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richc: test
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Mr Jive: hi
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Mr Jive: Hi Bob
BobSlopsema: Richard, you are BACK!!!
richc: grettings all
BobSlopsema: hi Doug.....right?
richc: yes, got in yesterday about lunchtime
Mr Jive: Yes....I have a question for you.
BobSlopsema: have a GOOD trip Richard?
richc: did very well; the good ol' Merc never missed a beat
BobSlopsema: COOL!
BobSlopsema: when you gonna try out the van???
BobSlopsema: that's why you got it right?
richc: went from home to New Brunswick and back, sort of by a devious route
Mr Jive: Bob-The audio software I purchased from you on ebay-is it self executing?
richc: tried out the van last year but it demands premium while towing
BobSlopsema: OUCH!
BobSlopsema: now, Doug........did you get video tunes maybe????
richc: also had a lot of two=lane curvy roads and upgrades and needed more passing power
Mr Jive: Yes the video tunes.
BobSlopsema: video tunes IS self booting
Mr Jive: Hmmm. I tried that and the system just went to the typwriter.
richc: how did you get a copy of Video Tunes, BOB? I never could get the author to sell it to me
BobSlopsema: just got it on a tape with other stuff I think, from .................Dan.....Pease
BobSlopsema: got some orgiinals around here somewhere
richc: Right. I forget who wrote it now, but I even phoned him to ask to buy more
BobSlopsema: that is so old, I'd consider it freeware.......
richc: He admitted he had a bunch of tapes and docs sitting around but couldn't be bothered getting them out
BobSlopsema: so SCREW 'em!
richc: Just had no interest in getting "free" money for "junk"
Mr Jive: Freeware! Wasn't free for me. lol
BobSlopsema: what a jerk!
BobSlopsema: well ya didn't download it either! :-)
BobSlopsema: gimme your address doug & I will send you another that works!
richc: Was camped not far from North Billerica last week - sort of tempted to drop by his place but lost the address
Mr Jive: Actually I was wanting the Smartbasic tape.....funny though fate got me two more.
BobSlopsema: does that work????
richc: Doug, don't think I know you - care to tell me more?
Mr Jive: Yes
BobSlopsema: Doug..........frogot now.....
Mr Jive: I'm from Cheyenne, Wyo.
richc: OK, then you were on at least once before I went away
BobSlopsema: DERKS!!!!
BobSlopsema: my memory is NOT gone, just on vacation! ;-)
richc: you're still young, Bob; that's my excuse
BobSlopsema: :-)
richc: by the way, James says he can't make it on till 10 tonight
Mr Jive: Doug Dirks, P. O. Box 2024, Cheyenne, Wyo. 82003
BobSlopsema: ok, so I spelled it wrong, SHOOT me!!!! :-(
Mr Jive: lol
richc: Nice country you live in, Doug, though maybe not over the next few months
Mr Jive: Anyway I got good news and bad news
BobSlopsema: oh, oh..........
Mr Jive: The good news is the Adam System I ordered on ebay works.
richc: I've heard some of them do
BobSlopsema: theo one with the disk drives????
Mr Jive: The bad news is it has a bad case of RF interference on the TV display.
richc: have you tried it with a proper monitor?
Mr Jive: Uh, no disk drives, just one tape
BobSlopsema: tried a GOOD cable and tv switch????
richc: have youi tried switching channels on the TV?
Mr Jive: The RF is coming from the computer because when I pull the reset switch it "goes away"
BobSlopsema: KNOWN good with another aDAM???
BobSlopsema: try using the "monitor" output next to the tv outlet
Mr Jive: The tv is ok and the cable is ok.
BobSlopsema: sound is gone, but should be good picture
richc: did you try both channels, 3 and 4?
Mr Jive: What is the "monitor" it baseband video?
Mr Jive: Yes it was on both channels.
richc: just composite - anh old Commodore or Magnavox or TI or Atari monitor should work
Mr Jive: That means no audio, right?
BobSlopsema: don't know what it is, just that is labeled MONITOR and has no sound
BobSlopsema: or audio......
Mr Jive: about the third output....what is it called....
richc: If you use the Monitor jack you need another cable from the DIN for sound
BobSlopsema: "hole"..... ;-)
richc: Actually, you can get both video and sound from the DIN plug if you have the right cable
Mr Jive: S-video I think
BobSlopsema: aux video.......AKA monitor with sound
BobSlopsema: using a "fixed" video cable
Mr Jive: I have that input on my big-screen tv at home, I should try it.
richc: I use Commodore 1702 composite monitors on my Adams
Mr Jive: I think I've got the right cable to because I tried hooking my laptop computer up to my tv once.
Mr Jive: It wasn't pretty.
BobSlopsema: don't know about that; but a cable can be made to go from the din plug to separaten video & audio for a composite monitor
richc: Also have noticed some Adams with rotten tv output are just fine with the monitor
richc: I use a straight RCA cable from the monitor jack for video
BobSlopsema: sometimes coiling the rcs cable helps; or using a tv booster wired into the line boosts the signal enough
BobSlopsema: but then ya gotta make those cables too OR get adapters
richc: Then I have a 5-pin DIN plug with just one RCA cable from the appropriate jack for audio
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Mr Jive: I've got some ferrite isolators I can put on the tv cable. I'll try that too.
changed username to Guy B.
BobSlopsema: YES, that is the "fix" tha coleco did
richc: yes, some Adams came with them in the package
Guy B.: Rich, welcome back. How was your trip?
BobSlopsema: jsut 2 magnets wrapped around the cable
BobSlopsema: HI GUY!!!!!!
Mr Jive: Hi Guy B
Guy B.: Hello All!!
richc: great, Guy, glad to see you again
richc: we're trying to solve Doug's tv output problems
Guy B.: What did I miss? Seems my ISP was a little slow tonight.
BobSlopsema: hey GUY!!!! how clse are you to Downer's Grove???????
BobSlopsema: we was talkin about YOU!!!!!! ;-)
Guy B.: I'm about a 1/2 hour's drive from here.
BobSlopsema: guy there has 2 ADAM's for nuthin
Guy B.: Who has them?
BobSlopsema: I sent him email offering shipping but no reply yet. he really wanted someone to pick them up
richc: well, not nuthin, but just enough to show you're serious
BobSlopsema: HANG ON BOYS!!!!!
