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rich c: well hello - see I'm not the first
rich c: or did you just set it up and wander off?
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changed username to Pamela
rich c: hi daughter
Pamela: Hi - did you have trouble getting on?
Pamela: Hi, Dale
rich c: no, not at all - did you?
rich c: Dale doesn't seem to be here at teh moment
Pamela: Yes, I was receiving at 474 bps or something - very weird
rich c: wonder if that was teh site or Tamco?
Pamela: I dunno. Does Tamco renew your connection automatically every year?
rich c: Windows claims I'm still running at full chat
rich c: no, John sends me a bill every six months
Pamela: Now that I'm here, I'm not having any trouble
rich c: I just tell him to charge it to my Visa account, which he does
Pamela: But he does it automatically, right?
rich c: sends the bill automatically, but I still have to tell him to renew
Pamela: I'm charging to the Visa as well, but the next six months haven't come up on the bill yet - in June it showed up automatically.
rich c: why are you asking?
Pamela: Think I should call him?
rich c: depends - have you had any outages, or sent him any new customers?
Pamela: no and I don't know. I certainly talk it up when I can.
rich c: maybe he's just behind on the billing or is giving you a bonus of some sort
Pamela: Just don't want to be disconnected. I panicked when I thought I couldn't get on tonite
rich c: a lot of ISPs quietly credit you with a month when you send a new subscriber to them
rich c: well, do chack your email closely and make sure you don't have a "semi-annual invoice" message from "Info@..."
Pamela: Don't know if you remember, but when we first signed up, he was having trouble with the server and it was about a week before he straightened it out. Still, that was in January of last year, so even if I had a credit, it should be used up by now.
Pamela: I haven't seen an invoice yet, either.
rich c: you could phone and ask but I don't think it's his habit to just disconnect you without warning
Pamela: I certainly hope not.
rich c: it's my feeling that he isn't inclined to do business that way
Pamela: I'm feeling very strange tonite - very weepy for some reason. I need a good giggle, I guess.
Pamela: That's part of why I was so panicked about being cut off.
rich c: sorry, not much in the way of funnies of late, otherwise I'd forward them
rich c: I've been busy getting the free Adam off to Dave Compson
Pamela: I got a great e-mail from James the other day - he took bits of the one I sent him and replied in comments. Pretty cool
rich c: finally found a carton to fit the CPU and sent that off today to complete things
Pamela: Who's Dave Compson?
Pamela: Fingers slip?
rich c: Ooops! Guess who snagged the caps lock?
Pamela: You don't have to shout
Pamela: ; )
rich c: Some times us old folks raise our voices unconsciously - hearing, you know
Pamela: Please, don't go there yet - it's too fresh
rich c: OK. We are contemplating going to the trailer show tomorrow or Friday
Pamela: Yum. Leave your cheque book at home, just in case.
rich c: Oh, our powers of resistance are well charged up. If it's that's irresistible, WE WANT IT!
Pamela: I hate to break it to you, Dad, but that's not resistance
rich c: Oh? Try me.
Pamela: Of course if you do find what you want, you'd better get it or when you go looking, it won't ever be available again. Good old Murphy.
rich c: Remember we do want teh right trailer, we just can't find it
rich c: Yes, that's what happened to us with our current trailer. We got the only one left in Ontario
Pamela: It's like the new and improved version of your favourit products - what was wrong with the old version?
rich c: Sometimes you know the answer to that, sometimes you don't - if you dn't, dn't buy
Pamela: They did that to me with our toilet paper. We've been using Royale forever, and now they've changed it and I hate it.
Dale: I"m paying attention again.
rich c: Ah, welcome back then Dale
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Pamela: This is a great point to come back to, Dale - toilet paper is the current topic
Dale: How have you been?
rich c: Pam says she had trouble getting in
Dale: I guess I missed a lot then.
changed username to Guy B.
rich c: Hello there Guy
Dale: Hi Guy.
Pamela: Good evening, Guy
rich c: Just the Old Man and Daughter chatting
Dale: Good to see you.
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changed username to BobS
rich c: Hey, everyone's arriving at nce!
