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james: sure, i finally get on and now i'm the only one here..
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changed username to BobS
BobS: YOO Hooo
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changed username to WB
BobS: I's here!!!
james: yeah, i *just* got on. whoa. lookatthat
BobS: yes I saw that!!!
WB: Hello Bob and james
BobS: hiya Willie!!!!
changed username to rich-c
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WB: I just got on! What happened!
james: hey rich :)
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BobS: I don't know who al these undefined people are, prolly US tryin to get in!
changed username to Ron
BobS: Space aliens!!!!
Ron: sure a lot of undefined people here
james: morning ron :)
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BobS: hey Ron!!!! how's the wet coast????
Ron: Hi James.....saw your message....and thought I wasn't gonna get thru
WB: Hello Ron!
BobS: morning Richard!
Ron: west.... but dry
changed username to Pamela C.
left chat session
Ron: Hi WB
james: there we go.
Pamela C.: G'day everyone, did you all have trouble trying to get on?
Ron: That's better.... now the faces have names
Ron: Got a real ADAM question right off the top
BobS: COOL!!! believe it or not....we have had about 20 inches of snow since Monday
BobS: Rich, did you get hit by the same snow??
Ron: snow?
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BobS: yes, white heavy white "stuff"
changed username to rich-c
Ron: understand Buffalo got 2 feet in 10 hours.... you're in there too eh?
Pamela C.: Test
james: guess i shouldn't tell you all that it's sunny and about 15 outside :D
BobS: well we got it over 2 1/2 days
rich-c: hi all - sorry I messed up my original entry - went back and tried again
Ron: just about as bad
BobS: NO!!!!
BobS: BUT! the white stuff is a beautiful scene
WB: hi Pam!
BobS: hi Pam
james: oh yes. i went outside to open up my school with little more than a tshirt on and was comfortable. might even be 18.
Pamela C.: Hi, glad to know I'm here
rich-c: anyway hello to all
Ron: somebody gave me a 24 pin Raven dot matrix printer - 15 inch carriage. Anybody seen a driver for such a beast
Pamela C.: Hey, Dad, did you have trouble getting on?
Ron: for the ADAM?
Ron: ruddy thing is massive
BobS: \just try the regular driver Ron
james: i was blaming ntt for not being able to get on until i tried other web sites and they came up no problem.
Ron: ya think?
rich-c: ron, the Raven is just a Panasonic - try the driver for an 1123 or 1124
BobS: I have vasious dot matrix and ink jet printer hooked up to ADAM with no special drivers
rich-c: Pam, yes, I tried for 45 minutes
Ron: good
BobS: same here
Pamela C.: Ditto
Pamela C.: Russell's here with me, do you think that's the problem? : )
Ron: Have to find some fanfold
james: bob - i've found a bubble jet printer i want to buy on e-bay, but the guy only ships to the us. can i use your address and get you
james: to forward it to me when i order that stuff from you?
rich-c: Ron, your problem may be you don't have an MI printer card
Ron: that I do have Rich
Ron: 2 in fact
rich-c: apparently the more recent cards support 24 pin but my old one doesn't support my 24 pin tho the 9-pin works fine
BobS: sure James. I am gettin good at this. Just had a friend in Puerto Rico do the same with Dell, they wouldn't ship down ther.
Ron: hmm.... willl have to check that out
Pamela C.: what kind of printer, james?
rich-c: see a name I don't recognize - who's WB?
james: isn't that willie?
WB: Yes It is I
james: thanks bob :)
rich-c: OK, all these name changes get us all confuzzed
BobS: and Wuillie is traveling in cognito tonight......just WB..... ;-)
Ron: Official Announcement: Time growing short for ino
Ron: for input into annual ANN Christmas card
Ron: only a few days left
rich-c: hope we didn't lose any newbies with the server not responding
Ron: Should we try electronic transfer one more time Bob for the ANN Card?
rich-c: I finally got fed up and sent an email to Dale
BobS: sure why not!
Ron: ok
BobS: gotta put technology to the test!
Ron: this is where Bob and I get into confused mode
Pamela C.: it failed tonite
james: speaking of technology, i may be able to jump start this town into modern internet access.
BobS: gopt much input for the ANN Christmas card?????
