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rich-c: test
rich-c: test
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changed username to james
james: hi rich :)
rich-c: morning, james
rich-c: seems everyone else is watching teh Gore speech or something
james: concession speech?
rich-c: don't know, I'll see on teh 11 p.m. news
james: well since it's of no immediate concern, i'll check it out tomorrow or whenever.
rich-c: but the general opinion seems to be he's throwing in the towel
rich-c: no doubt when the others arrive they will tell us
james: i was wondering where everyone was. well, maybe this last election will cure a bit of the voter apathy down there.
james: people will see that every vote really does count. if it gets counted..
rich-c: one would hope so, but you never can tell
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all
rich-c: maybe they'll just conclude that they're all rigged anyway
rich-c: hi Dale
james: morning dale.
Dale: Is everyone out watching the Gore speech?
rich-c: did you watch teh Gore speech, Dale?
Dale: Nope. Just got home from work.
rich-c: I figured teh news could wait till 11, and James isn't that curious either
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rich-c: I was hoping to have a newbie with us tonight
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: maybe he will turn up later
Guy B.: Greetings Everyone!
Dale: Hi Guy.
rich-c: Hello Guy, what's the word?
Guy B.: Shall I say SNOW and more of it.
rich-c: yes, that's a common four-letter word
Dale: It's snowing again here.
james: no comment.
rich-c: we had 20 cm (8 in) on Monday and should get half that again overnight
Guy B.: We got socked Monday with 13 inches and it's snowing right now as I speak. We're expecting another 3-5 inches.
rich-c: with this wind, Guy, I'd imagine Chicago would be getting quite a dusting
Guy B.: Rich, the winds were really bad. I ended up going home from work at 2:00. Yesterday I stayed home as I strained my back just trying to dig my car out.
rich-c: Oh, they tell us old geezers we're not to shovel
rich-c: I compromise, use an electric shovel and don't push things too hard
Guy B.: James, who would do it?
james: do what?
Guy B.: Shovel the snow.
Dale: Well, yesterday they told everone to stay home if they could, and sure enough the roads were free of traffic.
james: here? no snow here yet :)
rich-c: that's the nice part about being retired - you have the option
Dale: No snow, just cows?
Guy B.: You live on the other half of the earth. You won't get that storm we got Monday.
james: just cows, but i'd be more than happy if 100" of snow fell and smothered them.
rich-c: he also lives in teh same latitude as the Mediterranean - but then it snows in Egypt too
(Guy B. laughs heartily)
Dale: LOL James!
rich-c: the tolerability of cows depends on the direction of teh prevailing winds
Guy B.: There's one good thing about all this snow. My dog is romping through the drifts. I just had her photos taken Sunday.
james: yes. i can tell you whenever the wind is blowing from the south. though i find the noise to be more annoying.
rich-c: yes, the animals all seem to love it
rich-c: we have a "safari" game farm in these parts and the lions really love the snow
Guy B.: You should have seen Abby. When she was done, she turned me right around and headed back home. And she got covered with the stuff.
rich-c: Surprised you didn't have to drag her inside with brute force
rich-c: of course it has been pretty cold the last few days, so maybe that influenced her
Guy B.: Who needed to do that. She knows when it's bad enough outside.
rich-c: I guess being a house dog she wouldn't grow that much of a winter coat
Guy B.: Oh, she has a winter coat. I had to use it for the cold that came in after this storm.
rich-c: store-bought coats don't count. It's what they grow themselves
rich-c: we used to have a number of outside cats in our neighbourhood
rich-c: you should have seen them by February - couldn't see the animal under the fur
Guy B.: Oh, I see. Abby has a good coat, but sheds alot.
rich-c: lately teh city has been cracking down on folks who let their cats out
rich-c: but it wouldn't surprise me if racoon fights and the odd hawk or owl encounter had something to do with it too
rich-c: becasue one way or another wandering cats are much scarcer of late
james: new chinese food take out in the area?
rich-c: oh, you cynical young man, you!!!!
rich-c: still, I wonder about that new discount furrier...
james: :D new gloves anyone? extra sausages?
rich-c: anyway, Guy, how's your romantic life getting on in the latest round?
