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james: good morning :)
rich-c: good morning, james
rich-c: your usual punctual self, I see
james: i'm glad you guys moved back to standard time.
rich-c: how are things in Japan this day?
james: for the five minutes of it for which i've been up, pretty good :D
rich-c: no earthquakes or such overnight, I gatehr
james: they seem to have subsided for the time being. we still get the occasional rumble but nothing that would wake one up.
rich-c: fact of life when you live on teh Rim of Fire
james: how are things in the centre of the universe?
rich-c: anyway, glad to see you're into sprite manipulation and fractals with Logo
rich-c: I assume you have already heard teh lection results
james: it was a fun program to get working, though the fractal trees had me stumped for a little bit.
james: yeah, another 4 years of chretien. could be worse, could be better. hear apathy was at an all time high.
rich-c: well, close to it. we only had a 63% voter turnout
james: alot better than the 50% south of the border..
rich-c: now he's bragging about the great endorsement, when 3 of every five votes were for teh other parties
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james: honestly, i think he should have stepped down and let martin take his place.
changed username to Meeka
james: morning meeka :)
rich-c: the expectation is that will happen - hasten the day!
Meeka: Hello
rich-c: hi Meeka. Pam says she won't be on till 10
james: i think with martin as opposed to chretien we would have seen higher voter turnout and a stronger liberal majority.
rich-c: I think she's got one of her pet TV shows on
rich-c: yes, james. I think you are right
Meeka: that's ok. Not sure if Dad will be on tonight.
rich-c: how come, Meeka?
rich-c: he hasn't sawn off any more fingers, has he?
Meeka: right now he is in my basement with Doug playing with old 486 machines
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james: *yawn* sorry, still waking up. what kind of weather you guys have there now?
james: test
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changed username to Meeka
changed username to rich
Meeka: Did you get dumped too?
changed username to ri
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changed username to james
james: stupid netscape. am i on?
ri: looks like Dale's cat got the pkug again
ri: sorry, I'm twins - just a minute while I re-enter
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Meeka: anyway, They put an add in the paper and actually found some suckers who want them :)
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changed username to rich - again
james: welcome back, rich.
rich - again: OK, I hope I'm back in business now
rich - again: and I hope Meeka is still with us too
rich - again: anyway you were asking about the weather here
Meeka: ya - i'm here for now :)
james: how is it?
rich - again: we've been having a typical Toronto November
rich - again: but today we actually saw some sunshine which got the temp up to 5
rich - again changed username to rich - c
james: downright balmy compared to last week then. we're still at about 10 and cloudy.
rich - c: yes, our Novembers are usually cold, wet and dull
rich - c: we do have a bit of a cold wave coming in - highs around 0 next few days
james: we won't be seeing that for a few weeks yet, though we did have mixed precipitaion the other day near here.
rich - c: and they aren't promising us many peeks of sunshine either
rich - c: you don't see that much freezing weather in your part of Japan, do you?
james: i've got some good news - the town government here wants me to teach them computers.
rich - c: if they're willing to pay properly, go for it!
james: not until late december, really. we did get alot of snow last year but it very rarely goes lower than -10 on the coldest night.
james: a typical winter, no lower than -8
rich - c: once I saw -30 in Toronto but we usually feel hard done by if it gets as low as -20
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changed username to Guy B.
rich - c: hello Guy, how's things is Chicago?
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Guy B.: Raining here.
james: we had -40 something in ottawa once. that was damn cold.
rich - c: how is Jeasnine coming after her operation?
rich - c: sorry 'boutthe spelling, Guy
james: the good people of the town government will have to pay for their computer lessons. i'm not a volunteer organization.
rich - c: I trust you have made that quite clear to them - as a serious businessman should
Guy B.: She's still in pain, but the doctor found a bulging disk and it was on a nerve. It was about the size of a quarter.
rich - c: by the way, James, did you know that below -40 the halide vapour streetlights won't work?
Meeka: gotta go for now . be back in a litle bit
Guy B.: She was in the hospital two days. But, her heavy lifting days are over.
rich - c: c u later, Meeka
Guy B.: Don't be long Meeka
rich - c: just had someone trying to probe my computer
james: didn't know that, rich. fortunately, it's not usually an issue :)
rich - c: oh, you'd be surprised how often folks try to break into your computer
james: it's especially easy if you have a dedicated connection on an ip that doesn't change much.
Guy B.: Some people won't even use DSL since it's on all the time and who knows who can hack into your system.
rich - c: you never know until you install something like Zone Alarm - then your eyes get opened in a hurry
james: that was the name of it - thanks. think i'll get that download going. i've been curbing my online time to pare down my phone bill a little.
rich - c: well, Zone Alarm just tells them there's no computer here
james: outside of the time i'm online for the chat, i try not to browse.
rich - c: and tells me the url of the source of the intrusion
rich - c: is that a reflection of your limited time or NTT's piratical rates?
james: at which point, you can fire off an e-mail to their isp.
james: yes. that will change with any luck within the next half year, but until then..
rich - c: not really, you just get the numbers, and can't always trace them
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rich - c: by the way, the website is
james: yeah, i'm pulling it down now.
rich - c: or you can find a link and lots of other stuff at
james: ron said he'll be on tonight.
changed username to MacRon
Guy B.: Hi Ron
MacRon: evening all
rich - c: yes, but he usually doesn't make it until about 10 Eastern (7 Pacific)
james: speak of the devil :D
rich - c: OOOPS
MacRon: and he shall appear wearing bondi blud
MacRon: blue I mean
james: how'S it going ron?
MacRon: very well. Enjoyed your LOGO pgm my son
rich - c: given the aquatic life around Bondi, blud may be appropriate
MacRon: right
MacRon: wonder how the infamous Smartwriter blank linefeed character got into your file
james: glad you liked it. next step is to save me some typing. i'm thinking serial card, null modem cable and adamlink on one end.
james: xt and telix on the other.
MacRon: It certainly wasn't in the Notepad version
rich - c: by the way, how long did it take you two to download that .bmp - with all the repetitions?
MacRon: serial card and null modem....and you're in business
james: yeah, i don't know how that could happen since i literally printed it off using carbon paper, brought the printout to my study
james: and then typed it in manually.
MacRon: you can ship files back and forth just by downloading/uploading
james: don't even get me started on that. as far as i'm concerned the guy that posted that owes me about 75 cents for the download time.
rich - c: if that's all I think you got off lucky
MacRon: Herman is a friend. Think he considers himself duly chastised
rich - c: it wasn't just him, it was Jeff who replied quoting including the Attachment
MacRon: here, it's not so much the computer, it's the connection. And, as I explained to Herman Mason, when I get my mail I want
james: probably. i've got bigger things to worry about anyways.
MacRon: to get in and get out. No time for lengthy speeches or pics
rich - c: yes, a small jpeg one can live with, but that series was a bit much
MacRon: right Rich....I got the thing at least twice
MacRon: I see we turned off at least one prospective ADAMite
MacRon: Hi Meeka!
rich - c: yes, more's the pity
james: i saw a couple of unsubscribes after that posting.