BobSlopsema: I am ridding myself of excess and am trying to find a home for my old Adam
richc: What, Judy caught up with you?
BobSlopsema: stuff. I am in Downers Grove near Chicago. If you know of someone who
Mr Jive: lol
BobSlopsema: wants this and is in the area and can pick it up, please let me know. I
BobSlopsema: probably want $50.00 as a token so I know they are serious and it won't end
BobSlopsema: up being thrown out. That is negotiable though.
BobSlopsema: Jim Lytle
Guy B.: Now the only part is where in Downers Grove. I'm familiar with some of the area.
BobSlopsema: home 630-632-5191
BobSlopsema: cell 630 632 5191
Guy B.: I though I saw his name in the recent e-mail.
BobSlopsema: thought he was cheaper,,,,,,,,,
richc: yes, he sent the offer to the mailing list, Guy
BobSlopsema: was with 2 systms and modem and parts
Guy B.: I'll get a hold of him and see if he's still has them.
richc: old Adams don't move fast, Guy
Guy B.: Well. I'll go send him an e-mail right now. Be right back.
richc: Live it up, Guy - phone him
BobSlopsema: what a GUY!!! ;-)
richc: did you follow up with Don Buetelman, Bob?
BobSlopsema: so you and Frances ready to settle down till next spring?????
BobSlopsema: yup, and no reply
Guy B.: Ok, I sent him an e-mail. I'll check for his reply tomorrow.
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rich-c: sorry folks, I seem to have got dropped
BobSlopsema: hey dudes, JACK is back!
BobSlopsema: I got dumped also!
Guy B.: Bob, I sent Jim and e-mail reply offering to pick both of them up.
BobSlopsema: YO GUY!!!
BobSlopsema: you there Doug????
Mr Jive: I've got something REALLY funny to tell you about my ADAM.
rich-c: go ahead
BobSlopsema: fire away!
Mr Jive: My boss was coming to Chey from Casper, so I took my new Adam to work and set it up.
Mr Jive: He took my old computer away cause I wouldn't sign the company's socialist "I wont abuse my computer" letter.
BobSlopsema: hooked on a scanner; mouse, etc.......
BobSlopsema: :-)
BobSlopsema: and left ya with NO computer?
Mr Jive: So when he showed up I was using my Adam to do reports.
Mr Jive: I printed one out for him on the daisy wheel printer "Tackety tack tack tack"
rich-c: And how did he like real honest-to-God-looking impact type?
BobSlopsema: ha, ha!!!!!!!!
Mr Jive: You should have seen the look on his face.
BobSlopsema: :-) :-)
BobSlopsema: NOW, if youhad used a dot matrix printer he wouldn't have had 2nd thoughts, just asked youWHERE in the blazes yougot a new computer
rich-c: I still think Adam turns out a better looking formal letter
Mr Jive: The next day our office received two new Pentium 3 833Mhz machines.
BobSlopsema: hot dawg!!!! it worked!!
rich-c: Now you should send them back because they're too prone to crashing
Mr Jive: lol
BobSlopsema: :-)
rich-c: tell hi m the Adam is more productive
Mr Jive: Iol rich
Mr Jive: I even was able to connect to the Casper Bulliten board with the 300 baud modem!
Guy B.: Anyone want a old 486 computer minus the drives? I'm going to get rid of it after I transfer all my files to my Pentium. The only thing wrong is a dead CMOS battery.
rich-c: Well hey live it up - get yourself a Sydmodem - 1200 baud!!!
Mr Jive: WOW 4 times as fast!
BobSlopsema: nope Guy, dead cmos battery just "KILLED" the value of the ol' 486...... :-)
rich-c: I don't think a 486 is worth the shipping cost these days
Guy B.: The computer still runs anyway. No takers, eh!
BobSlopsema: only if it is in a laptop
rich-c: Probably has one of those welded-in batteries, too
BobSlopsema: start a "collection" !!!!
BobSlopsema: naturally!
Guy B.: I think it is. It's a barrell shaped battery.
BobSlopsema: but should have a double pin to add on a battery pack
rich-c: Some of the old ones the battery was almost impossible for a non-technician to replace
Guy B.: Well, after I get a new system in a few months, the P133 will be the backup to the emulator and Adamserve.
rich-c: Anyway, I have a 486 with a working battery (I thibnk)
BobSlopsema: now, that is NOT fair!!! ADAMservi is supposed to run on a 386 w/ 360k drives!
rich-c: No. No. It's for an XT!!!
BobSlopsema: and you want to make a pentium a slave to the adam............
Guy B.: Bob, remember Rich D. said it will run on ANY computer with a serial port connection.
Mr Jive: Most of those 486's use a 3V lithium cell....available at any Ripoff (Radio) Shack.
BobSlopsema: maybe we ought to make a setup next convention with the fastest paentium serving the ADAM.......
BobSlopsema: yup. prolly correct......
rich-c: Let's have some real class and make that an Athlon
BobSlopsema: what's an Athlon?????
Guy B.: Don't know if my new system will be a Intel or a AMD yet.
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changed username to Ron M.
Guy B.: The Athlon is the new 1 ghz processor.
BobSlopsema: oh, oh, a "stranger"..........
Guy B.: Hi Ron.
Ron M.: Evening
Mr Jive: Hi ron
BobSlopsema: and a STRANGE one it is!!!!!
BobSlopsema: Hi Ron!!!!!
Ron M.: now now. Just because I live on an island which until an hour ago was without power
Ron M.: Hi All!
rich-c: Hello Ron
Ron M.: we didn't pay our hamsters enough it seems
BobSlopsema: WOW! a modern civilization you live in!
BobSlopsema: how long withOUT power???
Ron M.: however, all is now well
Ron M.: Oh, only 1/2 hour or so, but you know how it is.... seems like forever
Ron M.: Now I have an hour's work to do going around here resetting all the electronic clocks
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rich-c: Local outage or general failure?
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Ok, We all got hit tonight.
