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james: morning pam :)
Pamela C.: Hi, James - you're early
james: i've been online looking for a few things.
Pamela C.: Company, maybe?
Pamela C.: Also, did you know you
Pamela C.: re showing twice?
james: yeah. i disconnected and reconnected and now there's two of me :)
Pamela C.: Twins
james: i'm in the overdrive processor section of e-bay. i've got some computers i've been using in the classroom, and being
james: a perfectionist, i'm upgrading them a little more.
Pamela C.: The nice thing about being ignorant of the inner works is I'm happy with what I have, at least for now
james: i've got a couple of 486's that are bog slow that i should be able to get running a little faster with an overdrive processor.
james: the kids will be happy :)
Pamela C.: I think that's the nature of the beast, to be slow. I haven't used our 486 since we got the AMD whatever it is. It's an Aptiva, if that tells you anything
james: okay. a fair bit faster than a 486.
Pamela C.: Yeah, it was the Pentium III equivalent when we got it just about a year ago. it does what we need it to
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Pamela C.: That'll be Dad, I think
changed username to rich-c
james: i bet it is :D
Pamela C.: See, told ya. Hi, Dad
rich-c: right you are
rich-c: Isee james is twins
james: what can i say, i'm popular :)
Pamela C.: For the time being, until he figures out how he did it
rich-c: maybe he had a problem getting in like I did
Pamela C.: I had no problem for a change
rich-c: wasn't the server's fault; Zone Alarm is getting paranoid or something
Pamela C.: You're anthropomorphizing (sp?) again
rich-c: with software it isn';t hard to visualize malignancy
Pamela C.: Yeah, my computer at work has had it's days
james: speaking of malignancy, it's been a busy week on the mailing list.
rich-c: anyway, james, how's life in Japan tomorrow?
james: not too bad. busy as usual trying to get this trip together. it doesn't help when people you're trying to give money don't reply.
Pamela C.: I'll take it!!!!
rich-c: yes, you'd think they didn't want it
rich-c: but getting back to the list - it was really humming, wasn't it?
james: i've learned that doing business is easy. just listen to or read what your customers are saying.
rich-c: AMEN
james: what with that little twerp flaming herman and all.
Pamela C.: Sometimes you don't want to hear what they're saying - it gets pretty blue
rich-c: yes, yon "bekstrom" needs to do a bit of growing up, what?
james: growing up or at least getting some manners. i don't know, the first time i read what he wrote, i wouldn't have placed him
james: at any more than about an immature 14.
rich-c: ah - james is getting rid of his evil twin
james: nothing i did. server must have some kind of sweep clean process.
rich-c: yes, he sounded like a typical spoiled internet brat
Pamela C.: Who is this guy?
rich-c: he's a newbie on the list who stepped badly out of line
james: some guy that flamed herman mason, repeatedly after the point would have been left for dead by more civilized folk.
Pamela C.: Ohhh?
rich-c: a lot of us got upset when Herman sent a .bmp file around the list
rich-c: it wasn't so bad but everyone replying used "reply" and sent it round again
james: i somehow doubt ntt was all that upset..
rich-c: must have cost james half a week's earnings to download it at NNT's rates
Pamela C.: lovely.
rich-c: anyway, james and I and some others did post protests, in our usual civilized fashion
rich-c: but the twit had to go and send a personal flame to Herman
rich-c: and when Herman replied in somewhat kind put the exchange on the list - with comments
Pamela C.: You have to put some of the blame on the people who replied instead of forwarding
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Pamela C.: And who have we here?
rich-c: yes of course we do - but twit didn't
changed username to Guy B.
Pamela C.: Good evening, Guy
Guy B.: Greetings All!
james: more than that, the kid's comments were way out of line. calling herman a loser and telling him to get a life and a job.
rich-c: hello Guy, is it as cold in Chicago as it is here?
Guy B.: Yes, and we have some snow on the ground tonight.
Pamela C.: I hope someone told him to find another place to play
rich-c: we are just getting teh odd flurry, but our windchill is -25C
Pamela C.: BRRR - how's your weather, James?
rich-c: we were just discussing "bekstrom", Guy
james: it's cooler. we had frost the other night.
Pamela C.: Aw.
james: my lawn isn't looking so green any more :(
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rich-c: that's a definite improvement over rainforest conditions, right, james?
Guy B.: Oh yes, the guy who complained about the pic. I ended up adding my two cents too.
james: i can feel the sympathy emanating through the phone lines :)
Pamela C.: Just waves of the stuff
Pamela C.: How much does NTT charge for sympathy?
james: it's a little cool, say at 5 a.m. when i get up to answer nature's call and the room is a chilling 4 degrees.
Pamela C.: That's them paper walls for you
james: knowing ntt, a pint or two of blood.
Guy B.: Guess, you got the same thing we do here James.
rich-c: yes, there aer things to be said for climates that encourage central heating
james: i'll agree to that.
rich-c: see we have a lurker on the scene - watch our language, folks
Pamela C.: the mystery guest
james: jeesh these hotel people are annoying sometimes. i got fed up and sent a fax because they weren't replying to my e-mails.
