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james: morning rich :)
rich-c: hey, that didn't take long!
rich-c: looks like at least two of us are punctual
james: not at all :) i've been up for a little while and remembered the time change.
rich-c: right - sent you an email about an hour ago - is it in yet?
james: thought i'd wear a little more than the emperor's new clothes before joining in..
james: just read it. thanks :)
rich-c: OK, we'll work out means to get you what you want, then
rich-c: how's the weather progressing in Japan now?
james: thanks :) now that i have a floppy drive, a disk image might be the most effective way.
james: it's definitely november. nothing but rain since i flipped the calendar.
james: how's toronto?
rich-c: oh dear - so far we've had a continuation of our nice fall, but matters are scheduled to change tomorrow night
james: snow?
rich-c: there's a big outbreak of polar air over the prairies now headed our way
james: heh heh. glad i'm on this side of it! guess it'll hit ottawa too. my mother must be happy.
rich-c: no, we don't expect snow in Toronto till late December, though there have been times when we got dosed well before that
james: has your city invested in a few snowplows yet? ;)
rich-c: but we have had a number of nights when it's got down to 0 or below, but the sun has brought the days up to 10 - 15
james: we haven't been that cold but with the cloud cover, we're not much warmer than you during the day.
rich-c: yep, lots of plows and even a couple of melters
james: i imagine if it *were* sunny, we'd be hovering around 20 or so.
james: i guess after having to call in the national guard to clear the streets, they figured it might help, eh :)
rich-c: well, you';re that much further south, about the same latitude as the Mediterranean and Middle East
rich-c: actuall they didn't call in teh army to clear the streets
james: so how was your road trip?
rich-c: they did need some of the off-road combat vehicles to break through for emergencies
james: that's understandable. snow is hard to get through if it's all piled up.
rich-c: the road trip was great, got some of the photos back today
james: where did you end up going?
rich-c: trust me, the Atlantic coast is very photogenic in the fall
james: it is nice. when my wife and i went there was still some foliage left.
rich-c: stopped at Montreal to see a topiary exhibit, then ran down to Funday National Park
rich-c: stayed there and explored teh area for several days
james: i'd like to bring some of my kids out there sometime. pei, nb and nova scotia.
rich-c: then down to Camden, Maine and a bit of teh Maine coast
james: maybe even work in a day of sailing.
rich-c: also stopped in Massachusetts on the way home
james: i hear maine is really nice in the fall. lots of nature/hiking trails too.
rich-c: afraid it was a bit chill to be out on the water
rich-c: we did most of our hiking around Fundy
james: speaking of water, with all the rain we've gotten, i think the water levels here are returning to normal.
rich-c: oh, have you been having a problem with drought?
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james: not per se but water levels in most rivers were barely a 1/3 of normal.
changed username to Guy B.
james: morning guy :)
Guy B.: Greetings All!!
rich-c: don't know how we managed it but despite generally clement weather our levels seem very good
rich-c: hey Guy, how's the love life going?
Guy B.: Not very good.
rich-c: that wasn't the answer we were hoping to hear, Guy
rich-c: but better to find out now than when it's too late
Guy B.: Had one date, then the bombshell dropped. She doesn't have the same feelings that I do about her. Well, I'm back to square one.
rich-c: win some, lose some. it isn't the end of teh world, just feels that way
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james: here they come.
changed username to BobSlopsema
changed username to <undefine
rich-c: yes, two for the price of one
Guy B.: Well, there is one other and I'm going to see how this turns out.
james: morning bob :)
rich-c: Yo Bob!
<undefine: howdy mates!!!
Guy B.: Hi Bob. How's the proud grandpa?
<undefine: HAPPY & PROUD son!!!
rich-c: who's our undefined visitor?
james: looks like bob is on twice..
<undefine: how,d the "date" go, by the way
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<undefine: help!!!!
rich-c: yes, he's so preoccupied he's seeing double
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changed username to BobSlopsema
rich-c: Ah, now he's got it right
BobSlopsema: he's BAAaaacckkkk
Guy B.: Well, it went good, but then the bombshell dropped yesterday. She doesn't have the same feelings for me. Well, back to square one.
BobSlopsema: well gosh darn.......... ya gotta give us southerners some slack pilgrim!
BobSlopsema: oh, welll keep finshin' ther bud!!! :-)
BobSlopsema: FISHIN'
rich-c: From that remark, I guess that cold front hasn't come through your space yet
BobSlopsema: JAMES!!! got the steamroller thingy
BobSlopsema: kinda flakey but at least cvan see how it works
Guy B.: Well, I'm not completely out of the woods yet. There is another one and I'm going to see if she wants to meet me.
BobSlopsema: nope gonna be warm yet tomorrow
james: was just about to ask if you got it! like the tape?
BobSlopsema: james my boy ya there??????
james: test...
rich-c: yes, they come down in a curve. We're to get it tomorrow night
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Guy B.: It's getting windy here and they said it will rain tomorrow, then it will get cooler.
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changed username to james
BobSlopsema: up. boots up to little houses about 1 out of 3 times, then hit "1" and it goes intot he game....IF it doesn't bounce in and out
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
BobSlopsema: hi Dale!
Dale: Sorry I'm late.
Guy B.: Hey Dale made it.
rich-c: hello Dale, missed you the last couple of nights
BobSlopsema: for SHAME!!!!!!
james: i'm back. you got the tape bob :) you like it?
Dale: I planned to be on last week, but somehow missed it entirely.
BobSlopsema: it is kinda cool, and different!!!! NOW, telegames is selling this one?
Dale: I see you're back okay, Richard.
james: no, this game is being sold by a company called "retrotopia" through activision.
rich-c: yep, made it on last week - it was a fun time, pity you missed
BobSlopsema: oh, I thought yousaid Telegames had it
james: just scanned through the chat bob - before you try to boot the tape, pull the "cartridge reset". that way you won't get
james: the blue screen with the little houses and it'll work every time.
BobSlopsema: it is basically a pac-man game with an atari 2600 type steamroller chasing you
james: i'll grab the url for you.
BobSlopsema: AH-SO!!!!!
BobSlopsema: but it is a DDP, not a cart!
rich-c: maybe there's something funny about the boot block, Bob
james: yeah, i know but for some reason pulling the cart reset and then the tape reset sets something so that it works properly every time.