Ron M.: Accident. Somebody hit a power pole up the way
rich-c: Happens
Ron M.: don't have no details
Ron M.: welcome back Rich
Guy B.: Did lose power Ron?
rich-c: thanks Ron
Ron M.: fortunately it all happened before nitefall
rich-c: hope you didn't get a power surge
Ron M.: Rich, Elmer gave those Amiga mags to me, and I haven't mailed them yet. There's a pile
Ron M.: will probably have to do it in installments
rich-c: Frances will be delighted to get them, but no rush
rich-c: we have a five-week magazine backlog to catch up on
Ron M.: right will get 'em wrapped up
Ron M.: Has James been in yet?
Guy B.: Ron, did you get the e-mail about Jim Lytle offer two Adams? I'm not that far from him. I'd offered to pick them up.
rich-c: OK but as I say don't rush - but then Canada Post won't, either
Ron M.: yes, I believe I did...was that the gent in the Chicago area?
Ron M.: you got that right Rich
Guy B.: Yes. he's about 15 miles from me.
Ron M.: 2 of em eh?
BobSlopsema: and some assorted parts, but what????
rich-c: James can't make it until 10 - has a class
Ron M.: We could always use another raffle for Bob S to win
Guy B.: Next year's raffle???
BobSlopsema: yae right!
rich-c: better him than me - I'm overloaded
Ron M.: anybody bid on that one on e-bay?
Ron M.: Had the works with it
rich-c: did it sell?
Ron M.: not sure. Last I looked the bid was $25.
Ron M.: And that would be one hell of a deal I tell ya
BobSlopsema: no bid and NO it did not sell. he got $255 US for it and didn't meet reserve price
Mr Jive: I got mine for $30 on ebay
rich-c: once there's a bid it sells, unless there's a reserve
Ron M.: It had hard drive and everything
Mr Jive: aha
BobSlopsema: sold the guy the hd unit about 6 months ago
BobSlopsema: recognized the labeling on it
Ron M.: not sure how long bidding was going on for
Ron M.: oh really!
Ron M.: verry interesting
rich-c: we still do seem to attract the odd dilettante
Ron M.: simply cannot justify another around here, no matter how well equipped
rich-c: now if someone would only offer an Amiga 2000 keyboard for Jack Pines...
Ron M.: speaking of Jack, had a call from PJ last Sat night
rich-c: tell us more!!!
Guy B.: How's PJ doing?
Ron M.: she wants some Xmas music for a project she has in mind. and thinks I can play it
Ron M.: she sounded better than usual
rich-c: I'd bet she's right
rich-c: now that Bob's back functioning it's taken a lot of stress off her
Ron M.: well....gonna see what I can do. Told her her timing was just about right. Was about to start for the card
Ron M.: Yes. Bob is fine
rich-c: Anyway, did she say something about Jack?
Ron M.: gather some of the family 'situations' are quieter for the moment
rich-c: that's a relief
Ron M.: no, not really. Rich
rich-c: saw his emails when I was reviewing my mail yesterday
Ron M.: we did talk a bit about the rough times he 's had lately
Ron M.: but she didn't mention having spoken to him recently
rich-c: seems that his luck has been turning of late, though
Ron M.: Wouldn't want to be without a job in this world
Ron M.: well I am, I suppose, but that's different
rich-c: yeah - and ain't it great?
Ron M.: ya got that right, son
rich-c: besides, when would you ever find time to go to work?
Ron M.: exactly.
rich-c: Now I have to clean the trailer and two vehicles - fortunately looks like our good weather will hold
Ron M.: Wonder if James found any DSDD disks. I sent him a box, but maybe he found some already
Ron M.: oh yea.... the after travel fallout
rich-c: I've told him I have the discs available, and the printer ribbons he wants
Guy B.: I should have my webpages up pretty soon. I'm working on the documentation for using the emulator utilities. Anything you guys think I should put in?
Ron M.: I take it all the assorted vehicles performed well
BobSlopsema: a picture of your own self!!!!
rich-c: Yes, Pam borrowed the van whjile we wre away to schlep some stuff doen from their trailer
Ron M.: a job jar for wouldbe writers of ANN articles
Ron M.: ic
rich-c: she said she liked driving it - surprising since she has a Taurus
Ron M.: interesting
Ron M.: someday I'm gonna have a website
rich-c: anyway, the Mighty Behemoth did his thing nobly - now has 171,000 miles on the clock
Ron M.: just barely run in
rich-c: yes, Fords are durable
Guy B.: The docs will be in Word 6.0 format so it can be read with Word 6.0 and up and Wordpad.
Ron M.: That's a good decision Guy
rich-c: Sensible appraoch, Guiy
Ron M.: you want to make stuff readable
rich-c: The idea is to make the work accessible to everyone
Ron M.: Mr. Jive is quiet
Ron M.: speak up boy, don't be shy
rich-c: Yes, Doug's been doing a lot of lurking since you came in
Mr Jive: Sorry I was cruising the tube
Guy B.: I did that since not everyone has Word 95, 97 or 2000. Although I'm using Word 97 on the notebook for it.
Ron M.: aha..... a case of divided attention
rich-c: By the way, has Michael been on of late?
Ron M.: dunno. haven't seen him here in a while
Guy B.: I think he was here last month briefly, but not recently.
rich-c: yes, we're missing Dr. D and Dale and a few othes, too
Ron M.: You know, Guy, two or three years ago, I wouldn't have presumed that for wordprocessors, but
Ron M.: I was just trying to think of someone I know who doesn't have one of those three
Guy B.: Dale was here last week.
Ron M.: and I can't
rich-c: I don't have any version of Word
Guy B.: Well, all three versions of Word can read and write some older formats.
Ron M.: well there ya go. And there might be a few of our Mac club members who don't.... for reasons of politics
rich-c: All I have is what came in Win3.1 and 95
Ron M.: Wordpad
Ron M.: and Write
Guy B.: Wordpad will read Word 6.0 format.
rich-c: Have StarOffice too but am having trouble learning it
Ron M.: I'm a wordprocessor junkie
Ron M.: I know some people here Rich who have said the same thing of Star Office. I have it too, but
rich-c: it's the Adam heritage
Ron M.: haven't used it much
Guy B.: I have Wordperfect 6.0 on my desktop.
Ron M.: Appleworks 6 is an absolute disaster
Ron M.: 5 was better, but it's a matter of look and feel, and the Apple stuff doesn't have it
rich-c: Pam is here - she says Hi
rich-c: Ron
Ron M.: Still go pretty much to Word 2000
Ron M.: Hi Pam
Ron M.: how ya doin
BobSlopsema: hi Pam!
