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rich-c: Hello there!
Pamela C.: hi, Dad
rich-c: Got the satellite dish up today
Pamela C.: Does it work?
rich-c: Yep, just fine far as I can see
rich-c: How does Russell like the game?
Pamela C.: Have you tried the channels you normally have trouble with?
rich-c: Yep, and they are loud and clear
Pamela C.: He's still evaluating it - we'll see
rich-c: I'll be interested in his reaction
Pamela C.: Have you played the game?
rich-c: No, I downloaded a demo months ago but it wasn't playable
rich-c: I ended up deleting it rather quickly
Pamela C.: I'll have to bring it back so you can try it - he says there are tricks youhave to learn
rich-c: Does he have it all on the hard drive or still need the CD to play?
Pamela C.: He loaded it on the HD but you still need the CD to play the game - most are like that
rich-c: Figured as much
rich-c: anyway no hurry - it takes a lot of hard disc space
Pamela C.: If he likes it well enough, we'll acquire 2 and you can have the original back
rich-c: and also I just may have other things to do with my time nwo
Pamela C.: Such as?
rich-c: well, Speedvision will have flag to flag coverae of teh Daytona 24 Horus
Pamela C.: Oh, brother. yippee.
rich-c: don't you think your mom will be deleriously happy?
Pamela C.: Fer sure
Pamela C.: What other channels came with the package than the sports ones?
rich-c: And ity looks like I can get the entire NASCAR season, plus some Busch races
rich-c: All of the Canadian and US networks plus some miscellaneous - shopping, weather
Pamela C.: Doesn't the nascar season include the Winston Cup?
rich-c: yes, that's the big series, Busch is the triple-A so to speak
Pamela C.: You'll like the weather network - local weather every ten minutes on the 10's and it's usually pretty accurate, plus long range forecasts and environmental news
rich-c: But I will likely have all NASCAR, F1, CART, IRL, ALMS and a pot of others available - plus CFL
rich-c: yes, we've found the weatehr fairly interesting when we've stayed in hotels
Pamela C.: Road reports in the winter are handy
rich-c: I expect, but we don't do much winter driving any more
Pamela C.: Still, if you want to know what your drive to CPL is going to be like, it can tell you, or if you go anywhere on the 401
rich-c: oh, for the 401 the COMPAS system on the internet is really neat
Pamela C.: yeah, but to get that you have to log on - this is faster
rich-c: depends - I'd say logging on is usually faster than waiting for the part you are interested in to come on
Pamela C.: Depends if you know when it's scheduled. I seem to have fumble fingers tonite
rich-c: besides, with COMPAS you can get a camera view of the exact stretch you're interested in
Pamela C.: Dad, I hate to break it to you, but you're a techno junkie
rich-c: you noticed?
Pamela C.: I guess you figured that out, huh?
rich-c: well, I'd been beginning to get a little suspicious
Pamela C.: when?
rich-c: about a week after I got the Adam, maybe?
Pamela C.: Yeah, the timing is about right.
rich-c: or was it back when I got my first subscription to Road & Track and started reading the spec notes?
Pamela C.: No, that made you a car junkie
Pamela C.: Altogether different.
rich-c: can we compromise of car-techno junkie?
Pamela C.: I can do that.
Pamela C.: Speaking of wheels, I washed mine on Saturday. did you know my car is actually blue?
rich-c: hey, I actually understand compression ratios and camshaft configurations and some aero stuff and...
rich-c: Really? far as I can see, our van is salt over dirt
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changed username to james
Pamela C.: Believe it or not, I'm actually learning something about the way vehicles are put together. I've had to out of self defense.
Pamela C.: HI JAMES!!
rich-c: well, daughter, bout time we got some company
james: good morning :)
Pamela C.: How did you like my mini novel?
rich-c: good morning to you - we were getting lonesome
james: still reading it ;) just kidding. i hope to get around to replying soon!
Pamela C.: Was I right about the ID of the person in the picture I mentioned?
james: if i recall, yes :)
james: how's it going rich?
rich-c: pretty good around here, just telling Pam we got the satellite dish in today
Pamela C.: Good, then I'll know who to look for in April. FYI, Dad, I went on James' website on Monday.
rich-c: good for you, Pam; I keep planning and forgetting
rich-c: right now I'm busy assembling that free Adam to ship to the taker
Pamela C.: I also went on Rich Drushel's site for the Legobots - no pictures, but the descriptions sound really interesting
james: i'm still updating it. there's a whole section on a bunch of 486 upgrades i did that i haven't uploaded yet.
rich-c: pity you won't be at Adamcon - we're going to spend an afternoon at the Lego lab there
Pamela C.: James, when I tried to load the November update, it said it couldn't be found - any suggestions?
Pamela C.: Who says I won't get down there?
rich-c: now that's an interesting comment...
Pamela C.: Has a date been set yet?
james: yeah - i updated the index page but haven't uploaded the other pages yet. i figured my web pages weren't gettting quite the traffic
rich-c: third weeknd in July iof suitable accomodations can be found
james: that sites like yahoo or amazon do, so it'd be okay for a few days ;)
Pamela C.: What am I, chopped liver?
james: i hope to upload them today sometime :)
rich-c: well, it's about a five hour drive to Cleveland, and it runs Thursday evening thru Sunday nite late
Pamela C.: Good, then I can go back and view them. Dad, I have to check those dates to see if Russell is off that weekend.