MacRon: yup
rich - c: though I'm not sure someone of that temperament is our kind of people
james: likely not a big loss.
MacRon: well I kinda thought that too. The conversation was a legitimate one, and interesting
MacRon: It was just the ruddy graphics
rich - c: the other guy was the Atari historian - maybe just decided we didn't have enough in common
MacRon: yeah
james: i did think the case was neat, i just didn't need all 1.2mb of it..
MacRon: pin it up on your wall James
rich - c: Frances is looking over my shoulder
MacRon: Hi Frances!
MacRon: you're looking well
rich - c: James, sDale showed her how to do a fractal in Logo with a three-line program
james: morning frances :)
james: cool. what kind of fractal?
rich - c: she doesn't know, but it was quite impressive
rich - c: obviously a recursive of some type, but beyond that I'm lost
james: can you send me those three lines? i'd be interested in taking a look..
MacRon: Back when the earth was flat James, and you were about 14, there was a member of AUFG doing fractals on the ADAM
MacRon: at the time I hadn't the faintest notion what he was doing
james: i think she'll like the fractal trees on my new year's card for ron's mm christmas card.
MacRon: he operated in SmartBASIC
rich - c: I think sh'es gone to look, but that doesn't mean they will be found
rich - c: yes, I'll have her take a peek at your link later
james: in smartbasic, neat.
james: i haven't posted my program yet rich. i thought i'd let ron get the card out and then post it.
MacRon: we'll be including your work on the disk James as a separate file. It won't combine with the PowerPaint stuff, but the
rich - c: well, SB has a graphics mode and can do math, so it should be possible
MacRon: disk is always issued double sided (flippie) anyway, and there's room on the back
rich - c: can you recycle one of our old ones for us, Ron?
MacRon: yeah can't even remember which member it was, but he kept us interested for a couple of sessions
james: sounds good. anyone can load logo, load the program and then run it a few times.
MacRon: I tell ya.... how memory fails. Couldn't even remember how to change devises under LOGO
MacRon: had to go and look it up
MacRon: that should be in drives
james: have never tried. how does one do that?
rich - c: oh, thought you were afflicting Yankee spelling on us
MacRon: with a number between 0 and 5
james: i have noticed that logo will try to load any files from whatever drive it was loaded from.
james: oh yeah!
MacRon: so SETDEViCE 4 is disk drive 2
Guy B.: Now we all know what's like not running our Adam programs in a long time. We're hooked onto the PC's.
MacRon: tape drives come first
rich - c: yes, if you want to load a file from a different drive you must use the setdev command
MacRon: and memory fades......
MacRon: Have LOGO installed on my hard drive, but don't go there nearly enough
rich - c: hate to admit it, but even my typing reflexes are for the DOS keyboard now
james: i used to make games with it and i think i might get back into it.
MacRon: yeah, I hear ya
rich - c: it's one of the recommended uses
james: yeah, i was using smartwriter and tried to press a non-existing "page down" key..
MacRon: Doing the Christmas card over the past couple of weeks, and was reminded about how much fun ADAM can be
Guy B.: We all seem to forget that part.
rich - c: oddly enough, I hardly ever use DOS keys that don't have a Smartwriter equivalent
MacRon: And how well it does things
rich - c: regret to report that I had another owner trying to give me a free Adam today
MacRon: awww
james: except for crashing. just doesn't crash as much as windows :)
Guy B.: Who was it?
rich - c: k j grant
MacRon: I have not met a computer yet that doesn't crash
james: ron, have we given up the search for the early aufg issues?
rich - c: right Ron, it's just a matter of how often and how hard
MacRon: Members of my Mac club try to tell me that Mac's don't crash....well ha ha ha
james: everything crashes. it's inevitable.
Guy B.: We are all vunerable to computer crashes. I even had one back this year.
MacRon: kinda looks like it James. Haven't heard from my sources in Ottawas
MacRon: Ottawa
MacRon: lord helps us if there's 2 of them
james: that really is too bad. i'm sure they're out there somewhere.
MacRon: Oh heck yes. For all I know they may be right here in this house
MacRon: I will find them when I'm not looking for them
james: usually the way.
rich - c: Frances wants in for a minute
MacRon: Well...step aside! :)
rich - c changed username to Frances
MacRon: what say you Frances?
Guy B.: Hi Frances
Frances: Hi, everyone
MacRon: all's well?
Frances: Ron, there is another one, it's in Kansas
MacRon: oh yes, so there is
MacRon: but it's probably saner
Frances: James, at one of the early adamcons, Dale and Neil did a session on fractals
james: sounds interesting :) what did they use?
Frances: I didn't understand a word of it but copied the programs they used
james: i'd be interested in seeing them. are they logo programs?
Frances: and spent a couple of years tryuing to figure them out
Frances: I now have a small collection none of which are unlikely to be strange to you
MacRon: James, in the file you sent me today, there are 4 trees, each a little different, is that how they were intended?
Frances: but if you want, I will type them out and send them to you
MacRon: then you told me how to play with them to change them....which I've yet to try
Frances: Yes, they are Logo programs
james: the trees come up differently every time :) call it pathetic fallacy :)
james: i would really like to see those frances!
MacRon: oh.... must run it again
Frances: Different inputs give you different trees
MacRon: And the Japanese chars..... what's the translation?
james: you'll rarely get the same landscape twice.
james: different inputs give different trees and i added a little randomness at the start.
MacRon: ok... I just started it once, and let it run.....cute snowflakes
Frances: Nowadays, I do all of my Logo work on my Amiga, which, incidentally, also crashes
MacRon: no!
Frances: Yes!
MacRon: they all do, now and then
MacRon: keeps us humans feeling superior
james: the characters read "akemashite omedeto gozaimasu" which means roughly "a new year dawns, congratulations" or "happy new year"
james: darn, those aren't snowflakes ron.. they're cherry blossoms.
MacRon: ok...thought it must be something like that. Doesn't look like there's enough chars to say all that, but I'll take your word for it
Frances: Ron, somewhere around you must have a Xmas card
MacRon: this years?
MacRon: yes
MacRon: or from other years?
Frances: from me that has lettering something like "seasons Greetings"
MacRon: yep recall it. Think it's here
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Frances: and a bell as decoration. I don't think I can improve on that so use it if you can find it
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all
Guy B.: Hi Dale
james: morning dale.
MacRon: Have sent another on your behelf Frances. Bob already has it
MacRon: Hi Dale
Dale: I've been busy at work, so I wasn't able to make it lately.
james: frances, how big are those logo progams?
MacRon: If you don't like it, spit it out
MacRon: :)
Frances: Not very big. Why?
james: just curious.
Frances: Hi, Dale
MacRon: How is our esteemed leader?
james: ron, did i tell you that ntt called here doing a survey?
