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Pamela C.: Hi dad
rich: hi daughter
Pamela C.: looks lonely so far - where is everyone?
rich: see we are the early birds tonight
rich: guess they are all out Xmas shopping
Pamela C.: maybe I should take this opportunity to pop something into the microwave for dinner
rich: I'm sort of surprised James isn't here - he is usually early
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rich: aha!
Pamela C.: I went to Yorkdale earlier - the parking was a zoo, but the mall itself wasn't too bad
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Pamela C.: or not
rich: yes, you should have see No Frills and Lawrence Square this afternoon
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ColecoGuy: Merrryy...Christmas.....Hello I made it!
rich: hey look, Michael's maxde it at last!
Pamela C.: I'll bet. Russell is going shopping tomorrow morning. I dont envy him
rich: Michael, thought you were coming by yesterxday
Pamela C.: as in Michael Hurst???? HI MIKE
ColecoGuy: What happen ed...Yesterday.....
rich: we were just discussing shopping today
ColecoGuy: Let me count the ways in which things get all sc..ewed up!
rich: starting with the snow?
changed username to BobS
ColecoGuy: I will talk with ya later on that score just got in the door here
Pamela C.: So what's new in your life Mike?
Pamela C.: Hi Bob
BobS: MARY XMAS your own self!!!
rich: He's BAAACK!
ColecoGuy: Bob Hey!
rich: How was the beautiful Caribbean?
ColecoGuy: Pam How are you its good to see ya :-)
BobS: Hiya Michael!
ColecoGuy: Yes its me
Pamela C.: you too. Missed you all this time
BobS: Ah, warm about 85 degrees, let me count the ways it was better than being here!
Pamela C.: Did Dad tell you he got me hooked on this?
ColecoGuy: Hey Bob Glad tidings to you and yours
BobS: it's obvious that you are HOOKED Pam!
rich: We going to get to talk with Meeka later too?
BobS: don't know if she will show up or not
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Pamela C.: makes it a little difficult to talk, but hey.
ColecoGuy: No I hadn't heard but then again about two or three years I ago I got everybody started back at this yea know!!
BobS: yup
rich: looks like we might get a decent crowd tonight yet
ColecoGuy: So more snow Richard
ColecoGuy: ??? :-(
rich: yes, we're supposed to get more tomorrow
ColecoGuy: Boo hisss
Pamela C.: Amen
BobS: but until; Dale got this up and running, it seemed like the "patient count" was slightly limited
rich: still all I have to do is run out for some wine for Christmas dinner
Pamela C.: What are you bringing, Dad? We're having turkey - surprise
rich: Oh, did you want us to bring wine?
Pamela C.: Very funny
BobS: gonna get about 3-4" more snow here tonight and then more snow off and on run up til 2001
ColecoGuy: ya tell everyone you got it all done Richard ... While the rest of us haven't a clue!!
Pamela C.: I just hope it stays nice for Christmas day
changed username to Guy B.
rich: Anyway, Pam, is one of the sweeter Rieslings OK? And how many bottles?
BobS: HEY!!! we FINALLY got a least a president........ ;-)
Guy B.: Greetings Everyone!
BobS: Richard, I need one bottle all by myself
rich: Hello Guy, how's the snow down your way?
Pamela C.: Parking on my mother in laws street is the pits if it snows. That's fine Dad
ColecoGuy: I won't be travel'n so I complain'n
Guy B.: Bob, how much snow do you have?
Pamela C.: Hi, Guy
ColecoGuy: Hey Guy Seasons Greetings...
BobS: oh, probably about 10 inches on the ground, maybe alittle less with the melt factor
rich: He's skimmed about 3 - 4" off the top of the load headed towards Toronto
Guy B.: Well, we have a break right now, but we are expecting another couple of inches on top of the 22 inches we already have for this month Alone.
rich: Care to drain a bit more out of the load, Bob?
Pamela C.: Dad! I have to drive in this stuff, ya know
ColecoGuy: yea take it all for a few days bob will ya!!