Pamela C.: My world revolves around Russell's schedule
james: too bad i'm still not in ottawa. it'd be nice to make it to the conventino.
rich-c: well, don't book them yet - $uitable $sites can be $scarce in touri$t $eason
Pamela C.: Having a problem with your s's, Dad? ; )
rich-c: anyway, do you want a weekend when he's working or when he's not?
Pamela C.: One where he's not - I have to have company for all the time I don't spend in the technical seminars
rich-c: yeah, it'd be kinda rough having to spend it with your parents :+))
Pamela C.: Come now, when was the last time I had trouble spending time with you (excluding the last dinner, of course)?
rich-c: quite a long while ago, but can't I tease a little?
Pamela C.: Mumph.
rich-c: Besides, first we have to deal with James and his visit - what is it, nine weeks now till?
Pamela C.: James, are you sure you don't want to reschedule your school trip and take a side to Cleveland?
james: is it really that close?
james: the *last* thing i want to do is play with that schedule any more.
rich-c: did I hear you gasp, james, all teh way over here?
Pamela C.: What I want to know is where did the first three weeks of January go?
Pamela C.: James, surely there must be a hotel you haven't wrangled with yet
james: suffice it to say that it's been a lot of work putting this thing together, so i'm not open to suggestions now on changing it :D
rich-c: are there parts of it you still don't have firmed up, james?
james: no. essentially everything is complete. just making final payments.
rich-c: ah so - the hard part
rich-c: will you have evrything prepaid before you leave?
james: actually, this has been the easiest part. most people have been very good about paying me on time.
james: yup. almost everything.
Pamela C.: How much spending money are you recommending?
james: brb.
rich-c: prudent, unless some sharpie decides to fink out on you
Pamela C.: Well, I guess lunch must be ready.
rich-c: looks like we're losing james for a minute
Pamela C.: What's the time difference between here and Japan, Dad?
rich-c: think it's a bit early for his lunch
rich-c: I get the feeling that like me he likes it a bit later
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Pamela C.: Oh, oh, James is twins
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james: sorry - i gotta go for a bit (both of me it would seem). they're here to do some work
james: on the school.
rich-c: I think it's either 12 or 13 hours - on standard time, I think he's 13 hours ahead
james: i'll try to come back. bye for now!
Pamela C.: okay, see you shortly
rich-c: see you later james
Pamela C.: come back soon, okay?
james: will do :) and we're currently 14hrs ahead of eastern standard time.
james left chat session
Pamela C.: Ah, thankyou.
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: OK - you still have an identity to go
Pamela C.: Good evenig, Guy!
rich-c: well, bye james, hello Guy
Guy B.: Well, I'm here and I see that Dale fixed the chat server.
rich-c: yoou're a bit late coming on tonight
Pamela C.: Yes, it made for an interesting evening last wednesday
rich-c: whoops! just had someone probing my NetBIOS
Pamela C.: thanks for the bulletin, Dad
rich-c: got his number; have to look him up later
Pamela C.: Just keep thinking techno junkie, Dad
Guy B.: I hope to have my website up this weekend. I was planning to have it up last weekend. But, one girlfriend, plus my sister had a computer problem. It was a mess with her.
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Pamela C.: So, Guy - about this romance - are we ever going to get the story?
rich-c: what happened with your sister?
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changed username to Ron
rich-c: hello ron
Pamela C.: Hi, Ron - what took you so long?
Guy B.: What would you like to know? Hi Ron.
rich-c: hey, he hasn't even had dinner yet out there on the Wet Coast
Pamela C.: Everything
Ron: Supper, dishes, putting out garbage - priority stuff
Pamela C.: Ron went poof
Guy B.: Oh boy, I have a adventurer here.
Ron: And I'm running tonight on a 25 mhz mac, hooked to the cable....just to see if it can be done
rich-c: which flavour Mac is that?
Ron: LC475
Ron: 68040 processor
Pamela C.: Ron, you're not showing up on the name list - what happened?
rich-c: surely if it will support a netwrok card that's all you need?
Ron: I see my name on the name list
Pamela C.: Is anyone else seeing Ron?
rich-c: he's in stealth mode - you know these Apple people
Ron: yup. And it works thru the hub ok
Guy B.: I've noticed that the description is missing after our names.
Ron: If you can't see me, then there's definately something wrong..... I am quite 'seeable'
Pamela C.: For me, those are showing
rich-c: but the 040 is the equivalent of an 80486/50
Pamela C.: you're a shadow of your former self, Ron
rich-c: you aren't showing in the users window, though
Ron: think so Rich C. It does quite a bit for a computer of it's age
Pamela C.: didn't I just say that?
Guy B.: Ron is not on the list, but he's coming through.
Ron: i wish
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Pamela C.: Loud and clear
changed username to <undefined>
Ron: must I be on the list
Ron: ??
rich-c: well, it seems the 68K chips the way Apple uses them are about equal to Intel chips of couble the speed
Ron: indeed
<undefined> changed username to BobS
Pamela C.: no, but it gets confusing when one part says you are and another says you're not. How can we talk about you if we can't tell if you're here or not?
Guy B.: Hello Bob
Ron: James, Bob, evening gents
Pamela C.: Hi, bob!
rich-c: I asked Dale about it once and understood some of his answer, I think
rich-c: Hey, look who's here
left chat session
Pamela C.: James is on standby, Ron - something about repairs to the school
BobS: howdy ya'll
rich-c: dragged you out of the Michigan snowdrifts, did they?
