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Dale: Be right back
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changed username to JimmyG
JimmyG: Hey
JimmyG: ?
JimmyG: /help
(JimmyG reboots JimmyG's computer remotely.)
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changed username to JimmyG
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changed username to Mr. Jive
JimmyG: Hey..
Mr. Jive: Hi jimmy
JimmyG: I thought there'd be more peeps in here by now.
Mr. Jive: where is everyone?
JimmyG: I dunno. This is my first time in chat here..
JimmyG: Who's usually in here?
Mr. Jive: Usually about 5 other hard core Adam users.
Mr. Jive: Scott, Bob Slopesema......
Mr. Jive: Dale.....
JimmyG: Alan Neely stop by at all?
Mr. Jive: I think so....I'm kinda new too.
Mr. Jive: That name is familliar.
Mr. Jive: Are you a friend of Alan's?
JimmyG: I haven't used the ADAM in years..
Mr. Jive: lol me neither....bought a new one on ebay for $30.
JimmyG: Well, no, bbut I bought some stuff off of him years ago.. the ADAM BBS software he created
JimmyG: Very good package.
Mr. Jive: aha!
JimmyG: He's a pretty nice guy from what I remember.
JimmyG: I really love what he did with it.
Mr. Jive: I remember hitting the bulliten boards with my 300 baud! woohoo!
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JimmyG: 300 BPS... Speed!
changed username to james
JimmyG: Could be worse. could've been 100 BPS
Mr. Jive: The don't make 'em like that any more.....thank God!
JimmyG: I'm glad I chose Jimmy as my nick..
JimmyG: Hiya James..
Mr. Jive: Hi james
james: morning :)
james: how's everyone?
Mr. Jive: How's the weather in Japan?
JimmyG: One question about the ADAM I have asked several times but nobody could answer..M
james: it's cooled off quite a bit. still warm during the day but once the sun goes down, quite cool.
JimmyG: Why does the cursor change when you type INT at a SmartBASIC prompt?
Mr. Jive: Wow didn't know it did.
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Mr. Jive: Of course it's been 10 years...
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Mr. Jive: Hi Guy
JimmyG: I had used an appleII at school, and typed it.. it said language not loaded, so I tried it on ADAM
JimmyG: Hiya Guy
james: hi guy :) forgot to e-mail you.
Guy B.: Hi Jimmy, James and Mr. Jive
JimmyG: hIYA gUY
JimmyG: I hate Cps Loc
Mr. Jive: Ah the Apple into a lot of trouble with that one :)
Mr. Jive: lol Jimmy
JimmyG: I cut Phys Ed in High School just to mess around with the computers
JimmyG: The fact that I sucked at everything and always got picked last had something to do with it too.. :)
Guy B.: Same here when it came to sports at school.
Mr. Jive: Whenever I got in trouble they sent me to the library....had a Commodore 64 there.
Mr. Jive: Got into trouble a lot.
JimmyG: :)
Guy B.: What sort of trouble?
JimmyG: Is the chat being logged yet?
Mr. Jive: Anything I could think of!
Guy B.: I believe it's automatic when it comes to the log.
JimmyG: Ahhh
Mr. Jive: Probably not Dale's not here....oh ok maybe so.
JimmyG: I better be nice then..
JimmyG: Who's who on the mailing list here?
Guy B.: Dale can get pretty touchy, but he's Ok with us.
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JimmyG: I'm jjgoebel1
Mr. Jive: woohoo!
JimmyG: Hello Undefined..
JimmyG: :)
Mr. Jive: lol
Guy B.: Jim, you got my message. How did you solve Hitchikers?
JimmyG: I don't remember. I found the walkthrough on the web somewhere.
Guy B.: Do you have Zork?
JimmyG: I think so. I purchased the infocom sci-fi cd a few years ago, and I think Zork was included on it.
Mr. Jive: yikes!
Mr. Jive: undefined got booted.
Guy B.: I know they were very tough and I never bought them. It's bad enough I can't even solve 2010
JimmyG: Ahh.. The bonus title is Beyond Zork
JimmyG: LIttle known fact about 2010.. when you purchase it and first load it up, there is a saved game right at the end. Load it, flip a switch, and you win.
