch that Rich Drushel gave me for the Adamserve Smartfiler. It worked.
Ron: yeah, gotta try that
Ron: no
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Guy B.: Now he's got to do the same thing for Recipefiler and Address Book filer since it has the same problem.
mrjive: Is Bob Slopsema on? He invited me.
Ron: you should be able to make your's not rocket sience
changed username to james
Guy B.: Hi James.
james: morning gents.
mrjive: Hi james
james: am i the only one who couldn't get on for the last hour?
Ron: morning.......??
Guy B.: I couldn't get in for 15 minutes.
mrjive: lol
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james: geez ron, what colour is the sky in your world? :D
james: must be black!
changed username to rich-c
mrjive: black hole sun
Guy B.: Rich, you made it tonight.
Ron: well.... it's not dark yet... but the sun you sent us is about gone
james: i couldn't even get as far as the adamcon homepage until just now..
rich-c: good morning and evening all, as applicable
james: hi rich, you made it :)
Colecoguy: Yea me to !! Here in the yard as I call it theres 4 on all the time a laptop for traveling, 2 486 severs, 1 K6-2 400 mg lots of hd space and a linux machine now to as well as the adam with HD
james: it's hot here again..
Ron: Hi Rich C.
rich-c: same here james, just got on after trying since 9 p.m.
Colecoguy: Hello Rich
james: ron, thanks for your advice re: vancouver
Guy B.: How bad James? Here in Chicago were back in the 70's.
Colecoguy: I had hard time as well to folks
james: i'm not sure what 70 is but we're back at about 30C
rich-c: Anyway, hello all
Ron: hope it helps james. Still want to find some web sites for ya
rich-c: For the last time till November
Colecoguy: Your off soon Rich!
Guy B.: You have to around 90 degrees there.
james: thanks. it'd be nice to meet up with you while we're there. i've really been working on planning this thing. glad i started when i did.
james: guy b - yeah, it cooled off when the storm systems came in but now that alot of the cloud cover has lifted, we're right back
Guy B.: You won't be back till November after tonight Rich?
james: where we were. sweltering..
Ron: how many you gonna have in tow, and what ages?
rich-c: Michael, we got the trailer in today. Now we're off as soon as we can get it ready
Colecoguy: OK Rich I'll call you later
james: i'm guessing around 15, age range from about 12 to 16
rich-c: Ron, we're towing the '82 Terry with teh '73 Mercury
Ron: right. Sounds like a suitablly uncontrollable group
Guy B.: James, you don't have any air conditioning there? What about a fan?
james: :D well at least it won't be all boys or all girls. it helps when you have a balance.
rich-c: Ron, Frances would prefer to use the truck
james: i have a/c but right now i've just got the window open. tryin to keep our hydro bill down, if even a little.
Ron: yes. Are they all English students?
rich-c: but we expect 2-lane and mountains, and the truck needs premium gas to tow
james: they're the students from my school. (so yes :) )
Ron: I would never be wealthy. I would take the truck
Guy B.: Well, I don't blame you for conserving. A/C is a big electric consuming item.
james: or i like to think they're learning some english anyways..
rich-c: james. if not now, soon, right?
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changed username to Colecoguy
james: yup, and at 23 yen per kwH, it's not cheap.
Colecoguy: what I miss??
rich-c: nothing much, Michael, just our usual fun
james: rich-c - some are doing well, even the longest students have barely been coming for a year. takes a little time to get going.
james: i'm still working on my curriculum.
Ron: So no tell me Colecoguy (and I'm not being nasty) just confirm that you really
Ron: don't know how to make disk images for the emulator?
Guy B.: What would that cost converting to American dollars there James?
james: so when do you head out rich?
Colecoguy: Thanks for the fillin rich I hit the wrong button on the browser window Opps :))
rich-c: james, we go as soon as the trailer is ready
james: roughly 22 cents/ kwH at the current exchange rate
Colecoguy: I don't ron I have no Idea how to do it at all!!!
Ron: Well we'll have to fix that
Guy B.: Whoa, that's higher than what I pay.
Colecoguy: Clue me in
rich-c: that means cleaning inside and out, waxing and polishing, loading, sterilizing the water system, reinstalling the battery.....
james: sounds like fun ;)
Ron: You can either give a man fish, or you can teach him to fish
Colecoguy: Put your own battery in this year Richard!!
rich-c: you get used to it after a while
Ron: either way, he'd better like fish
rich-c: Frances wnts to leave Sunday - that's a real tight schedule
james: especially over here, ron :)
Ron: true James
Guy B.: How much more have you got to do Rich?
james: that is tight - doesn't give you much time.
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changed username to mrjive
rich-c: everything, we just got it home today
Colecoguy: Sounds like you'll be run ragged Richard before you even leave4!
mrjive: oops I guess you can't close the parent window for the chat
rich-c: also have to mow the lawns, get U.S. dollars, get a haircut, but our wine, etc. etc.
Guy B.: You can get alot done in three days. But, it depends on what you have to do.
Colecoguy: nope you can't as I found out earlier
Ron: live and learn myjive
mrjive: lol
james: ron, i was working on my itenerary last night. i'm going to have quite a schedule.
james: i've added banff, alberta on the way out.
(A dog howls in the distance)
rich-c: mrjive, I came in late - care to introduce yourself again?
Ron: you certainly will. You're going to cover major ground my friend
Ron: Doug from Cheyenne?
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changed username to BobSlopsema
(Everyone welcomes BobSlopsema)
mrjive: Doug Dirks, Cheyenne, Wyo...last used Adam in 1989
james: indeed. i show those little smart aleks who's "old". unfortunately, likely me.. :D
Colecoguy: Bob welcome Sir
BobSlopsema: BLIMEY!!!!!!! how long ya'll been here????
Colecoguy: on and off again!!
Guy B.: Bob, what's going on with you?
Ron: Mr. Robert Slopsema I presume
rich-c: more or less just got in - you have problems too?
mrjive: Hi Bob
BobSlopsema: been knockin since 9PM and couldn't raise ANY canadian sites!!!
james: it took me about an hour rich, couldn't even get to the home page.
rich-c: Doug Dirks, welcome back home
BobSlopsema: mr jive........???????
james: hmm must have been a major dns server out somewhere then. i could get cbc but not adamcon though..
Guy B.: Took me 15 minutes to get into Adamcon website.
BobSlopsema: as in jive turkey?????
Colecoguy: half hour 45 minutes for me to get it first time round
Ron: Too Bad James, we couldn't arrange an ADAMCON in Vancouver ..... maybe you'll be back on
mrjive: You sold me a SmartBasic on ebay Bob
Ron: a similar trip in a couple of years?