Pamela C.: Cowboy Bob is back
Ron: Bought a 17 inch monitor for this here LC, and a new keyboard, and it feels more human than the iMac
Pamela C.: I think I have monitor envy
Ron: Is it white in Michigan?
rich-c: I think that's what my cursor crony in Phoenix has, but he just bought a 7100 used
Guy B.: Ok, found the problem with the descriptions. The box where Show Users in All Rooms wasn't checked. Checked it, now the meeting place shows up. Still no Ron on the list.
Ron: :) - well Pam, let's say this about that. Once you've experienced 17 inch monitor, you don't wanna go back
Ron: and I hear same is true for 19
rich-c: now in TO they'er offering some 19 inchers under $400
Pamela C.: 17 inch monitor at work, 15 inch at home - it's a rough life, I tell you.
Ron: yeah, I can believe that Rich. They've even been coming down in price here pretty good
Pamela C.: Dad, I'm still paying for the car - where do I get $400 for a bigger monitor?
Ron: should be the other way around Pamela
Ron: Don't talk to me about cars today
Ron: grrr!
rich-c: guess you'll just have to make do for a few more months, Pam
Pamela C.: Unfortunately, they have yet to make any of our work monitors surplus
rich-c: unless Lotto gets real cooperative tonight, of course
Pamela C.: Alright, Ron, spill it. What happened?
Ron: My fan belt divided in two and started making a weedeater like noise against the inside of the engine compartment
Ron: and it ain't just a fan belt any more
Guy B.: I'm thinking about a new monitor for my Athlon which i hope to have up by March. I'm going to stay with 15", no room for a 17" monitor.
Ron: damn thing goes everywhere
rich-c: oh, one of those sepentine belts? They're REAL fun
Ron: something called a belt tensioner has to come from Edmonton
Pamela C.: Weedeater? I've heard a lot of descriptions, but that's a new one
Ron: so I'm walking for the next day and a half
Pamela C.: And remember, I work for the claims department
BobS: just turning white a little but not staying around
rich-c: Ouch - it ate the metal part as well, did it?
Ron: well, it would have Rich if I'd kept driving.... obvious signs
rich-c: yes, when the broken ends start flying around, they can whip up a real mess
Pamela C.: Ron, did you try your local Speedy? They sometimes have these things, or can get them
Ron: have a trusted mechanic just up the road
Ron: took it there
(A dog howls in the distance)
Ron: Is James alive?
Pamela C.: They would sellyou the part over the counter, but there's no warranty on it that way.
rich-c: I have one too, but sometimes the specialty shops can help too
Pamela C.: James is having repairs done at the school
Pamela C.: He's on standby.
Ron: my guy tried all around town incl the Found-On-
Guy B.: Ok, I'm finalizing my website for the weekend. Any suggestions from you guys concerning what I'm missing?
rich-c: Bob, what did you say your price was for tape drives, and do you still offer them?
Ron: Found-On-Road-Dead Dealer
Pamela C.: Ah, what kind of Ford, Ron?
Ron: Guy, I haven't been there yet
Ron: Taurus - aka Rosy the Bull
Ron: cause of her colour
Pamela C.: Guy, we still don't have your web address. What kind of Taurus and what year?
Ron: 1993
Pamela C.: Keep going.
Ron: 6 cyl 3.0
Pamela C.: Wagon or sedan?
rich-c: sedan or wagon?
Ron: w/ air, tilt, cruise
Ron: everythink operated by damn electrical buttons
Ron: sedan
Ron: Anyway....
rich-c: what's the mileage on it now?
Pamela C.: Well, my aforementioned mortgaged vehicle is a . . .ready? 93 Taurus Wagon, 3.8 L V6
Guy B.: it will be http:\\ It's not up yet, it will say not on server.
Ron: 137K and change
Pamela C.: Better than my 155,000
rich-c: still, after seven years it's not that unusual for a fan belt to go
Guy B.: That's htp://
Ron: gotcha Guy
rich-c: though of course out there they don't get the dry heat normal folks see
Guy B.: One more time.
Pamela C.: Three cheers for Guy and his fingers
Pamela C.: Eight years, Dad. They were built in '92.
Ron: Just saw detail on your wagon Pam..... how about that!
rich-c: thought modern browsers were supposed to type the http:// for you anyway
Ron: you probably got the same fanbelt
rich-c: no, she has the bigger engine; it may be different
Pamela C.: I love my car. I don't know, I had mine changed in June of last year. No problems with it so far except some squeal.
Ron: I wrote it down as \\, Rich, but I think you're right.
Ron: the backslashs are for DOS path's
rich-c: yes, on trailer haulers they tell you to replace them about evry three years
Pamela C.: Also, mine isn 't fully power. Windows and door locks are manual - less things to break at the wrong time.
Ron: interesting.
rich-c: not that I do, but that's what they say, and I do do it when I remember
Ron: This belt was new - replaced as a condition of my buying the car - 3 years ago
Pamela C.: After market, or OE?
Ron: or one of the conditions at least
rich-c: have you drivern through many puddles of wter lately?
Ron: OE - or it was put in by a Found On Road Dead Dealer
Ron: do I sound cynical?
