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Meeka: hello
james: morning :)
Meeka: maybe over there it is :)
james: how are you?
Meeka: not bad. trying to stay warm
Meeka: had first snowfall this week
james: heh heh. you guys can have it. i won't be seeing snow here for about another month and that's fine with me. after
james: 25 winters in ottawa, it's a nice change.
Meeka: i'd rather not have it but I guess we have to
james: whereabouts are you anyway?
Meeka: Michigan
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changed username to rich=c
Meeka: hello rich
james: you guys get alot of snow too, if i recall. no snow here but my house is cold. no central indoor heating.
rich=c: good morning and evening, as applicable
james: hey rich :)
rich=c: you got snow over tehre, Meeka?
Meeka: yes :(
james: i'd probably trade it for bandwidth mind you.
rich=c: we have maybe flurries in our forecast, though they may have more to the north
Meeka: so far it hasn't stayed on the ground all day
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rich=c: it'slake effect stuff, northwest winds over still warm water
Meeka: ya we get lakeeffect too
rich=c: how cold does it get in your part of Japan, James?
changed username to Mr Jive
rich=c: hello Willie
Mr Jive: Hi everyone
james: the record is -12 but typically no colder than about -5.
rich=c: that's quite enough to make one enjoy central heating
james: t-shirt weather :)
rich=c: there's an Ottawa boy talkin"!
james: i had a hard time getting out of bed this morning. when the room temperature is 9 and you have an electric blanket on, not much incentive to get up.
rich=c: yes, we had some 0 nights in the trailer on our trip
james: i'Ve got the electric heater on in my study. since it's at the back of the house, it's actually warmer outside than in here.
rich=c: the trailer has a propane furnace but we have to turn it way down at night
james: too hot or too expensive?
rich=c: too noisy, it's right beside Frances' ear and she's a light sleeper
james: would probably drive me nuts. i can't sleep well with noise which is why i loathe cows.
rich=c: but it can go through a 20-lb. jug of propane in about a week with heavy use
Meeka: i don't have that problem
rich=c: cows?
Meeka: I can sleep through anything
rich=c: I used to be able to but it's a talent that declines with age'
james: we live right across from a dairy farm and our windows don't block out much of the noise, so from about 5 am they really start
james: getting on my nerves.
james: i'm looking at getting new windows.
james: for now i crank the air-filter up to high which makes a nice white noise to drown them out.
rich=c: yes, it's amazing what a good quality window can do in noise blocking
rich=c: Pat Herrington is big on white noise, uses a white noise generator
james: they're not weather tight either which isn't very efficient for heating.
james: i might build or buy one.
rich=c: right on - incredible how much heat can leak out around a window
rich=c: we seal ours with tape in the winter and the difference it makes is incredible
james: well in our room, even with the windows closed, you can actually see the curtains moving.
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changed username to Pamela C.
rich=c: maybe you should grow some shrubbery - that's a good noise absorber
rich=c: hello daughter
Pamela C.: Good evening all, sorry I'm late
Mr Jive: Hi Pam :)
james: i want to, no space. family reunion time :)
james: hi pam :)
Pamela C.: Hi, Doug
Pamela C.: good morning James, how's the weather?
Meeka: hi pam
rich=c: sorry Doug, had you confused with our buddy in Chicago
Pamela C.: Hi, Meeka
james: outside it's probably not too bad. was cold in here though until i turned on the heater.
Mr Jive: np
Pamela C.: heaters are good!
james: rich, any idea if we're going to be seeing rich d on again?
rich=c: you're awful quiet tonight, Doug. Buried in snow?
james: so are electric blankets :)
Pamela C.: how about radiating spouses?
Mr Jive: Actually no not much snow here....watching cool program on tv
Meeka: those work too
james: ;-)
Pamela C.: The problem with spouses is you can't turn them off in the summer
Mr Jive: lol Pam
james: up until now it's been the opposite (can't turn them on in the summer)
Pamela C.: : ), Doug
Pamela C.: Are you telling me you . . never mind
james: nah, things have been much better this year. ever since she came off the pill, it's been.. alot busier around here.
rich=c: but no one knows when that will be
james: i just noticed for awhile he was on every week and then not at all. busy with school?
rich=c: No doubt. He has courses to teach and research to do and four kids and a working wife
james: that would do it.