BobS: 22" !!!!! that's all???????? we are at 35" for the month
BobS: already surpassed the total snowfall of last winter
ColecoGuy: /....:-)
BobS: got 60+ inches already this season
Guy B.: You got lake effect. We got hit with 14" of snow last Monday.
Pamela C.: So, have you found your car yet Bob?
BobS: same here Guy
rich: By midmonth we'd had our heaviest fall in 21 years for December
ColecoGuy: snows the topic everyone!
Guy B.: Bob, let's send that snow to Michael.
rich: NO! That's where I live!!!
BobS: oh yes. Pam. car was right where I left it in the drive......I think........
Pamela C.: Another 2 inches and we'll have record snowfall for December - looks like we're gonna get that tonite
ColecoGuy: that includes Richard and Pam don't cha know!
BobS: sun had melted it off fairly well actually
Pamela C.: Are you sure? That must be the lump under the snow
rich: yes, we had a beautiful sunny but cold day here today
BobS: looks like we are ALL gonna get get some records this winter
Guy B.: We got some melting on Sunday until the next two storms hot, then the cold after that.
BobS: we would have to gwet about 18" more to beat our Dec record
Guy B.: That's hit.
Pamela C.: We had rain over the weekend, then more snow. Screwy weather
rich: see the US weather bureau is calling for a cold winter
BobS: yes
Guy B.: We already broke the record books for the most snow in December.
ColecoGuy: yea so is the Farmers Almanac
BobS: we came back on Sat squeaking in between storms
BobS: a little late but at least we got thru
Pamela C.: I thought they were originally predicting a warmer than usual winter?
ColecoGuy: Have a good Trip Bob
rich: yes, downwind of the lake you folks really get it
BobS: yup!
Guy B.: You should have stayed down there a little longer.
BobS: I know!!!!
BobS: we aere hurrying to get back aboard ship in St Thomas, and a local told us to just stay and he'd find us a job
BobS: shoulda done it!!!!
Pamela C.: I think that we wouldn;t appreciate the warmer weather if we didn't have winter.
rich: We are supposed to get intermittent flurries from now till past the end of the forecast period
rich: that's about five days
Pamela C.: yippee
BobS: ya like snow, eh?????
ColecoGuy: know mo snow!
BobS: ;-)
Pamela C.: get the impression I'm not fond of driving in snow? Otherwise it's fine
BobS: shovelin' sucks too!
Pamela C.: I don't mind shovelling as long as it;'s not heavy
Guy B.: According to the forecast here. Snow will end tomorrow morning then a break until another one comes in Friday. Wouldn't you know, I go back to work, but for 3 hours that day.
rich: tells you she lives in an apartment and doesn't have to shovel
ColecoGuy: dirty in the city after the first few minutes , where as in the country nice white clean
BobS: ah ha!
Pamela C.: I did it enough when I lived at home to know
rich: my doctor gets very upset if I talk about shovelling snow
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ColecoGuy: say know more///
Pamela C.: Don't tell him, that way he can't fuss.
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rich: well, I have to explain the heart attack somehow...
Pamela C.: Blame it on me. he'll believe that
BobS: well quit dat shobelin'!!!!!
Pamela C.: Anyone want a cat? Cheap? Just a bit noisy?
ColecoGuy: Well I can't say much about shoveling living in apartment
rich: fat or thin?
Guy B.: And it's bad enough with all this snow, that my trunk lock won't turn and it's not the cold. Theirs a computer in my car, which happens to be mine.
Pamela C.: Either one. Both seem intent on driving me nuts tonite. Whine, whine, whine
rich: well, feed them, that will shut them up
BobS: now that IS a problem Guy
Pamela C.: I already did. Didn't work
Guy B.: They only want one thing Pam, Food.
rich: water helps, too
ColecoGuy: hey you can have the dog if you want him Pam..He's so frig''gn happy! Drives me around the bend and back some days..16 years old acts like a 2 year old
Pamela C.: They want attention, especially when I'm doing something else that doesn't involve them
rich: try wrapping some presents
ColecoGuy: I know :-)
Pamela C.: Wanna trade? I guarantee you'll want the dog back in two days.