Guy B.: That's why I never saved a game on it.:)
JimmyG: :)
JimmyG: I remember showing off ADAM's Zaxxon (not the cv cart) at a computer party once..
Guy B.: There were two text adventures for the Adam I did solve. Michigana Jones and Traveler.
JimmyG: Blew the C-64-ers away.
JimmyG: I was never much for text adventures..
Guy B.: That was by far the best game Coleco came out with in the supergame series.
JimmyG: Only reason I bought it is because I was a huge Douglas Adams fan.
JimmyG: I wish they would have come out with all the games that they advertised on the box..
Mr. Jive: What other supergames where there?
Guy B.: Now you can download the actual arcade rom and use it with MAME.
JimmyG: DK, DKJr, Family Feud, 2010, Unreleased Jeopardy and Sub Roc, Choplifter/AE, HardHatMAck/Pinbal const. set (unreleased)
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Mr. Jive: Wow I'll have to keep an eye out for them.
Guy B.: Super Subroc, Jeopardy, Pinball are PD.
changed username to BobSlopsema
Guy B.: Hi Bob.
JimmyG: Hi Bob
Mr. Jive: Hi Bob
JimmyG: One game on the CV I was addicted to big time was Montezuma's Revenge.
Mr. Jive: Glad you made is busy tonight.
BobSlopsema: got frozen out and couldn't do anything, had to rebott the machine and all
Mr. Jive: Huh I don't think I have that one.
Guy B.: Oh yeah, I have that one and it was addicting. Super Cobra was another one.
JimmyG: Tapper and Congo Bong were very good too.
Mr. Jive: Wow....I've seen MR on ebay....I'll bid on it.
Guy B.: Congo Bongo was decent. But, the graphics could have been better.
JimmyG: Fun FUn Fun game MR is..
Mr. Jive: ok cool
JimmyG: The only prob I had with CB were the sprites..
Guy B.: Bob, I'm constructing a homepage for the Adam Emulator utilities. Hope to have it ready next month.
JimmyG: BTW, It was amazin what coleco accomp[lished, what with the graphics bug it had and all
james left chat session
Mr. Jive: Yes the design could have been better.
Mr. Jive: You would think as late in the game as they entered the computer market, that they would have designed it a little better.
BobSlopsema: cool Guy, on corecomm????
Guy B.: That's true, wished Coleco could have followed through on releasing more software as advertised.
Guy B.: Yes, it will be on Corecomm.
JimmyG: I remeber writing a little graphics program and was pulling my hair out why it didn't work properly.. Then I found out about the 8 pixel bug
BobSlopsema: you guys see the email about steam roller??????
BobSlopsema: just finsished game?
Guy B.: I'm using Netscape composer. Part of was started with Word 97.
BobSlopsema: James, you bought it didn't you?
JimmyG: No.. haven't seen it..
Mr. Jive: I remember the day Coleco dropped their computer program....
JimmyG: James got booted
Mr. Jive: Steam roller?
JimmyG: What's this about corecomm?
Mr. Jive: Jimmy I think that was a Quickbasic bug....
Guy B.: Jim, that's my ISP and Bob's.
JimmyG: I don't know. I could've sworn I've seen it pop up in coleco products
JimmyG: ut then again, I don't remember waking up this AM
JimmyG: ut=But
BobSlopsema: i've recently made a new game acquisition and thought i'd share what i've
Mr. Jive: Hmmm could be....I remember running into it programming in SmartBasic....hated it.
JimmyG: What's that, Bob?
Guy B.: After Coleco releasd Super Subroc to PD, that was it.
Guy B.: What did you get Bob?
BobSlopsema: i've recently made a new game acquisition and thought i'd share what i'vei've recently made a new game acquisition and thought i'd share what i'vei've recently made a new game acquisition and thought i'd share what i'vei've recgimme your email address and i will forward the email to you.....
BobSlopsema: stupid deal!!!
Guy B.: You have mine right Bob?
BobSlopsema: anyway, give me anybody's emailthat did NOT get the original and i will forward it to yo
Mr. Jive: How do I get on the email list?
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Mr. Jive: You have mine still, don't ya Bob?
changed username to Dale
BobSlopsema: send mail to witht he subject SUBSCRIBE
Guy B.: Hi Dale.
JimmyG: Hi Dale
Dale: Hey all, This is Jillian actually.
