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Pamela C.: gee it's awful quiet in here - where is everyone?
Pamela C.: Hello?
Pamela C.: I'm getting lonely
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changed username to RichDrushel
Pamela C.: Hi, Rich - you're not who I expected!
RichDrushel: You must be Richard and Francis' daughter...we've never met before, so hello, Pamela!
Pamela C.: Very good, I wasn't sure you would put it together! Nice to meet you
RichDrushel: Are you standing in for your parents tonight?
Pamela C.: No, Dad should be along shortly. In fact, it was him I was expecting as he's usually on before everyone else!
RichDrushel: It's been since before their vacation break that I've been on one of the chats here. I have a couple weeks before classes start again, so I have a free evening...also, the news about the death of Ena brought me around.
Pamela C.: I gather that Ena is Guys' ex-wife?
RichDrushel: That's the first time I ever heard that suggestion before...I have no idea...I presume you mean Guy Cousineau? I don't believe I ever knew his wife's name.
Pamela C.: Sorry, I'm obviously thinking of something else. Glad I made that goof in private then. So who is (was) Ena?
RichDrushel: Ena Greenshields, of MTAG, and I believe the editor of the MTAG newsletter. There was a post to the coladam mailing list yesterday saying that Ena had died (some unspecified time before).
Pamela C.: Oh. Unfortunately the name is not familiar at all. I'm sure that she will be missed by a lot of people.
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changed username to rich c
RichDrushel: Other than the announcement post, there have been no others on this topic...I was hoping that there would be some more news from the Toronto contingent tonight. I believe that calling hours at the funeral home were tonight.
rich c: Hi, namesake and daughter
RichDrushel: Hello Richard, Pamela and I were just getting acquainted.
rich c: Oh, she knows all about you, Rich
Pamela C.: Good evening, Dad. Rich, I'm sure that there will be plenty of info floating around.
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rich c: Pamela sees our Adamcon photos and hears teh family gossip
changed username to RobertoS
RobertoS: howdy partners!
Pamela C.: And have spent the last eight weeks or so listening to everyone gossip. Hi, Bob!
rich c: Well, lloks like the Michiganders are dug out of the snowdrits
RichDrushel: Richard, before I forget, I meant to tell you that the 2 power supplies you sent previously work perfectly. I used them in place of full printers at this December's Egg Hunt, for the ADAMs which drove the scoreboard and time clock.
Pamela C.: Where do you hide the eggs, in snow banks?
RobertoS: got an ADAM question Frances nearby???
rich c: I'd hope so, Rich, I did check th3em out before shipping, of course
RichDrushel: "RobertoS"--a south-of-the-border alias?
RobertoS: se' senoir
Pamela C.: that's "si"
rich c: Bob, Frances is busy playing speadsheet on the Amiga
RobertoS: sout of da canadian vorder
RobertoS: se
RobertoS: :-)
Pamela C.: : ))
RichDrushel: Always nice to confirm that shipment did not disrupt their operating condition.
RobertoS: got as logo question......
rich c: OK, hold on while I see if I can holler her up
RobertoS: hookay
rich c: she says she'll come
RobertoS: RichD....may I dare ask how plans????
rich c: Frances, what question Bob?
RobertoS: got james newyear logo greeting and want to include it on the ANN disk for Jan 2001
RichDrushel: I still have to get together with HLM-GMK. My sister's death put me out of town when they were in town, and then they each left town afterwards.
RobertoS: finally found a good cvopy of LOGO to load then setdevice to 4 and loaded the program....
rich c: okay,so?
RobertoS: NOW, ho do I run it?????
RichDrushel: So, if you're asking about a specific date and a specific hotel, the answer is "not yet". But it will be decided in the next couple weeks for sure. My guess is 3rd week of July, as "usual".
RobertoS: the nerve of some GK's & HM's
rich c changed username to Frances
RobertoS: sasy not enough inputs to run
Frances: First, load Logo. Then load the program. Then type the program name.
Pamela C.: (hi, Mom)
RobertoS: did that, the stuff got "defined"
RobertoS: and that's as far as it got so far
Frances: Ask it to edit the program to see what the inputs are or ask it to print it out
RichDrushel: I want to have a Saturday afternoon road trip down to CWRU, to the LEGO robot lab. I have 2 ADAMs there already, so we can have regular sessions, too. Logistics depend on how close the hotel is and how far people can stand to walk from various visitor parking lots.
RobertoS: "i don't know how to inputs
RobertoS: typsed in EDIT "INPUTS and now it says TO INPUTS END
RichDrushel: CWRU tends to have visitor parking not-so-near the campus...if a couple hundred yard walk is too much for some people, then that will affect transportation arrangements.
Frances: If you type "to whatevername" it will put the procedure in Edit mode and the whole procedure and its requirements will be in front ofyou
RichDrushel: [back in a couple minutes]
Pamela C.: Rich, put everyone who can't do the walk in a single vehicle and drop them at the door - then have the person with the good feet park and join you.
Frances: Rich here - Bob, the program needs certain parameters to run
Frances: By reading the program maybe you can guess the parameters
Frances: If not, you may have to go back to James
Frances: Frances here. After the program name, there may be variables which will be proceeded by :
Frances: They should give you a clue about what is required. E.g., a number of some kind
RichDrushel: [returns]
Pamela C.: Rich, see my note above re parking
Frances: Hi, daughter!
Pamela C.: Hi Mom, didn't want to bug you cos your busy
RichDrushel: Ahh, Pamela, at CWRU, the "door" to the lab building is not very near any streets.
Frances: Roberto has got lost
Pamela C.: ZZZzzz?
RichDrushel: We have a crazy campus...
Pamela C.: Is it at least relatively near the visitor parking lot?