Guy B.: I got the car at my mechanic. He will try to open it up tomorrow and I can get the computer out and take it to the dealer for the better model I want.
ColecoGuy: I actually lived with two cats and found them alot less work then a DOG!!!!
rich: what you got and what you want, Guy?
Guy B.: At least I have someone to take me there.
Pamela C.: Guy, there is a gadget you can get that will de ice the locks. I have one
rich: a can of WD40 will usually do it if you're patient
Guy B.: The one in there now is a computer for a AMD Duron, I want to exchange it for the AMD Athlon 800 and the case will have 3 drive bays.
Pamela C.: The only good thing about cats is you don;t have to walk them
Guy B.: I tried that Pam, no luck.
Pamela C.: Really? Must be some iceberg
ColecoGuy: nad alot more Pam!!!!
BobS: get a new car!!!!
Guy B.: It's jammed. The car is only 7 years old and it was my sister's car.
rich: how about one of those gas lighters for RV water heaters?
ColecoGuy: yea ... thats a good idea! Bob!
Pamela C.: Molotov cocktail?
ColecoGuy: :-)
ColecoGuy: You got it Pam :-)
BobS: don't use the trunk then!
BobS: see??? we got it ALL figured out Guy! ;-)
Pamela C.: What kinda car, Guy?
Guy B.: 1993 Buick Century.
ColecoGuy: now she asks
ColecoGuy: :-)
Pamela C.: Well we don't want to blow it up until we know whether it's justified
ColecoGuy: :-)))
rich: GMC - Garage Managers Companion
Guy B.: I need the car and I also need the trunk. We have a special present to put in there.
rich: Guy, do you know how David Dunbar Buick lost his fortune?
Guy B.: How??
Pamela C.: It got locked in the trunk!!!
rich: He went into the car business. Do you know how he made it?
Guy B.: Well, tell me!!!!!
rich: He invented porcelain enamelling (as in your sink)
Pamela C.: Which came first?\
rich: making the fortune
Guy B.: So, what did he do with the porcelain.
BobS: made BEDPANS famous........
rich: He used teh process to make sinks - and of course licenced it to others
Pamela C.: THEN he locked them in the trunk
ColecoGuy: so the moral of the story
BobS: and hence, no fortune...... :-(
rich: that's why someone else's name is on your kitchen or bathroom sink - or bedpan!
BobS: :-)
Guy B.: So, he is the one who used that for sinks.
rich: Yep, invented the process
Pamela C.: I wish he had invented a cleaner for them as well
rich: How about another trivia question
ColecoGuy: :-)))
Pamela C.: Okay, Dad
Guy B.: Nothing to do with cars. I guess you guys heard that GM is stopping production of Oldsmobile.
ColecoGuy: yup..
rich: Under what name is the original Henry Ford Company operating today
Pamela C.: I heard.
ColecoGuy: I don't know?
Pamela C.: Chrysler?
ColecoGuy: nah
Pamela C.: Edison?
Guy B.: Chrysler stopped producing the Plymouth.
Pamela C.: Ford has stopped producing the Mercury
rich: The answer is Cadillac Division of General Motors
BobS: do Henry know this?????
Guy B.: That could be next Pam.
Pamela C.: Okay, next question please
rich: Hey, I still miss the DeSoto, not to mention Nash, Hudson, Packard, Studebaker...
Pamela C.: Around here, all the Mercury dealerships have become ford.
Pamela C.: Can you tell Dad's a car buff?
rich: Actually, Pam, the Mercury nameplate is still on cars sold here
Guy B.: We still have Mercury dealers here in the U.S., but Ford hasn't announced yet if the Mercury line is going to be dropped.
rich: it's just that the line has been narrowed down
rich: its now too specialized to support standalone dealerships
BobS: ours have been Lincoln/Mercury for a long time
Pamela C.: Now they're Ford Lincoln
rich: In the boondocks many dealerships have been Ford-Mercury-Lincoln since the year dot
Pamela C.: Are you insinuating I live in the boonies?
rich: If the shoe fits...