Ron: nah
Pamela C.: That's Fix Or Repair Daily, you
Pamela C.: Realistic.
rich-c: last time I lost a fan belt was in Tennesee
Ron: actually I've been quite happy with this car. The current problem could happen to any of them
Pamela C.: How careless of you, Dad.
rich-c: had just fought my way through a true mountain cloudburst
Ron: and there you were
Ron: Say something Bob
Pamela C.: Since Dad and I spent 9 months looking for the thing, it had better be perfect.
BobS: HELP!!!!!
rich-c: the service guy said that it was common for belts to break in cloudburst driving conditions
BobS: :-)
Ron: ok
rich-c: and on the road back to camp I did notice a couple of broken fanbelts on the road
Pamela C.: Bob, you disappointment me - I was expecting "something"
Ron: great, a mechanic with a sense of humor
Pamela C.: Are you sure those weren't worms, Dad?
rich-c: and Bob, you ducking my question on tape drives?
BobS: like what????
Ron: According to my ADAM and SB1.x, it Saturday Jan 24
Guy B.: Ok, you guys, I guess you want to here about her now.
Pamela C.: Yes we do, Guy. Spill.
Ron: out with it
rich-c: go for it, Guy
BobS: right on!!!!!
Pamela C.: Check the year Ron. Saturday was the 19th.
Ron: was hoping Dr. D would be here.... he gave me an explanation a while back of how that happens
Guy B.: Ok, her name is Bernadette (Nickname Bunny). Been married twice, both were abusive. Guess you guys want to know how old she is?
Ron: but I forgot
Pamela C.: Gremlins. I'm sure of it.
rich-c: No!! No!! No!! Is SB 1,x not Y2K compliant?
BobS: 500????
Pamela C.: How old is she, Guy?
Ron: Bob!
BobS: or 21......
Pamela C.: Bob!!
BobS: ok, ok........ was only foolin' ya
BobS: what happened to Ron????
Pamela C.: Stealth tech.
Ron: you guys are a prescription for a riot, really
rich-c: He;s in stealth mode - this site doesn't rcognize Apples
Ron: what happened to me?
BobS: how's come Ron is not on my list of users currently in spaniel????
Pamela C.: As in a cure? Or cause?
Pamela C.: Guy, don't get sidetracked
Ron: am not a spaniel
Guy B.: I'll give you ONE clue. She's older than me.
Pamela C.: Okay, I'll bite. How old are you?
Ron: we don't know how old you are Guy
Guy B.: I'm 43
rich-c: but she's younger than me...
Ron: everybody is younger that you Rich
Pamela C.: How much older than you - everyone's younger than you, Dad
Ron: (ok... you set yourself up now admit it)
rich-c: no, Princess Margaret is one day older
Pamela C.: But she's not here
Ron: if she was she'd die laughing
Pamela C.: LOL
Ron: James left
Pamela C.: No, he's right - I'm sure of it.
rich-c: no, but right back, that could be
Ron: my tea is going cold
Pamela C.: Nuke time.
Guy B.: You guys aren't even trying are you?
Ron: ya
rich-c: iced tea is SUPPOSED to be cold
Ron: seriously Guy
Pamela C.: You didn't answer my question, Guy - how much older?
Guy B.: 51
Ron: you are obviously enjoying her company
rich-c: I'd say we're very trying, Guy
Pamela C.: Cool. Do you have a thing for older women?
Ron: and that's all we need to know
Guy B.: I have never dated an older woman before. But, she is fantastic.
Pamela C.: Guy, did you say you met her at work?
rich-c: I don't regard any woman who doesn't qualify for AARP as "older"
Ron: good
rich-c: and I think AARP's age standard for membership is too low
Ron: how old is that Rich?
Pamela C.: 55, if I'm not mistaken.
rich-c: 55 - in CARP. 50
Ron: like as in my case - tool old to work, too young to be a senior?
Ron: too old to work, that should be
Guy B.: Would believe those guys sent me an invitation for AARP. I'm not even near their minimum age limit.
rich-c: yes, that's about it
rich-c: you're a senior when the kids give you a seat on the bus - and you take it
Ron: :)
Pamela C.: Take it, Guy - the discounts are incredible
Guy B.: I threw it out.
rich-c: right answer, Guy, but when you're legitimately eligible, join
Pamela C.: Why does it look so weird to say "my parents are seniors"?
Ron: At our last FSNA Branch meet, we discussed 'associate membership'
Ron: like- if you're going to receive a pension in the next 3 yeas
Ron: years
Ron: can't type either
Pamela C.: Just don't admit any of your local politicians
Pamela C.: Pensioners at 35 - hah!
Ron: we don't have politicians out here
Pamela C.: Oh? What do you have?
Pamela C.: And don't swear
Ron: I'm not sure what we've got, but they're not politicians
Ron: words will not describe
rich-c: yes, but that's the term you substitute for the appropriate description, in polite company
Ron: let's just say that everything you hear about BC politics is true
BobS: yea. so I missed somthinhere, when the wedding Guy?????
Guy B.: I'm a long way from even thinking of retirement. Let alone, I just started my 401(k) contributions.
Guy B.: There will be no wedding yet Bob! But, I'll let you know.
Ron: It will come soon enough Guy, and you'll be glad for whatever 401(k) you're able to build
rich-c: you'll be surprised how fast teh next 20 years go, Guy
Ron: what's a 401(k)
Pamela C.: I started thinking about retiring the minute I got a full time job. I think my parents rubbed off on me despite my best efforts.