Mr. Jive: Hi Dale
Guy B.: Where is he Jill?
JimmyG: Hi Jillian
Mr. Jive: oops Jillian
Dale: Dale is ordering food. (It's his turn to cook.) He'll be here soon.
Guy B.: You guys take turns to see who's getting dinner, eh?
BobSlopsema: is on the way to you jj
JimmyG: Thanx..
BobSlopsema: hi Jill!!!!
JimmyG: If you get a chance, check out this website:
Dale: We try to take turns. He does more laundry than I do so I do more cooking.
BobSlopsema: WHAT a guy, eh????
Guy B.: That's what I did when I was married.
JimmyG: I know this is a Coleco room, but this gave me a hearty chuckle
Dale: He is a shining example of modern man.
JimmyG: There should be only 1 slash before index.html
BobSlopsema: heck, Rich Clee likes his Itari's.......
Dale: Oops here he comes.
Mr. Jive: cool got it
Dale changed username to Really Dale
Really Dale: Hi all.
JimmyG: Hi Dale
Guy B.: Hi Dale. Ordering in tonight?
Mr. Jive: Welcome Dale
BobSlopsema: hey jj....earthlink don'tknow ya, mail just bounced....
BobSlopsema: hi Dale!
BobSlopsema: that's where it went........just control c'd you address and forwarded it again
JimmyG: Seems that you put in
BobSlopsema: then i can't blame my typing! :-)
Really Dale: Yup. As per *Jill's* suggestion.
Really Dale changed username to Dale
Dale: Boy I should have posted a reminder about the chat.
BobSlopsema: well geez, ya can't blame a guy for trying!
Mr. Jive: Dang everyone's gettin kicked.
Dale: Where'd Jilly go?
BobSlopsema: why...... we here
Dale: Er, I meant Jimmy of course.
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changed username to JimmyG
Mr. Jive: here he comes back
JimmyG: Accidently booted myself..
Dale: Rich Clee is the Amiga fanatic.
Dale: Hi Jimmy.
Mr. Jive: lol
JimmyG: Must remember to keep muultiple IE windows open.
Mr. Jive: Yea the Amiga guys are hardcore dedicated to their machines.
BobSlopsema: he was just checkin out the Itari site.....
Guy B.: Dale, I'm constructing a homepage for the Adam Emulator utilities. Have the main page done. I'm including a page for documentation download and my famous Qbasic/batch files.
Dale: Some day, I'll make a prettier intro page, that keeps people from getting double windows, etc.
Dale: It is on my todo list fr, but I haven't gotten to it yet.
Dale: Guy, sounds great!
Dale: I can't wait to see it.
JimmyG: Tell me about teh dedication of Amiga-ites.. I have a friend in NJ who refuses to use a PC to this dday. He even has a hack of ICQ for his Amiga
Guy B.: Thanks, I started part of it with Word 97 and using the Netscape Composer for the rest.
JimmyG: I had an ST.
JimmyG: Despite that we were best friends.. UNthinkable.. :)
JimmyG: Kinda like a Cubs fan and a White Sox fan getting along. :)
Mr. Jive: lol Jimmy no kidding!
Guy B.: Jim, sooner or later. He'll have to give in.
JimmyG: Who knows. UP until 5 years ago, the Amiga was still being use on the Cable system in my town.
Mr. Jive: Don't count on it...You don't know those Amiga guys.
Guy B.: Rich Clee owns one.
JimmyG: I dialed into the community channel and an Amiga desktop was staring at me..
Mr. Jive: They'll figure out how to string them together for more processor power.
Dale: There is always talk of the "next generation" Amiga.
Dale: Amiga
JimmyG: Does Gateway still own the rights to it?
Dale: Amiga International has been bought and sold more times than I can keep track of.
Dale: It was owned by Gateway, then spun off, then bought by a new group, ...
Dale: then they sold it to the employees basically.
JimmyG: I wonder if anything else will ever become of it.. Oh well..
Dale: Gateway retained the rights to the patents, but the company is still moving ahead.
Dale: They have partnered with some of the third party vendors that still make new Amiga addons.
JimmyG: I just am browsing the page to order steamroller at.. They have the Pac-Man Fever album on CD..
Dale: The third parties will be making the new systems under license.
JimmyG: I may ahve to break out the old Credit CArd.