BobSlopsema: hey Michael!!!!
Ron: Hey Bob!
BobSlopsema: ok, but can't put a realname to ya!
mrjive: jive turkey will work
Colecoguy: Hey Bob how is it!?? :))
BobSlopsema: :-)
james: i hope to make this a yearly pilgrammage (i must be some kind of sado-masochist). but yes, thought i might make it a point
Ron: Don't talk to me about ebay
Colecoguy: thats good :-)
james: to cover different parts of canada.
Ron: It's all Jame's Fault
BobSlopsema: fine here, and I didn't think any storms in ONT,,,,,,but......
james: yeah, just blame me. works for my wife..
Ron: I bought that Atari mouse
james: the one from e-bay?
BobSlopsema: Ron, it is because James is doing the smartLOGO in japanese.....
Colecoguy: not yet but soon i feel it in my knees
Ron: ain't even gonna tell you how much it's gonna cost me, but the damn thing bettere work
mrjive: ebay has a way of making people who would be best friends into worst enemies.
Ron: yeah
BobSlopsema: and now the whole internet is lost...... ;-)
james: don't feel bad. you read my little blurb about that game i picked up?
Ron: yes
rich-c: yes, and it sounds fascinating
BobSlopsema: yea.....but the game looks COOL!!!!
Ron: after I read that, I didn't feel so bad
BobSlopsema: Richard, no trip for Frances yet??????
james: bobs, speaking of the japanese sl manual, i got back at it and have started doing ch. 3
Colecoguy: EBAY stand s for So your a sucker Yeh!
rich-c: trailer's in the driveway, Bob
rich-c: see you in November
james: jee thanks ron, i feel better now.. :)
mrjive: lol Colecoguy
BobSlopsema: NOVEMBER??????you gonna take 6 weeks off, eh?
Ron: actually it was fun... and I think I did learn one lesson
Ron: Don't push up the bids too quickly
rich-c: gotta be back for the Creative Needlecraft show Oct. 26
james: it *is* a fun game. and the nice bit is that for $50 i found the web site where the rest of you can get it for $29.95
BobSlopsema: actually Michael; I have had good luck both selling and buying on Ebay.....
rich-c: or else Frances will leave me one head shorter
Guy B.: I got better luck using Yahoo Auctions. I've sold three items already and more to come.
BobSlopsema: if you have trouble with the van, you can always have Frances take the bus home! ;-)
Ron: Most of my increased cost was US$ exchange
(Guy B. laughs heartily)
Colecoguy: well I have heard a number of horr. stories and that makes me leary
rich-c: we're using the Mighty Behemoth
james: i like e-bay for the most part. i'm glad to have a strong yen now, i don't really worry about currency conversion
james: when it's only 6%..
BobSlopsema: the ol' Monterey????
rich-c: please - Meteor. Canajan, eh?
Ron: yes... better from your side James
BobSlopsema: SORRY!!! ;-) didn't want to insult the thing.....
james: much. mind you, we canadians are faring *much* better than the australians and new zealanders as far as currency goes.
BobSlopsema: but around the states, the Meteor was a mid size car
rich-c: the yen I see is gaining strength daily - but the pound and Euro are really dropping
BobSlopsema: what is their rate exchange????
BobSlopsema: gonna be bad for the people going to the Olympics
Ron: indeed
james: a *canadian* dollar buys $1.21 australian right now and $1 nz gets them all of .42 us.
rich-c: Canadian, yen I think about .0138, Euro 1.28, poubnd 2.07 tonite
james: no, it's *good* for people going to the olympics.
james: australian dollars are super cheap right now.
Guy B.: Not only that, Australia now has a GST.
Ron: the world is a confusing place. I think I'll go somewhere else
mrjive: waaaa....I increased the font size....and now the conversation is falling off the page!
rich-c: you'll get used to it, Doug
rich-c: course it may be hard on someone used to wide open spaces!
Colecoguy: open up the window full
rich-c: Bob, even in its day the Meteor was a full size car
BobSlopsema: tis money will go farther in Australia......
james: even canadian money.. :D
rich-c: the only bigger ones wre the luxury extensions of the chassis - Lincoln and such
mrjive: I did.....800x600....I need a new computer
Ron: Canadian money doesn't go very far on Ebay
james: actually, our currency is holding up quite well compared to others.
BobSlopsema: RON!!!!! now you could use that "funny" money and see the olympics!!!!
Guy B.: I'm planning for mine now for next year.
james: that is true.
BobSlopsema: it's a better rate than coming to the statesd!!!
james: what's so damn funny about a .67 cent dollar ;)
james: oops 67 cent that is. .67 cents wouldn't be very much at all..
BobSlopsema: just a joke Meeka had with Ron, James
Ron: the funny part is that some people on this side of the border actually want it that way
Ron: oh yea.... I remember
james: yeah, exporters. everyone else in their right mind would like to see it at least back up to 80 cents.
Ron: Tell Meeka I have a picture of her ironing T-shirts at ADAMCON
rich-c: sure _ I can sell an Adam for $100 U.S. delivered - that's a bargain
BobSlopsema: heck I ran out in Windsor and had to take the hit on us $$$ at Burger King
james: even i remember when it was at parity
Colecoguy: I reember before trudeau took us off the gold standard when our dollar was worth more than the americam I can't understand it either Ron!
BobSlopsema: got shafted on that exchange as I remember it
Ron: right Coleco. That's the way it was once
mrjive: Never should have gone off the gold standard.
james: well a 600 billion dollar debt likely doesn't help. wonder which generation gets to pay that off..
Colecoguy: For sure!
mrjive: It never will be paid off.
BobSlopsema: every gov't tries to pass it as far down the line as possible
Ron: we could hold a contest...."Inherit the National debt"
james: not with the liberals at the helm.
Colecoguy: the next the one after that and then who knows
rich-c: our dollar is actually 76 - 80 U>S> cents in purchasing power
BobSlopsema: sell tickets, yes?????
Ron: right on
james: rich c - how does that work? (i believe you, just don't understand)
Ron: Liberals..... at the helm?...... ROTFL
james: actually, the debt could be paid off in 20 years or earlier if they wanted to. once you get going and you
Ron: Better than the Non-Directional-Partisans
BobSlopsema: Big "AL" will straighten out the USA! ;-)
james: get past paying so much interest, you can put a dent in the principle, like your mortgage really. just takes awhile to get
james: going
Ron: oh yes, then we have Al
Guy B.: Or will it be Bush Bob?
mrjive: igor! i mean Algore.
rich-c: it ain't easy to explain, james
BobSlopsema: don't know Guy, but I do know "AL" is a liberal convservationist we don't need; with a ZERO personallity
james: okay, well is that a purchasing power vs. cost of living?
james: yes, but i'm a very patriotic canadian and do plan on returning someday. likely in about 12-15 years.