MacRon: oh yeah?
Dale: Ron, when is the deadline for greeting card submissions?
james: oh yeah. gave them my opinions.
Frances: what is ntt?
MacRon: Dale, the card has already gone to Bob, and I have 155k on a 159 k disk
james: i'd phrase that "when was .." dale.. :)
Dale: So James, that means that they're your bigest fan now?
james: ntt is the consumer gouging monopolist (expletives deleted) japanese phone company.
MacRon: I have put some of my surpluse PowerPaint Screens on side 2, and if you like, I could make a second edition, but
MacRon: you'd be the only one in it
Dale: Well, I can always hope.
james: not for long. i'm looking to set up this town with wireless internet. even found a company that can bring in a high speed line
james: totally unconnected to ntt. cut them right out.
MacRon: I take it you don't like the company James
james: since there are ladies present, i'll spare telling you what i'd do to ntt if it was a person.
MacRon: i can imagine
MacRon: we have Telus
MacRon: as in TEL- US
Frances: Names, Meeka was a teenager not that long ago and I brought up one!
james: as in "tell us" what to pay? :)
MacRon: yeah....
Frances: James, sorry!
Guy B.: Spill it James
Frances: Back to Richard, I've got work to do
MacRon: They just announced plans to upgrade internet access to ADSL in 38 communities in BC over the next 5 years
james: oh sure, now everyone gets to see my "dark side" :)
MacRon: no mention if we're one of them
Dale: If you look through the chat archives on this site, you'll see what he thinks.
MacRon: yes, he's on record
Frances changed username to rich
Dale: Hmm, 8 eh?
james: anyways, point being, is that it looksl like i'll be able to have a 1.5 mb line brought in to my place which will allow me to
james: provide for 50 subscribers (if i want to keep speeds decent) using wireless ethernet.
Dale: Ron, I don't know if your community is on the top of the list, but maybe.
rich: we now have an ISP in Toronto advertising DSL at $30 a month
Guy B.: Playing with the dog here with a tennis ball. Having a blast.
MacRon: coming thing James. We've had some tests done here with remote BC Communities....wired up every household in town
Dale: At least that way, you'd always be online.
Dale: Of course that doesn't keep the browser from crashing, I guess.
MacRon: then fed down signal from two or three satellite feeds located strategically
james: yup! i'm getting very excited. if i can get 50 people paying $60 per month (reasonable around here for flat rate high speed access)
james: i'll break even. anything above that is pocket lining :D
james: my 1.5 mb connection would be about $3100 per month.
MacRon: suppose you'll have to jump through regulatory hoops eh?
rich: sorry james. is that wireless you said?
james: yeah, wireless ethernet. since it's class b, you don't need a radio licence to operate apparently.
james: even in japan..
MacRon: hmmm interesting
rich: we have something similar, both internet and tv
james: yup. no fuss, no muss. no ntt. still checking into things of course. since there's *no* infrastructure here, it's the way to go.
rich: the upload speed is around 56K max but download is very fast
james: well, i'd be able to provide speeds of about 10-20k/s on downloads depending how many people are actually downloading at the time.
MacRon: geez....fash eh?
rich: sounds a bit on teh capital-intensive side
MacRon: alls I get through the tin can and string is 3 to 5 k
james: compared with the 2.0k/s i get now, plus no dial up charges.
james: start up would be a little pricey. i figure a client site would be about $700 to get going. since there's a big mountain in
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james: the middle of the town, i may need a repeater antenna.
changed username to Pamela C.
MacRon: I see a Pamela
rich: hi Pam, how was the tv?
Dale: Hi Pam.
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Pamela C.: Great, I feel fulfilled now
Pamela C.: Hi, all
james: hey pam :)
rich: did you get my email and check out that StarTrek site yet?
Pamela C.: Now all I need to do is get the VCR fixed and I can get here earlier
rich: wanna borrow the family Beta? I still have some tapes
Guy B.: Beta??
Pamela C.: Haven't gotten e-mail all week Dad. Russell is on midnights and logging on without waking him up is difficult
Pamela C.: Beta, Guy. Don't ask
rich: OK, I sent you a link you ought to like
Guy B.: I won't
Pamela C.: Thanks
james: my parents still have an old beta in the basement. weighs a tonne.
james: you a star trek fan, pam?
rich: I retired ours so I could swap tapes with Pam
Guy B.: I know someone who had one and put a tape in and it never ejected.
Pamela C.: Very much so. Original series, Next Gen and Voyageur. Not so much DS9 though. Too stationary.
rich: sounds more like VHS than Beta behaviour
james: i've got all the original series here, and maybe in a year from now, i'll order the next gen on dvd.
Pamela C.: I have one VCR eating tapes, and one that won't record. What a pain.
Pamela C.: We have the entire Next Gen on tape, Russell insisted on taping every episode.
james: i think when recordable dvd comes down in price, it will spell the death of vhs.
Pamela C.: Absolutely. However, in the meantime, it means a trip tothe repair shop this weekend.
rich: yes, it should be the ultimate key to convergence
rich: going to that one on Marlee, Pam?
Guy B.: I went to Walmart here since they had vcr's on sale. DVD players were on sale for $89 US and the line was sooo long. All I heard was people saying DVD, DVD. Shear Chaos.
james: having worked in a video store for 6 years, i'm no big fan of the vhs format.
Pamela C.: Possibly, or maybe to the Sears repair centre on Rexdale. I hear they can work wonders.
Pamela C.: Is that overload James?
rich: no, basically it was juast a way of getting around Sony's patents - and greed
Guy B.: Look what happen James. Beta died within 2 years after VHS came out.
MacRon: guess I'll have to re-do my AirFarce tapes
rich: yes, Sony had it overpriced and wouldn't budge
(Guy B. laughs heartily)
james: well any media as mechanically involved as a cassette is a pain in the ass.
rich: it was the superior format but they wouldn't put in the extended recording time capability
Pamela C.: on DVD Ron? How many years worth?
james: beta was a much better format.
MacRon: radio and TV, since about 1989
MacRon: not all of them, but enough of a cross section
james: if you're willing to shell out the yen, you can get a *new* beta player here.
james: sony, of course.
rich: yes, I've heard they are still available in Europe, too
MacRon: really!
Guy B.: Wait till 2006. Were suppose to have Hi Definition TV by then.
Pamela C.: Wow. That's quite a collection. That's how my romance with my husband started, at a taping of the Air Farce radio show in '87
MacRon: I am always 5 years behind
rich: I just want a DVD RW at a price I can afford
james: i'm still not holding my breath on *cable* tv guy let alone hi def tv..
MacRon: I wish they'd stayed on radio
james: want me to price a couple of beta players for you ron?
Pamela C.: Sometimes I do too, but some of the TV spots are hilarious
MacRon: thanks, but no thanks James
MacRon: :)
james: okay :)
rich: you casn always get them at the local garage sale, Ron
james: much cheaper too, i bet.