Dale: Sort of the way VHS was owned by one company and licensed to many.
BobSlopsema: don't get stung on the price though Jim!
JimmyG: The CD is cheaper elsewhere?
JimmyG: I've kinda turned this into Gaming night I see..
Dale: We talk about a wide variety of topics.
Dale: On the weekend, I went to a local computer show...
JimmyG: Did anybody find my old NIAD gaming articles?
JimmyG: Yes Dale?
Dale: and with the admission, they gave out a free game. "Y2K the Game".
JimmyG: Oh dear...
Guy B.: Now that has to do with the Y2K bug right?
Mr. Jive: did it crash your system?
Dale: It is okay, a little wierd interface. It is a puzzle game along the lines of Adam Bomb 2.
BobSlopsema: don't know, jsut that James DeCarlo got bit
Dale: It is a story where you "win the lottery, buy a mansion, then get trapped in the smart house."
Dale: So you have to fix the broken robots, and control systems.
Dale: So it is pretty satisfying, that I can go around and fix all of the systems using clues found in the house.
Dale: I wish it was always that easy.
JimmyG: Sounds interesting.
Dale: I also helped my buddy buy a computer systems of his own.
Dale: They had everything from P120 systems for $50 to more powerful systems for $2500.
Dale: They even had 2 486/33SX CPUs for a $1.
JimmyG: After working some computer shows in Chicago (working for the show organizer that is), I decided to never buy another computer. I'm gonna build 'em myself. IN fact that's what I'm typing on now.
Dale: A great place to buy IDE 80meg hard drives for your Adam.
Guy B.: Computer shows is the best source for really good deals. That's where I got this current system from and going to do the same thing for my new one next year.
Mr. Jive: The nice thing about building your own is you get what you want.
Dale: Well, I built my computer from parts, but it is very time consuming, and usually costs more. IF you know what you want, ...
Guy B.: Exactly. Just won Windows 95 with USB on Yahoo Auctions Sunday.
Dale: that's fine, but if you are a beginning user, then you don't know what parts are important to you.
Guy B.: I got mine with the case and motherboard. Later I got the CPU and transfered everything from the 486 to the new one. Now I've upgraded to new hardware over the last two years. But, memory for this system got too high.
JimmyG: I scavenged what I could from my Packard Beel-zebub
Mr. Jive: true Dale.....definitely for experienced computer users.
Dale: Well, I replaced parts in my old computer until I was able to rebuild the old one from parts. :-)
Guy B.: I still have the 486 and added two genuine 360K floppy drives and a cheap hard drive and now it's entirely a DOS computer.
Dale: I just joined eBay this week.
Dale: Any tips?
JimmyG: The only tip for E-Bay I can give is watch out.
Mr. Jive: Dale: Don't use your email address as your user name.
Dale: Bob, Jill wants to know how Doug and Meeka are?
JimmyG: I've never traded on it, but I've heard too many horror stories.
Guy B.: And be careful. Especially with the fees they charge. Yahoo is entirely free.
Dale: Well, before ebay, there was
Mr. Jive: I do a lot of trading on ebay....only buy from people who have good profiles.
Dale: And that didn't have any sort of formal feedback system.
Guy B.: I've had great success on Yahoo Auctions. Sold three items this year.
BobSlopsema: Doug & Meeka are good, going to a computer gamiers conventinothis weekend in Ohio
JimmyG: If anyone knows of a classic gamins convention in Chicago, let e know..
Guy B.: We have to keep on the lookout Jim.
JimmyG: You from Chi-town guy?
Dale: The fees diddn't seem too bad on eBay.
Guy B.: North Riverside.
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changed username to Wburnside
BobSlopsema: they add up after while Dale
JimmyG: I'm orignally from Joliet, but now in Kankakee
Guy B.: Hi WB.
JimmyG: HI WB
Wburnside: Hello all!
BobSlopsema: BUT! Ebay has a LOT of people looking
BobSlopsema: YOU Willie!!!
Dale: WB!
BobSlopsema: Oh, Jimmy!!!! found those gaming articles in NIAD's nl's ,just got ot copy them for you
Wburnside: I got the package last week Bob! Thank you!!!
BobSlopsema: that's "YO"
Dale: It seems easier to find more obscure items on ebay than the other auction sites.