BobSlopsema: ok, pull FIRST cart reset, THEN computer reset........
james: should do the trick bob. do you like the tape design? :D
BobSlopsema: they are neat tapes for little people!
james: test
james: :D rather plentiful around here!
BobSlopsema: us older folks smile at them though
rich-c: seems like the string on James' can is developing some slack
james: that'S probably because i'm downloading a new version of netscape..
BobSlopsema: we only get the Sony, DTK, etc, no "pretty kitty" ones!
Dale: Guy, I took up your offer...
rich-c: if it's 4.5x, forget it; use 4.08 instead even in Win95/98
BobSlopsema: and asked that girl out that wasn't interested????? ;-)
BobSlopsema: couldn't pass that up Guy........solly!
james: i've been using 4.5 and it's rather unstable so i'm downloading 4.76 (communicator)
BobSlopsema: wht did ya take Dale?
rich-c: that's why I recommended against 4.5x - it crashes about every half hour on my machine
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changed username to Ron
Dale: I took the initiative to go and buy a 100MB IDE based ZIP drive.
BobSlopsema: howdy Ronald!!!!
Ron: I'm here because I'm not all there
Ron: Hello all!
rich-c: Greetings to the Left Coast
Guy B.: I got Netscape 4.7.
james: yeah, it was really annoying me so i'm taking the opportunity now since i'm online for a couple of hours to downlaod the newer version
BobSlopsema: now, that is an internal ZIP dirve though right?
Guy B.: Hi Ron!
james: hey ron :)
Ron: yes.... Left and cloudy
rich-c: james must habve been mailing you his weather
Dale: So I still have to get it installed in the Adam...
Dale: but I've been working on getting everything arranged ...
Dale: in my study so that that is easy.
Dale: So, yes, it is the internal IDE ZIP drive.
Dale: At the
rich-c: You're working on an IDE interface for teh Adam, Dale?
james: ron, any sign of your tape yet?
Ron: yes sir, just arrived today..... cute little Hello Kitty tape
Dale: MTAG meething this month we installed a new IDE harddisk in the club computer.
Ron: cool!
rich-c: where did you get teh interface card?
Dale: Then we went through the process of partitioning it, formating, flushing directories, etc/
james: :) glad you like it.
Dale: We've had the interface for long enough that the old drive died.
rich-c: Oh, really just a replacement, then
Dale: After seeing how fast the drive really is, I have a couple of members asking again for IDE cards.
Dale: Bob, do you still have any?
rich-c: gotta talk to Scott about that - he seems preoccupied with other things of late, though
Dale: So, once I get the ZIP drive in my Adam (instead of the emulator, which is where I've been working usually lately) I can see if I can get it to work.
rich-c: So what are you using as the interface for the Zip drive?
Guy B.: Dale, are you going to try using the interface card designed for the hard drive for the Zip drive?
Dale: I told Scott for over a year that I could get the funds to pay for a minimum run, bot he hasn't quoted me a price yet though.
rich-c: Keep me posted on the numbers, Dale; maybe I can risk a bit
james: i might be able to help out a little too.
rich-c: and Bob, don't you have a maybe market for some IDE interface cards?
BobSlopsema: still got a couple, but James want sone
BobSlopsema: ONE
BobSlopsema: could put out ANN $$$ for that project
rich-c: Dale, what are you using as software to support the IDE drive - the File Manager Hard Disc version?
Dale: The IDE interface is designed for any IDE compliant device. So, hard disks, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and IDE ZIP drives should all work fine.
BobSlopsema: nothing else that comes close to it as far as extending the ADAM's life
james: will definitely buy bob :)
Ron: right Bob
BobSlopsema: verrrryyy interESTing Dale........
Ron: count me in for at least one
james: i have an internal ide zip drive that i could try out with it too.
Ron: any idea what they might sell for?
Guy B.: So, basically the Zip drive can work with the Adam. What about software?
rich-c: The Adam IDE cards I've seen only support one device - any hope of say four-device support (2 pair, m/s?)
Ron: too bad... My Zip is a SCSI
james: am i still here?
BobSlopsema: scuzzy, that is like when you don't shave for a few days, eh?
BobSlopsema: yup you are here James
Guy B.: I have an old 2X IDE CD-Rom. That could work too?
BobSlopsema: or more inportantly you are THERE!
Ron: No that's FUZZY
Dale: Well, the IDE adaptor only has one channel. That means only two devices at a time.
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Ron: Would be interesting to play with
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Dale: If you've used the partitioning software it allows you to say drive 1 or 2.
Guy B.: Much like the PC's can support.
rich-c: Can it have more on the Adam? I have two channels on my DOSbox
rich-c: Which partitioning software, Dale?
Dale: I bought my 100MB internal IDE ZIP drive new from a retailer for $64.
rich-c: That's a very good price, even for Toronto
Dale: (Canadian).
Ron: mine cost me $100
Dale: Guy, you said that you had a good price from Tiger Direct, right?
Ron: but that's a Left Coast price (Island)
rich-c: yes, but how loong ago did you get it, Ron?
Ron: 1 year
Dale: The SCSI ZIP drive are more expensive.
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rich-c: well, prices on those have been dropping almost daily
Ron: noticed that.
changed username to james
rich-c: SCSI are always more expensive
james: okay, i've closed a bunch of windows so my connection should be more stable..
BobSlopsema: WB james!
Ron: was interested in fitting it only to the the older Mac (LC475) at the time
Dale: Guy, yes the 2X CD-ROM could work. I've done the really low level drives for a CD-ROM...
Ron: And the room will be warmer James
rich-c: by the way, saw a SCSI Mac CD-ROM external for $25 today
james: what i would like to see is a way to have several adams accessing the same drive, rather than more than one drive on a single adam.
Dale: but there is more work to do. I think that the IDE ZIP drive will use the same info, and I can release it quicker...
Ron: interesting Rich. Have one of those here too on the LC475. About same price
Ron: used
Dale: because it simply will use the regular Adam file system.
Guy B.: So, any kind of IDE drive could work with the hard drive interface. Now, how do we go about transferring software to it?
rich-c: yes, this was at Cash Converters
Ron: Now tell me something James..... is there anything on the Hello Kitty tape...haven't checked yet....
james: bob, i should be able to send you a money order sometime next week and you'd hopefully get it by the middle of november.
Ron: Formulae for how to run the world or make a million bucks????
