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BobS: HELLO DER!!!!!
BobS: nkl
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BobS: HEY GUYS!!!!
BobS: define your ownselves or DIE!!!!
BobS: YO!!!!!
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james: well, quite a crowd we have today..
BobS: nope
BobS: I wouldn't zactly call the 2 of us a crowd
BobS: :-)
BobS: SO! how things in Japan????
james: how are things with you?
BobS: busy man.....
BobS: it seems that every year I get older and further behind!
BobS: I am almost so hopelessly behind I will NEVER catch up!
james: :) it's probably futile to try.
BobS: it IS Wednesday, at least in Toronto isn';t it????
james: in toronto, i think so. here as usual, it's thursday.
BobS: futility..........a definition of aging........
james: how old are you?
BobS: 51 years young.....what I gotta do is retire like ol' Ron did....
BobS: maybe it's because I am trying to do ten times more than 30 years ago???
james: ol' ron eh.. i'll have to remember that. and my students think i'm ancient at 26.
james: i meant to ask you - when we were talking about those hd controllers, did you say you have two of them?
BobS: no, you ARE young!
BobS: yes sir, I think I have 2 left
james: *that's* what i tell my students but they never believe me.
james: okay, i will know what my money situation is once the rest of my students pay me. i'd be interested in both.
BobS: well, age is a matter of perspective, especially when you are young
BobS: BOTH!!!!
BobS: they are nice!!!
BobS: you know the difference between using a HD and using a disk drive
james: i've got two adams and i might as well upgrade both of them.
james: you mean how to use them?
BobS: no, the speed with which they work
james: i'm guessing the hard drives could load logo in about 2 seconds, if that.
BobS: probably
james: i've got some stuff from rich coming. he sent it surface mail so i should have it in another few weeks.
BobS: Dale is wupposed to be working with Scott Gordon on possibly producing some more boards
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james: i'm sure they could get put to use if they did make them.
AdamSteve: Hello!
james: morning..
BobS: Steve!!!!! Thanks heavens son, we thought ( Me and James) that we would be "old maids" here
AdamSteve: Um.. :)
james: speak for yourself on the "old" bit ;)
AdamSteve: I voiced no comment. :O
BobS: :-)
AdamSteve: I do have a question!!!!
james: i get smart ass junior high school students calling me old every day.
james: maybe we have an answer
AdamSteve: I'm hoping.. I got the adam out.. but have been playing games.. it's time to learn it now.. :)
BobS: fire away Steve
AdamSteve: My question.. BOB.. is this what I'm looking for?
AdamSteve: EVE SP1 serial/parallel interface
james: i'll be back in a few seconds..
AdamSteve: This will allow the printer right.. :)
AdamSteve: I'm sick of the Adam's printer. :)
BobS: that piece of hardware will make it possible to run an dot matrix printer on up to a HP deskjet 400 to run off the ADAM
AdamSteve: That's all I wanted to know.. :) What about a modem..
AdamSteve: We need to find someone to write a Browwer program for the adam.. LOL
BobS: and also put it within the realm of possible to run a 9600 baud serial modem OR even attacha dumb terminal to get rue 80 column
AdamSteve: Broswer that is.
AdamSteve: Well.. I have my eye on something.. as long as I don't get outbidded..
BobS: that is the problem, the browser interface to go between ADAM and the net
BobS: what y biddin on????
AdamSteve: I don't want to blabb.. it's a good deal.. and I need them for my adam.. :)
AdamSteve: It's a lot with 2 disk drives, 2 tape drives.. the eve s/p card..
BobS: well if you tell me, I won't end up bidding on it/........
BobS: DAM! I WAS looking at that one too
BobS: looks like a good setup
BobS: depends on how high it goes......
AdamSteve: Please I beg of you don't.. LOL.. I'm really limited on funds.. and so far I can afford this..
AdamSteve: That's the link!
BobS: well, I susspectr it will go at least $150
BobS: maybe higher, the disk drives will push it up
AdamSteve: I may be able to do 150.. but no more..
AdamSteve: I kinda figured people are waiting for the last minute..
AdamSteve: and I really want this.. :)
BobS: well.........maybe we can fix that.........if it goes higher than what you can do, maybe I could buy it, and keep a disk drivbe until you get some extra bucks....
AdamSteve: since my drive is busted.. and I haven't gotten it fixed yet..