Pamela C.: Or borrow Dads.
rich: sort of like trying to find an Adam
MacRon: probably...or the Sally Ann
MacRon: Speaking of which, James I found another unopened box of 5-1/4 inch floppies at the Sally Ann yesterday
rich: I gahter by teh way no one wants an Adam free for the shipping
MacRon: this time I will insure them
MacRon: you're right, that makes them traceable
james: post office. how the hell do they lose packages anyways?
rich: long experience, james
Pamela C.: Where do they lose them to?
james: i mean seriously, does some guy just "misplace" it somewhere?
MacRon: Rich, I'd love one, but now I have my trusty used consignee store guy offering me 486's for same price
MacRon: It would be nice to know James
james: i'm talking with don and waiting for his e-mail reply, so that might be my shipping budget for this month.
rich: I'm not surprised; 486s ae pretty much sub-minimal these days
Pamela C.: I guess this is where the great void of disappearance kicks in - the post office, dryers, desk drawers . .
Guy B.: Speaking of 486. Does anyone want an old Packard Bell 486. I will leave the hard drive in it.
MacRon: I could run a trace from here, but that sort of thing has not been successful before
james: no point. it's probably in borneo for all we know..
MacRon: If I don't want 'em, then NOBODY wants 'em
Guy B.: Capable of running Adamserve.
MacRon: somewhere between here and Japan there is a brand new box of disks
Pamela C.: Do they float?
rich: maybe they put them on one of those tramp steamers
MacRon: Actually I'm running ADAMserve on a 386
james: there's lots of beta stuff on e-bay ron. people selling new boxes of tapes etc..
rich: the manifest says Vancouver-Tokyo - via Halifx, Amsterdam, Haifa, ...
MacRon: it has a 5-1/4 inch floppy as Drive A....good for PC2ADAM as well
Guy B.: I've moved Adamserve to the P133 from the 486.
Meeka left chat session
MacRon: ;) right Rich
james: in any case, i could put some low density disk to good use, ron.
rich: in fact it used to happen, don't know if it still does
MacRon: some dude of a customs officer opened the pkg and went....gee,,, what's this?
rich: but judging by the way Canada Post operates, it still does
MacRon: ok...will get em on their way
james: probably thought they contained terrorist secrets or something.
MacRon: yup
Pamela C.: I wonder why Canada Post objects to the term "snail mail"?
rich: it insults their pet snails
Pamela C.: lol, Dad
MacRon: better watch my tongue. I'm about to deliver 640 pieces to them tomorrow
MacRon: FSNA newsletter
Pamela C.: Of what???
Pamela C.: Oh
rich: great heavens, Ron, what for?
james: fsna?
MacRon: something called publications mail
MacRon: we do all the work, sort em by postal code and we get a nickel a piece off
MacRon: Federal Superannuates National aren't you sorry you asked?
rich: provided you deliver them to the sortation plant
MacRon: exactly....which is no big deal here
Pamela C.: I think Dad just invented a new word
MacRon: nope..that's right out of their material on publications mail
rich: nope, only do that when the DOSbox crashes
Pamela C.: ah, the new lexicon
Pamela C.: Here's one for you: adminion
rich: asdvanced bureaucratic mandarin - governments have been writing it for decades
MacRon: James, we're a group of retired federal public servants...RCMP, Canadian Forces members.....organized to make ouselves suitably obnoxious
james: :D
Pamela C.: :))
rich: say try to, Ron - the government is deaf
MacRon: our branch here in Comox land has 1000 members
MacRon: yeah..
MacRon: did yo see how they appropriated our pension surplus?
rich: no, but I can guess - all to them, nothing to you
MacRon: pretty much
MacRon: with the message , "trust us, we have your interests at heart"
rich: I'm still trying to figure out how our teachers pension plan kept Mike Hrris' grubby paws out of the pot
james: which is why i hated paying into the cpp every pay cheque. like anyone my age would ever see anything.
Pamela C.: Thank goodness for RRSP's
MacRon: Well, basically right at the moment, current payouts to all retired federal types uses only a fraction of the interest generated
rich: I believe they found some kind of fiddle - made him think he was scooping something
MacRon: by a 'phantom pension account'
MacRon: the surplus is massive.... although I'm not quite sure how they know
rich: acturarial estimating is an arcane art
MacRon: that's a point James. Most of the people in your age category feel similarly
rich: how come you pay cpp living in Japan?
james: the general opinion of my generation is that "we're more likely to see a ufo within our lifetime than a pension cheque with our name on it"..
MacRon: Anyway... as long as my pittance continues to come
james: i don't, rich :)
Pamela C.: absolutely. I don't have any faith that 30 years from now when I retire that there will be any of my money left either.
rich: oh, you were speaking allegorically
james: well, i was paying into it, up until when i left.
rich: well, Pam, trusdt evryone but always cut teh cards
Pamela C.: Can I palm a few?
rich: it may be prudent
MacRon: Did you guys see those messages this morning from a couple of fellas in Victoria?
MacRon: ADAM interested
james: i'm going to manage my retirement myself and proceed on the assumption that there will be nothing for me from the government.
rich: yes, looks like maybe we can get some new recruits
MacRon: VISA will rise AGAIN!
james: yeah, i gave the guy your e-mail ron and invited him to join us on the chat.
rich: hear, hear!!!
MacRon: Vancouver Island Senior ADAMphiles
Pamela C.: What about us Juniors?
MacRon: although these young gents didn't sound to Senior
james: you still with us dale?
rich: you can always ask Dale about joining MTAG
Pamela C.: I know, doesn't fit into the acronym, right?
MacRon: Actually Pam, that was the name of the ADAM group out here. Think it was so called because everyone was a senior
MacRon: we have a lot of seniors here
Pamela C.: I plan to be one someday, does that help?
MacRon: I'm a card carrying member
MacRon: not that I contribute a hell of a lot
james: if he could just remember where he left his card..
rich: I'll put in a good word for you
Pamela C.: Never leave home without your VISA - or is that AMEX?
MacRon: paid up even, although Ena has net to cash my cheque
MacRon: well that wasn't all. David Cobley.... president and founder of VISA, called his newsletter the VISA ADVISA
MacRon: and a fine newsletter it was
Pamela C.: oh, thats awful
Dale: It turns out that MTAG is officially listed as "Senior's Computer Club" (which avoids the space fees).
MacRon: sometimes Dale there are advantages to having grey hair
Dale: I guess that at 29 I'm the youngest senior I know.
MacRon: :)
rich: it's qworking in the softwware business that does it, Dale
MacRon: just stumble and mumble a bit
Pamela C.: you're just a pup - just ask us 35 year olds
Dale: I'm only half paying attention. I just got a ZIP drive for and I was playing with it.
rich: which size Zip?
Dale: So far the other ZIP drive in the Adam has only gotten as far as ejecting the disk on command. I haven't managed to read files or write them so far.