Pamela: Well, the cast is expanding exponentially
changed username to BobS
Dale: I updated the archive for the last few chats.
Pamela: Hi, Bob - you're twins
BobS requested to ban BobS
Dale confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
rich c confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Guy B.: Greetings everyone! Bob, did you get my e-mail?
BobS: ya mon
Dale: Our cruneth over with BobSs.
rich c: Good evening, Bob
BobS: and I just disconnected my own slef!!!
Pamela: How cruel
Dale: Our cup runeth over ...
Pamela: Hey, Dad - I think I found the needed giggles
rich c: How's the snow in Michigan tonight?
BobS: howdy Dale, long time no see
BobS: no snow yet but a little on the way mostly north
rich c: we're supposed to get it tomorrow but they're vague on how much
BobS: Guy...P75 system w/ modem and 1.44m disk dirve......
Dale: It's been a busy time.
BobS: suppposed to chnge to rain and be much above freezing by tomorrow eve
Dale: I've been running around like mad at work to get ready for my vacation which was last week.
rich c: Are you still working on your IPO, Dale?
Pamela: Oooh, insider tips
Guy B.: Yep, that's the one. How much would shipping be?
rich c: Thught the owners didn't get to take vacations
Dale: Well, I need SOME time to myself.
BobS: $30 bucks UPS via Meeka
rich c: are you planning to go somewhre or just relax at hme?
Dale: I'm still working on the IPO...the market hasn't been looking favorably lately to new comers.
rich c: now there's an understatement
Dale: So last week I was at a resort in Georgan Bay.
Guy B.: Ok, let me get a hold of a friend of mine and I'll let you know ASAP. I can send the money direct to you then, correct?
Dale: I got to do some snowmobiling, and lots of other good things.
rich c: Really? Sitting by the fire or out cross-country skiing?
Pamela: Nice area, Dale. You obviously view snow favourably.
rich c: no shortage of snow up that way, for sure
BobS: yessir
Guy B.: Great, be right back, everyone.
Dale: Definately. Snow is fun. Well, we mised some non-snow activities too.
BobS: sounds like a GREAT vacation Dale.......Jill DID get to go also, yes?????
Dale: We when to the Royal Ontario Museum. And even in 4 hours, only saw half of one of the four floors.
Pamela: I'm glad I'm not the only weird one who likes winter sports
Dale: Jill took me to do some ceramics. She did a ceramic pitcher...
rich c: oh, lots of them are great - when watched on teh tv
Pamela: The ROM is a multi day project.
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Dale: which was painted with flowers and weaving in relief.
changed username to james
james: bonjour
rich c: Good morning
Pamela: At least when you sweat, you can cool off
Pamela: Good morning, James - thanks for the e-mail, it was great
james: quite the crowd today :)
Dale: I did two bowls which I painted Tux, the penguin, Linux's mascot in the bottom.
rich c: yes, now, though Guy's away for a moment
Pamela: Dale, was Jillian using a pottery wheel?
james: glad you liked it :) was worrying that i might have said something stupid.
rich c: that's not something you need to worry about, james
Pamela: I have yet to hear something stupid come from you, James. And I've been listening for quite a while now
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. I'm going to try to get my website up sometime Saturday after I go in to work.
Dale: When also went to see a play, a satire called "2001: a space oddity".
rich c: Dale, why put Tux on the bottom?
Dale: The pottery we did had already been cast and fired once.
rich c: That did sort of limit your options
Dale: We just painted it, glazed it and had it fired for us.
Pamela: I am going to try it someday - I;ve always thought it looked like great fun
rich c: On the ones you mess up, paint the Windows logo - then bust 'em
james: thanks pam :) i guess you still hold a different opinion than my wife ;)
Pamela: As I get older, my craftish side is becoming more prominent
Dale: We actually spent 4 hours on Tuesday evening and 4 hours on Thursday evening painting and glazing.
Pamela: Might have something to do with the fac that I'm not married to you, James
rich c: james, how are things coming for the trip? I still don't have a schedule
BobS: :-)
Pamela: Spouses are always our harshest critics.