BobS: yo got a disk drive?
BobS: what does it do????
AdamSteve: Yea.. remeber.. :) it came to me broken..
AdamSteve: Doesn't do anything..
BobS: any lights light up
AdamSteve: I'd have to hook it up to see what it does.. If I remember correctly it does show the lights ocasionally.. just doesn't load.
AdamSteve: Remember.. I was going to get it fixed.. and possible updated to a 360k or possible 720.
BobS: ok, light on for power means that the power supply is good
AdamSteve: PS.. What program do you use to format regular tapes for the adam?
BobS: light on black face should light every time a disk is inserted (briefly) and full time while reading
AdamSteve: I'll hook it up later and let ya know in email about it..
BobS: a double deck cassette player
BobS: and a drill
AdamSteve: Hu.. Explain. ;)
BobS: it is easier and quicker than trying to use anything else
BobS: drill to match holes in 60 minute Sony cassettes and in ADAM DDP
AdamSteve: That's the easiest way to format tapes for the adam.. LOL
james: i'm back, did i miss much?
AdamSteve: Nope. ;)
james: okay, let me scan.. ah formatting tapes ;)
AdamSteve: And the double deck cassette player does???
james: should we tell him bob?
BobS: then rewind both; record the Sony tape from the ADAM ddp; stop at the end of the sqquelly noise; flip both tapes and record backside
AdamSteve: James.. I'm a newbie adam.. :) I got mine from Bob, with a 40meg hard drive. :)
james: i don't have a hard drive yet. got some stuff coming from rich. have you met rich yet?
AdamSteve: I'll just have to find mine.. LOL.. to much trouble for that. :)
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AdamSteve: Not personally nope.. but I need to contact him.
changed username to Guy B.
AdamSteve: I'm also looking to hook up a monitor to mine..
BobS: actual;y Steve, tha is the BEST luck I have had making tapes and I have made many that way
james: rich should be back by the end of october. he's currently on the road with his wife and their camper.
Guy B.: Ok, I'm here, sorry I'm late. That darn anti-virus software hung me up.
BobS: a Magnavox compostie monitoer works great
AdamSteve: There was a whole bunch of comotion before I moved about some new adam stuff any word?
BobS: OR a Commodore w/ compoiste jacks
james: i'm not sure what's going on. i hope to get back at doing my logo stuff soon. i'm translating the manual and
BobS: nothing too new Steve
james: will be adding a couple of enhancements to the language itself.
AdamSteve: Man.. we need to find a software/hardware writer and developer.. :)
AdamSteve: What's the price off the top of your head bob to add a monitor and sound?
james: i'd like to get into that eventually. i've got general programming experience but still need to learn z80
BobS: got the software guys in Rich Drushel and Dale Wick......hardware???? that's another matter'
AdamSteve: well... what the hell are you waiting for.. First thing on the list James.. :) A browser.. :)
BobS: boy, steve should be able to pic up a monitor locally for around $15- $20 bucks
BobS: haven't checked Ebay lately
AdamSteve: I was reading one of my old Adam books.. and they were hoping to come out with an IBM emulator.. so that IBM can be used by the Adam. :)
james: :) once i get the logo stuff done, that sounds like an interesting project. would likely be text only though.
BobS: that is done!!!
AdamSteve: What's done?
BobS: you can hookup serialports and use 10 meg of the ibm HD and use its's disk drives and printer
AdamSteve: James.. LOL.. I could just see a graphic browser.. LOL
BobS: called ADAMserve
AdamSteve: OH.. I'll have to look at that then Bob. :)
BobS: written and figureed out by Rich Drushel
james: heh heh. yeah, graphics coming in at a resolution of whatever it is on the adam.
james: 192 by something-or-other..
AdamSteve: Sorry.. Laughing... and picturing a graphic browser..
james: and all those colours too.
AdamSteve: And could you imagine the DOWNLOAD TIME.. my GO....
james: ouch. assuming a maximum of 9600bps, that would be painful.
AdamSteve: Um.. I have a 300.. LOL
AdamSteve: James.. I know something better.. :) How about doing a Bulleting Board System for the Adam. :)
james: yeah, me too.
BobS: no downloads.......jsut snail mail by the post office
AdamSteve: lol
james: i could print and address data packets ;)
AdamSteve: Bob.. If I get the eve s/p how do I tell adam to use the dot matix?
