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BobS: hello der!!!!
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: heeere's Rich! - hello Bob
BobS: well, it's about time!!!
rich-c: yeah, a good four minutes late
BobS: did you ge the email with the baby pics??
rich-c: by teh way, what time did you get on last week?
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BobS: about late......
changed username to Pamela C.
BobS: hi pam!
Pamela C.: Who's late?>
BobS: you
rich-c: Yes, I see she's caught teh old fart's habits
Pamela C.: Good evening. What habits do I have? I like to be able to defend myself
rich-c: anyway, I havent checked my email since about 4.30 p.m. - when did you send them?
BobS: abuot 7pm
BobS: forward em to pam
rich-c: We were talking about late arrivals
Pamela C.: I hate coming in in the middle
rich-c: OK, they should be here by now - I will send them over to her
BobS: got a new grandson.......Ryan Michael....7 lbs +
BobS: sunday night about 10pm
rich-c: way to go!
Pamela C.: Congratulations!
BobS: healthy hungry and happy
Pamela C.: all the proper appendages, I assume?
rich-c: Good for Mandy - pass on our congratulations
BobS: ;yup
Pamela C.: Tell Mandy congrats from us too
rich-c: So Bob, are you still looking for derelict Adams?
Pamela C.: Did you send pictures to Dad and is that what he's forwarding?
rich-c: yes, it should be easy since we're both on tamcotec
Pamela C.: This is the first time I've been on since we went to the 10 digit dialling - did y ou have any problems?
rich-c: test
Pamela C.: exam
rich-c: oh, I set my computer for ten-digit months ago
Pamela C.: well, excuuuuse me!
rich-c: in fact, I even nagged John about not reminding the customers
Pamela C.: well, he nagged me
BobS: yup sent 2 pics to dad...1 of Meeka and baby and 1 of Mandy and baby
rich-c: yes, I put him up to that; not you, specifically, everyone
Pamela C.: Are they labelled? I've not met either one
rich-c: it's OK, we'll fill you in
Pamela C.: Of course, I;m assuming that Mandy will be the one who looks like she just had a baby
BobS: well....Mandy is the youngest one.....
BobS: Eich will recognise them both
Pamela C.: How many grandkids is that, Bob?
BobS: 3 now Pam
Pamela C.: Is that everyone except Meeka and Doug?
rich-c: any more known to be on teh way?
Pamela C.: Hey, Pop, did I tell you we have no hot water? Leaky pipe, apparently
rich-c: is everyone slow typing or are we getting hung on the server tonight?
rich-c: well, at least the weatehr is a little warmer - almost up to freezing
Pamela C.: I'm getting you two okay. Yeah, but it makes showering a bit of a challenge, especially at 6:00 a.m.
BobS: no more that we know of on the way
rich-c: by the way, I assume you're expecting us to bring wine Saturday?
rich-c: just be glad the leak isn't in your apartment
Pamela C.: Yes, but not for me. We're having lasagna and caesar salad, so bring red.
Pamela C.: I am glad. One leaky apartment is enough.
rich-c: even if I can get a light fruity red?
Pamela C.: Not sweet enough for me. Don't worry, I'll find something to drink.
rich-c: OK - is Russell OK with a fairly challenging wine?
Pamela C.: Umm, how challenging?
rich-c: Say one of our fairly hefty Australian shirazs?
Pamela C.: I can ask. I know he can tolerate most, but he has preferences that I don't know cos we never drink red.
Pamela C.: Pretty scary after 14 years, huh?
rich-c: Well, there's a nice light montepulciano d'abbruzzo that Beppi was pushing in the Globe a bit back
BobS: YES!
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BobS: today is 32 years for my youngish wife and I
rich-c: hey, congratulations
Pamela C.: Gesundheit, Dad. Congrats on that too, Bob! It takes a lot of work to keep a marriage going that long.
rich-c: to Judy of course for enduring you that long...
BobS: thank you
changed username to BAIR
BobS: a LOT on my part..... ;_0
rich-c: hey, the Big Bair is with us - welcome, old buddy
BobS: ;_)
BobS: ;-)
Pamela C.: Good evening, Bob
BobS: got it right!!!
Pamela C.: Yeah!
BobS: BAIR!!!!
BobS: hello der
Pamela C.: sorry, Yay!
rich-c: how's things down home in Indiana, Bob?
