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rich-c: Hello, <undefined>
changed username to BobS
BobS: Hello Richard!
rich-c: Aha! We got him out from behind teh mask!
BobS: just us two yet eh?
BobS: tryin to do twenty thigns all at oncest!
rich-c: Yes, I came on at 9 and you're the only one so far
BobS: things......too
rich-c: So what else is new? Aren't you always?
BobS: yes.....
rich-c: what sort of weatehr are you planning to ship us tomorrow?
rich-c: weather
BobS: not bad actually, was kinda nice here today until about 3PM then clouds, mist and now still above freezing but misting a little
rich-c: been that way moe or less here too - guess it will continue a while
BobS: yup
rich-c: just hoping it stays nice in Florida this weekend
BobS: went down to Indiana to the antique auction today with Mandy and the new Ryan
BobS: weather there was a little nicer even than here
BobS: going to FL this weekend???
rich-c: not that Indiana is all of that far away from you
rich-c: no, I plan to watch the Rolex 24 Hours from Daytona on Speedvision
BobS: ah......
rich-c: I finally went and sprung for a satellite dish
BobS: heard that a couple weeks back
rich-c: yes, but now it's installed, up and running
rich-c: even went and wasted my time watching the Super Boe Sunday
BobS: BUT, the best part of watching the StupidBowl was the 3 touchdowns which
BobS: happened in about 32 seconds,. that was the WHOLE gamne
rich-c: yeah, three hours of boredom for 36 seconds of action!!!
rich-c: trouble with teh NFL, the teams are too small and teh fields are too small
BobS: darn teams are big enough! what are they compared to the size of the Canadian Football League teams?
rich-c: one less player, and teh fields are much larger
rich-c: the Canadian fields are larger, that is
BobS: you have ARENA FOOTBALL up by you????
rich-c: not yet though I believe they are threatening us with it soon
BobS: that is even smaller, they play on only a half field INDOORS
BobS: theyplay off the net behind the goal, and the side posts, etc
rich-c: we have NBA basketball, NHL hockey, lacrosse, ML baseball
rich-c: well, even with an extra down they still can't make ten yards
BobS: so you are NOT at a lose fer sports
rich-c: no, though I'm mostly oriented to motor racing and Canadian football
rich-c: fair warning, if it's on the Adamcon weekend, I might play hooky from the convention to take in the Cleveland CART race
BobS: AC weekend is July 12-15 I heard
rich-c: yes, Rich moved it up a week, I believe the hotel deal was better
BobS: that's ok with me'
rich-c: No problem fr me either - hmmm, wonder if the 24th is the race weekend?
rich-c: sorry, 22nd; I just feel I need nine day weeks sometimes
BobS: don't know
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rich-c: I just hope they didn't skin too many flints n the food
changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Good evening, all
rich-c: Herman's ideas of an acceptable diet tend to be a little less critical than the rest of ours
rich-c: Hi, daughter!
BobS: hi Pam!
Pamela: I gather the subject under discussion is the food at the convention
rich-c: Pam, did you get my forward on Adamcon?
Pamela: Yep.
rich-c: Yes, that's what we wre getting into
Pamela: So what's on the menu?
rich-c: Herman sems to live on pizza and diet Coke
Pamela: So where's the problem : )?
rich-c: we don't know which is why I'm worried about cost-cutting
BobS: naw Herman only drinks straight Coke doesn't hew????
Pamela: There's nothing that says you have to eat at the hotel, you know
rich-c: far as I'm concerned they always feed us way too much for breakfast and lunch
rich-c: yes, but every one else will be eating there cause it's included in the convention fee
Pamela: True. Is there provision for a special diet if you ask?
rich-c: it's never been asked about in the past
Pamela: Start a trend
rich-c: but when hotels are into prix-fixe menus and mass feeding they aren't too flexible
BobS: like wqhat kind of a diet.....milk and cookies at 3PM???
Pamela: Most hotels will accomodate the special needs if they have enough notice. like airlines. LOL, Bob.
rich-c: for me, breakfast is a glass of orange juice, two slices of toast, and two mugs of coffee
Pamela: What hotel are we talking about?