Guy B.: Well, will have to see how this turns out in the next few weeks.
Ron: aha
james: if we have kids, i want them to go to j.h.s. and h.s. in canada, not japan and i plan on going back with them for awhile
james: to go bakc to school myself.
rich-c: well, what the Yanks can buy for $1.00 costs us about 1.25, not 1.46
BobSlopsema: 1.25 in the canadian market???
james: maybe i should take a business course or two.
Ron: Tell me, you experienced e-bay users
Ron: do any of you use a service called BidPay when you buy something?
BobSlopsema: yo, ebay newbie.........
Guy B.: I've used Paypal.
BobSlopsema: I use PAYPAL regularly
Ron: was recommended by my seller, so I signed up
james: not yet but i've been looking at it.
BobSlopsema: and have never started with BidPay
mrjive: Nope.....never, NEVER put out a credit card number on the net.
rich-c: yes, in equivalent bucks we pay less for food, cars, wine, lots of other stuff
Ron: well.... seemed to go reasonably well
Ron: except I paid a premium for faster mail
BobSlopsema: why?????
james: i purchase stuff regularly over the net using my credit card. no other choice really.
Ron: because I thought it was a good idea at the time.
Guy B.: Yahoo has something called Yahoo Direct. Haven't checked it out yet.
Ron: since been wondering why.
rich-c: you haven't dealt with Canada Post, Bob
BobSlopsema: w/ PAYPAL, you give them a secutre lins 1 time w/ credit card and then never again
Ron: tThere was a choice between normal mail and priority mail to forward the m/o
james: ugh. canada comPost
BobSlopsema: you just use a passord and email address
BobSlopsema: they mailit?????
rich-c: if the security is right a credit card on the net is OK
mrjive: I always send a check or money order.....sometimes takes over a month, especially to canada, to get yout item, but it's safer.
Ron: yes.
james: safer than giving it out over a celphone.
rich-c: the only time I got burned was ordering thru an 800 number
BobSlopsema: PAYPAL uses electronic within it's organization and you can also electronicly take money out into your bank account
Guy B.: Today you can use a credit card with the net since security has improved over the last two years.
Ron: could be myjive... perhaps you have a point. I"m in no blinding rush for this item, but it will
Ron: probably arrive in few days
Ron: understand it has now been mailed
james: you'll be glad when you have it, i'm sure.
BobSlopsema: use an AT&T credit card...for one. They guarantee safety on the net
Ron: true
Guy B.: As long as you have a secured webpage.
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changed username to colecoguy
BobSlopsema: opps!!!! lost taht one guys!
rich-c: whoops! wrong key or did you fall off, Ron?
Ron: I believe I'm still here
BobSlopsema: hmmmmmm,,,,,looks like Michaels been "cloned"....
mrjive: no such thing guyb
colecoguy: system threw me Rich
Ron: It says I'm still here
rich-c: Oh, it was Michael. Computeers don't like him
BobSlopsema: well look down and see if yourself is still in the flesh!!!
BobSlopsema: and if you are sitll there, then you are not here.....
mrjive: Must by your magnetic personality Michael
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changed username to JILLIAN
BobSlopsema: HI Jillian!
mrjive: Hi Jillian
rich-c: hey, Jill has come to join us - welcome!
BobSlopsema: where's the husband tonight????
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JILLIAN: Hey All, Iwas just asked to drop in and let people know that the chat server is up.
changed username to Ron
Ron: stupid tin can and string
JILLIAN: Seems to me kind of silly.
rich-c: got our emails, did you?
Ron: keeps telling me the the connection has been idle for 20 minutes, do I wish to stay online
BobSlopsema: well, you can stay ya know!
mrjive: lol ron
Guy B.: Hi Jill
BobSlopsema: kick it Ron,.....or take a hammer to it
james: hmm ron.. do *we* want you to stay online? :D
Ron: myjive, I'm on Vancouver Island on the outer reaches of the west coast of Canada
JILLIAN: I didn't get email acutally, but Dale was trying to do some sort of demo and noticed the server was down.
Ron: We don't got too much modern here
Guy B.: I guess that explains it.
Ron: Hi Jillian
mrjive: Wow it IS a tin can and string.
JILLIAN: Dale was trying to entice another employee into his company
james: better than what i'm using.
Ron: feels like it some nights
Guy B.: Mike, there are two of you there.
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mrjive: Don't feel bad....I have a pony express rider showing up every few seconds with "packets"
changed username to colecoguy
JILLIAN: Dale will be home soon.
Ron: myjive -- ROTFL--- I hear ya!
rich-c: welcome back Bob
Guy B.: We got two colecoguy's tonight.
colecoguy: seems like rogers is having troble I am on the phone with them now as I have ben trown 4 times
rich-c: seems like the whole net is having problems tonight
colecoguy: so dales server for the chat is on his machine at home and its hookup to rogers
BobSlopsema: i was gone?????
rich-c: but why is James having grief - it's the 14th over there
Ron: being overused by people sending chain letters
james: just blame ntt, that's what i do.
BobSlopsema: ol Michael is gettin tossed, like a PIZZA!!!!
JILLIAN: Both Roger's and Sympatico(the two largest Canadian ISP's) have recently messed things up royally recently.
rich-c: or maybe it's the full moon
JILLIAN: Causes me much greif at work.
Ron: Honestly, I think the best that could happen is if the laws of electricity could be repealed
colecoguy: For Sure Jillian!!!!!
Guy B.: That could be it Rich!
mrjive: It's a "Harvest" moon
colecoguy: I have gotten more than half of my money off of my bill the last four months because of probs
BobSlopsema: HA, we been "mooned"
Ron: I used to be a werewolf, but I'm ok Nooooooooowwwwwww!
(Guy B. laughs heartily)
BobSlopsema: :-)
mrjive: lol ron
(A dog howls in the distance)
Ron: :)
Guy B.: My dog is asleep.
BobSlopsema: a dog on an island.......
(Everyone laughs mockingly at Ron)
Ron: well wake him up. He should be part of this conversation Guy
rich-c: ron, quietly spreading the word you and Willie are looking for Atari stuff
Ron: good Rich. you're a port in a storm
BobSlopsema: oh, market price is going up!