Guy B.: Don't even ask.
rich-c: Oh. Sorry about that.
rich-c: But then, these things are not to be rushed
Guy B.: She backed out even before I met her. She said "I don't know what it is. But, I don't think we should meet". What does that tell you guys?
rich-c: And anyway, you never know unless you try
rich-c: That you saved yourself some time and some money
Guy B.: That's true.
rich-c: You aren't going to find the right one overnight. Maybe you won't even come close for many months
Guy B.: Well, what if I told you that a girl from the Ukraine has been e-mailing me the past week and I have one from the central part of Illinois that wants to meet me.
rich-c: That at a certain age eleigible bachelors are in short supply
Guy B.: There are more women than men. How come they can't decide?
rich-c: Is it that they can't decide or you just don't like the decision?
Guy B.: I'm beginning to wonder myself.
rich-c: Well, you haven't been seriously looking all of that long anyway
Guy B.: Just the past few months.
rich-c: Exactly. Give it about three years. If you still don't have a steady then, then review your position
Guy B.: Three years! How about one year.
rich-c: Hey, most folks take that long to decide on a car. You're taking on a lifetime commitment
Guy B.: You have to be kidding me. Three years to decide on a car? It took me 10 years before I got a new one.
rich-c: I know - we're less than five years from our golden anniversary
rich-c: Well, a car that breaks costs a lot less than a marriage that does, so take your time accordingly
Guy B.: Oh while I think of it. I putting in some final changes on the website. There will be a Vbscript/Visual Basic section and I hope the site will be ready in a few days or so.
rich-c: Hope you don't need VBS to view it - I think I disabled mine
Guy B.: No, the only part on the Vbscript will be to Microsoft's website to download Vbscript and the docs. I do plan on some Vbscript programs for the Adamem Utilities. And judging by what Don Henderson's troubles. I would have to have it up soon.
rich-c: I think in his latest email Don says he now is seeing some success
rich-c: and hey, wasn't it nice to have Marcel actually join in?
Guy B.: Give credit to Ron Mitchell. I haven't checked my e-mail yet.
rich-c: Yes, Ron was encouraging Don to get in touch with you
Guy B.: I'm going to send Don my Qbasic/batch files for Dcopy.
rich-c: whatever he needs, do hope you'll get it to him
Dale: I'll be back in 20 min.
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Dale: I hope to see you later.
rich-c: I had a call today from a "new" Adam owner in Indiana
changed username to Ronald
Guy B.: We'll be here.
Dale left chat session
Ronald: evening
rich-c: c u dale
Guy B.: Speaking of the Devil
rich-c: Hello Ron - how's the Wet Coast?
Ronald: cold
Ronald: snow even
james: hey ron :)
Ronald: not much, but real
rich-c: we're familiar with the concept
Ronald: James, Hi!
Guy B.: Snowing here in Chicago. We got belted good Monday and more is falling right now.
Ronald: oh?
Ronald: the midwestern U
Ronald: US was one big storm
rich-c: Toronto got 8 inches yesterday and has four more landing now
Ronald: I'd feel for you guys but...
rich-c: that's OK, we don't sit around waiting for The Big One (earthquake)
Ronald: you mean the realignment
rich-c: yes, I hear Van Island should end up with new neighbours - called Aleuts, I believe
Ronald: that's one scenario
rich-c: either that or get shoved about halfway in to Alberta
Ronald: others have our 6000 foot mountains under water
Ronald: and all of us swimming toward Hope, or Penticton
james: you can always join me here ron :)
Ronald: ok....that's how it may turn out
Ronald: Been to a couple of 'preparedness sessions'
james: i read somewhere that japan gets an inch closer to canada every year, though that seems a little fast.
Guy B.: Ron, my website is almost ready. Will be up sooner than I think. Thanks to Don Henderson.
rich-c: ron, did you see the Gush and Bore speeches? I know you're a CNN addict
Guy B.: I watch Gore before I came on here.