MacRon: It's a start
MacRon: Dale
rich: are you using a serial, parallel or IDE interface?
MacRon: what kind of connection does it require?
MacRon: (great minds0
Pamela C.: Better than the VCR, Dale
james: fools seldom differ..
Dale: The ZIP for is a 250Meg parallel port one.
rich: so really what you have to do is write a driver
MacRon: aha
rich: or are you having to modify the BIOS?
Dale: The one for the Adam is the internal 100Meg ATAPI one. (ie IDE)
MacRon: a veritable cornucopia of storage space
MacRon: brb
Dale: So I just got the ZIP drive working under Linux while you were chatting.
rich: where do you get an IDE/ATAPI connection for an Adam?
Dale: As for the Adam one, I have some more driver code to implement. But then you should be able to run it from EOS and TDOS just like a hard disk.
Guy B.: Dale, have you tried it out yet.
MacRon: now tell me Dale, my son...
MacRon: how long would it take you to produce your Christmas Card Powerpaint screen?
Dale: An IDE connection for the Coleco Adam is available in the Slot 1 Micro Innovations low cost hard disk adaptor.
MacRon: should I stop the presses
rich: that means you have to modify the OS (BIOS) then, does it?
moved to room Meeting Place
MacRon: Sorry I changed the subject
Dale: Ron, it is done, but I have to send it to you still. :(
rich: yes, but whre do you g3et the MI adaptor?
changed username to Naevus
MacRon: can you attach it to an e-mail
MacRon: ??
rich: hey, we have a new visitor - welcome!
Pamela C.: Hi, Naevus!
MacRon: hello Naevus
Dale: Guy, I wrote a progam that seems to work for the Adam to control the ZIP drive. All I have finished so far though is the "eject disk" part.
Guy B.: There's always the eject button.
Dale: So you see I need to implement Read and Write and Identify still.
Naevus: Uh. Hi people. I recently dug out my old ADAM and was thinking renewing my hobby
james: you've come to the right place :)
Dale: If I finish those, then it is a simple matter to patch TDOS and the EOS Harddisk menu programs.
MacRon: good....welcome to our group
rich: Good for you, Naevus. Tell us about yourself
Dale: Hi Naevus
rich: rich, Pam, and Dale are in Toronto
james: test
Pamela C.: still here, James
james left chat session
rich: Ron is in Comox, james is in Japan
MacRon: James is in Japan
Pamela C.: or not
Guy B.: Hi Naevus
Dale: Ron, see if I can get it to you tonight. If not, don't worry.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to james
james: test
Pamela C.: back now, James
rich: you're here, James
Dale: Rich, you can get an MI adaptor from Bob Slopsema. He has a spare one.
james: i blame ntt.
MacRon: give it a try Dale..... I can change it into one of the existing screens....included a couple of blanks
james: not any more :)
Pamela C.: You always blame NTT
MacRon: would rather have yours. I know Bob hasn't even looked at it yet
james: i like blaming ntt
Dale: I'm trying (as I have been for two years now) to get a new run of the boards done.
Guy B.: Well, guys I'm going to go. See you all next week.
Dale: It has been slow progress.
james: buy guy
Pamela C.: G'night Guy
rich: OK Guy, our best to all in Chicago
rich: see you next week
MacRon: Go straight home Guy. No stopping at the bar getting drunk
Pamela C.: Nice to have a fall guy for everything, right James? That's no fun, Ron
rich: Dale, who would you expect to build them?
Guy B.: Ron, you know I don't drink. Bye now.
Dale: Bye Guy.
Guy B. left chat session
MacRon: :)
james: so naevus, where are you from?
james: ntt is as good a fall guy as any.
Pamela C.: You could always blame Netscape for a change of pace
Dale: I would expect that I could scrounge someone to assemble them if I sold them.
james: i did that already today :D
Pamela C.: Oh.
MacRon: Count me in Dale
Dale: It is getting the board produced that is the toughie (assuming the components are available).
Naevus: I am a 28 year old electrical engineering student at the University of Victoria in BC, Canda. I bought my 1st ADAM for $50 when I was in grade 10, and used it to do my school work. I really haven't used it in years, but am feeling nostalgic. I was thinking of collecting all the ADAM stuff and setting it up. My son/daughter (?) (I'll know in 7 months) would think it's cool (I hope ;-)
rich: are you free to use Mark's design?
Dale: I have permission to make them, I guess I could take my existing board apart, and use that as the master.
MacRon: you sent a message this morning Naevus.... to the group list?
james: are you the one i sent e-mail telling you about ron?
Pamela C.: Wow, yet another Canadian. That's great.
rich: OK, you had a note on the mailing list today
MacRon: You'll fit right in here...
Naevus: Yeah my real name is Craig. I was the one that was aking 'bout ADAMserve
rich: there are no few folks in your age and interest group in the Adam community
MacRon: good
MacRon: glad you could make it here
rich: Dale is 29 and running his own software company - he's a Waterloo grad
Pamela C.: bring your funny bone and your tech knowledge
rich: on the list, you'll see Geoff Oltmans is sort of your opposite number in Alabama
james: i'll be right back - time to nuke something for lunch..
MacRon: as long as you agree to feed us too James
Pamela C.: What's for lunch?
MacRon: lunch time in Japan
MacRon: on Thursday
Naevus: your own company. Ugh......I feel dumb. I'm only starting my degree so I won't be done for another 3 years.
rich: in Japan, you don't want to know, Pam
Dale: The this is that I'd need to have an electronic design to send to a production company. I guess I could consult with George K about where he did the serial boards.
rich: especially since his father in law is a seafood merchant
Pamela C.: too true, Dad
Dale: Welcome Naevus. We are all interested in the Adam on some level or another.
rich: and even though we have other computers we still use our Adams for various tasks
Dale: Well, I still like the simplicity and responsiveness of the Adam, esp with a hard drive.
MacRon: Will have to give you a bit of a briefing on the activity that's been goin on Naevus....unless you're
rich: Ron sort of has a personal computer museum in his basement
Pamela C.: And you don't Dad?
MacRon: familiar with the ADAM club that used to operate in Victoria....last meeting was in 1995
james: lunch today is fried chicken :)
rich: what I have doesn't compare to Ron's 26 differnt makes up and running
MacRon: ya
Pamela C.: Sounds good, James. Will you share? Just e-mail it
james: i'd scan it but that tends to get messy.
MacRon: fax me a leg
james: :) i've always been a breast man..
Naevus: Years ago I was in contact with.....I belive his name was David Colby? from Nanimo who into the ADAM
rich: just the Adam, TI99, Vic20, Amiga 500, 2000, 3000, 386, 486 and oh yes, XT
MacRon: yup David Cobley in Qualicum Beach
Naevus: Yup that's him
Pamela C.: I'm ignoring you james
MacRon: he used to run a group called the Vancouver Island Senior ADAMphiles. They
james: i thought you might be :)
Pamela C.: : )
MacRon: held monthly meetings alternating each month between Qualicum and Victoria
james: my wife is not pregnant again so we're going to try again next month.
