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jjgignac: Hi
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi.
(Dale reboots jjgignac's computer remotely.)
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changed username to Guy B.
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changed username to WBurnside
Guy B.: Well, WB, seems we are the first two here.
WBurnside: Hello Guy B.
Guy B.: I was reading my e-mail until the window popped open with someone entering.
WBurnside: I was helping my daughter with her mathematics
Guy B.: Which kind of math?
WBurnside: percentages
Guy B.: Those and fractions were always the toughest for me.
WBurnside: The problem is that certain percentages work better if you convert them to fractions like 33 1/3% to 1/3
WBurnside: She has not quite caught on to that concept.
Guy B.: That's true.
WBurnside: I have to leave for a moment. My wife wants to use the computer.
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Guy B.: Ok, I'll still be here.
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changed username to BobSlopsema
BobSlopsema: hey dude!!!
Guy B.: Bob, you missed WB a little while ago.
BobSlopsema: got here late.....and all the others left because I smell soapy ?????
BobSlopsema: Hd stuff to do son......
Guy B.: What happened?
BobSlopsema: how's Wille anywhay???
Guy B.: He's doing Ok. He might be back, wife needs the computer.
BobSlopsema: credit card problems with Mandy..........DUMB youg kids
BobSlopsema: I think his wife believes we are all beautiful women strying to chat with her man...........
Guy B.: Overdid it again. I bet she knows what can happen.
BobSlopsema: course.........naw!!! that ain't right!
BobSlopsema: no, that is thre strange part, Mandy just seems to put her head in the sand like the problem will go away
BobSlopsema: she got burned a year ago, moved home and cleaned up her mess....
BobSlopsema: then started over, got $500 in debt and ignored it and then 7 months later it is a $1000 debt.....
Guy B.: How hard were you to her?
BobSlopsema: hey, she has to pay it, I'm not........
Guy B.: She's working?
BobSlopsema: she pregnant, sigle, temp job, in debt to phone, cable, credit card, and lord knows who else....what can I do to her????
Guy B.: Boy, you're right, she's in a BIG mess.
BobSlopsema: I think she swallowed a DUMB pill or something
BobSlopsema: plus she owed us about $2500 unitl we said no more!! under no circumstances
Guy B.: Becoming pregnant is going to make a whole lot worse.
BobSlopsema: she is working full time nowm, living at home for now.....and whittling down the debts
BobSlopsema: but who knows?????
BobSlopsema: she is liable to take off again and pull the same stupid stunts all over again
Guy B.: How old is she now>
BobSlopsema: and she is not the only one out there....WHAT the HECK is happening to these young kids?????
BobSlopsema: be 21 in Nov 25th
Guy B.: Boy, she's not even ready for what's lying ahead.
BobSlopsema: that's the truth
Guy B.: The problem is that today's generation think they are ready and they are not. At least we were smart and took things at a time.
BobSlopsema: well, at least we didn't make a mess of life the way they are doing!
BobSlopsema: of course, whenb Judy and I got married, we had a hard time getting $200 credit at Sears Roebuck!!! Now there are 20 different
Guy B.: Agree with that. Some do know better.
BobSlopsema: credit card companies lined up to take these kids to the cleaners
BobSlopsema: and they are bankrupting america!
Guy B.: I didn't get my first credit card until I started working fulltime. The problem is the credit card companies are greedy.
Guy B.: And still are doing it at the colleges.
BobSlopsema: "got credit problems????let us HELP by taking your house exuity aways from you and giving you a fresh start to start charging on
BobSlopsema: your credit cards all over again" so sasys the ad for the credit card
BobSlopsema: these kids shouldn't have anything over $100 or $200 until they PROVE they can handle it
Guy B.: That's what got Jeanene and I in trouble. But, I'm finally got things under control and it's alot better for me now. Jeanene???
BobSlopsema: I wonder just how many of these young kids stick the credit card companies with their bad debts, I bet is a large number
Guy B.: Could be alot.
BobSlopsema: Jeanene still under the 8 ball with credit???
BobSlopsema: how is she doing anyway?????
BobSlopsema: just remember....IF you want to play; GOTTA PAY!!!!!
Guy B.: Well, the problem with her was her car payments. She was paying over $300 a month and since she's on disability she couldn't keep up. She redid the loan and added an extra year and got it under $200. Her back is not doing too good.
BobSlopsema: gotta get a cheaper car then..........needs an operation??? didn't she have on e not too long ago??
Guy B.: Her credit is really messed up. Still has the same car '97 Cavalier. Trying a new different back therapy.