Ron: keep hearing the term on Seattle TV stations
rich-c: sort of like an RRSP
BobS: ok, well keep us updated and don't scare her off by going to fast down the road of love!!!
Ron: thot so
Pamela C.: It's an America RRSP, sort of
Pamela C.: American
BobS: retirement plan where the employer matches your input of sdollars Ron
Guy B.: Yes sir. In fact, she's saying the same thing.
Ron: speaking of updates Bob, I much enjoyed the pic of you and the new young'un
Guy B.: It gives me a lot of thought what I should do.
Pamela C.: Don't go too slow, either Guy.
rich-c: marriage is supposed to be a long-lasting thing - don't rush it
Pamela C.: Take it from a woman, we like a little progress once in a while
Ron: I am not qualified to comment on that
Pamela C.: What, a woman's point of view, or marriage?
Ron: relationships
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Guy B.: I might be going a bit too fast. But, I'm going to hit the brakes so to speak.
changed username to james
Pamela C.: I seem to be taking after my parents - 12.5 years and still going. I know people who are on their second marriage by that time
Pamela C.: WB, James
james: hello :)
rich-c: welocme back, james
Ron: Eh? James?
rich-c: when will you be sending us your trip schedule?
Guy B.: Hi James!
Pamela C.: I've become a minority - someone who's parents are still married
Pamela C.: I mean whose
Ron: it's the truth Pam.
james: my parents are still married. going on 27 years i think.
Ron: they still in Ottawa James?
james: yup. the suckers are still in ottawa.
james: trip schedule is on the way rich :)
Pamela C.: I got mine already, Dad
Pamela C.: Nah, nyah
Guy B.: My dad is in his second and it's 30 years for him. The first one lasted about 18 years.
rich-c: you've got pull. Pam
Ron: takes two adults to make a relationship work
Pamela C.: You have to wonder what happens after that long
Pamela C.: No comment please, Dad.
Guy B.: That's correct and you have to be good to each other. Wish I could have been that way with the first.
rich-c: over time, people change. some adapt, some dont
Pamela C.: How long was the first one, Guy
Guy B.: 9 years.
Ron: for me 20
james: i've already decided that one way or another, i'm only doing the marriage thing once.
Pamela C.: More than one, Ron?
Guy B.: Make it count James.
rich-c: that's easy to say at your age. maybe you'll pull it off
Ron: nope, just one. Now I'm gun shy - which is not the right attitude, but .....
Ron: long story
rich-c: probably is - wait till you find one who can cure you
Pamela C.: Hey, some of us females are okay
james: i figure if my wife could just learn to *shut up while i'm driving* we could cut down our arguments to about once a month.
(Guy B. laughs heartily)
Ron: Yes, Pam I know that.
Pamela C.: I solved that problem - I'm the only driver
Pamela C.: Russell shuts up or he walks.
rich-c: Yes, I'm getting unhappy at how Frances swears at the other drivers
Pamela C.: Dad, she learned from the best
Ron: now there's an offer he can't refuse
rich-c: yes, and you're a bad influence on her, Pam
james: i solved it another way. the last time i decided to go somewhere and she asked to come with me, i said no.
Pamela C.: I am not!
Guy B.: Good for you James. But, don't shut her out entirely.
james: i told her why and told her the *next* time she'd be welcome to join me.
Pamela C.: Until Russell is ready to tackle the driving himself, he's not entitled to criticize. Besides, he doesn't have much to complain about
rich-c: I reckon if you can learn to drive on the wrong side of teh road, you're allowed a little slack
rich-c: well, you had a good teacher, Pam
Pamela C.: I would love to have the chance to learn - I hope there's a trip to Great Britain in my future.
Ron: one drives on the left side of the road in Japan? (if one want to avoid collision that is????)
james: the thing that pisses me off is she's always commenting but has never driven once in canada. i got my licence here on the first
Pamela C.: That's true, Dad. The one place we never fought was in the car.
Ron: didn't know that
james: try. i hear most people fail it twice.
james: i'd say 75% of our arguments start in the car.
rich-c: Funny - I found my drivers test a lead pipe cinch
Pamela C.: Yes, Ron. I didn't know that about Japan until the Olympics a few years ago.
Ron: there see.... these chat groups are educational
Pamela C.: Dad, get real. You took your test about 50 years ago. It's a bit different now.
james: they had roads back then? :D
Ron: I have driven in Toronto. You guys are special
rich-c: yes, then you had to know how to use a proper gearshift
james: i thought back then they just gave you the licence when you bought the car..
Pamela C.: Well, when are you going to teach me to drive standard?
Ron: Now I have trouble with a congregation of even 10 cars in the same place
Pamela C.: Scary, huh James?
james: don't worry pam, i can't drive standard either.
rich-c: I have to admit Toronto is a different place to drive
BobS: James, package has lifted off here. when it gets to you, I forgot to put in the box instructions for ADAMcalc
rich-c: these days it's about on a par with Detroit and challenging Montreal
james: i'm getting adamcalc?
Pamela C.: I understand the principle behind it, but have never had the chance to put theory into practice.
Ron: Good James..... that's why were here
Guy B.: I hope Rich D. makes the dates soon on the convention. There's a possibility that I might have to change my vacation schedule. I have the fourth week of July reserved. But, I already know what I have to do.
rich-c: just move your 4th of July holiday to the 20th
Ron: My knowledge of spreadsheets as a class of software extends over many platforms
Pamela C.: If the info I'm getting is correct, it's the weekend starting July 19th.