Ron: just yours and mind my friend..... I can fill the disk
BobS: FRANCES!!!!!!!
Ron: was thinking of putting a few other names on some graphics I have here
Pamela C.: my thoughts exactly
Ron: like the Clees
BobS: and Pam, you were gonna take a whack at it yes????
Pamela C.: No, I have no facility with graphics programs - I leave that to mom
rich-c: sorry, we're all tied up in other stuff at the moment
Ron: would you mind if I forged your name to a screen Rich?
rich-c: I've been asking Frances to try stuff on the Amiga
Ron: It'll be clean
rich-c: she can hold it to 16 colours and I can change teh file to .bmp
rich-c: but she says that the Adam colour bleeding problem would make it look awful
Ron: give it a try Rich and Frances..... if'n you're able
Ron: yes... that's a problem I've encountered. Found that graphics in solid colours transfer best
rich-c: not likely in the time left - we're out to dinner tomorrow
rich-c: then have the plumber coming by Friday, usual obligations Saturday
Ron: well... we'll put something in
Ron: on ur behalf
rich-c: and Sunday is Grey Cup weekend and Monday the election
Pamela C.: Obviously, I've been out of touch
Ron: oh yeah...the Grey Cup
Ron: Oughta watch since my team is playing
james: ron, i'll have a logo program for you. :)
rich-c: yes, that was nice of Calgary to lie down and die i front of them
Pamela C.: BC vs. Montreal, whoda thunk it?
Ron: ok James. can you e-mail it by say...... Monday next?
rich-c: first time ever those two have met
Ron: case you don't know, it's our annual weekend to be interested in Canadian football
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Ron: you guys stick with Thanksgiving
changed username to Meeka
rich-c: you know, the entertaining kind
Pamela C.: Hi, Meeka
rich-c: it's interesting to watch even if you don't bet on it
Meeka: Hello everyone
Ron: hey Meeka
WB: Hi Meeka!
rich-c: Hi Meeka welcome aboard
Ron: your father-in-law has disappeared
james: sure thing ron :) i have to figure out how to get it from my adam to my pc.
rich-c: he's still on my list
Meeka: He is proubly doing other things while he is online
BobS: figured that!
Ron: do you have Chris Braymen's transfer utility IBM2ADAM.ZIP?
BobS: EVERY weekend is the weekedn down under in the states
Ron: :)
BobS: i's here!!!!
Ron: oh...there you is
rich-c: how many people would watch teh NFL if they weren't gambling on it?
BobS: yup, yup, yup........
james: even if i had the transfer utility, i don't have a 5.25" drive for my pc..
Ron: best way James to get stuff between EOS and Mess Dos is with PC2ADAm
Meeka: Dad, did mom tell you Doug wants to move computers on Friday?
BobS: a lot! I don't bet on anything! SH*T happens! look at the confounded election here!
Ron: WHAT'S program called officially?
BobS: and did I hear correctly??? your election is Monday????
BobS: YUP!
Ron: that's right Bob
Pamela C.: Yes, and it can't come too soon to suit us
Ron: we got political parties of the west
rich-c: yes, and you should see the lineup of parties we have we can vote against
Ron: and political parties of the east
BobS: well hope yours at least "ends" whoever wins!
Ron: and then there's Quebec
Pamela C.: a whole different ball game!
rich-c: oh, we learned how to count votes years ago
Ron: usually by the time they begin broadcasting returns here, it's all over
BobS: make sure you don't get confused now...... ;-)
rich-c: we'll know the winner before we go to bed
Meeka: punch the cards all the way.
Ron: I'm still in CNN junkie mode
Pamela C.: overload, Ron?
BobS: we decided that we should make a law......NO news media jabbering until the next morning!
rich-c: no, our ballots are still hand marked and hand counted
Ron: I'm gonna miss all the lawyers
Ron: real neat....ya got a piece of paper with the candidates' names...and you put an X where you
rich-c: we did our civic elelction in Toronto with machines
Ron: want to vote
BobS: misss 'em like a sore toe, yes????