BobSlopsema: back problems is NO picnic, I can sympathize with her; just a sore back is troublesome
Guy B.: Hers involves her spine.
BobSlopsema: youch!
Guy B.: I get them too. I use a seat cushion at work since the chair I have is not very confortable.
Guy B.: An MRI revealed a pretruding bone. It seems some parts of her spine are out of whack let's say.
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BobSlopsema: sitting down a t a job is NOT all it sounds to be as far as easy
changed username to Mr Jive
Mr Jive: Woohoo finally made it!
Guy B.: She was standing up and Home Depot where she worked wouldn't let her have a chair to sit on.
Guy B.: Hey, Mr. Jive what's going on with you?
BobSlopsema: finally????? in like you could NOT get hooked up here???? Me and ol' guy were lonesome!!!!
Mr Jive: Good news I got my Adam that I bought on ebay......
Guy B.: Did you try it out?
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Mr Jive: Bad news the post office "had it's way with it"!!!
changed username to Dale
Mr Jive: lol
Mr Jive: Haven't tried it yet I'm waiting for the glue to dry.
Guy B.: Hi Dale. Finally getting everyone. I was the first one here tonight.
BobSlopsema: oh, oh.......what happened to it
Mr Jive: Hi Dale
Guy B.: Lost Dale.
Mr Jive: Six keys got busted off the keyboard and all the tabs on top of the printer.
Guy B.: Oh boy, looks like the seller must have a done a lousy job of packing the system.
BobSlopsema: printer tabs ara a given, and super glue works great on the keys
Mr Jive: It was filthy too but I disassembled/cleaned/reassembled it.
BobSlopsema: I have found that sellers by and large are LOUSY packers
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changed username to Dale
BobSlopsema: 2 pieces of flat newspaper do NOT count as packing......
Dale: Hi all
Guy B.: Dale's back.
Mr Jive: I hope this doesn't happen to my ham gear I bought.
BobSlopsema: welcome back ya'll!!!!!!!
Dale: Sorry I'm late.
Mr Jive: Hi again Dale
BobSlopsema: an, an, an you done missed last week didn't ya??????
Guy B.: Just for the record, I was the first one here and sat for almost 20 minutes until WB came on.
Dale: I was sick all last week, so I didn't make it then either.
Mr Jive: Me too I'm bad :(
Guy B.: How are you now Dale?
Dale: I'm finally better. I had stomach cramps and basically couldn't eat for a week.
Guy B.: You had the stomach flu, eh?
Mr Jive: Wow did you loose much weight?
Dale: A bit. It is a kind of shock diet.
Guy B.: Did Jill get it?
Mr Jive: I have a few extra pounds if you need them :)
Dale: But that's okay. I don't exercise enough lately, so I could use to be thinner.
Dale: She got it this week. So she's still not completely better.
Dale: A quiet chat tonight? I haven't posted a reminder for a couple of weeks.
Guy B.: Watch that very carefully, you can dehydrate very fast. Be sure she gets enough water.
BobSlopsema: don't want it , even IF it helps lose some wight!!!!
Dale: I will.
Guy B.: Well, here in the US got the second presidential debate tonight. Also, the Cardinals, Mets game is on too.
BobSlopsema: weight
Dale: I see.
Dale: Well, I guess I should get a discussion going on the mailing list.
Dale: I've been working with Scott lately. Was he here last week?
Guy B.: Well, what have got in mind?
Dale: Well, one thing that Ron and I have been talking about is making an Adam wish list.
Guy B.: What we like to see in additional stuff for the Adam?
BobSlopsema: don't think he came last week
Guy B.: Scott wasn't here last week, but Ron was.
BobSlopsema: exchanged emailwith him but that's all
Dale: Yes, like hardware and software.
BobSlopsema: web browser, text only probably, but faster than ie or netscape
Guy B.: More hard drives for the Adam. Regardless of size.
BobSlopsema: ya dat too
Guy B.: How about we get the floppy drives back too.
Mr Jive: Incredible....I was checking out ebay's listing for coleco stuff....some game cartridges are selling for more than my Adam I bought.
Mr Jive: I saw a colecovision and ten games sell for over $120....
BobSlopsema: actually, the hd's AND disk drives could probably come from the same controller card couldn't they????
BobSlopsema: and not worry about straight adamnet plug in
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Guy B.: Whoa, that's way overpriced. I paid nearlty that for my Colecovision.
changed username to james
BobSlopsema: DEFINE your own self!!!!!
BobSlopsema: hi James!
james: morning all :)
Guy B.: Hi James, how's things in Japan?