Ron: or do you drink port in a storm?
rich-c: me, I've got another TI 99/4A coming soon
Ron: right Bob
rich-c: need a few more computers to keep up with you guys
Ron: If anybody sees an Atari prog called 'Notator' I'd like to know about it
rich-c: noted
BobSlopsema: just picked up 5 laptops...compaq 486's
Ron: 25 here.... all working
Ron: what are they going for Bob?
colecoguy: Like I believe that Rich and I'm sure Francis would have something to say about as well
BobSlopsema: trouble is, 2 have mono screens..
mrjive: Betcha the batteries are dead Bob
Guy B.: My 486 decided to lose the CMOS info last week. Fortunately, I wrote down the hard drive parameters and I was back up in a few minutes. Seems the battery might have died.
BobSlopsema: ya'll ever heard of "blue" screens????
BobSlopsema: got 1 good battery!
Ron: like as in X-rated?
rich-c: Windoze has lots of them
mrjive: Wow put it on ebay!
BobSlopsema: these boot Win3.1 and the screen is mono, but the color goies from too light to see to a deep blue when adjusting the brightness
BobSlopsema: seems kinda weird
Ron: unique
mrjive: My boss made me open several hermetically sealed laptop batteries and replace the sub-c cells a couple years ago.
rich-c: well, they're 486s - maybe they shorted out anchoring the boats
BobSlopsema: gotta talk to son Douglas bout dat business
Ron: I have 4 in the workship that will end up at the hospital ECU
Ron: once I get them sorted out
Ron: (and no... no push pins)
BobSlopsema: GOOD!!!!
BobSlopsema: love those 486 laptops, had them at ADAMCON
rich-c: Ron, seen any good soldering irons on eBay lately?
Ron: imagine... me providing technical support
mrjive: good boat anchors
Ron: soldering iron? What's that?
Guy B.: Except you were cussing them out Bob.
rich-c: will they play Free Cell?
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changed username to scott
BobSlopsema: only cussin out the ISP's Guy
scott: Wow!
rich-c: hey Scott - long time no see
colecoguy: welcome scott
Guy B.: Scott, long time no see. How are you?
Ron: Scott ... hey!
BobSlopsema: HELLO der Scott!!!!
mrjive: Hi Scott
BobSlopsema: prolly
JILLIAN changed username to Dale
Ron: got a real good chat going here
Dale: Hi all.
BobSlopsema: I don't play games here, just make 'em work!
BobSlopsema: HI Dale
scott: It's a real stretch for me to be here tonight, but I made it.
Ron: Dale.. hi man
Guy B.: Dale, what happened with the server?
rich-c: Jill, see teh old man's home
Dale: So technical porblems create a fuller than usual chat?
BobSlopsema: he threw her right out the chair to get one Rich
Ron: seems so Dale
scott: 9 of us here. That's great!
BobSlopsema: must be so....
BobSlopsema: come on # 10!!!!
Dale: I think that the cat unplugged the router. So the server was fine, but the net connect was temporarily off. :-(
rich-c: if we'd been able to get on earlier, maybe we'd have had more
Ron: here in front of you myjive, the brains of the ADAM community
Ron: The power
BobSlopsema: stupid kitty!!!!
scott: So what's on everyone's mind this evening?
Dale: But she's cute anyway.
BobSlopsema: and here I was SURE you would have a "snart" cat........
rich-c: well, there's a disc drive...
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Ron: We have not solved a single adam problem to date Scott
changed username to james
scott: Oh yeah, Rich -- the disk drive
mrjive: Cat.....the other white meat.
rich-c: welcome back, james
BobSlopsema: nice trip James????
Guy B.: Finally getting my webpage started.
mrjive: lol ron
james: arg. if win98/netscape were an element, i'd definitely say hydrogen 'cause that's about how stable it is.
colecoguy: hey dale newsletter is finished and ready for you to pick up
BobSlopsema: well, where IS the drive, in Canada? or colorado???
scott: My dad says that the drive is bad, but he has an extra replacement drive that he's uncovered.
Ron: sometimes we focus on what we're here for, but not tonight
scott: So the drive should be fixable.
colecoguy: you just have to pic the pitures
Dale: Great Michael. When should I come by/
Guy B.: Well I already heard problems for Windows ME already. Goes on sale tomorrow.
BobSlopsema: we're here to B.S. right?????
mrjive: I was wondering.....
james: i'm here to speak english :D
Ron: Dale: tell Ena, thanks for the back issues of MTAG NL. Got them yesterday along with myh
Ron: official membership card
rich-c: OK Scott, I'll be away till Hallowee'n
colecoguy: i have stuff on for the next two days how about the weekend then we can mail it etc....
Ron: of which I have seriously noted the expiry date this time
scott: Well when you get back, the drive should be ready. hehehe
BobSlopsema: wonderin what Doug?????
rich-c: OK keep me posted Scott
Dale: Perfect Ron. Ena's away on a vacation right now.
Ron: ic
Dale: I'll tell her when she gets back though.
Ron: ok
scott: Ok, who is mrjive?
colecoguy: dale did you get last comment
BobSlopsema: he say....."jive turkey will do"....... ;-)
mrjive: Doug Dirks, Cheyenne Wyo....(Adam computer is in cold storage.....very cold storage.
Dale: Okay, how about Sat early afternoon?
Ron: Doug... Wyoming
rich-c: a prodigal returning to teh fold, Scott
Ron: once an ADAMite, always an ADAMite
BobSlopsema: works for me!
scott: Wyoming? That's actually somewhat close to where I live.
Guy B.: Agree with you Ron.
scott: I'm in Denver, Colorado.
colecoguy: sounds fine for me dale call after the chat and ill talk with ya 929-9470
rich-c: yes, but it's a different kind of pretty
mrjive: Cool.....get down there often.
scott: You should stop by some time.
BobSlopsema: an ADAM...."once you've tried the rest, come BACK to the BEST!"
Ron: My tin can and string just said I'm idle again
Ron: gonna get bumped soon
mrjive: Give me your address or number
BobSlopsema: smack the sucker!!!
rich-c: better move to the iMac, Ron
Ron: wonder why this damn 'puter can't see my mouth flappin'
Guy B.: Well, I'm going to here. Rich have a safe trip and see you in a few weeks then.
Ron: using a pentium 166 tonight
BobSlopsema: Ron....GET AN ADAM!!!!
Ron: yeah!
Dale: I've noted your #.