Pamela C.: Say, less than a couple hundred yards?
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changed username to BobS
Pamela C.: He is found again!
BobS: tis I returned!
RichDrushel: The 2 visitor lots near the CWRU Quad, one a big deck at the top, the other a small surface lot near the bottom, are each about 200 yards from the lab building.
BobS: got "whached"
BobS: Frances still there?
Pamela C.: Of course. Isn't that always the way?
Frances: what?
Frances: yes
RichDrushel: There is a faculty/staff lot closer, but I don't have a permit to park in it. There is probably enough of a turnaround, though, to use it as a dropoff point.
Pamela C.: Just remind everyone to bring good walking shoes.
Pamela C.: Or wheelchairs.
BobS: Frances, reloaded LOGO, changed drive to disk; LOAD "NEWYEAR; all the components are defined.......
Frances: Tell me what they say
BobS: got a?and blinking curso
BobS: ok
RichDrushel: I am thinking in particular of Jack and Jean Stone: long walks for them are out.
RichDrushel: And others not really old enough to complain may do so anyway :-)
Pamela C.: Exactly. And true. Who's the youngest attendee who can drive?
BobS: petals defined; landscape defined;greeting defined; initshapes defined; rbranch defined; lbranch defined; tree defined
BobS: gentree defined;nengajo dfined
RichDrushel: Probably Dale Wick, and I doubt he'd be coming by car. So, it might be the me-and-my-wife taxi service :-)
BobS: the then the ? and blinking cursor
Pamela C.: Everyone who is able bodied and driving will be willing to help out, I am sure. Ask Dad. He drives a tank.
Frances: okay, you've loaded everything but there has to be a master procedure that will runeverything
RichDrushel: Re: who's the youngest attendee, ADAMites now are like J.R.R. Tolkien's Ents: there are no Entings nowadays.
BobS: hmmmmmm, how do I find out about that?
Frances: if there are inputs required, the master procedure should list after the name of the procedure
Pamela C.: Well, don't Dale and Neil qualify? Doug and Meeka are reproducing too, are they not?
BobS: not quite yet Pam
RichDrushel: If Doug and Meeka are, I hadn't heard about it :-) Joan and I have 4, but none of them so far looks to be an ADAMite.
Pamela C.: You mean you're not a grandpappy yet, Bob?
BobS: 2 times but not the 3rd just yet....any day
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Pamela C.: You have to start them young, Rich - that way they think correctly when the time comes. ...
Frances: New Year seems to be the master. If you type "to new year" what does it say?
changed username to Ron
RichDrushel: Of our 4 girls, my best hope for a programmer is the youngest, Gretchen, currently age 4.5. The others (14, 11, 7.5) show no interest in computers whatsoever, except perhaps a few games and for some webbrowsing.
Ron: Hi all
Frances: Ron!
Pamela C.: Plus, by the time they hit 10, they'll know more than you do!
RichDrushel: Well, the older 2 certainly *think* that they know more than I do even now ;-)
Pamela C.: Good evening, old man! Happy New Year!
Ron: same to you all
RichDrushel: Hello to the Mighty Mitchell.
Frances: How was Edmonton? Cold? Snow?
Pamela C.: Goes with the territory, Rich. Just ask my Mom. She'll even tellyou I eventually grew out of it.
BobS: Frances, in smart writer PETALS has TELL comands and SET varable
BobS: comamds
Ron: hi Rich
Frances: She did, sort of!
Pamela C.: Now she wishes I'd quit asking her stuff all the time
RichDrushel: Now *there's* a ringing endorsement from Mom :-)
Frances: Bob S., I would find it easier to deal with this Logo trhing if I could talk to you directly on the phone.
BobS: JUST the guy we need!!!!!
Pamela C.: Mooom, how do I cook this? Mooom, why won't my such-and-such do what it's supposed to? Moooom??!!
Frances: O well, it's nice to be needed.
BobS: hang on a minute here Frances.....RONALD!!! did you ever RUN th LOGO progam James sent you called "newyear" ???
Pamela C.: My mommy wuvs me. : )
Frances: Bob, could we talk after chat, or maybe tomorrow?
RichDrushel: Now I feel all squishy inside :-)
Ron: not yet Bob
BobS: ya but, phone charges are unreal.....
Ron: been away
BobS: I can type it up and emial it to youto look at....
Frances: Not for us, Bob. I can phone you. Besides, we can afford it.
Pamela C.: You'll notice there's no comment from the old homestead, Rich.
Pamela C.: I think she's ignoring me.
RichDrushel: ROTFL!
Frances: The O.H. is busy thinking!
BobS: @ 8PM EST tomorrow night and we will fix this sucker
BobS: from here to Toronto via Ma Bell is about a buck US a minute
RichDrushel: O.H., Frances? "Old H..."?
BobS: got caught that way talking to Ron awhile back I did
Pamela C.: That's old homestead, Rich
RichDrushel: Oh, Old Homestead, silly me.
Frances: Thass fine, Bob. Phone number? Richard says he doesn't have it.
BobS: (616) 949-9461
RichDrushel: Brain isn't working too well right now, we went out for a big Italian supper tonight and I'm well-fed and sleepy...
BobS: if we don't answer, it will be because we are at the hosptial for Mandy to have here baby
Pamela C.: When is she due, Bob?>
BobS requested to ban RobertoS
BobS: Jan 2th
Frances confirmed ban
Pamela C.: Ah, overdue. Oh well, babies come when they want, not when the doctor dictates.
RichDrushel: I just got a weird request window to "second" the removal of RobertoS...I ignored it...what does it mean?
BobS: that means she is living on borrowed time! :-)
Frances: That's yesterday.
