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rich-c: you're early, James
james: morning :)
rich-c: how's things in Japan?
james: not too bad. after a week of 25c and sunny weather, things have cooled off a little.
rich-c: count your blessings - we were cloudy and 10 today, with rains forecast for the next 48 hours
james: :) sure you don't live near ron?
rich-c: no, we just inherit his weather about three days later
rich-c: actually so far the weather bureau has been right on - fall has been warm and dry
james: a nice change after a cool and wet summer, no doubt.
rich-c: well, summer didn't have much in the way of heat waves, but it was very tolerable
james: my mother was rather disappointed with all the rain they got in ottawa.
rich-c: in fact if this is a preview of global warming, looks like Ontario is the world winner
rich-c: didn't realize they had had that much rain up there
james: i've been thinking about that recently. i don't like global warming, despite some of the apparent benefits.
rich-c: well, there are benefits and drawbacks
rich-c: we do seem to have global warming, but there's a lot about it we don't know yet
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james: i guess if any country stands to benefit, canada would. i doubt the polar bears agree however.
changed username to Mr Jive
rich-c: they are already having trouble - can't get out on the ice in time to feed when they need to
Mr Jive: hi everyone
james: morning :)
rich-c: Welcome aboard
james: i've read reports that some are as much as 25kg lighter than this time last year.
Mr Jive: evening :)
rich-c: yes, and they are giving Churchill a rough time loitering around so long, and hungry
rich-c: were into global warming, Mr. J
james: can't say i blame them. doubt i'd do any different. people create problems and then expect not to have to deal with them.
Mr Jive: Go global warming!
rich-c: right, you're on the prairies, aren't you?
james: hope you can swim..
Mr Jive: It was -20F with the wind chill in wyo yesterday.
Mr Jive: lol
james: ouch. it's alot warmer than that here. sure you wouldn't like to live in japan?
rich-c: yes, you got the same storm that's been giving Alberta a rough time
Mr Jive: No way freezing to death is better than getting fried by Godzilla.
rich-c: hey, it's in the 50s in Toronto - wanna become a Canadian?
james: ;) he won't bug you unless you bug him first.
Mr Jive: lol
rich-c: in Japan they worry more about earthquakes
rich-c: or is that just Godzilla stompin' around?
Mr Jive: Godzilla makes the earthquakes all that stomping around.
Mr Jive: lol
rich-c: so how do you like your election, J
Mr Jive: What a fiasco!
james: was about to ask about that.
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changed username to Pamela C.
rich-c: do you get teh impression that the Yanks are kinda split, James?
james: i think either way they are getting a bum deal.
rich-c: Hello daughter - you made it early
Pamela C.: Good evening, my fingers aren't working yet
james: moring pam :)
Mr Jive: I'm ready to split up into about five seperate countries.
Mr Jive: Hi pam
rich-c: that's OK, with our election I'm still trying to figure out who most needs voting against
Pamela C.: G'day James - how's life tomorrow?
james: looking good. ;)
james: rich - when is the canadian election? seems to be the one thing they don't say on all the web sites.
Mr Jive: Vote for the person who will take you to hell the slowest.
rich-c: know what you mean, J; we're very regionalized too
Pamela C.: Hi, Mr. Jive - I don't know your real name
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Mr Jive: Doug Dirks
james: at least they don't have some guy with delusions of grandeur trying to split up their country.
rich-c: our election is the 27th
changed username to Guy B.
Pamela C.: That's better, Doug - thanks
james: oops. will fix my calendar. had the 22nd marked.
Guy B.: Greetings All!
rich-c: Hello Guy
Mr Jive: Hi Guy
Pamela C.: Hi Guy
james: i'd vote ndp but i guess all that "testosterone has dulled my brain".. hear about that?
rich-c: just talking e4lections, Guy
james: morning guy :)
Guy B.: Hi James, things cooling off in Japan now?
james: a little, still, we're hovering around 16 or so.
Guy B.: That's about where we were until today.
Pamela C.: We've had about a week of cooler weather, I think it's been about 10 most days
rich-c: Pam, did you feel our summer was cold and wet? James' mother has been complaining
Guy B.: Well, finally the dust has settled in the elections and I'm glad it's over.
james: yeah, except you still don't know who's won :)
rich-c: they've stopped yapping at you, Guy, but there still isn't a decision
Mr Jive: Better that way!
Pamela C.: Definitely. We had more rain and fewer hot, sticky days than usual - thank goodness
rich-c: Well, we didn't have to water the lawn much, but I did feel our precip was being delivered just in time
Guy B.: Well, here in Illinois, we had congressional races and they were trading negative ads all over the place. Even bombarding my mailbox.
Guy B.: It's raining here in Chicago right now.
Pamela C.: For some reason the pols can
james: i've noticed that about american political campaigns. you guys really fling the mud around.
Pamela C.: 't seem to stop attacking one another - happens here, too
Guy B.: It never ends.
james: not that they don't in canada.
rich-c: I figure they're lying in any negative ad, just like they do with anything else
james: i figure they're lying all the time.
Guy B.: And just think I have to do this in 2 years as we have state elections.
Pamela C.: Boy we're a cynical bunch - right, but cynical
rich-c: depending on who wins the presidency, you may be very glad of that, Guy
james: i'd still take it over what alot of places have. i'm not particularly interested in chinese style leadership.
Guy B.: You maybe right Rich.