Pamela C.: No one knows how to run the e-mail system. It's there for decoration
rich-c: is my fear justified that these are Canadian hotels giving you the hard time?
james: then, i get a "quote". $105x4 rooms = $420 (fine up to that point) but then: + 5%pst and 7% gst, total=$550.
Pamela C.: Where are you trying to book?
james: less observant people might have said "okay" but i saw that gross miscalculation right away.
rich-c: that seems to be teh Harris standard of mathematical competence these days
james: ottawa. bond place hotel was giving me a hard time. i told them twice i want to *pay in advance* so i get a fax back telling
james: me they'll charge me at checkout. what is up with people these days?
james: can people not read, add and think anymore?
Pamela C.: They have other charges to add on at checkout - the phones, any room service, breathing . . . you know
rich-c: thought theBond Place was in Toronto?
Guy B.: They want to see if you make any phone calls and add it to the bill.
james: it is. sorry, i'm talking two different hotels. quality hotel in ottawa can't add and bond place hotel can't read.
rich-c: sure, but they can take a credit card deposit for that
james: exactly and we can settle any room charges at checkout.
rich-c: maybe they're afraid to give you a receipt in case they get a chance to sell the rooms at a higher price
james: anyways, i've sent them another fax and if they tell me they can't settle things in advance, it'll be their loss, not mine.
Pamela C.: Hang on to your money and earn some interest on it - the jokes on them
rich-c: right. that sort of conduct is grounds for suspicions as to their motives
james: i want to get stuff settled all in advance so members of my group can pay me before we go. don't want the kids hanging on to
james: any more money than they have to and i don't want to be bothered with settling things after the trip.
Guy B.: You can always take your business elsewhere. There should be some places that can accomodate your needs.
Pamela C.: Most hotels will only take a deposit these days, and only by credit card
james: well, montreal had no problem and if calgary ever gets back to me, i'm not expecting a problem there either.
rich-c: most places will guarantee accomodation and rates - if one is too small, there are others competent
james: their computers may be down as i got a virus in an e-mail from them..
Pamela C.: You might try a travel agent for booking - they can find some really good deals
Pamela C.: Or try - I hear good things about them
rich-c: that's so in North Americca, Pam, but not necessarily in Japan
james: well, i'm almost done now.
james: wonder who our lurker is.
Pamela C.: You can use a travel agent in N.A from there
rich-c: maybe it's your evil twin under a pseudonym
rich-c: anyway, all the tour companuies can make prepaid arrangements, what's their problem with you?
james: come out, come out whoever you are..
Pamela C.: Some people choose to remain anonymous
Guy B.: Make your presence known.
james: i'm doing everything myself. i'm not using a tour company.
rich-c: frequently for good reason
rich-c: yes, but if they can do it for them, they can do it for you
james: i hate japanese tour companies.
rich-c: see expedia, above
Pamela C.: yes
james: oh well, on to other things. did frances ever find those logo programs rich?
Pamela C.: I just got a magazine with some really good tips about booking business travel - some of them would apply to your circumstances too, and they recommend the above
rich-c: maybe Japanese tour companies are like the ones here - they think everyone is rolling in wealth
Guy B.: Anyone know if AMD Duron are good processors? I'm considering a barebones computer that will take an AMD Duron processor.
rich-c: Frances says no but it's on her to-do list
james: that's one complaint. they want something absurd like $3000 us for an 8 day tour of canada. doing it myself for less than half that.
Pamela C.: I would take AMD over Intel
rich-c: I have an older AMD processor and am happy with it, and Pam also has one
james: the flexibility is another option. i don't need some stupid tour guide touring me aruond my own damn country and having everyone
james: follow her like a stupid kindergarten class or cadet review.
Guy B.: My sister's Compac is an AMD. I was pretty impressed with the speed.
rich-c: The reports I am seeing say dollar for dollar the Duron and Athlon are better buys than Intel
Pamela C.: James, I just had a vision of everyone in an apron and crayons
james: you're not far off pam. i had the misery of being part of a japanese tour. never again.
rich-c: Guy, there are some extra advantages with the new AMD processors
Pamela C.: The Japanese certainly seem to like it
james: yes, the japanese are far too complacent for their own good.
rich-c: there aer a number of new motherboards with VIA chipsets for them
james: such is my opinion.
Pamela C.: I shall take your word for it, given your expertise
rich-c: they offer 200mhz FSB speeds and ATA100 and 133+ SDRAM
Guy B.: That's convincing enough Rich. I'll be getting the case with nearly everything installed. The guy told me the sound is built in. All I need is memory, processor, hard drive and video. I'll be getting a 52X Cd-rom, floppy and a 56K Modem.
james: one reason things are so expensive in japan is consumer complacency. they simply have no idea what things *should* cost
james: and nor do they seem inclined to bother. though this is changing slowly.
rich-c: Be very careful about teh motherboard, Guy. Integrated may not be the most advantageous way to go
Pamela C.: What is the cost of living relative to North America? Are wages decent?