Guy B.: has one going for $39.95 without any kind of rebate.
BobSlopsema: ok
james: yup, i put a copy of steamroller on it for you to try. pull the cart reset then the computer reset and select cart#1
rich-c: that's about $60 Canadian - plus shipping, plus duty, sales tax, ...
Ron: ok. I was gonna play it on my stereo....guess that wouldn't work eh?
Dale: Well, I bought a 105MB Quantum drive at a local computer show for $3.95. I can use the first 64MB.
james: it *would* work but might not be very pleasant :)
Dale: Similarly I should be able to use the first 64MB of the ZIP drive.
james: i'm interested in what you're doing dale - i might try it too as having removable media would be very handy.
rich-c: With partitioning, could you convince it that there were two 52Meg drives there?
james: here you go bob:
Ron: how about the MOUNT command ??
Ron: can you MOUNT different partitions?
james: click on "retrotopia store" at the middle right.
rich-c: Does Adam have a mount command?
Ron: under TDOS
rich-c: Oh, that's a furrin languager to me
Ron: seems to me that Guy Cousineau had a way of causing ADAM to look at partitions .... not sure
james: i'd like to get tdos. can someone send it to me? it's pd, right?
BobSlopsema: got it!
rich-c: right, James. The main issue is configuring it to your machine
Ron: yup James. Not a problem. Would need to know your drive setup and memory onboard
Ron: and also what you're using for a video display
rich-c: get it from Ron, it cuts about 4000 miles off the trip!!
james: i've got two machines. one has a 64k expander, two tape drives and a disk drive. i'm using the standard video out to tv.
james: could i not configure it myself?
Dale: So it turns out that I don't know what it would take to make use of the full 100MB drive.
Ron: yes, you can actually, so I could just send you the base version
rich-c: It's tricky as you have to have the system on teh disc you use to install the system
james: like buying a book on how to read..
rich-c: youi got it
Ron: you have to teach the z80 to count hier than 65535
Ron: that's right Rich
james: there must be docs around for it too, right?
rich-c: Does a Z80 have enought fingers and toes?
Dale: James, you should be able to download it from somewhere.
rich-c: Yes, usually you get the basic docs on the same disc
james: okay. sounds fun. another project to add to my list.
Guy B.: Why wasn't the hardware portion ever made to compensate for the larger hard drives? If it's possible to divide the partitions up. Maybe it could work out different.
Ron: I'm not sure that the full system was available anywhere other than Compuserve
james: hope to get back at translating smartlogo once my patio stones are done.
Ron: Actually James, I could probably e-mail it to you, along with instructions on how to open it and
Ron: transfer it to ADAM.
james: bob - did you try pulling cart reset first?
Dale: I think it is on
Ron: hmm
james: thanks! a friend of mine is sending me a couple of 5.25" pc drives so i'll be able to use that software rich sent me to transfer it.
rich-c: Ron, my DOSbox won't read or write 360K discs on the 5-1/4 drive any more
BobSlopsema: not yet, this DARN machine won't run the "good" stuff like ADAM software.........(easuily)
rich-c: others are reporting this problem too
rich-c: how are you managing to get Adam stuff back and forth with your DOSbox?
Ron: you mean ADAM formatted?
Ron: Usually use Chris Braymen's PC2ADAM.... seems most reliable
james: my suggestion for making dos boxes read/write 360 disks is to do a floppy boot from an old dos disk. none of that windows
Ron: or for TDOS, 22Disk
james: crap to get in the way.
Ron: that's true in my experience James. Have an old XT around here whose sole purpose in life is just that
Dale: James, maybe I could mail you Rob Friedman's TDOS distribution with some extra floppies, in exchange for that Hello Kitty tape.
BobSlopsema: YES< use an old computer!
rich-c: I was doing fine reading 360 floopies then suddenly Windows wouldn't read them any more
Ron: That's the one that used to be on Compuserve Dale, and it's probably the best for the newcomer
james: maybe i should invest in a 286 :) (they're lighter than xt's to ship)
james: dale - i've got a tape ready for you too - just nead your snail mail address.
Ron: did you try it late at night Rich?
BobSlopsema: I can't even format disk for the ADAM decently on a windows machine, but the old 286 in the back room does it quickly and efficiently
Dale: James, some of Ron's suggestions are on now.
Guy B.: Rich, make sure your BIOS is setup to read 360K disks.
james: will look at those for sure. thanks!
Ron: Found that the newer 5-1/4 HD drives don't know about the old stuff
rich-c: I have checked myBIOS, Guy, and it has the provision
james: makes sense. you can only carry downward compatibility so far without running into constraints.
rich-c: I think I even told it at one point the disc was now a DD, but it didn't believe me
rich-c: maybe I can try something in Win 3.1 - it isn't as cranky
Guy B.: What Windows version are you using?
Dale: The 5 1/4 HD drives are designed to read the older disks, but really can't reliably write the older ones.
Ron: go right back to Mess-DOS
james: dale - i've got a tape for you. yours has sparkles on it!
Dale: Thanks James.
james: need your postal address..
rich-c: Guy, I use Win95B but also have a 3.1 partition
Dale: I'll send to TDOSGIVE (which is Rob Freidman's version of TDOS).
BobSlopsema: go back to reg dos, because that's what you need for 22DISK and ADAM-DOS
rich-c: OK, my 3.1 partition of course is really DOS, 3.1 being a program not an OS
Ron: iMac the Grape has returned
Ron: with a new CPU
rich-c: not a whole new motherboard?
Guy B.: Make sure that Win95B hardware is setup correctly. It could think that you have a 5 1/4 high density rather than the double density.
Ron: nope. Just the CPU
Dale: James, I'll send it to you.
Ron: local dealer had to convince Apple the CPU's fail now and then before they'd send one
rich-c: Guy, my 5.25 drive is HD but they're downward compatible
james: rich, dale - will be in toronto on sunday april 1st, 2001
rich-c: how many kids will you have in tow?
james: don't know yet where we'll be staying, but somewhere near the train station, eatons and cn tower. could meet with you guys
james: at our hotel once the kiddies are asleep.
Dale: April 1! What happened to June/July?
Guy B.: Maybe it can't read it correctly. If you used a genuine 360K drive from another PC, then it should read correctly on a HD drive.
james: at least 13, no more than 15..