Guy B.: Anyone need 30 pin sims off a 386 computer. I'm going to scrap it shortly. They 4 256mb sims. Free to anyone who has a 386 PC.
Pamela: Sorry, Dad, I was supposed to send that, wasn't I?
rich c: well, one of you, doesn';t matter who
james: sorry rich, it slipped my mind (an easy thing to do). plans for the trip are basically wrapping up. finally. i'm working
Pamela: Guy, you should sell them - they're hard to come by
james: on getting our tickets for within japan to get to the airport. after that, a few bus greyhound bus tickets and i'm done.
BobS: what speed Guy????
rich c: even for the 386s there were one meg SIMMs, Pam
james: guy - put them up on e-bay, your best bet for selling them
Dale: The bowls are serving bowls, and I fugured that having Linux as a supprise in the bottom.
Pamela: Does anyone know the URL for Greyhound?
Dale: I painted a butterfly and some grass on the outside.
Pamela: Oh, Tux is on the INside - cool!
Dale: I beleive that it is
Dale: (grey)
BobS: on Ebay they are toast....natan, worthless.....
Dale: The bottom, but inside, right.
BobS: got about 20 sets of 4 matching 1 meg simms and they can't even get a bid
Guy B.: You think I might be able to get something for them? I'm not sure what speed they are, it's coming off a 386SX/16.
Dale: 256k simms are of pretty questionable value nowadays. 1Meg 30 pin SIMMs are more useful.
rich c: I guess that 386s are at the boat anchor stage by now
Pamela: glug.
Dale: I have a friend who made them into key chains.
james: :)
Pamela: I know when we were looking for them, they were hard to find
rich c: that was then - this is now
Guy B.: The computer did come up with 1 meg total and I did find 4 30 pin simms in there when I opened the case not too long ago.
Pamela: Thanks, James - imagine that.
james: i want to buy the tickets ahead of time but you can't buy them on their website. i called and they told me it's too early to buy, to call back in march.
BobS: if the speed is 70 nsec,they might just work in the Adam mem xpanders with pins soldered on
BobS: James, you get he package yet????????
rich c: Ah, bureaucracy - wonder why the company's hurting financially?
Dale: The best speed for Adam 30 pin SIMMs is 120ns.
Pamela: They don't want to sell too far in advance in case they have to change the schedule or remove / add a line
rich c: Or is it the U.S. operatin that's been having a hard time?
Pamela: I ran into that with VIA recently
james: bob - yes, i thought i mentioned last week that i got it! :D
BobS: thought the old Jenkinbs expanders used 70's
Dale: I guess I have a 1 MB expander that could be upgraded to 2 MB with those SIMMs if they are 120 or 150ns.
james: dunno but i was a little annoyed that they couldn't sell me the tickets. i just wanted to get it done and out of the way, not wait until march.
BobS: ok, so I can't remember nuthin......did I tell ayou about the calc file on the boot tape????
Dale: For greyhound, they seem to prefer that you buy the same day really.
james: i've done well by via though. had the tickets all settled and sent to me here within a week of my inquiry.
james: greyhound is stupid.
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Pamela: Add them to your list, James - right up there with NTT
rich c: maybe they draw their management frm NTT
BobS: I think it would just be a matter of soldering pins onto the card right DFale???
changed username to Ron's iMac
rich c: Hi Ron
Ron's iMac: Hi all!
Pamela: Hi, Ron's iMac
Pamela: Where's Ron?
BobS: howdy westerner
Dale: Hey Ron.
Ron's iMac: sitting about 18 inches away
Pamela: Ah - kissing cousins
Ron's iMac: :)
Guy B.: Ron, on the Mac tonight?
Ron's iMac: yeah
rich c: why, did teh DOSbox crash again?
Ron's iMac: west indeed..... it's snowing out here tonight
Pamela: James, try Greyhound again on March 1st and see if they've changed their tune.
Dale: I also need the 30 pin SIMM sockets.
james: they don't irk me quite as much as ntt. at least starting in may, i'll have 2 alternatives to ntt for local calling. i'm *Very* pleased about this.