BobSlopsema: +super!
Mr. Jive: test test
BobSlopsema: quiz, quiz.......
BobSlopsema: :-) :-0
JimmyG: Thanks Bob!
JimmyG: My Brother was the inheritor of the family Adam (as well as the family 2600.. Grrr..) so I probably have them on DDP somewhere, but where, and are they still readable.
BobSlopsema: how you want them????
BobSlopsema: just scan on flatbed and attach???
JimmyG: Can you do word 97?
BobSlopsema: nope, just my ADAM! ;-)
JimmyG: Actually, Scan and attach would be fine.. I can run them through an OCR and pray that it reads it properly.
JimmyG: :)
BobSlopsema: can scan and then change the pic format w/ graphics workshop
BobSlopsema: copies are not THAT good
JimmyG: Sounds good to me.. :)
Mr. Jive: How much did Adam CP/M plus assembler origionally sell for?
BobSlopsema: Dale, scan starts as .BMP.............what compression would be best to attach to email and then for Jim to unsqeeze them????
BobSlopsema: a LOT!!!!
BobSlopsema: saw somwe pricing whilst looking threu old NIAD's
Guy B.: It sold for around $25 at the time. I think you can still get it, but who uses it now that we have TDOS.
JimmyG: However you want to scan, zip or whatever is fine.
Mr. Jive: I bid a copy up to $30 on ebay and got outbid....wondering how much it's worth.
BobSlopsema: yes!!! TDOS literally "BLOWS" cp/m away!
JimmyG: I have to say, that graphic Chess game on CP/M was pretty good.. If extremely difficult.
BobSlopsema: the numbers are not what they are Basic, Logo etc........
Guy B.: Best thing that came out for the Adam.
Dale: Food's here!
Guy B.: Sargon Chess wasn't it?
BobSlopsema: whatever CP/M will do; TDOS will do better!!!!!
JimmyG: I think so, Guy
BobSlopsema: AND it is FREE
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BobSlopsema: what's for supper Dale????
changed username to mrjive
BobSlopsema: I am HUNGRY!!!
BobSlopsema: :-)
Dale: Bob, try either TIFF or TIFF with fax compression, or GIF. Experiment a little. Those are the best candidates.
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changed username to Ron
Ron: Some of us are always late
mrjive: hi ron
Guy B.: Well, Ron's finally here.
Ron: evening
Guy B.: How are you Ron?
Wburnside: Hello Ron!
Ron: Closing the swimming pool before the rains come tomorrow
Ron: always some excuse
Guy B.: Pretty cool up by you there?
JimmyG: HI ROn
BobSlopsema: OK Dale will do!
Ron: well, we've had a great week sunshine wise, but the temps are now fall temps, not summer temps
BobSlopsema: Me mighty Mitchell!!!!!!!!!
Ron: and the pool temp responds accordingly
Ron: Hey! Bob!
Guy B.: In other words, BRRRRRR!
Ron: You got it. I was in for my last swim about 2 weeks ago.... it was then 67 deg F.
BobSlopsema: maybe even the GooseBumps will fly south shortly
Ron: which is about my lower limit
Ron: exactly Bob. I see the Canada Geese are marshalling their members overhead
BobSlopsema: it IS that time of the year Ron
Ron: you guys don't want 'em I know
BobSlopsema: they are beautiful birds, but dirty as a pack of wild dogs
JimmyG: Well, gonna run. Now that my wife's asleep, I can commandeer the TV..
JimmyG: Olympics.. Yawn..
Ron: exactly. they had a bit on TV from Seattle about a month ago. They've decided to start selectively shooting 'em
Wburnside: Bye JimmyG
Ron: they're that much of a problem down there
Guy B.: Good thinking Jim. Hope to see you next week.
Dale: Bye Jimmy
BobSlopsema: see ya jim!
JimmyG: I'll be around again.. Try to make the next chat. Until then..
JimmyG left chat session
Guy B.: Take care Jim.
Ron: Olympics.... I agree..... all we can collectively do as a nation is whine about how many gold medals we lost
Ron: I get a little tired of our national psyche about this time
BobSlopsema: oh, some of it is worth seeing
Ron: we gets what we gets
Ron: oh absolutely Bob.... these people are good....very very good
mrjive: They never shot what I'm interested in.