Mr Jive: Hi james
james: as of yesterday, they were nice and warm. 27 and sunny :D
Dale: Hi James.
james: hey mr. jive, hey dale. long time no see :)
Guy B.: Got fall weather here in Chicago. But finally made it in what it should be at this time of year.
james: today it's cool, foggy and rainy. ron would feel quite at home i bet.
Guy B.: He sure would.
BobSlopsema: yUCK!!! sounds depressing Guy
Guy B.: Bob, isn't it alot better by you? 60's
james: got my package from rich a few days ago. i'm now the proud owner of a disk drive and some manuals, a 64k expansion card and some new software :)
Dale: Well, I'd be in favour of an AdamNET ZIP disk drive.
Guy B.: After all it was in the 40's last weekend.
Guy B.: I like that idea Dale.
BobSlopsema: heck make an interface card to access all the stuff
BobSlopsema: OR make it adamnet compatible with a software program plug-in
Guy B.: And you get Zip disks in packs of 10 for between $70-80. And they hold 100mb.
Mr Jive: Better than a hard drive for the Adam.
Guy B.: You can put alot of games and programs on one disk. TDOS on another.
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changed username to WBurnside
Guy B.: Now the question is how much could this kind of drive cost?
WBurnside: I am back!!!
Guy B.: Welcome back, WB, we got nearly everyone.
BobSlopsema: Hiya Willie!!!!
WBurnside: BobS did you find those NIAD newsletters?
WBurnside: Hi all!!!
BobSlopsema: nope forgot...:-( shucks on me........I WILLL write anote right now!!!
BobSlopsema: DONE!
WBurnside: No problem! Thanks for looking!
WBurnside: What kind of drive were you talking about?
BobSlopsema: I think I got an extra set yet, have to look tomorrow night
Guy B.: Dale is thinking of a Adam Zip drive using the 100mb Zip disks.
WBurnside: Now that would be interesting!
Dale: Well, you can buy an internal IDE ZIP drive for about $100US. Then ...
BobSlopsema: ah, now you are clickin here....IDE eh????
Guy B.: He brought up the question of a wish list for the Adam. has them for about $40.
BobSlopsema: fits right in with the ide hd controller yes?????
Mr Jive: test test test
Dale: Right Guy. $100US is for the new 250mb drives.
(A dog howls in the distance)
Dale: So, maybe we could do the IDE ZIP drives for a good price.
Guy B.: That sounds really good. Now will be an external drive or could it be made an internal?
Dale: I don't know how much it would cost for the AdamNET controller hardware, but not very much, I suspect.
BobSlopsema: but only problem is got to have someone who knows hardware
BobSlopsema: .....hmmmmm
BobSlopsema: and can build it
Guy B.: And there are not many left I assume , right?
james: wish i knew more about hardware. sounds like an interesting project.
james: yes, i've been lurking :)
WBurnside: I think as a labor of love it would be a great product, but how many would you need to sell to cover development costs?
Dale: You could develop it for very little capital outlay.
Guy B.: Well, I'm going to finish my e-mail, but keep me informed of this project. I like the idea of it. See you all next week.
WBurnside: bye Guy!
james: buy guy :)
BobSlopsema: question.....Dale! are there NOT parallel port zip drives??? and is so, could they be software accessed by ADAM thru an Orphanware paralle port???
BobSlopsema: see ya Guy!
Guy B. left chat session
Dale: Rich Drushel has the info to do the AdamNET part.
Mr Jive: I have a parallel port Zip drive.
Dale: No! The Orphanware parallel port is not suitable.
WBurnside: Why not?
Dale: It cannot transmit both ways.
WBurnside: Ahh!
Mr Jive: yikes!
BobSlopsema: well shoot!!!!!
Dale: But the internal IDE controller is suitable. You'd just need an appropriate driver.
BobSlopsema: was a great idea though.......
Dale: But if we could get Rich D interested, we could do the AdamNET version.
BobSlopsema: AND an ide controller which are in short supply nowadays
Dale: If we actually run out, Scott could do another run of the IDE controllers.
BobSlopsema: but would not the ADAMnet version make it imperitive to make an interface board from scratch to access the drive???
Dale: With the AdamNET version, it would be self-contained. And it could pretend to be disk drive 1 or 2.
Dale: Chris Braymen has done this with an AdamNET ramdrive. Rich has complete plans.
Dale: This could be a useful application of Chris Braymen's design.
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changed username to Alan Neeley
james: hello mr. neeley :)
Mr Jive: Hi Alan
Dale: Hey Alan!
Alan Neeley: Yo!
WBurnside: Hello Alan!