Guy B.: That's why I ask alot of questions first.
rich-c: you end up saving $65 on the board but losing all flexibility towards upgrading
Pamela C.: Guy, don't get integrated sound - you're sunk if you ever want to upgrade
james: like north america, it varies widely from region to region. wages are a little higher though so are taxes. taxes are lower
james: than in canada of course.
rich-c: if you don't have good computer sources in Chicago, the
Guy B.: Well, there is a soundboard already installed.
rich-c: one of their columnists was quite thorough in talking about AMD vs Intel chips recently
Pamela C.: Taxes are lower than here just about everywhere else in the world.
rich-c: you might also want to look at - though on AMD Myles White is the opposition
james: things would be a little cheaper if people here would just wake up a little.
james: oh yeah, don't keep your money in a japanese bank. you'll earn more on it by keeping it in a sock under your bed.
Guy B.: This computer I will buy from a local computer dealer here in the Chicago area.
Pamela C.: But that's like telling the young kids that if they don't buy the stupid fashions, they will go away. Do they listen? Of course not. Look at what the average teen is wearing these days
Pamela C.: They look ridiculous
rich-c: that's OK, white box computers are commodities
rich-c: the market in the same all over North America, Toronto is just cheaper
james: i haven't seen, though it's probably as bad here. you should see what the girls are wearing. looks really, really stupid.
Guy B.: They had a 800 and a 700 which is $20 less. Should I go for the higher speed?
Pamela C.: I wouldn't have been caught dead in that stuff when I was that age. Mind you, the fashions for us were very preppie, thank goodness
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changed username to Ronald
rich-c: you likely don't need it but for a lousy $20, why not?
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Ronald: Is there life?
rich-c: same with the hard disc - what's ten extra gigs cost these days - $15?
james: hmm, you're in your 30's right pam? so what, brown courderoys, cardigans etc..?
Pamela C.: Good evening, Ron - can I come and live with you? It's too cold here
james: at the time that is, not now..
james: hey ron :)
Guy B.: It would give me breathing room for awhile.
Ronald: Umm..... you might not like it here so much right now
rich-c: hi Ron, I did see you come in
rich-c: growing webbed feet again?
Ronald: No.....cccccold....and ffffrost
Pamela C.: I'm 35 James, and the look was pressed jeans, polo shirts, pullovers, button down shirts and in the summer, crisp shorts with cuffs
Ronald: well....our version of cold....a degree or so above freezing
Pamela C.: Try minus 25 with windchill, Ron - please reconsider
rich-c: we're snowflurries and -25C windchill
Ronald: yes, I see. really no need to whine out here then
Pamela C.: Would you like some chees with that?
Guy B.: Here I'll be turning 43 next Saturday and finally lost 10 pounds, but I'll show it better once I lose another 10 pounds.
rich-c: unless you're getting that 100-year rainfall - for that, you're on the flood plain, Cobley tells me
Ronald: In two weeks we go to Edmonton for some first hand experience
james: that's not too bad. the fashion here is bad colour (orange with pink and green), really dangerously high platform shoes and
james: make-up that looks more appropriate for the circus.
rich-c: sounds like the local scene here
Pamela C.: How about hipster pants with wide legs, platforms to break ankles on, tops that are three sizes too small and the same makeup
rich-c: by the way, did you-all know Buffalo is vanishing agagin?
james: buried?
Pamela C.: Maybe we should send our Army
Ronald: Better get Doug Flutie north
rich-c: had to cancel teh hockey game tonight 'cause the visiting team couldn't get in
rich-c: or maybe the Sabres couldn't get back from wherever they were last
Ronald: Think I'm gonna stop complaining
Guy B.: Buffalo always gets walloped.
Pamela C.: Guy, does it take 43 years to lose 10 pounds? Cos if so then I'm in big trouble
james: heh heh :)
james: just come here for awhile pam, if you want to lose weight.
Pamela C.: there are times when I'm glad we're on this side of the lake
rich-c: naw, your old man knocked off 50+ in 60 weeks
Ronald: It took me 56 years to gain that much. And I haven't the faintest idea how long to lose it
Guy B.: No, it took 43 years to gain that. But, I fluctuate so much. The dog helps me by doing more walking. Even in this cold weather.
Pamela C.: I keep losing weight, but it keeps finding me - cliched but tru
Ronald: haven't started trying yet
james: i've lost 14 kg since i got here. that's 30lbs.
Pamela C.: I gather you do a lot of walking, James
rich-c: well, no time like the present
james: i did but i'm not sure how the rest of it melted off. probably in the sun.
Ronald: For me it is the final frontier
Pamela C.: That's the other thing, I'm gonna start measuring my weight in kilos.
Guy B.: Good James, unless the Japanese food has something to do with yours.
james: i weigh what i did in high school and i'm wearing jeans that i'd put away for "someday".
rich-c: nothing to do with all those tweenies running you ragged?
james: could be the kids. likely i'm just more physically active than i used to be, though i thought i'd compensated by eating more chocolate.
Pamela C.: Chocolate is deadly to the willpower
Ronald: My love of chocolate is heredetary
Guy B.: Boy, that's a killer there. Chocolate.
Ronald: heridetary??
Ronald: goes back in the family
rich-c: Don't even mention that word - every time I hear it I gain two pounds
Guy B.: Try carrot cake.
james: our lurker is gone.
Pamela C.: I was doing okay for a while but I tore a ligament in my foot in June and haven't been able to walk properly since - the podiatrist says very nasty things.
Ronald: ok
Ronald: I'll drink to that
Pamela C.: Carrot cake is just as bad - it's the cream cheese icing
Ronald: will you guys stop!