BobS: tha means when I got dumped, my name stayed
BobS: so I requested it dumped
Frances: I agreed. Is he dead yet?
Ron: problem with having the phone line available during a chat
BobS: and like all democracies, it needed a "secind"
Ron: is that people can call you
BobS: second'
BobS: yup!
RichDrushel: Verstunden.
BobS: REtired, REtreaded and Reincarnated!
BobS: Yavool!
Ron: oh is that what happens
Pamela C.: Translation, please Rich
BobS: be good Ron or we will banish ya!!!!!
Pamela C.: I thought we could only banish twins?
BobS: on a sad note also, did you all get the email that Ena passed away?
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Ron: yes.... that was sad
changed username to Jillian
BobS: Hi JILL!!!!
RichDrushel: German: past participle of "verstehen", to understand. Thus, "understood".
Ron: gather this has been coming for some time
BobS: from the sound of the message, yesd
Pamela C.: Ah. Danke.
Ron: Hi Jill
Jillian: Hey all. Dale is at the visitation for Ena tonight
RichDrushel: I was waiting for BobS to finish his LOGO tutorial to ask about Ena as well...
Ron: only German I know is "Rauchen Verboten"
BobS: MY tutorial,,,,no way!!! I use, I don't make
BobS: running forbiddedn?????
Ron: smoking?
Frances: Hi, Jill
RichDrushel: I meant that BobS was on the receiving end of Frances' tutorial.
BobS: yavool
RichDrushel: Ja wohl.
BobS: hookay!
Ron: Oui
Pamela C.: gesundheit!
Pamela C.: Si!
Jillian: I can count to ten in german but don't know how to spell it.
Ron: quite a language class we have going here
Frances: There was a death notice for Ena in yesterday's paper. She died of cancer, don't know what kind.
Pamela C.: Bob still can't spell it. Was Ena in Toronto?
Frances: Was she ill last summer? Do you know, Jill?,
BobS: Ron want some snow???? Rich and I are about ready to send a BOXCAR of it to you......
Ron: Doug Chappell relayed it here
Ron: negative good buddy
Jillian: I don't know if she was ill last summer, but in the fall (Octoberish?) we heard she was in hospital.
Ron: just flew away from the stuff....left it on the other side of the Rockies
BobS: Ena seemed healthy enough at convention, but looks are decieving
Ron: true
BobS: ah so, yes, you were in Edmonton(?)
Ron: yessir. Got back yesterday
Ron: definately winter there
RichDrushel: She was the first person that my daughter Elanor met at ADAMcon 12; she was in the hotel lobby greeting arrivals, and while I checked in, she sat with Elanor and talked for 20-30 minutes.
Ron: yes Rich, and the same here. Saw you and then Ena. Knew I was in the right place
Jillian: She edited more than half of the MTAG newsletters that were ever published.
Frances: Yes, she was , I was talking to her then, too
Jillian: Dale was planning a tribute issue for her, next issue.
RichDrushel: I had last seen Ena at whatever ADAMcon it was that I brought my LEGO robot with me (8? 9?).
Ron: most appropriate Jill
Jillian: 8 I think. Rich. As I was there.
BobS: tha was at 9
Ron: She dropped in at 'Con 11 too
BobS: and she popped in at 11
RichDrushel: My guess is 9, also, as MI is closer than OH.
RichDrushel: So, will anyone continue to edit the MTAG newsletter. (Is there still an MTAG newsletter?)
Ron: member of the family
Jillian: Neil has always been the offical editor of the newsletter.
BobS: yes there si atill an MTAG nl...believe it is every othermonth
Frances: Michael keeps claiming he is going to do some of it
Ron: think so
Jillian: Mike Hurst did one this year. Perhaps he would continue.
Frances changed username to rich-c
Ron: Trouble with producing a newsletter from our current state is there's not much new material
rich-c: yes, you eventually run out of things to talk about
Ron: some of us promise articles and then....
Ron: years go by
rich-c: that's why I've been so quiet the last ten years - ran out of stuff at my level
Ron: (mentioning no names of course....but the guy on the other side of the mirror is good at that)
BobS: does he look the same on the other side of the mirror???? or is he backwards.........?
rich-c: he's left-handed
RichDrushel: Well, I managed to get some writing in in August and September before the big crunch hit...fortunately, our lab has finally moved back to its original (renovated) home.
Ron: ears look lopsided
Ron: stomach is too big
Pamela C.: Snow on the roof?
Ron: well that too
RichDrushel: Better on the roof than in the attic :-)
Pamela C.: Those bots of yours sound interesting, Rich
Pamela C.: LEGO? Where did that inspiration come from?
rich-c: Rich, meaning to ask you - you're collecting Adam history, right?
RichDrushel: They just take too *@#$! much of my time any more...the course is high-maintenance, low-pay :-(
rich-c: I could send you scans of never before seen photos from Adamcon 2 if you'd like them
RichDrushel: Well, I have ended up with alot of stuff as people have given up and moved on...
Pamela C.: Ask your kids to assemble them - they'd have a grand time
Ron: exclusive?
rich-c: why not? It's an occasion
rich-c: first Adamcon of the enw Millenium
Ron: indeed
RichDrushel: That would be nice...the question is, how to transfer the scans, in ways that don't put the fear of God into you.