Ron: I hate them all
rich-c: We just won a bid for Amiga Pro-Calc on eBay
Ron: Frances could never figure out why I didn't like ADAMcalc
Pamela C.: I like spreadsheets. They're very useful for things like making lists.
Guy B.: Then I'll have to change it then.
rich-c: we have the program and it's legal, but the donor couldn't find the manual
Ron: I can add a column of figures on each one I have. That's it
rich-c: she still can't, Ron
Ron: I know
Pamela C.: Pick one and specialize, Ron. They can do all sorts of nifty things
rich-c: maybe you should have listened to Louis up in Quebec when he was with AUFG
james: anyone know his whereaboots?
rich-c: he could do anything with Adamcalc, even use it as a word processor
Ron: should really
james: oops. ignore that.
james: thought you were talking about lou hubert.
rich-c: last I heard he was still there, but that was a long time ago
Guy B.: Bob, any word from Doug on those Pentiums. The girlfriend is still interested in one.
Ron: He sat in my apartment for the better part of 2 hours trying to convince me that ADAMCalc was the
Ron: best thing since sliced bread
Ron: Even gave me all his tapes
Pamela C.: At the time, it probably was
BobS: sure guy, what ya need....
james: ron are you talking about lou hubert or louis fauteux?
rich-c: did you know I have all of those auxiliary programs he wrote for AC?
Ron: no, this guy was a retired accountant living somewhere in central Quebec (name has gone)
Ron: but he used ADAMCalc for everything
rich-c: I sent him a whole mess of discs and he copied them and sent them to me
BobS: got pentium 75's with 1 gig hd full package for $160
Ron: including word processing
james: well, i guess lou or louis is not exactly a rare name in that neck of the woods.
Ron: sec ... brb
Guy B.: P75's are good. They have modems and Win95 installed correct?
rich-c: anyway, Frances assures me it is a seriously neat program
BobS: yup! ie 5.5 & outlook express 5.0 and FREE Juno too!!!!
BobS: but ya'll got to come and get em or pay shipping
Guy B.: Oh, that's a good deal. $160 you said?
BobS: how many ya want
rich-c: I assume you're throwing in a monnitor, Bob
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BobS: for you Guy $150 each
Ron: Ok, the gent's name was Nick Lukach, and he lived in Rouyn/Noranda
changed username to ntt sucks
rich-c: Bingo, Ron
BobS: well ya.......and a keyboard and mouse too!!!!
Pamela C.: Having trouble, James?
rich-c: hey james, we've got a buddy of yours here
Ron: when he couldn't convince me on ADAMcalc, he tried to convert me to the ways of the Lord
Guy B.: Probably one. Jeanene just got a old IBM Aptiva from her next door neighbor for free. Her neighbor bought a new Compac with AMD athlon processor.
ntt sucks: went over to the classroom to get my glasses and when i'd come back, ntt had disconnected me.
Pamela C.: how rude!
ntt sucks: a buddy? who?
Ron: failed on both attempts - I'm going straight to Hell, and there'll be nothing but spreadsheets
rich-c: oh, my panel showed james still on
ntt sucks: yeah, it does here too.
rich-c: but lots of good company, Ron
ntt sucks: hey bob :)
Pamela C.: James, you have a twin again
BobS: \ok willie B?????
BobS: ntt......
ntt sucks: wb is gone.
rich-c: Nippon Tel & Tel
ntt sucks: "ntt sucks" is james
Guy B.: Let me run it by Bunny to see if she's still wants one. They also have monitors right?
Pamela C.: Are you kidding? The place will be full of accountants!
BobS: oh ok
Ron: do you have a choice James... other than ntt I mean?
ntt sucks: not yet but i will soon.
BobS: but ntt doesnt translate in ANY language
ntt sucks: i could always go cellular but that's still pricier than even ntt.
rich-c: dumb question, Ron - if he had a choice, think he'd be with NTT?
ntt sucks: apparently for local calling i will have an alternative soon.
Ron: obviously not, he seems to have relatively strong feelings on the matter
Pamela C.: James - do you have Interntet capable computers in the school?
rich-c: now I'm waiting for the satellite companies to offer high speed
rich-c: got my satellite dish [put up today
ntt sucks: actually, those idiots called again. asked me if i'd switch my long distance back to ntt and when i flat out said "no"
Ron: Coleco ADAMs are internet capable
Ron: it's the ISPs who are not internet capable
Pamela C.: He's had satellite for exactly one day and already he's a convert
Guy B.: How are they capable?
ntt sucks: they asked if i'd keep my other calling services with ntt even when alternatives become available. i flat out told them "no"
Pamela C.: Very definitive, James
ntt sucks: the computers are capable. all that's lacking is a connection.
rich-c: me, I've been with teh same ISP ever since I first got on line
Ron: sounds like a conversation I had with Sprint about 4 years ago
rich-c: and I'm still quite happy with them
Ron: Haven't heard from them since
ntt sucks: if i get this wireless stuff going, i'll have a completely ntt-free connection.
Pamela C.: Unless the wireless is run by NTT
Guy B.: Ron, correct me if I'm wrong. A text base program Lynx will work with an Internet connection?
Ron: yes Guy, but it limits where you can go. Increasingly websites require your browser to be
Ron: capable of handling frames
Guy B.: That's what I was going to say concerning that and graphics.
