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Pamela C.: Hi Dad
rich-c: hello daughter
Pamela C.: Just us so far?
rich-c: while we're alone, was there something I was supposed to send you by email?
Pamela C.: Don't think so
rich-c: OK, just wanted to check
rich-c: something in the back of my mind but I guess it's wrong
Pamela C.: Sorry for the sluggish response, I'm not really all here
rich-c: have yourself a hard day?
Pamela C.: What were you thinking of?
Pamela C.: No, just long - I need more quality sleep
rich-c: Had a vague idea there was some email goodie I was going to send you
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rich-c: Yes, you tend to be a little short on sleep most of teh time
changed username to Guy B.
Pamela C.: Hi, Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
rich-c: Aha! The mighty Guy!
rich-c: So how's things in Chicago tonight?
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Guy B.: It's cold here and we have another snowstorm coming in Friday.
rich-c: What do you know - now Bob's here
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Guy B.: Yo Bob!
Pamela C.: Everyone's popping up
WB: Hello All!
Pamela C.: Hi, Bob
Guy B.: Hi Willie!
BobS: hiya guys and gal
rich-c: Hey, the whole mob is showing up at once - Welcome, Willie
Pamela C.: Hi, Willie
rich-c: wonder if we'll get Ron early, since he's a time zone closer
Pamela C.: Huh?
rich-c: he's visiting with the folks in Edmonchuk
Pamela C.: Ah
Guy B.: Rich, isn't Ron a couple time zones back?
Guy B.: Oh, where would that be?
rich-c: yes, usually he's in the Pacific zone - tonight he's in Mountain
BobS: he is VISITIN' and won't have time!
rich-c: said he hoped to get a chance - you know, to "inspect" the computer
Pamela C.: What's with the western accent, Bob?
Guy B.: He doesn't have a notebook, how will he get here?
rich-c: the folks he's visiting are on line
BobS: i am SICK of the snow here in the east, so I am gonna be a western cowboy from arizona!
rich-c: so what temperature are you down to, Guy?
BobS: sounds good....yes?
Pamela C.: I'll go along with that
BobS: guy was prolly COLD!
Guy B.: We are in the teens, the wind chill is below zero.
BobS: we are going to hit 5 -10 below zero F tonight
rich-c: I dunno - my cursor crony in Phoenix was complaining he had to put on sox under the sandals when he went out to barbeque the steaks last night
BobS: aw geez, my heart bleeds! ;-)
rich-c: we are slated for about 0F tonight and not much over 5F tomorrow
Pamela C.: Poor Dave - I should check with Denver and see how he's feeling about his temps
rich-c: right- where did he move to - LA?
Pamela C.: No, Phoenix, poor boy
Guy B.: Bob, did you hear what Netzero will do on January 1st?
rich-c: tell us all, Guy
BobS: what????
Guy B.: Netzero will impose a $9.95 monthly fee if you go over 40 hours a month.
Pamela C.: You wanna be cold, you should have been in my office today - we had no heat!
rich-c: does that mean they'll let you leave out the ads?
BobS: netzero......defenders of the FREE world........
WB: must no be making enough with advertisements
BobS: got a message about the 40 hour bit, but don't remember the costs......
Guy B.: No, that won't change. They are gearing towards those who use it heavily and towards businesses. Currently 12% are under the 40 hours a month range.
BobS: last month i used 0 hours
BobS: just use ti for the free email and a backup ISP
Guy B.: Same here.
BobS: so it won't effect my use
rich-c: backups are nice to have, but there's always a hook
BobS: did you hear about Corecomm?????
rich-c: tell us, Bob
BobS: on their website, they are listing 20 bucks a month instead of ten
BobS: haven't gotten any notice yet, but........
BobS: if they go for the 20 bucks may have to jump ship ....AGAIN
rich-c: don't think they've picked the brightest time to get greedy
BobS: these nerdy computer types could care less about us little guys
Guy B.: That's for the premium Internet service. That includes the 3 e-mail addresses, 10mb web page space. I think we are still on the $9.95 deal.
rich-c: it isn't smart to double your price just when everyone is getting a free option
BobS: maybe the wall street types are horning in onthe business and are looking at bottom line
BobS: I'm still on the 9.95 deal and so is Doug & Meeka
rich-c: I'm just waiting to see what my ISP is going to charge for DSL
BobS: SO!!!! Willie how goes the college computer courses???
rich-c: he says he hopes to have it on offer in the next 90 days
Pamela C.: Since it's Tamco, I'm sure he'll be reasonable, Dad
Guy B.: I got a new camera for my birthday and I finally will be getting rid of that 110. This one has a timer, now I can get the whole group for next years con without asking someone to take a shot for me.