BobS: NO WAY!!! got to have some eggs and some "crispy" bacon for the big man!!!!
rich-c: and that's more than enough to get me through to a i PM lunch
BobS: haven't the faintest idea
Pamela: Um, Bob, that's how you got to be a big man in the first place. This is the voice of experience, here
rich-c: you know as much as the rest of us right now, Pam
Pamela: Is the breakfast usually a buffet, or set menu?
rich-c: What about lunch? I have a sandwich, apple, orange and a few figs
BobS: can be either or the other, depends on the hotel and the meal plan selected
rich-c: It has varied from year to year on all meals
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BobS: come on in pilgrim!!!!!
changed username to Steve
rich-c: Hello there steve
Pamela: Dad, you always have a choice - just choose a lighter meal. Even if you don't have a choice, it's only four days.
Pamela: Hi, Steve - welcome back!
rich-c: Sometimes there isn't that much choice
Pamela: Then leave some food on your plate.
rich-c: ME????
Pamela: I know, horrid thought. Try it some time!
rich-c: Sorry, my means of control is to have a smaller plate to start with
Pamela: Then you have a problem.
Steve: Hello, I wonder if you can help me out. I recently got an Adam disk drive. It came with Filemanager 2.0 and Copycart 1.0. Where can I get instructions for this software?
rich-c: generally I find Adamcons are worth about a pound a day
rich-c: If you have a legal copy of File Manager, there's a readme onm it
rich-c: Same is true of CopyCart - it;s part of a utilities set
Steve: Thanks a bunch for the tips. I'll check. Bye.
Steve left chat session
Pamela: Bob, what do you think of all this fuss? Well, he was in a hurry!
rich-c: That was ratehr quick - I sort of feel used
Pamela: Yeah, I thought this was the "chat" room, not the 30 seconds or less room
rich-c: don't mind a quick question, but it's better with a little grace
BobS: got to see if the stuff is on his disk!
rich-c: bet they're pirated copies
Pamela: yeah, i thought of that too. He may be back.
BobS: we are around not for the lingers' only, but for the quickie's as well
rich-c: don't know how to offer File Manager any more - can't find Tony to send him his royalties
Pamela: Sell it and keep a record, Dad. If you ever find him, you can pay him then.
rich-c: I'm quite willing to help, even just for a fast question.
rich-c: I just feel better when they at least say goodbye a bit more gentley
Pamela: From what he actually said, I think he was going to check - he may be back
rich-c: That's pretty much what I've been doing since we lost track of him
Pamela: Is he going to get rich?
rich-c: Well, if he invests it and waits a millenium or so for the interest to build up...
Pamela: You disappoint me, Dad I expected to get a 'ROTFL" out of you.
rich-c: ;-)
Pamela: brb, the cat's into something he shouldnt be in the kitchen - 2 minutes
rich-c: ah yes - wonder which cat
rich-c: or I guess it has to be the ginger cat - the black one only stands up to eat
BobS: didn't Ron Mitchell have contact with Tony or at leats Guy not too long ago
rich-c: we know where to find Guy, he hasn't moved, but Ron couldn't track Tony at all
rich-c: even when he was in Edmonton over the holidays no clues could be found
Pamela: I'm back - of course, it's Willow, did you expect anything else from my people food addict?
BobS: that is wierd
rich-c: Was he on teh table or the counter?
Pamela: Kitchen counter, licking at a basically clean bowl
rich-c: figgers
Pamela: Yep
Pamela: to quote bob
Pamela: Or isthat Yup?
BobS: yup WIOERD cat...... ;-)
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changed username to james
rich-c: gotta get a translation into Official Michigander
james: good morning :)
Pamela: No, just spoiled. Ah, who do we hav here? Hi, James!
rich-c: hey, good morning, been hoping you'd get here
rich-c: have you fixed that web page on teh upgrades yet?
Pamela: how's tomorrow going so far?
james: except for the links to the drivers and patches, which i can't see any of you guys needing, yes :D
james: things here are good. busy as usual.
james: hey bob - got your package 4 days ago. that was fast!
rich-c: was kind of miffed when it came without scroll bars and slopped off my screen
BobS: ok...........NOW, this is kind of off the subject at hand., BUT
Pamela: I really need a bigger monitor
Pamela: same problem, sometimes
BobS: on the boot tape for the HD there is a copy of ADAMCALC patched to work WITH the harddrive.
rich-c: right
rich-c: or is it just the boot block of Adamcalc?
BobS: cvopy that to the partition you are using for ADAMCALC and then the boot CALC file should boot it up OKS
james: okay :) they're still doing construction on the upstairs of my school (almost done) so stuff is still in the box!
BobS: all boot blocks are already ON the HD
rich-c: sorry - you're right
BobS: wel den RITE dat down!!!!