Pamela C.: Sorry, Ron
rich-c: no, it's the fat in the cake
Ronald: We just had a preliminary round of plumb pudding for supper
Guy B.: That's it. They give us that at work for snacks and nuts are added in addition to the frosting.
Pamela C.: Chocolate - had to be done, Ron
Ronald: Mom makes it for the family gatherings and we had to check it out for correctness
james: anyways, it's not just what you eat but when you eat it. i hear eating after exercise helps you burn it off faster.
Ronald: It was quite correct
Pamela C.: Thank goodness the holidays only come once a year - plum pudding is one of my favourites, too
Ronald: Actually, I quite like broccoli
Pamela C.: Just not for dessert, right?
rich-c: by the way Pam, any holiday schedule yet?
Guy B.: I walked before I ate tonight and I ate light and I'm pretty filled up.
Ronald: plum...right....can't spell either tonight
Ronald: must be the food
Pamela C.: fimble ningers again
Ronald: Well, I do 45 minutes of fairly brisk bendy stretchies a day
Pamela C.: Dad, did Mom not tell you Christmas dinner is here on Christmas Eve?
Ronald: makes me hungry
rich-c: I hammer the hell out of my computer keyboard
Pamela C.: Have a carrot, ron
rich-c: no - I'm always the last to hear
Ronald: and I quite like carrots.. But if I go the the fridge what am I looking for?
Pamela C.: Long, orange things with leafy tops
rich-c: grapefruita?
Ronald: it's all a matter of habit and attitude
Ronald: Oh I KNOW that!!\
rich-c: apples are nice too
Guy B.: Bananas too.
Ronald: true. I had 2 today
rich-c: in fact the Empires are in now and still in good taste
Ronald: jelly beans
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Ronald: now there's temptation
Pamela C.: Stop that, Ron
changed username to Mr Jive
rich-c: especially the gourmet kind
Guy B.: Hi Doug!
Ronald: I am powerless over jelly-beans, and my life is unmanageable
Mr Jive: Hi everyone
Pamela C.: If you must eat jelly beans, eat Jelly Bellies - they have fewer calories
rich-c: Hello Doug!
Pamela C.: Hi Doug
Ronald: Hey Jive!
Guy B.: How's everything with you?
james: morning doug :)
Mr Jive: Fair to middlin'
rich-c: Guy is getting lonely - he's the only Yank on line right now
Pamela C.: Doug, I've forgotten - where are you?
Ronald: hadn't thought of that
Mr Jive: Cheyenne, Wyo
Ronald: Good somebody who isn't east
Guy B.: You mean I have 4 Canadians and one Japanese tonight?
Pamela C.: Ah - are you getting buried in the white stuff too?
rich-c: well, we don't pick on Guy anyway - much
james: :D
Ronald: Don't know is James is east or west
james: and a canadian-japanese to boot :)
Ronald: I could look either way from here and see him
Mr Jive: not yet :)
Pamela C.: Depends on which way you go
rich-c: rate james half and half - the better half is over there
Guy B.: Ok, half that James.
Ronald: prolly closer from here to go west
Pamela C.: lord, it's the twins all over again
Ronald: :)
james: i'm closer to vancouver than chicago, and warmer than either.
Pamela C.: how do you spell pppbbbtt?
rich-c: now that's rubbing it in
rich-c: with an h
Pamela C.: ah
Guy B.: You just did it Pam.
Mr Jive: lol
Pamela C.: okay, everyone stop giggling now
rich-c: do we gotta?
(A dog howls in the distance)
Ronald: My following loved your stress reliever pgm Rich
Guy B.: My faithful dog is here with me. Smiling at everyone.
Ronald: It went over well here
rich-c: anyway, we've had the word from the rest - how's things in Wyoming?
Mr Jive: Has anyone seen Bob? I sent that tape that didn't work back to him and wanted to know if he got it.
Pamela C.: No sign of him yet
Mr Jive: Pretty nice for December
rich-c: he hasn't been on the last two nights
rich-c: last week he was playing with his 486 but don't have word tonight
Ronald: Last I heard from Mr. S was somewhere in the middle of last week. He'd received my Xmas card files, but
rich-c: Meeka isn't here either so maybe it's a family thing
Ronald: He and Doug were up to the gunnels in some sort of deal involving used DOS boxes or something
rich-c: yes, that was the 486 business I guess
Pamela C.: Meeka's bailing them out of jail
Ronald: oh
Pamela C.: just a guess
Ronald: yep
Mr Jive: gunnels?
rich-c: ron, pity that stress reliever wont run on the Apple
Pamela C.: gunwales in slang
rich-c: it's how some folks spell gunwales
Ronald: yes....I have one party who would love to see it, but can't because she's an Apple
Mr Jive: gunwales? lol
rich-c: might not make much more sense to landlocked cowboys ;-)
Pamela C.: See where I get my vocab?
Ronald: you haven't a chance Pam
Pamela C.: I'm finding that out Ron
james: what's a gunwale?
Pamela C.: I get more like my parents all the time - scary thought
Mr Jive: I'm faunchin' at the bit to know what a gunwale is.
rich-c: the part of the ship the guns stick out of
Ronald: hell, I'm an Air Force brat, what to I know
Ronald: do I know
rich-c: on the top deck, that is
Ronald: :??