Naevus: I 've never actually met him. just letters
MacRon: right
james: she was disappointed but it's still quite early in the game as i've told her.
Pamela C.: The waiting is killing you, I'm sure. I know how difficult it can be to be disappointed month after month
MacRon: he's not an ADAM owner any more. He actually donated his last unit to me
MacRon: and it went to ADAMCON 11 in Seattle
Naevus: Can any one tell me how this Adamserve works. I couldn't find much info on it anywhere
james: my preference is to have kids while i'm still young.
Pamela C.: My best friend just went through the same thing, James. However, they now have good news.
MacRon: it's a program Naevus that runs on whatever IBM you have around. that allows the aDAM
Naevus: Mine was a total supprise. I'm not ready to have a kid
MacRon: to access a hard drive in the IBM and whatever floppies are there and the printer attached to the IBM
Pamela C.: Are you working at all, Craig?
MacRon: so if you can find an old XT, you can have a hard drive for your ADAM
james: it's harder on my wife because everyone once in awhile a prospective grandparent will slip something out and she'll
james: feel 'pressured'
rich: how big a hard drive will the XT support?
Naevus: Just a yes. I work ~85 hours a week ;-)
Pamela C.: I have to be thankfull my parents and in-laws have never done that
MacRon: have only 40 megs on my XT here.... I'm actually using ADAMserv on the 386 which has 200 meg
james: they don't mean too, it just comes out sometimes.
james: i hear the microwave beeping. brb.
Naevus: Where do I get Adamserve, do I need a card for the ADAM?
MacRon: but for actual useage with ADAMserve, you're limited to an 'envelope' of disk space that is 10 meg.
MacRon: You can have as many of those 10 meg places as you have space for
MacRon: yes.... you need a serial card for ADAM ....... any left Rich?
Pamela C.: And people don't think that students are productive
rich: yes, some dual serial and an MIB2 and MIB3
MacRon: there ya go
rich: although have to check the MIB3 - james has dibs on one
Dale: So how much would it cost him to BC then Rich?
MacRon: Naevus, you should be aware that Rich runs ADAM Services and supplies us with what we need
Naevus: Do you have a web site and where do you get stock?
james: you'll want to avoid a certain outfit in pearland texas.
MacRon: He's our last standing ADAM supplier
MacRon: in Canada
rich: no website Craig - hold on while I check stock and price
Dale: I recommend MIB2 unless you plan to get an internal hard disk later.
MacRon: I'll let Rich answer that one
MacRon: There are also hard drives available for ADAM ..... up to 40 meg (which for ADAM is lots)
rich: my email is:
MacRon: IDE and MFm
Dale: The MIB2 and MIB3 both provide 2 serial and 1 parallel port.
Naevus: you were saying I can print from the XT? ( my printing stopped working last I checked)
Dale: The MIB3 also has a boot ROM slot that is especially useful if you have a hard disk that you want to auto boot.
rich: I have three dual serial cards left - they are $59.95 plus postage, GST included, no PST
MacRon: I've never actually done it, but yes, you're supposed to be able to access IBM's COM-1 from ADAM
rich: the MIB2 is 79.95 and MIB3 89.95 ditto ditto
Dale: The parallel port is great for attaching just about any non-USB printer.
rich: I have 4 MIB3s and one old MIB2
MacRon: Naevus, do you have an ADAM floppy drive now?
Dale: Where does he get stock? Well, the truth is more like he simply has stock.
Naevus: Do you have catalog or do I just email you for what I need? (I can't buy anything right now :-(
rich: the MIB3 draws power from its slot but the 2 has a connector like the old roller controller setup
Dale: Lucky for you that demand hasn't outstriped the supply.
Pamela C.: he gets his stock from the morgue in the basement, Dale
MacRon: is the actual ADAMserve software public domain?
Naevus: No. I only have the basic ADAM with a bunch of games and a few software
Dale: Pam, that's what I said. He simply has stock.
rich: no catalogue but can send you a stock list - I think I have your address from the mailing list posting
MacRon: ok so tape drives only right?
Naevus: yup. I hate them. I remember going to make lunch while my files were saving!
Dale: To get files new files in, you need either get us to make tapes, get a floppy drive, or some sort of serial port.
james: dale - was it you that said you have permission to reproduce mel ostler's hacker's helper series?
Dale: Yup. But Mel never found the original disks. Why?
Naevus: That would great. Thank you. Just in case. it's (diff from the mail-list)
rich: I have the series and ccan make copies if Mel gives permission
Dale: Classic titles such as "Learning to write with Adam", etc.
rich: Craig, got it. Watch your mail
MacRon: that's Lindholm with a capital L?
Naevus: yup
MacRon: noted
james: okay rich - i haven't had much luck finding mel.
james: i'm sure he's out there somewhere though.
MacRon: Have all sorts of software here.....we'll have to see what we can do about getting together
rich: well, if Dale can arrange permission, that's all we need
Dale: Is there a particular title you're looking for?
Naevus: why do I need you to make me tapes?
james: dale - basically whatever i don't have, is what i want.
MacRon: so you can boot the serial connect ion required from the ADAM end
Dale: To get all of the latest Adam software of course
MacRon: and that too
james: i have what rich sent me, i forget the title.
Dale: James, is there a list of what you want on your web site?
james: naevus, want a hello kitty adam tape?
rich: I have the others in my personal collection, they just aren't for sale
james: dale - still need your postal address.
james: understandable rich :) must find mel..
Dale: Soon. Really. I'm going to send the gerrting card picture first though.
MacRon: and James....while we're at it...... your postal address again pls
rich: dale, have you any idea whre to find Mel Ostler?
Naevus: whow. You are going to fast for me to keep up. Too much info too fast ;-)
Dale: It is in my notes somewhere, assuming my info is still current. It's been about 4 years though, so I might be burried really deep.
james: should be in your e-mail any second now ron :)
rich: that's OK, Craig, we all suffer from that all the time
MacRon: tends to be that way Naevus
Pamela C.: You can replay the chats via the web site. We all have that problem sometimes
Dale: Naevus you can maximize the chat window. That helps some.
rich: you should see what goes on at an Adamcon - I'm still trying to sort out stuff from six years ago
MacRon: if you're using a stock ADAM, there's all sorts of stuff that's been done over the years to make your life easier
Dale: Also I publish a transcript later, so you can always look up what was discussed later.
MacRon: we've had some very talented hobbyists with us
MacRon: Feel free to ask questions on the Col-ADAM list
MacRon: Somebody tell Naevus about the ADAMcons
moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
james: test
changed username to Pamela C.
changed username to Craig
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela C.: I just fell off, anyone else?
changed username to rich
Craig: too
Dale: Craig, you should read up a little about AdamCons.
james: i managed to stay on this time, despite ntt's best efforts.