BobSlopsema: Alan!!! as I live and breath!!!!
Alan Neeley: Hey Guys what's up? :)
james: you are :)
BobSlopsema: discussin' a zip drive for ADAM
BobSlopsema: thru ChrisBrayman's adanet ramdrive
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changed username to Adamnewbie
Alan Neeley: Good to see you all! I recognize others by name but others have me at a disadvantage!
BobSlopsema: greeting's MR newbie......or miss??????
BobSlopsema: that's the way it is supposed to be Alan......
BobSlopsema: :-)
Adamnewbie: Hi...My names Eric Karovic...just stopped by for a sec.
Mr Jive: Hi Eric
Dale: Hi Eric.
james: morning eric
WBurnside: Hello Eric!
Alan Neeley: But am I really Alan? wanta test me? hehe... :)
BobSlopsema: WBurnside is reacently joined us from Chicago, where he is trying to teach colleger kids an easier way - ADAM
Adamnewbie: Hello all...nice to see the Adam alive and well
BobSlopsema: see I told ya we'd be here Eric!
Adamnewbie: that you did :)
BobSlopsema: MR Jive......Doug, uh.......anyway, an adamite from way back
Mr Jive: Way back! :)
BobSlopsema: and Eric is a former ADAM owner I was jsut emailing with and he is DYING to get his hands on it again
BobSlopsema: :-)
Adamnewbie: Thats for sure...:)
BobSlopsema: guys meet Alan Neeley of ADAMNET BBS fame and organizer extrodinair of ADAMCON 5
Mr Jive: Laying of hands on Adam.....raising it from the dead.
BobSlopsema: in Utah, one I missed.....:-(
james: alan, did you have any luck finding those manuals?
Alan Neeley: Hi Everyone. Sooooo great to see things still going...
Adamnewbie: How often do you have these chats?
Dale: What have you been up to lately Alan?
Alan Neeley: James: I found the intro to it in perfect shape. I'm looking for the follow ups you asked for.
WBurnside: Every Wednesday!
james: cool, thanks :)
Dale: We have these chats every Wed night (morning in Japan).
james: :D
BobSlopsema: at 9PM EST until we get sick of it!
BobSlopsema: james, japan is on the WRONG time then..... :-)
Dale: (James is live from Japan)
Alan Neeley: Dale: Well... I am still at the same place. However, I've learned one thing for sure...
Adamnewbie: was nice meeting you all. I gotta run , but will be back Wed. night.
BobSlopsema: see ya Eric
WBurnside: Bye Eric!
Mr Jive: bye eric
Alan Neeley: You know you are working in the corporate world when your employer can change
Adamnewbie: good night all...:)
james: i dunno, it was sunny, 27 and *warm* here yesterday. how was it in toronto? :D
Adamnewbie left chat session
BobSlopsema: sunny and about 20 or so......
Alan Neeley: three times in 6 years yet you still sit in the same place doing the same thing! :)
Dale: It was okay. Maybe 15 and a friendly sunshine.
BobSlopsema: so I had it a little is coming your way soon Dale
james: not too bad. beats snow :)
Dale: LOL Alan.
Dale: So you do some sort of help desk, right Alan?
Alan Neeley: I refer to PB, then PBNEC, now Alorica...
Alan Neeley: Official title is Senior Reporting Analyst, Call Routing Consultant, and whatever job nobody else wants. :)
Alan Neeley: Anyway... enough on that... Question.
BobSlopsema: but darn! it sounds impressive Alan
BobSlopsema: answer,........maybe......
Dale: So we were strategizing how to make an IDE ZIP drive work with the Adam.
Alan Neeley: That would be a cool thing to add to my collection
Dale: Either using the IDE controller, or maybe as an AdamNET device.
Alan Neeley: I'm afraid that I've lost a lot of valuable information I had on floopies and tapes. I need to go through them all and see
Alan Neeley: Something like that would be nice to store them on as I went through everything
WBurnside: I ave to moving on out! Nitey Nite all! See you next time!
BobSlopsema: see ya Willie!!!
WBurnside left chat session
BobSlopsema: if they are on disk Alan, you can put them directly into your ibm using the ADAM emulator
Alan Neeley: That was my option. I came across the documentation the other day on how to do that (Thanks Ron Mitchell!)
Dale: Well, a 100mb AdamNET drive would be easy to support by EOS, you would put the 100k directory, maybe.
Alan Neeley: Which leads me back to my question?
BobSlopsema: which is????
Alan Neeley: Well.... Dale probably remembers my basement full of ADAM stuff... Right Dale?