Guy B.: Hi Pam!
Mr Jive: Who's Pam?
Ron M.: Rich Clee's daughter
rich-c: Things would be going well if I didn't have to work for a living - as it is, I'm sort of addicted to eating and otherwise, quite well thanks
Ron M.: I should say daughter of Rich and Frances
Mr Jive: cool
Ron M.: well Pam, what you need is a nice fat government pension
Ron M.: and as for being addicted to eating, I can certainly relate to that
Ron M.: have given up pretty much everything else
Mr Jive: me too me too
Ron M.: food, marriage, sex,
rich-c: Unfortunately, that's about 25 years in the future - if you think of another way to acquire one, please let me know!
Ron M.: you know
Guy B.: Well, looks like I'm going to be dating again.
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Ron M.: right now what I want is a way of turning leaves into five dollar bills
changed username to james
james: morning gents :)
Mr Jive: Hi james
rich-c: Hi, James
Ron M.: hey James!
Guy B.: Hi James, how's everything going in Japan?
james: hey, we got the whole gang here. cool :)
Ron M.: good for you Guy
Mr Jive: How are things in Japan?
james: not to bad, just finished teaching a computer class.
Mr Jive: 'cept for Dale
james: today it's partially cloudy, about 20C
Ron M.: And do they know anything more James?
Guy B.: What's the class yout teaching?
rich-c: Weather seems just like Toronto recently
james: i like to think they do :) i'm teaching m$ word 2000.
james: nice to have you back rich :)
BobSlopsema: hi james!
rich-c: Thanks,
james: hey bob :) your tape, (and ron's) is on its way as of yesterday afternoon.
Guy B.: Oh, how do you like it? How about that new Office Assistant.
Ron M.: James, the package of diskettes left here today. Apologize for the delay
james: i'd like to harpoon that stupid dolphin.
james: no problem ron. you said you had flooding or something?
rich-c: Hey, we got the disk drive there okay!
Ron M.: yes... been a little wet around here
james: yes! i was most impressed.
rich-c: Gee, imagine that. It's been wet in B.C.
james: have they dried up at all ron? hope you didn't have too much damage.
james: yeah, it never rains in bc..
Ron M.: so wet in fact that the water outside forced its way inside
Ron M.: have now diverted downspouts at the front of the house into the neighbour's yard
Ron M.: both sides
james: hee hee.
rich-c: Bet your neighbors must love you
BobSlopsema: bet they LUV that!
Ron M.: we'll see
Ron M.: it stopped raining the day I did it
james: you're going to like this tape bob :)
rich-c: Watch out for harpoons
Ron M.: and hasn't rained since
BobSlopsema: willhave to try it out and maybe buy the game eh?
james: it's a fun game.
Ron M.: you within site of dolphins James?
rich-c: Don't worry, Murphy will oblige
Ron M.: oh..... sorry... misunderstood
james: only the stupid office assistant in ms word..
james: (it's a dolphin, in case you're not familiar with it)
Ron M.: I turn that off
james: first thing i did.
Ron M.: ok.... all I got is a stupid little paper clip dude on a bicycle
james: just as annoying as that stupid paper clip guy. if they spent as much time debugging windows 98 as they did making stupid little animations
BobSlopsema: tha is BILL Gates!
james: we'd have a much more stable os i think.
Ron M.: "You appear to be writing a letter, do you want some help?"
Ron M.: NO
rich-c: I went in to a computer shop today.
Ron M.: bad business Rich
james: did you buy anything?
rich-c: They still want $125.00 for the Win98 upgrade.
Ron M.: :)
BobSlopsema: HORSE SHIT!!!!
rich-c: Does tha tell us something about WinMe?
BobSlopsema: I can get you one a LOT cheaper than that sir
Ron M.: if you're gonna do anything like that Rich, I hear Win ME is the way to go
Ron M.: but I'm staying with 98
BobSlopsema: course that's canadian $$$ eh?
Guy B.: You have to be kidding! You can that at a computer show for about hald that.
rich-c: My processor is too slow and I don't ahve enough memory
Guy B.: Half that.
james: i won't divulge what i paid for the full version of win98 japanese.
BobSlopsema: gotta convert Guy
Ron M.: hier I'll bet
james: it's enough to make me seriously consider my next computer being a mac.
Guy B.: I got a Win95 with USB support for my new system.
Ron M.: Oh well then you have to get into OS9 and OS X
Mr Jive: lol james
rich-c: Hold on, Amiga will rise again!
Ron M.: And right at the moment the mother of all boards on my iMac is blown and the iMac is in the shop
Ron M.: fortunately still under warranty
Ron M.: so MAC around here is a dirty word
rich-c: How did you manage tha, Ron?
BobSlopsema: the new one???
Ron M.: I dunno
BobSlopsema: shucks mon
Ron M.: It died
rich-c: WE warned you about those push pins
Ron M.: :)
Ron M.: Hell, I didn't even take the iMac apart...
Ron M.: wouldn't touch it
Ron M.: yup the new one
james: maybe it got jealous..
rich-c: Coward! You can even see in without opening it!
Ron M.: think so...
BobSlopsema: that's IT!!! the thing got sunstroke
Guy B.: Ron, what if you want to put in more memory? You got to open it up to put in the memory boards.
Ron M.: too many old junk boxes around ... it didn't feel like it was part of the scene
rich-c: In B.C?
james: sunstroke in b.c.? i doubt it.
Ron M.: I rely on my local Mac dealer for all that.... did in fact have more memory installed
james: aah. rich beat me to it again.
Ron M.: Although I was there when he did it, it's not any more difficult that a dos box
Ron M.: oh well. It's all enough to bring me back to aDAM
james: all computers are basically the same thing.
rich-c: That isn't difficult enough?
james: some are just more temperamental than others..
Ron M.: so.... hopefully I'll have it back in a week or so. They got Steve Jobs working on soldering the new motherboard
james: :D in his garage?
Ron M.: well, it's like Scotty said on Star Trek.
Ron M.: The more complicated the plumbing
Ron M.: the easier it is to stop the drain
james: aye, sir!
james: i'm a big fan of the original series.
Ron M.: :)
rich-c: didn't he also say something about there being no intelligent life down here?