Mr Jive: In Nevada "None of the above" got 2% of the vote.
rich-c: yes, and the Japanese political scene has been a bit chaotic at times
Pamela C.: Someone in Nevada has a sense of h umour
Guy B.: Well, who did got above 2%
rich-c: I think "none of the above" should be a ballot option
Guy B.: Let guess the two we already know.
james: i hate japanese politicians. they're so.. greasy.]
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james: not to mention down right stupid.
Pamela C.: I tend to think of pols as slimy
Pamela C.: sorta like pond scum
changed username to BobS
Mr Jive: Hi Bob
Guy B.: Howdy Bob!
Pamela C.: Hi, Bob
rich-c: well, at least they're talking about doing something about NTTs rates
BobS: Howdy MATES!!!!
rich-c: Hi Bob
james: yeah. and it'll only take 10 years.
BobS: solly to be late, but was playing with pcmcia card modems i got today
rich-c: well, they've got to get their bribes from NTT first
james: in any case, deutsche telekom just started up in october for long distance. much better rate than my previous provider.
Guy B.: Did all of them work?
james: 25 yen a minute to canada instead of 98.
rich-c: that's an improvement
BobS: yup!
rich-c: but I gather your pols are upset that high rates are inhibiting internet development
james: now if only things would start to happen on the local dial-up scene.
Pamela C.: What's the current exchange rate?
james: yup.
rich-c: about .014 yen/dollarC
Guy B.: All 56K or some lesser speeds?
james: 100 yen = 1.42 cdn, or 93 cents u.s. as of last night
Pamela C.: I cant tell if that's good right now, my brain is too tired
BobS: 28.8k cell ready for whatever that's worth
rich-c: the yen has been strong of late
rich-c: it's even holding better against the Yankee dollar than the Canadian dollar is
james: guy, i'm lucky if i get 33.6 but the problem right now isn't just the bandwidth but the ridiculous dialup charges
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changed username to Meeka
Guy B.: A friend of mine from work gave me a 28.8 PCMCIA card and I haven't tried it out yet.
Mr Jive: Hi Meeka
james: canadian dollar is undervalued.
Guy B.: Hi Meeka.
Meeka: hello everyone
Pamela C.: HI Meeka
BobS: hi Meeka!
rich-c: hello Meeka - daughter #2 joins the group
rich-c: Pam is here already
Guy B.: What's Doug doing tonight?
Meeka: right now he is watching tv
Guy B.: Drew Carey??
rich-c: well, looks to me like the Yankee dollar is headed for a mighty fall
Mr Jive: How'd you know
Meeka: no Voyager
Pamela C.: Nice to know we all have the same taste in TV
james: the $c is relatively strong compared to other currencies.
Pamela C.: Two of my favourites
rich-c: yes, and sales of US products are hurting here
Pamela C.: The problem is that we're comparing it to the US dollar and it always looks bad
james: i've *got* to get a satellite dish soon. japanese t.v. sucks.
rich-c: they must be really down in other countries whose currency is doing far worse
james: a low canadian dollar is bad for states like montana that sell wheat and florida that sells tourism.
Guy B.: You don't have cable in Japan James?
Pamela C.: Just look at the Euro - it's lost a quarter of it's value since intro in '98
james: a new zealand dollar gets you 39 cents u.s. an aussie dollar gets you 52..
james: not where i am guy. i'm out in the country side.
rich-c: but look at the euro - it started at $2.00 Cdn, now it's about $1.31
rich-c: and the pound is sinking fast too
Guy B.: Oh, then a sattelite dish would work out perfect for you. Now the question is which one to get and what you want on it?
rich-c: the U.S. economy isn't that export-dependent
Pamela C.: Does that mean nothing but TV off air?
rich-c: and it sure makes imports like oil cheap
james: i think it will strenghten (the $c). we just paid $12 billion on our debt, unemployment is still high but not chronic and the economy is growing.
rich-c: I'm sort of sniffing at a satellite dish too
james: i've found the satellite service i want. i'd get fox, discovery channel, some news and some radio. i don't care for j-pop.
Pamela C.: Oil is cheap by our standards, but it doesn't make the Americans happy even so
rich-c: really what's needed is for the US dollar to back off to more realistic levels
Pamela C.: Yeah, devalue it. Let's see what happens to the economic giant then
james: well there's a whole other debate, re oil. i really think it's time to get off an oil dependant economy.
rich-c: it would be good for them, Pam
rich-c: right now I think they're headed for trouble
rich-c: we're working on that in Vancouver, James
james: i want to invest in ballard.
Pamela C.: Don't go there, Dad, I am not particularly happy with the Americans at any time
rich-c: You is one, kid, or at least you have a claim
james: really pam? why?
Pamela C.: Both my parents were born in th e US so if I wanted dual citizenship, I could get it
Pamela C.: As to why, I don't go there - I try not to judge all of them by some bad attitudes
rich-c: and besides, we have enough bad attitudes at home - eh, Stockwell? eh, Lucien?
james: i'd like to see lucifer, i mean lucien's head on a pike.
Pamela C.: And to those Americans who are here, I know this sounds bad - please don't think I mean everyone by any stretch
rich-c: oh, we're not a bloodthirsty people - warlike, but not bloodthirsty
BobS: caps OFF
rich-c: Don't go there, Bob
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BobS: head for the hills kids! :-)
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changed username to WBurnside
james: it's okay bob, i like americans :)
Guy B.: Hi WB
rich-c: wow, getting a real mob scene tonight
BobS: hiya Willie
WBurnside: Hello all!