Ronald: Yes, Don has caused us to review a number of things
rich-c: whaT DID HE SAY?
rich-c: sorry - didn't mean to shout -
rich-c: hit the wrong key
Ronald: was out, head the last half of Gore on the radio
Ronald: have it on now
Ronald: Don't know what I'm gonna watch after tonight
james: i get all my news from
rich-c: oh, did he throw in the towel?
Ronald: My latest news is....
Ronald: next Tuesday I'm having cable modem installed
Ronald: hold my nose and pay Shaw Cable money
Guy B.: Yes, he finally did after the U.S. Supreme Court reversed the recount request.
james: you lucky ... must be nice.
rich-c: oh, well when you change to don't forget to unsubscribe your old address
Guy B.: Whoa, how much is this going to run you now?
Ronald: yep
Ronald: Oh heeeeere's George
rich-c: the pseudo-president?
Ronald: Daddy's little boy
rich-c: Do you think if Bush had really won he would have fought against a recount that would prove it?
Ronald: must view the evening with the respect that is due
Guy B.: Be aware, it's been 8 years since a Republican has been in the White House.
rich-c: to the evening or His Illegitimacy?
Ronald: good question
rich-c: That's because it took them that long to figure out how to defraud the electors
Ronald: So anyway....back on topic
james: and i'm guessing in four years you'll have another democrat.
Ronald: is everyone now able to churn out ADAMEM disk images
Ronald: in whatever format?
Guy B.: That depends who will run 4 years from now.
rich-c: no, but then I still don't have the emulatorgoing. Installed, but not going
Guy B.: Me, only 160K with Dcopy. I haven't tried Convdisk yet. Will be shortly.
james: i won't know until i have a 5.25" floppy drive to try it with..
james: (on my pc side that is)
rich-c: I'm still having a problem with my B drive
Ronald: Thought you had the drive James, or is it an HD?
rich-c: It will happily format a DOS disc in 360K and report the result
Guy B.: Convdisk is the only that I haven't written a Qbasic/batch file for.
rich-c: Then when I leave teh disc in and give the DIR command, it says the disc isn't formatted, do I want to format it now?
Ronald: there's a learning curve Guy....there's part of the useage of that program that I still don't understand
Ronald: it works, but I dont know why it works
james: i don't have a HD for my adam yet and i don't have a 5.25" floppy for my pc yet. i do have a 320k MI drive for my adam though.
rich-c: I may go back and try again using Windows 3.1 or even the underlying DOS
Guy B.: What's the part you don't understand Ron?
Ronald: Actually Rich, DCOPY.EXE does the formatting on the fly
Ronald: as it's copying the disk image
rich-c: I don't know from DCOPY.EXE Is it a DOS or Adam program?
james: brb
Guy B.: Dcopy is a Dos program.
rich-c: Is it part of MS-DOS?
Ronald: well..... the fact that no matter what size disk image I'm converting, the sectors and interleave on the source image
Ronald: are always the same
Guy B.: You need DOS up in order to run it.
rich-c: OK, I'm not too hot in DOS either - too much like CP/M
Guy B.: You can run Dcopy under a DOS session in Win9x, WinME.
Ronald: DCOPY is a utility that runs under DOS
rich-c: I still basicall;y belong to the "computer as appliance" school
Ronald: Think that's the only sensible way Rich. The rest of us needlessly drive ourselves crazy
rich-c: Guy, I guess you mean I should go to the DOS prompt to use DCOPY
Guy B.: Yes, you need a DOS prompt.
rich-c: which directory would I find it in?
Ronald: you have to download it Rich. It's not part of the DOS compliment of programs
Ronald: it's on Marcel deKogel's ADAMEM site
Guy B.: Command.Com will just bring a DOS prompt up. You need to go to the directory where Adamem and the utilities are and run it from that directory.
Ronald: George W. just finished
Guy B.: Rich, you need to download them.
Ronald: gotta give them both credit actually
Ronald: it all looks good at least
rich-c: oh, it's part of the Ademem set, is it? I have that
Guy B.: You mean, I've been taping George W and not Gideon's Crossing?
Ronald: we all love eachother, and God bless America
Ronald: maybe people will now have to co-operate to get things done
rich-c: more like God help America, I very much fear
rich-c: there's a wound there that will be very long in healing
Guy B.: Sure hope so. This is been some week.
james: what happens to the ballots now? are they destroyed?