Ron M.: indeed he did
Ron M.: and he was probably right
james: speaking of plumbing.. (be back in a sec.)
rich-c: there are days when I have to agree (Pam)
Ron M.: don't pee long
rich-c: Ron, that was a really bad pun
Ron M.: where ya workin these days Pam?
Ron M.: i know I got a million of 'em
rich-c: I work for Speedy Auto Service in the head office as a claims administrator.
Mr Jive: Has anyone seen Scott lately?
rich-c: And don't ask, you really don't want to know the details
Ron M.: sounds like fun
Ron M.: claims administrator.... one of those people everybody loves to hate
Ron M.: eh?
rich-c: They like me enough when I'm handing out money
Ron M.: yeah.... I suppose they would....but just say NO once, just try it
rich-c: I have, and I'm still sorting out the mess
Ron M.: I'll bet
rich-c: Some days I feel like I should just stand on the street corner
rich-c: and yell free money
Ron M.: would be about the same thing eh?
rich-c: Sometimes it feels that way
Ron M.: you'd have to be a real 'people' person I'd imagine
rich-c: I was the receptionist for six years before falling into claims by default. Anyone who calls the head office at the right time will hear me saying sweetly "Good Afternoon, Speedy Car-X"
rich-c: Some days I'm sorry I gave it up
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changed username to Meeka
james: i'm back..
Mr Jive: Hi Meeka
Guy B.: Hi Meeka, how's everything with you?
rich-c: Renting beer, James?
Ron M.: indeed
Meeka: Hi everyone
james: i wish.. :)
rich-c: Hi, Meeka
Ron M.: Hi Meeka !
james: oh crap. another earthquake.
rich-c: This seems to be daughters night (Pam)
Ron M.: what, right now James?
Mr Jive: Wow really james
rich-c: Earthquake? ?????
Guy B.: You Ok James?
james: hi pam, i don't think we've met :)
james: yeah. a "little" one. maybe a 2 or 3.
Ron M.: scary
Ron M.: even at 2 or 3
rich-c: I don't believe we have either, but I've heard stories
Ron M.: I'd prefer that needle really still
Guy B.: Japan has them quite a bit lately.
rich-c: Ron, if you don' t like tremblers, you're in the wrong part of the world
BobSlopsema: hi Meeka!
Mr Jive: Try Wyoming.....I've never felt a tremor
james: well, a few weeks ago, we weren't far from the epicenter of a 7 mag quake. luckily it wasn't an urban area. even though it
james: was bigger than the one that hit kobe, there were no casualties.
Ron M.: Oh I know..... have been to preparedness sessions here
Ron M.: not a question of if.... a question of when
rich-c: We had one in Toronto not too long ago, but most of us didn't even feel it.
Guy B.: I remember when that one hit Kobe. Boy, it really was bad there.
Ron M.: Got freezers full of water and first aid kits.... and all
james: up until about a month ago, it'd been seismically quite quiet in this part of japan. since the quake, we get tremors everyday.
Ron M.: They say we have to be self-supporting for 72 hours
Guy B.: Could it be that a big could be coming there?
rich-c: NIce to know that this time people were prepared
james: something i should look at doing. we'd have been up poo-poo creek if the power and water had gone out.
rich-c: James, have you read Arthur Clarke's "Richter 10"?
Ron M.: well, I do some of the things here....certainly haven't done everything that is prescribed
james: no. i probably should.
Ron M.: When they talk about it here, they talk about 8.2 on Richter scale
rich-c: That definitely qualifies as big
Ron M.: Depending on who you listen to, the west coast could move 90 miles or so east
Guy B.: Some guy a few years predicted that a earthquake would hit at the San Madrid fault that was in Missouri. It never happened.
rich-c: Welcome to Alberta
Ron M.: 65 million years ago, the Island I live on was completely under water
james: earthquakes are difficult to predict. we just don't know enough yet.
Ron M.: and they're saying it could be again
rich-c: Guy, have you ever read about the last time the Madrid fault acted up?
Ron M.: no tell us more Rich
james: wow, ron remembers what it was like 65 million years ago.. ;)
rich-c: OOH, old jokes!
Ron M.: yeah.... something about primordial ooze
Ron M.: me and Bob Dole were the only two around
rich-c: and you said you weren't slime
Guy B.: Many years ago, but some experts think one will hit in the next few years. It would be felt here in Chicago.
james: i get enough old jokes at a tender 26, so now it's my turn ;)
Ron M.: out here it's about shifting of tectonic (sp?) plates
Ron M.: way under the Pacific there's a whole lot of stuff goin' on
james: i was recently looking at a plate map. all of japan is right along a fault line. so's california. (to be expected, i guess)
rich-c: Yes you and James are riding the ring of fire out there
Ron M.: the Pacific Rim
Ron M.: and Tire Company
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Guy B.: Yep, that's where the majority of them occur.
Ron M.: The earth will give one mighty shrug, and we'll all be thrown off
james: but hey, i'll take it over ottawa winters any day.
changed username to WBurnside
rich-c: Someday you have to try the earthquake trail in Marin County, CA - it brings home exactly what happens
james: beats freezing to death.
Guy B.: There's WB.
BobSlopsema: hi Willie!!
WBurnside: Hello all!
rich-c: Hi willy, how's college life?
james: morning :()
Ron M.: Oddly enough, the only earthquake I've ever experienced was while living in Ottawa
BobSlopsema: NO, I haven't found those NIAD's yet.........
Ron M.: was like a train running through the family room
BobSlopsema: but I WILL get to it again.........
james: i remember having one in ottawa too. they say ottawa and the area will be more seismically active in the future.
WBurnside: Rich-C you are back! Good to talk to you!
Ron M.: kHi Willie
BobSlopsema: meantime CONGRATULATE ME!!!! I am grandpa for time # 2
BobSlopsema: lst thursday 4PM
Ron M.: hey!
Ron M.: Excellent Bob. Congrats
rich-c: Congratulations, Bob
james: congrats :)
Guy B.: AH, great Bob, what did Mandy have?
BobSlopsema: tank you tank you.........
WBurnside: Way to GO!!!! Grandpa!
Ron M.: e-mail me a cigar
BobSlopsema: not mandy! Sherri! older daughter
james: probably a baby..