BobS: you are just dreaming........"piein the sky...."
james: actually, i thought there was a bbs system for adam already..
BobS: free email program I am going to email you
BobS: there are a few BBS systems out there. EOS version and TDOS (CP/M) version
Guy B.: Bob, was Rich D. on earlier tonight?
BobS: had one up and running till just last year
BobS: no Dr D Guy
james: steve - if you are interested in formatting tapes using a stereo deck, it really is quite easy.
AdamSteve: Bob.. what did you use?
Guy B.: Only four of us here tonight.
BobS: got MEGACOPY's, but easiest way is the old cheapo way, with a dual cassette player
james: just a drummel or small drill and another blank adam tape.
BobS: me???? heck I jsut called them!
james: see where holes are missing on the normal cassette to fit it into the adam, and drill them there.
BobS: called them both, just a slightly different format on the userr end
Guy B.: Looks the end of my 486. The CMOS battery is dead and I'm not going to replace it. I can still the computer. Just have to restore the CMOS info I backed up on a floppy.
james: if i'm not mistaken, you'll need to drill a couple of holes in the adam tape too to make it fit in your stereo
BobS: AND add 2 holes to the ADAM ddp to fit into the cassette deck
Guy B.: You have to do it right.
james: once you've got all the holes drilled (i think 4, 2 on each tape), just rewind each tape and record your adam tape to
BobS: 486 !!!!! that is almost BRAND new!!!!!
james: your normal blank tape. do both sides.
james: a 60 minute tape should do fine, if i recall.
Guy B.: I've had that computer 6 years Bob.
BobS: SONY works the best
james: is steve still here, or have i been talking to myself?
BobS: heck I still got 386's around here that work great!@
BobS: I think he left or got tossed james
Guy B.: I have my mom's old Packard Bell 386SX 16.
james: i've got a bunch of 486's in my classroom. great for running win95 and educational software for my students.
james: bummer.
Guy B.: I have a computer show coming up this Sunday. One vender has been selling 486's for $20. Might just buy one so I can use the 360K drives with it.
james: test..
Guy B.: I'm still here. What is Bob doing?
james: not sure. i was wondering if i dropped out without knowing it..
james: so how have you been guy?
BobS: hadf to get some nourishment
Guy B.: Well, other than working my tail at work as I'm still working overtime and it's getting to me. Tomorrow I take one of two personal days off.
Guy B.: Boy, I'm looking forward to it.
james: i know the feeling. i work everyday, including sundays. next week i'm taking the first day off i'll have had in two months.
BobS: yo got schol 7 days a week????
james: yup. they keep me busy. i teach from 1-10 on saturdays without a break.
Guy B.: James, you're overworked. No wonder you need a day off.
james: yeah. i've got my mornings and afternoons free though, so that helps.
Guy B.: That's good. Catch any winks between those times?
james: i tend to get up no earlier than 10 a.m. :)
BobS: I can see tha
james: my work is mostly evenings. since i teach mainly elementary school students, my "day" starts around 4 or 5 o'clock.
james: they come after regular school.
james: what do you do guy?
BobS: just what all do you teach them???
james: i teach english, mostly speaking. i don't let them take notes - i make them remember stuff and drill it into them.
BobS: english? computer skills?
Guy B.: I'm a Data Assistant. My job primarily involves entering data into the network.
BobS: thatform of teaching is certainlyt he best if they were "in" it
james: since i'm asking so many questions, where do you live guy?
james: yes, i've seen how they teach in the school systems here (from junior high school) and it's ... pathetic..
BobS: and pretty soon, Guy is gonna be a DATA BOSS1
Guy B.: I live in North Riverside, IL. About 10 miles west of Chicago.
james: so you'd be on the other side of chicago from bob, right?
Guy B.: My website is 90% done. Getting documentation and my Qbasic/batch files ready.
(Guy B. laughs heartily)
Guy B.: Bob, we got belted here last night.
james: i guess you guys both get my "used" sunshine then :)
BobS: James, you are CORRECT! Guy, it si expected here about midnights...another 90 minutes or so
Guy B.: Yeah, I know and the temps are suppose to drop like a rock after that.
james: what daytime temps you guys getting around there these days?
BobS: yougot that right!!!! some snow mixed in for the weekend....
james: snow!?
james: now i *know* that moving here was the right decision.
BobS: we have around 60 to 70 F....about 15 C????