Ronald: suspect so Rich
rich-c: A simple majority of the people know they wre cheated out of their choice
rich-c: they will not take it lightly - there will be BIG trouble
Ronald: so, do we entertain a motion that all the ballots be destroyed?
Guy B.: They will be destroyed. There won't be a recount. So that's it.
james: the truth buried.
Ronald: :)
rich-c: No, Jesse Jackson says he'll demand to see them under Florida's Freedom of Information law
rich-c: and he and his group will do their own recount
Ronald: oh yes..... saw him marching today
rich-c: then the fat will be in the fire big time
james: of course it *is* possible that bush could have won, but we won't know that for sure either.
Guy B.: Jess Jackson will always get his 2 cents in. No matter how much he demands.
rich-c: If Bush had won he'd have been fighting FOR a recount, not against it
Ronald: certain for sure eh?
rich-c: that's how I read it - don't see any other way
james: well i don't see it as a racial issue per se though there are those that do.
rich-c: no, it isn't a racial issue and that is why it will be big trouble
rich-c: when the voters find the media and lawyers and parties can nullify their legitimate choice, there must be hell to pay
Ronald: Do we do exit polling in this country Rich?
james: exit polling?
rich-c: for contrast, if Canada a count with that little difference would have to be recounted by law - no option
Ronald: seemed that was a source of problems with the United States election
rich-c: I believe some outfit was trying exit polling in our municipal election
Ronald: well, there was a situation where the state of Florida was awarded to Gore on the basis of exit polls, then to Bush, then back again
Ronald: and that apparently affected some voting on the west coast
rich-c: they decided Mel Lastman had probably won. He did - about 90% of the vote, I believe
rich-c: Again, the Yanks allow results out whre the polls are still open - we don't
Ronald: oh ok
Ronald: Is Bob Slopsema away?
Ronald: down south right?
rich-c: yes, he's off cruising the Caribbean
Ronald: (mandolins in the distance)
james: might not be able to find his house when he gets back :)
Guy B.: Lucky him. Got away from all the snow.
james: have i mentioned there's no snow here?
james: ;-)
rich-c: well, on this snowfall he'll be on the weather side of the lake effect - should get off pretty lightly
Guy B.: Shall we send some to you James?
Ronald: go ahead James. twist the knife
james: sure. at 33.6kbps it'll be awhile getting here.
Ronald: a week tomorrow mother and I'll be in Edmonton where it is now -25 C
rich-c: have you ever checked to find out what your actual speed is, James?
rich-c: just have to convince your folks to move down to Calgary, Ron
rich-c: there you can get a chinook
james: nah. it usually varies between slow and dead-slow.
Ronald: Speaking of which.... next Wednesday night is our Christmas curling fun day and banquet. Probably won't be here
Ronald: will be making merry
Ronald: not that here isn't merry
Ronald: but you know
rich-c: You mean we'll be without your sparkling company for TWO weeks?
Ronald: well.... may try my sisters Celeron the Wed after
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changed username to Pamela C.
Guy B.: Well, I have a nice 5 days off coming beginning Friday. Have a personal day then 4 days vacation.
Guy B.: Hi Pam.
Pamela C.: Hi, sorry I;m late
Ronald: Evening Pamela
rich-c: Hi daughter
james: hey pam
Guy B.: Didn't miss to much.
Ronald: are you well?
Pamela C.: Can't stay very long, i have to be up very early tomorrow. Yes I am, thanks
Ronald: yeah, we bounced Messrs. Gore and Bush for a while
Ronald: good
Pamela C.: did anything bounce back?
Ronald: no
rich-c: Did the podiatrist manage to get to you today?
Pamela C.: oh
Ronald: they both said "God bless America"
Pamela C.: No, I didn't get back to them before they closed at 11:00
Ronald: and your father coined his own version of that
Pamela C.: and that was?