Ron: right Bob
rich-c: we had complete results an hour after the polls closed
Ron: Really, the United States is really in uncharted territory now...that election was soooo close
Ron: no matter whether you're talking President or Congress
BobS: you should! this hours and hours to add up a couple hundred totals from precients is stupid!
rich-c: the answer's simple, count all the ballots, the guy who has the most votes wins
BobS: nope, got a history lesson this week...can't just count the total votes because
james: i still think whether you get bush or gore, the result isn't pretty.
rich-c: confirms all our dark suspicions about Yankee ability to count
BobS: then the candidates would only have to hit the big cities like NY and LA
BobS: and they would get the election. The outlying states would have NO vote
Ron: right Bob
Ron: What I would like to know is....
Ron: why are canvassing board members members of political parties?
BobS: the consensus is that whoever wins they will be inefective and not reelected
rich-c: not necessarily - the city isn't the state, and a vote's a vote whether it's in New York or Casper, WY
Ron: Hello Hilary
Pamela C.: Hilary Clinton for president in '04!
BobS: don't know, they should be Swiss.......
Pamela C.: cheese?
Ron: Guess everybody is entitled to be a member of a party eh?
BobS: no, nuetral!
Ron: one or t'other
WB: The reason for the ineffectiveness is because of the close republican majorities in the Congress!
BobS: Hillary, I am afraid, is worse for the US than ol' dumb Bill
Ron: wouldn't surprise me
Meeka: did you hear they stoped counting in Miami-Dade county
Ron: yes
BobS: the worset exapmle of a leader I have seen
rich-c: yes, and that's the wrong answer
Meeka: Gore wasn't pleased!
Ron: I don't blame them they had a near riot
rich-c: you're in trouble enough already with the vote so close
WB: With only a 2 vote difference in the Senate and a roughly 10 votes in the House! Gridlock is coming!
rich-c: and the conflict between popular vote and electroeral college results
james: bad for the economy
rich-c: all you need is questions about the legitimacy of the winner in the deciding state
WB: Neither candidate will have a mandate from the people
BobS: it is a stinking mess
rich-c: that's the problem, willie
Pamela C.: I like Ron's solution - give them each half a week
Ron: Mon/Wed/Fri Tues/Thurs/Sat
Pamela C.: exactly
Ron: Sunday, everybody preys
Pamela C.: for deliverance
BobS: and like it or not, whichever party you support, I believe Gore is just tearing the system apart. Count and certify and STOP!
Ron: or prays
rich-c: Freudian slip, Ron?
Ron: :) rotfl
rich-c: or just political experience?
Pamela C.: from Ron?
rich-c: that's right, Bob - just count it legitimately
Ron: what I see is people who have stopped listening to eachother
Ron: or maybe that's just for public consumption
rich-c: if it isn't done so folks know it's right, the winner's a lame duck either way
Ron: they were saying on CNN that the loser is the winner
Pamela C.: that's an interesting sentiment, but I see their point
rich-c: Bore and Shrub should both be demanding a full and accurate recount everywhere there's doubt
WB: Actually Gore should step aside and let George Bush take the presidency. In two years unless Bush is a miracle worker the House and Senate will shift parties
Ron: Just wait till Monday night when Joe Clark gets the balance of power
BobS: ok, but how many times can you count different ways, and why only your strong support counties
Pamela C.: Joe who?
Ron: or Le Bloc Quebecois
rich-c: I didn't qualify my recommendation, Bob
BobS: that is true ron
rich-c: don't be uppity, daughter
Ron: could be that close
BobS: although I thought the other way aroun, let Gore win, then wait till he shoots off his feet
Meeka: well guys, gotta go. I have some laundry to do yet tonight. Just wanted to say Hi to everyone.
Pamela C.: how about split the term - half of gore, half of bush?
rich-c: either one of them is likely to make a botch of the job
Ron: you it's wierd, initially on election night I was kinda pulling for Bush, Now I have no feeling
Ron: one way or the other
BobS: see ya tomorrow Meeka
Pamela C.: G'nite Meeka
rich-c: nite Meeka, nice you wre here even if just to say hello
Ron: nters Meeka
WB: Bye Meeka!
Meeka left chat session
Ron: Go straight home, no stopping at the bar
Ron: Ok guys....back to business
rich-c: Shrub just doesn't have what it takes to be president
Ron: has anyone here but me got a Compuserve account?
james: i think either way, the issue should be resolved soon and that they should upgrade their voting booths.