WB: I am on vacation until Jan. 8, 2001
rich-c: what sort of camera did you get, Guy?
Pamela C.: Are you a Christmas baby, Guy?
BobS: forgot about holiday break....then you start afresh and all brand new bunch of rookies, eh?
rich-c: eh look - Bob talks Canajian
WB: Yes a new set of victims I mean students
Guy B.: It's a Bell and Howell. Has a 70mm zoom lens, red eye reduction feature, auto flash. It's a really nice camera.
Guy B.: I was born 9 days before Christmas.
rich-c: didn't know B&H were making still cameras - I've never seen one
Guy B.: Wal-Mart had theses.
rich-c: a 35mm, I gather?
Guy B.: It is.
rich-c: I haven't been using my camera much of late - I have two
Pamela C.: I've been looking at a new camera too, but I'm going to disappoint Dad and get another 35mm
Pamela C.: Why is that, Pop?
BobS: no way!!! digital is SOOOOOnice
rich-c: why would that disappoint me?
BobS: and can view and erase pics from the camers, ec
Pamela C.: Because you're big on the SLRs
Pamela C.: All that teaching, gone to waste
rich-c: yes, but I acknowledge they are bulky and heavy to carry
rich-c: and, rangefinder type technology has made a few strides in teh last year or so
Pamela C.: Wouldn't mind a digital, but they're expensive and I don't have the support right now
Guy B.: But, you have to check around. The prices are coming down, but you may need a USB port for the transfer.
rich-c: yes, and any memory worth having costs a mint
rich-c: and what do you do when you're travelling and don't have a computer to download to?
Guy B.: Even those cards for the newer ones are not cheap.
rich-c: like, they should be honest and use a gfun and mask
rich-c: it's like inkjet printers - they'll all but give you the thing so you'll use their overpriced inks
BobS: downolad that baby on the laptop
rich-c: don't got some laptop
Pamela C.: Who's got $2000 for a laptop?
WB: I had a friend of mine go down to the local Walgreens and pick up a cheapie for $49.95
rich-c: can't have a laptop - screens are too small for my eyesight
Guy B.: Speaking of ink. I found that Wal-Mart has the lowest price for them.
Pamela C.: Cheapie printer, Willy?
rich-c: bet I do better - I bought a refill kit
BobS: you can get the Polaroid 640 for about $120US, then a reader for the disk drive OR a pcmcia slot for about $35-40US
WB: The resolution is not anywhere near the best, but he is happy with it.
rich-c: at least six refills for under $30
BobS: aw, rich, ya just gotta put your eyes CLOSER
WB: no $49.95 digital camera
rich-c: can't I get noseprints on teh screen
Pamela C.: Stronger glasses, maybe?
rich-c: sort of my Herman (previous incarnation) imitation
Pamela C.: I knew that guy looked familiar
rich-c: yes, isn't there a toy Barbie digital camera that's real cheap?
rich-c: actually we have inkjets selling around here for $49.95 today - Canadian
WB: Actually this camera was a Kodak
rich-c: yes, I think I've see their low-ender
Guy B.: I have a friend who has that as part of the Barbie computer she bought for her daughter.
Pamela C.: I haven't seen any computer stuff in Walmart up here
WB: the camera gives half way decent photos
rich-c: did you know that the Barbie computer licensee has gone bust?
BobS: Polaroid ahd a 320 digital for the $50US but tha didn't have removeable media card I don't think
Guy B.: Look in Electronics, that's where they are.
rich-c: WalMart has digital cameras here, but doesn't sell computers
Pamela C.: So far, all they seem to have is the audio type and a few regular 35mm cameras - I haven't looked that closely, I'll admit
rich-c: privately, I suspect that's because our market is too competitive for them
WB: $50 digital camera are for those who want to try the technology
rich-c: well, if you want a small file to save to some floppies, computer screens don't give that great resolution anyway
Pamela C.: Problem is, if you want to show your pictures, you need a printer that will support photo quality, plus the special paper and that's where the cost really comes in
rich-c: I use 800x600 becuase it's sort of the de facto internet standard
rich-c: but I would go to 640x480 if I didn't have the 17 inch monitor
Pamela C.: Wanna swap monitors, Dad?