Ron: which was?
mrjive: oops show
BobSlopsema: just now, an unknown, non seeded in any previous tournament guy for Montana or Wyoming beat the Russian 3 time olympic champ in srestling - all on a slip up on the russian's part
BobSlopsema: other tahn that it was a draw
mrjive: Shooting sports.
Ron: well there ya go
BobSlopsema: tha's why yo gotta GO to the olympics Doug!
BobSlopsema: then you can watch that part
mrjive: Yes he's from wyo....big news here.
Ron: If you ain't running or swimming or boxing, or biking you don't get a heck of a lot of attention
mrjive: Fat white boy too! Yippee!
Ron: you realize of course
mrjive: It's a left wing conspiracy....anything to do with guns is taboo on tv news.
Ron: that everything at the Olympics is happening upside down
BobSlopsema: not fat; just plump........not white, just "un"sunstruck........
mrjive: Good point Ron
mrjive: lol Bob
Ron: It's a wonder they don't all fall off
BobSlopsema: I was wondering about they really do everything on their heads down there and just turn the camera upside doen so we can see it?????
mrjive: You would think the blood would rush to their heads.
BobSlopsema: kinda like your butt signs Ron
Ron: :)
Ron: ya did did ya
Ron: buddy of mine here sent me those
Ron: retired fighter pilot
BobSlopsema: sneaky sucker eh?
Ron: Sort of thing they come up with in the Canadian Military
Ron: being an Air Force brat, I heard 'em all before
Ron: So has anybody turned on an ADAM this past week?
Ron: embarrassing question, I know
Ron: here I got sidetracked again.... recording country and western videos off the TV
Ron: onto my iMAC
mrjive: Ummm.....been 10 years for me......
Guy B.: The last time for me was two weeks ago. Until Rich D. came out with the next patch for Adamserve. The Smartfiler patch worked. I have to put that one file he mentioned to the drive.
mrjive: But my new Adam will be here soon!
Ron: Yes, I have to try that. I've got his articles on my 'to do ' list
Ron: you got one Doug?
Guy B.: Ron, I'm working on a homepage for the Adam Emulator utilities. First page is done, working on three more.
mrjive: Yes off of ebay for $30.
Ron: aha!
Ron: good price
BobSlopsema: yup
Ron: just about what I paid for my Atari mouse
Wburnside: How much will the shipping be
Ron: by the time I got it up here, it had just about doubled in my money
Ron: Think you got a better deal
mrjive: shipping was $18
BobSlopsema: ADAM usually ships for $17-$25 3rd class depending on just where in the country it goes
Ron: Speaking of ADAM stuff, Bob... did you ever get that printer?
Guy B.: Well, I'm going to check my e-mail and other things while I'm online. So, I'll see you all next week.
Wburnside: Bye GuyB!
Ron: right on Guy. Take care!
BobSlopsema: be good Guy!!!
mrjive: ok Guy see ya
Dale: Buy Guy
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Guy B. left chat session
changed username to AdamSteve
Ron: Hi Dale!
Wburnside: Guy is for sale!
AdamSteve: Good you guys are still here. :)
Dale: Hi Ron.
Dale: I've been eating supper.
Ron: this is allowed
mrjive: hi steve
Wburnside: Hi steve!
AdamSteve: Greetings..
Ron: obviously you don't get too hungry for dinner at 8
Dale: Hi Steve.
AdamSteve: Okay.. Bob.. what have I missed in the last 5 months?
AdamSteve: Did they finally upgrade the adam and it's back on the market?
mrjive: oh cool they're showing the wrestling match now!
BobSlopsema: hey Steve!!!!
Ron: dreamerSteve
Ron: Steve, which Steve are you?
BobSlopsema: no upgrades, and yes it IS ont he market!
BobSlopsema: :-)
AdamSteve: Very newbie steve.. got my adam for 40meg hard drive from Bob. ;)
mrjive: I gotta go I want to watch this....
Ron: welcome sir
mrjive: bye everyone
AdamSteve: mrjive.. what's more important.. Adam or Wrestling?
BobSlopsema: Steve bought the ADAM with HD from me last oh.......April????
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Ron: see ya Doug
Wburnside: Bye Mrjive!
changed username to james
mrjive: lol bye everyone.
james: hi all, sory about earlier..
james: by mrjive
james: bye, that is.
mrjive left chat session
Ron: Aha... James my son!