Ron: and Lynx - or at least the version that appears on most community nets - will not
Ron: According to Dale Wick, the next iteration of Lynx was going to do that, but I've never seen it
ntt sucks: no, the wireless will be run by *me*
rich-c: yes, but you're going to have to buy your connection from someone
Ron: Our local community net is looking at a plan with the local Amateur Radio Club..... far off stuff, but we
Guy B.: Well, I'm going to go. I'll let you all know when the website is up and running. Keep an eye on the list.
Ron: want to cover some places where there is not yet service
rich-c: OK, and keep us posted on "Bunny"
ntt sucks: yup and i found an outfit that can give me 1.5mbps leased line access without so much as one cent going to ntt.
Guy B.: I will.
Ron: niters Guy
Pamela C.: Keep us posted, Guy. Have a good night!
Guy B. left chat session
Ron: interesting James
rich-c: so just what sort of setup are you contemplating, james?
rich-c: or more to the point, what part of it do you have to do yourself?
ntt sucks: i'm going to get a 1.5 mbps connection to the school. unfortunately, that costs $3000/month. so if i can get 50 people interested
ntt sucks: in paying $60 per month for high speed flat rate access, it's a go. i'll be using wireles ethernet to give them connectivity
ntt sucks: to my bandwidth.
Ron: let see 3000 divided by 50, put down the 1 and carry the....
Ron: right
Pamela C.: Use a spreadsheet for that, Ron
rich-c: both prices are awdully high by Canadian standards, but Japan is different
ntt sucks: no dialup charges because i completely circumvent the gouging bastards.
Ron: almost attractive James
Ron: oh
ntt sucks: $60 here for *high speed* flat rate access. unheard of.
rich-c: be like a DSL, always on, right?
Ron: I have excel right here on this computer.... it's a cute little icon right up in the corner
ntt sucks: yup. dedicated connection. here's the cool part: those users with laptops can roam around the town and still have their
ntt sucks: connection :D
rich-c: as long as they have the wireless hardware, that is
Pamela C.: Okay, Ron. Open it up, put 3000/50 in a cell and see what you get
Ron: brb
ntt sucks: that's right :)
rich-c: may take him a while, Pam
Pamela C.: It gives him somthing to practice on.
ntt sucks: pam, you ever worked with field codes inside tables using ms word?
Ron: hah!
rich-c: one of these days I have to find out how Star Office works
Ron: you have to put in '=3000/50' so there!
Pamela C.: No, we don't have it either at home or at work - we have Lotus Smartsuite instead
ntt sucks: okay, for you computer heads out there, my "computer upgrade" section of my web pages has been uploaded.
Ron: I'm dumb, but I'm not that dumb
ntt sucks: ugh. i'm totally turned off lotus.
Pamela C.: Why?
ntt sucks: was using it for quite awhile but it was just giving me too much grief crashing all the time.l
Ron: excel is not Lotus
ntt sucks:
Ron: because otherwise, the damn thing interprets it as text
BobS: hey dudes gotta go here. will see ya'll next week, K??????
Pamela C.: same difference, Ron. If you had put that calc into Lotus as I wrote it, you wouldn't need to define the label
Pamela C.: Before you go, Bob, how's the new baby doing?
Ron: Good niters Bob....stay well
rich-c: Yep, and try to be on time next time!
BobS: baby doing well was to doctor on Tues and all is well gained 8 ounces the first 2 weeks
Pamela C.: Cute kid. Glad to hear it. See you next week!
rich-c: terrific - Frances loved the pix, by the way
Pamela C.: As did I.
Ron: and me
BobS: bye and good evening friends!!!
Pamela C.: Ciao
BobS left chat session
rich-c: nite now
Ron: meanwhile
rich-c: all things considered, Bob was real quiet tonioght
Pamela C.: back at the farm
Ron: here on the west coast
ntt sucks: hey, i thought ron was gone. he doesn't show in my list.
Ron: the separatists stirred
rich-c: he;s found a way to hide
Pamela C.: Stealth tech
Ron: I haven't been showing on anybodys list James....bummer
ntt sucks: yeah, i read about that. honestly, i think ottawa should just stop meddling and divulge more power to the provinces and
ntt sucks: everyone would be a lot happier.
Ron: I'm using an LC475 with the cable modem
Ron: maybe that's it
rich-c: you don't have a BC or Ontario type provincial government
Pamela C.: Can you say power trip?
ntt sucks: i was particularly impressed with landry, the new frontrunner for the parti squarehead.
Ron: I dread the upcoming provincial election
rich-c: Not in BC - can you say can't do anything?
Ron: have absolutely no idea who to vote for
Ron: Don't like Non-directional partisans
Ron: and liberals here are inept (being charitable)
rich-c: you can't vote for any. Who least needs voting against?
Ron: non-directional-partisans
rich-c: shall I send you a clothespin for the nose? Barf bag?
Ron: they will chew themselves up if we don't vote them out
Pamela C.: garbage can?
Ron: ok
Ron: all the above
ntt sucks: we need al gore! :D
rich-c: and put a bag over your head when you sneak into the poll
rich-c: yes, Bob's gone so we can talk about His Illegitimacy now
Ron: meanwhile, the Insurance Corp of BC is going to send us each $100 next month for being good
Ron: and I have been good
rich-c: haven't knocked as many corners off the cars this year?