Pamela C.: No, Bob - you at least know where Toronto is and I appreciate that
rich-c: Hello Willie!
BobS: line 'em up!!!
Pamela C.: Hi Willie
james: hey willie! thanks for the tape!
Pamela C.: Okay, I'm going to find some crow now
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BobS: DARN SKIPPY, just west of Vancouver Island, right?????
changed username to Ronald
BobS: good lord, another one!
Guy B.: Hi Ron.
WBurnside: You got it James! Excellent and you are welcome!
rich-c: welcome Ron
BobS: speakin of Vancouver aisland
Ronald: Thank God we don't get as much government as we pay for
rich-c: how are the webbed feet coming?
Meeka: hello ron
Ronald: Hi all!
james: hey ron.
WBurnside: Hello Ron!
Pamela C.: Hi, Ron
BobS: another one!
Pamela C.: Suddenly, I feel popular
Ronald: Just watching Larry King Live
Ronald: and I'm getting real confused
rich-c: rather watch Latrry King dead?
james: hi pam.
Ronald: :)
BobS: just read one line at a time sir!
BobS: and it will all become clear!
Ronald: oh ok
Pamela C.: Tangents abound tonite
Guy B.: Here I have Yahoo Messenger up.
Ronald: Never went to Electoral College
BobS: and........
BobS: isn't that a MESS????
Ronald: wild
BobS: and no end in sight
rich-c: wonder who will graduate?
Guy B.: Good question?
BobS: hey, you guys get to"enjoy" the fun Nov 27th.......
Ronald: somebody said this afternoon that the Electors aren't bound by the vote in a state anyway
james: like i said, either way, a bum deal.
james: not that we have anything better in the way of selection.
Ronald: yeah Bob, we got our own version of this stuff
rich-c: well, there have been "faithless electors"
james: you voting bloc quebecois ron? :D
rich-c: but it is definitely considered infra dig
BobS: saw a nasty article about Jean and Stockwell and Joe yesterday
Ronald: Oui Monsieur!
BobS: no they are not!
Ronald: je suis in vrai Quebecois
rich-c: they deserve it, Bob
Ronald: un
Pamela C.: Vive la Quebec libre!
james: too bad the flesh eating bacteria stopped at his leg.
BobS: :-)
Pamela C.: : ))
Ronald: anyway.... it has nothing whatever to do with the ADAM
Ronald: either side of the border
james: no?
rich-c: if they hadn't given up Adams for those other machines
rich-c: maybe they wouldn't be in such a mess now
BobS: "Chretien's flip-flops and unfulfilled promises" it says......JUST like BILL!!!!
Ronald: how did Michigan go Bob. Did your people win?
Pamela C.: Oh I think they'd have found some other way to mess up
BobS: nope! wante Bush, because Gore is just another Clinton....
BobS: lost........
rich-c: Hey, now his wife is a senator
Ronald: aha ic
BobS: don't that beat all?????
james: i don't like liberals because that's how they spend. liberally. i don't like pc's. mulroney ruined them for me.
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Guy B.: And Gore got Illinois thanks to Chicago.
changed username to Dale
Pamela C.: how long before she dumps him? Any bets?
Guy B.: Hi Dale.
BobS: where but in US could she just decide to settle down one day and ruin for congress the next
Meeka: hi dale
Dale: Hi all.
Pamela C.: Hi, Dale
WBurnside: Hi Dale!
rich-c: hello Dale, didn't see you come in
BobS: hi Dale!!!!
Ronald: Dale, my son!
Mr Jive: If Bush wins the election Hitlary will run for pres in '04
james: hey dale.
Pamela C.: Is that a typo, Doug?
Guy B.: Gang, we have 10 of us tonight.
Mr Jive: No
BobS: Pam, she should dump him the day after he becomes EX president
rich-c: I doubt it, Doug - maybe later, but not 04
Ronald: yep Jive....heard that theory suggested today somewhere
BobS: Bet you are right doug
BobS: or in 2008
james: i can't see chretien involved in a sex scandal for some reason ;)
Pamela C.: My guess would be '08 - she needs some experience first
Dale: When I got home and checked the how many network connections were active I couldn't beleive it.
Mr Jive: She said she just wanted to be senator but just wait...
rich-c: depends on who wins this year and how badly he messes up
Ronald: ok, has she ditched Bill by then?
Pamela C.: Gee, I wonder why? Could it be that sexy smile?
Guy B.: She might try 2008. Will have to see how she fairs.
BobS: yea, right
james: must be :) that and his way with words.
Pamela C.: okay, fer sures on that
Mr Jive: She'll be too old in '08
Dale: brb
rich-c: don't kid yourself, James - the quiet ones have lots to be quiet about
Ronald: almost got the idea today that some of the commentators wished Bill Clinton would stick around for a third term
BobS: DALE, ya just got here!
james: brb..
Pamela C.: The devil you know, versus the devil you don't
rich-c: if the American people had their way, Billy would have been a candidate - and would have won
BobS: read an article awhile back, and it said Bills legacy was leaving the economy alone!