Meeka: there are pictues on my site if you want to see what he looks like
BobSlopsema: boy 7 lbs 6 oz
BobSlopsema: Mandy due in January
Ron M.: yes pls
Guy B.: Oh, Sorry. What's this one named?
BobSlopsema: Micahel
BobSlopsema: Michael
Meeka: michael
Guy B.: Good name. You have to send us pics when you get them to us.
BobSlopsema: should scan a pic of a cigar and send it to the list eh?
james: so how are things in wyoming, mr jive?
Ron M.: yup
rich-c: here's one now (cigar)
Mr Jive: test test
james: you're still here.
rich-c: you're still on Doug
BobSlopsema: testing the internet?????
BobSlopsema: orjust your keyboard?
Guy B.: Bob, how's Mandy doing?
BobSlopsema: she is doing fine Guy. getting "plump" as they say
Mr Jive left chat session
BobSlopsema: working for now, paying off bills, etc
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Mr Jive
rich-c: welcome back, doug
BobSlopsema: WB DD!!!
Guy B.: That's good, tell her I said Hi.
james: he's ba-ack..
BobSlopsema: will do!
Ron M.: sounds like the Slopsemas need a bigger family table
Mr Jive: Dang everything got quiet for a while
BobSlopsema: naw just more highchairs!
Ron M.: :))
rich-c: Pam and Frances congratulate Sherri
Guy B.: Your going to have your hands quite full with grandkids running all over the place now.
BobSlopsema: will tell her from ALL
james: i'll know in about a week or so if things are going to get a little bigger around here.
Ron M.: the inexorable passage of time
BobSlopsema: heck only got 1 that moves!
rich-c changed username to PAM
BobSlopsema: gotta wait about a year for the other 2
BobSlopsema: cool james!
Ron M.: like the way you put that Bob
BobSlopsema: man, that newborn don't do NUTHIN'!!!
BobSlopsema: cries and eats!
BobSlopsema: oh, and that other messy business......
PAM: YEAH but in a couple of years, they will never stay still
Meeka: he make those cute babie sounds too
Ron M.: what was the old saying...... a hollow tube at one end, and a complete lack of responsibility at the other
Guy B.: Well, gang I have to go, but my vacation is finally next week and I'm definately looking forward to some rest from all the overtime I've been putting in.
PAM: wet at both ends
Ron M.: ya
PAM: Enjoy your vacation, Guy
Ron M.: niters Guy
BobSlopsema: that's good Pam!!!!
Meeka: see ya
BobSlopsema: nite Guy!
Ron M.: stay cool
Guy B.: I will definately, will be spending 1 day with my new girlfriend.
Ron M.: take her with you
PAM: Bob, have you noticed the price of diapers just went up?
BobSlopsema: whoa!! no wonder he is looking forwqard to vacation!!!
BobSlopsema: nope, I don't buy, but Judy (wife) says YES
Guy B.: Just met her Sunday Bob, and she was very pretty. 34 years old.
BobSlopsema: for just a throw awasy dry thingy too.......
PAM: do you see a connection here?
Ron M.: haven't had much to do with the price of diapers for the past 28 years
BobSlopsema: she is WAY to young for you bud! ;-)
Ron M.: my son doesn't wear the now
BobSlopsema: hope not Ron
james: :D
Ron M.: them I mean
Guy B.: Hey, perfect for me. She wants to have kids. Something I didn't have the first time.
james: i tease my father in law about needing diapers soon.
james: sonny wow! i'm an old man now..
Ron M.: don't laugh James, that sort of thing happens
BobSlopsema: don't rush into anything, now, son.......listen to ol' dad........
james: i know, i know.
Ron M.: ol' Dad! Cmon
PAM: Gentlemen, he's single and wants kids. From a female point of view, he's a good catch!
Guy B.: Ok, see you guys next week. And Yes, I'll be careful. First date is Sunday. Dinner date.
BobSlopsema: Guy is just an impulsive kid!!!!
BobSlopsema: ber good Guy!
PAM: Have fun
Ron M.: have fun Guy
Ron M.: enjoy
Guy B.: I will. Thanks.
Guy B. left chat session
BobSlopsema: hey guys and gals; i gotta run too. been fighting allergies all week and need bed!
BobSlopsema: besides, i missed my bedtime by 10 minutes already! ;-)
Ron M.: drink hot rums till the room falls over
Mr Jive: Nice chatting Bob
PAM: hit them again, we'll see you next week
Ron M.: take care Bob
BobSlopsema: be good till next week, good to finally meet you Pam!
WBurnside: Bye Bob!
BobSlopsema: SI AN ARA!!!!!
PAM: Thanks, nice to be here for a change
BobSlopsema left chat session
Ron M.: did you ever use the ADAM, Pam?
PAM: No, the ADAm came out just before I got interested in computers, and then I went straight to Dos boxes
PAM: However, I did hear about them on a regular basis
Ron M.: I see.
Ron M.: Oh, I'm sure you did
Ron M.: :)
PAM: GEe, ya think?
Ron M.: Just trying to think what year it was when I first met you.
james: so where do you live pam?
Ron M.: have an idea we were on our way back from ADAMCON 3 and that would have been what?
Ron M.: 1991/
PAM: Hard to say, met is a relative term. I knew about alot of you before we came face to face. James, I live in Toronto, not very far from my parents
PAM: You're right Ron, doesn't seem that long ago tho
Ron M.: no, not at all
PAM: James, since I hear you know Toronto, I live at Weston and Lawrence
Mr Jive: Well everyone, gotta go for this evening. See you all next week.
Meeka: bye
james: bye mrjive :)
Ron M.: nite J
PAM: Bye, Doug. Have a good one
Mr Jive: Thanks for the advice.
Mr Jive left chat session
Ron M.: did we say anything useful?
PAM: Once in a while
james: i'm familiar with the downtown core, have never spent more than a few days there though. what part of toronto are you in?
PAM: Believe it or not, Weston.
james: :D
PAM: South of the 401, on the border with Etobicoke
james: 401, yes fun driving that is.
PAM: I avoid it whenever possible
PAM: Dad says he still has the shakes from towing the trailer in yesterday
Ron M.: 16 lanes of resentment riddled angry humans
WBurnside: Well! Gentle people! I must be going! Sleep beckons and it is a tough master!
james: fortunatley, not an issue for me :) i don't regularly commute to toronto!