BobS: no CIS account here
Pamela C.: make their ballots less confusing
Ron: looking at the software list in the Vintage Computer section
rich-c: or at least get machines that work and don't leave the answers hanging
BobS: yo stilllettin them suck yo dry, eh?
Ron: there's a list of ADAMites
Ron: wondering who posted it
Ron: haven't looked at it yet
BobS: coulda been anyone, we've had the list for wahile
Ron: right Bob..... I wander in about every 6 months. Friedman is still there
rich-c: is Compuserve still in business? I thought AOL had eaten them raw
Ron: operating them as a separate entity Rich
james: hey, i know it's not adam, but i've found a way to liberate this town from the clutches of ntt.
rich-c: since they shut down the vintage computer access, why would they bother?
Ron: I'm paying $15.15 Cdn for 5 hours per eh?
Pamela C.: tell us James
BobS: NO deal!
Ron: Vintage computer is still now includes everything with reps (if they can find them) for
Ron: each type
james: i found out that it costs just as much to call within the town as it does to call a town 40 minutes from here.
Pamela C.: time to get a better deal, Ron
james: so i decided that the whole dial-up access was not the way to go.
BobS: yes, James, go on......
Ron: want a way of connecting when I'm in cleveland
Ron: or wherever
james: we have a very *stupid* and antiquated half-wit town government. so while the next town has dsl, there is *nothing* here.
WB: I have to go now Wife needs to use the computer!
WB left chat session
james: so what i'm thinking of doing is having my own backbone brought in and doing wireless access for the town.
rich-c: see you next week, willie
Ron: ok WB.....take care...and stay well
Ron: don't eat no chads
BobS: FREEE net access thru AltaVista, Netzero. Kmart, etc
BobS: see ya Willie HAPPY Thansgiving!!!
rich-c: yes, is funcow operating stateside yet?
BobS: man, he WAS gone!
Ron: Bob..... when I do mail you the disk I'm gonna do the Filemanager copy trick...then use ADAM2IBM
james: thanksgiving? oh yeah..
BobS: haven't heard of it
rich-c: funny Yankee custom, James
Ron: The Slopsema method
Pamela C.: for those south of the border, the start of the Christmas shopping season
Ron: whaddyamean south?
james: now there'S something i *don't* miss.
rich-c: ours starting, of course, the day after Remembrance Day
Ron: oh yeah
Pamela C.: Please, dad, November 1st
BobS: well, antime is ok with me, no rush....just tell me "how" you did it so I can di it backwards......ouy wonk
Ron: I've been known to chew heads off of store clerks who play Christmas Carols before Remembrance Day
Pamela C.: lol, Ron
Ron: are you going away in ealy Dec Bob?
rich-c: wrong target, Ron, you need to eat the managers
james: i don't miss xmas carols either :)
Ron: them too
BobS: going away on the 9th of Dec for a week
james: but i wouldn't target the clerks. they probalby hate it as much as you do.
Ron: gentle Ron sometimes loses it
rich-c: where you off ot?
rich-c: to
BobS: cruise from San Juan to St Croix, St Lucia, Barbados and st Thomas
BobS: my folks are "making" us go along:
rich-c: real saintly voyage
BobS: ;-)
Ron: Better get the card to you before
Pamela C.: ah, you poor thing
Ron: terrible Bob
BobS: I know, it IS a burden......
Ron: life is really tough eh?
Pamela C.: care to adopt?
BobS: yup!
Ron: you can always try Pam
BobS: snow have to go awasy for a week,.....BUMMER
Ron: geez
Pamela C.: shucks
rich-c: pity
Ron: When ya goin' Bob?
Pamela C.: reality check, folks the windchill is minus 22 in Toronto at the moment
BobS: on Dec 9, 2000
rich-c: Pam, your mother has the clippings you wanted
Pamela C.: Tell her thanks
Ron: ok....I won't hold you up
BobS: Brrrrr........
Pamela C.: Tres brrrr
Ron: I take it Toronto was spared the snow Rich?
james: :D you should be here pam. sunny and 18 :D
rich-c: yeah, we'll get up to all of -6 tomorrow
Ron: James...!!! We don't want to know
Pamela C.: Wish I was james, we had 10cm of snow on Monday
Ron: Here is only just above freezing
rich-c: better than Buffalo, Pam
james: yeah, but you guys have bandwidth so i need something to make me feel better.