Ronald: God HELP America
Pamela C.: Ame
Pamela C.: n
rich-c: OK, they phoned here - I gently explained their listing was a tad out of date
Ronald: Guy said nothing
Pamela C.: I gave them my numbers but they don't seem to listen
Guy B.: Got my new barebones computer, but I'm going to exchange it. The one is for AMD Duron 700, but the case had two 5 1/4 drive bays. The other should have three, so I can have a CD-RW drive.
Pamela C.: they left a message at home too, but not at work
rich-c: I have noticed that when I've dealt with them
Ronald: don't forget, you need a 5-1/4 inch DD drive
Ronald: :)
Pamela C.: Problem is I got screwed up on Monday with the storm, and won't be able to reschedule until Friday
rich-c: As long as the case will fit in your desk, there's no such thing as too many drive bays
Ronald: agreed Rich
Pamela C.: :)
Pamela C.: How do you like the AMD, Guy?
rich-c: wish they'd get the price of DVD-RWs down to whre normal mortals can afford them
Pamela C.: (Hi, James)
james: how's it going?
Pamela C.: hello?
Ronald: had my annual medical today
Ronald: seems I will live another year
rich-c: Pam, will you be talking to Kimberley soon?
james: we take it this is a good thing, ron :)
Pamela C.: Yes, why?
Ronald: imagine so
rich-c: You can tell her her company seems to have picked a winner to sponsor in racing next season
Pamela C.: and by the way Dad, she lives in apartment 106, not 107 - there is no 107. I was the one who picked up her card. I thought the handwriting seemed familiar
Pamela C.: Who are they sponsoring
rich-c: Oops! I knew she was under you two so jumped to a confusion
james: now, don't misuderestimate your father pam :D
rich-c: Young kid name of Johnathan Marci, 18 year old just graduating high school in Aurora
Pamela C.: Reason being, the laundry room takes up part of one apartment space so only six units on the first floor. i never do, ron
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changed username to Guy B.
Pamela C.: Why is this good?
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. Lost my connection.
Pamela C.: You're twins now, Guy
Ronald: test?
Ronald: ok...still around
rich-c: Ran Formula Ford series this year, won eight of ten and the championship
Ronald: Round Ron
james: i hate to duck out so soon but i've got a pile of xmas presents to wrap and send (think they'll be late) and my study room is
james: a mess.
Ronald: priorities and deadlines James
rich-c: messes I know about - ask Pam.
Guy B. requested to ban Guy B.
james confirmed ban
Pamela C. confirmed ban
james: yeah. i have to teach in 4 hours too so i'd better get going on it.
Guy B.: Ok, I'm one now.
Ronald: these are the things life brings
Pamela C.: nice chatting with you, James - will you be around next week? Yeah, I inherited it Ron
Ronald: what was that?
Pamela C.: Don't ask
Ronald: A message asking me if I would agree to forcibly remove Guy B>?
Ronald: Hey!
rich-c: duty always keeps calling - pity there's no way to shut it up
james: see you all next week, and if not, happy horidays!
Pamela C.: Ditto and good nite
Ronald: G'nite James
james: bye pam!
james: later ron!
rich-c: have a good one, james
Guy B.: As I was saying. I got my new barebones AMD Duron. But it came with 2 5 1/4 drive bays. I'm going for the Athlon 800 with 3 drive bays.
james: bye rich :)
Guy B.: Bye Ron.
james: see you next time guy!
Guy B.: Bye James.
Ronald: I'm still here.... because I'm not all there
rich-c: that Athlon 800 is one killer chip, by all reports
james: yeah - his cheese is sliding off the cracker - *poof*
james left chat session
Pamela C.: How do you like it, Guy?
Guy B.: Ok, Ron is here. That's why I decided on the better one.
rich-c: guess you'll be getting the VIA chipset with the 200FSB and 133 RAM and Ultra-ATA 100 too
Guy B.: Right now, it's just the computer without the CPU, Video, memory and hard drive.
Pamela C.: All brain, no guts
Ronald: Wow! A real string of expletives Rich
Pamela C.: lol, Ron
Ronald: I want one too
rich-c: I could seriously covet an Athlon setup - not that I'd know what to do with it
Pamela C.: What, an expletive?