Ron: At the
Pamela C.: For those of us who were counting properly
Ron: West Edmonton Mall there
rich-c: I have a scanner and can make jpegs, then send them as an email attachment
Ron: was the most fantastic LEGO of the Star Wars Millennium Falcon
Ron: $150. bux
RichDrushel: As for the class, Pamela, you can look up the class webpage at
Ron: haven't looked at that stuff for about 20 years
Pamela C.: (WEM sounds like my idea of heaven, along with a lottery win)
Pamela C.: okay, everyone quit typing for a second so I can write that down
Ron: more of everything..... including confusion
BobS: scanner is $150?????
rich-c: Frances is a big Lego fan, but so far of the static variety
Ron: I know eh?
rich-c: don't know about Michigan but here scanners aer under $100 Cdn
Pamela C.: Okay, got it
Ron: at the WEM the night before we got there they found a dead body floating face down in the lagoon by the Pirate Ship
Ron: some drunk decided to go for a swim at 2 am
rich-c: yes, that even made the TV news i n Toronto
BobS: ya sure, we got 'em on sale off brand for $30-40
RichDrushel: Last October (1999) at the MIT Mindfest, I saw some amazing Star Wars LEGO constructs--all to scale, all out of "standard" LEGO parts (none of the special parts in the new SW kits). Two different people had independently designed and built Imperial Walkers from "Empire" that were about 3 feet tall. "Impressive...most impressive" (Darth Vader voice).
Ron: That would have been something to see Rich D.
Pamela C.: I've seen some of the things that can be done with Lego - it never ceases to amaze me.
Ron: I do exactly the same thing at the West Edmonton Mall as I do anywhere else.
RichDrushel: In fact, the rabit LEGOmaniacs there *detested* the special-parts kits--they said it made it too easy.
Pamela C.: After I stopped playing with my set so much, Mom took them over
Ron: Go to Chapters, then London Drugs computer dept, then Compucentre, then Radio Shack
Ron: then I go to the car
Ron: that's it
RichDrushel: All I ever played with as a boy were the architectural LEGOs, 'cause that's all there were.
Pamela C.: Ron, I understand you have gender limitations, but *four stores???*
rich-c: Ron, do you have a copy of James' New Year Logo program?
Ron: good way to put it Pam
Ron: bypass all the clothiers
Pamela C.: At the very least, Chapters should have taken you half a day alone!
Ron: although I did drop into George Richards this time, but bought nothing
Ron: pretty much Pam....had to pull myself away
Ron: but this time it sort of occurred to me how limited my life really is
rich-c: Ron, if you have teh program, could you email the inputs to Frances, also to BobS
Pamela C.: My mother is probably rolling her eyes right now. Who would have thought that two tight - fisted parents would have raised such a spendthrift kid?
Ron: yes..... you mean James' program?
rich-c: right Ron, Bob is having problems running it
BobS: CAN'T run it!
Ron: Now that you mention it, I did try it, and I have a working copy...I think
rich-c: Frances will coach him by phone tomorrow night
RichDrushel: Well Ron, there's always "Bob" Dobbs' advice to "Quit your job! Slack off!"...but I thought you'd been doing that ;-)
Ron: so did I, but some days I wonder
BobS: the copy you sent me email loads, and then stops
Ron: If I got much slacker, it wouldn't be pretty
Ron: we'll fix that Bob
rich-c: Return of The Blob?
Ron: something like that Rich
rich-c: Pity we don't have james on tonight, it would solve everything
Ron: did you guys all note my new e-mail address?
Ron: yeah, where is he?
Pamela C.: no, need it please Ron
rich-c: yeah, you've joined the Dark Side
Ron: ok...
Jillian: I missed your email address, Ron.
rich-c: took me a minute to figure out the cooke part till I remembered your address
RichDrushel: "cookemitch" ? Etymology of the cooke- part?
Pamela C.: Thanks, Ron
Jillian: Thanks.
Ron: well, I was thinking of cookiemitch
Ron: which would also be appropriate
Ron: but no
rich-c: that's a dirty word anmong surfers
Pamela C.: Depends on the pronunciation.
Ron: ya, true, we don't want that
Ron: but it was either that or ronaldm57
Ron: I don't want to be 57th at anything
Pamela C.: no imagination in that.
rich-c: that's why I won't deal with Chapters
Pamela C.: Huh?
Pamela C.: Oh. Cookies. Right.
Ron: Actually Rich, I don't either... I just walk through their stores a lot
rich-c: they won't let you on their website without cookies
Ron: stand your ground Mr. Clee
Pamela C.: A man after my own heart, Ron
rich-c: Just had someone trying to break into my computer
BobS: whoa!!!!!
rich-c: most likely a bot trying to see if there was a web page active
Ron: can't find a firewall for the Mac anywhere except for Norton's
Ron: and I need one quick
Ron: looking for a freebie like Zone Alarm
rich-c: yes, now that you're online 24/7 you are in deep doodoo
Pamela C.: I'm the product of two librarians - I had no choice but to become a bookworm. I think they succeeded too well.
rich-c: though I don't think the hackers are too inclined to mess with Macs
Ron: well actually, the imac has spent the last 12 days shut off, but now I'm back
Ron: so I better do somethin
Pamela C.: Yes, Dad, i'll be over tomorrow to get that stuff as promised
Ron: actually I've asked a couple of members of the local Mac club who are on Shaw, and they don't use anything
Ron: but that doesn't give me any warm fuzzy feelings at all
rich-c: my problem at the moment is with printers - both inkjets are being uncooperative
RichDrushel: What sort of books do you worm into, Pamela?
Ron: you too eh?
rich-c: yes, Future Shop have the Canon BJC3000 on their website at $135 which looks reasonable
Jillian: I got 12 new books for Christmas. Plus a box full of hand me around garbage romance types.
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Pamela C.: Anything with print, pretty much. Biographies, fantasy, murder mysteries, romances, the occasional true story, cereal boxes . . . you ge the idea
changed username to Meeka
Meeka: Hello everyone
BobS: hello der!
rich-c: hello Meeka
Ron: Canon is good
Pamela C.: Hi, Meeka - Happy New Year!