Ron's iMac: not hard..... but in these parts...... any is too much
Guy B.: Snowing? We might hit 50 degrees here in Chicago tomorrow with rain.
rich c: wondering about that - weather channel wasn't clear on whether you had rain or snow
Pamela: Guy, please send me your weather
Ron's iMac: snow it is
james: i'll be calling them on march 1st and will not be taking no for an answer.
rich c: yes, we're supposed to get that Friday in Toronto, Guy
james: what really annoys me is they can't send me the tickets to my place here in japan. via had no problem with it though.
Pamela: Maybe I'll get the car clean.
rich c: and I bet I can guess what you'll be calling them, james ;-)
Pamela: Hey, Dad, did I tell you the car was broken into?
rich c: well, VIA's the government, Greyhound is private - let's hear it for privatization
Guy B.: But, it will be only for 1 day, then it's back to winter.
rich c: all the way to California!
rich c: No, Pam - in your garage or at the TTC lot?
james: yeah, well it's still very annoying. they seemed really dense when i tried to explain that i'm managing a group and that i'm
james: getting everyone to pay up front and that i have to deal with lazy visa people and exchange rates.
Pamela: In the underground at home. Mine and two others. what pissed me off was all they took was fifty cents - it cost me $275 to get the window replaced
Pamela: The underground at 29 got hit too - six cars there
rich c: nothing else missing? though you're prudent I know about not leaving valuables in it
Ron's iMac: Bummer, Pamela
Ron's iMac: don't suppose you'll ever find out who's responsible
Pamela: Not a thing. They took the two quarters and left the dimes and pennies. go figure. Rifled the glove compartment and the tote in the tailgate and moved on.
james: 50 cents. that's quite the loot.
Pamela: The police didn't even come out, just took a report over the phone. And my comprehensive deductible is $300.00
james: 50 cents canadian at that.
Pamela: Next time I'm just gonna leave the damn money on the hood - save myself some dough
rich c: the cops don't care
Ron's iMac: Had a buddy in Ottawa who had a car - the apartment provided 3 floors of off street parking......
rich c: won't stop them from breaking in - smashing things is half teh fun for those sickies
Ron's iMac: 5 breakins in one year. He finally left a note on the hood to say " It's open"
Pamela: LOL, Ron
Ron's iMac: his insurance company refused to provide coverage
Ron's iMac: last breakin, they turned the car lights on and they were left on all night
rich c: speaking of Ottawa, Ron, Robt M. said he heard from Ian Cottrell
Pamela: I figure it was my turn. At least they didn't steal the whole car.
Ron's iMac: hey!
Dale: Jill is thinking of going to a place in Toronto to do ceramics, called "Colour Me Mine". She'd like me to welcome you too.
rich c: seems the two of them were quite thikc at some point
Ron's iMac: Been following a Linux mail group, and I've seen his name on occasion
rich c: apparently he is now with the Justice Department
Pamela: What surprised me was they were really quite neat about it. My car has aftermarket tinting film on the windows - they only punched a hole big enough to pop open the lock. Relocked it afterwards, too.
rich c: Robt says Ian is as deep into Linux as he used to be into CP/M
Ron's iMac: He was with DOJ before I left guess that hasn't changed
Pamela: Where is this place, Dale?
BobS left chat session
Pamela: We seem to have lost Bob
rich c: yeah, he's finked out on us and never even said goodbye
rich c: Dale, is your server being nasty to him?
Pamela: I'm sure he'll be back.
rich c: likely tried one too many multitasks and got teh Blue Screen of Death
Ron's iMac: brb ... my tea has gone cold and I'm gonna get a warmup
Pamela: Nuke it
Dale: Pam, it is on Yonge near Lawrence I guess. She hasn't pick a time.
Dale: You could phone her if you're interested.
Pamela: Oh, very close. Please ask her to send me an e-mail with the details - I'd like to work it in.
Dale: Okay.
Pamela: Thanks!
Dale: What time are you free in Friday?
rich c: She really just wants an excuse to get her mother to feed her dinner, Dale
rich c: we're right on a line between the studio and her place
Pamela: This Friday, not a good day cos I'll be working late. Usually, about 5:00pm. Any other dates?