Pamela C.: Now that's busy
rich=c: Yes, I'm not sure if his robotics lab is part of his regular teaching or an extra
rich=c: like, his real business is biology; he studies sea slugs
james: must be one of the few things out of the sea that people here *don't* eat.
rich=c: thye don't?
james: haven't seen it yet, in any case.
rich=c: far as I know they're a close relative of the jellyfish which I'm told uis quite tasty
Pamela C.: Must be some interesting things appearing on your plate
james: haven't had that either.
Meeka: ok gotta go for a while. Will be back later. Doug is almost done with the rebuild of my computer, so I can get off of his
rich=c: For Pam and I, if it came out of water, we don't eat it
Pamela C.: Are you coming back, Meeka?
rich=c: see you later then, Meeka
Meeka: yes
Pamela C.: Good
james: lots of fish. most of them i know what they are called in japanese by looking at them, but not in english. octopus, squid,
Meeka left chat session
james: anything with suckers on it.
james: see you soon meeka :)
Pamela C.: Seafood is a taste we never acquired, and suckers don't sound that tasty
rich=c: in Toronto they're called calamari so folks won't realize they'e squid
james: lucky for me i really like it as my father-in-law owns a fish store :)
rich=c: given food prices in Japan, that's a definite plus!!!
james: indeed. a little pricey at times. what bugs me most is the price of beverages.
james: what does a 2l bottle of coke go for in canada these days?
rich=c: actually, I can be temptd by well-prepared scallops
rich=c: and discovered that a bit of curry does wondrous things with tuna
james: my father found out the hard way he was allergic to them.
Pamela C.: What kind of beverages? Can't tell you about the bottles, but the 24 goes for about $5.99
james: they only sell cans individually. never seen them in packages.
rich=c: don't ask me, I only drink coffee, tea, wine and beer
james: typcial price for a 2l bottle of anything is 320 yen.
rich=c: my impression is that there's always some sort of soda pop price war going on
Pamela C.: Really. That sounds pricey . . .
rich=c: here they toss in a "free" 2L bottle of pop with most large pizza orders
Pamela C.: and it depends on which soft drinks you're after
Pamela C.: You can usually find one or the other of the major makers on sale
james: it is pricey but the least of my concerns. you want to get me started on something, just mention ntt.
rich=c: that's about $4.50 Canadian, isn't it, James?
james: lemmie see... yeah about that.
rich=c: maybe you should get your mother to get you a Canadian phone card
rich=c: with a Canadian calling card number, you can call special numbers overseas and get great rates into Canada
james: i've got cheap long distance now :) 25 yen per minute to canada, anytime of the day. deutsche telekom has started up in japan.
rich=c: they even let us get away with a U.S. to U.S. long distance call, I believe
james: alot better than the 100 yen per minute i was averaging with kdd.
rich=c: a lot better, and I think about on a par with rates here to Japan
james: yup. i'm currently a big fan of deutsche telekom. they just started up here in october. i'm hoping they shake things up a bit too.
Pamela C.: who runs the japanes phone system?
rich=c: I am sure they will, maybe not in your local service, but with luck on the internet connection
james: pam has just got me started.
rich=c: she said teh ntt word
james: the local phone "service" is run by ntt.
Pamela C.: Oops
rich=c: remember how Ma Bell used to be, Pam?
Pamela C.: Monopoly?
james: a bunch of consumer gouging (blankety blank blank) bas****s.
james: "welcome to the old bell"..
james: but worse.
rich=c: sort of like Rogers now
rich=c: but on cellphones even Rogers is feeling teh competition - my rate is now $14/month = .25 a minute
Pamela C.: Ah, now we've foundDad's soapbox. It's funny how you perceive Japan as being a progressive, technologically progressive country . .
james: japan is many things. technologically and socially progressive are not amongst them.