Ronald: is it really gunwales?
Ronald: c'mon
rich-c: even if the ship doesn't mount guns, that siding keeps the name
Mr Jive: What kind of deer do you hunt from a ship?
Ronald: gonna look that up in my Funk and Wagnalls
Pamela C.: really. it is.
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Ronald: ya learn something new every day
Mr Jive: Must be fast swimming deer.
Pamela C.: they just go with the current
Mr Jive: aha
rich-c: whoops! our spook is back
Ronald: alo spook
Pamela C.: ghosties and goblins and long-legged beasties, and things that go bump in the night
bair anyone here
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Guy B.: What evil lurks. Only the Shadow knows.
rich-c: the one and only Robert Bair?
Guy B.: Bob Bair?
yep it is I
rich-c: Yahoo! long time no hear from
Pamela C.: Please name yourself Bob, this is getting unnerving
changed username to bob
Ronald: hey! the Bair!
Guy B.: Seems your having trouble with the name. How have you been?
rich-c: use the name change under "file" and let us enjoy your presence
Mr Jive: Don't scare me I saw "The Exercist" for the first time last night
Pamela C.: Yuck. Not on my "to watch" list anytime soon. Was it by choice?
bob: hi everyone
Guy B.: Hi Bob.
Mr Jive: Yes it was excellent.
Ronald: How ya feeling Bob?
james: arg. freakin' ottawa idiots. not only do they calculate $420+12% tax as being $550, but they have me there on *wednesday* march 29th,
rich-c: Bob, where have you been all these months? Everyone's missed you
bob: this is Judy for bob
james: a non-existant date.
Pamela C.: That's thurday in japan, james
Guy B.: Judy, where is he tonight?
Ronald: Ok....think we're talkin' to the wrong Bob
rich-c: no, Judy is likely the undefined still there
bob: he almost forgot this week too
Pamela C.: I think we have both Judy S, and Bob Bair
Guy B.: The undefined is Bob Bair.
Pamela C.: I'm so confused
rich-c: right, now I've got it
rich-c: So Judy, where's the old man?
bob: shoveling snow
rich-c: oh yeah - lake effect
Ronald: Oh dear
Guy B.: How much lake effect snow did you guys get?
bob: you got it
rich-c: you think you've got it bad, watch the news from Buffalo
Ronald: Michigan ain't that far away
james: sure pam, but even if we're a day ahead, it's still *thursday* march 29th, not wednesday..
bob: Saturday we will be out of here
Guy B.: I have some snow here in Chicago Judy. Enough to cause some slick spots.
rich-c changed username to Frances
Pamela C.: It depends which calendar you look at. Sometimes the computer calendars get the hiccups
Frances: Hi, everyone. Hi, daughter.
Ronald: you headed south Judy?
Pamela C.: Hi, Mom - where did you come from?
Guy B.: Hi Frances.
Frances: That really Bob BairThe living room
Ronald: Hi Frances
Pamela C.: very funny
bob: hey BAIR!!! click on edit on the top and then go down to change name and change it to "The Bair"
Frances: How's Virginia, Bob?
Pamela C.: Is dad polluting your air?
just fine
Frances: Yes
bob: HIYA Frances!
bob changed username to BobS
Frances: I've been reading over his shoulder every time he guffaws
Ronald: We got the first line on now
james: morning frances :)
Pamela C.: Mom, did you manage to talk to Cynthia tonite?
Frances: Morning James. Ihaven't forgotten you
I have been on line for two weeks
Frances: It's just that you are way down the list.
BobS: Doug, got a tape int he mail but no time to chekc it....assume it is not reading and I have to see if I can actually read it, yes???
james: no problem france :) i've been pretty busy too.
Frances: No, daughter, I didn't. I'm talked out today
Pamela C.: Who were you . . never mind, I know.
Ronald: How's the show snovelling goin'
Frances: Nobody really, but I slept very poorly last night and am struggling today
Pamela C.: Oh, I thought you might have gone to the funeral
Frances: No
Mr Jive: Cool it's the one that wouldn't work
Frances: Judy, do you have a snow blower?
Mr Jive: I got the second one you sent me to work after I changed tape drives.
BobS: got THREE of them Frances!!!
Frances: O!
BobS: one small one, one middle size one and one BIG one!
Guy B.: Which one is he using?
BobS: none, "he" is sitting here tallkin to ya!
BobS: :-)
BobS: gonna just use the middle size tomorrow
changed username to TheBair
Frances: I figured it sounded more like Bob than Judy
Guy B.: Oh Bob, how much snow did you get?
Guy B.: There is TheBair.
BobS: collecting snow blowers is kinda like collecting computers.....
TheBair: Is that better
Ronald: good..
Pamela C.: they multiply when your'e not looking
BobS: ALRIGHT, this guy is wizzin right on by us!
Frances: How much snow, BobS
TheBair: 32 inches
BobS: shoveled about 3 inches before supper an now ther is prolly about 4 inches
Ronald: bad for the heart
Guy B.: Bob B. You got 32 Inches? Are you near the lake?
Frances: Bair, you got 32"?
Pamela C.: All at once?