Ron: fer sure eh?
rich-c: Thanks Guy - keep the gang out of mischief while I'm away
BobSlopsema: be good Guy.......or else, have FUN!!!!
scott: Call me at work at (303) 360-4459. All of my ADAM equiptment is set up at my parent's house (haven't moved it quite yet).
Ron: later Guy
Guy B.: I always have fun, poking with you.
Guy B.: Bye all.
BobSlopsema: ;-)
james: ahh crap.
james: by bobs..
BobSlopsema: i didn't do it!!!!
Guy B. left chat session
colecoguy: see ya guy B
mrjive: cool scott got it.
Dale: Scott, you've got your own digs?
Ron: james said, "Oh my gosh, holy gee whiskers"
scott: Yes, just moved into a one bedroom apartment right next to work.
scott: Actually, I'm at work now.
james: can anyone here give me an approximate time frame for the time it takes dsl to go from being available in metropolitan areas only
rich-c: yeah , Japanese is the pits for swearing
james: to more rural areas?
scott: Just right next door.
Ron: are you working?
scott: No, not working.
Ron: and when you are working, what do you do?
scott: I'm allowed to use my office to study.
BobSlopsema: hey! I'm lost......
Ron: nobody ever told me
james: japanese is useless for swearing.
james: the only swear word i have now is "ntt"..
BobSlopsema: use French james
Ron: about like French
scott: And I have permission to use my computer to talk to you guys tonight.
james: i do :D
mrjive: Wyo will have to hire more pony express riders to do DSL.
scott: Ron -- I'm a web designer.
Ron: French... swear words are all religious epithets
BobSlopsema: hmmmm.....
Ron: ok it
rich-c: the best sounding swearing is German
james: yes, and i'm not a religious person.
Ron: whereas, in English all swear words are based on sex
rich-c: but in actual content it's pretty mild
BobSlopsema: and a computer guru like ya'll don't have your very own puter Scott???
james: apparently there's this african dialect that bases swearing on pumpkins..
scott: I don't know -- Castellan Spanish can sound pretty dirty.
Dale: Around here it took about 2 years to go from metro to more rural.
Ron: wouldn't be surprised
james: hmm.. okay because kdd (a long distance carrier) is just starting up adsl in tokyo and osaka..
Dale: But some of it took longer. It depends on how much fiber they've layed alrwady.
scott: My computer is at my parent's house.
rich-c: yeah, Italian too - though maybe there it's the hands
scott: Still playing with it over there.
james: arg. so i'll likely be in bandwidth/toll based dial up 33.6 internet "access" hell for quite some time then.
Ron: By the way gents and ladies, you will all be happy to know that my ADAM iDE hard drive
rich-c: Canada's said to be ahead of everyone on that, and even here it's very limited
Dale: In Brooklin (town of 1700) they went from 1940s and 1950s phone system to totally fiber in 1993 over a period of about 2 years.
Ron: connector problems were fixed with a can of contact spray
mrjive: Aha....I haven't used mine in 11 years.....lost the Smartbasic tape
Dale: To convert the town it cost Bell about $1million.
Ron: mjive, do you have a disk drive?
scott: Dale -- the web page kinda shocked me.
Dale: Ron, now there's a bright idea.
Ron: yah
james: i'm going to mention that to the town government. they wasted 1.3 million dollars (u.s.) building this stupid pyramid thing
BobSlopsema: novel idea Ron.... ;-)
james: near the road. idiots.
rich-c: pity you didn't have the 'net then, Doug. Adam software is still very plentiful
BobSlopsema: no pushpins eh?
Ron: not necessary (this time)
mrjive: no....but I bought a new smartbasic tape from Bob
scott: So I guess it's Ultra Mutt for sure, eh?
scott: Kinda like the name, actually.
Ron: really mjive, there's no reason to be without whatever ADAM software you want to have
rich-c: well, when you want some other stuff drop me a line - after Hallowee'n
Ron: but you DO need a disk drive
Dale: The CEO of Sony thinks that broadband Internet can be everywhere in Japan soon.
BobSlopsema: Richard got is ALL.......
james: yeah, everywhere but here is my guess.
rich-c: Soon, Only Not Yet, james
Dale: I think like 2 years is plausable if the've already sterted in the metro areas.
james: we don't even have catv infrastructure because "it's not in our 10 year plan"..
scott: Sony -- what a bunch of idiots. No plan for narrowband support for PS2!
BobSlopsema: ADAM's House has 3 160's in stock or will convert to 320's for $125 and $1?? respectively and now he takes PAYPAL
rich-c: don't know how we can live without it, Scott
mrjive: Actually I'm not so sure I want to go back....kinda reliving the '80's.....but I did want to get it up and running.
moved to room Meeting Place
james: might be. i'm going to be putting together a survey to pressure the town government to modernize.
colecoguy: got to go see ys next week I hope
james: people are tired of seeing their money spent on pyramids.
changed username to WBurnside
Ron: we are all here to help
BobSlopsema: see ya Michael have a good week
rich-c: hey Willie, you finally got in
Dale: If you read my email Scott, you'll see, it was just registered to reserve it.
BobSlopsema: hiya Willie. missed ya!
Ron: later Coleco
colecoguy: thanks Bob and you as well
rich-c: Michael, behave yourself when I'm away
Ron: Hi Willie
colecoguy: niters Ron
WBurnside: Yes I finally made it
WBurnside: Hello all!
rich-c: nite Michael
BobSlopsema: trouble gettin here???
scott: Dale -- but if we decided to change the name, doesn't that cost money?
Ron: BRB.....(cola time)
Dale: Hi WB.
colecoguy: and poof smoke hes gone
colecoguy left chat session
mrjive: lol
scott: Mighty neat poof smoke...
james: so mrjive, where are you from?
WBurnside: I had to work late replacing another instructor
james: couldn't repair him?
mrjive: Cheyenne, of milk and....sheep.
rich-c: do they plug in or need soldering, WB?
Dale: Scott, sure, but not that much.
james: cool. i live in yokota, southwestern japan. land of cows and rice paddies and idiotic town governments.
scott: How much? I've seen all types of prices for domains.
Ron: Automatic sprinkler system shooting water from outside into the basement window onto 2 computers
Ron: best I shut the window
BobSlopsema: ya shure.......
scott: I'm thinking of reserving a couple of other domains myself.
Dale: $10US per year.
mrjive: Wow guns I hate it.
scott: Dale -- where?
Ron: back
james: i'm not a big fan of guns.
mrjive: I understand.
rich-c: Doug, did you know Japan was one of the earliest countries with guns?