Pamela C.: Congrats, James
MacRon: Nice to have a fellow west coaster aboard
rich: I was off and back
Craig: I have never actually been in a chat room before. It's kinda different
rich: but it looks like Ron's string broke
Dale: Chat is very intense.
MacRon: seriously strained
rich: this one is not like the others - Adam folks are special
Pamela C.: It defines multitasking - carrying on three convos at onc
Dale: Well, that help make up for the lag.
Craig: Wow. That was fast Ron. I just got your email. Thanks!
MacRon: at least we all seem to have hung on
rich: as you may have gathered, moast of us regulars have known each other for ten or more years
Dale: At least it is not mixed in with what I type like it was on CompuServe.
rich: we meet every year at the annual international Adam convention
MacRon: my iMac seems to like 33.6 better that 56 from here
rich: well, 56 is a bit of a myth anyway
MacRon: real good Craig. I didn't send one
Dale: Usually somewhere in the North East of US or that area of Canada.
MacRon: actually, Apple has a pretty readable explanation on their website about the whole subject
rich: Adamcon for 2001 will be in Cleveland in July
MacRon: right..... so Craig, come to Cleveland
MacRon: that's easy for me to say
MacRon: I'm retired
rich: offer him a lift when you drive, Ron
james: wonder what a round trip ticket would cost me..
MacRon: there's a though
MacRon: t
james: can you give me a lift too, ron?
Craig: Oops sorry. that was at 5 o-clock....Uh are your Ron Mitchell?
MacRon: large as life, twice as ugly
MacRon: sure James
Craig: Clevland! I can't even afford to go home to Vancouver ;-)
james: lucky for him it's not at my place.
MacRon: thought so.... you did say 'student' didn't you
Pamela C.: We'll send you carrier pigeon
rich: well, aren't those BC ferries about as expensive as a trip to Cleveland?
Craig: pretty much
MacRon: that's ok...stick with us.... I'm pretty well committed to dragging the crowd west at least one more time
MacRon: one year or another
rich: well, Howard Pines wants us in Florida in 2002
MacRon: cool
Pamela C.: I'd go to Vancouver - I miss BC
james: arg.
rich: so you'd better start thinking 2003, Ron
Pamela C.: James, it's closer that way
MacRon: whatever
Craig: I'm sorry everybody.,but I have a midterm tommorrow so I HAVE to study. Are you here next week?
Pamela C.: Without fail
MacRon: yes sir....every Wed 6 p.m. your time
james: we'll all be here.
rich: every Wednesday at 9 sharp Z(eastern), Thursday a.m. in Japan
MacRon: meantime, if you have questions, holler to the list
MacRon: my phone is (250) 339-2981
james: mine is 81-854-52-2558 :D
Pamela C.: fastest typist in the west
rich: and Craig, I'll get that list off to you tonight
MacRon: :)
Craig: It was nice talking to everbody. Thanks and I'll see you next week
james: dale - if you could get me your last contact info that you have for mel,it would be really appreciated.
MacRon: good luck with the midterm
rich: look forward tyo it, new buddy
james: by craig, good luck on the midterm.
Pamela C.: Goodnight, Craig. good luck
Craig left chat session
MacRon: I love it
MacRon: !
Pamela C.: Nice guy
MacRon: will have to see if I can get down there
rich: seems to have found something he's looking for
Dale: James, I'll see what I can find, but liek I say I have permission to reproduce the content of his books.
rich: think he'll come along well with the right encouragement
MacRon: do you have a paper copy of it Dale?
james: well, if i can get them from you legitimately, all the same.
MacRon: yup
james: i know adam house is selling them, but i'm guessing they're pirated too.
Dale: Mel wrote several, so I have at least some of them.
rich: do remember, people, I have a huge resource of Adam literature
MacRon: Have one here that Bob Stroud gave me..not sure which
rich: I have no problem doing a photocopy as long as I have Mel's OK
MacRon: That might be the challenge
Pamela C.: I can do the copying for you if you get permission, Dad
rich: yes, but as a dealer I can't afford charges of piracy
MacRon: no...that wouldn't do
Pamela C.: He just doesn't look good in prison stripes
MacRon: and we don't want him there. He's more useful to us on the outside
james: can someone point me to the emulator page? has anyone run smartlogo in the emulator?
rich: or wrose, I might get a reputation like - uh, someone we won't mention
Dale: I run SmartLOGO well in the emulator.
MacRon: yes James. if you don't mind a 1.4 meg file transfer, I can send you a virtual LOGO disk
MacRon: but you'll need the emulator which is....which is
james: sure. i've downloaded larger pictures..
Dale: Ron, you can always ZIP it. It zips well.
MacRon: is that right?
rich: ye[p
rich: or is it komkon?
MacRon: oh ok hadn't thought of that
Dale: I always check my pointers page (
rich: i've forgotten
james: i just tried - it's two k's, no c.
Dale: but that's just me. ;-)
MacRon: I do it every time
MacRon: now James...there's a bunch of stuff you need to download there.... the ADAMEM PROGRAM and the utilities for startes
rich: but they are very small files, Ron
MacRon: yep, not big at all
rich: especially if you just download the binaries and not the stuff for Linux
MacRon: almost instantaneous
james: i'm loooking now - adamem 1.0, is that the one everyone is using?
Dale: That is the latest and greatest.
rich: the whole works will fit on a 1.44 floppy with space to burn
MacRon: there's a later one is there not?
Dale: The old version was called 0.9 or something.
MacRon: ok
MacRon: i stand corrected
Dale: I was sort of suprised too, since I'd used the pre-1.0 version for so long.
james: okay, i've got the msdos binary coming down now.
MacRon: even as we speak
rich: we won't mention whre the ROM images for teh games are
MacRon: Warning James....there's a learning curve
MacRon: but it ain't that difficult
james: all kinds of stuff there.
MacRon: neat eh?
james: i've got game roms. for evaluation purposes.
rich: but it's kind of neat playing Zaxxon on your DOSbox (gotta get me a joystick!)
Pamela C.: Christmas is coming, Dad
MacRon: (hint hint)
Pamela C.: Well, he's kinda difficult to buy for
MacRon: I imagine so
MacRon: The man who has everything
rich: oh, I don't know, a nice bottle of shirazx....
Pamela C.: picky, to boot
Pamela C.: see?
MacRon: What I really like with the joystick Rich, is you can also use it with PowerPaint
rich: well, it's cheaper than icewine
Pamela C.: lemme write that down - damn pen (to quote James)
rich: well, I still haven't quite learned how to use the emulator, though I have it installed
MacRon: I'm still not sure I'm using all of it
james: okay, i've got the msdos binary, docs and dcopy.
rich: anyway, one of these years...
Pamela C.: you keep saying that
rich: maybe we'll even get Pamela to put it on her machine some day
rich: but Russell would love playing the old classic arcade games
Pamela C.: That's what I'm afraid of!