Ron: no
Ron: just fan belts
Pamela C.: I heard about that. Unfortunately, we don't qualify because we're a fleet - but we have three cars and 14 shops in BC - go figure
Ron: oh really!
rich-c: they don't count - only tickets and at-fault knocks count
Pamela C.: Instead, every time we claim something, they send us a Crash Responsibility Chard instead
Pamela C.: Charge, I mean
Ron: don't suppose I should complain, but .....
Ron: cynicism, you know
Ron: And we have a zinc company in Trail that makes more money selling power to the US than they do producing zinc
rich-c: why? just because it's a hot button and an election looms?
Pamela C.: Gee, ya think?
rich-c: so weho in California needs zinc?
Ron: yeah right..... but the premier says it's nothing to do with the which he adds, "what election?"
Pamela C.: Sounds like Chretien got to him
rich-c: anyway, they make a little less pollution making power than making zinc
Pamela C.: Or at least his speech writers did
ntt sucks: i really think chretien should have stepped down.
Ron: and we're all going to go dark here soon, but probably not before the 8.2 quake, so it won't matter
Pamela C.: Rumour is, he is planning to step down in June of this year.
rich-c: why, is B.C. talking about the joys of private power too?
Ron: current line of expertise is that we could and will be another California
Pamela C.: Ron, if you have that quake, you'll be glad there's no power to fuel the fires
Ron: That wouldn't surprise me Pam, he was just talking on the radion this morning about running for a 4th term
rich-c: the current guess is it will be before the next Liberal convention
Ron: no.....before that I'm going to drown.... tomorrow, the 'boys' are coming to dig up our weeping tile at the
Ron: front of the house
Pamela C.: Well the info I've heard comes from inside the party
Ron: and they will collect $3300 when they're done
Pamela C.: Ouch!
Pamela C.: That
Ron: but it has to be's my computers that are gettiing wet when it rains for any more than 4 days
Pamela C.: s a big dent in your wallet.
Ron: which around here..... happens
Pamela C.: does ICBC cover wallet dents?
rich-c: I gather that other than that, wearing wellies in teh basement doesn't bother you
Ron: unfortunately
Ron: no
Pamela C.: guess it depends on what you're hip deep in
Ron: got used to it Rich. Thank the good Lord for the shop vac
Ron: basically, we live in a swamp
rich-c: we used to have that problem - and controlling it was expensive
Ron: the water table is about 6 inches below ground
rich-c: notice I didn't say curing it - just bringing it under control
Pamela C.: Have you had flooding I don't know about, Dad?
Pamela C.: Other than the downspout disaster, I mean
Ron: well that's about it Rich. Alls we're doing is replacing 35 year old tile which we suspect is disintergrated
rich-c: not on a large scale, Pam, and anything critical is in a dry area or off the floor
Ron: but we won't know till we see it
Ron: same here. I moved all the power bars 3 feet up the wall years ago
rich-c: at that age my guess is that it's long been history
Pamela C.: James, how are your water issues solved?
Ron: several houses on this street have had the same problem
rich-c: with a water table like that most de elopers won't put in basements
Ron: it was a bit strange really.... but here I am
Pamela C.: Up to your ears in alligators
Ron: one night, I was sitting there playing the piano....well into my own world, and
Ron: I had this sensation of wet feet...... looked down, and sure enough
Ron: lapping around my feet
Ron: Thought of Nero
Ron: but he fiddled while Rome burned
Pamela C.: tickling the ivories while BC flooded?
Ron: yeah, right
Ron: So we shall see if the 'investment' pays dividends
rich-c: even if it limits the damage you are likely ahead of the game
Ron: indeed
rich-c: meanwhile, any idea where the water is getting in?
Ron: yes, I know exactly where it's getting in. About 3 spots at the front of the house
Ron: and it's being forced in because it has nowhere else to go
rich-c: that's easy to fix - all it takes is massive dollars
Ron: was described to me by the experts as a hydraulic sort of thing
Pamela C.: Ah, gravity
rich-c: you just trench along to front to below the foundation
Ron: yup
rich-c: and asphalt everything up to the bottom of the bedroon windows
rich-c: then it goes away and starts coming in from the sides
Ron: well good people.....
Pamela C.: Indeed
Ron: Think I've been disconnected..... and perhaps it's time
Pamela C.: Time for bed, I think
rich-c: getting on to that times, isn't it?
rich-c: ditto - so to all a good night
ntt sucks: pam, if you get around to my web pages again, there's more up now.
rich-c: and we shall see you next week
rich-c: same time, same URL
Ron left chat session
Pamela C.: same bat channel
ntt sucks: see you all here next week then :)
Pamela C.: James, will try after R. gets up in the evening - we have the loudest modem in the west, and he's on nights starting tomorrow
rich-c: right james, looking forward to it
Pamela C.: Goodnite, Dad - will talk at you soon
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ntt sucks: if it's a speaker modem, just stick a pair of headphones into the "speaker" jack.
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rich-c: right, Pam - nite now to all
changed username to Ron
ntt sucks: you back ron?
Pamela C.: Now we get Ron?
Ron: Got hooked
ntt sucks: bye all :)
rich-c: poof
rich-c left chat session
Pamela C.: I'll try it . don't forget to write me back, James.
Pamela C.: Good nite to all - see you next week! Zzzzzz.. . . .
Pamela C.: Niters, Ron.
Pamela C.: Poof!
Pamela C. left chat session
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changed username to ron
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