BobSlopsema: James, it looks like from the utopia site, that the game is actually a pd release
james: lots has happened while you were away!
james: if you want the rom yes, it's free. they are selling actual carts too for $29.95 last i checked.
Dale: I'll meet you. Keep me up to date. Eaton's reopens Nov 25.
rich-c: just pick a hotel with a decent bar in it or nearby
Dale: They've been advertising like crazy.
james: :D
BobSlopsema: carts are sold out till they make more......
james: actually can you guys refresh my memory? are the cn tower and eatons centre within walking distance of each other?
james: if i'm not mistaken the bus and train terminals are close too..
BobSlopsema: heck it's been 8 years since i went there.......
rich-c: in august yes, easily. In early April ....
Ron: Rich, tell Frances that 'some' progress is being made on getting the Amiga mags mailed. Need to wrap them
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Ron: up and get them out. There's be 3 boxes
rich-c: well, we do have our underground city so I guess you can make the hike - and never see daylight
changed username to Pamela C.
Ron: about the size of shirt boxes
rich-c: Hi, Daughter!!
Guy B.: Hi Pam
james: we'll be dressed warmly :)
Ron: hey, Pam!
BobSlopsema: hey PAM
Pamela C.: Hi, Dad and good evening all!
Dale: I'd say about a half hour walk. I usually take the subway (though I guess it's barely worth it).
james: dale - it was my intention to go in the summer but apparently the kids are too busy. there was the issue of airfare too, which
james: almost doubles. so for the last month, i've been reworking our plans.
rich-c: I walked from the Bay (ex-Simpsons) over past Metro Hall via underground a while back
Ron: keep me posted too James. Gonna try get down to Vancouver when you go thru
rich-c: that's further than Eaton Centre to teh Royal York or Union Station
james: well, if we need to take the subway, it's no big deal.
rich-c: If I can do it at my age, reckon the kids should have no problem at all
Pamela C.: Subways are good. Where are we going?
Dale: Hi Pam.
Ron: you still planning on a stop at Vancouver?
james: sounds good ron. we won't have much time though as we're not "stopping". we'll have our 3 hour layover and that's about it..
BobSlopsema: well, Ron can pack more into 3 hours than you know James!!!!
james: wish we could but the good people at aircanad have decided they now charge an extra $150 for an extra stop and we're using our
Ron: oh ... ok... well that won't work... although depending on date, I might meet you at the airport
rich-c: given the nature of airline layovers, you may not meet at all or have the day together
james: "free" stop in calgary to go to banff on the way out.
Ron: That will be super James. You'll like that
Pamela C.: Make sure you bring your woolies.
james: my worst nightmare. let's not go there. stuck in an airport with a bunch of 12-15 year-olds.
james: hi pam! :)
rich-c: yes, that drive into the mountains from Calgary - wow
Pamela C.: HI
james: i'm looking forward to banff too. i've never been there.
Ron: Are you on your own with this group James?
Dale: Oh, BTW, Jillian says hi to everyone.
rich-c: you're on plain prairie and then zap - you'd swear you were a thousand klicks into pure wilderness
james: how are you pam?
Guy B.: HI Jill!
Ron: Hi Jillian
BobSlopsema: HI JILLIAN!!!!!
james: ron - no, thankfully, i've got a friend who's helping me out. so we've got one supervisor for the boys and one for the girls.
Ron: good. You NEED that
Pamela C.: Hi Jillian; I'm good but my fingers don't want to work properly
rich-c: Dale, say hi to Jill for me too
Ron: a case of the FIMBLE NINGERS
Pamela C.: exatcly
james: my wife may not be able to make it as we're still trying to have a baby. earth's down to it's last 6 billion people so we have to pull our weight! :D
rich-c: don't work too hard at it, James, there's lots of time yet
Ron: OH yes, I remember those days....back when the earth was flat and there were dragons
Pamela C.: You know, James, a vacation could be just the thing to take care of that. Think hot tubs, private rooms . .
james: indeed - helps for accomodations too. if we can get two sets of adjoining rooms, one for the girls and one for the boys, it works out well.
Guy B.: James, it can be difficult, but I hope you have one soon.
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james: we've tried. actually, the problem is medical. my wife can't conceive without medical help.
Ron: aw
james: i've been very clear to the doctor that i do *not* want octuplets.
rich-c: right, and it's a hazard these days
james: for now, we'll just keep "trying" ;)
changed username to BobS
Ron: :) case of careful what you ask for, you might just get it ?
Pamela C.: If recent events with my friends are anything to go by, things will work out.
Guy B.: That kind of what happened when I was married, but she nevered followed up to see if was me or her.
james: *i* suggested that it could be me but the doctor is convinced that it's my wife.
rich-c: Bob's gone and split his personality again
Pamela C.: The great thing about multiples is, you can get it over all at once
BobS: my #1 daughter had our 'miracle' baby grandson #1 via artificial
BobS: i beg,beg,,,uh,beg your pardon SIR!
Guy B.: Bob, you're split again.
james: we might do that if after a year or so things don't seem to be working. it's an option.
BobS: tha's only because i got disconnected but not lost on here
james: pam - we have a high incidence of twins on both sides of the family and these shots my wife was given apparently increase
BobS: had to start ovrer and reconnect
james: that incidence further :) i won't be at all surprised if when she does get pregnant, that it's twins :)
BobS: calm down son........
Pamela C.: Twins are good
BobS: daughters' #2 boy came as a surprise about the time she was going to go to the doctor for another wack at artificial!
james: well, whatever happens, happens. i don't need to grow up just yet ;)
Pamela C.: the one thing about being an only child was I didn't have anyone to torment - perhaps a good thing?
BobS: good attitude!
rich-c changed username to Frances
james: as the eldest of three boys, i think i'd have done fine as an only.
Pamela C.: Sometimes having one jump starts the system
Frances: Greetings - Richard's gone for a stroke
Pamela C.: Hi, Mom
BobS: a STROKE?????
Frances: Oops, smike
james: i've heard that too. the first one takes months and the second sneaks up on you.
BobS: O
Ron: I like the way you put that Frances
Frances: Greetings, daughter!
Guy B.: We all know what Frances means. He'll be back.
Pamela C.: Mom, you seem to have inherited my fimble ningers
james: hello frances!
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BobS: Judy is in front of her sewing machine and watching a little
changed username to meeka
Guy B.: Hi Meeka!