Pamela C.: and yet in some ways they're still 10 years behind
james: look at any japanese web page. they're cluttered and useless, even if you get by in japanese.
rich=c: well, some areas of technology they're holding up pretty well
rich=c: and in terms of manufacturing echnology they've set the example for the world
Pamela C.: but are they using that technology at home?
james: yes, they're doing well in some areas, just not communications.
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james: yes, japanese homes are very energy efficient.
changed username to Guy B.
rich=c: no, that seems to be a northern countries thing - Finland, Sweden, Canada
Guy B.: Greetings All!
Pamela C.: Good evening, Guy
james: mostly because we don't heat them from what i can see.
rich=c: hello Guy, you're late
Pamela C.: About spouses . . .
Guy B.: Well, Had to make a couple of stops at the stores and then had dinner.
rich=c: Down girl - don't go there
Pamela C.: another soapbox
Pamela C.: Can't live with them, can't stay warm without them
rich=c: Gee, we manage to get enough out of one store to eat for a week usually
Pamela C.: some of manage to eat regularly on a trip every third week - something about shift work
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changed username to Steve
Guy B.: Hi Steve
rich=c: Hi Steve, welcome to teh group
Mr Jive: Hi steve
Pamela C.: Hi, Steve
rich=c: And is that our Steve from New York?
james: hi steve
rich=c: just type it in and hit return, Steve
Guy B.: Well folks, my website should be ready before December. The webpages are done. The doumentation for running the utilities are just about done. Still have a couple things to finish. Then that should do it. The docs will be in Word 6.0 format.
rich=c: For the rest of you - I invited Steve Lawrence, an Adam owner in New York, to join us tonight
Steve: Hello, This is Steve from Omaha,NE. I don't really know what the hey I am doing quite yet, but I would like to learn more about the Adam Computer.
Mr Jive: cool
Guy B.: You're doing fine Steve.
rich=c: OK Steve from Omaha, that's what this chat is all about.
james: sometimes :)
rich=c: Just think up your questions and fire away
Pamela C.: address, please Guy so we can come visit - welcome aboard, Steve, and don't worry neither do I, I'm just a relative
Mr Jive: Run steve, run. Get away while you still can lol
Pamela C.: Don't scare him, Doug!
Mr Jive: lol sorry
Guy B.: I will let everyone know the address when it's up.
rich=c: These Wyoming cowboys have a weird sense of humour sometimes - not mentioning any names, Doug
Mr Jive: doh!
Pamela C.: That's called Homering, I believe
Mr Jive: grins
Guy B.: That's Homer Simpson D-OHH!
Pamela C.: It's all in the pronunciation
rich=c: with a Canadian accent, it's duhh
Steve: OK, here is question #1 what is a Bulleitin Board Service? Do they still have them for Adam? Is there a charge for using them?
rich=c: The internat has pretty much supplanted BBS services now
rich=c: one of the main things BBSs offered was chat - now it's here
Mr Jive: all the adam sites are free I think.
rich=c: the other was communication by postings and replies - now newsgroups do that
Guy B.: They were popular back in the 80's. Now it's all on the Internet.
rich=c: they also offered downloads - again, now you get it from a website
Steve: Thanks, Rich..Here's question #2: How do you tell if your Adam is an R80
james: can i take this one rich? :)
rich=c: turn it on, hit control-R. You get a new blue block with teh revision number
james: d-oh.
Guy B.: Should say R80.
Pamela C.: : ))
rich=c: I just explained that in an email to James yesterday ;-)
Pamela C.: Aha
james: still have to check my other adam. the one hooked up now is r80 though.
rich=c: what's #3?
rich=c: don't want to quit when we're batting 1.000
Steve: Here goes question #3: Please tell me about 80 column cards.
rich=c: they used to be available but pricey, but are now all gone
Guy B.: Oh boy, he had to pick a doosy.
rich=c: very rarely they will turn up on the used market. I've never seen one in 15 years
Guy B.: And only TDOS could use it.
rich=c: I'm told they don't change the 256x192 pixel screen dimension so the result is pretty discouraging
Steve: Questions 3 1/2: So you couldn't use an 80 column card with Basic?
rich=c: that one we fan on. But I'd hate to think of trying to use it with colour
Guy B.: No, the EOS system could never support it. Only TDOS will. The original CP/M for Adam had to be modified in order for it to work with the 80 column board.