Ron: Hi Meeka!
Ron: a voracious reader
Jillian: Our cannon BJC #something stopped working with my pc one day and we haven't been able to get it running since.
rich-c: the BJC2100 is going real cheap now, about $49 after rebate Stateside
RichDrushel: My recreational reading this Christmas has been jazz history and NASA history.
Pamela C.: Gotta love those hand me down romances. I just cleared 10 (10!) cartons from my shelves.
Jillian: Works fine with Dale's laptop though.
Jillian: Hi Meeka.
Ron: I gotta get away from computer books
rich-c: Sounds like driver trouble - Dale should be able to handle that
Pamela C.: You know, my BJC 4300 just died, too. Wonder if its in the water or something?
Jillian: Dale's home. but I'm insisting he change out of his suit before he gets on the chat. He'll be on soon.
Ron: Read a mystery novel when I was away in Edmonton, and thoroughly enjoyed it
Ron: forgot what it was like just to read for fun
Pamela C.: What authors, Ron?
rich-c: I haven't had time for a book since we got home from vacation
Ron: Yeah we don't want no SUITS in here
Pamela C.: Bet he cleans up good , though!
Jillian: It's quite frustrating as all of our graphics programs are on my computer. and I hardly want to print colour text.
Ron: right now it's Tsutomu Shimomura
Ron: mystery about computer hackers and intrigue
Jillian: He cleans up quite well. The suit on the other hand requires special cleaning.
Pamela C.: BTW, Dad, there's a new Ed McBain 57th Precinct out. Do you want me to pickit up for you? It's brand new.
Ron: but next is Margaret Atwoods "The Blind Assasin"
Ron: which Jeff bought me for Christmas
rich-c: May have read it, oddly enough. Tell me tomorrow night
Pamela C.: Ah. Canajun.
Ron: yes.... thought I should now and then read a Canadian author
Pamela C.: Did you get it in hard cover?
Ron: yep
Ron: my sister said she thought the book was for a female audience, but so far I'm not so sure
rich-c: How many months did you have to finance it for?
Meeka: I love to read, but Doug thinks anything thicker than a manual is to much to deal with :)
Ron: my son is an engineer...and hath wealth
Jillian: I've seen some pretty thick manuals.
Pamela C.: If you get bored and haven't tried them, try Patricia Cornwell's novels - they are excellent
rich-c: My Windows manual is about 50 pages. The book explaining it is over 900
Ron: think there are one or two of those upstairs.... mother reads a LOT
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Pamela C.: Read them in order Ron or they don't gell as well.
Ron: she can polish off the average 400 pager in an evening
Jillian: My current trend is mysteries involving amatuer feline dectives.
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
RichDrushel: Hello Dale.
Pamela C.: Hi, Dale.
Meeka: No i'm not talking computer manuals. He claims he never reads htem. He says he doesn't need to
BobS: hi Dale
rich-c: Iquite enjoyed a couple of Guy Gavriel Kay's fantasy-historicals in the fall
Dale: Hi Rich. It's a while since we've been on at the same time.
Pamela C.: You know I've never found a computer manual to compete with my fiction
rich-c: Welcome Dale
Jillian: I generally can read one GR a day.
Ron: Also have another hard cover on my to read list by a local ex pilot who retired here. "Kitty Hawk Pilot"
Ron: looks fascinating
Pamela C.: The romances are slam dunks - after a while you just skip the mushy stuff to get on with the story.
Ron: Dale my son
Meeka: He claims the fiction stuff that I read is all a bunch of mush or just not interesting enough to bother with
Jillian: Sorry. GR equals Garbage Romance. Getting my newsgroup and chat short forms mixed up.
Pamela C.: I tried the Guy Gavriel Kay trilogy but couldn't get beyond the first book
RichDrushel: The romances *have* a story other than the mushy stuff? I thought the mush was why they were written...
Dale: I guess I've been busy lately, so this is my first chat in about 3 weeks.
rich-c: Think you might do better with the Sarantium Mosaic pair, Pam
Ron: my ex-wife used to say that if she wanted something absolutely mindless to do, a Gothic would fill the bill
Meeka: that depends on just how much mush they put in them
Pamela C.: Very funny, Rich. Yes. Some authors are better than others. Jillian, if you find any Nora Roberts in that pile, please put them aside as I am missing some very early ones.
Jillian: I will. My dad gets them from a cousin so they are well read by the time I get them, though.
Ron: sometimes it takes me 5 years to read a single book
Ron: like Robertson Davies Fifth Business
Pamela C.: That's okay. I just want to complete my collection. But read them first, she's the best by far.
Ron: but once it's on my to read will get read
Meeka: I can never make them streach out longer than 2-3 days
rich-c: wish I could say teh same, Ron
Ron: slow am I
Pamela C.: I had to read Fifth Business in school. As soon as I finished it, I forgot it.
Ron: fortunately for me, I can usually pick up the story after time away
Ron: Have another one of his around here....umm... What's Bred in the Bone??? Still haven't started it
rich-c: My problem is that we get too many magazines -I'd guess about 27 issues a month
Pamela C.: I rarely let a new book (for that read on first reading) go without finishing it.
Ron: wish I could do that
Meeka: bythe way, Doug just realised I was on and said to say HI to everyone for him
rich-c: With that and the newspapers, it sort of cuts into my reading time
Ron: Need to read faster
rich-c: Say a big HI to Doug from us too
Ron: I'm one of these word for word types
Jillian: I don't bother with magazines. When even Chatelaine and Macleans are more than half adverts, I can finish them too quickly.