Ronald: yeah
Pamela C.: There's nothing that says he can't run again in '04
rich-c: not sure how the relevant constitutional amendment is worded
BobS: the older I get Rich, the more I am CONVINCED the typical population is dumber than a fencepost
Pamela C.: Can't be three terms back to back, I believe
(Guy B. laughs heartily)
Ronald: you can roll up the border on that one Bob
BobS: don't think it can be more than 2 terms at any time unless a war situation
rich-c: Bob s, it took you a long time to figure that out
Ronald: Ok Rich Clee....Trivia time
rich-c: ga
BobS: I AM gettin' smarter as I chase you upthe hill Richard.... ;-)
Ronald: There are 10 recognized political parties in Canada. Name 6
Pamela C.: tick,tick,tick
Ronald: kj:)
BobS: uh.......article i saw aonly had 3
Ronald: i mean :)
rich-c: Lib, PC, NDP, CRAP, BQ, CAP, Marijuana Party, Natural Law Party
Ronald: this is according to the Elections Canada website
Ronald: I don't get out much
Guy B.: Is that your Final Answer?
Pamela C.: rotfl, Guy
Ronald: smart aint't he?
BobS: YO WIN THE 250,000 PRISE!!!!!!
Ronald: what CAP?
rich-c: no, just partial, but he only wanted 6
Guy B.: Looks like Rich knows his politics.
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Pamela C.: You forgot the Green Party, dad
Ronald: he forgot Green party and Marxist-Leninst
rich-c: Paul Hellyer's bunch - Canadian Action Party
Ronald: ok. right on
Pamela C.: Communist, I think
Ronald: now.... Bob S....don't you feel better?
rich-c: I prefer to forget the Green Party
Pamela C.: So does most of the country
BobS: yes, I do, you got as many "nuts" up top as we have down under!
Guy B.: We had Ralph Nader under the Green Party here and he was a factor in some states.
rich-c: don't like Nader, don't like the Kraut version, and don't like ours
Ronald: :)
james: wife needs to use the damn fone. be back soon.
rich-c: c u later
BobS: ok will wait for ya!
Pamela C.: ciao for now
Guy B.: Ok, James. Hope she won't be long.
james: yeah, me too.
Ronald: some silly person is now pointing out on CNN that if Al Gore had carried his home state...he'd be a winner now
james left chat session
Pamela C.: Gotta be embarrassing
Mr Jive: lol
rich-c: and if pigs had wings they'd be pigeons
Ronald: :)
Pamela C.: they are
Guy B.: Well, he didn't. Maybe Tennesseeians know something he didn't.
Pamela C.: Is that a word?
rich-c: anyway, I thought Tennesee only had 11 electoral votes
Ronald: good somebody spelled Tennessee
BobS: that is true, gore blew his very own people!!!
Ronald: two 'n's 2 's's
Ronald: ??
WBurnside: Yes Tennesse only has 11 votes
rich-c: was last time I visited, but you know these mountain folks....
Mr Jive: Tennessee is pro-gun and Igor use to be until he hooked up with Klinton
Ronald: and 260 plus 11 is enough
Guy B.: But, Gore got the BIG prize. California with 54.
BobS: and THAT would have put hijm smack dab onthe money for winning!
Ronald: but no
rich-c: oh, in Toronto Gore only had 249 last time I looked
Ronald: I like Bill C.
rich-c: and Shrub had 246 so Florida was teh key
Ronald: he says, "The American People have spoken, but it's going to take a while to figure out what they said"
Pamela C.: Are they all speaking the same language?
BobS: leave it to that nerd to put in his 2 cents
rich-c: it'd be censored in teh Bible Belt anyway
Pamela C.: Somebody get a translator, quick!
Ronald: in other news.....
Ronald: my iMac hasn't busted yet
WBurnside: The American people nearly spoke their way to a tie. Look at the popular vote count!
rich-c: it could have been closer - but not much
Pamela C.: that's good news, Ron. How long do you give it?
BobS: comeon!!! yo just got it back last week, right????
Ronald: have 2 years more warranty protection so the beast will live happily ever after
rich-c: maybe you should have bought it in Tangerine instead
Ronald: yes Bob
BobS: I mean you got a NEW one last week
BobS: my vote is HOT PINK
Ronald: no...just a new G3 processor
Pamela C.: or Banana-Kiwi
rich-c: but those are so passe now the G4 is out
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changed username to james
Ronald: the Mac club was out last night - regular meeting- at a place called Skookum Sound. They do animations
Pamela C.: Welcome back, James
Guy B.: Welcome Back James
BobS: WB james!
rich-c: but that's james coming back
Ronald: for various cartoons on TV.... neat demo right here in Comox
james: test
rich-c: you're here, james
Ronald: loud and clear James
Pamela C.: 1..2..3..
james: thanks. so are we talking less politics now?
Pamela C.: Ron changed the subject
Ronald: yes
Guy B.: Now we to talk computers.
james: anyone talking about adam?
Ronald: interesting to note, that even with all the Mac sitting around, bulk of the work
rich-c: we're all in favour
Ronald: is still being done on hand drawn story boards
Ronald: and sent to Vancouver by fax
Ronald: or courrier
Guy B.: I'm going to scrap my old 486. Dead CMOS battery. Anyone want it? It will be minus the floppy and hard drives.
james: what speed guy?
Ronald: replace the battery Guy
Guy B.: 486/66
BobS: well if ya take out the good parts, who wants the carcass????
Guy B.: It's soldiered.
BobS: SO?
Meeka: do not try to give to dad. Mom will have a fit
Ronald: can prolly be bypassed
Pamela C.: lol, Meeka
BobS: got a LOT of them already Meeka
james: hmm.. shipping would be pricey anyways.