Ron M.: that probably isn't fair
WBurnside left chat session
PAM: Sounds like Ron knows, too. Goodnite, Willy!
Ron M.: nite Willie.. y'all come back now
Meeka: bye
Ron M.: first time I approached from the east ..... that's what I saw....they were all grinning wildly
Ron M.: laughing uncontrollably
PAM: Well folks, since I do have to commute home yet, I am turning this back to Dad. Thanks for the chat, I haven't laughed like this for ages. ; )
Meeka: drive safe
Ron M.: nice talking with ya Pam.
PAM changed username to Rich C
Rich C: you too
Ron M.: go straight home now... no stopping at the bar getting drunk
james: nice meeting you pam :)
Rich C: I don't drink and drive - I might hit a bump and spill my drink!
Ron M.: good point!
Rich C: G'nite all
Ron M.: put father back on
Rich C: He's here
Rich C: You wouldn't believe what I saw on 401 yesterday
Ron M.: oh?
Ron M.: tell us more
Rich C: Guy in a Jetta - he was running the merge from 427 onto 401 - six lanes of weaving trucks
Rich C: He was reading engineering papers!!!
Ron M.: I thought you were going to say talking on a cell phone
james: while driving?
Rich C: It even got Frances going
Ron M.: he was probably doing that too
Rich C: She pounded on teh car window and screamed at him!!!
james: is it still legal to use a cell phone in the car while driving in ontario?
Ron M.: probably some assignment that snuck up on him
Meeka: thats kinda hard to picture
Rich C: Been listening to me and Pam while driving too long, I guess
Rich C: In Toronto, who cares about legal?
Ron M.: we loose more engineers that way
Rich C: A stop sign doesn't even mean slow down
Rich C: A red light is an interesting suggestion
james: :) well here if you're caught using a cell phone while driving it's a $300 fine.
Ron M.: I remember the weaving trucks part from last July
Ron M.: my Cabbie had a death wish
Rich C: No, just expereince
Ron M.: :)
james: saw a truck driver in osaka reading a pornographic comic while driving..
Rich C: Here defensive driving means being even more aggerssive than the next guy
Ron M.: do unto others before they do unto you
Meeka: that and ME FIRST
Rich C: I had more phenomenal avoidances between the city limjts and home than on 2000 miles of Interstate
Ron M.: ah, thank the dear Lord for rural areas
Rich C: AMEN
Ron M.: we have our problems here, but not many and certainly not as fast
Ron M.: the occasional power pole
Rich C: Yes, with the trailer I have to hold 100 klicks and even get passed by kids on pushbikes
Ron M.: rotfl Rich
Ron M.: survival of the fittest
Rich C: Fleetest?
Ron M.: And to think I actually applied twice to go there
Rich C: As in have your accident behind me?
Ron M.: almost got one job
james: couldn't pay me enough to live in toronto.
Rich C: Guess Murphy was taking that week off - count your blessings
Ron M.: Would have ended up with a daily commute to Yonge and Sheppard
Rich C: From where?
james: that sounds like fun and a half.
Ron M.: well, probably Guelph
Rich C: Now that's a real fun trip
Ron M.: I didn't actually get as far as buying a house
Rich C: That's not a commute, that's a trip
Ron M.: but that's where some of my would-have-been colleagues were living
Rich C: Yes, some of the commutes are really long
Ron M.: The Good Lord was watching over me, and I ended up in Winnipeg instead
Ron M.: some would argue that
Rich C: When I was working we had one colleague living in Barrie
Ron M.: I can believe it
Ron M.: At one time in the mid-80's Transport Canada actually contemplated a move from Willowdale
Rich C: Winnipeg? that's my historic family turf
Ron M.: they couldn't recruit anyone to work there
Rich C: They got frozen out, which is why I live in the banana belt
Ron M.: yes...... my boss at the time said, "You won't be bothered by's a dry cold"
Ron M.: apparently he said that to everyone coming from BC
Rich C: The emphasis is still on the second word
Ron M.: exactly
Rich C: and notice the omission of the word wind
Ron M.: 40 below is 40 below
Rich C: Can you say "Portage and Main"?
Ron M.: as in Portage and Main....... the office was only 2 blocks from there
Rich C: Easy iif you are coming from upwind
Ron M.: even bundled in my was cold
Rich C: otherwise, fuggedaboutit
Ron M.: anyway, all of that is in the rear view mirror
james: :)
Rich C: and blessedly so
Ron M.: yes
james: i can't imagine why anyone would want to live in a big city. i just don't understand it.
Ron M.: here a good southeaster can depress almost as effectively
Rich C: anyhow, Frances wants me to take out the garbage and recycling
Ron M.: I'm with you there James. We're about 60,000 here and even that is too big
Rich C: so looks like I'm going to have to take off now
Meeka: take care
james: i'm of the opinion that humans weren't designed to live in groups of more than about 20,000.
Rich C: thanks Meeka, hope to see you next week
Ron M.: Ok Rich. I'll send some magazines to Frances with the next day or so
Meeka: if i remember
Ron M.: you're right James
james: by rich! hope to see you again next week.
Rich C: terrific Ron, back atcha soon
Ron M.: When I lived in this valley 30 years ago, that's all there were here
Ron M.: Nige Rich
Rich C: right James - take care
Ron M.: i mean NIte
Rich C: Bye now, all
Rich C left chat session
Ron M.: the expansion has been noticeable
james: i'm also of the opinion that we don't need a world-wide population of anymore than about 1.5 billion.
Ron M.: however, whenever I go to Vancouver to visit son Jeff, I come back thankful
Ron M.: and over there, you KNOW what population is
Ron M.: I dont think we really have any idea in this country
james: i wouldn't be comfortable in anything bigger than ottawa and it's growing so fast now.
Meeka: too many :)
Ron M.: What's the population of Grand Rapids, Meeka?
james: i noticed how populous japan was when i first came over. just the lack of space between houses etc.
james: where i am really is atypical.
Ron M.: yes, density you've probably got
Meeka: I have no idea.
james: the population of japan is however in decline. will shave off about a fifth over the next 40 years.
Ron M.: seems to me Meeka that 28th st was awfully crowded. Was that the one the ADAMCON 9 hotel was on?