Pamela C.: We're just picking on Mr. Slopsema, Bob
rich-c: we've noticed it's always smarter to pick on him from a distance
Pamela C.: I will remember that.
BobS: right!! or else I will.....
rich-c: on the ground? accumulated or all at once?
Pamela C.: Sounds like our collection
rich-c: yes, we had 75 cm - about 30 inches - in December and it's still all here
rich-c: BobB, if you hit the caps lock key you'll get type like the rest of us
Pamela C.: I guess we broke that record after all - the previous one for December was 55cm.
rich-c: I just have an electric power shovel but it's been kept pretty busy
Pamela C.: Sounds like a good way to earn some money on the side - I hear driveway plowing is going for about $30 a pop around here
rich-c: hey, maybe I should put a blade on the van
BobS: Bob just left to get a perscription for Mandy
BAIR: I like to be differnent
Pamela C.: Now *that* I want to see
Pamela C.: Judy, is that you?
BobS: yes
BAIR: that was quick
Pamela C.: Welcome aboard!
rich-c: Hi Judy, we were just congratulating you on the 32nd anniversary
BAIR: How is every one doing with adam bomb
BobS: thanks it is not easy to type on this
Pamela C.: What are you on? Obviously not a regular keyboard
rich-c: why, what are you using as a keyboard?
Pamela C.: also, punctuation and spelling are optional
BobS: I have not been able to play lately
rich-c: Bob been hogging the machine?
BobS: Too many babies around here
Pamela C.: Use the "grandma" dirty look. Works every time.
rich-c: does tend to keep a gal busy, I've heard
BobS: no I have my own computer
BAIR: that is just and excuse
rich-c: do you have Mandy and the new grandson there at your house?
Pamela C.: my problem is I get too much practice at work. By the time I get home, my fingers are already protesting
BobS: yes and it is realy fun
rich-c: Frances is here coaching but she doesn't want to take over
BobS: say hi
BAIR: bob I have just got another disk
Pamela C.: That's so nice. I've heard that having an extra pair of hands for the first couple of weeks is a big bonus.
Pamela C.: Hi, Mom!
rich-c: another disc of what, Bob?
BAIR: ann news
rich-c: right - they do come out every month. It isn't always easy to keep track
rich-c: unfortunately they tend to be running a bit low on copy these days
rich-c: maybe, Bob, you should write them an article on how to beat Adam Bomb
BAIR: they haven't came that often this year
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changed username to james
rich-c: well, they don't come on the same day each month
james: morning :)
Pamela C.: HEY JAMES
BobS: yes, Bob does have to spend a lot of time every momth on that
rich-c: happy new year, james!
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Pamela C.: Happy New Year!
james: happy new year :)
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
rich-c: and welcome, Guy
BAIR: it isn't that hard to complete adam bomb
Pamela C.: We missed you. Where have you been? Hi, Guy!
BobS: Hi Guy
BobS: yes it is
BAIR: hope every one had a good year so far
rich-c: James, did you get teh Logo disc from Frances?
Pamela C.: What I want to know is where did the first ten days of the year go?
Guy B.: Ok, sorry I missed last week.
rich-c: south, rapidly
BobS: there are too mamy rooms for someone that can not remembwe anything
james: yes rich, thanks very much. haven't had a chance to actually play with it yet, but i've looked at the printout. many thanks.
Pamela C.: James, want some snow? We have some spare over here
rich-c: right, Frances is looking over the printout of your New Year item, but hasn't run it yet
BobS: we are melting lately
james: all our snow is gone :) "boo hoo".. yeah right. i don't need it but thanks anyways.
rich-c: I think your kids will get a big kick out of "Journey" on the disc F. sent
BAIR: you can have all of mine
Guy B.: I'm going to let you guys know now that my website should be ready in the next few days. I got the Ok from Corecomm, my ISP for my personal webpage space.
james: hey bob - i have paypal now - do you have paypal?
rich-c: OK Guy, make sure you send out an email to the mailing list. Hyperlink the URL if you want serious action
BobS: this is Judy
Guy B.: I already plan on doing that.
rich-c: that's really Judy thee, james - but yes, Bob does
james: :) hi judy
Guy B.: Hi Judy
BAIR: hi judy
Pamela C.: Funny, you don't look like Judy
BobS: Bob does use paypal
BAIR: she looks better then bob
rich-c: Bob hasn't shown her how to click edit and change the name yet
BobS: thanks
james: how was your christmas pam?