Ronald: alls I got is a 333 with 128 and a 6 gig RAGE ATI
Pamela C.: trust me, Dad, you'd get used to it
Pamela C.: see Ron, you have your own expletives
Ronald: trying to keep up
rich-c: Why do you need six gig of video?
Ronald: because it's there
Pamela C.: Mt. Everest, here you come
rich-c: bet it ain't
Ronald: actually that might be 6 Meg
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changed username to Dale
Guy B.: I do plan to get 128mb memory in January, Video in February and the chip in March. I have to see if this takes the AGP
Pamela C.: Good evening, Dale
Dale: I'm back.
rich-c: yes, 6 meg is much more credible
Dale: Hi Pam, Ron.
rich-c: welcome back, Dale
Ronald: Dale, my son
Dale: Has anyone heard from Rich Drushel lately?
Guy B.: Glad your back Dale.
rich-c: you will likely have at least 4X AGP, Guy
Ronald: he's been on the discussion list, trying to inject some sanity into the discussion
Guy B.: Rich sent us an e-mail last week. Been real busy.
Guy B.: That should be enought then.
Ronald: even had a reply from Marcel deKogel re the DCOPY issues
Ronald: obviously he's lurking
Pamela C.: speaking of which, did Craig show up earlier?
Guy B.: Well, I'm going to go check my e-mail so I'll see you all next week.
Ronald: Sometimes I get mistaken for someone who knows about these things
rich-c: nope, you've seen all that we got tonight
Pamela C.: Bye, Guy
rich-c: I think everyone was watching Gush and Bore
rich-c: See you next week, Guy
Pamela C.: short list. So what did happen at 9:00?
Ronald: George W. Bush spoke
Dale: Bye Guy.
Guy B. left chat session
Ronald: niters Guy
rich-c: Gore threw in the towel and Bush gloated
Pamela C.: s**t. I was hoping Gore wouldn't give up
Ronald: he did so, gracefully
rich-c: didn't have much option. the fix was in
Ronald: Repeat after me.......
Ronald: President Hilary R. Clinton
Pamela C.: president Hilary R. Clinton
Ronald: good
Pamela C.: in 2008
Ronald: hold that thought
Pamela C.: Woman for president - we'll fix up the world
Ronald: you couldn't do any worse
rich-c: did you see she's writing her memoirs - and has a $10 million contract for them?
Pamela C.: Well, you guys have had a couple hundred years to screw it up
Ronald: Oh?
Pamela C.: are you sure the contract isn't on her?
rich-c: you ha e to admit we've done a great job of screwing up
Ronald: what a place really. A man finishes his term in the nations's highest office and then faces criminal charges
Ronald: while his wife takes a seat in the senate
Pamela C.: I will admit that, no problem
rich-c: yeah, and with Bush in, that'll be a circus
Pamela C.: what's this about charges? I've obviously been out of touch this week
Ronald: maybe CNN will cover it
rich-c: now they've managed to steal the election, they'll be on a real power trip
Ronald: once Bill is out of office, there are some matters pending
Pamela C.: I realize that, but is anyone going to do anything about it?
rich-c: see above
Ronald: I gather
rich-c: Republicans are not Nice People
Ronald: indeed
Pamela C.: maybe we should take away their "re" and make them publicans again - then they would learn some customer service
rich-c: and all politics is like a septic tank - the biggest - lumps - rise to the top
Ronald: cynical Rich, but probably accurate
Pamela C.: indeed
Ronald: Dale you there?
Ronald: need some info
Pamela C.: Gee it's awfully quiet in Kitchener
rich-c: Dale's in Toronto these days
Pamela C.: area
Ronald: he gets around
Ronald: maybe you know Rich
rich-c: unlikely, but try
Ronald: what's the admin address for the col-adam list
rich-c: coladam-admin@etc.
rich-c: just put subscribe on the subject line when you're on
Ronald: ok, that's it
rich-c: and put unsubscribe on - maybe the day before -
Ronald: like a MAJORDOMO thing
Dale: I'm sortt of here.
rich-c: good, I have a question too
Dale: I'm also working on my new sound card.