Guy B.: That's correct. If you want to that. Get a Lexmark Z52. This printer has a 2400X1200 resolution. It goes for $179 US.
BobS: WOW, that's expensive in today's world
Pamela C.: I hear the HP printers are very good for that
WB: Actually you can find the Z52 for less
rich-c: There's quite a battle for quality in printers now - Canon and Epson are pushing hard too
Pamela C.: So far I'm not impressed by my Canon - it went toes up a few days ago, just before the warranty expired
Guy B.: Actually I got mine as a replacement for my Lexmark 3200 which broke down.
rich-c: I'm using an NEC that I got free
Guy B.: At least I didn't have to spend any money for it. My service contract for the old printer covered it.
rich-c: Michael gave it to me when he found out he could get a new Canon with full kit for less than the cost of the ink cartridges for the NEC
WB: I am using a Lexmark Z11 I got for my birthday
BobS: just got an ol HP deskjet 400
rich-c: Is Lexmark an IBM associate or subsidiary?
BobS: on both the ibm and the ADAM
Guy B.: Lexmark I believe is part of IBM.
rich-c: Really? James wants to know how to use an inkjet with the Adam
Pamela C.: I think that's right as we have IBM computers in the office and we're using Lexmark printers
Guy B.: Bob what did you do to make the inkjet work with your Adam?
rich-c: These days teh way IBM is spinning things off you never know
BobS: simply plugged it in!
Guy B.: Besides that, did you try it out with your Adam?
BobS: haven't tried it with Powerpaint yet, keep forgetting. Judy uses it for ADAMcalc and it works great
rich-c: then I guess it just woerks off the old Epson codes as default
BobS: that is what i figure
BobS: should also work for Powerpaint
Guy B.: That must be. I'm still using dot matrix.
rich-c: will your Adam support a 24-pin dot matrix?
BobS: ya
BobS: but as PJ says "a little millimeter longer" doth it print
rich-c: OK, mine won't - it will do teh 9-pin but not 24-pin
rich-c: are you using an MI printer card, then?
BobS: thas' strange. thought it used the same driver........Panaonic that is
BobS: Panasonic
BobS: what ya tryin????
Guy B.: Will a Panasonic 2135 24 pin work with the Adam? I have a brand new one that my mom gave me.
BobS: got an eve card
rich-c: I have a real old generic printer interface - PJ suggested that might be my problem
BobS: try it!
BobS: old as in what kind
rich-c: Guy, I don't know what a KXP-2135 model is - must be very new
rich-c: the one I have is the 2123
BobS: 1124i I got
Guy B.: It came out back in the 90's. The one I have is a color 2135 printer.
BobS: well, ADAM is NOT gonna print in color!
rich-c: I didn't even know Panasonic made a colour dot matrix
Guy B.: Unless you do some fast button switching.
BobS: not on that one. Think Sol had an Okidata driver for PowerPaint that worked in color
Guy B.: I have a KXP-2180 with a color kit added on it.
rich-c: I think your market has Panasonic models that aren't sold here
rich-c: not mind you that I've made any effort to keep up with them
Guy B.: Swiftprint is the one that supported the color printing. Will this work?
BobS: NO
BobS: think the Okidata was a serial printer instead of a parallel one also......
rich-c: Wonder if my old monochrome Citizen inkjet will work with the Adam
Guy B.: The Oki did have a parralel version.
BobS: tryit, you like it!
rich-c: There was some sort of Okidata colour printer patch for the Adam
rich-c: but I'm not sure if Sol Swift was the one who was offering it
Guy B.: Niad use to sell Oki's when they were in business.
rich-c: By the way, did Lyle keep the shop open as a DOS business or give that up too?
Guy B.: He gave up the whole thing back in 1994.
rich-c: OK, that was my impression but I wasn't sure. Anyone heard of him since?