Pamela C.: Shall I quote from two weeks ago?
rich: I think my tactful anxswer is probably not
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Pamela C.: Just remember I have better TTC service here than you do.
changed username to james
Pamela C.: Hi James
Guy B.: Hi James!
james: "morning"
rich: James! 'bout time you got here!
james: :) sorry to be so late.
ColecoGuy: Hello James Saeson Greetings!
Pamela C.: You're late and other nagging
ColecoGuy: opps
rich: still fighting with that damned hotel?
BobS: howdy James
james: no, i've finally gotten things straightened out. now i'm fighting with visa to not have them delay my current bills by
james: a month so i can clear my card.
james: they do this stupid thing where stuff purchased outside of japan gets posted but doesn't show up on your bill until a second month
rich: you mean they don't want to clear your bill?
james: after and of course, in the meantime, it's all tied up.
Pamela C.: And then came Christmas . . .
Guy B.: Ok, I have a question for everyone here involving the e-mail on the emulator utilities. Has anyone tried Convdisk with a non-stanadard Adam disk?
rich: oh I get it - the delay is screwing up your limit
Pamela C.: brb, folks
james: yup. so i get bond place all straightened out only to look like an idiot because my card gets declined. i warned them that it might though.
rich: that's OK, your card can be declined even if everything is in order
rich: I've had mine declined a number of times because the lines to the authorization centre were down
rich: furthermore, they don't tell you it's their computer down - just "charge not authorized"
rich: leaves you standing there wondering what kind of deadbeat the store thinks you are
james: i've got almost everything charged and put through but i've got the general overall business skills of people in general.
james: gotta go - brb
rich: hmmm... beer seems to be running through fast tonight
rich: by the way Guy, get Michael to tell you about his new computer
Guy B.: Seems we have some of us having some trouble with reading Adam disks for the emulator.
Guy B.: Mike, what kind of new system do you have?
rich: think we worked it out that Win95 and later don't support the reading of DD discs
Guy B.: What about using DOS?
rich: or at least not on 5.25" drives, though they do on 3.5"
rich: no, I tried from the DOS prompt. No joy
rich: Dr.D. posted an explanation on it
Guy B.: Yes, I read some of the problems with that. I wonder if it's going to effect my documentation that I wrote for it now.
rich: So did Shawn, and if he ever gots a spell and grammar checker we'll find out what he was saying
rich: Anyway, I still have a Win31 partition on my computer, so I can work in that
ColecoGuy: P3 800mgz 256ram 16X DVD 8X CD-RW SBLive Pat 5.1 2 HD 15 13 G respective diskdrives etc.. Remote control for tv stereo and computer..32meg Vedio card!!!
Guy B.: I'll have to start testing out Convdisk. I know Dcopy won't work with double-sided disks.
ColecoGuy: Tell me what ya think Oh yea 19 inch Monitor
Guy B.: Mike, that's not a computer. That's more of a home theater you got there.
BobS: good lord!!!! that's just like a Cadillac!!!!
BobS: got gold hood ornament too????
ColecoGuy: Yea thats why I bought it! and then some!
rich: I should get a new computer too but I don't know what I'd do with it
ColecoGuy: I got rid of the TV stereo VCR etc... Space is at a priemium here!
Guy B.: Must of cost a good fortune too!
rich: I mean, how hot a chip does it take to run Free Cell?
ColecoGuy: 2289.00 was what I spent in total
james: $%&#!
rich: you talking about NTT again, james?