Dale: My perfered place <grin>
rich-c: They were - but decided they didn't like them so gave them up
scott: ok ;)
james: i'd rather slice and dice someone than blow them up myself.
mrjive: Yes.....gunpowder was invented in china I think.
mrjive: lol james
rich-c: yes, and there is a strong cross-cultural influence
scott: Dale, we need to set up another meeting. My UOP class just finished tonight. I'll be free to do other things.
james: my father in law has a *real* katana, handle and everything, police registered. made right here in yokota, one of the few places
BobSlopsema: slice and dice sounds painful!
james: in japan where the trade can be learned and swords are made.
mrjive: You have to register a katana with the police!
rich-c: Japanese swords are legendary - make Toledo steel look chintzy
james: painful, but very effective i'd imagine. trust me, just being in a room with someone i trust and *not* being the one holding the
james: sword makes me nervous.
Dale: How 'bout Sun at 2 or 5 eastern
Ron: we should all return to fists at fifty paces
scott: Actually I was hoping we could get together before then.
BobSlopsema: I agree with Ron!!!!!
scott: If possible
scott: Sunday's football day.
mrjive: Sorry, but I'm gonna keep my uzi.....just in case.
james: they fold them over some crazy number of times.
BobSlopsema: heck I got my basement, I can HIDE!!!!
james: in case.. the king of england decides to come and take your land ;)
Ron: even here, on the Island there are guns....
Ron: they take 'em to school
mrjive: lol more like king of america.
james: i've been held up at gun point, in ottawa by a stupid 15 year old kid. what kind of idiot tries to get cash from a
james: university student is what i told him, and walked away.
Ron: the ultimate comeback James.
mrjive: Pretty brave james.
Ron: but still, I'm sure you must remember that moment eh?
james: yeah. i'm lucky i'm not dead.
rich-c: and not without much truth
Dale: I have a web launch, and many other commitments.
scott: The moment of truth...
Ron: Business doing ok Dale?
scott: How about later Sunday evening?
Dale: Later Sun is okay. What time?
scott: Pick a time.
BobSlopsema: Willie, ge the package yet????
BobSlopsema: get
scott: 5,6?
james: do you really have an uzi, mrjive? wyoming doesn't sound like the kind of place where one would need arms..
mrjive: Did I die?
Dale: 5pm EST is prefect
scott: Actually, that's 5 or 6 pm MST, so 7 or 8 pm EST
mrjive: Rut ro.....
scott: Alright, alright. 5pm EST.
BobSlopsema: naw you are still here jive
scott: What is this site that you are launching?
Ron: here?
BobSlopsema: no there.....
Dale: &EST is okay.
BobSlopsema: or anywhere.....
Dale: 7EST is fine.
scott: Okay 7EST it is.
Ron: :)
scott: What's this site that you are launching???
Ron: These guys are trying to be serious
Dale: The business is doing well.
Ron: good Dale
mrjive left chat session
Dale: We are launching a photo sharing site...
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to mrjive
Ron: available to the public?
scott: Sounds interesting. Business related?
Dale: it also does guranteed storage of your photos.
BobSlopsema: he's back!
Ron: Oh now that's cool
Dale: Then we are adding free Internet scanning of films.
mrjive: Testing, testing
Ron: speaking of which....
mrjive: Whew
james: you're here.
Ron: I've just scanned in some of my ADAMCON OCH photo's... are you interested in some more JPEG's?
scott: Wow. Could make you some money.
mrjive: Got real quiet.....logged off and back on.
Dale: It will be called fact, I'm planning to invite everyone on the coladam-list to join our beta programme shortly.
BobSlopsema: happens when you get dumped.......
Dale: Ron, sure just email them to me.
Ron: cool!
rich-c: got room for 8000 scans, Dale?
mrjive: Aha thanks bob
scott: Well good luck. Sounds very interesting.
Ron: ok Still got 4 or 5 more to do, but will send them along prolly tomorrow
WBurnside: Bob, I have not received the package yet
scott: Well guys, I have to head out of here. Nice to see you all.
scott: Got other commitments myself.
rich-c: see you in November. Scott
mrjive: Talk to you later Scott
BobSlopsema: goot aplit now fellas....Richard, be careful on your trip and will see you and Frances onthe return side
Ron: niters Scott
scott: Nice to chat and will be able to come here on a more frequent basis.
james: bye scott.
BobSlopsema: the rest of ya's BEHAVE! ;-)
Ron: and Bob
BobSlopsema: be back next week!
Dale: Rich C, I have room for hundres of megabytes on But you get to do the scanning.
rich-c: 10-4 bob, best to Judy and the kids
Ron: not bloody likely
scott: See ya!
james: mrjive, you married?
scott: Poof.
BobSlopsema: Willie should be there tomorrow or Fri then
scott left chat session
WBurnside: Bye all! Have a good trip Rich-c
rich-c: well, I have a lot of slides taking up a lot of space!!!
mrjive: Nope....single and lovin it.
Dale: I'm also looking for AdamCon 9 or AC11 Sunday pictures
BobSlopsema left chat session
rich-c: WB, Thanks, CU
james: :D married 2 years. miss being single sometimes.
james: not often though.
WBurnside left chat session
mrjive: I understand.
Ron: hMMM.... might have some Sunday 11 pics
rich-c: we're coming up on our 46th anniversary
Ron: although I took a bunch to Meek for the photo album so she might have 'em...will check
mrjive: Most of my friends are married....they tell me to stay single.
Dale: Didn't you have some on Seatle Film works Ron?
Ron: took me 20 years to figure that myjive
mrjive: lol ron
Ron: Yes Dale, and the disks are still here somewhere....
james: 46 years. wow. i've got a little to go before i get that far. i'll likely go deaf before then.
rich-c: there are days when it helps...
mrjive: lol
Ron: I look around now.... and based on that plus my own experience I wonder why people even try
james: love her to pieces but sometimes, particularly *when i'm driving* she just doesn't know when i could use a break.
Dale: This week was my 2nd Anniversery.
Ron: living together. However in some cases I know it does work out ok
Ron: Congrats Dale
james: well i'd say 46 years is successful.
Ron: yes, certainly is
rich-c: congrats to Jill, Dale
Dale: thanks.
Ron: and Jill
james: i got married rather young too for this day and age - 23.
Ron: well....
mrjive: Pretty cool.....My parents just selebrated their 40th annaversary
rich-c: depends on how you feel about it 25 years down teh road, james
Ron: I dunno.... 23, you're practically an old man
james: yeah, we'll see then :D
Ron: my son Jeff just whined about turning 29
james: so far as my students are concerned, 26 is ancient.
mrjive: ouch.....I'm 31
Ron: end of last month
Dale: Jills says thank-you too.