Guy B.: I think you guys heard by now that Yahoo is now charging a sliding fee scale to list your items on their auctions.
BobS: yes he has but I don't remember how
BAIR: they always say the truth hurts
Pamela C.: It was very quiet. We had my parents over on Christmas eve, and went to my inlaws for Christmas day. It was over too fast.
Pamela C.: And yours?
james: just relaxed. i took six days off from teaching and took it easy.
Pamela C.: Judy, click on the edit drop down, choose change user name, delete Bob, and put yourself in
Pamela C.: Must be nice. Six days in a row. I'm jealous.
james: got caught up on a lot of crap i couldn't get done before.
rich-c: you sound mre like a teacher every day
james: well, don't be too jealous - i work seven days a week and hadn't had a single day off in three months.
rich-c: see abnove
BobS changed username to Judy
Pamela C.: How many hours do you teach a day?
james: hee hee :)
Guy B.: You needed a break James.
james: i average 6 hours a day
Judy: there you are
Pamela C.: And just what does that evil laugh mean?
Judy: is that better
rich-c: you lok much prettier now, Judy
Pamela C.: Much better. Don't you feell more like yourself?
Judy: thanks
BAIR: sounds better to
Guy B.: Any of the snow melting by you Judy?
Judy: it is easier if you don't know it is me
BAIR: why
rich-c: oh, we can tell when you're on - the spelling improves
Judy: yes it is going away
james: rich & pam - i now have an english version of our final schedule for our trip in march.
Guy B.: Finally got some melting here too. But, we have a big ice jam on the roof.
rich-c: OK, trust you will be emailing it soon?
Judy: then I can just sit and watch
Pamela C.: Are you going to e-mail it, James
BAIR: sounds like my place
Judy: does it leak
rich-c: you having a problem with runoff, Bob?
Pamela C.: That's how I got hooked into this - I couldn't just sit and watch
james: i was going to snail mail it but now that the file is 460k and not 31mb, i could e-mail it no problem.
BAIR: not yet
Judy: my spelling is so bad
Pamela C.: where did you get that idea, Judy?
BAIR: not as bad as mine
rich-c: yes, 31 meg is a bit of an upload at your modem speed
Guy B.: Judy, your spelling is alot Better than Bob's.
Pamela C.: Bob gets fimble ningers alot
Judy: I have to be careful what I write
james: i figure it would be faster to snailmail 31mb than to try and e-mail it.
Judy: he types fast
Pamela C.: I think you're the only one who worries about spelling
rich-c: oh, just hammer away - the keyboard can't speel anyway
Pamela C.: LOL, James
Judy: I backspace alot
rich-c: well, we'd welcome the new hard drive you'd have to put it on
Pamela C.: so does half the group, especially me. It takes a lot of work to get it to come out right
Guy B.: Rich, I may be able to save the 486. I found a place on the web that has the CMOS battery that this computer has. I have to double check to be sure it's the right one.
james: you might also want to try a battery specialist shop.
rich-c: sounds like you're coming up roses, Guy. Let's hear it for the Net!
Judy: I better go now to have pie and coffee with bobs parents
james: specialty shop would be better i guess..
Judy: so bye fo;r now
rich-c: OK, send the old guy back son
BAIR: where is ours
Pamela C.: Wow, four generations? That's great! G'nite for now and felicitations
rich-c: niters. Judy
Guy B.: I printed the page out. I opened the 386 computer and that battery is definately soldered to the board. But it looks like that one may take a different battery.
Guy B.: Bye Judy
rich-c: some of teh older computers there's a way to sort of bypass the dead battery - wire a new one around it
BAIR: see you all next time
rich-c: you on your way, Bob?
Pamela C.: Bair, are you leaving?
Pamela C.: You just got here!
james: as long as the output and the polarity are the same, you can pretty much use anything. doesn't even need to be lithium.
BAIR: I got some things to do before work
Guy B.: From this same website that I found the battery for the 486, the 386 had a 3 pin prong and they have a battery to bypass that.
Guy B.: Bye Bob B.
james: actually, i seem to recall alot of people replacing the battery with a battery case that could hold regular AA's..