Meeka: so does doug
james: bypassed with what? pushpins?
Guy B.: I can see why. Then Judy will blame me.
BobS: that is the problem; shipping kills any deal
Ronald: no
BobS: how many 486's ya want?????
Dale: I'm back.
Ronald: already got two here
BobS: hey, ya want some 386's?????
james: me? i've already got 5..
Pamela C.: welcome back, Dale
Ronald: already got 3 here
james: dale - need your snail mail address if you want that tape.
Pamela C.: got one here
BobS: oh, oh, the BOSS is here, GET TO WORK!!! ;-)
Ronald: how about 286's
james: bos - got some p2's you don't want? :D
Pamela C.: boat anchor, Ron
BobS: got a few of those too I think
Dale: James, right. Got to email that to you.
Guy B.: I already transfered the emulator back to the P133, Geoworks will go to the 386 which I installed Novell DOS 7 last Sunday.
Ronald: bite your tongue!
Ronald: perfectly good and able computer
BobS: I just like to look at them James, and dream of the POWER they have all inked serially together
Ronald: we need a moderator to keep us on topic
rich-c: why? wandering is fun
Pamela C.: who's gonna volunteer?
Dale: I helped a friend build a new Athalon Thunderbird from scratch. By is it fast.
james: i'd like to be able to hook up a few adams to a file server of some kind. usb, whatever works.
Ronald: speaking of which,, Mr Clee... tomorrow there will be two parcels dispatched your way
rich-c: by the way, Pam, did that TI arrive while I was away?
Guy B.: What speed Dale?
Ronald: sorry for the delay..... it was a rountuit problem
Dale: What is the topic tonight, Ron?
BobS: IF I linked my ADAM's and Richard's ADAM's together, we could get to Saturn OR Jupiter!!!!
Pamela C.: Nope
rich-c: I'm very familiar with those, Ron
Pamela C.: Either that or it got stolen off the porch
Ronald: Dale...... Using ADAM for fun and profit
james: ron - have you sent the disks you were going to send me?
Guy B.: Profit????
rich-c: likely didn't come - Char has been having back problems
Ronald: yes sir, they left here 8 days ago
Pamela C.: We keep waiting
Dale: It was a 900. Could have gotten the 1100 if we wanted to.
james: must be the post office. thanks ron :)
Ronald: i have no idea how long it's supposed to take
james: neither does the post office, i bet.
Guy B.: Whoa, that's speedy. I'm looking at a 600 for my new one.
Ronald: ADAM related question.....
rich-c: I keep being tempted by the ads, but I'm still doing nothing my 386 couldn't handle
Ronald: is everybody here going to send me a Powerpaint pic for the xmas card?
Dale: The video card is so fast that it needs a cooling fan. It's a GeForce 2.
james: what's powerpain?
Ronald: tic tic tic tic
james: powerpaint? i mean.
Guy B.: Gee, I've never done before. Any tips???
rich-c: I've been asking Frances for a .bmp but she's got other projects going
Ronald: ADAM's premier draw pgm James
james: hmm. is it pd?
Meeka: doug says that lots of the newer cards need fans
Ronald: um..... no
rich-c: nope, it costs
james: how much?
Dale: I intend to send you MTAG's one from last year, and a new one from me for this year.
rich-c: I think about $30 but let me check - brb
Ronald: or should I drop the idea.....(should happen sooner or later)
Ronald: just asking
Guy B.: Ron, how many did you get last year?
Pamela C.: No, don't drop it Ron, it' great. I've seen past ones
Ronald: Bob S, and MTAG, that was about it.... oh Loran Guyaz
BobS: yup! use PowerPaint; get clips and put them together just like the ol dosbox does in MSPaint.....ADAM invented it y know
Dale: Well, they're fun, and I like hearing the new music that you add to them Ron.
james: i'm going to have to go soon. my wife's parents have the day off today and i think she needs some help around the house.
Ronald: and then I put some MIDI xmas carols with it, and it's really quite neat
Ronald: priorities James
rich-c: looks like $27.95 on disc, james
Ronald: I kinda enjoy doing it, so I guess we'll carry on
BobS: BUT, james can draw them in hrp or smartpaint of hgr right Ron??????
Ronald: yes he certainly can
BobS: hear that James??????
james: okay rich. maybe i'll pick up a copy. i have to get going now but will be sending you e-mail soon.
Ronald: you can use pretty much any graphics format you want. Just bear in mind
Guy B.: There should be some PD programs that do that.
Dale: James, do them any way you please. 256x168 is the desired size.
Ronald: that if you going to do it on an IBM, stick to 16 cols
james: yes! maybe i'll whip up a japanese xmas card for you :)
Ronald: colours
WBurnside: Bye james!
Dale: MTAG's one was done in Logo
rich-c: ok we'll catch you later - have a good one, james
BobS: see ya James
Ronald: good James
Guy B.: See you James.
Pamela C.: Neat. Have a good one, James
Dale: So we know who uses Logo here, right?
Ronald: nite James
Mr Jive: bye james
BobS: forgto about that possibility Ronald........
james: logo. yes. i'll make a logo program. dunno why i didn't think of that first.
james: bye all!
Dale: Bye.
BobS: Willie, get busy...use MSPaint and keep it to 16 colors!
Pamela C.: Obviously Mom needs to get in gear, Dad
james: dale - don't forget to e-mail me, eh!
james left chat session
WBurnside: OK!