Ron: Hi Doug
Pamela C.: You get so many periodicals, Im suprised you're not buried in them, Dad
Pamela C.: Hi Doug
rich-c: Who says I'm not buried in them?
rich-c: You're just so used to your own archeological digs you don't notice
Pamela C.: Well, it's been a while since I was at the house . . .
Ron: I subsribe to Mac World, and Macleans, then usually buy Mac Addict. That's about it
Dale: LOL Richard, that's what I was thinking too!
Pamela C.: I gave up on Chatelaine etc - drove me nuts flipping past the ads all the time.
Ron: One or more Linux mags infrequently
rich-c: We have 3 RV magazines, 3 computer papers - local freebies - 3 car magazine, Consumer Reports, Threads, bunch of others
RichDrushel: I have to go put some kids to bed (they're still off on Christmas vacation, so no school tomorrow, but school starts again Monday), so I'm going to adjourn for tonight. Happy New Year to all, and I'll keep you posted on what I and HLM-GMK plot for ADAMcon 13.
Pamela C.: I like mags like People or readers digest which finish the article where they're started.
rich-c: Toronto Life, Discover
Jillian: I occasionally go to the library and read them there. Free they're worth the price.
Ron: then when all else fails, there's the TCP/IP book that Jeff bought me last Christmas
Dale: I receive some weekly trade journals, and occasionally buy (then mostly don't read) a selected number of magazines.
Pamela C.: Nice to "meet" you, rich - see you soon!
Meeka: see you later rich
Jillian: G'night Rich.
BobS: take care Richard!!!
Dale: Goodnight Rich.
rich-c: Rich, see you next week I hope, and will send the photos in due course
Ron: Niters Rich....keep the info flowin'
Pamela C.: Ron, you have to read more than one book a year - otherwise you end up like Dad - buried!
Ron: Dale....
Dale: Rich, do you have the date for AC 13 set yet?
RichDrushel left chat session
Ron: back in July I sent a cheque to Ena for MTAG membership. It's still uncashed. think it might
Ron: be close onto being stale dated
Ron: (what is it, 6 months?)
Pamela C.: (yes)
Ron: now I understand why it never came through
Dale: Hmm...well, she did update your membership record during the summer.
Ron: yes... I got my card, and back issues of the NL
Ron: but the cheque is still outstanding
BobS: Dale; DrD says probably 3rd week in July, but not set or hotel picked jsut yet
Dale: Ena really wasn't sick until her trip to Europe in September.
Ron: geez.... that was sudden then
BobS: but we gather she had this cancer for along time.......
Dale: I spent about hgalf an hour chatting with her husband Neil at the funeral home tonight.
Ron: although, sometimes you don't realize what's going on
Dale: He said that he was sworn to secrecy, and couldn't tell family friends or coworkers.
Meeka: gotta get going see everyone later. Just droped in to say HI
Dale: See you later Meeka.
rich-c: OK Meeka, come again soon - good to have you by
Ron: nite Meeka.... gonna check out your new website
Ron: soon
Pamela C.: Do come when you can stay next time Meeka - have a good nite!
Meeka left chat session
Dale: Ron, I think that the bank must have lost your check.
Pamela C.: Why the secrecy, Dale?
Ron: maybe I should stop payment then send a new one?
Dale: So, she had cancer in various parts of her but I take it that it wasn't really treated until late October.
rich-c: Careful, Ron - he may be an imposter. Look how he spells "cheque"
Ron: oh oh
Pamela C.: That's the 'merkun way
Dale: But to talk to her on the phone even a week or two ago you wouldn't expect that there was really anything seriously wrong with her.
Ron: don't ask me to give you today's date
Ron: I'll do it yankee style
Ron: Used to annoy Guy Cousineau completely
rich-c: Why, is Guy on proper ISO style?
Dale: Well, Ena really was a determined person, and would rather work hard to make it through Christmas and visit anyone than admit that she was sick.
Ron: yup. as in ... day/month/year
Pamela C.: I have to use that version since virtually all our programs run that way - plus to me the other way doesn't look right
rich-c: ISO style is larger to smaller
Dale: While she was in Eurpoe on her trip she go so sick that she stayed in a room of a hostel for 9 days.
Jillian: Sad thing is:At Scotiabank, my co-workers will often tell me cheque is a misspelling.
Ron: today is 03/01/2001
Ron: no...
Ron: 01/03/2001
Ron: Freud...shutup
rich-c: as say 01.01.03:22:30:1`4
Pamela C.: Ah. 01/03/01
Ron: with periods as separators/
Ron: ??
Ron: Ok Bob S. What would the Americans do ?
rich-c: year-month-day-hours-min-sec
Ron: too logical
Pamela C.: too confusing
Dale: She was by herself at that point and the staff never thought to offer her medical treatment. So then she went to Paris.
BobS: we got it both ways, so you have to be careful filling out an application somewhere
Dale: And spent 5 days there. Getting weaker the whole while.
Ron: Oh Lord!
BobS: or you will have it wrong
rich-c: so you don't do pounds and ounces, miles and yards, etc?
Pamela C.: That's so sad. Was she alone? not travelling with anyone?
Ron: ic
Dale: She took a tour bus, and couldn't walk in, so she crawled into the bus. So...
Dale: like I say she was quite determined to finish her trip properly.
Ron: sounds like Ena...bless her
Dale: She started the trip with her borther inlaw for the forst 15 days...
Dale: but her brother-inlaw told her she was too sick to finish the trip...
Pamela C.: Who was he to tell her?
Dale: and when she wouldn't listen, I guess he went off without her.
Ron: sad
Dale: And she stayed behind and buil;d up her strength.
Pamela C.: Please do not ever introduce me to this person, I would probably punch first and ask questions later.
Ron: me first
Dale: Her husband Neil went to meet her at the airport, and she was in such pain...