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Pamela: I thought the school was finished James - what are they doing now?
changed username to Ron
Pamela: G'day, Ron!
james: the upstairs :) i'm having it finished into an office.
rich-c: Aha, the mighty Mitchell
james: hey ron. long time no see.
Ron: I am here
rich-c: bet he can answer your question, Bob
Ron: question?
BobS: a variation of Where's ELMO.....
BobS: where'd tony Morehan??????
Ron: I only have a partial answer
Ron: In Edmonton, over Christmas, I got as far as looking up his name and address in the phone book
Ron: It was still the one I had on my own address list
Ron: However...
Ron: Never got to phoning him due to other stuff goin' down
BobS: so he has "effectively" disappeared from our records,. eh?
Pamela: We need the services of a private detective.
rich-c: well, he's either there or he ain't
Ron: Well..... last I tried the phone number listed (from here about a year ago)
rich-c: guess someone will have to phone and see if there's an answer
Ron: they said it was out of service. But as of Dec 27 2000, it was still listed in the book
Ron: Ok... write this (note the spelling of the last name)
rich-c: how old was teh book?
Ron: Anthony J. Morehen
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Ron: (780) 455-4359
james: once the office is done, i'll have some space and time to play with my adams :)
Ron: 11414 118a St. NW
james: we gots someone else comgin in
Ron: Edmonton Alberta
rich-c: bet that's the late Mr. Bona
Pamela: Um, careful how you phrase that, Dad
BobS: ths is Guy Bona, who is LATE!!!!
james: we talkin' to dead people now?
changed username to Guy B.
BobS: or then maybe not
Ron: and they're talking back
BobS: POOF and he was gone
Pamela: Hey, Guy, are you late or the late?
Guy B.: Greetings All!!!!
Ron: Hi Guy
Guy B.: I will be now that I have started overtime this week.
Pamela: What - late, or the late - bearing in mind that Dad called you the late unintentionally
rich-c: you think so?
Pamela: Nasty, Dad
rich-c: us old folks is allowed our graveyard humpur
Guy B.: He always has Pam. Especially now, when I start overtime.
james: i can't stay on long today, i've got a tonne of things to do and my accountant is coming to do my taxes.
Pamela: especially if you spell it right
james: the fun never stops.
Pamela: When does your tax year end, James?
BobS: OUCH!!!!
Guy B.: Got to pay income taxes in Japan James?
rich-c: yes -teh certainties of life - negative medical outcomes and government revenues enhancement
james: i'm not sure actually but my taxes are due march 15. it's going to be painful because i haven't been paying them as i go along.
Pamela: Negative medical outcomes?????
Ron: or put another way...
Ron: death and taxes
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changed username to nttsucks
Ron: major pain
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changed username to rich c
changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: This country wants to repeal the estate tax.
Guy B.: Bob, are you having trouble with Corecomm tonight?
nttsucks: was that ntt or did the chat server barf?
Ron: This computer is like its owner.
Pamela: I'm back - is anyone else here?
nttsucks: big?
rich c: it must have been the server - I got dumped too
Ron: Likes to nap in between sentences. Thought I had been bounced
Guy B.: Must be a heavy night tonight.
Ron: not just me
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changed username to BobS
nttsucks: anyways, i do have to go. i have a feeling the next three hours will go by too fast.
Pamela: James, you're twins again
Ron: so now we have both James and his alter ego?
rich c: ah, Bob's back too
Ron: don't touch eachother, one of you will disappear
Pamela: or his evil twin
BobS: don't know what happened, but BAM I was off
Guy B.: Bob, are you having trouble with Corecomm tonight?
nttsucks: on the topic of ntt though, as of may 1st, i'll have 2 alternatives to ntt for making regular phone calls. can you say "consumer backlash"?
Ron: It's that old matter/anti-matter thing
BobS: not until now
Pamela: ah, the mirror universe
rich c: well I do like to say it when it's deserved
Ron: exactly
Guy B.: It was sprodic. But, now the speed is back. Must have been the chat server.
Ron: Somewhere in an alternate universe there is a place where NTT provides excellent service at reasonable cost
Pamela: Likely that's where James Kirk is residing
nttsucks: well since i'm stuck in *this* universe, they can go to hell.
rich c: but it's one of teh more distant ones from ours
Guy B.: Now I've completed my vacation requests thanks to Dr. D for those convention dates.