Dale: Okay james.
Ronald: Frances has done some very nice work in previous years Pam.
rich-c: yes, she could do it easily on teh Amiga and I can conveert the file
BobS: we have a NEAT program to swap 16 bit color ibm pics into ADAM PowerPaint format
Pamela C.: I know.
BobS: Frances is retired also, right??? then she can take a few minutes and make a card for us poor workin' stiffs...... ;-)
rich-c: pity I have no artistic skills
Pamela C.: You should see some of her recent electronic birthday cards for Dad
Pamela C.: She likes to do one almost every year
Ronald: I'll bet
BobS: Richard, you never know till you DO IT!
Pamela C.: Mom quit working in 1965. She has yet to retire
Ronald: today I work harder
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changed username to Pamela C.
changed username to Guy B.
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changed username to Dale
Pamela C.: What happened?
changed username to WBurnside
moved to room Meeting Place
Dale: I think that my chat server was running for too long, and need to be reset.
changed username to Ron
Ron: ok...
Pamela C.: Ah
WBurnside: ok
Guy B.: That's what happened.
Ron: I disappeared....which is quite a task
Dale: It's been running continiously since around Sept 18.
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changed username to MrJive
Guy B.: Now everyone is coming back on.
left chat session
MrJive: test test
moved to room Meeting Place
MrJive: cool
Pamela C.: Hi, Doug
Ron: we had an outage?
Dale: Sorry about dumping everybody.
changed username to rich-c
Ron: these things happen Dale
Pamela C.: s'okay
rich-c: what happened, cat got teh cord again?
Dale: It needed to reset the chat server. I think it had be on for too many weeks.
MrJive: lol glad it wasn't just me
MrJive: blushes
Pamela C.: but I was feeling very lonely for a while there
rich-c: I'll bet
Ron: laws of electricity were momentarily repealed
Dale: Well, the conversation stopped.
rich-c: notice Guy hasn't made it back yet
Dale: Then it took me a minute to realize that it was more then that.
Guy B.: Nothing was moving there for awhile. Thought I ran out of messages.
rich-c: ah, you are there
rich-c: it's Bob and Meeka we're missing
Guy B.: Of course. I thought I got hung there.
Dale: So wehere were we?
Pamela C.: Meeka signed off while we were dropping off
rich-c: and Bob will no doubt be back in due course
Ron: talking about.........(senior's moment...)
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela C.: There he is
changed username to Bob
rich-c: took you long enough, Slopsema
Pamela C.: Is that like a blond moment, Ron?
Bob: all of a sudden Iwas talking but nobody was listenin......
Ron: we all faded Bob
Bob: was online...tried to come back 3 times and didn't end up here
rich-c: funny you should say...
Pamela C.: Imagine
Dale: Hi Bob. I had to reset the chat server, so everyone got dumped. It had been running continously since about Sept 18.
Ron: resistance was futile
Bob: I think Dale is tryin to getr rid of us!
Bob: long aws ya got an excuse sir!
rich-c: oh well, gave me time to check the email (to verify my connection)
Guy B.: I doubt that.
Bob: that's what I tried and son of a gun, I WAS still onine, scratched me head
Guy B.: Gave my dog a cookie that's made for dogs.
Bob: and couldn't figure it out
rich-c: cookies made for dogs I don't mind; cookies for computers are another story
Pamela C.: Welcome to the 21st century
Bob: my ADAM never did tah on the Zonk's BBS......hmmmm
Dale: Well, in 5 months I've always reset the server about once a month. This time I didn't.
Ron: cookies are bad for my health
Dale: I guess it was time.
Guy B.: You should clean up those cookies every now and then Rich.
Pamela C.: cookies are bad for the computer's health
rich-c: I just don't buy them in the first place, Guy
Bob: eat them suckers Rich!!!
Pamela C.: Get out the Pac Man cartridge
Bob: yea, I should dump everything here of these days
Ron: I should object to them...... to me data mining ought to be illegal
rich-c: remind me to send out another clooz - about the new MS cookie cruncher
Pamela C.: Hear, hear
Bob: ah,GUT idea!!!!
WBurnside: Which pac man cartridge Atari 2600 or Atari 800 computer
WBurnside: I have both
rich-c: 2600 of course, that's the one you can use with the Adam
Pamela C.: 800 - it's what I started on
Dale: The 2600 version for the ColecoVision expansion module.
Pamela C.: Back when an 800 cost $1200!
Bob: I'm gonna get out my 300 baud modem and get on the net...that'll fix 'em, it don't accept "cookies"
rich-c: yeah, but the net don't accept 300 baud
WBurnside: Yes Pam, and that is without the disk drive
Guy B.: And some sites won't work if you don't accept their cookie.
Ron: have had sites say something to the effect..."you've turned off your cookies, turn 'em back on or we don't go
Ron: any further"
Bob: I'll just tell them it is a 14.4, thy're too dumb to know.....
Dale: Does anyone know what happened to Steve Pitman? bounces.
WBurnside: You could buy a tape drive for it cheaper!
Ron: (roughly paraphrased)
Dale: His web site has disappeared too.
Pamela C.: Don't I know it. I went with my boyfriend of the time to get his - all cash. Shoulda known then where his heart lay
MrJive: Hey Bob I got the Videotunes tape you sent me.
rich-c: he was mirroring on Scott's site, wasn't he?
Bob: nope, havent' visited lately
Bob: GOOD, do it work better tahn the first one???????