Ron: and we just contracted 4 grand to get the roof on the house done
Pamela C.: let's trade, James
Ron: awww poor James
james: no way :) i'm working on the bandwidth problem as we speak.
rich-c: Toronto has barely seen a snowflake - just a little dusting
james: pardon the language, but if i could shit down ntt's throat, i would.
Pamela C.: we'll start working on the snow problem in time for April, Okay?
rich-c: mind you, the ski resort operators from Barrie north are open and gloating
Ron: strong words james
BobS: lucky you!
james: yeah, you guys make sure you have it all cleaned up for when my troup gets there, okay :D
Ron: oh yes...the snow belt
Pamela C.: Did you look out the window on Monday morning Dad? I drove through it
Ron: Lived in Angus when the earth was flat and there were dragons
rich-c: Toronto isn't in that, Ron
Ron: remember snow
james: ron, that was rather mild in comparison to the mulitlingual string of curses i used the other day to describe them.
rich-c: Buffalo gets it, London gets it, Barrie gets it, we don't get it
Ron: Do you Speak/Read/Write Japanese James?
Pamela C.: Hamilton gets it, Niagara gets it
Pamela C.: How many centuries was that, Ron?
Ron: can you swear in both official languages?
Pamela C.: Oooh, teach me!
james: yes, but japanese is useless for cursing. gimme english or french for that.
Ron: well let's just say I was in grade 1
rich-c: well, Quebec French is really rather mild
Ron: English swear words are based on sex
rich-c: like I mean, "tabernac'"?
Ron: French swear words are based on religion
Ron: they taught me that in my gov't sponsored French course
james: apparently, cantonese swearing is based on sex too but since i don't speak it, i don'T know.
rich-c: and politics is a swear word to itself
Ron: right on Mr. Clee
rich-c: decided who you're voting against yet, Ron?
Pamela C.: politician is a derivative
Ron: all we know for sure is that probably all of the world's languages have a means of expressing strongly a point
james: heh heh. didn't even look into voting from here. i should call the embassy but i'm likely too late.
BobS: FUNCOW has arrived!!!! Just got on the site
rich-c: Pam is really lucky - she gets to vote against ALL of them
Ron: You're serving abroad James, you must have the right to vote
rich-c: she has an independent in her riding with a chance of winning
james: too bad there's no "none of the above" option..
Pamela C.: Yeah, I live in John Nunziata's riding
Ron: Is he still around?
Ron: the ol Rat Pack
Pamela C.: Alive and well and thumbing his nose at the Liberals
Ron: :)
rich-c: with everyone cheering him on
Pamela C.: too right
Ron: Out here unless I vote for the Alliance, I'm tossing my vote in the can
Ron: This is Refooooorm country
rich-c: well, which is teh better option?
james: i'd be voting for joe clark if i could.
Pamela C.: trash can
rich-c: well got on to the embassy and do it!
Ron: Our Progressive Conservative candidate here hasn't even put up a lawn sigh
Ron: sign
james: :D
Pamela C.: freudian again ron?
james: 'nother slip ron?
Ron: Kinda like ol Joe Who
Ron: right Pam
rich-c: Oh, he's made more sense than any of the others - not that that's saying much
Pamela C.: thus speaks the lifelong conservative
Ron: quite
rich-c: in fact it partly results from saying little - in many owrds
james: well day is just an idiot and bigot and far too religious for me. i think the liberals waffle too much and
Ron: we have a Green candidate
james: i'm not about to vote pq, marxist-leninist or natural law..
Ron: recently moved here from Edmonton
Pamela C.: we have them all in this riding
Ron: Everybody who lives here has recently moved here from somewhere else
rich-c: and hasn't got the tar and feathers off yet?
Ron: :)
Pamela C.: :))
rich-c: some may beg to differ, paleface
Ron: I dunno.
Ron: Wish I had a chad I could get pregnant....and leave it at that
Pamela C.: stuffing the ballot box - there's a thought
BobS: :-)
rich-c: well, in my riding the Liberals will win in a landslide
Ron: This province would basically rather be part of Washington State
Pamela C.: there's something about the jail time that's off putting though
rich-c: the only decision I have to make is whether to help some other candidate save his deposit
Ron: and they don't care much about anything that happens east of the Rocky Mountains
james: what's a chad?