Guy B.: We did have 70's, but now they saying 38 F for a HIGH on Friday. BRRRR. I don't have all my winter coats washed yet.
BobS: but this weekend is gonna be COOLLLDDDDD
james: during the day? hmm we're still in the mid 20's, usually about 25. once it's dark though, it drops to around 15.
BobS: we basically have Toronto's weather a day before they have it....Richard has reminded me often
Guy B.: That's not bad James.
james: i'm not complaining, being from ottawa the summers here for me are *extremely* long. a good 2 months or so longer than what i grew up with.
BobS: because youare a lot closer to the equator in Japan, right????
james: well, the northern most point of japan (hokkaido) is still south of ottawa, and i'm in the southwest. i think around 35 lattitude.
james: a good 15 degrees closer to the equator.
BobS: see???? no wonder ya'll am hot!!!!
james: :D "summer" here from my perspective goes from about the end of april to the beginning of november, though my students are
james: complaining that it's cold already, i'm still okay in a tshirt in the evenings.
Guy B.: Some people are more sensitive to the weather than others.
james: my friend from l.a. said it's (quote) "freezing".. what's she going to do in the "winter"? winter here is so mild compared to
james: what i'm used to. it'll be hard for her.
BobS: that is very comparable to Ron and the Seattle/Vancouver crowd complaining of heat stroke when it hits 80F or 20C
james: i guess it's all what one is accustomed to.
BobS: gotta toughen upthe world population!
Guy B.: I bet Ron is complaining of the unusually cold weather now.
BobS: undoubtatly
james: acutally, a cooler climate is healthier. longevity is higer in cooler climates because of reduced virus transmission from insects.
BobS: dat's not how it is spelled. though
james: :D
james: even in poorer countries..
Guy B.: James, You get mosquitos in
BobS: I can relate to that......mut bve old age making me hot all the time
Guy B.: Japan?
james: oh yeah. got a nice bite on the back of my neck, sometime when i was sleeping i guess.
BobS: naw, skeeters are a noreth american thing
Guy B.: Guess they are everywhere.
james: as a canadian, i can tell you i was quite startled the first time i saw a mosquito in february.
BobS: :-)
james: the bugs here are just so much bigger. dragon flies 4 inches across.
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Guy B.: Whoa!
changed username to WBurnside
BobS: COOL!!!!!
james: yeah, they're neat. all kinds of different colours and markings.
BobS: hiya Willie!!!!
BobS: almost missed ya!!
Guy B.: Hey, WB is here.
WBurnside: Hello all!
james: morning :)
WBurnside: I had to wait until my wife was finished with the computer!
Guy B.: You should consider a second one.
WBurnside: I still trying to pay for the first one!
james: wife or computer?!
BobS: ah, now we know we wields the "power"... ;-)
james: :D
WBurnside: Both!
BobS: hey, guys, guess what!!!
james: what?
WBurnside: What?
Guy B.: Well guys, I'm going to go. Got to answer the e-mail. So I'll try to make it earlier next week.
WBurnside: Bye Guy B
BobS: i just sold a dead Toshiba laptop for $49 and the matching dock station for $41 on Ebay
james: take it easy guy!
BobS: don't know what anyone wants a dead 486 for m but ......
BobS: see ya Guy, BE GOOD!!!!
WBurnside: Maybe the person will bring it back to life!
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BobS: it isn't worth bringing back!
BobS: unless they need parts
BobS: hope he is good at breathing life into it
WBurnside: Maybe he needs it as a museum piece!
BobS: could be is cosmetically great looking
BobS: good power supply
BobS: and who knows what else good
BobS: I just couldn't belive it! I thought maybe 15 or 20 bucks
BobS: for thw power supply
WBurnside: People can get caught up in the action!
BobS: could be
WBurnside: You have to be careful or you end up spending more money than you can afford!
james: i think it's time for lunch, so i'm going to leave you gents now.
BobS: ok james have a good eweek
james: thanks, you too!
BobS: or a good week too! :-)
WBurnside: Bye James!
james: cheers. *poof*
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WBurnside: It is down to the two of us!
BobS: and you just got here!
BobS: how's the teaching going?
WBurnside: Unfortunately, my daughter is calling! I have to help her with her homework! See you next Week!
WBurnside: The teaching is going well! Bye Now!
WBurnside: See you next week early!
BobS: see ya willie!
BobS: ok
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