Dale: For sure! <grin>
Alan Neeley: Well Spring clean up was going on this last week (imagine that in Fall) and I started sorting....
Alan Neeley: I need to start getting rid of some of this stuff.
Alan Neeley: What would be the best way to go about it?
james: give it away :)
Dale: Maybe compile a list. That would be a good start. At the last AdamCon, we held a silent auction and sold 17 boxes of stuff.
BobSlopsema: went cheap though
Alan Neeley: An easy solution if you lived next door.... But there is some valuable stuff too....
Dale: It was stiff that belonged to a long time MTAG member.
Mr Jive: Start a museum!
BobSlopsema: man did my wife get upset.....but it all fit in the car and the basement
Alan Neeley: Been there done that. Got leftovers
Mr Jive: lol
Dale: Start with a list.
james: what are you looking to get rid of?
Alan Neeley: For instance... 80 column card, Eve SSCC, and MIDI. I'm not going to use them, I have mine. But I paid good money for these ones as backups...
BobSlopsema: James!!! Alan is almost halfway to Japan!!! shippng would be CHEAP! ;-)
james: where do you live alan? i might be interested in the 80 col card..
james: what's an eve sscc?
Mr Jive: lol
Alan Neeley: Utah... I have the Orphanware and EVE versions...
BobSlopsema: speach synthesizer
Mr Jive: What's an 80 column card?
james: so i could just hook it up to some kind of terminal or does it output to the tv/monitor?
BobSlopsema: puts CP/M in 80 column mode on your monitor versus the standard ADAM 40 column
Alan Neeley: Speech synthesizer/Clock Calendar
james: that would be neat too. wonder if i could get it speaking japanese...
Alan Neeley: Not Y2K BTW
james: i've got plenty of calendars..
Alan Neeley: James: You teach it words based on set sounds...
james: how much you want for each?
BobSlopsema: If you can program it in Jmaes it would prolly speak anythingyou want!
Dale: I've seen the SSCC at club meetings, but never had one to play with.
james: what's an sscc?
Dale: It looked pretty neat.
BobSlopsema: speech synthesizer/clock calendar
Dale: "Speech Synthesizer/Clock Calendar"
Alan Neeley: James: SSCC is short for Speech Synthisizer/Clock
BobSlopsema: ya goota keep up hetre James
Alan Neeley: Calander
james: yeah, i'm a little slow today. i'd be really interested in that alan.
Dale: Not to beat a dead horse. <grin>
Alan Neeley: The pet name from Eve Electronics was Eve SSCC
james: yeah, yeah. very funny. now what was that again? ;)
BobSlopsema: :-)
Alan Neeley: Let me get to a point where I can test it and make sure it is good and I'll let you know what it is worth to me...
james: sure thing.
Alan Neeley: I'm gathering you are in Japan?
BobSlopsema: well what it is worth to you and to us may be too entirely different things Alan... ;-)
james: hai :)
Alan Neeley: wasabe? :)
james: good stuff :)
BobSlopsema: that'd be a YEA????
james: yup :)
james: we had a major earthquake about an hour from where i live.
BobSlopsema: hey guys, I gotta head out....great "seein" you Alan, stop back!!! See the rest of ya's next week ....and maybe Alan too!!!!
Mr Jive: Yea Japan got hit again....
BobSlopsema left chat session
james: we're still getting aftershocks here. had another this morning and again about an hour ago.
Mr Jive: It was like a 7.0 wasn't it?
Alan Neeley: OK folks... I gotta make this a regular stop. Gotta go. Good to talk. I'll be back. That is for sure!
james: i guess it's to be expected given that the country sits on the juncture of 3 tectonic plates..
james: yeah, it was pretty big. luckily it hit a rural area.
Mr Jive: lol yea really!
Dale: TTYL Alan.
Mr Jive: bye alan
Alan Neeley: James: hope all is well there... I heard despite the greatness of the quake. You guys came out OK. That wouldn't happen here in the same case...
Dale: It's been nice seeing you.
james: by alan. be talking to you again soon :)
Alan Neeley: Thank you all! feeling is the same. Goodnight.
Alan Neeley left chat session
james: and then they were three..
Mr Jive: a triad!
Dale: Uh oh.
james: beats threesome ;)
Dale: Does that mean that it is getting time to head for the door?
james: i do have to go. i need lunch and need to find a store not far from here that still sells 5.25" floppy disks.
Dale: Good luck.
james: all before i start teaching again in 4 hours..
james: thanks!
Dale: Until next week then.
james: see yas next week
james: *poof*
james left chat session
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Mr Jive: yikes!
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