BobS: the little punch out part of a punch card ballot
Ron: that little piece of voting card dislodged when the card is punched by a voting machine James
Ron: Now prior to Nov 8 I wouldn't have known that
Pamela C.: me neither - I would have called it confetti
rich-c: originally, the paper that came out of the holes punched in ateletype tape
james: ah. i still think the whole process is *very* antiquated.
BobS: and sometimes they don't fall out and sometimes with the geriatric crowd, their strength level can't eve punch them out of the rpaper ballot
rich-c: but you may be too young to remember those, James
Ron: Did you guys see that book cover that was being circulated on the net?
Ron: Voting for Dummies
Ron: A Guide for Florida Residents
james: heh heh.. i can almost imagine that.
BobS: tha is what those Floridians need!
Ron: looked just like the real thing
rich-c: what they need is someone who knows how to run an election
Ron: had a section about chads
rich-c: I fear some of them don't even know why
james: yup. you're still here rich.
BobS: geez, that one coming in was just a like a florida vote, here one minute and gone the next
BobS: I am ;here
BobS: maybe not........
BobS: jkljlh
rich-c: oops - am I still on?
rich-c left chat session
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changed username to Ron
Ron: fimble ningers
Ron left chat session
Ron: I like the way CNN says that in Florida there are a lot of retired people from the 'north'
Ron left chat session
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changed username to Ron
Ron: Guess I'm dead
Ron left chat session
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changed username to rich
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changed username to james
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changed username to Pamela C.
changed username to rich
james: what the?
james left chat session
Pamela C.: I agree
BobS: hello????
Pamela C.: I got awful lonely ther fore a minute
rich: sorry - having a problem
BobS: we're all here, and then all there, and then POOF! we am GONE!!!
rich: will leave and come right back
rich left chat session
Pamela C.: dad is twins
BobS: heck I never left, just went to never never land and back....
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changed username to Tin Can
BobS: THIS is wierd!!!
Pamela C.: very weird
BobS: the
Tin Can: ok..... I'm back
BobS: the Tin CAN did it!!!!
rich: bet that tin can has a string attached...
Tin Can: fimble ningers
moved to room Meeting Place
Tin Can: would be surprised
rich: have we got James back too?
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: here's "what the heck"
changed username to james
BobS: hey James!
james: hey. i'm back. i think.
Pamela C.: that string has gotta be a thread by now
changed username to Guy B.
Tin Can: Did we all die at once
rich: guess the cat tripped over teh cord again
BobS: you got my address for the Ebay thingy you want to buy???
james: a situation i hope to have resolved *very* soon.
Guy B.: Ok, I was the Undefined tonight. So Here I am.
BobS: hi Guy!!!
Tin Can: Guy....hey my son!
Pamela C.: Hi Guy
rich: well Guy - welcome!!!
Tin Can: Tin can = Ron Mitchell
james: if you could e-mail me your address, bob, i don't think i have it.
Guy B.: I had a lot of trouble tonight. I had this up and I have AOL instant messenger up right now.
Tin Can: They just interviewed Cheney on CNN
rich: we all did, chat didn't open till I sent Dale an email
Pamela C.: Everyone had trouble tonite
rich: can't they leave the poor guy in hospital?
Tin Can: no wha...CNN? Leave anybody in peace?
Guy B.: Well, my website will be up hopefully next week. The docs are done.
rich: sorry - I should know better
Pamela C.: isn't that RIP?
Tin Can: Good Guy..... look forward to seeing it
rich: some day I should get cable or satellite or something so I know what you folks are talking about
Tin Can: Someday I too will have a web site
Pamela C.: address please!
Tin Can: you really want to know Rich?
rich: Bob, did you find out if funcow has a US operation?
Guy B.: The docs are on the utilities and the Qbasic/batch files and will be in Word 6.0/95 format.
Pamela C.: welcome to the 20th century dad, even I know what CnN is
BobS: sooner or later the email will get to you James.
BobS: ISP don't want ot email right now I guess
james: thanks bob.
BobS: well I did get onto their site.....