Frances: Ron, there still are dragons; they are just around the corner, out of sight
Pamela C.: Hi, Meeka!
meeka: hello
BobS: Hi Meeka!
BobS: HEY, is the garage door working ??????
Guy B.: How's everything going with you?
Frances: Hi, Meeka
Ron: good crowd tonight
meeka: not yet. :(
Pamela C.: very good!
Frances: Pam, I ned to ask - did Danny cut the lawn?
Ron: everybody check out Meeka's web site
james: what's the url?
Pamela C.: Yes, on the Thursday before you got home
Dale: Hi Frances.
Dale: Hey Meeka. I haven't made it to see your new pictures. I gotta make it there.
Pamela C.: It's family night at the website
Frances: Hi, Dale. Did Jill tell you that I met her at the Needlecraft Show?
Guy B.: Well gang, I haven't had anything to eat yet as I had a busy afternoon. So, I'll see you all next week.
Pamela C.: Mommy, did you buy me anything?
Pamela C.: Bye, Guy!
Frances: No!
james: bye guy!
Pamela C.: Why nooooottt???
Frances: Nite, Guy
meeka: see ya later
Dale: She did. She came back quite impressed by some the equipment on display there.
Guy B. left chat session
Frances: Didn't see anything, daughter
Ron: Nite Guy
Pamela C.: Next year I'm sending a list with you
meeka: Dad, Doug wants to know if you are busy on saturday
Ron: Bob is always busy
Frances: What impressed me the most at the show where the quilting machines
Pamela C.: Dale, what does Jillian do? Is she a sewer or a needleworker?
james: how many families we got here anyways?
Pamela C.: AT least two, I'd say
james: :D
Frances: No, three
Pamela C.: I really have to repeat Grade Two math
james: ron - if all goes according to plan, we'll be at vancouver international airport from 10:10 to 14:15 on thursday march 28, 2001.
Pamela C.: I have just one question Mom, where would you put it?
Frances: Jill wants to knit a sweater, she told me
Ron: ok James. Will keep that in mind. there's always excuses for me to go to Vancouver
james: i'll treat you to burger king, if that'll persuade you!
Dale: That's what Jill said too. There was some full sized ones, that could do any pattern.
Frances: I don't know - it would take a whole room
Ron: pullleaze
BobS: no, can look at it then I guess
james: dunno if they have harvey's at the airport..
Ron: nope. unfortunately, so Booger King will have to do
Pamela C.: Ahh, the BK lounge
Frances: Dale, what is the name of the friend that was with Jill - the wife of your friend
Dale: Mosly Jill does knitting.
james: okay, burger king it is. not sure if *i'll* be up bk after having been on trains and planes for the better part of a day. but
Ron: pair of socks, green, size 11 Jill
james: you my friend shall have thy burger.
Pamela C.: The Clee family leans toward needlework and sewing machines (the younger and older generation)
Ron: right at the moment James, I can't see any reason for not being there, but we'll see
Dale: That was Kim. She was with us for lunch at AdamCon 0Ch.
Ron: remember
james: okay, i'll keep you posted as the date draws inexorably closer.
Pamela C.: Why green, Ron?
meeka: why not purple
Frances: Yes, I knew her but couldn't remember her name and she speaks a little softly for me
Pamela C.: Or fuschia?
Ron: because everything I own is green
Dale: Ron, LOL consider the request forwarded.
Ron: not TEAL..(I'll never know what colour they are)
Pamela C.: You know you're going to get a pair of purple, green and fuschia socks now, right?>
Dale: ROFL Pam.
Ron: :) YUP
Pamela C.: Looks good on ya
Frances: Jill, Kim and I agrred that we would like a 13-room house
james: be back in a sec, gonna go nuke something for lunch..
Ron: ok James.... pay attention to it.... don't burn in haste
Frances: one room for my computers, one for my sewing machines, one for richard's computers, one for the quilting machine
Pamela C.: One for Dad, one for A.D.A.M's house , one for Dad . . .
Ron: our humble home is full of unconsumed Halloween candy
Frances: Ditto
Ron: which neither one of us need
Pamela C.: James, nuke is a really bad word to use in Japan
BobS: :-)
Pamela C.: When am I coming over for dessert, Mom?>
Ron: Pamela!
Frances: What dessert?
BobS: talk about invitin' yourself over..........
Ron: I could send you some Haloween stuff
Pamela C.: Leftover candy was the subject, I believe? Or will there be any left?
Frances: Don't need any, thank you
BobS: only empty wrappers are good wrappers........
Pamela C.: By the time I get it, Ron, it'll be soup
Ron: what's need got to do with it?
Pamela C.: Exactly
Pamela C.: I have to remind everyone that my mom thinks the best things in life are chocolate
Frances: Lots left and I'm trying to ignore it with little success
Ron: beats sex
Frances: No comment
Pamela C.: Well, I wouldn't go that far
james: okay i'm back. i might disagree with you on that point ron..
Ron: me either
Pamela C.: Mom, you didn't hear that
Frances: Nope
Ron: yeah, but you're still young , my son
james: and lovin' every minute of it :D
Pamela C.: Methusalah strikes again
Frances: Saw a cross stitch pattern at the show
Pamela C.: just one?
Ron: let's hear it for celibacy and chocolate
james: when my doin' days are done i'll move on ;D
Frances: dragon says, why bother hoarding gold when you can hoard chocolate
Ron: :)
Pamela C.: : ))
Frances: My favourite flavour is chocolate ice cream!
Pamela C.: I am my mother's child
james: any white chocolate fans here?
Ron: sometimes I think the Good Lord played a cruel joke on me
meeka: yes
Frances: I certainly hope so!
Ron: gave me an insatiable desire for chocolate, and a place to put all of it
Pamela C.: The problem is trying to keep the place from expanding
Frances: However, your father is looking over my shoulder, so he gets the keyboard back. Nite-all!
Ron: exactly!
james: LOL
Pamela C.: Nite Mom
james: nite frances1
Ron: niters Frances. You guys need a gateway down there
Dale: Bye Frances. Good to see you.
Pamela C.: Or more computers
Frances changed username to rich-c
Ron: they need a LAN
BobS: nite Frances
Pamela C.: Now THERE's an idea
rich-c: when we get an ADSL line maybe we can network in the Amiga
Ron: that way they could both be on at once
Pamela C.: And since I;m at home, that would be fairly easy
james: i'd kill for adsl out here.