MrJive: Uh, no it didn't.
Dale: Nope. But then again, Scott's site is AWOL too last I checked.
rich-c: no changes requested through the mailing list, Dale?
MrJive: Did you test it before you sent it?
Bob: I tested tah sucker before it began its adventure........what gives!
Dale: I removed Steve P when his mail bounced.
Bob: self booting......
MrJive: Wow really strange.
MrJive: I'm going to change tape drives in my machine
Bob: does your DDD work with all your other stuff AND the stuff I sent ya before?????
Dale: I'm starting to think that I should mirror all Adam sites on my servers, so I can find them later.
rich-c: if you've got teh space, Dale, it could be well worth it
Bob: that is an idea Dale
Ron: we need a stable central source - Dale
MrJive: Yes every other DDP I've put in has worked ok.
Ron: or Bob S
Dale: I have 3GB of space at, and I could always add more.
Guy B.: I hope to have mine up by Thanksgiving. Working on the docs now.
Ron: we appreciate that Dale..... we do indeed
Bob: tha IS strange Doug........change drives and let me know
Dale: I hadn't mirrored anything previously because I wanted a distributed redundant source.
MrJive: ok will do
Dale: But maybe mirrors are the way to go.
rich-c: makes sense, Dale
MrJive: I don't like the tape drive that came in it anyway.
Bob: "mirrors".....simply another set of the same files, yes?????
rich-c: mirrors help when a link goes down
Ron: guess I'm not really familiar with the concept, Dale, and it's pro's and con's
rich-c: at least not everything is lost to the community then
Dale: Michael Hurst often suggested that he was going to do
Dale: So Michael's site would have everything that Scott's site had.
rich-c: well, Mixchael has other things on his mind at the moment
Ron: oh?
Pamela C.: Have you heard from him, Dad? He called me while you were gone, but I didn't have time to talk
Dale: Ron, my old position is really more of a social statement than a technical consideration.
rich-c: Yes, he's a witness in a court case that has him rather upset
rich-c: details will not follow
Ron: do we want to hear them?
Pamela C.: Really. I guess I need to call him
Dale: But if I make an automated mirror of other available sites, then it would be basically no problem.
rich-c: I think when he gets over it we'll hear from him
Bob: EVERYTHING makes Michael upset doesn't it???
Pamela C.: He's a very excitable type of person
rich-c: there are reasons, Bob
Bob: undoubtedly
rich-c: anyway, Dale, mirror sites I think would serve our community well
Ron: Don't think I've ever met anyone who forces me to look in the mirror so much
Ron: anything that keeps continuity Dale
rich-c: and it also has teh effect of a central archive
Ron: Back to James' earlier question... is Powerpaint PD?
Bob: tha is one thing we have been missing, as one after the other ADAM BBS went down and then the web sites went south one by one
Bob: a lot was lost.......
rich-c: an aside - Dale, does anyone still use Rexx any more or has VB supplanted it?
rich-c: none of the Digital Express programs are PD
Bob: NO! it was "given" to be used to support ADAM conventinos etc
Dale: The social statement that I don't like is that I feel like I'm hoarding all of the information (in a giving away sense).
Bob: but as long as there are Rich's copies ther he has to get the reg price out of them
rich-c: if you're mirroring you aren't hoarding, you're insuring
Dale: REXX is quietly spreading, I think.
rich-c: anyone doesn't like it can visit the origina;
Dale: But it is more back end with web browsers on the front end.
Dale: The question is whether anyone still uses VB to some extent.
Bob: when those are depleted, things can change pricewise.....
rich-c: Bob, if I sell a copy, you get the royalty for ANN
Ron: You are doing a valuable service for the community Dale.
Ron: and you have the background to do it properly
Bob: but do you have purchased copies you have to sell off now????
rich-c: Bob, I have authority to copy forever as long as ANN gets its cut when I do
Bob: any interest of late?????
rich-c: and yes Bob, I do still have some purchased copies
rich-c: you have to be kidding, right?
Bob: see, those have to go first, at your selling price......
Bob: some of these new owners should want things like that........
rich-c: true, but it won't vary much
Bob: unless all the ADAM's sold on Ebay are just fro people to collect and set up and looka t......
rich-c: which seems to be the case
rich-c: I have had one or two inquiries, but little in the way of sales
Ron: depressing
Bob: to me, it is more fun to use it just to see what it will do and explore things a little...for that yo need programs
Bob: tha is what was the most fun when Doug and I first got an ADAM
rich-c: right, but all we can do is let it be known they're available
Bob: bought stuff and dove right into it to see what it did
rich-c: maybe Terry Fowler is getting the business
Bob: don't think so, he is trying everything to move stuff....auctions, offers, etc
rich-c: you have to remember most Yanks are paranoid about buying from furriners
Bob: he is high though, although he has a web presence.........
Guy B.: Well, I'm going to go. See you all next week.
WBurnside: Bye Guy B
Pamela C.: G'nite Guy
Bob: BUT you are a presence ont he web also, got your online catalig right on my webpage....
rich-c: OK Guy, you've been quiet tonight - maybe better next week?
Bob: seeya guy
MrJive: I'm going to bail to. Nice chatting with all of you.