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changed username to meeka
Guy B.: Hi Meeka!
Pamela C.: WB, Meeka
rich=c: welcome back, Meeka
Mr Jive: re meeka
james: just an idea - would it not be possible (in theory) to make a "hi res" graphics card for adam?
rich=c: got your own computer working now?
Guy B.: There was a one time James. But, it never materized.
Guy B.: Materialized that is.
meeka: hello everyone
rich=c: yes, one was made here in Toronto using the TI 9988 (I think) chip
Steve: Hello, Meeka
rich=c: it was made by Gary Bowser for the TI and as a variant for the Adam
james: hmm.. sounds like an interesting idea since people's main beef with adam seems to be graphics.
Guy B.: I remember the one that Gary Bowser was doing, but he never finished it.
rich=c: both basic computers used Z90 CPUs and TI9918 or 9928 graphics chips
rich=c: Dale Wick has the only such board even completed for Adam - he was to write the support software
Mr Jive: Z80
rich=c: sorry bout that, Doug
Steve: Here's Question #4: What would it take to hook a dot matrix or ink jet printier up to my Adam? I already have a 64K expansion card, if that is a necessity.
rich=c: my keyboard's spelling is kinda shaky
Mr Jive: np i'm picky
Pamela C.: What about the user, Dad?
rich=c: you need a printer interface card that goes in slot 2. I have them for sale
Guy B.: You need an printer card for Slot 2. Dot Matrix will work, but I'm not sure about inkjets.
rich=c: Even teh 24-pin dot matrix is questionable, depending on teh card
rich=c: my early card works with my 9-pin but not the 24
Steve: What do the interface cards cost?
rich=c: Have to check, but I suspect in U.S. bucks about $39.95
rich=c: You also need a printer cable that will run around $10 delivered
Steve: Question 4.66: So, all I would need would be a 9 pin dot matrix printer and a printer card?
rich=c: If you have a disc drive the necessary printer patches come with, but there may be a charge for tape versions
Guy B.: What's Doug doing tonight Meeka?
rich=c: and the cable - it's the one Radio Shack used with one of their early Tandys
meeka: rebuilding computers
rich=c: and if you get the MI card I was talking about, it should support a 24-pin printer
Guy B.: How many has he done so far?
meeka: mine. He is also working on a couple server for work
Guy B.: What happened with yours?
meeka: nothing. he wanted to swap the case.
Pamela C.: Always a fun job
Guy B.: Oh that's all! I've been working on getting my website ready. I'm almost finished with the docs.
rich=c: what happened, run out of power or run out of drive bays?
Steve: Question 5: Please tell me about Filemanager software. What does it do? Is it necessary to have a Disk drive to use it?
meeka: neither. he just never liked the case
Guy B.: Was a mini tower?
rich=c: Second part firrst: no, but it isn't that useful without one
meeka: don't know my computer knowledge is limited ya know :)
rich=c: But it is a superb utility - I bless Tony in my prayers every night for writing it
rich=c: anyway it lets you read directories and modify them in detail
Guy B.: Oh that's right. You leave everything to him. Much like my sister leaves all her computer problems to me.
rich=c: it lets you transfer files between media and do backup copies
rich=c: it allows you to do block copies and edit code at the hex level
meeka: why should I worry about it when I have him ? :-)
Pamela C.: Exactly so, Meeka
rich=c: and has a few other neat tricks - like formatting and zeroing discs and tapes
Guy B.: Exactly.
meeka: my life is much simpler that way
Guy B.: Since he knows what's he's doing. You just stay out of his way, but you give him the support.
Steve: Question 6: What do most people use their Adam computers, word processing?, data bases? programming?
Guy B.: How about a little of everything Steve.
meeka: I think he prefers it that way too. that way I don't screw anything up :)
Mr Jive: I use mine to annoy my boss
Pamela C.: lol, Doug
rich=c: I do mostly word processing, some databasing. My wife does accounting and graphics
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changed username to james
Guy B.: What happened James?