Guy B.: Whoa!!!
james: for a change, no.
rich: It's the DVD and 19" monitor that run the cost up
rich: basically it's a $1300 computer with a gold hood ornament
james: this guy comes with a delivery for my wife and the total comes to 2,296 yen. there goes my postage money for today. as if
ColecoGuy: Yea Monitor 430.00 and dvd at that speed is pricey...198.00
james: that weren't enough, he tells me he can't give change, so i say "fine" and give him 2,300 yen and tell him i don't need the 4
james: yen.
rich: last of the big spenders, james.
james: so what does he say "well, i can't do that", "can't do that!?". 4 yen. so i have to open up my piggy bank to find 96 yen.
rich: that's about 5-1/2 cents Canadian, isn't it?
james: it probably cost me more than that to heat the room and be online while i was doing that.
james: yeah. a bloody canadian nickel.
ColecoGuy: wow!
james: as though he'll be brought down on corruption charges or being on the take for 4 yen.
Pamela C.: I'm back. Shoulda given him the nickel, James
ColecoGuy: BRB...
james: i *wanted* to.
Pamela C.: No I meant a real Cdn nickel
BobS: tried to, but the delivery guy was honest......shame........
Guy B.: Well, you know the postal guys can be pretty picky.
james: don't have any..
Pamela C.: Around here I'm just happy if we *get* our mail
rich: by teh way, has the Logo disc got there yet, james?
Pamela C.: Personally I think the mailman only works three days a week
Guy B.: Bad enough I got my pay notice 15 days late. Today I get one day after it's sent out.
james: yesterday was a joy because the post office wanted 5,000 yen ($65cdn) to mail a *4 pound* box. the box is of course back here
james: in my study room.
Pamela C.: Send it Fedex, it's probably cheaper
rich: $65 for 2 kilos? Where were you sending it, to the moon?
BobS: I think ALL the post offcies are screwed up, I mailed somehting the other day and it cost almost double what I have been paying!
james: one would think. that was regular airmail to canada.
rich: For that price, send them only to the right politicians, timed to explode
james: btw bob - i *will* have your money order to you soon. i had a few things come up this month but you should have it by the new year.
james: sorry to keep you waiting.
BobS: no problem James, I haven't got time to checkthe hd andcontroller anyway right now
BobS: holidays and all ya know
rich: yes, our postal rates are go9ing up on Jan. 1st
rich: that means the post office will issue the new denomination stamps Jan 2nd
Pamela C.: How often do you actually mail things these days?
james: don't they go up every year?
rich: it only seems that way, james
Guy B.: Soon, I'll be selling my 486. It will have a 170mb hard drive, no floppy drives, but I can add one. A double speed CD-Rom, mouse, keyboard, and DOS 6.22 for $20. Whoever wants it will have to get a new CMOS battery. Anyone interested?
Pamela C.: no, this is the first increase in two years
rich: That what you're asking or paying folks to take it, Guy?
Guy B.: Asking price before I put it on Yahoo auctions.
BobS: sell the parts Guy
rich: I suggest Yahoo
BobS: more valuable than the whole computer
BobS: shipping costs too much for the computer
rich: at least save the DOS - you may need it for the Emulator
Guy B.: I'm keeping the monitor for now.
Guy B.: The emulator has been transfered to my P133.
rich: so put a DOS partition on the 133
Guy B.: I already done that. Dos and Win95 is on the same partition.
james: anyways, i hate to be a poop but my japanese teacher is coming over today and i need to make this room look a little more
james: respectable.
Guy B.: Ah, got to make a good impression James.
ColecoGuy: Take Care James
BobS: so you gonna throw out the computer????
Pamela C.: Gotta find the furniture
james: so i wish you all a merry christmas and happy holidays and look forward to more chats in the new year.
rich: OK James. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and see you day after Boxing Day
james: i may or may not be here on the 28th.
Guy B.: If I can't sell it, Maybe!
BobS: HOOKAY!!!!!
ColecoGuy: see yea then
james: since i'll be doing make up classes for the break i'm taking.
rich: Hope you'll make it, james
Pamela C.: Merry Christmas James and Happy New Year. See you next week!
james: cheers!
james: *poof*
james: bye pam!
Guy B.: James, if your not here next week, Have Merry Christmas and New Year.