Ronald: some want the "subscribe" on the sujbject line, some want it as first word of text
Pamela C.: I hate to cut out again so soon, but tomorrow is a long day - early to the office and late at the Christmas party, so I had better go
rich-c: I have a dual-boot hard disc using System Commander, partitioned weith Partition Magic
Pamela C.: See you all next week when I have time to talk?
Ronald: did you see that Dale.... give me the subscribe and unsubscribe procedure for the ADAM list
Dale: It is mostly manual for subscribe/unsubscribe.
rich-c: I have a gig of unused space at the end where I want to install Corel Linux
rich-c: I have the Corel CD
Dale: is correct.
Ronald: oh ok.... so you have to see it?
rich-c: Now do I do as Corel says and just put the CD in and let 'er rip
rich-c: or do I do it through System Commander like SC tells me to?
rich-c: Pam, talk to you anon
rich-c: meanwhile good night and take iteasy
Ronald: ok. Will have a new address next week, and also want to unsubscribe my address\
Pamela C.: hopefully over the weekend - everyone else next week. good nite to all
Ronald: niters Pamela. Guess I too should go and finish my Xmas cards
Ronald: have 10 more domestics to get done
Pamela C.: *poof*
Pamela C. left chat session
Dale: Bye all then.
rich-c: OK Ron take it easy, hope to hear from you in Edmochuk two weeks tonite
Ronald: right sir. Will no doubt be able to do that
Ronald: take care all!
Dale: I'll post the transcript shortly.
Ronald: night Dale
rich-c: look forward to it Boxing Day plus
Ronald left chat session
rich-c: well, Dale looks like we're teh last
Dale: Yup.
Dale: I'm now active on ebvay
Dale: ebay.
rich-c: So shall we pack it in then? I'll go practice typing "the"
Dale: So I guess I'll try to sell some items there soon.
Dale: It looks like fun at least.
rich-c: oh, what sort of thing do you plan to offer?
Dale: Well, there are always Adam supplies, and maybe spare parts I have around.
Dale: I think that Adam's House has offered that kind of thing for a while.
rich-c: right. Bob Slopsema seems quite happy with his experience there
rich-c: he also posts on Yahoo auction I believe
Dale: He does. But he cautions me about fees.
Dale: I still have to figure that part out I guess.
Dale: I've experimentally bought a couple of small items.
Dale: Just to get a feel for it.
rich-c: yes, if you aren't fairly confident of a sale, they can bite
rich-c: I have bought on eBay but not sold yet
Dale: Guy does stuff on Yahoo.
rich-c: still, if Mel can peddle his moose there successfully....
Dale: It is a much smaller market though, so more rare items aren't as likely to be bid on.
rich-c: they're also less likely to get lost in the mass
Dale: It's true. The Moose raised like 67,000!
rich-c: I find eBay can be kind of defeating that way
Dale: Quite impressive, considering that I don't know where I'd put one if I got one.
Dale: There are too many items? What do you mean?
rich-c: still, judging by the popularity they must be satisfying a lot of buyers and sellers
rich-c: in a lot of teh categories just browsing turns up so many pages it's just defeating
Dale: eBay is one of the few net businesses that has been profitible since the get go.
rich-c: yes, they got it right
rich-c: but then the founder has a Canadian background, doesn't he?
Dale: Well, I've been browsing with search, and looking at related auctions.
Dale: He did.
rich-c: come a long way from trading in Pex dispensers for his wife
Dale: On Yahoo, I had trouble finding what I was looking for.
rich-c: yes, and bidbay seems even more poorly classified
Dale: It's a brilliant setup. Before that they had to do auctions over Us4enet newsgroup posts.
Dale: Pretty messy.
rich-c: I keep trying to get the newsgroups and my computer keeps refusing to download them
Dale: Well, I still haven't had supper. Maybe I should soon after all.
rich-c: Don't know why but neither Netscape or IE can complete the setup stage
Dale: Well, you need to have special settings for newsgroups.
Dale: Check with your ISP to set up your browser.
rich-c: ouch. I guess we'd better leave that for anopther night, then
rich-c: and yes, I'll give John at Tamco some grief
Dale: You need to know the nntp server name.
rich-c: oh, that's
Dale: Bye for now then.
rich-c: see you next week, Dale
Dale: poof
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