Mr Jive: Whenever he shows up I have a report ready to print on the daisy wheel printer.
james: stupid windows. stupid netscape.
rich=c: whoops! ntt kick you off again, james?
james: no, this time it was courtesy of netscape/win98
rich=c: I though you'd upgraded your Netscape to 4.76?
james: i did..
Guy B.: How is the upgrade working out?
rich=c: still crash-prone though, is it?
james: it seems to be somewhat more stable.
james: i blame windows 98. other apps are less stable on this platform too.
rich=c: given 4.51, that's an awfully relative term
rich=c: did you do 98 as an original install or upgrade from 95?
james: rich - i'm looking at a yahoo auction to pick up another 64k expander card for any potential 3rd adam i pick up. is it worth bidding
james: or does anyone have extras? if not, suggested maximum bid price?
Guy B.: James how much memory do you have?
rich=c: Let me check, james, I may have a used 64K in my stock
james: i've got a 64k expander in one adam, another i'm buying from rich for my second adam, which i think is 256k.
rich=c: yes james, that's what I have set aside for you
Steve: Rich, Do you have a website with a price list?
james: thanks rich. any idea on a third (64) k card? i'm only asking because the auction closes in about 40 minutes..
rich=c: In US don't offer over $20 and they'd better be easy on shipping
rich=c: Steve, no website, send me your email address and I'll send a list
james: hmm.. i bid $20 and i haven't met the reserve yet. greed.
Steve: Rich, here it is:
Guy B.: Who's the seller James?
rich=c: some folks have exaggerated ideas as to what they're worth
rich=c: OK Steve will send it later tonite
james: the seller is "adamcomputer"
Guy B.: That's Bob Slopsema
Steve: Thanks, Rich
rich=c: james, deal with Bob directly - when he knows it's you he'll do better
james: might explain why i've seen the id before on e-bay too :)
james: maybe he'll sell it to me at $20 if noone outbids it despite his reserve.
james: i bet he's on now. i'm going to fire him off an e-mail.
Guy B.: And the town should have Kentwood, MI
meeka: Dad isn't home tonight james
Mr Jive: He'd be here if he was online
rich=c: yes, Bob keeps telling me he gets some really weird bids on ebay
Guy B.: He's been selling on Yahoo too.
james: hmm.. okay, it definitely says kentwood mi which was familiar too.
rich=c: oops - am I offline?
Guy B.: That's Bob alright.
meeka: Dad is at the inlaws house tonight
james: he's also selling a coleco name disk drive and a near mint adam in the box.
Pamela C.: You're still here, Dad
rich=c: ah- if I was, I'm back
rich=c: I'll have to take a look at what offers he gets - maybe I should try
rich=c: what's his starting price on the disc drive?
Steve: James: Im'm looking for a disk drive . What is the address of the Yahool auction ...if that is where it is to be found.
Pamela C.: are you buying or planning on selling, Dad?
Guy B.:
james: go to and click auctions. there's a sign in process which takes about 20 minutes so you'd better hurry up before the auction closes :)
rich=c: My only remaining Coleco disc drives don't work
james: sec on that rich, pulling it up now..
Steve: Thanks for your help everyone, bye for now
Steve left chat session
rich=c: if the bid is big enough I can afford to ship them to Howard Pines for fixing
Pamela C.: Good nite, Steve - please come back soon
rich=c: OK Steve, get that list to you tonite
Guy B.: Looks like Steve just went there now.
meeka: bye steve
Mr Jive: I think steve doesn't appreciate the competition.
james: current bid is $29 u.s. with the starting bid at $25. reserve not yet met.
Pamela C.: I think you may be right, Doug but I like his humour
james: well, i'm going to stay at $20 on the expander card.
james: reserve met or not.
rich=c: meeka, any idea what Bob's reserve is on a disc drive?
james: maybe he's just put reserves so he can get what he feels are "reasonable" bids...
meeka: not a clue Doug says that it is higher than 29 :)
rich=c: yes, but what does he see as reasonable?