Tin Can: I'm going to listen to some Christmas carols....(humbug)
rich: is there trouble on the Web tonight? I know one of the trans-Pacific cables is out
Tin Can: WE WI
Tin Can: We will convene again next week
Tin Can: to talk about Florida?
james: let's hope not.
rich: and next month, and next year...
Tin Can: James, did you get the disks yet?
Pamela C.: by this time next week Canada will have another government at least
BobS: James, the mail went thru Horse Xpress justnow. Richard, they don't have my area code for phone #'s
james: i knew there was something. no, no sign of them, ron.
Tin Can: oh yes.. Pam you're right
BobS: SO, I guess I dont' get to try them
rich: don't bet on it; likely teh same old same old
Tin Can: Ok James, I'm gonna see if I can trace
james: wonder where they went..
Pamela C.: timbuktu?
Tin Can: still orbiting the earth
Tin Can: maybe they needed them abord Mir
james: i'm guessing a liberal win but with a weakened cabinet.
Tin Can: how weak can they get
Pamela C.: how weekend can they get?
james: we'll find out next week, i think.
Tin Can: great minds think alike Pam
Guy B.: There are people in the International space station right now.
BobS: we getting slowed up again?
Tin Can: yeah, that's where my disks went.
rich: dunno - I see to be OK so far
BobS: yup, lost in space
Tin Can: ok good well
Tin Can: stay sober
Guy B.: Floated away, eh!
Tin Can: I go
Pamela C.: poof
rich: OK Ron, catch you next week
james: by ron!
Tin Can: :)
Guy B.: bye Ron.
Pamela C.: G'nite my fellow thinker
Tin Can: niters Pam
Tin Can left chat session
BobS: this is WIERD!
rich: sorry Bob didn't catch it - did you get funcow?
james: what is funcow?
BobS: see ya Ron
Pamela C.: bob, you're getting through on this end
rich: a free ISP
Guy B.: Ok, what did I miss while I was hung up, other what happen to Dick Cheney.
rich: Ron left
BobS: yes, but 2 minutes AFTER I type it
BobS: now real time again
BobS: cannot get FUNCOW, no listing for my area code
rich: yes, sometimes Dale's server goes off to think about other things for a while
BobS: :-)
rich: sometimes it sort of cuts our string, sometimes it doesn't
rich: I've noticed the odd delay between hitting enter and the type on the screen
Guy B.: Watching TV right now. Chicago traffic is a mess.
BobS: why??? holiday??
rich: you got snow, Guy?
Pamela C.: is that weather related Guy?
BobS: no delay on caht right now.....
Guy B.: We did get enough to cover the ground. No weather is clear.
BobS: depends on whether or not you are on that particular road Pam...... ;-)
rich: got off easy, like us.
james: :D no commment.
rich: Our mayior is offering to loan our snowplows to Buffalo for the weekend
BobS: so that's,weather related...
Guy B.: How much did you get? Buffalo NY got 25 inches.
Pamela C.: rotfl, Dad
rich: No, Buffalo got 36 inches Monday and another 18 yesterday
BobS: we got almost 20 inches in 2 1/2 days Guy
rich: Had to call out the Army
Guy B.: You got lake effect with most of that right?
rich: Pam, I was serious - it was on the news
BobS: I think so
Pamela C.: I know, and maybe no one will make fun of Toronto now
rich: yes, if you're downwind from the lake right now, you get it
BobS: Buffalo's was definately lake effect
rich: that's why upstate New York gets up to ten times the snow of adjacent Ontario
Pamela C.: we're on the right side of the lak
Pamela C.: lake i mean
Guy B.: When the wind blows northwest. Indiana gets the lake effect. If it's west, then Michigan gets it. If it's northeast. I get it.
rich: yes, the bad one for us is east
BobS: I am gonna leave now also guys and gals.....get some eats and hit the sack
james: bye bob :)
Pamela C.: bye, Bob - sleep well
rich: OK Bob, realize working folks need their shuteye
BobS: be good and REALLY REALLY counts! :-) See ya with a new leader, later.......
Guy B.: Bye Bob, see you next week. Say Hi to Judy and don't too much tomorrow.
rich: take it easy, c u next week
BobS: TA TA!!!
Guy B.: That's eat too much.