Ron's iMac: right
Pamela: Very funny, Dad
Dale: I'll tell Jill. she can work it out with you.
Pamela: When was the last time I cadged a meal? As I recall, the last time, I fed you
(A dog howls in the distance)
rich c: right, but you know you can always call when Russell is working
rich c: can't guanantee there will always be enough to stretch, but
Pamela: I've been busy doing home renos - putting up pictures and shelves and such, cleaning floors, evicting dust bunnies . . .
Ron's iMac: My dust bunnies have names
Pamela: Have to time this stuff for when he's not home so he can sleep in peace
Dale: brb...
Pamela: If you have to name them, Ron, it's time to get out the vacuum.
Ron's iMac: :)
Pamela: Either that or start feeding them.
rich c: you mean they come small enough to fit in aq vacuum?
Ron's iMac: Actually, they're all gone. Yesterday was Mac club meeting night and I was host
Ron's iMac: had to clean the place up
Pamela: Depends on the size of the vacuum
rich c: Shop va
rich c: vc?
rich c: vac?
Pamela: I have a sign up in the front hall - it says "This house is protected by killer dust bunnies"
Ron's iMac: Wonder what I'm gonna do with my shop vac now that the weeping tile is whole and working
Pamela: Want me to find one for you?
rich c: Maybe even two
Pamela: How'd that go, Ron?
Ron's iMac: It's done....drainage upgraded.... hopefully now basement will be dry
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Pamela: Hope springs eternal
changed username to BobS
Ron's iMac: yes, exactly
rich c: Ron, my guess is - give it a rest, till you need it again
Pamela: Heee's back!
rich c: sooner or later - you will
BobS: he's back Jack!!!!
Ron's iMac: what's this about Bob's back?
BobS: stinking rotten ibm junk!!!!! AND Bill G
Pamela: Oooh, someone's having a bad Windows day
rich c: one too many multi0tasks, eh?
Ron's iMac: aye lad, buy a REAL computer!
BobS: didn't even miss me eh??????
Ron's iMac: we most certainly did
Pamela: we thought you'd left without saying g'bye
BobS: nope, just got qapped by the deadly mouse clicker
Guy B.: Well, there's the cussin' again. So, he's back.
Dale: I'm back.
rich c: oh, read teh transcript and see all the finky things we were saying behind your bacdk
Pamela: Some of them were even spelled correctly
Ron's iMac: nothing worse than the deadly mouse clicker
BobS: great?!!!!
rich c: but not that originated at this keyboard
Pamela: certainly not
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rich c: and everyone holds their breath to greet...
Pamela: I've had too much typing practice recently - I know exactly where the backspace key is at all times
changed username to bair
Pamela: Meeka? Doug? BAIR!
rich c: among other things, my O key has been getting sticky of late
rich c: it's a BAIR!
Pamela: Lions and tigers and Bairs, oh my
Ron's iMac: Hi there Bob Bair
Pamela: I have a spare keyboard if you want it, Dad
bair: hey hope every one is find
Pamela: doing well, thank you - and you?
rich c: got to se what connection I have - if it's PS2 I have two or three of my own in the basement
Dale: Hey Bob! Nice to have you come by!
Pamela: Hang on, I'll check
rich c: I mean my keyboard - I get get around to the back of the computer
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changed username to Guy B.
james: we got another coming :)
Guy B. requested to ban Guy B.
rich c confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
rich c: hail, the gang's all here...
james confirmed ban
Ron's iMac confirmed ban
Ron's iMac: Guy has just cloned himself
Dale confirmed ban
BobS: hey Bair!!!!!
Pamela: Which one is the PS2 - the little round one, the big round one, or the flat one?
Dale: Guy are you there still?
rich c: the little round one
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. Lost my connection. Got it back.
rich c: looks like a DIN that got left out in the rain
james: pam - flat would probably be usb, little round one is ps/2 and big round one is at
Pamela: Okay, it's a PS2 but I have an adapter for the big round one on it - just a cable
rich c: if this gets worse I may borrow the adapter, if I need teh adapter
Pamela: Boy, I speak technology well, don't I?