Ron: should be possible eh?
rich-c: prices are coming down now - saw one at 33.29 a month oday
meeka: well i had better get going to. Just droped in to say hi to everyone
Ron: James, I heard about a 5.(something) earth quake southern Japan was that you?
Ron: yesterday, or day before?
rich-c: of course that's twice what I'm paying now for dialup
Pamela C.: Nite Meeka, good to speak to you
BobS: bye Meeka
Pamela C.: go tamco
james: i don't think so but we're still getting lots of little ones.
Ron: go straight home Meeka
BobS: did ya get my answer?????
rich-c: nite Meeka see you again soon I trust
meeka left chat session
rich-c: sorry Pam, John keeps talking ADSL but can't seem to get it put in
Pamela C.: What is ADSL?
Ron: I'm too far away from 'tin-can-central'
james: asynchronous digital subscriber line. high speed internet. use your phone at the same time.
Dale: James, the only way to get multiple Adams to use the same harddisk is to run multiple copies of AdamServe under Windows 9x.
rich-c: asynchronous digital subscriber line
Ron: have to be within 3 miles of downtown Courtenay
Pamela C.: Ah.
Pamela C.: Not enought string, Ron
Ron: that's right
james: hmm.. too bad there's no way of hooking up to a hub via adamnet.
Ron: there's gotta be some relation between ADAMnet and USB as implemented on iMac
Ron: sure feels pretty close to the same
Pamela C.: I gather the iMac is healthy again
Dale: Could be a hardware project. You'd just have to make an interface for AdamNet to USB as a client for instance.
Ron: yes...just got it back today. New CPU
Pamela C.: Ouch
Ron: so now I gotta put stuff back on my drive
Ron: fortunately it was still under warranty
rich-c: how come you klost the drive?
james: did they renew your warranty?
Ron: bought extended warranty protection....
james: good idea.
Ron: 2 years - $150.
Dale: To get started, maybe try a USB joystick modified, or something. There are really cheap USB chipsets ($2 or 3) around.
rich-c: Ouch!
Pamela C.: Is right!
Ron: yeah, I know.... one way or another they get ya... and now I'm a little gun shy
Dale: Some day, I'll start making USB devices. I've got to wait for Linux's support for USB. It's almost done now though.
Ron: right Dale. I suppose it's a different set of protocols and all, but it sure performs the same
Ron: glad to hear that. My CD burner is also USB
rich-c: maybe that will give me an excuse to install Linux on my DOSbox
Pamela C.: Why do you need an excuse?
rich-c: I do have USB ports but everyone says Win95B doesn't support them properly
Pamela C.: Oh
Ron: i have it installed, my challenge is actually using it for something
Dale: It is a very similar protocol. You just need to make a buffer that sotres and forwards packets between the networks, ...
Dale: since they don't operate at exactly the same speed.
rich-c: I have the Corel CD which includes Netscape, and a CD of StarOffice
Ron: and that is True Rich. tried my cd burner on the p200 when imac was away, it recognized, it
Ron: started to format a disk then it died
Ron: and wouldn't recognize the drive any more
rich-c: do you have Win 95A or B, Ron?
Dale: If we made a hardware USB <--> AdamNet device, then we coyuld theoretically hook up to 127 Coleco Adams to a server PC ...
Ron: P133 won't recognize anything USB despite the fact that W98 says it's working normally
Ron: Win98 2nd edition on both
Dale: and have them all share the same AdamNet harddrive.l
rich-c: I didn't know there were any P133 boards made with USB ports
Ron: so now iMac is back it all becomes academic
Dale: Richard, Win95B has some support. Often enough support. I guess you just have to try.
james: dale - i like that idea!
Dale: Richard, yes, I have one for sure.
rich-c: I get a little twitchy fiddling in the BIOS - I've done it but don't like it
Ron: there's an idea
Dale: Though I admit I've had my own problems getting it to work.
Ron: should try Win95B. Have that around here somewhere
Ron: Dale, any real worthwhile differences between Win98 2nd edition and Win ME?
rich-c: I was looking at Win98 yesterday - they still want $130 for teh upgrade package
Dale: There is your mission James for the next AdamCon in Japan then.
Ron: saw the latter in the store today and fingers began to itch
Ron: but I resisted
rich-c: The upgrade from 98-2e to ME is only $68
james: adam to usb interface. i'd need alot of help on this.
Dale: Ron, basically anything really worthwhile is downloadable.
Ron: yes, that was what they wanted
Dale: SE is reported to be more stable anyway.
Ron: ok, glad I asked
rich-c: The local computer columnists do seem remarkably unimpressed with ME
Pamela C.: I'm running Win98SE and so far haven't had any problems
Dale: I'd be willing to try and help any way I can.
james: i'm using win98 se. cost me 27,000 yen for the full version. it's somewhat more stable. somewhat slower to boot even on my p3-500.
Ron: brb...gotta stand up for a minute. The mind can only absorb what the ass can endure
rich-c: I'm getting due for a new computer but the technicals are in such a state of flux I'm dubious about moving
rich-c: I have so much legacy stuff I don't want to write off
Pamela C.: Could you upgrade instead, Dad?
Dale: The main differences are the new Media Player, which s downloadable. And the video editor program, which isn't very good, and only exports Windows media player format (.ASE)
rich-c: Nope, problem is moe slots and bays and ports
Pamela C.: okay
Ron: I have a book here by Aubrey Pilgrim entitled "Build Your Own Pentium III PC" Think that's what I'm gonna do next
Ron: already it's dated
rich-c: I do lust for USB and Firewire and such, but at what cost?
Pamela C.: I have a couple of takers when you're ready to offload the old one
Dale: I recently helped a friend try and upgrade, and the conclusion we came to was it was cheaper to buy an eMachine than upgrade.
rich-c: Yeah, go for an Athlon instead, Ron
james: dale, what would be involved in making the adamnet<->usb interface?
Ron: yes, was my intent, and he mentions that....he also says that you don't save as much money as yoyu
rich-c: Don't buy an eMachine - their warranty is ship the old one back, we'll send you a replacement
Ron: you used to by doing this, but still the experience is worth the effort
rich-c: Nice enough except there goes your hard disc and all its contents
Dale: The new machines use different motherboard, cpu type, memory, and ATA-66 prefers different harddisks.
rich-c: I think my current board is UDMA 66
Ron: after my experience with iMac, I will not buy another computer out of a store
Ron: at least not new
rich-c: I did upgrade my hard dsic but it's still 5400 rpm
Dale: And of course the case and video card slot are different too. It is just the floppy drive and CD-ROM, keyboard, and mouse that can be moved over.