Guy B.: No. That was when good ol Zonker asked me if Niad was going. I wrote a letter to Lyle and that's when he gave me the bad news. He and Jim Notini were too busy with there full time jobs that they couldn't continue running Niad.
BobS: nope, Jim Notini was around fro a little while, but then he too vanished
rich-c: Notini is busy with his job, but is still heard from very occasionally
BobS: I tried to get him to sell me some of the stuff he claimed to have - ADAM 1200 baud modem; 2+" disk drive.....but never could get him to reply and commit
rich-c: so make me an offer for my Sydmodem
BobS: I didn't want the stuff to disappear
Guy B.: Rich, Lyle did give you the entire Niad PD library right?
BobS: but that's not original Coleco!
BobS: ok, how much????
rich-c: For all practical purposes, yes - but it was bought, not given
Guy B.: So you bought from him. Didn't know that. I thought he gave you the entire library.
rich-c: I suspect I have just about every piece of EOS software anyone published for the Adam ever
rich-c: Lyle? Give? You can't be serious
rich-c: I alsso bought a lot from Steve Major and various other sources
BobS: all software stuff from the 2 of them???
rich-c: for all practical purposes, yes
rich-c: remeber they didn't have much commercial stuff left when they folded
BobS: I bought Steve Major's ADAM setup and then had to send it in to Mark Gordon to fix the sucker
BobS: maybe that's why Steve bailed......hmmmmm...
rich-c: well, I got some MI disc drives from him, claimed to be new
BobS: did they work????
BobS: or did he stiff you too?
rich-c: I believe Ste4ve bailed because he got a job with an Apple outfit
rich-c: they work - wanna buy one? Regular MI price!
BobS: which is????
BobS: I am a die hard 160k man though......
rich-c: whatever Mark was charging for them - have to look it up
rich-c: in your bucks, think it was $200 for the 320 and a bit more for teh 720
rich-c: you'd also have to add shipping
BobS: ouch!
Pamela C.: no inflation?
rich-c: I'm being charitable - not even charging my interest costs financiang them all these years
rich-c: could even bring them to the next Adamcon - no shipping, and if they don't work, don't buy
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Pamela C.: when is the con this year?
changed username to Guy B.
WB: Rich-c, what is the cost for PD on tape
rich-c: it's in Cleveland sometime in July
Pamela C.: Ah, humidity central
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. Something got screwed with the system.
Pamela C.: You're twins, Guy
rich-c: You supply the tape, the copy charge is negotiable - depends on quantity
Guy B. requested to ban Guy B.
WB confirmed ban
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Pamela C. confirmed ban
BobS: somebody wants to throw Guy out...........hmmm......
Guy B. requested to ban Guy B.
rich-c confirmed ban
Pamela C. confirmed ban
WB confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Guy B.: I'm on twice. There I got rid of the dup.
rich-c: essentially, Willie, figure tape plus postage plyus something for my time and trouble in hathe originals, doing the work, and checking and backing it
BobS: ok thro him out!!!!
BobS: :-)
BobS: I like the idea of bringing them to the next con Richard
Pamela C.: no twins allowed, obviously
BobS: how many you got????
Guy B.: Ok, where was I. Oh, yes I was talking about Niad.
rich-c: generally my copy charge has been $3 but if someone wants ten tapes or something - I'll haggle
BobS: just take them thru customs as your own stuff and see what happens at the con
Pamela C.: He's cheap, but he ain't easy
rich-c: Bob, I just have the single 320 and 720 - subject to prior sale (ha!)
Pamela C.: If you haven't sold them by now, Dad, I don't think anyone has to worry
rich-c: don't bet on it, daughter, I do get requests - not often, but some
Pamela C.: In six years?
BobS: Willie is thinkin about them both........
rich-c: and who knows, once the Xmas credit wreckage clears, they may get serious again
Pamela C.: Wreckage is right. Didja drink the wine?
Guy B.: Rich, how much Adam inventory do you have altogether?
rich-c: You mean the icewine? Nope, that's for very special occasions
rich-c: At reatil, probably something around $5000 in the company, no idea on personal stuff
Guy B.: Whoa, and I take it not very many orders either.
rich-c: anyway, Pam, we're contemplating toasting teh new millenium
rich-c: I am not beating off the customers with a stick
Pamela C.: Okay by me - but I would like to taste it someday
rich-c: so what are you doing new years eve?