Guy B.: I bet $35.
Pamela C.: he may be on a fishing expedition for non Adam-ites
meeka: I don't know what he sells them for. you will have to ask him
rich=c: mind you, a fair price for a disc drive these days is not reasonable
meeka: he should be on shortly
meeka: he just signed on his computer
Guy B.: Especially since Coleco disk drives are very hard to come by.
james: i'm guessing once his auctions close up we'll see him.
rich=c: that's an understatement, Guy
rich=c: they aren't making any more of them'
Guy B.: Well, all the disk drives did go after Coleco stopped making them.
rich=c: I know - one I have has a price of $400 on the box, so not many folks bought them in 1980
james: i wonder how hard it would be to modify a standard 3.5" dos drive..
Guy B.: When I got mine, I paid under $200 for it at Toys R Us.
rich=c: you'd need a new controller card - that's why there are no more
james: i mean, they must be the same at some mechanical level.
rich=c: your MI drive is a standard DOS drive
rich=c: it's the cost of a custom run of controller boards that made it so expensive
james: i thought the drive looked standard. is it possible to open it up and swap in a 3.5" drive? probably not so easy, no doubt.
rich=c: fundamentally, if you can get the jumpers right and disc-in-place circuit working, any DOS DD drive will do
james: well, perhaps if it were actually *broken*, i would try, but since it ain't..
rich=c: From what I've been told, the controller card has to be slightly modifed ,and it needs a new epriom
rich=c: I have a 720K 3.5" MI drive of my own
rich=c: In fact, Dale has a 1.44 3.5 drive, one of only a handful Mark made
james: probably as rare as a dragon's dingle then..
rich=c: if we could get Scott to drop in occasionally, we'd be able to get you a lot more information, James
james: he's been pretty quiet lately, hasn't he?
rich=c: yes, the excuse is work, but is that the reality?
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james: well, maybe once i get better with things at a software level, i can look at poking around with hardware.
Guy B.: Well, I should get going. Can't believe Thanksgiving is next week here in the U.S. So, I'll see you all next week.
rich=c: by the way, I don't know if Dale's 1.44 works in EOS or only TDOS
changed username to Ron
Mr Jive: Hi ron
meeka: see ya guy
Pamela C.: Good nite, Guy
rich=c: see you next week, Guy
james: by guy - eat some turkey for me!
meeka: hello ron how are you
Guy B.: Hi Ron, going to getting off now. Bye.
Ron: travelling all day.... fell asleep
james: hey ron :)
rich=c: welcome ron, the cheque's in the envelope
Ron: Hi Guy, buy Guy
rich=c: and tomorrow the envelope should be in the mail
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela C.: Welcome Ron, I was beginning to think you weren't going to show
rich=c: pretty goos when we haven't even opened the parcels yet!
Ron: you got 'em?
Ron: yeah.... sorry about that
rich=c: didn't you get me email yet? sent it last night
Ron: haven't been near my mail box in 48 hrs.....
Ron: so it's prolly there
rich=c: ah- anyway, came just as we were sitting down to dinner
Ron: not bad for slow camel
rich=c: but it was Amiga meeting night so didn't get to look inside
james: i need to reboot to turn on my scanner. be back in whenever windows decides how long it takes..
Ron: hi James. Bye James
rich=c: ttfn, james
james: speaking of stuff - ron did you send me that stuff air or surface?
Ron: air
Ron: it's a long way across the Pacific
james: hmm... they're taking their sweet time on this one.
james: 10 days is typical and that's from ottawa or toronto.
Ron: well, I did insure it, so if it needs to be traced, can trace it
james: cool. smart move. okay, i'll be back in a sec or lots..
james left chat session
rich=c: cu
Pamela C.: cya
rich=c: Doug, you've been keeping your head down again - cat got your tongue?
meeka: well guys I am going to get off fo the night. see ya next week.
Ron: so..... what's snew
rich=c: OK Meeka, look forward to it
Pamela C.: g'nite meeka, see you next week
Ron: apart from the addition of the phrase 'pregnant chad' to my vocabulary
Mr Jive: no watching tv.