Pamela C.: Seems to me we found a new battery for our 486 without too much trouble, but I don't remember where
rich-c: OK, Bob but come back soon, y'hear?
Judy: James I recieved your 86 chip in the mial the other day, waiting for your MO for thre hd and card and will bundle together
BAIR left chat session
james: thanks judy or is it bob now?
james: :D
Judy changed username to BobS
Pamela C.: Ah, presto chango
rich-c: judging by teh spelling, it's Bob back
Guy B.: He's BAAACK!
Pamela C.: glass houses, Dad
rich-c: the...the...the...the...the...
Pamela C.: sure, you say that now but then what
james: bob i mentioned further up, but i have paypal now. that would save me the hassle of dealing with the people at the post office.
Pamela C.: what, pray tell, is paypal?
james: an internet service that lets you send and receive money to and from individuals via your credit card.
rich-c: it's a way f money transfer used among other places on eBay
Guy B.: Yep, that's what it is. Saves you some time.
james: popular for auctions but not limited to auction use like some services.
Pamela C.: Ah. Western Union for the internet set.
rich-c: you got it right, except it's free to individuals
james: and in my case *alot* of money and trouble.
james: can you believe the post office here charges $10 for a m.o? ridiculous. i've had some transactions where the money order cost
james: me as much as the item itself.
james: not any more. paypal saves me alot of trouble.
Pamela C.: what do the banks charge?
rich-c: I think I will have to lok into it
Guy B.: Most places do charge for money orders. Banks can give you a bank check for free if you have an account with them.
rich-c: they charge businesses for it, but individuals are free - they make interest n the float
james: it's easy. it would let you take visa from your customers rich.
rich-c: what customers? they are rather few, james
james: i meant me :)
rich-c: oh - right!
rich-c: actually we may even add another - I found a candidate for the free Adam
james: hey pam - wuts yer e-mail? i'll send that file now.
james: brb
rich-c: sounds like a very nice and sincere young man - had an Adam when he was a kid
Pamela C.: What are you gonna do with all this stuff when you come home, James? It's gonna cost a fortune to ship. Or are you not planning on coming home?
Guy B.: Bob, does Doug have another e-mail address? I haven't heard from him yet about those Pentium computers he rebuilt.
rich-c: Bob, what does a minimal internet ccomputer cost in MI?
rich-c: the 386/25 - 16 meg - 540hd - 28.8 modem - win 3.1 level
Pamela C.: Are you talking about the guy in Vancouver, Dad?
rich-c: no, there's a young man who works for teh city of Las Vegas
Pamela C.: ah.
rich-c: the other inquirer wasn't serious - bit of a freeloader, less than sincere
Pamela C.: what do expect for a free Adam - lots of people out there looking for a free ride
Guy B.: Exactly
rich-c: well, the thing is he didn't want the Adam, just any goodies he might strip off it
rich-c: the sort who hopes to open it up and find a 512 expander inside - and will chuck the rest
Pamela C.: that's pathetic
rich-c: even teh Adam community has the odd lonesome deadbeat and timewaster
Pamela C.: no comment
james: pam - what do you mean when you say "all this stuff" do you mean my adam stuff?
Pamela C.: yes, and all the other stuff people are sending you.
Pamela C.: btw, email is
Pamela C.: Dad stole the really good address
james: thanks. well, i'm not actually planning on moving. my wife and i are here permanently. or at least such is our intent.
rich-c: hey, I got dibs - I was there first
Pamela C.: and your point?
james: with the mortgage on the school, i couldn't go anywhere for another 5 years or so anyways.
Pamela C.: I didn't realize you owned the school - I thought you were there as teacher only. That's great!
Guy B.: So your going to be there for quite awhile.
rich-c: right, and this season there is a definite upside to living in Japan
Pamela C.: That means we had better make an effort to see you in April, then. Not many other chances
james: quite awhile i would imagine :) it'll be two years in march, more if you count the six months i was here a few years ago.
Pamela C.: What prompted the move?
rich-c: that's barely time to get settled - you have really made fantastic progress
james: yup. the school is mine :) or as things stand now 13% mine and 87% belongs to the bank.
rich-c: that will change - time brings all things
Pamela C.: I know it wasn't an urge to use NTT for extended periods ; )
Guy B.: How big is the school James?
james: my wife and i had decided when we got married that we would move to japan, it was just a matter of "how long" after we got married.
rich-c: I don't recall your ever sending us a picture of your wife, James
james: i didn't care for my employer in ottawa so i told them i was leaving. barely two months passed between the time i gave them notice
james: and the time we got here.