Pamela C.: g'nite
james left chat session
Pamela C.: Anybody got a formula for stretching time? I need more
Guy B.: Bob, you want it? All you have to do is get a new battery.
rich: pam, you didn't mention - one bottle enough Sunday?
Pamela C.: Bring two. If we have extra, you can take it home with you
rich: OK will do. Any chance anyone else may drop by?
Pamela C.: Not much unless Ally comes up. Don't know what she's doing.
rich: OK, in case Ally or Kim or someone comes, we'll be ready
BobS: nope Guy!!! got enough and it tain't worth shipping
Pamela C.: Her name is Kimberly, Dad. She gets quite emphatic about that. She'll be at her parents all of Christmas eve and Christmas Day
BobS: IF you were in town, we'd take it gladly and add the stuff in
Guy B.: Ok, I'll put it up for auction. I'm selling it pretty cheap.
rich: yes, some people will bid on anything if it's cheap enough
Pamela C.: If you don't get rid of it Guy, bring it to the next con. Someone will take it off your hands there
ColecoGuy: Everyone It's been nice to see you all again But I have to go.....:-( I wish you the most joyous of seasons and a happy and wealthy NNNew year...
Guy B.: I can put in storage until the next con.
ColecoGuy: See ya next week I hope
rich: Changing topic - I hope we've all sent a note to Dr. D
Guy B.: Same to you Mike. Hope to see you again soon.
ColecoGuy: Dr. D??
BobS: happy whatever Michael
Pamela C.: Thanks, Michael. To you too. Call me soon and we'll get together
rich: See you Michael
BobS: and wealthy toto
rich: Rich lost his sister, Michael. Didn't you see his post?
Guy B.: Speaking of Dr. D. he hasn't mention the dates to the convention yet.
BobS: was thinking about Richard the other day.......wonder if they (he, herman & GK) have ventured into motel land yet
ColecoGuy: bye Take care all........ know I did not Richard!
rich: Better check it then - it was on the mail list
ColecoGuy: I will check now... see ya
ColecoGuy left chat session
BobS: didn't get the original post on that......
BobS: come to think of it, the last 3-4 days, I haven't got ANY posts from the ist
rich: do you want a forward then, Bob?
BobS: yew!
rich: will do that when we close down then
BobS: got Ron's email address change onthe 19th though........
rich: yes, he's given up on the tin can and string
Pamela C.: Got a better string?
rich: but he's got a curling club party tonight so can't join us
BobS: "home" mail
BobS: ah so.......
rich: yes, home is the cable URL in Canada
rich: the cooke bit is from his street address
BobS: AH! went the new route, eh?
Guy B.: Well, I'm going to go. Have to get something to eat, check my e-mail for both my own and work. So have a Merry Christmas everyone, and I'll see you all next week.
rich: me, I think I'll hold out till I can get DSL at a decent price
Pamela C.: I guess we'll see how he likes it - sometimes cable is a bit iffy
rich: Merry Christmas, Guy, and see you next WEdnesday
Pamela C.: Merry Christmas Guy - see you next week. By the way, we need an update on your date from last week at some point
rich: right now I'm more interested in looking inot satellite tv
BobS: be good Guy
BobS: !
Guy B.: My date! Boy, I have to tell you guys that then. Give you a clue, it's someone from work. Tell you all about that next week. Bye.
rich: bye now Guy
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela C.: Is satellite really worth it Dad?
rich: once you pay teh capital cost, it's far more reasonable than cable
Pamela C.: But how long will it take to amortize itself?
rich: I reckon about $23/mo for the channels I'd want
BobS: well, depends if the thing is a package deal with tv cable and net service and shatever
BobS: that isn't bad
BobS: and that includes net service?
rich: no, this service doesn't offer net service yet
Pamela C.: I've been bugging them to get cable or whatever for about 15 years. They're still running off antenna
rich: yeah, but Rogers wants more than I spend on cigarettes for a year
Pamela C.: You know Mom would tell you to quit smoking
rich: I listen as well as you do on that point
BobS: antenna is good...........