Ron: Hi Meeka. Bye Meeka
Mr Jive: nite meeka
meeka left chat session
Pamela C.: what are you watching Doug?
rich=c: do qwe want to know the etiology of that, Ron?
Ron: yes pls
Mr Jive: The best show on tv...Lexx
Pamela C.: Hmm - a discussion for another time
rich=c: let me guess - it's about an election where they don't know how to count...
Mr Jive: lol not quite
Ron: I like Letterman's top 10... or at least one of them...
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Mr Jive: what's that ron
Ron: The worst part of all this is that somebody might find a solution
changed username to james
Pamela C.: WB, James
rich=c: welcome back james
james: windows was unusually cooperative in rebooting this time..
rich=c: glad 98 decided not to crash this time round
Ron: good
james: what'd i miss?
Pamela C.: favourite TV shows
Mr Jive: everyone left
rich=c: not much really, just the usual chitchat
Ron: about all
james: yeah, i noticed.
Ron: I have Xmas card submissions form Bob Slopsema
rich=c: yes, things are rather less lively since Steve left
rich=c: It's always much more interesting when someone starts asking questions
Pamela C.: Is bob an overachiever?
james: you'll be getting a logo submission from me. will be happy new year greeting :)
rich=c: what format did you save it in, James?
Ron: Good James. Ought to work well
james: it's currently vapourware :)
Ron: I have become a CNN junkie
Ron: stays on all nigh
Ron: t
Ron: when this is all over I don't know what I'll watch
Mr Jive: lol
Pamela C.: The Canadian election, maybe?
Ron: oh --yes--forgot about that
rich=c: I recommend CFL football, especially since BC is still alive
Pamela C.: I'm surrounded by men
Ron: could be
Ron: is that good or bad Pamela?
rich=c: besides Russell, who?
Pamela C.: As long as there'snot too much football talk, I'm okay.
rich=c: or do you mean on the chat?
Ron: think she meant on the chat
Pamela C.: On the chat.
james: if it helps pam, i don't care for football.
Ron: we're not gender specific around here
Pamela C.: Thanks James, I can always count on your support
rich=c: just sour grapes 'cause the Ottawa team folded
Ron: I have not watched a CFL game since being searched for booze at Lansdowne Park..... and paying $48. for a seat 33 rows up
Pamela C.: I must say I like football better than some other sports.
Pamela C.: Just don't ask me to explain it
james: i'd rather watch hockey or soccer if i'm going to watch anything.
rich=c: that's what the colour commentators are for
Pamela C.: and I thought they were there to tell you what colour the jerseys were
rich=c: I'm afraid Harold Ballard cured my passion for hockey- believe it's called the Toronto syndrome
Ron: God rest his soul
Pamela C.: I liked hockey a lot better when it wasn't so violent. If I wanted to watch fights, I'd go to TSN
rich=c: or whoever is in charge where his soul happens to be...
Pamela C.: that's questionable
Ron: will probably watch the Lions play Calgary
Ron: and that will be the first football game I've watched from beginning to end this year
rich=c: if it's half as good a game as either of the semi-finals, it should be pretty neat
rich=c: actually, the final Argos at Montreal "nothing" game was a real barn-burner
Ron: so i heard. Spent my time last Sunday watching Mike Wier beat the Tiger
Ron: am more of a golf fan
rich=c: that was a nice little coup, wasn't it?
Ron: tend to appreciate people doing well what I've tried to to myself
Ron: indeed it was. He's been so close for so long
Ron: Mother and I are TV golf potatoes
rich=c: afraid golf is - shall we say not my metier?
Ron: not mine either.... flashes of brilliance followed by long periods of mediocrity
Pamela C.: Nor mine. Now mini golf is my forte
Pamela C.: I've even won against Dad from time to time
Ron: got a birdie on the last hole I played a few weeks ago, and I think I'll leave it there for the year
rich=c: do I sense a gauntlet being tossed here?