Pamela C.: It took me longer than that to pack to move across the street!
Guy B.: James, just curious. Is your wife Japanese?
james: the school is about.. 6x7 meters, second floor is smaller because the roof comes to a point.
rich-c: and if the lease hadn't been up and new folks moving in, you'd be moving yet?
james: yes, she's japanese. we live with her parents in their house, right beside the school.
Pamela C.: Very funny, Dad.
james: lease?
Guy B.: That's very convienent. At least you don't have to travel.
rich-c: she's a cliff dweller (apartment)
james: it's about a 15 second commute on foot to work :D
james: got it.
rich-c: now you've really got her jealous!
Guy B.: No matter what the weather is too.
james: if you guys want to see pictures of the school, there's lots on my web page.
Pamela C.: We were in a one bedroom apartment on the south side of the street. When my sister in law moved over here, she heard of a two bedroom coming available for a very reasonable price . ..
Pamela C.: so we jumped at it. Never regretted it.
rich-c: and now you've got Kimberley, and Alison, and are taking over the place...
Pamela C.: web address, please!
rich-c: that's a new one, isn't it?
Pamela C.: Let's see, we have Lindsay, Allyson, Kimberly, ourselves, Monique . . .
rich-c: oh, was Monique one you tipped off? I'd though she came on her own
james: yup :) i'm always updating it. should have some more stuff up there soon about the upgrades i've been doing on these
Pamela C.: thanks.
james: 486's i received last year. got almost all of them running at pentium level w/ lots of ram
Guy B.: Bob is allfully quiet all of a sudden.
rich-c: how about posting it on the mailing list so we can all update, james?
Pamela C.: Monique belonged to Allyson originally. They grew up together. Remind me to tell you all about it on Saturday.
james: done
rich-c: hmmm - our lights just dimmed a bit - if I vanish suddenly, you'll know why
james: yeah, if the lights go out, we can't see you :)
Pamela C.: methinks I need to get added to the mailing list - I miss too much
(The lights sudddenly go out)
Pamela C.: Daddy go poof!
(Guy B. groans loudly)
rich-c: yes, they're up and down - that usually means Hydro is having a switching problem
Pamela C.: right on time. we usually have a power failure around this time of year.
Pamela C.: come to think of it, we're overdue. Haven't had one in at least two years.
rich-c: yes, we had a beaut a couple of afternoons ago - just for a second, but a BIG surge
Pamela C.: Okay, question. How do you get those comments in brackets?
rich-c: I'm still curious how many of the neighbours might have lost their tvs and vcrs
rich-c: try actions
Guy B.: Pam, go actions, they click on subjects then anyone of them there.
(<s> reboots <o>'s computer remotely.)
Pamela C.: ah. the things you learn
rich-c: we don't use them much - they're a little too cutesy
Pamela C.: not if they're used properly
Pamela C.: which around here, they are
(Guy B. winks)
rich-c: properly in this context is defined as "sparingly"
Pamela C.: especially by Guy
Guy B.: This one is my favorite
(A dog howls in the distance)
Pamela C.: I obviously need to hang around here more
rich-c: anyway, Guy, you're not the only one who's been doing some upgrading lately
rich-c: I went out and got me a really neat inkjet - Canon S400
rich-c: so Frances took her revenge
Pamela C.: Does it work okay?
Guy B.: Glad you brought that up. Got my new Athlon tower. It can AMD Athlon from 500 to 850. 768mb max memory.
rich-c: at our meeting last night she bought the 3.9 OS and adapters that let her use a PS2 mouse and keyboard on the Amiga
Guy B.: I'm leaning towards the Athlon 800 or 850.
rich-c: told Jack Pines about them since he's been lacking an Amiga kayboard
Pamela C.: we need to get mom on the net
Pamela C.: does the Amiga have a modem?
rich-c: oh, she doesn't like to be on much, and when she does she uses this DOSbox
Pamela C.: Yeah, but just think of the fun we could have if all three of us were out here at the same time
rich-c: no, but it will support an external modem, and the 3.9 OS includes a browser
Pamela C.: Of course, the rest of the group is shuddering right now
rich-c: that couldn't be till we get DSL - or maybe networking would allow it
Pamela C.: Oh, btw, is the satellite system in yet?
rich-c: anyway, Guy, is the extra speed worth the price anywhere over 500 mhz?
rich-c: Pam, I have the dish in the box and will be calling the installer tomorrow I expect
rich-c: we have one of our Old Farts lunches tomorrow so I'll be out much of the day
Pamela C.: It won't do you much good in the box, dad
Guy B.: I think it would be. Prices on the CPU's are finally coming down. So, it would be worth it.