Pamela C.: We are heading for Kimberly's parents place again this year - actually just me as Russell has to work
rich-c: oh, guess we'll have to contemplate another strategy then
Pamela C.: Just save me some - just a taste
rich-c: you'll like it - it is very intense so the sweetness isn't overkill
Pamela C.: I like the sweet stuff, remember?
rich-c: I'd noticed, but this is not like that Neirsteiner Kabinett
Pamela C.: In case you all are wondering, I gave dad a very good bottle of icewine for Christmas
Pamela C.: He threatened to drink it for dessert
Guy B.: Kind of wondering what you two were talking about. That's nice Pam.
rich-c: Icewine is a very special product, Guy
Pamela C.: Well, he's hard to buy for and this seemed appropriate
rich-c: it sells for about 10 cents a millilitre
Guy B.: As I'm curious what it is.
Pamela C.: Tacky, Dad. You shouldn't ask what I paid for it.
rich-c: It's a wine that can only be made in one corner of Ontario and one valley in B.C.
rich-c: I didn't ask what you paid for it; I know what the category sells for
Guy B.: Now why is it called icewine?
rich-c: Because it can't be made until the grapes have been exposed to a deep subfreezing temperature for many hours
rich-c: then they have to be picked and pressed right away
rich-c: you have people out in sub-zero F cold picking on Xmas Eve sometimes
Guy B.: Only in Canada that this wine is made?
Pamela C.: Only in Canada . . .pity
rich-c: The odd year the Germans manage a small pressing, but their climate is too risky
Pamela C.: Nowhere else gets cold enough most of the time
Pamela C.: It's amazing the stuff I absorb about this
Guy B.: Wow, only California in the U.S . is where the wine is made.
rich-c: We almost lost the entire crop two years ago; there wasn't enough cold until one lucky snap the end of February
Guy B.: I take it, that icewine comes in different varieties.
Pamela C.: When we were in California in '75 we spent a lot of time touring the Napa valley - Mom and Dad were in heaven
rich-c: Generally it is made from Reisling grapes, but our local people have had great success with Vidal
rich-c: We even have some local mavericks trying a sparkling red icewine now
Pamela C.: That sounds good!
Guy B.: Now that sounds really good.
rich-c: It's a very much acquired taste, nearer a liquer than a wine
Pamela C.: My biggest problem with reds is the bitterness
rich-c: that's so for many people - but without it, the wine is worthless. Trust me on that
Pamela C.: I find it overwhelms any other flavours - wacky tastebuds, maybe?
rich-c: no. lack of study and experience. It's the common state
Pamela C.: well, excuuuuuuuse me!
rich-c: I've learned that there are wine drinkers and everyone else, and the opposites don't agree
Pamela C.: too true - that may be why I don't enjoy things like turnip either - too bitter most of the time
Pamela C.: Opinions, folks?
(Guy B. groans loudly)
Pamela C.: It's okay, we sound like this all the time
Pamela C.: It's been an ongoing argument for many years
rich-c: believe it or not, in my senescence I'm finding some things too sweet
WB: I find most liquors do not agree with my taste buds so I leave them alone for stronger drinls like Coca-Cola
Guy B.: Now you see why all of us except you and your dad stepped aside.
Pamela C.: When you say liquors Willy, do you mean other things as well as wine?
rich-c: I think I have had one Coke in the last 25 yearws - in a shop that didn't have coffee
Pamela C.: So says the caffeine addict
WB: The last drink I had was Everclear straight
Pamela C.: What's that?
WB: 180 proof rum
Pamela C.: Oh!
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rich-c: You'd love Newfie Screech!
Pamela C.: Guy is twins again!
WB: It goes nicely with the Coke
rich-c: So I've heard, but it's too sweet for me
Pamela C.: How did you taste the Coke? And is Everclear white rum, or other?
BobS: can't even taste the Coke!!!
WB: But I haven't drank liquor since my college days.
rich-c: I've pretty much given up the hard stuff - but then I rarely drank it except socially anyway
WB: And only when challenged to a drinking contest. I got to pick the drink.