Pamela C.: No wonder they're called peripherals
rich-c: How do you move the keyboard and mouse if the new machine is USB with no legacy support?
Ron: well, you can get a usb mouse for about 13 bux
Dale: Rich, I've seen those machines, but they are mostly iMacs still.
Ron: keyboards are also available .... although here they're more expensive
Dale: The keyboard, mouse, CD-ROM and floppy drive can be obtained for about $100. So my friend ended up getting those too.
rich-c: Really, if I did upgrade, I'd have to junk everything and start over
rich-c: Likely couldn't even transfer my programs since they're Win95 at best
Ron: yes. Up to this point Rich, I've been able to being hard drive, keyboard, video, etc from my old one
Ron: but that's coming to an end
rich-c: After what I went through installing the new hard disc, I don't want a repeat
Pamela C.: Oh, the words we heard
rich-c: yes, and you were on the other side of the city1
Pamela C.: But you project so well
Ron: air was turned blue was it?
Pamela C.: and how!
rich-c: ...given inspiration - and I had a lot
Pamela C.: Where do you think I learned it?
Dale: The programs will all work Richard, but you'd probably have to reinstall.
rich-c: junior high
Pamela C.: Please, it was at least high school
rich-c: reinstallation might not be that bad an idea anyway, I must admit
james: :D
Ron: I've had mixed experiences with that Rich. Some will copy, some will not
Dale: My rule of thumb in Windows is reinstall once a year is good for the blood.
rich-c: by the time you've installed and uninstalled as much as I have, even scandisc and defrag get overwhelmed
BobS: well, guys and dolls........I have to head off into the sunset now. see ya'll next week, yes???
Ron: agreed Dale. Amazing how much I leave off during an annual exercise like that
Ron: yes Bob. Sleep well....hi to Judy
rich-c: We'll be looking for you, Bob. Sleep tight
Pamela C.: G'nite Bob - ditto
BobS: Ok gang!
BobS left chat session
james: i'll be here bob! enjoy your game!
Ron: I must go and restore iMac the Grape to its state of usefulness
james left chat session
Ron: right now I have 18.3 gig of blank space awaiting
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rich-c: That should be a challenge, Ron
changed username to james
rich-c: string break again, james?
Ron: indeed... I want all my MP3's and movies back we'll see if the RW CD really did RW
james: yeah, must be pulling on it too hard.
Pamela C.: must be the dolphins, James!
Ron: just on my way out James....thanks again for the tape....will hav a look at that tonite too
Pamela C.: Nite, Ron
rich-c: see you next week, Ron
Dale: Bye Ron.
Ron: nite all.... if you hear screaming from the west coast, you'll know it's not going well
Ron: bye
james: bye ron!
Pamela C.: I must remember to close my west windows
james: guess i'll close my east windows..
Ron left chat session
Pamela C.: It's all in the perspective
rich-c: James, what are you going to be doing about feeding the kids on your trip?
Pamela C.: Dad, please. They're teenagers.
james: they'll be bringing their own money for food and spending :)
rich-c: Are you going as a group to restaurants?
james: probably, there's two supervisors and we'll usually be in places that have several restaurants, so everyone can try what they want.
Dale: Do you think that they'll survive a western diet for a whole trip?
james: shouldn't be a problem at all :D these kids will eat anything.
rich-c: Dale, he should take them to The Old Spaghetti Factory on his day here
rich-c: Maybe we could even go down and join the party
james: that sounds like fun. we'll be in toronto from lemmie check..
james: 5 p.m. to 11:00 am. the following morning.
james: after that, we're going to niagara falls by bus and then coming back to toronto that night.
Pamela C.: What date? I missed that part
rich-c: wow, that doesn't give you much time for sightseeing
james: not alot. we're basically doing the cn tower. i was asked by the parents to keep the schedule light.
james: pam - dates are sunday april 1st, arrive in toroto at about 5 pm.
rich-c: these days the twoer complex can provide a night's worth of muischief with no problem
Pamela C.: Need to check my calendar - I could use some culture
james: doing niagara falls the following day and then coming back to toronto that night.
james: since our flight is out of toronto the next morning (tuesday april 3) and i don't care for niagara falls all that much.
Pamela C.: Just ask about the glass floor they've put into the indoor observation deck - it's a mind boggler
james: i've been on it. someone remind me to bring extra underwear.
james: don't like heights.
rich-c: at Niagara make sure you hit the butterfly aviary
Pamela C.: I couldn't do it. Couldn't make my eyes and my brain believe each other
james: we'll have *lots* of time in niagara.
rich-c: not necessarily - it's about a three hour round trip, and you've got to eat, and there's potty breaks, and herding...
Pamela C.: Souvenirs
james: still, we'll be in niagara from 1 p.m. until 10 p.m...
rich-c: that's going to get you back to Toronto pretty late - hope your flight isn't too early in the morning
Pamela C.: At least if you exhaust them, you'll have no problem keeping them out of trouble
rich-c: will you have your own tour buses?
james: as much as i'd like to get back earlier, if we want to see the daytime falls and the nighttime lit falls, then our only choice
james: of bus back to toronto is the 10 p.m. greyhound. before that, there's only 6 pm..
rich-c: OK, that answers my question
rich-c: Pity we can't assist, but my van only takes eight
rich-c: or five in its usual amulant attic configuration
rich-c: ambulant
james: that's about half our group. i've considered renting a van, but i don't want to drive while we're travelling.
Pamela C.: Dad, you retired from teenagers - do you really want to play taxi? Excuse me, that's junk drawer
rich-c: sensible, especially in this area
rich-c: on our trip teh only place I had problems driving was Toront
Dale: The butterfly farm is quite remarkable.
Pamela C.: It's the only place I ever have problems,either.
james: *exactly* i've driven through toronto with my wife. that was enough. 7 smart-asses along for the ride would not help my nerves.
rich-c: and I spent over a quarter century honing my experience on 401 in rush hour
james: i've driven it twice. that'S twice too often for me.
rich-c: for anyone
Pamela C.: You just need more practice
james: i've been to the butterfly museum. it's nice and relaxing.