BobSlopsema: so solly !!!!!
james: how's it going? i was on earlier but ntt bailed on me so i went outside to lay some patio stones
AdamSteve: Bob.. to answer your question.. yea.. I'm looking for high memory.. :)
james: something around here might as well get laid..
Ron: I hear ya James
james: so how are things in hong couver?
BobSlopsema: might be that only ADAM's House has bigger expanders will have to check aroun
Ron: sunny.... but about to get un-sunny
Ron: we've had great weather for the past week or two
AdamSteve: I tried the link for Adam's House.. It never came up... kept saying URL not found..
Ron: but a Pacific storm is coming
james: we've had nice weather too, 24 during the day mostly sunny, rather cool at night though.
AdamSteve: and I still need to get my drive fixed..
james: my friend in l.a. is having trouble adjusting.
Wburnside: Adam house has moved type coleco for the URL and it should come up
james: oops, my friend from l.a. that is.
james: pacific storm.. can't be good for business.
Ron: we're into that time of year.
AdamSteve: Not much offered on eBay either..
Ron: Anybody want a PS-1?
BobSlopsema: disk drive????
Wburnside: Does anyone have past issues of NIAD newsletter. I am trying to get all the issues.
BobSlopsema: shat size????
BobSlopsema: what
james: we normally get a few typoons around this time but so far, at least our region has gotten away with nothing.
BobSlopsema: got almost a complete set Willie, they are yours for shipping
james: bobs - i forgot to email you. i'm still very interested in that adaptor
Ron: All our weather comes from the Pacific
Ron: And there's a lot of water out there
james: well, there's something we have in common ;)
AdamSteve: Ya. my Adam disk drive... needs fixing..
Wburnside: Excellent! I e-mail me with the shipping costs!
Ron: Bob, did you see my question ab out the ADAM printer?
Ron: like... did you get it?
james: test
BobSlopsema: Willie, I say you can have them, but first I gotta find them! don't think I threw thema way, but just looked and didn't se them
BobSlopsema: got the printer Ronald!!!!
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james: ron, any word back from anyone re aufg?
BobSlopsema: bout 2 weeks ago....or three..........
Ron: good.
AdamSteve: My Browser Crashed... What did I miss???
BobSlopsema: nuthin.......
james: nada
Ron: haven't heard a thing yet James..... were you going to try Guy Cousineau?
BobSlopsema: that is the greatr thing about us guys and gals.........we go slow......
james: i probably sould. i think i've got his address buried somewhere.
AdamSteve: Bob.. do you have the url for Adams House?
Ron: somewhere around here.....I have it.....
BobSlopsema: bill gates is tryin to change things way too quick
james: yeah, every once in awhile i don't even need to run anything to make windows crash, it just boots into the blue screen of death.
AdamSteve: hehe.. windows.. LOL
BobSlopsema: nope! justtried it and it don't work
AdamSteve: Ron do you have the URL?
Ron: Speaking from some experience on these matters, I don't think I've used an operating system yet that didn't screw up at one time or another
james: adam's house url, think i've got that..
AdamSteve: I've tried adams house the last 3 days.. and it just doesn't come up..
AdamSteve: I hope he didn't take it down.
Ron: Even OS-9 on the Mighty Mac has its shaky moments
james: try this url:
Wburnside: Adam house has move to
james: test
AdamSteve: Awww.. Thanks!!!
AdamSteve: bookmark time.
james: just checked it, comes up, right place..
james: how's your mouse ron?
AdamSteve: Well, I'm dinner time.
james: dinner time? adam steve where do you live?
Ron: working very well James... it bloody well better
BobSlopsema: THAT's the url
james: test
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james: anyone here?
Ron: a test from the west
Dale: Nope, We're all asleep James.
james: hear you now :)
Ron: relative to James, we're all east
Ron: or are we way west?
AdamSteve: Bob.. what was the highest amount of memory with printer port?
BobSlopsema: as I recall Steve........Utah??????
Dale: It's been a long day for me. I think I'll take off now.
BobSlopsema: don't recall Steve
Dale: Bye for now everyone.
Ron: Keep on truckin' Dale
BobSlopsema: see ya Dale
Ron: go straight home now
Wburnside: Gotta go good people! Bye!
james: i like to think you're all east of here.