MacRon: you'll also need the CWSDPMI.EXE
MacRon: it's a zip CWSDPMI.ZIP\
MacRon: without the \
MacRon: and PP2BMP.EXE
MacRon: what's that one do Dale....CWSDPMI... I know ADAMem won't run without it
rich: wonder if I have those - are they in the posted package?
MacRon: it 's a server of some type
rich: does it run any better under Linux, if I ever get that installed?
james: okay, i was able to run the emulator, minus sound.
Dale: You only need the CWSDPMI if you are running pre-Windows 95 I think.
MacRon: ok right
rich: what's the front end for Win95 then, Dale?
MacRon: ok James, now read the docs....there are some switches there, and sound is one of them
Dale: It is an extended/expanded memory manager. For sure you don't need it for NT or OS/2
MacRon: can't quite recall, but there's a setup of params for the sound ... or type of sound card
Dale: AdamEmMam (written in Visual Basic).
james: okay, now that i have the emulator, can you send me the smartlogo tape ron?
rich: sheesh, I can't even seem to get that set up for DOS
MacRon: yessir...right away
james: thanks :)
Pamela C.: are you making a list of things to send, Ron?
MacRon: just gonna do the LOGO for now
james: sounds good.
rich: ooops - just took a look at the time
rich: still got some side stuff to do - time to bow out
Pamela C.: Me too. Some of us are still working for a living
MacRon: brb
rich: right, and morning comes early - and dark
MacRon: Yeah, I'm gonna have to sever the connection here anyway to send James the file
Dale: There are some essential disk image files in under "disk images". It is a zip file that includes TDOS.
rich: so shutting down now, folks - see you next week
MacRon: so ....hang on James....should be about 10 min or so
Pamela C.: I'm gonna head out. Too early. I think I'm a night person when I get enough sleep
MacRon: niters
james: bye rich!
rich: goodnight all
Pamela C.: nite, all - Dad, i will try and get over there on the weekend
james: bye pam :)
rich: OK Pam
Dale: If you're all leaving, then goodnight all.
rich left chat session
james: thanks ron.
james: bye dale!
Pamela C.: Bye to all - to quote Ron, poof!
Pamela C. left chat session
james: jeesh, when people go, they really go.
Dale: James, also look for other interesting files to download on
MacRon: James, the disk is a single sided three and a half disk image , 737280 bytes, it's going to ZIP to 65035
james: thanks dale
james: wow. nice and small.
MacRon: I'll just do a quick readme file that will give you the syntax to fire it up
MacRon: You wanna come back here in about 20 minutes?
MacRon: tell me if it worked?
james: sure, or i can stay on and talk to dale if he's sticking around.
MacRon: ok....I go....but I'll be back
james: okay :)
MacRon left chat session
james: the emulator runs *really* slow in win98. should i boot into dos mode to run it?
Dale: What type of system?
james: p3-500..
Dale: IF you hit Alt+Enter to should go full screen.
Dale: Unless it is Ctrl+Home.
james: it was full screen. just *very* slow.
Dale: Nope, jsut the keys for fukk screen are eniough then.
james: hmm.. wonder why it would be so slow then.
Dale: It should be perfect on anything faster than a P60.
james: weird. it also tells me it sees my soundcard no problem but then no sound comes out.
Dale: It is very good on my P75 laptop.
Dale: Hmmm could be a sound configuration problem.
james: maybe i'll just try it in dos mode to see if i get better results.
Dale: Make sure that you either have sound disabled (-nosound if I remember correctly)
Dale: or adjust your settings.
james: hmm.. okay.
james: be back shortly.
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Ron: back
Ron: I'm my own worst enemy
Ron: created the zip file, then couldn't find it
Ron: He should have it now
Dale: Hi
Ron: aha....
Dale: James went off to play with settings.
Ron: late where you are..... are we keeping you up
Ron: right.... he should have the file by now
Dale: On his P-500 the Em was slow.
Ron: really?
Ron: my P200 does a pretty realistic job
Dale: Also sound wasn't working, so that may be related.
Ron: seems to me there's some parameters you can tweak
Ron: yup
Dale: PIII too!
Ron: seems to me I had that on the old 486 dx4/120.... no sound...then all of a sudden there it was
Ron: Need to try the linux version. Downloaded it some time ago
Dale: The Linux version works well.
Ron: have Mandrake 7.2
Dale: Getting the sound to work on Linux in general is a little more work usually.
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Ron: it's the only implementation that would see all my legacy net cards
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Dale: Mandrake is good at automatically setting that kind of thing up though.
james: hi ron :)
Ron: how did it go James/
james: i've got the file. my emulator runs *much* better when i boot from a dos floppy. will have to remember how to load my sound card dos drivers.
Ron: :) been a while eh>
Ron: ?
Ron: have much to learn with Linux.... have some local expertise, but I've yet to pick their brains
james: sorry for the delay - thanks for the file and instructions. i'll try it out after i log off.
Dale: Linux can be very productive.
Ron: ok so it got there ok
Ron: let me know how you make out
Dale: But it tends to take a little longer to get started.
Ron: well that's the thing Dale, I've got all the books and material I's just a case of getting to it
james: thanks. i don't remember how to set up dos drivers for my sound card. set blaster= something or other..
Ron: Find I'll fire up Linux to do the things I would normally do in Windows, but that really doesn't teach me anything
james: test
Dale: Well I guess I'm sold on the network is the computer.
Dale: I usually have several different machines participating on my screen at once.
Dale: I'm typing on my laptop, have Netscape in a window that is actually running from my desktop, and I'm doing backups in another window that is actually on the firewall.
Dale: The remote control aspects really appeals to me.
Dale: I can also securely gat at my files from work.
Dale: It is something that just isn't easy under Windows. Or it is also often slow.
Dale: James, where did Ron go?
Dale: Well, I guess it's time to hang up the cleats for the night.
Dale: Poof!
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james: he's back
Ron: don't have my dos settings unfortunately
james: and dale is gone
james: neither do i. i'm looking online now.
james: if i recall, it's a pretty generic setup for any sb compatible card.
Ron: I know there's something around here, I'll e-mail ya
Ron: yeah it's something like
Ron: SET BLASTER followed by 4 parameters, think they're IRQ, DMA, and and
Ron: I5 D2, whatever, whatever....
Ron: forgot
james: yeah, i remembered that much, just what numbers i need to fill in is what i don't.
Ron: You can find out what you're windows setup is using, and try them
james: hadn't thought of that. maybe i'll check.
Ron: Think the MIDI DMA is another parameter
Ron: and that's two numbers in/out
Ron: but damned if I can remember the format
Ron: Anyway, II'll have a look here....check your mail in about 1/2 hour
Ron: I'm gonna go now
james: okay, thanks for your help and looking forward to the mm christmas card.
Ron: later James g'nite
james: later!
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kk: jkhjkhjkhjkhj
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