Ron: and where Rich Clee made so much money off ADAM sales that he was able to keep Rich Drushel on retainer to do ADAM software
rich c: hey, how about that?
Pamela: Long long ago in a galaxy far far away - oops, wrong plot
nttsucks: will see you all next week! bye for now!
Ron: alas
rich c: see you james - hope you can stay longer next time
Pamela: G'nite James! Send me an e-mail
Ron: we don't know where that is
nttsucks: me too! e-mail coming your way pam!
Ron: G'nite James
Pamela: Thanks
Guy B.: Not Star Wars, Pam.
nttsucks: *poof*
nttsucks left chat session
BobS: nite jam,es
Pamela: Another one bites the dust
Ron: I've got to go in about 1/2 hour to help a buddy with a computer install
rich c: anyway you had a question about hard discs, Bob
Ron: must remember to take push pins
BobS: that's it ......use pushpins!
Ron: :)
Ron: it's one of these 30 minuted jobs that'll prolly take the rest of the night
Pamela: What's he installing, Ron? the whole shebang?
Ron: actually, the buddy is a she
BobS: AHA!!!!!
Ron: and I haven't the faintest idea
Pamela: Picky, picky
Guy B.: Pam, ever have one of those days when your frustrated with everything and you pick someone to take your frustrations to?
Ron: she bought system used. Don't even know what it is
Pamela: Yes. Why?
Pamela: It's usually my hubby, poor guy.
rich c: Hope she's at least on Win95 - older drivers are hard t find these days
BobS: BUMMER,. used junk eh?
Guy B.: My girlfriend picked me for her frustrations today. Tonight, she called me up to apologize and I'm letting her borrow a movie from my collection.
Ron: taking a veritable Dr. bag of stuff I might need
Pamela: I'm glad she apologized. At least she realizes she was barking up the wrong tree.
BobS: how's the relationship coming along Guy???? sounds like not a bad situation yet,........
rich c: Frances is busy upgrading her Amiga OS to 3.9 right nw
Ron: relationships. Nothing but trubl
Ron: Hi Frances.....
Pamela: Tell Mom Hi
Guy B.: Well, it's going fine. Only when she gets angry with something, she picks on me to take her frustrations out. I just let her cool off and now were Ok.
Ron: One of these days I must find an Amiga
rich c: They aren't that hard to come by
Pamela: Guy, keep listening to her. At long as she doesn't get personal, she's just blowing off steam. If she does get personal, let her know she hurt you but don't blow up if you can avoid it.
rich c: Problem is, they cost a mint to upgrade
BobS: COOL, Frances as well as Richard are comuter "guru's" ??????
Guy B.: I'm finally getting rid of the 386. I'm giving it to a friend after I take out the 5 1/4 drive and replace it with a double speed CD-Rom drive.
rich c: That'll be the day
Ron: Can't be any worse than $70 bucks for an Atari mouse on eBay
Pamela: Mom on the Amiga and Dad on the DOS box
Pamela: $70.00??? Highway robbery.
Ron: Hey, I like that
BobS: cute couple right Pam???
Ron: Shave and a haircut....
Ron: Dad on the DOS Box
Ron: has a lilt to it
rich c: There's an adapter to let you use a DOS mouse on the Amiga - Frances just bought it
Pamela: Very cute. Two bits is all they need
rich c: Ron, Robt Mallon just put me on to a promising techie website
Ron: oh?
Pamela: You all notice Dad's ignoring us
rich c: it's called "
BobS: are Amiga mice that hard to find????
Ron: shudder to think about what that's all about
Pamela: Dad, did Robert ever come up with a contact at Chrysler for Kimberly?
rich c: they aren't easy, and the original Amiga mouse is not one of the better specimens
BobS: ah so......
rich c: I don't know - he's eitehr leaving or left Chrysler - better offer elsewhere
rich c: somewhere down in North Carolina I think
Pamela: Figures. We should have known better
Ron: Is this someone I know?
rich c: Yes, though he sent me some amusing jpegs this week - I'll forward to you and Ron
Pamela: Who? Robert or Kimberly?
Ron: Robert
rich c: You had a casual acquaintance with Robert in Ottawa - very casual
Pamela: Ah, old student of Dad's from his working days - very strange dude
Ron: ummmm..... wait a minute now...... senior's moment.....
rich c: think CP/M group
Pamela: Tall guy, not much hair, moon face
Pamela: glasses like coke bottle bottoms
Guy B.: There's still a CP/M group around?