BobSlopsema: am checkin now
BobSlopsema: see ya Willie
Ron: well, we could be
Wburnside left chat session
james: my school faces east, so techincally it's facing canada.
james: if we ignore the curvature of the earth. technically, it's probably facing somewhere into space..
Ron: true
BobSlopsema: 256k mem expander is $70 for one $100 for two plus shjippnig
Dale: poof
Ron: Well we were just talking about all the olympics in Australia being run upside down
Dale left chat session
BobSlopsema: $63 for one and $99 exactly for two!!!!!!!
AdamSteve: Didn't ya say that there were 2megs with the paralla card?
BobSlopsema: got taht Steve????
AdamSteve: so 256k is the highest?
BobSlopsema: nope, there were 2 meg cards manufactured; and there are paralle cards manufactured
BobSlopsema: you NEED a parallel printer card or addressor card to access anything abouve a 64k mem card
james: ron, i've been working rather hard lately on planning my canada trip :)
BobSlopsema: highest of any I nknow unless RichClee has a bigger Micro Innovations one
AdamSteve: So Rich is away?
Ron: good stuff James. are you getting all the info you need?
james: most of it. i'm still waiting for my travel agent to get back to me with updated flight schedules/fares as i'm now
BobSlopsema: away till endoof October
james: landing us in toronto instead of ottawa. well, i'll let the pilots and a/c controllers take care of the actual landing..
Ron: Still talking July James?
AdamSteve: Okay. maybe I'll get with him then?
Ron: yes, this would be a good idea, although at Pearson Airport, you never know
AdamSteve: Dinner time. so chat you all later.
BobSlopsema: I dont know where else to look Steve...and I don't know just where allthose big cards are either
BobSlopsema: ok see ya steve welcome back!!!!
james: i think so, i've actually got a fairly detailed schedule worked out now. july 24th - aug 5th
Ron: good Steve.... good to meet you
AdamSteve: Okay... well maybe one of you'll give one up.. :)
james: adamsteve, where do you live?
AdamSteve: Unfortunatly CA
james: enjoy your dinner. i'm about to have lunch!
Ron: ok. That... might... and I say MIGHT be fairly close to ADAMCON 13 in Cleveland....
Ron: but if I'm not around, the world won't come to an end
james: well, i can understand your not wanting to miss adamcon. i hope to make it to one.
AdamSteve left chat session
Ron: lunch in Japan.... and it's Thursday, right
james: uhh.. yep. thursday it is.
Ron: we shall see.... date not announced yet, and probably won't be till around Christmas
james: i've just undergone another phenomenal growth spurt. i've gone from 53 to 64 students in the last 4 weeks.
Ron: That's good!
BobSlopsema: whoa"! ya must be good at teachin!!!!
Ron: your reputation spreads far and wide
james: yeah :) money isn't bad either. hell of alot better than those cheap bastards in ottawa were paying me.
james: i'm waiting for the dust to settle. every time i get one of these sudden growth spurts i get a little nervous.
Ron: Wha... the Ontario Department of Education?
Ron: or the Ottawa-Carleton School Board?
james: no, i was in high tech doing web development.
Ron: ah
james: i worked for a very mediocre, amateur company.
Ron: Anyway. sounds like things are going well
james: you can be small and dynamic, it wasn't the size, just their atmosphere that really sucked.
james: they are. i'm happy. i'm also running near capacity. i've got some high school students that are coming on an individual
james: basis, and once they leave, that'll open 4 more prime time evening spots. my potential is 80 students.
Ron: working atmosphere is very important
james: yes. and where i was, they did not have a good one.
Ron: Well guys..... think I'm gonna disappear
BobSlopsema: fellers, time to go here
Ron: may the force be with you
BobSlopsema: it is DARK here ya know! ;-)
james: well, i can't talk to myself, so i guess i'll go too ;)
james: i'll make it a point to send you e-mail this week bob.
Ron: actually it's dark here too
Ron: times change
BobSlopsema: see ya next week!!!
james: bye :)
Ron: yessir!
BobSlopsema left chat session
james: ttyl ron.
Ron: nters James....w illl try remember to talk to somebody in Ottawa this week
Ron: see ya
james: thanks. cheers.
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