Pamela C.: It's on my list of things to do when we go back - we did it in '92, before we had wheels
james: i've gotten very used to country roads in the japanese countryside. even ottawa was a bit of a shock to the system when i went back in
rich-c: pity you can't sneak away to one of the wineries - some are really nice now
james: march.
james: winery sounds like too much fun!
rich-c: believe me, it is, but teenagers can't go in
james: dale, you up for meeting us while we're in town?
rich-c: or rather they are limited
Dale: Definately.
james: there's a winery in a city near here. teenagers, kids everyone goes in. despite the higher drinking age (20) here, there's
Dale: I'll get a chance to practise my very weak Japanese.
james: a far more relaxed attitude towards youth and alcohol.
Pamela C.: Adamcon 11.5 is coming together in this conversation
james: probably why you don't hear of binge drinking to excess over here.
rich-c: well, even Ontario has made some progress that way, but there's a long way to go
Pamela C.: My japanese is limited to thank you very much
james: :) you'll pick some up. my students' english is far from even conversational.
rich-c: but you'll have them well taught before you arrive, I'm sure
Pamela C.: At least my good grades were in languages but that was a long time ago
james: whenever they have festivals here, i see all kinds of kids drunk on sake.
james: i'm working on it. i only get them for an hour a week and they can only learn so much :)
Pamela C.: I'm told that sake wears off after an hour - that could be a wives tale
Dale: I'd like to strengthen my Japanese, but I haven't made it to Japan yet. :-(
rich-c: alcohol is alcohol - your body metabolizes it at a set rate
james: well, if you keep drinking it, like i do, it tends not to :) it does have the nice effect of not causing much of a hangover.
james: mind you, could just be me. i always stay awake until the effects wear off.
Pamela C.: I am against hangovers on general principles - I just stop drinking
rich-c: usually only the hard stuff makes for a hangover - though with enough excess, you can suffer the wrath of grapes - or hops
james: i've been working so much lately that i haven't had a drink in *long* time.
Pamela C.: define long
james: i can't remember. maybe in the summer some time.
Pamela C.: Dad, send that man some real wine
rich-c: don't know what I'd do without my weekend glass of wine
Pamela C.: Maybe you can convert him, since you're not having much luck with me
james: i have 5.5 classes on sundays, but come march i think my sunday will be free again.
rich-c: now that's what we should get him to smuggle home - some Ontario icewine
james: do you like sake?
Dale: Hmm...I find that Vodka keeps the hangover away. The worst is mixing drinks.
Pamela C.: Mixing is deadly.
rich-c: I've never felt teh urge to try it - I like wine, and good beer
james: yes. do not mix. especially with beer, as my at-the-time 17 year old brother found out.
Pamela C.: Russell (my husband for the uninitiated) reccomends it
rich-c: I haven't sworn off the hard stuff, just never seem to want any
james: got a nice photo of him passed out on my father-in-law's lawn.
Pamela C.: Sake, I mean
Pamela C.: Is that a blackmail photo?
james: nah. pretty much everyone there got a photo :)
rich-c: At Oxford, they say every gentleman is entitled to get drunk once
rich-c: did that convince him he's had his once?
Pamela C.: Too bad. I hear they're almost as good as baby-in-the-bathtub pictures. Does that go for the ladies too Dad?
rich-c: Back then, they didn't have ladies at Oxford
Pamela C.: And your point?
james: no. he still goes up cottage partying with his friends and very quickly loses his sense of direction (ie: up vs. down)
rich-c: Use the picture if he is unconvinced he's had teh once
Pamela C.: He doesn't ahve a drinking problem. He gets drunk, he falls down, no problem
james: yeah. well, he's barely 20 so it's to be expected.
rich-c: With which - it's getting on, still have to check teh email. Have to call it a night
james: he might come over for a few months next summer to help me teach and make money for his tuition.
Pamela C.: He'll grow out of it. Even my mother admits I've improved with age
james: okay rich, was nice talking to you as always! will be sending you e-mail too as i'm ready to buy that other stuff from you.
rich-c: Hope I'll see you all here next week
james: i'll be here :)
rich-c: Goodnight all
Pamela C.: Good night Dad, I am heading out too. I'll call later in the week.
rich-c: OK
Pamela C.: Goodnight, everyone.
james: jee dale, i guess that leaves just us. bye pam!
rich-c left chat session
Pamela C. left chat session
james: test..
james: you here dale?
Dale: Sort of.
Dale: Watching TV at the same time.
james: :) i don't bother with tv here much. not until i get a satellite dish and i can get some real programming.
Dale: The Play Station 2 is out now in North America...
Dale: I've been thinking about getting one, if I can find a store that has any...
james: just now? been out here for months. not that anyone could get ahold of one if they tried.
Dale: Many of the first 500,000 were preordered. Then it is 100,000 per week until Christmas.
james: want me to see if i can get you one? don't know if it would get past customs..
Dale: Hmm...would the Japanese one work here?
Dale: I hear that the new NA one had a 3.5" hard drive bay. I think I'll hold out for that.
james: apparently so. i've heard the machines are not regionalized. never understood what the point of that was anyway. that and someone
james: figured out that people are just going to modify them anyway.
Dale: Well, I guess you're right about that.
Dale: I have a friend here that got a DVD-ROM drive...
Dale: and when he had trouble with playing a DVD movie, ...
james: i'd like to get a dvd player that can play discs from any region.
Dale: he downloaded a new drive BIOS with the regional country code blocker disabled.
james: cool. can you do that for the standalone tv set players?
Dale: I don't know how you would update a player...
james: maybe i'll make a trip to hong kong then :)
Dale: but with the DVD-ROM player it is as easy as running a Windows updater program.
james: almost makes it worth getting a dedicated pc and tv tuner card.
Dale: Yup.
james: anyways, i think i'm going to get more lunch and get ready to teach. i'd like to talk more about the adamnet usb interface idea sometime.
Dale: I've heard about updated ROMs for the regular players, but you'd need to get the right one.
Dale: I'll see you later then..
Dale: We'll talk more about the USB/AdamNet idea.
james: see you again soon!
james: okay, maybe we can start an e-mail thread or something.
Dale: Bye for now.
james: *poof*
Dale: Sure. That could be a good idea.
james left chat session
Dale: poof
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