BobS: MR BAIR!!!!!! Rich is going to need some startup money for ADAMCON 13....which you will of course be heads up for my call to send him a check
rich c: that's OK, you'd think I'd at least know what I need
Guy B.: Bob B, are you coming the Adamcon 13 this year?
Pamela: Let me know, dad
Pamela: Hey James, quit nappin'
rich c: will do, though my own resources may do me
bair: I don't think so
rich c: or maybe we can swap one connector type for another
Pamela: whatever works
Dale: I miss your banter. Maybe we can convince you to come back here at least .
rich c: It's relatively near you this year, Bob. Good time to really try to make it
rich c: Besides, who's going to be teh official coach for the Adam Bomb team?
Pamela: What's the weather like in Cleveland in July?
rich c: HOT
bair: I still don"t travel well
james: gotta go for a bit - be back shortly.
Dale: Though AdamCon has a way of making it damp or rainy.
Pamela: hot and dry, or hot and sticky?
rich c: maybe the Slopsemas can pick you up on the way by
BobS: will do!!!
rich c: ride might be easier in a motorhome
BobS: in the motorhome deluxe accomodations yet......
Pamela: good idea!
Pamela: Dad, get a motorhome at the trailer show, please
Ron's iMac: Wanna pick me up too Bob?
BobS: does that mean we have to take Virginia too????? ;-)
BobS: onlu IF you fly into GR
Ron's iMac: aw
rich c: Hey, if you don't bring Ginny, we send you back
Ron's iMac: Anyway Bob B. sure would be nice to see ya again
james left chat session
bair: Thanks for the offer but I don't think so
Dale: Well, its nice to have you online.
rich c: you mean we're going to have to arrange a kidnapping?
Pamela: Okay, that means we'll have to drop in en masse on the way home
BobS: I know where he lives!!!!
rich c: Right. In the dead of night...
Ron's iMac: so I take it the health situation still generating some difficulty Bob B?
bair: bob what night do you think you might call
Dale: Bob B, have you been doing any gaming lately?
BobS: don't know, Dr D has to get back to me with details
Ron's iMac: have we got money?
bair: Yea for some things I will just have live with
Dale: ANN is rumoured to have money.
bair: yes
Ron's iMac: cool!
Guy B.: Anyone know if there's a website on the convention yet, or should I just send my money to Bob S.
rich c: I'm sure if Rich asks us for a deposit, mst of us can oblige. Even a generous deposit
BobS: ANN got that money from the insurancemoney from her spouse's untimely demise.........
Pamela: would that be A.D.A.M., Bob?
Dale: What has Rich announced so far?
BobS: repeat afterme Ron.....we IN the money!!!!!!!!
(Guy B. laughs heartily)
BobS: that's the one Pam
Ron's iMac: we IN the money!!!!!!!!
Pamela: Gotcha
Pamela: McDonalds money . .
bair: as of 9-2-2000 1547
Ron's iMac: there was a message a few days back
BobS: naw, we traded all the us $$$ for canadian $$$$, now we got's LOTS of dollars
bair: 1547.00
Pamela: about $.50 US
BobS: see if we make that canadian, that is about 10,000.00
Ron's iMac: very good Bob B.
BobS: or maybe 2200.00......????
rich c: Bit more - sold a copy of the ASSG this week
Ron's iMac: Canadian dollar was up .007 today
rich c: ASG
BobS: cool!!!!
bair: well you guys are finding more than I have
Dale: That's why we have you helping, because we don't trust their "creative accounting".
Ron's iMac: I was talking over the weekend to a friend of mine whose daughter was visiting from South Bend Indiana
Ron's iMac: She described Cleveland as the armpit of the world
rich c: sorry folks - caps lock again
Ron's iMac: I didn't think Cleveland was that bad
BobS: hey, we were "told" by our treasurer that ouer money worries were OVER!!!!
bair: virginia is making me retire in ayear or two because of stress at work
Pamela: Isn't that where the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is?
Dale: I've heard that expression too. I think they use it on the Drew Carreyt show.