Ron: Richard and I are...(ahem) a little older
james: i wonder if i was really such a smart-ass when i was 13 or 14..
james: my guess is yes.
rich-c: hey, I'm only 70 - just up to cruisin' speed
mrjive: We all were.
Ron: yea Rich
Dale: So in this group I'm still below average at 28
james: am i the youngest at 26 then?
Ron: At least I'm not the chief senior. I'm 56
rich-c: it's OK Dale, you're catching up
mrjive: Sounds like it
Ron: too young to be a senior, but too old to work
Dale: But in MTAG we are officially classified as a "Senior's group" (and therefore don't pay any fee for our meeting space).
Ron: Hey that's a cool move Dale
rich-c: depends on how they define seniors
Dale: You know how people say "I feel too young to be a senior"?
mrjive: On the net we are all seniors.
Dale: Well, I was floored that I was a senior!
Ron: well... for curling I'm a senior. At some restaurants I'm a senior
james: how old are you dale?
Ron: At banks I'm NOT yet
Dale: 28.
Dale: So James, you are the youngest of those here right now.
rich-c: you've got the wrong bank, Ron - some make teh cut at 55
james: most definitely not a senior, though my students may disagree. some of them are ready to plant me already.
Ron: :)
mrjive: lol james
Ron: kids have a different perspective
james: they're a few pushups stronger now..
Dale: Well, I'm the president of the local Adam group which is a "Senior's Computer Club" on our permit.
mrjive: lol
Ron: how did you work that Dale?
rich-c: they have at least one senior member, I believe
mrjive: Testing, testing
Dale: It happened which the various cities of Metro Toronto merged, and the funding formulas changed...
rich-c: you're here, Doug
Ron: and that makes it official
Dale: Every club had to be clasified as either youth, senior (both free) or adult ($15/hour for space).
Dale: Since most of our members and all of our regulars except me are retired, that's what they decided.
Ron: pretty hefty room rent be avoided any way you can
rich-c: and two out of three, majority wins?
Ron: it's legit
Dale: I just never suspected. Not all of our members are retired, nor was it a requirement.
rich-c: if anyone asks, Dale, just tell them one of the retirees is your grandfather
Dale: I was actually scheming to try and avoid the rent, but it happened without intervention.
rich-c: and that he really runs the club; you're just a front
Ron: well now that I'm a card carrying member
Ron: I must profess allegiance to the executive
mrjive: $15/hr wow......I'd use IRC instead of that.
Dale: Well, the member of our exec who gets the permit is retired, so I think that that works in our favour.
rich-c: finally get around to joining AARP or CARP, Ron?
james: rich, my travels will take me to your neck of the woods around the first of august next year.
Ron: not yet Rich. I'm Newsletter Editor for our local FSNA branch (membership 900)...that's enough
rich-c: sounds good, james - we don't travel much in August - too nice here
Ron: we do a quarterly thing
james: so if you'd like to meet me and some *really* young people, i'd be nice to get together. i'll be taking them
mrjive: What time is it in Japan james?
rich-c: the big ..RPs are good for discounts
james: (and a second pair of drawers) up the cn tower.
Dale: Well, the $15/hr is for the whole group. We usually get about 8 people per meeting.
Ron: we have access to those as well
rich-c: I'm a little old for that elevator, james
rich-c: but maybe I'll cheer from terra firma
james: beats the stairs ;)
james: i'm not a big fan of heights, particularly open, glass elevator .5 km heights.
rich-c: amen
Dale: When you're in town James, look me up. I'm always ready for high adventure in Toronto.
Ron: we used to have those in Ottawa. CD Howe Building on Queen St.
Ron: you must have been there James
james: oh yeah, i fogot that you're in toronto too. for sure!
rich-c: Dale, you take teh group up - james and Fracnes can come here and talk Logo
james: cd howe building. nope never been up that one. i avoid heights when possible. my wife coerced me into the cn tower bit.
rich-c: Even I've been up the Peace Tower
james: she thought it was just *hilarious* yeah. real funny.
Ron: ic
mrjive: James: what time is it in Japan?
rich-c: he's 12 hours ahead of us, Doug
james: it's about 12:30 in the afternoon. i just closed my window and turned on the a/c.
mrjive: Aha!
james: glad i'm not in europe or i'd likely not be joining these chats.
Ron: how so James?
rich-c: yes, they're about seven hours ahead of you
Ron: time?
mrjive: Three thirty in Greenwich, England
james: well, 9 p.m. est would put most european countries at around 3 am..
Ron: right.. it's 8:29 P.M. here on the 13 Sept
rich-c: Eastern is five hours behind GMT
james: is it still light out?
Ron: so Europe wouldn't work out. We're 8 hours behind GMT
Ron: or is it Co-ordinated Universal Time
Dale: Some day we should to a chat at a time agreeable to Marcel.
mrjive: Tough to have a "global community" when a third are asleep.
rich-c: with due allowance for Daylight Time, of course
mrjive: Nope....sun dial isn't working here
james: we don't have that (daylight time) here. i don't miss it.
Ron: yes.... atcually we're only 7 hrs behind GMT now
rich-c: think what the net would be like if dinner time werer the same everywhere
james: it's usually dark by 7:30, even on the longest day of the year.
Ron: we do what the aviation people do... run on Zulu
mrjive: Wake up and eat rich!
Dale: Avation people all run on GMT.
Ron: yup which they sometimes refer to as Zulu time
Dale: So being worried about landing at midnight local time is probably not an issue.
Ron: not so much any more. Think that was a military thing
rich-c: don't forget Ron is an hour behind Doug and in a higher latitude
Ron: yup. I'm 30 miles from the 50th parallel of latitude
james: well even time zones are a very rough approximation. if you take noon to be the point when the sun is highest in the sky,
Ron: and about 124 West
james: there can be as much as 40 minutes difference between places within the same time zone.
Ron: give or take
mrjive: Wow an hour behing! Those pony express riders are sure slow!
rich-c: yes - I once photographed a sunrise in Gaspe - at 4.27 a.m.
Ron: even in the northern parts of Vancouver Island around June it never really gets dark
james: and since the earth is round, of course, the further north you go in a time zone, the longer your days/nights get
Ron: sort of a twilight thing all night
rich-c: In Yellowknife they start the annual golf tournament at midnight June 21
james: i'd like to see that sometime. not a place for stargazing though.
Ron: indeed.