TheBair: Not if you use a Ford tractor
BobS: sorry I have been absent, but been working on 486 systems to sell (with Doug) If the Bair hadn't called tonight I would have forgot again!
BobS: OLD age maybe, eh???
Frances: Probably piece by ppiece
Guy B.: How many of those 486's you have?
BobS: about 50
Guy B.: Wha are the speeds?
TheBair: More like 60
BobS: \few 33mhz. some 66mhz. some 120mhz and a couple pentiums
Frances changed username to rich
Ronald: You can't give 'em away up here
rich: so who's gonna buy them nowadays?
Pamela C.: Tell Mom g'nite, Dad
Guy B.: What is included and the prices?
rich: will do Pam
BobS: selling complete system w/ color vga monitor, keyboard, modem, win95 in internet
BobS: $95 for 33 & 66
TheBair: He is going to give them free
BobS: OH, we include mouse AND cheese too
rich: no Adam emulator?
BobS: hey! the hd's in some are marginal
TheBair: Right that is free
Guy B.: What about the 120's and the Pentiums?
BobS: haven't decided yet
Guy B.: Give me a clue!
rich: any MMX or up?
BobS: mo mmx don't think
Guy B.: I may have someone from work who would be interested in buying one.
rich: if all you want to do is email and light internet, even a 386 will hack it
BobS: 120's prolly about $115 and pentiums.?????? 135????
BobS: that's the market Richard.....Win95 and internet ready on the smae machine ALL in a cheap package
TheBair: Well I have to go now but try to make it next week
BobS: tis better than landfilling them
Pamela C.: Nice to meet you Bob
BobS: did you put the address in favorites???
rich: Bob, come back soon and often - we've missed you
Guy B.: Thanks Bob, I'll get back to you. A friend of mine would love to have one of those. I'll run it by her.
BobS: will email ya!
BobS: Mr Bair
TheBair: What
Guy B.: Bye Bob B. Good to hear from you.
TheBair left chat session
rich: Hey BobS - how many Adams will you want for a Pentium, even up?
Ronald: niters Mr. Bair
Pamela C.: looking to clean out the basement, Dad?
rich: Shhh - it would sure reduce teh volume
Pamela C.: Don't get Mom's hopes up
rich: at least I could keep it from erupting up through the living room floor
Pamela C.: eww, messy
Ronald: Speaking of untidy arrangements of computing devices
Ronald: when you're finished there
james: gotta go for a bit. be back soon.
james left chat session
rich: c u james
Guy B.: Bye James.
BobS: NO TRADES!!! ;-) Judy is unhappy about the whole deal, ADAMs and Windows machines....BUT..
BobS: I am all she has, so she puts up with me
Pamela C.: She's used to you, Bob
BobS: tha's it!!!
Ronald: later James
BobS: besides, we been hangin out together too long to change now
rich: that's Frances' excuse
Pamela C.: that's what I keep telling mine - he's stuck with me
rich: anyway, none of us have to worry about earthquakes
Pamela C.: too much landfill?
rich: nothing underneath for teh house to fall into - full of computers
rich: by the way, I'm told I will be getting that TI99 yet
Pamela C.: I'ts only been 4 months - what's he waiting for?
rich: a number of things, actually - but then I'm in NO hurry
BobS: just settlin in for a long cold winter rh?
BobS: HEY MITCH!!! Got the xmas card working no problem!
Ronald: did the card make it one piece, Bob?
rich: that's about it
Ronald: aha...crossed comms.... good
Ronald: thank you sir
BobS: yup! till some fool tried to just move it over using ADM-dos and run it....didn't work!
Ronald: Did you get James file?
BobS: Doug mentioned the file to disk and back file trick....and yes, that sounded vaguely familiar
Ronald: yup
BobS: so we checked your emial and WHAM there it was!
BobS: yup got James' file too, haven't loed at it yet
BobS: looked
Ronald: good stuff. He put a lot of work into it
rich: he did it in Logo, didn't he?
BobS: HYEm how' come the emulator xmas disk is 1.4 megs???
BobS: should have gone in as a
Guy B.: Guys, I'm going to go. I'm chatting with hopefully a new girl I'll be meeting Friday. See you next week.
BobS: ok Guy see ya in 2 weeks!
Ronald: priority Guy
rich: Like that hopefully, Guy. We'll look forward to the report. Next week, then
Pamela C.: Ooh, romance. Good luck Guy - see you next week. We want details
Ronald: :)
Ronald: I'm too old for that sort of stuff
Guy B.: Ok!
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela C.: Ron, I warn you I'm a romantic. You're never too old
Ronald: aha!
Ronald: true
rich: Bob, did I see Bob Bair say he's only been online two weeks?
Mr Jive: test test
rich: you're stil with us, Doug
Pamela C.: Hello?
BobS: yes, he has the civil defense computer home now I guess. He called tonight to find out about chat here and that's
Mr Jive: yep
Ronald: be right back folks
BobS: what reminded me to get on over here
rich: you mean he hasn't succumbed to the DOSbox on his own?
BobS: flunk, flunk
BobS: flunk, flunk
Pamela C.: pass, pass
BobS: oh, oh......
Pamela C.: help, help
Pamela C.: I'm seeing double
BobS: slow connection Pam
rich: is Bair still using his Adam, then?