Ron: now it's curling
Pamela C.: I know of a nice little course or two if you're up to it
rich=c: that's a Wet Coaster talking - here, the courses have snow on them
james: weird. okay, bob is just keeping his stuff up for bids. the auction automatically renewed so it's been reset to 9 days.
Ron: what Glen Abbey?
Ron: Anyway.....
rich=c: we've been having flurries around the area the last day or two
james: test
Ron: my ADAM activity is not what it should be
james left chat session
Pamela C.: 1.2.3.
rich=c: in truth, nothing serious yet in the Greater Toronto Area
Ron: 5x5 James
Mr Jive: james broke again
Pamela C.: When did we have flurries? Where was I?
Ron: I think I'm going to have to put all the computers except ADAM into storage...
rich=c: no, every once in a while Dale's server starts thinking about other things
Ron: too easy to get side tracked
rich=c: well, withdraw easily ron
rich=c: say cut it down to two dozen the first week...
Ron: going through a phase.
Ron: I look around here, and think....what a collection of junk!
moved to room Meeting Place
rich=c: yes, retirements beginning to sink in
changed username to james
Pamela C.: we all have it Ron
Pamela C.: James, what happened this time?
Ron: good...then it's not just me
james: axial tilt of the third moon of jupiter.. who knows.. probably ntt this time.
Pamela C.: No, not only do I have mine but I keep inheriting junk from other people, too
rich=c: string broke
Pamela C.: Sounds like as good a reason as any James
Ron: I have begun to refuse people who want to give me stuff
Ron: and that's not like me at all
Mr Jive: test test
rich=c: you're here Doug
rich=c: gee, I've even turned down some ADAM stuff
moved to room Meeting Place
Mr Jive left chat session
rich=c: looks like Dale is using the server for some other stuff, heavyweight division
rich=c: taking longer and longer for what we type to appear on the screen
Ron: aha!
changed username to Pamela C.
Pamela C.: Hey, who turned out the lights?
rich=c: given the hour, think I'd better take that as a sign to do some other things
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Mr Jive
Mr Jive: Lag is bad
Mr Jive: test test test
Mr Jive left chat session
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(A dog howls in the distance)
Pamela C. left chat session
Ron: but in any case
Ron: yes.... same here..... are we floating towards James
Ron: I mean, after all, I'm 40 miles off shore already
changed username to mrjive
Ron: Hey Server....time share eh?
mrjive: aha got back!
Ron: too many hanging chads
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Pamela C.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to james
james: test
Ron: Now I see double James
mrjive: dual james
rich=c: now james is twins
mrjive: lol
james: i think i'm a clone now.
Ron: will the real James please raise his hand
james: there we go.
Ron: you're anti-James
rich=c: I think that's my cue to make my exit - see you next week, folks
Pamela C.: much better james
mrjive: bye rich
Ron: conversation is too flaky for Rich
Pamela C.: G'nite Dad
mrjive: is tired
Ron: must go watch CNN
rich=c: no, Ron, just near bedtime - goodnight all
Ron: don't want the continuing story to end
mrjive: watch fox news
rich=c: bye now
rich=c left chat session
Pamela C.: Bed sounds good, things are starting to spin
Ron: be well everyone
james: fox news? isn't that an oxymoron?
mrjive: bye ron
james: there going to be anyone left or am i talking to myself again?
Pamela C.: Fox - the network who's parents are away for the weekend
Ron: James, if that pkg doesn't arrive in the next week, holler ok"?
mrjive: I like fox news better than Clinton News Network
james: sure thing, ron, thanks!
Ron: must try Fox
Pamela C.: g'nite Ron, see you earlier next week?
Ron: ok
Ron: I go...... see ya's
Ron: pooooferoooni
mrjive: lol
Ron left chat session
Pamela C.: I guess it's time to get some sleep, what a concept. Have a good week, all!
mrjive: bye Pam
james: bye pam. see you next week :)
Pamela C.: Nite
Pamela C. left chat session
james: i should probably go get lunch.
mrjive: Ok it's my bedtime anyway.
james: cheers. see you next week :)
mrjive: see ya next week
james left chat session
mrjive left chat session
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left chat session
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changed username to james > chat > 2000-11-15
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