BobS: depends on what ya get
rich: we've been having interference problems on the US channels lately
Pamela C.: Antenna is okay if all you want is the local channels but if you want specialty of any type (read sports) you have to go with a provider
rich: basically we must have more antenna channels than almost anyplace in the world
BobS: ah so....... dat's not GUT !!!
rich: but if you want TSN (ESPN North) and Speedvision, then they aren't on antenna
Pamela C.: The problem is, one of them is CBC, and one is TV Ontario
rich: nothing wrong with CBC
Pamela C.: I never watch it. I must admit though that most of the stuff I watch is on CTV
rich: I watch the news there, period. And I'm not impressed with that
Pamela C.: The rest is on specialty channels like History, A&E, Life, Comedy etc.
rich: you watch a lot more tv than we do
Pamela C.: And I watch less than Russell does. He would be glued to it all day if I didn't pry him away once in a while
rich: that's what comes of shift work
BobS: tv keeps me company when on the computer mostly. noise factor, and I don't see much of it
rich: I mostly find tv is too much of a distraction so I leave it off
rich: just like to watch CFL football and racing
Pamela C.: Don't knock shift work, it makes for ahealthy marriage.
Pamela C.: Otherwise, he might be dead right now.
BobS: opps!
BobS: oops!
BobS: that look better......
Pamela C.: You read so much, I'm surprised you find time for any TV. What happened, bob?
BobS: can't spell!
BobS: :-)
Pamela C.: Aside from that
rich: farn dingers?
Pamela C.: fimble ningers
BobS: them too!!!
rich: duck, Bob, you're outnumbered!
Pamela C.: I'm suffering from that malady tonite too
Pamela C.: Two Clees to one
BobS: hey, father/ an early morning and long day tomorrow, so!!!
rich: I hardly ever have problems, except when I want to spell "the"
Pamela C.: Yeah, I have to wrap Russells presents now that he has left for his midnite shift.
rich: going to pack it in, are you?
BobS: I am gonna leave, bid you a fond adieu and a MERRY CHRISTMAS
Pamela C.: Have a great Christmas Bob! Are you around next week?>
rich: Merry Christmas to you, Judy and all the family, and see you next week
BobS: hope ALL your presents a GREAT ones, and be safe!!!!
rich: will send that forward, Bob
Pamela C.: Ditto
BobS: thank ya, say HI to Frances, see ya'll next week!!!!
Pamela C.: G'nite
rich: will do - nite now
BobS left chat session
Pamela C.: Dad, do you think the "the" problem is inherited?
Pamela C.: I suffer from it too.
rich: I don't know, you seem to be doing OK
rich: then maybe it's catching - I didn't used to have it
Pamela C.: you don't know how many times I correct it - thank god for computers
rich: it's come on recently - could I have got it from you?
rich: not so much computers as spell checks
Pamela C.: It was the one thing I always got nailed on in typing class. Maybe it's like insanity, you get it from your kids
rich: did an email last night, kina long
rich: Oh, did I get the double red underlines!
Pamela C.: To Dave?
rich: no, this was one of my "public rants" type
Pamela C.: Ah. Why do you have spell check on anyway? Your'e a great speller; another thing I inherited
Pamela C.: Or haven't you figured out how to turn it off?
rich: it comes in the Eudora package, and lets me hurry my typing
Pamela C.: Isn't technology great?
rich: but yes, I know how to turn it off
Pamela C.: I really should go and wrap some presents and then get some sleep for a change.
rich: OK, if not before we'll see you Sunday, two bottles of fine white Reisling in hand
Pamela C.: Russell is home from tomorrow morning until Christmas so this is my last chance. I will call on Saturday to firm up times and such. Is Mom going to CPL on Saturday?
rich: I believe so, pending any last minute changes
Pamela C.: Okay, then will call in the evening. Good nite for now.
rich: a bad snowfall tends to make her chicken out
rich: nite for now
Pamela C.: bye
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