Pamela C.: brb, folks - gotta eat before I faint - back in a couple
rich-c: true, but the first race of any importance isn't until the first weekend in February
rich-c: Computer prices are coming down, and CPU prices drop quarterly
rich-c: still, I haven't seen as much movement as I expoected lately, Guy
rich-c: the deals on memory and hard discs seem to get better bv the day
Guy B.: Especially now that AMD has 1.2 mhz and Intel has the Pentium 4. Prices on the older processors should be coming down.
rich-c: should be, just haven't seeen it yet
james: 1.2 mhz? a 1/3 the speed of an adam ;-)
Guy B.: That should be 1.2 ghz. James. Sorry about that.
rich-c: yes, the design is a ripoff of the 6802
james: i'm just giving you grief :)
Guy B.: Memory is probably the first thing I may get first. I'm going for 128mb.
rich-c: that should be adequate to keep you out of mischief for a while
Guy B.: Got a good one for you. This PC will support AGP. Which is a good one?
rich-c: unless youre into heavy graphics, it's more than adequate room
rich-c: We like ATI 'cause they're made here, or Matrox
Guy B.: What about memory on those?
Pamela C.: I've heard good things about ATI
rich-c: what do you want from your video card? Games? Streaming video?
Guy B.: Games, Wordperfect 8.0 comes with the system, and the Internet.
rich-c: I think the smallest, cheapest ATI now is about 32 meg - they go up to at least 128
rich-c: If you want leading edge games, the current hottest ticket is barely enough
Guy B.: No, memory on the AGP. Memory on the computer will be 128mb.
rich-c: if you're more into Sims or Scrabble, and old video card will do
Guy B.: I'm thinking of a 4mb AGP card.
rich-c: Take a look at the latest ATI All-in-WOnder - I think it has 128 mb of video memory on board
Guy B.: My current PCI video has 2mb now.
rich-c: I have a 4 mb card and it has never disappointed me
rich-c: when I was running on the old 386 I eventually went to 1 mb and that was quite enough
Guy B.: I'll take a look at those when I go the computer show here in Chicago this Sunday.
rich-c: my guess is that the current popular level one of 32 mb would be overkill for you
Guy B.: I would agree with you on that. I budgeting this out by month until my overtime starts up again and that will be very soon.
james: sorry to be so quiet, i think i should go now as my wife is home.
Guy B.: Bye James, see you next week.
james: definitely :)
rich-c: OK, there's implications in that - great to have you back, James
Pamela C.: Missed you, James. Come back soon!
james: :D see you all next week!
Pamela C.: absolutely
james: *poof*
james left chat session
rich-c: Guy, which motherboard did you finally settle on?
BobS: Bobam I still here???
Pamela C.: Yup, you're still here
BobS: cool!
rich-c: I don't know - look in the mirror - is that you, Gran'pa?
Pamela C.: I wondered why you were so quiet
Guy B.: Got the manuel right here. It's a M800LMR. Supports AMD Athlon SLOT A from 500 to 850 mhz.
rich-c: Who makes it? Don't recognize that model number
Pamela C.: what make is that, Guy
Pamela C.: we're doing it again, Dad
Guy B.: It says PC200
rich-c: What's the multiple on the AGP slot? How many USB ports? Des it have FireWire?
rich-c: Is the memory 100 or 133 mhz? What's the hard disc - Ultra DMA? 66? 100?
Guy B.: It has two USB ports. 4 PCI slots. Three are shared by the modem, soundcard and a network card. I can disabled them by the jumper switches.
BobS: Richard, we are selling internet ready w/ modem 486's for $95 and they are selling...slowly but regularly
BobS: been looking up in the list of messages......
Guy B.: It will support Ultra DMA 66 as well as DMA 33
Guy B.: What about those Pentiums?
rich-c: when you say internet ready, Bob, care to tell me more? HD? Modem speed? OS?