Pamela C.: I sincerely hope that her husband barred him from the funeral home, or at least gave him a good dose of guilt
Dale: that they put her in a wheelchair and rushed her through customs...
Dale: and it took Neil half an hour to lod her into the car.
Pamela C.: Lord, Dale, you're making me cry
Ron: these kinds of things for Ena.... not fair at all
Dale: So anyway she got home around 15 of October, and wouldn't go to the doctors...
Pamela C.: I never met her but she certainly sounds like someone I would have liked to know
Dale: for a couple of weeks, but eventually Neil took her to the hospital ...
Ron: trust me Pam, yes you would
Dale: and they tried to get her in better shape. She didn't like...
Ron: she was one of the friendliest people I've ever met
Dale: the setatives, so they avoided them as much as possible.
Dale: They did a round of tests...
Ron: which would mean more pain
Dale: trying to find the primary source of cancer . They did breast limph node tests...
Dale: bone marow cancer tests ()which are quite painful) and on and on.
Dale: Then they started the tests all over again. That is when Ena got quite ticked off at the doctors.
Pamela C.: I can imagine.
Pamela C.: Did they ever find the source?
Dale: Around that time, Neil sent me an email that said that I should get Michael to work on the next newsletter.
Dale: They never really found a source. So then they started some drugs. But by this point she was really loosing weight.
Dale: Near Christmas she was having trouble sleeping, eating, etc.
Pamela C.: I'm sorry, Dale, I didn't mean to make you relive this. You don't have to go on if you don't want to.
Dale: But for Christmas day she got herself set up on the bed, in her full Christmas costume (shoes and everything)...
Dale: to meet and great everyone.
Dale: Neil was still sworn to secrecy. Obviously she wasn't looking as well at that point.
Dale: Some of her realtives (she was born in England) had returned home when she died.
Dale: For the last week, she really only ate Pineapple Pure Popsicles.
Dale: So there was some nourishment and some liquid.
Pamela C.: If she found anything at all to suit her, that's a comfort
Dale: By Friday, Neil needed to have 2 nurses come to his house...
Dale: with only small 1 hour gaps in between...
Dale: and at that point she did accept the Demorol and morphine...
Dale: Then on the 30th she was bringing up liver bile...
Dale: and she was having real trouble even helping Neil move her back up on the bed.
Dale: So it's heavy work being a Nurse.
Pamela C.: Did she die at home?
Dale: Anyway, she calmed down and Neil went downb stairs for a coffee. When he came back, she had truely stopped breathing.
Dale: She was at home.
Pamela C.: That's good.
Dale: Neil was really still hopeful, as was she until the last...
Dale: Since he has heard that the liver bile is usually a sign that your time is near.
Dale: Everything else was clearly layed out in her will.
Dale: Including a beautiful urn for her ashes when she is creamated...
Dale: the visitation with an open coffin...
Dale: and the texts for the service.
Ron: Thank you Dale for giving us the detail on this
Dale: So after we fianlly found out the details. My borther and I looked through some photo...
Pamela C.: Thanks, Dale. That couldn't have been easy.
Dale: albums with her husband Neil, and swapped some amusing anicdotes.
Ron: You've known her for a long time
Ron: was she one of the original MTAG members?
Dale: I think that she was one of the earliest that I met in the Adam community.
Ron: thot so
Dale: MTAG started in 1985.
Ron: yup. Before AUFG
Ron: we didn't get going till a year later
Ron: Did you say the funeral was today Dale?
Dale: Neil really was in good humour. He says though "they say you never know what it's like until you've walk a mile in the other person's shoes, but evben then you don't really know."
Dale: After all she was a friend to us but for him it is quite different.
Jillian: The funeral is tomorrow.
Ron: ok
Dale: The funeral is actually tomorrow at 1pm. Tonight ended two days of visitations.
Dale: Neil siad that yesterday it really hit him harder but today he only really broke down once. Tomorrow though...well it is hard to say.
Dale: Ena actually published 39of the 82 issues of the MTAG newsletter.
Ron: You never know how you're going to react to these things.
Ron: When my Dad died, I was a mess
Dale: I was trying to plan something special for her 40th issue. I think it'l;l be different than I planned.
Pamela C.: I often think that handling the details is what gets you through the first few days, too busy to really think about it. Then you have the leisure to grieve in private.
Jillian: My grandmother died last year and I still cry when I think about it.
Pamela C.: I still think it will be special, Dale.
Ron: yeah, there's much to do, and that's probably the best thing
Dale: So that is a dump of my evening at the visitation.
BobS: thank you for relaying it to us Dale.....
Ron: Appreciate it Dale.
Pamela C.: Very much.
BobS: it answers a lot of questions for all I 'm sure
rich-c: thanks Dale
Dale: Neil really appreciated the fact that some of her friends and acquantences have come to see, since it is a nice break from her kids.
Ron: I know she would want someone to continue with MTAG newsletter
BobS: I gotta run now people, will plan on seeing you all next week and should have grandchild #3 to tell you about by then!
rich-c: OK Bob will look forward to it
Ron: sounds like an eventful week coming Bob
Pamela C.: Bring pictures, please!
Dale: I'm planning on attending the funeral, especially since Neil wants many friends there.
BobS: hope so!
BobS: might just email them to you's guys!
BobS left chat session
Ron: good
rich-c: we'd like that too, Bob
Pamela C.: Please take our best wishes with you, Dale. Bob, to you too!
Dale: Well, Michael Hurst and I put out the last newsletter.
Ron: right
rich-c: Michael should be back in Toronto tomorrow
Dale: I've been to busy in December to work on it with Michael, but we need to get one out soon.