Meeka: yes.
Meeka: it is always crowded
Ron M.: smaller families James?
Meeka: that is one of the main ways across town
james: yes. below replacement fertility levels and the highest proportion of elederly in the world.
Ron M.: yeah and it seemed like every time I looked out there about 20000 cars were using it
Ron M.: really?
Meeka: it never seems to slow down.
james: yup. within the next 10 years 1 in every 3 people will be 65 or older.
Ron M.: we've got that happening here.... although I don't think the proportion is anywhere near that
Ron M.: we're next door to one of Canada's largest airforce bases, and everyone retires here
Ron M.: so there's a lot of grey hair
Ron M.: I fit right in
james: :) well imagine that on a *national* scale and that's japan.
Ron M.: yeah
Ron M.: ic
james: a preview of sorts.
james: if it weren'T for immigration, canada would stop growing too.
Ron M.: expect so.
Ron M.: I do know that the Vancouver area grows more and more oriental each year
Ron M.: many many newecomers from Hong Kong, Japan and what we call the far east
james: hong couver :) i read alot of demographics statistics. something like 45% of immigrants to canada are now from asia.
Ron M.: I can believe it. All you have to do is go to Richmond..... just by Vanocuver Airport
Ron M.: Honestly, I feel in the minority there
james: you probably are.
Ron M.: and these people have money too
james: well, the ones that come over are the ones who can afford it, unless they're refugees.
Ron M.: yes, mostly. For the most part they have much to offer
Ron M.: there are exceptions of course
Meeka: well guys, I had better go. Have to call doug and see if he is on his way home yet.
james: i think overall, immigration is good for canada.
james: take care :)
Ron M.: Say Hi to him Meeka.... and have a good week you two
Ron M.: e-mail me the site with the new arrival's pictures
Meeka: will do. that is if I can get him to spend some time at home not at work.
Ron M.: work? what's that?
Meeka: the site is the pictures are in the family page
Meeka: work is all doug seems to do lately
Ron M.: gotcha...
Ron M.: :(
Ron M.: niters
Meeka: its good for the checkbook but not for the personal life
Ron M.: No, there's a balance there somewhere, and sometimes it's difficult to find
Meeka: not this week :)
Ron M.: believe me.... I know all about that..... and my marital situation is a result
Meeka: big voicemail project going on
Ron M.: long story
Ron M.: always something eh?
Meeka: ya. ok see ya later.
Ron M.: bi
Meeka left chat session
Ron M.: a question for you
james: sure :)
Ron M.: in your school there, are you alone or do you have other teachers?
james: right now, i'm going at it alone.
Ron M.: Was telling Mom a little about you today... about what you said about being Janitor, Principal, admin assistant, etc
Ron M.: and she asked doesn't he have anyone on s
Ron M.: taff?
Ron M.: staff?
james: for the time being, i'm just going it alone. since i teach small groups it's still a one man operation.
Ron M.: so not all your students would be there at once?
james: that would kill me. no, i usually teach about 2 or 3 at a time, some groups of 4.
Ron M.: ok. That sounds do-able
james: and a few that come individually.
james: i can't imagine having 60 kids in there all day!
Ron M.: nope
Ron M.: neither could I
Ron M.: ok so that clears that up
james: i've invited my younger brother to come for a few months next year. if he's interested,
Ron M.: If your ears were burning today, we were talking about you
james: he may help me teach to save money for his college tuition.
james: before i came on?
Ron M.: Is he a teacher?
james: no, he's studying business i think, but i could give him some overseas experience.
Ron M.: no, earlier this afternoon (here that is)
Ron M.: would be a great experience for anyone
james: if you ever catch a travel bug, you're welcome to come.
Ron M.: he's lucky to have the opportunity
Ron M.: well, I tell ya, one of these days
james: he's still undecided, if you can believe it. these kids today.
Ron M.: Japan has always been a place where I've wanted to go
Ron M.: there and Australia
james: i offer him free room & board, food. all he has to do is come for a few months and teach a few hours a day and i guarantee him
Ron M.: but the pocket book right now is...... modest
james: his tuition and textbooks for the year..
james: japan can be expensive. since you're retired, you coudl travel in the off season and save *alot* on airfare.
Ron M.: sounds like a good deal to me
james: he'S not sure if he can sacrifice 10 weekends of getting into a drunken stupor with his buddies up at the cottage.
Ron M.: will have to keep that in mind
james: he'd still have a full month of summer vacation when he got back.
Ron M.: oh yea.... I see
Ron M.: some can't see the forest for the trees
james: in october, you can fly round trip for under $1000 cdn. nothing to sneeze at but alot cheaper than the summer.
james: i'm keeping his visit to under 3 months to save paperwork re visas etc.
Ron M.: this year I'll have to content myself with Edmonton for Christmas
james: family out there?
Ron M.: yes a sister, and a brother in Calgary who'll be joining us
Ron M.: My son is coming over from Vancouver
Ron M.: the whole fam damily
Ron M.: or what's left of us
james: that's nice. this year will be my second christmas away from my family. i really felt it last year but this year won't be
james: so bad.
Ron M.: and you're sooo far away. Imagine that would be a challenge all right
james: i'm not much of a christmas person, but i do like to see my family during one of the few times everyone can get together.
Ron M.: customs are different
Ron M.: I am and I'm not. Let's just say the people are more important
james: my mother is nice, she makes a turkey dinner when we come to visit, even if it's march :D
Ron M.: love it when we get together
Ron M.: just to make up for lost times
james: i agree. i'm hoping *next* year, after the trip with my students that a few months later, my wife and i can make a personal visit.
james: with any luck, there'll be 3 of us by then.
Ron M.: more grandparents in the making?
Ron M.: :)
james: first time grandparents on both sides if things work out.
Ron M.: anyway, I 'm gonna call it a night James
james: i should have lunch and maybe take a nap.
Ron M.: see ya next week. NOt sure how long it'll take for the disks to transit, but they're on their way
Ron M.: sleep well
james: nice chatting with you ron :)
Ron M.: likewise sir
james left chat session
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Ron M.: g'day or nite ...wherever you are
james: got booted. have a good one!
Ron M.: rite you too
Ron M. left chat session
james: *poof*
james left chat session
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