Ron: Oh HIM!
Ron: him
rich c: yes -kinda weird
rich c: still, we kept him around to graduation
Ron: as I recall, yes
Pamela: He graduated?
rich c: yes
Pamela: Oh.
Pamela: Nice enough guy but very strange
Ron: Actually, Guy, yes. Still with some of the original names
rich c: he may even have gone on to get a university degree somewhere later
Pamela: I never said he wasn't smart, just anti social most of the time
rich c: ron, did you get me email about newsgroups?
Ron: yes
rich c: I would appreciate your advice
Ron: (senior's moment)
Ron: I'll have to reread it it's over on the iMac
Ron: brb
Pamela: Dad, did you read the article I was talking to Mom about the other nite?
rich c: yes, at last I've found something Outlook Express can do usefully - maybe
rich c: yes, I did - she told me about it later
Pamela: What did you think?
rich c: did you happen to see the Star today?
Pamela: No - is there a bunch of rebuttals in the letters?
rich c: It's a bit too complex to discuss here
Pamela: If there's anything, please save it - I would like to see it
rich c: no, but there's a letter from one of your cousins
Pamela: Oh, which one?
rich c: Liz McG
Pamela: Re what? That article?
rich c: she doesn't like the new buildings proposed for Eglinton and Yonge
rich c: neither does your mother
Guy B.: Well, I'll be trying out VBscript with one of the Adam Emulator utilities shortly. I got the help file up.
Pamela: What new buildings - never mind, I'll talk to you about it on the phone
Pamela: Whazzat, Guy?
Ron: Rich..... just read your message....sorry, I thought it was for the ADAM list
rich c: Guy, do we have teh URL for your website yet?
Ron: Unfortunately, you're asking the wrong dude.
Guy B.: VBscript is like the batch language for DOS, but it's similar to Visual Basic.
Ron: I'm the worlds most passive opponent of news groups.
Ron: I don't read any
Ron: Gives me frequent feelings of guilt
Guy B.: I hope to do the transfers this Sunday. I'll let you all know when it's up and running.
Pamela: Okay, that was clear as mud. I shall have to brush up.
rich c: thought I'd like to look around - see if there's any Amiga stuff for sale?
Ron: You might want to ask David Cobley. He used to be an avid reader of several
rich c: I've heard if you post you're dead meat for teh spambots
Ron: That would not surprise me
rich c: maybe I should look into setting up a Hotmail account
Ron: I'm sure thankful to have Zone Alarm I tell ya
rich c: exscept that teh free email sites want too much personal information
Ron: yeah, use an address that you care little about
rich c: you miss the spambots and get tons of juunk mail instead
Pamela: Use the TCI address, Dad
Ron: These days I read my e-mail with finger poised over the <delete> key
rich c: I'd probably find a lynch mob at teh door!
Pamela: Just to get the account - they would never know the difference
rich c: I should but I don't - keep it around far too liong
(A dog howls in the distance)
Pamela: Since I still have messages from '97 at work, I can't talk
rich c: I must have a meg or more of old emails kicking about
Ron: I could have sex in Russia, become a millionaire, buy a great home based business, learn about trips, complete surveys, get cool pics of chicks (and guys)
Ron: and earn money in my spare time
Pamela: Why would you want to have sex in Russia?
rich c: got your number, did they?
Pamela: Why would anyone?
Ron: Well, it was offered
Ron: All I had to do was go there
Pamela: I knew there was a catch
Ron: :)
rich c: It was all a front for Aeroflot
Ron: yeah right!
Ron: But then the same thing happens when the snail mail comes each day
Pamela: Inwented by a russian, no doubt
rich c: anyway Ron, do make a note of the site - you might use it tonight
Ron: okay!
rich c: With snail mail, I just mark it "moved" and put it back in teh box
Pamela: Must confuse the hell out of the postie
rich c: Why? He never sees it again - it goes back to the sender
Ron: Actually, I have a neat way to handle
Ron: my late father (God rest his soul) and I both have the same first name
Ron: So on suspect stuff I put 'deceased'
Ron: Can almost hear Dad laughing
Pamela: My problem isn't junk mail, it's idiot telephone sales people
rich c: just almost?