Ron: nite Guy
Pamela C.: Nite, Doug
WBurnside: Bye Mr Jive
Guy B.: Bye Doug.
rich-c: See you next week, Doug
Bob: seeya Doug
MrJive: Bye everyone
Guy B. left chat session
MrJive left chat session
Ron: what time is it?
rich-c: yeah, I'm known to be around, but the Canadian address may be puttring them off
Bob: 10:50 EST
Ron: 7:47 on the left coast
Bob: 7:50 island time
rich-c: my clock says 10.50 and is two minutes fast
Pamela C.: Almost bedtime
Ron: :)
WBurnside: 9:47 in the midwest
rich-c: yes, it's getting there, daughter.
Pamela C.: some of us have to go to work in the a.m.
Ron: Pamela, did you ever have much to do with the ADAM?
Bob: right!
Ron: or was that for Mom and Dad?
rich-c: and it ain't fun seeing the sun come up from your office window
Pamela C.: No, that was strictly my parents area. However, I got to hear all about y'all through the convention talk and the pictures
Ron: aha
Bob: hope it was good!
rich-c: andf you did live with teh thing in the house for many years
Ron: it was supposed to be for the kids eh?
Pamela C.: Was good, did live with it, even wrote an essay or two on it but was computer illiterate until I got my most recent job
rich-c: her boyfriend of the time had an Atari
Bob: NO WAY! you can't trust kids with expensive machinery
Ron: agree Bob
Pamela C.: You could trust this one. He was ahead of his time with anything electronic
Bob: and the aDAM was still considered expensive when it was introduced
Ron: indeed it was
Dale: I used it for essays when I first got it...
rich-c: It cost what computers always cost new - $1099
Dale: My hand writing was awful.
Bob: :-)
Pamela C.: So was mine, but I took so long to type that it was easier to write most of the time
Bob: tha is about the figure to hit , isn'
Bob: t it
Dale: So I typed all of my assignments on Neil's computer at my families business.
Ron: I wonder now if any student anywhere can submit an essay hand written?
rich-c: Yes, I bought my Adam because I wanted a typewriter that worked the way I felt a typewriter should
Pamela C.: Considering the typewriter we had, I'm not surprised
Bob: were there even decent dot matrix printers out there when ADAM was born?????
Dale: But that interfeared with his work.
Dale: So I got an Adam.
WBurnside: Well Goodnight gentle people! I am off to sleep, perchance to dream!
rich-c: c'mon, that old Smith-Corona Clipper is still a good machine
Ron: aye there's the rub
Dale: I think that he was more excited than I was.
Bob: see Willie! REMEMBER, pic fro Ron!
Pamela C.: Good nite Willy - sweet dreams
rich-c: May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest, Willie
WBurnside left chat session
Ron: yes please....PICs for RON
Ron: Xmas Pics, that is
Bob: got a note right here Ron, then I WON'T forget!
rich-c: he's gone, Ron
Ron: attaboy!
Pamela C.: The only problem was it had a tendency to skip a space when you typed an "a"
rich-c: yes, it still does that, just don't hit it so hard
rich-c: but as typewriters go, it has a very good keyboard feel
Pamela C.: If you don't hit it hard, the keys don't move!
Dale: Neil (and family) gave me the Adam for Christmas.
Ron: never noticed that
Bob: see???? it was broke then and is still broke!
Bob: not the ADAM Ron, richard's ol typewriter
Pamela C.: Dad bought our first adam at a Canadian Tire sale
Ron: ok
Bob: and then the saga began!
Dale: At the time we had a daisywheel printer at the office, and so this system was a pretty good substitute.
Ron: a place called Pascal Hardware in west Ottawa
Bob: now he is a "pacman" when it comes to computers of any kind, eh?
Pamela C.: You should see the collection he has now! They've taken over the basement
Pamela C.: Mom'
Pamela C.: s having a fit
Ron: you haven't seen a real basement Pamela
Bob: I know the feeling, Judy is ; shall we say; a little overwhelmed????
Ron: until you've seen the Snakepit here
rich-c: trust me, Ron, she has
Ron: oh
Pamela C.: I lived in it for a while before Dad took over
Dale: In Toronto most people seemed to buy from Canadian Tire or Princess Auto.
rich-c: now to go in she needs an alpenstock
Ron: you mean mine is tidy?
Ron: hah
Bob: hey guys and gal, I gotta take off for outer space too......
rich-c: you know how many cubic feet 50 Adams take up
Pamela C.: Neatnick is not a name I would give him
Bob: hit the sack.....
Ron: no
Pamela C.: ZZZZ
rich-c: right Bob, it's that time. See you next week
Ron: I go too..... must remain faithfully glued to CNN...but gonna do some Xmas carols
Bob: see ya all next week, lord willin' and the creek don't freeze over........
Ron: nite all
Bob: :-)
Pamela C.: G'nite to you both
Bob left chat session
Ron: stay warm
rich-c: right - time for a cigarette break, and got to get the recycling out...
Ron: yup..garbage night here....must tend to that
rich-c: so I'm off too - goodnight all
Ron: be well
Pamela C.: Same thing every week. The car hasn't learned it's own way to the subway yet, so sleep is a priority
Dale: Nite Rich.
rich-c: nite Dale, Pam
Pamela C.: G'nite Dad, See you Sunday
Ron: Work on that Pam
rich-c left chat session
Pamela C.: I'm trying to. See you next week. It's been fun
Ron: :)
Dale: Bye Pam.
Ron: poof
Ron left chat session
Pamela C.: Poof? Okay, I'm gone. Goodnite,Dale
Pamela C. left chat session
Dale: poof
Dale left chat session
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