Ron: so is it Sept 14 where you are James?
rich-c: it is in December, james
james: well, i guess they'd get long nights in the winter though. that could work.
james: yeah, sept 14th. 2000. can't believe how fast this month has gone by. half over already.
james: what's in december?
Dale: James, yes, the sun is up for just an hour or two depending where you go.
Ron: I have a theory about the passage of time as one ages on the high side of 50
rich-c: the years get shorter and teh days get longer
Ron: the farther away you get from 50 (going up) the faster time goes
james: hee hee..
rich-c: actually, I think the days get shorter too
james: it makes sense, as you age, every day becomes a proportionately smaller portion of your lifetime to date.
Dale: My brothers took a 24hour plan trip to one of the farthest north setlements in Canada and the sun was below the horizon for about 35 minutes.
Ron: until when you are infinitely far away from age 50, time passes infinitely fast
rich-c: remember when days were long enugh that we had time to go to work?
Ron: oh yes Rich. That was a curiosity definately
rich-c: cant imagine how we ever did it
Ron: exactly
james: would explain why kids are so restless. an hour must be so much longer for them.
rich-c: I recall high schol classes when an hour was ten seconds short of eternity
Ron: interesting James. You're probably right
Dale: haha
Dale left chat session
james: it happens sometimes, but don't tell my wife.
moved to room Meeting Place
Ron: Dale is aging too
changed username to Dale
Ron: he just doesn't realize it yet
rich-c: it's ok, they never believe it anyway
Ron: I remember when Dale was young
mrjive: ok this is driving me nuts....lets talk about the ADAM computer.
Dale: Oh no! I was bumped. But today I was on Windows, not Linux as I usually am.
Ron: back a few ADAMCONs ago
james: and ron would remember me when i was 13 :D
mrjive: What does everyone do with the old machine?
Dale: I have pictures of me when I was young at AC02.
rich-c: And, Doug, ask them about Seth
Ron: yep James. Remember this young man showing up at one of our AUFG meetings with Dad
james: i'm going to start teaching smartlogo to kids over here, once i get the manual translated.
mrjive: Seth?
rich-c: son of Adam - there are plots
mrjive: Hmmmmm
Dale: Well, we've been doing all kinds of things with the Adam.
mrjive: What is smartlogo?
Ron: mjive.... we have quite a bit of history here. Some of the people you're talking to have been
rich-c: anyway, I use my Adam for formal letters, envelope addressing, small databasing
Ron: active adam users since teenage years
james: logo is a programming language for children. smartlogo is the adam version.
Ron: some others have watched them grow up
rich-c: Frances uses it for Logo and all sorts of spreadsheet stuff
mrjive: aha
Dale: Like playing games, using LOGO, etc.
Dale: I use it mostly for programming.
james: i got my adam when i was 9.
Ron: I still think LOGO does best at taking full advantage of the capabilities of ADAM
Dale: I write games, applications, music etc.
james: if i get into generating wind power over here (lots of wind coming off the mountains) i'll use an adam or two as a control
mrjive: I know I got a lot of good use out of mine writing my college reports on mine.
Dale: I greet Ron.
rich-c: Some folks claim Logo is the most flexible programming language yet
james: centre.
Dale: I agree Ron.
Ron: it has sound commands, sprite control, a sprite editor built in
james: will be even more flexible in 6 months time with any luck.
rich-c: Dr. D. uses his Adam to control lab experiements at the university
mrjive: Interesting.....I never heard of logo
Dale: SmartLOGO is very much tuned to all of the capabilities of the Adam.
rich-c: there are a lot of Colecovision game fans around, too
james: dale, you've heard of my plans for smartlogo, right?
rich-c: Frances likes the easy graphics control she gets in Logo
Dale: There is also an Adam Emulator to revive all of your old Adam interests in the PC.
mrjive: Do most of you have the Adam stand alone? Mine was the plug in to the colecovision.
Dale: James, I've looked over your translation so far.
Dale: Just like Ron's.
james: okay, my other project then. i'm going to add a character editor and functionality to save and load new character sets.
rich-c: All the Adams I have up and running or in personal reserve are standalone
Ron: Doug was there ever a club or ADAM user group where you were?
Ron: where you are I mean
Ron: LIke where was Norm Castro's group?
Dale: I have an expansion module Adam somewhere I think. But my first Adam was a standalone.
mrjive: I think I'm the only one in Wyo with an Adam ron lol
rich-c: he was in Nebraska - Omaha
Ron: oh ok, right
rich-c: you'd be amazed where there are Adams, Doug
Dale: Have you tried out the Adam Emulator Doug?
rich-c: every once in a while we get someone new in chat, and they come from all over
mrjive: Just kidding....I've seen them at garage sales.
mrjive: No I haven't seen the emulator.
rich-c: grab one - they're on the cusp of becoming pricey collector curiosities
Ron: what's Marcel's URL?
Dale: I jsut don't get to enough garage sales. Some day I'll buy a Cray Supercomputer at one, I'm sure.
Ron: /~dekogel
rich-c: /~dekogel
mrjive: I was surprised there are people still using them....if it wasn't for bob selling stuff on ebay I wouldn't have found this place.
james: /~dekogel
Dale: I tell every one to visit the Coleco Adam pointers page at
rich-c: we got an echo here
mrjive: lol Dale
Ron: pointers page is best place to start
rich-c: just put Colecovision Adam into a search engine and you'll be stunned at teh hits
Ron: well folks, given that the mind can only digest what the ass can endure
Ron: i go
Dale: TTYL Ron.
james: i'm going to leave you all now. time for lunch and i have to do a few things before i start work this evening.
rich-c: yes, my legs are starting to cramp; too much sittring
Ron: see ya next week
Ron: good week all
rich-c: OK all, see you in November. Be good while I'm away
james: rich - have fun on your trip! you'll hopefully have an e-mail when you get back saying i got the stuff! :D
Dale: Bye for now Rich.
Ron: good trip Rich
rich-c: And very pleased to meet you, Doug; come back soon
mrjive: thanks rich
rich-c: bye now
james: bye dough.
Ron left chat session
james: sorry -doug.
rich-c left chat session
Dale: The chat transcript should be up by tomorrow morning.
mrjive: lol bye james
james: *poof*
james left chat session
Dale: So look for it at
mrjive: Ok I've got the site bookmarked.
Dale: Good night Doug. Next time we'll focus on the Adam more.
mrjive: ok it was fun
Dale: Bye.
mrjive left chat session
Dale: poof
Dale left chat session > chat > 2000-9-13
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