Ron: well...some nights
Ron: Oh... telephone calls....tell me about it
rich c: I'm on a do not call list for all the biggies
Ron: Those people know exactly when I sit down to supper
rich c: for the little ones I just let the answering machine deal with them
rich c: they only phone between 6 and 7.30 so we never answer then
Ron: I have been know to be VERY impolite
Pamela: I had someone last week who obviously had an automatic dialler - he missed the fact that the machine had picked up ten times in a row and spent two minutes on each call going "hello, hello?"
rich c: notice that's a dead period on my A.D.A.M. Services literature
Ron: Anyway all..... I must go destroy yet another computer
Ron: be good everyone
Guy B.: Bye Ron.
rich c: Here you can tell a caller never to call again and make it stick - it's a federal law
Ron: later
Pamela: Did it three days in a row - on the third day, he called three times in a row and I got the tail end of the call - I yelled not to call back
Pamela: G'nite Ron - have a good one
Ron left chat session
rich c: OK Ron, catch you next week
Pamela: What I want to know is, how do I get calls from phone numbers that are not in service?
rich c: That I think I'd be inclined to call to Ma Bell's attention
rich c: tell them it looks like they've got theft of service
rich c: that will get their wind up in a hurry
Pamela: I just may do that - but this particular goof hasn't called back since I yelled at him
Pamela: and I erased the numbers
rich c: how did you trace back to him - *65?
Pamela: No, I have call display on the back phone
rich c: sure you copied it down right?
Pamela: And that's star 69
Guy B.: Well gang, guess I'll be going. I will be late probably next week. See you all then.
rich c: I wouldn't know, I never use it
Pamela: I dialled it from the number on the screen, and the phone has a dial from screen feature
rich c: See you Guy, early as you can make it
Pamela: Don't work too hard Guy, and take your lady with a grain of salt - she'll be okay
BobS: see ya Guy
Guy B.: I will Pam, thanks.
rich c: Nite Guy
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: ; )
Pamela: I should have gone into counselling - I'd have made my fortune by now
rich c: well, first we'll have to see how Guy survives the advice
rich c: I worry he might be trying to push the relationship a little too fast
Pamela: Excuse me, most people appreciate my suggestions
Pamela: Yeah, that's a worry too.
rich c: anyway, Pam, if your pest calls again, get the number
Pamela: Oh, I will, don't worry - I've had it up to here
rich c: then see if you can get onto Bell security - say you want to talk about theft of service
BobS: and tie up his phone line!!!!
Pamela: Bob, do you have laws about phone solicitation?
Pamela: Good suggestion
rich c: I suspect that will get you some very quick results indeed - maybe the kind you read about in the papers
BobS: supposed too, but I think they are openly flaunted
rich c: here, they are allowed one call, then when you tell them no more they have to quit
BobS: if you let one "idiot" answer for you to talk to another "idiot", they usually get the hint
Pamela: I heard about someone who was getting spam faxes - he made a loop of paper and faxed it back - endlessly for about 8 hours
rich c: if they bug you again, you complain to the phone company
rich c: if they don't cure it, you complain about the phone company to the gummint
BobS: now THAT is a great idea....the fax deal
Pamela: I loved it. I thought it was absolute justice
rich c: why only eight hours? Machine overheat?
Pamela: The phone co is pretty good at dealing with complaints - I have not had any problems so far with them
Pamela: That was as long as he wanted to tie up his own
rich c: oh, he could have left it running all night
Pamela: yeah, but eventually you run out of memory
Pamela: then it's no fun
rich c: damn. there's always a catch
Pamela: Maybe I should try one of these numbers and just walk away from the phone for awhile.
rich c: no, they can just hangf up and break teh connection
Pamela: That doesn't always work with the phones that are on a multiline system
rich c: I suppose you could get one of these "never disconnect" modem programs
BobS: hey Clee's, getting wierd stuff here. am gonna leave ya'll......... see ya next week!!!!
rich c: and then let the computer keep dialling all day
BobS left chat session
Pamela: This is a favourit topic, Bob - sorry about that
rich c: OK, Bob, see you next week it is - best to the family
Pamela: Well, it looks like it's bedtime since we're the only ones left. Any plans this weekend?
rich c: Nope, Daytona 24 Hours is on - that'll keep me out of mischief
rich c: don't plan to watch it all or even a major part, but do want to get the flavour
Pamela: Will call then when I have a moment and we can hash over newspaper articles. sound good?
rich c: OK with me. We'll talk whe you're ready
Pamela: Okay, I'm going to bed. Tell Mom goodnite for me. Hugs and kisses.
rich c: night for now. colour me gone
Pamela: bye!
rich c: bye
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