BobS left chat session
Pamela C.: Tomorrows gonna be a quiet day for me with the US shut down
Guy B.: I wonder when this Florida frenzy is going to be over. I have a co-worker in Orlando tonight.
rich: when they smarten up and decide to do it right, Guy
Guy B.: Yes, it will be quiet tomorrow. I have to visit Jeanene in he hospital. She had back surgery today. Went very well.
rich: It may seem uppity for Canadians to be sounding off on your politics
Pamela C.: Pardon my ignorance, Guy, who is Jeanene?
rich: but surprisingly we usually know your system better than you do
Guy B.: Oh I'm sorry Pam. She use to be my wife. Were friends now. Your dad has met her.
Pamela C.: I'm glad things went well . Why surgery?
james: rich - i've revised (for what is *the* last time) the schedule for our trip next year, so i'll be sending you a copy in the mail.
Guy B.: She had some bones out of alignment along her spine. She was having alot of pain.
rich: be looking forward to it, james
james: so you'll know where and when we're doing what.
rich: no matter what, we'll do our best to connect
rich: Guy, Frances and I both know about back troubles
Pamela C.: Please pass it to me too, Dad so I can make plans.
rich: We send Jeanene our sympathy and best wishes - do please pass them on
Guy B.: I even have some back pain too.
Pamela C.: Yes, please send our good wishes for a speedy recovery
james: is e-bay out right now?
rich: reckon we'll be talking between now and April, daughter!
Guy B.: I will. I see her tomorrow before I head for my sister in-law's for the holiday.
Pamela C.: I hope so Dad, but visits have been skimpy recently. I was thinking you could e-mail it to me or something
rich: whatever - there will be days without snow so we can drive
james: pam, if you give me your address, i can mail you a copy too.
Pamela C.: James, please give me your e-mail address and I will do that very thing
rich: in fact james, why don't you just send her a copy of your email to me?
Pamela C.: brb, I need to write that down and as usual, I don't have a pen
james: now let's hope the spam bots don't pick it up.
rich: don't worry, I have it, Pam'
rich: as far as I know the spam bots can't monitor this type of chat, james
Pamela C.: Okay, got it - will send as soon as I decamp
rich: and if anhyone's poking around your computer, get yourself a copy of Zone Alarm
rich: it's free and blocks them very effectively
james: likely not enough bandwidth for anyone to get through :) but yes, probably a good idea.
james: is the whole damn web down tonight?
Guy B.: Where can I find it at?
rich: if you want info on to how to really protect yourself, go to
Pamela C.: No, just Adam, I think
james: i've tried e-bay, a few other sites, they load half-way and die. maybe it's my netscape.
rich: james, you're likely suffereing from that undersea cable break
rich: they are having to reroute traffic out of southeast Asia
james: anyways, since it's sunny and warm out, i'm going to have lunch and get some sun before i have to teach today.
james: that would do it.
rich: enjoy it while you can
Pamela C.: Oh yeah, rub it in James.
Guy B.: I had trouble just getting on here tonight. Ended up quiting the browser and trying again.
rich: if you have any excess just ship it to us, we'll look after it
james: i'll trade for bandwidth :)
Pamela C.: take very good care of it as a matter of fact
rich: guy, Dale didn't have the server up, that's why
Pamela C.: didn't we have this conversation earlier?
rich: none of us got in till about 9.45
james: ttyal!
Guy B.: That explains why it was just hanging there.
Pamela C.: Good nite. E-mail coming your way shortly
james left chat session
rich: nite James
rich: ooops - looks like he's gone already
Guy B.: Bye Pam.
Pamela C.: I suppose since it's a work nite for us Canadians, I should go to bed
Pamela C.: Dad, I will call later tomorrow evening after you;re back from dinner
rich: guess so - my time too. We're going to Pagans tomorrow
Pamela C.: Or not. Give them my regards and a hug
rich: so we are unlikely to be home very early
Guy B.: James left. Oh well. I might as well go too. Time to check the e-mail. I'll see you all next week.
rich: c u Guy - our best to J and all too
Pamela C.: Good nite everyone. Call me when you're free, Dad
rich: tonight?
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela C.: no, too late - maybe Friday then?
rich: OK, will do - talk to you then
rich: night for now
Pamela C.: Thanks. hugs and kisses
rich: nite
Pamela C.: bye
rich left chat session
Pamela C. left chat session
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