BobS: haven't gotten around to them yet Guy and Doug hasn't decieded how much for them
Guy B.: Let me know. I have a couple friends here who are interested in buying one of those.
Guy B.: One of them is my girlfriend.
Pamela C.: I think it's time I cut out, gentlemen. The screen is starting to look fuzzy, and it isn't my monitor. Guy, you still have a story to tell .
BobS: 486 computer with mouse, keyboard, vga color monitor, small hd (210 - 500 meg), WIN95, IE 5.5. minimum 14.4 internal modem and JUNO internet isntalled
Guy B.: That's right I do, don't I. Will tell you that next week.
BobS: ah,,,,,,girlfriend,,,,yes??
Guy B.: You heard right Bob.
rich-c: yes, we have to keep track of Guy's romantic adventures
Pamela C.: He's been keeping us on tenterhooks for weeks now. Next week, for sure. I'm going to bed.
Guy B.: Bye Pam.
rich-c: OK Pam, if not before see you Saturday - did you set a time?
Pamela C.: Dad, will call tomorrow or Friday about that.
BobS: so Guy about this girl........
rich-c: OK hear from you then
BobS: the one from work?
Pamela C.: In the meantime, see you next week. Good nite, all.
Guy B.: You want to know, eh!
rich-c: night, Pam
BobS: yes
Pamela C.: Don't you dare tell us when I'm leaving, Guy
Guy B.: Ok, next week.
rich-c: It's OK, I'll rat to you, Pam
BobS: tell. tell
Pamela C.: Thanks. Bob, you instigator, you!
Guy B.: Besides, I'm going to go too. See you all next week and watch for my annoucement on my website.
BobS: hey wqe can't wait all week ya inow
rich-c: OK, we'll keep an eye on the list, Guy
BobS: wesite???
BobS: address please
Pamela C.: You can wait one more
Guy B.: Yeah, Corecomm has my webspace ready for me. So keep an eye on the list, Jose.
BobS: okey dokey
Pamela C.: I go. Bon soir!
Guy B.: Ok, gang see you all next week.
rich-c: Night both
Pamela C. left chat session
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: well Rich looks like we are alone now........
BobS: wonder if PAYPAL would be of any help to ADAM Svcs....
rich-c: yes- do you get the feeling Guy maybe bought a little too cheap on his motherboard?
BobS: qwould give the ability to get $$$ immediately from customers before they forget about the stff
BobS: didn't see what that wasw
rich-c: I've been thinking of looking into Paypal
rich-c: there was an article mentioning it briefly in tye local paper this week
BobS: it used to be completly free but now there is a limit of about $2000 before charges I think
rich-c: yes, for small operators they work on the float, but they want a cut from businesses
BobS: check it out at
rich-c: I plan to do that
BobS: no, you just use your email address and as long as you don't go over tha limit (using charge cards) you get charged 0
rich-c: yes, that was my understanding
rich-c: the paper didn't say, but I believe there is a time between when they get teh payment and when they send it on to you
BobS: and on all cash IN your account, you can spend or put it into you bank checking account and ther e are never any charges
rich-c: they make their money on that float
BobS: exactly
rich-c: I'd expect their explanbation (legitimate) would be they wait to hear from the buyer the goods arrived OK
BobS: but it is a handy way to have some cash outstanding IF youa also buy stuff and pay using payapl
rich-c: that is not a small consideration
BobS: check it out and report back next week
rich-c: and most folks don't realize that that is how insurance companies make much of their income
BobS: no, when buyer pays, you get!
BobS: when you pay, they get and you get charged.
rich-c: won't guarantee by next week, but do plan to check it out
BobS: to work in the float you have in your account sitting therethey want o
BobS: well. see you next week anyway!
rich-c: oh, they want nothing from you - they loan it out and get interest that way
BobS: gotta check mail and then hit the sack
BobS: yup
rich-c: right, and I have to get those photos of the grandkid and relay them to Pam
BobS: small sums here and ther make big sums in the paypal account
BobS: yes. and look at them yourself!
rich-c: see you next week, then - both of us on time?
BobS: :-)
rich-c: Poof!
BobS: try!!! :-)
BobS: say hi to Frances
BobS left chat session
rich-c: OK, we've already said hi to Judy - give Meeka our best, missed her tonite
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