Pamela C.: Where did Michael trek off to this time, Dad?
rich-c: up north to visit with a relative somewhere
Pamela C.: Hope he wore his woolies. He's always cold.
rich-c: wqhen I talked to him yesterday he wasn't complaining
Ron: up north meaning.... N. Ontario?
rich-c: apparently, Ron
Dale: The proposal in July was to have rotating editors for the MTAG newsletter.
Ron: well now Dale, that's not a bad idea
Pamela C.: It might give you something to do, Ron - since you're so retired and all
Ron: I shouldn't make promises I can't keep but I wouldn't mind trying that once
Ron: having lots of time in retirement is a myth
rich-c: she knows - she has parents who are retired
Ron: but, I can... if I choose....organize what I have the way I wish
Pamela C.: I know that - I see what Dad does
Ron: that's the payoff
Pamela C.: It won't start paying off for me for another 29.5 years.
rich-c: hsng in there, kid
Ron: meantime Pamela, keep your pension up to date
Ron: and don't wish your life away
Pamela C.: Official retirement date for me is 07/01/30
Ron: it'll go soon enough
Ron: (comes from the "Take my advice I'm not using it" dept
Ron: Good God. I'll be dead
rich-c: it's OK Ron, she gets more than enugh at home
Pamela C.: The older I get, the faster time goes by. Used to be a weekend was an eternity. Now months fly past before I'm ready.
Dale: Well, Ron, I'll talk to you more about the trial Ron edited issue of the newsletter.
Ron: Mitchell's unproven theory about the passage of time on the high and ascending side of 50
rich-c: wait till you hit 70. I haven't caught up with 1995 yet
Ron: farther away you get from 50 going upwards, the faster time goes
Pamela C.: No you won't ron, you'll be around to plague me just like my parents who are going to live forever - RIGHT, DAD?
(The lights sudddenly go out)
Ron: :)
Jillian: ARe we down?
rich-c: well- I still buy green bananas
Pamela C.: you're here, Jillian
Jillian left chat session
rich-c: but I'm getting sceptical of wine that needs aging
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela C.: or you were
Ron: On a more mundane note Dale
changed username to Jillian
Jillian: I'm bakc.
Dale: Jill seems to be having that 2 hour mark trouble with Netscape 4.x for Windows
Pamela C.: Ah, there you are.
Ron: did my national capital freenet address get unsubscribed from the col-adam list?
rich-c: she should get 4.7x - then the mark movews to 32 minutes
Ron: and change my other address... think I sent all that to col-admin
rich-c: wish I could find out where Eudora keeps the auto-complete information, I need to edit you
Ron: ya
Jillian: I've got 4.7x
Pamela C.: Jill, try logging in differently - that seems to help with my problem
rich-c: then if it doesn't crash for two hours, it must like you
Jillian: Differently? Like with a different user name? or not through the link on the home page.
Dale: It is the same problem that Rich Drushel experiences under NT with 4.08 with "it stops scrolling".
Pamela C.: For me, if I log in through Outlook, auto disconnect comes in every thirty minutes and says I'm not using my connection. If I log in through my shortcut on the desktop, I have no problems at all.
Dale: If you leave the room and re-enter, that seems to cure it.
Ron: Must say it's nice to have a constant and dependable connection with this here iMac
rich-c: Anyway, folks, times getting on - bout time for me to cut out
Pamela C.: no comments from the peanut gallery
Jillian: Well, we have cable do I don't have an autodisconnect problem.
rich-c: Pam, gatheer we'll see you tomorrow night
Ron: yes sir Rich. Not sure about my attendance ove r the next couple of Wednesdays
Jillian: Yeah, I'm beginning to think supper would be a good idea.
Ron: we have an evening Workshop for our community net
rich-c: do your best Ron, we really miss you when you don't make it
Pamela C.: Bedtime already? I guess it is at that. Thirtyfive years old and my parents are still telling me it's bedtime.,
Ron: I miss it when I don't make it
Ron: so we'll see
Jillian: I've entered reminders for the chat in my new IBM work pad so hopefully we'll be more regular in attendning.
Pamela C.: We miss you when you're not here, Ron. Who would I trade quips with?
Ron: Anyway Dale.... the only address of mine that should be subscribed to the col -list
Ron: is
rich-c: Ron, don't forget to send teh email about james' program
Ron: yup. will do (pinning it to my forehead0
rich-c: OK, see you next week - night all
Jillian: I've got that address in my currently useful info list.
Pamela C.: Yes, Dad I still plan to come by tomorrow evening, but I will probably come home and change first, then head out after the worst of rush hour.
Jillian: Night, Richard and Frances.
Ron: useful eh?
rich-c left chat session
Ron: well guys.....
Ron: I to shall away
Ron: too that is
Jillian: Nite, Ron.
Pamela C.: Ron - write it backwards or the guy in the mirror won't be able to read it
Ron: something like that
Ron: I have a memory like a seive ... or is that syve??
Ron: whatever
Pamela C.: Good nite - see you next week I hope - sieve
Ron: right.... nite all
Pamela C.: G'nite Dale, Jillian. Thanks again for the information. See you next time.
Ron left chat session
Jillian: G'nite Pam. See you later.
Dale: Good night I guess.
Pamela C.: poof
Pamela C. left chat session
Dale: See you later Pam.
Jillian: Hey sweetie!
Jillian: Can I interest you in some recreation?
Jillian: Poof! ;)
Dale: poof
Dale left chat session
(Jillian laughs heartily)
(Jillian winks)
(Someone throws a brick at Jillian)
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
(A dog howls in the distance)
(<s> reboots <o>'s computer remotely.)
(Jillian reboots Jillian's computer remotely.)
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Jillian: Hello?
Jillian moved to room The Garden
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what is this adam
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gina: is anyone there
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