BobS: assume so, the ibm is for the county civil defense...oh which Bob is now about second or third in command
Ronald: what's the going rate for a 486 in Michigan?
Ronald: Hows his health?
rich: is it the server that's slow, or Bob?
BobS: didn't get o talk to him about health will later though\server
Ronald: right
rich: guess it's Bob - that came right through
Pamela C.: you did too
BobS: 486 complete w/ modem....$95 us or $137.76 canadian (?) ;-)
rich: sell him one of the 486s, Bob, so he can get onon his own
BobS: the way Bob talked, the computer is "oarked" at his house
Ronald: ok.
BobS: parked
BobS: how's the weather coming my way Ron???
BobS: sucks!
rich: well, he should havwe his own in case it gets called away
Ronald: we've had good here for past 3 days Bob, supposed to continue for a couple more, but it's been frosty
BobS: probably
rich: Ron was complaining about the cold earlier....
Ronald: Have had our roof redone over past two days in the sunshine
BobS: his big problem before was had to use long distance to get the net
Pamela C.: so wasJames - we sent them sympathy
Ronald: I'm going cable before the month end
BobS: is EVERBODY getting new roofs???
Ronald: they got a deal on
rich: how come? is he that far out in the boonies?
BobS: yup!
Ronald: well, it was high time here....for the roof that is
BobS: \boonies is close to the city compared to Bob
Pamela C.: What part of the boonies is he in?
rich: how remote can you get in a little place like Michigan? except the Upper Peninsula, of course
Ronald: all relative Rich
BobS: Bob is in INDIANA!!!
rich: hey, drive through Michigan, you hardly seem to ever be out of sight of some city or other
Pamela C.: oh. those boonies. gotcha
BobS: town of about maybe 2000
rich: ah, a Hoosier!
rich: and of course phone service doesn't cross state lines
BobS: bob is about 30 miles south of the michigan line south of Lansing (middle of Michigan)
Ronald: Wonder if we'll see him in Cleveland
Pamela C.: gotta get my atlas and look this up
rich: right, down that Interstate that runs down to Indianapolis
BobS: don't know, depends partly on getiing the info and then on health then on time off avliable
rich: I hope so - he could practically walk there
Ronald: right
rich: well, if he's online we can sure get him the info
rich: teach him how to get on the mailing list
Ronald: would be a good thought
rich: then he can watch the flame wars
BobS: now hear this!!!!! Bob's email address
rich: Ron, think I should send the stress reliever round as an attachment?
Pamela C.: I could use it right now
BobS: Ronald!!! that attachment was GOLDEN!!!!
Ronald: which one was that?
Ronald: forgot what I sent you
BobS: the hammer, fireballs, ants, etc
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to james
BobS: COOLE stres reliever
rich: welcome back, james
Pamela C.: WB, James
james: :)
Ronald: right...that was Rich Clee's
rich: Pamela note the above, please send feedback to Kimberley
james: every once in awhile, i get a little tired of having to compensate for other people's incompetence.
rich: funny you should say...
rich: but then, I drive - in Toronto
Pamela C.: Dad, what feedback?
rich: Wasn't the stress reliever from Kim?
Pamela C.: If it was, I never saw it, or never got it open
rich: you mean you don't have it?
Pamela C.: No, apparently not.
Ronald: try it, you'll like it
rich: OK, I'll send it to you when I go offline
Pamela C.: I will, if someone will SEND IT
james: seems the good people in ottawa can't add *or* read a calendar or be bothered to leave their fax machine on.
BobS: are you licensed to handle it Pam????
Pamela C.: Yes, the licence came with my job
rich: our firearms registration doesn't start till next year
BobS: OK!!!
Pamela C.: You know, the one causing the stress?
rich: now that Ron's left, isn't "good people" and Ottawa" an oxymoron?
Ronald: ?
Ronald: there are still some there
Pamela C.: perhaps you should send a calendar along for visual aid, James
rich: james' mother, and Guy, excepted, of course
james: dorks at the hotel. one more stupid mistake and i'm going elsewhere because i don't like the direction this is headed in right now.
james: can we make an exception for my father, too rich? :D
rich: only because you're asking, james
james: thanks :) just so *i* don't look like an idiot, can someone else there throw up their computer calendar and confirm that
Ronald: Only phrase I had to forget when I left there: "Hi, I'm from Ottawa and I'm here to help you."
james: march 29, 2001 is a thursday?
Pamela C.: lemme check my daytimer
rich: it is on my calendar, james
rich: in fact even on the printed one
james: since the people in montreal had no problem with a booking for wed, march 28th, it should be right.
Pamela C.: Definitely a Thursday, James, according to the gospel of Daytimer
james: okay. last thing i want to do is tell someone they're wrong and then look like an idiot.
rich: yes, it's easy to get confused when you live a day ahead
james: :D
Ronald: we're all a day behind
Pamela C.: doesn't majority rule?
rich: if so, we are DEFINITELY a day behind
james: yup and with china and india on this side of the dateline, you guys are all a day behind.