Ron's iMac: If Dr. Drushel is reading.... please note.... I do not share that opinion
rich c: yes, but will teh hotel be in Cleveland or out in Mentor or somewhere again?
BobS: hey, tell her I have stress too and maybe she can talk to the Soc Sec Admin about me too.......
bair: as long as you only need $1547.00
BobS: Cleveland is an alright outfit!!!
rich c: this retired teacher can sympathize about stress
BobS: naw don't need that much i don't think
Pamela: this employed administrator definitely sympathizes
rich c: thought Bev was on the road this week, Pam
Ron's iMac: I have no concept
Ron's iMac: and I do not wish to be employed
Pamela: No, that's next week - yee hah!
rich c: Ah, Lotus land
Ron's iMac: :) :)
Pamela: maybe I'll find the top of my desk while she's gone
Pamela: right now, it's missing in action
rich c: settle for finding the desk
rich c: it doesn't pay to be too picky
Ron's iMac: remember those days all right
BobS: workin sucks right Ron?????
Pamela: When you consider how big the thing is (3 x 6') that's quite a feat
Dale: SO, this month at the MTAG meeting we had fun.
rich c: Amen
Dale: We discected a disk drive.
Dale: Figured out how it worked.
rich c: what did the autopsy reveal?
Pamela: Sounds messy, Dale
bair: was there much blood
Ron's iMac: and the body?
rich c: Figuring out how it works isn't hard. Making it work again is the trick
Pamela: did you have any pieces left over when you reassembled it?
bair: hit it with a hammer
Dale: Try out our theories with it all apart.
BobS: what theories, it doesn't work!!!!!
Dale: Triesd booting a game with it apart to watch the disc spin and the head move back and forth.
Dale: Then reassembled it.
rich c: And?
Dale: All to learn how the disk drive worked.
Ron's iMac: What I would really like to see happen and understand is.... how CD's are written
Dale: Yes the operation was non-destructive. Sorry.
bair: did you hold your mouth right
rich c: You take this funny little flashlight...
Ron's iMac: and then
BobS: and then????
Ron's iMac: and then along came Jones
Pamela: that's as far as he got in the manual
rich c: well, the rest is just technical details. I deal in teh broad picture
Dale: Ron, normal CDs aren't written, they are moulded the way LPs are. then the silver coating is added.
bair: bob when do think youmight call
Pamela: aha - see, somebody was paying attention
Dale: When I manufactured my Paint program. I went to the factory where our CD was made.
Pamela: cool!
Ron's iMac: far out
rich c: what ppaint program?
BobS: don't know Bob, have not heard back form Dr D on how much cash is needed yet.
Dale: They actually start with plastic peletts and melt them to inject into the mould.
bair: ok
Dale: PhotoGraphics.
rich c: right - that's one of your company's productions?
bair: how is the adam bomb going for every one
Pamela: Okay, Dale - now explain nuclear fusion ( or is that fission?)
Dale: We made version 1 and 2 for OS/2 and version 1 and 1.1 for Windows.
Ron's iMac: I read a layman's description in a recent mag about the process.....just couldn't believe that it was al happening inside this little drive I have here
Ron's iMac: but obviously, it does
BobS: gotta get Judy nmotivated to start back into it, we needed the guru!!!!
rich c: Really? Is the installed base of OS2 still large enough to justify the effort?
Dale: Actually I also made Netgraphica which was a server for grahpics too. That wass fun I got to bring my first book for it.
Ron's iMac: Bob B., I'm at exactly the same place as I was when you and I last spoke face to face
Dale: It was two books. One full colour and one B&w.
bair: I would be glad to help any time it is fun
Ron's iMac: That, despite Jill and Judy's presentation last ADAMCon
BobS: and you with ALL that free time Ronald!!!!! :-(
bair: did you ever get a map
Dale: Well it was my last company where I worjked. I was variously the lead programmer, testing manager and product manager.
Ron's iMac: free time is a myth
rich c: Question, Dale - is the chat server online full time or just Wednesday evenings?
Dale: OS/2 is not a good space for a consumer app anymore.