BobS: got some raspberry chocolate rum a few weeks ago, now THAT has possibilities
Pamela C.: Since I'm the driver, my drinking is usually limited to a cooler of some kind, early in the evenin
WB: One shot of Everclear was all that was necessary!
rich-c: and I dread to think the possibilities of what
BobS: oh Pam!!! a saying i heard awhile back suits that situation....."it sucks to be you!"
Pamela C.: Raspberry chocolate rum, huh? That sounds good, Bob - do you drink it straight?
BobS: poor thing, gotta drink a little and early!
WB: My wife gets drunk off of one glass of slow gin fizz.
rich-c: Yes, they used to say at Oxford that any gentleman was entitled to get drunk - once
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BobS: tasted it tonight. and it NEEDS to be in something else!
Pamela C.: You know, I don't drink to get drunk cos I get sick first, and I HATE getting sick, so I don't drink alot
BobS: gotthe bite of straight wiskey
WB: My goodness three Guy B.
Pamela C.: Triplets
Guy B. requested to ban Guy B.
WB confirmed ban
Pamela C. confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
WB: now doubles!
BobS: he IS prolific!!!
BobS: quit playing around Guy! ;-)
rich-c: guess we'll just have to bounce him again
Pamela C.: get someone else to second for a change, I'm starting to feel like the bad guy
BobS requested to ban Guy B.
WB confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Pamela C. confirmed ban
rich-c: seconded
BobS: and I thought it was me!!!
BobS: I bounced him 3 times already
rich-c: gee, Guy, they all hate you!
BobS: first time I ignored it......
Pamela C.: Not!!!
WB: Whew one Guy B is all I can handle (ROFL)
(rich-c groans loudly)
BobS: I wonder if he is really there.........
WB: Hello Guy b.
rich-c: yes, he is still showing on the list
Pamela C.: Is he out there?
BobS: but, but , he isn't talkin'...........
WB: My goodness it's the Ghost of Guy b.
Pamela C.: lol
rich-c: I think he's sulking 'cause we all dumped on him
BobS: I know he is the quiet shy type, but this is ridiculous
Pamela C.: We gotta get him another girl
BobS: he was gonna tell usthis week.........
Pamela C.: Speaking of which, Guy, you were gonna tell us about your date
rich-c: I suspect maybe he's receiving but not sending
rich-c: sometimes this program gets into that sort of snit
Pamela C.: you may be right
Pamela C.: computers with personalities - oh no
rich-c: that's why he's been on and off, isn't it?
Pamela C.: You'd think he was with NTT
rich-c: speaking of which, we're missing james tonite
Pamela C.: BTW, where's James tonite? Or is that tomorrow?
BobS: aw shucks and now he knows what we said about him!
BobS: thought maybe he wouldshow up late, but.......
rich-c: is that why Guy just pulled the plug?
Pamela C.: He'll be back, I think
BobS: probqably lost in never never land
rich-c: comes from dealing with cheap ISPs
WB: Well Folks! It is nighty-night time! Have a Happy New Year! Goodnight!
rich-c: and a happy new century to you, Willie
WB left chat session
Pamela C.: Goodnite Willy, and Happy New Year to you. See you next year (I mean week)
BobS: now, now here!
BobS: same dumb isp I got........
rich-c: Yes, tonight week and month and year and century and millenium all apply
Pamela C.: They seem to like you though Bob
Pamela C.: That's true, Dad - for us purists, that is.
BobS: well, might as well pack it in tonight kids.........HAPPY NEW YEAR and i will see ya'll next week IF the snow don't take down the lines!
Pamela C.: HNY bob - see you next week
rich-c: OK Bob, Happy all-of-'em to you and see you next week
Pamela C.: Dad, have you noticed we're starting to sound alike? Scary!
BobS: HI HO SILVER.....AWAY!!!!!! :-)
rich-c: definitely!
BobS: say HI to all! and HNY!
BobS left chat session
rich-c: looks like Bob's having trouble getting off
rich-c: oh, there he goes now
Pamela C.: Methinks it's bedtime. Maybe if I go early, I'll get some sleep before himself gets home
rich-c: sounds like a good idea. take it easy, then
Pamela C.: Maybe we should give Guy some of his stuff for stickum
rich-c: or something
Pamela C.: Nite, nite. Will call later in the week. Say g'nite to mom, too. xoxoxoxoxo
rich-c: OK, hear from you then. Nite
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