Ronald: certainly not
BobS: James, does a day ahead mean you can predict our future?
rich: China is even further ahead than Japan
Ronald: depends on the state of the recount
james: i see snow in your futures :D
Pamela C.: lol, James
Ronald: We have snow on the hills. I can drive up and look at it if I want
Pamela C.: no, that's Bob's future
Pamela C.: and Doug's
Pamela C.: Trust me Ron, you don't want to see it up close
rich: yes, you'd think Mr. Jive was buried under a drift, he's so quiet
Ronald: yes, after 14 years in Ottawa, I'll buy that
BobS: don't care!!!!!! on Sat we are flying to Puerto Rico and sailing south for 7 days
Pamela C.: at the risk of repeating myself, pppbbtt
Ronald: eeee hah!
rich: you mean we don't get to bug you next week?
Pamela C.: he can just sign on from the beach
rich: hey, stay a little longer and maybe you'll know who your president is when you get back
Pamela C.: Seems to me they're running out of time
rich: naw, they have till Jan 20th
Ronald: cute.... there's a big fat lady on CNN
james: i have a feeling it'll be president bush.. not that that's necessarily a good thing.
Ronald: singing outside Al Gore's house
james: heh heh heh. are you serious ron?
Pamela C.: rotfl, Ron!!!
Ronald: yaa on CNN right now
Pamela C.: where'd Bob go?
Ronald: they just took a shot of her
james: must get a satleite dish. i hate japanese tv. not as much as the phone company though.
james: you wouldn'T believe the crap they show on tv here.
rich: yes, I was pricing one out today
Pamela C.: James, are you hoping NTT is listening when you say that?
rich: the service is almost reasonable in price
james: yup! oh yeah, my wireless idea is picking up steam.
rich: the dish and installation may be another matter
Ronald: neat idea James. Glad it's gaining momentum
rich: be wary, it';s very capital intensive
Ronald: Wait till word gets around the country
rich: the local wireless company laid off a third of their staff today
rich: and is shopping around every part of the com[any to see if there's a buyedr
Pamela C.: which local?
james: *you're* glad. *i'm* ecstatic. well, if i get 50 people on board, i won't go into the red except for the startup costs.
james: which, as you point out, are not cheap.
rich: Look, formerly Internet Direct
Pamela C.: Ah
rich: wouldn't your vendor supply the local terminal?
Ronald: you on the cutting edge James, don't bleed
rich: test
Pamela C.: Doug, are you still awake?
james: i'll try not to. :)
Ronald: 5x5 rich
Ronald: I think the time has come to go
rich: when things go quiet, I do find it prudent to check
Ronald: will hopefully see you's all next week
james: i'll be here.
rich: yes, Pam has to get to work, and us others have things to do too
Ronald: indeed
Ronald: so take care all
james: bye ron :)
rich: Nite, Ron, see you next qweek
Pamela C.: I may not be here ron, next Thursday is a busy day but I hope so
Pamela C.: Nite., Ron
Ronald: :)
Ronald left chat session
Pamela C.: Hey james, I never got my fried chicken
rich: ...until nothing was left but the smile...
Pamela C.: very good, Dad
james: sorry about that pam :) today's spaghetti.
Pamela C.: And for once I had dinner. Pity.
rich: fits thru a wire better, james
Pamela C.: one strand at a time.
rich: get ready to pull hard, daughter
james: *no one* touches my spaghetti.
Pamela C.: okay, got one end but it's stretching
james: if i let go, you get whiplash :)
james: *whap*
Pamela C.: now we know what James connection is made of
rich: c'mon, james, PUSH!
Pamela C.: OW
Pamela C.: I think I've lost my taste for psgetti
Pamela C.: How about we try uncooked instead? Just e-mail it
rich: as an attaschment
james: might be faster to to hurl little pieces of macaroni instead.
james: i hear people like .bmp's :D
Pamela C.: yeah, but that gets sauce everywhere
rich: stuff 'em with gunpowder and rocket them over
Pamela C.: especially when it hits the fan
Pamela C.: those aren't a meal, those are fireworks
rich: that would even cook them on the way
Pamela C.: talk about indigestion
james: can't be as bad as some airline food.
Pamela C.: oh, come on. surely sending it into semi-orbit must improve the flavour
rich: yes, but it picks up the smog as it comes down
Pamela C.: now i have totally lost my appetite
james: sure you don't want some pasghetti, pam?
rich: anyway, folks, I think Ron may have had the right idea
Pamela C.: not with smog, thankyou
Pamela C.: ya think it's bed time pop?
rich: I still have to send Pam that program and catch up on my email
rich: for you, yes, for me, soon
rich: us old folks need our shuteye
james: i should probably eat and get a few things done. ugh. i'm teaching until 10 tonight.
Pamela C.: please send the progam to home and I can forward it to work where it will do some good
rich: will do
rich: yes, you've got a long day ahead, james
rich: so - good night all, catch you next week
Pamela C.: Dad, am calling as soon as we hang up - wanted to tell you something quick;
rich: OK, will clear the line
rich: bye for now
Pamela C.: James, have a good one and hopefull y see younext week. G;nite
rich left chat session
james: see you all next week :)
Pamela C.: G'nite Doug
james: bye dough :)
james: oops. dough.
james: oops again. doug.
Pamela C.: keep trying james. That;s better
Pamela C.: bye
james: lol.
Pamela C. left chat session
james: *poof*
james left chat session
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