Ron's iMac: Whatever I'm doing expands to fill the time available
Pamela: It's like junk, Ron
Ron's iMac: you got it Pamela....exactly
rich c: I've heard though that sales of Windows 2000 and ME have pretty much stalled
Pamela: I'm familiar with the concept of non linear time
Ron's iMac: been told by the mags to wait for Windows Whistler
Ron's iMac: Win Me pretty much a waste of time
bair: ron did you get a map for adam bomb
rich c: I believe that's now officially Wiondows XD or XT
Dale: The book I co-wrote, and approved the galleys, I even when to the publisher at 7 in the morning to approve the final appearance.
Ron's iMac: yes Bob B. As part of the 'con material
Pamela: Excuse me - forgive the ignorance - what is Adam Bomb?
Dale: The chat server is normally running all the time. I only gurantee it Wednesdays.
Ron's iMac: topic Dale ??
bair: if you need help to get started anytime
rich c: OK, had a chap wanted to chat but he has to work Wednesday nights. He's free Sundays, though
Ron's iMac: Will hold you to that Bob B.
Dale: All conversations are loged and I have an automated script that publishes transcripts.
rich c: Including all our neat typos?
Pamela: and shouting?
rich c: they just put the caps lock too close to the a key
bair: pamela adam bomb is a maze game for the adam
Ron's iMac: and a neat game it is
Guy B.: Well, I've been quiet, but I have to go here. See you all next week.
rich c: see you Guy
Ron's iMac: Good night Guy
bair: bye guy
Ron's iMac: write when you've made your first million
Pamela: Oh, okay. Where does one acquire this game? Good nite, Guy
Ron's iMac: ADAM Services
rich c: it's a game for teh Adam - you don't have an Adam
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: well Richard, IF youget him into achat, email me and I will show up if I am online. My email gets checked every few minutes and the horn goes off
Dale: Rich, I've been thinking of trying to set an occasional time that would be appropriate for Marcel. and others who might be in Europe.
rich c: will make a note of that, Bob
Dale: I haven't asked to see if he would be interested though.
Pamela: yes, but I know the owner of an adam and he just happens to be the owner of adam services, too
rich c: that sounds like a good idea, Dale
Ron's iMac: that'd be neat Dale
rich c: well, I'm sure he can show you accopy, Pam
Pamela: I shall have to ask him
Dale: All typos, SHOUTING and speculations aboput whether the chats are recored even when I'm not attending.
rich c: could probably even find you an Adam
Dale: Bye for now Guyu.
Pamela: Where would I put it?
Dale: I'll check out your web site when it's up.
rich c: Skyhook?
Pamela: there's a thought
bair: pamela if you get the game and need help i can give you my address and I will helpyou with the game
Pamela: hang it from the ceiling
rich c: the cats would love the printer, with the carriage going back and forth
Pamela: Thanks, Bob - I may take you up on that
Pamela: Are you kidding? The one would ignore it and the other would run and hide. Not to mention what my neighbors might think.
rich c: Pity I can't get teh Adam emulator working - then you could have it at home
Ron's iMac: how so Rich?
bair: it is fun and I might have one othe first to finish the game
rich c: mostly I don't have the patience to go through the instructions
Ron's iMac: Oh ok. that can be a problem
rich c: but I'd also need to find out how to transfer stuff from Adam discs to DOS
Ron's iMac: the way I feel about spredsheets
Pamela: I'm gonna try it the next time I'm at the house
rich c: I've got the program on the machine, just don't end up doing anything with it
Ron's iMac: need about a week on that process alone Rich..... complete with work labs
Pamela: Spreadsheets are our friends, Ron
Ron's iMac: blah!
rich c: besides, I have to use it in 3.1 to make the 5.25" drive usable
Dale: Today I'm surfing from Windows instead of the more reliable Linux. I'll be back in a sec...
Ron's iMac: Every time I try to show off how to do it, something doesn't work
Ron's iMac: Murphy!
rich c: Just like I still haven't got Linux installed yet
Pamela: That poor man is much abused, is Murphy
Dale left chat session
rich c: Not sure whether to follow Corel's instructions or System Commanders on the installation
Pamela: we were taking his name in vain earlier, too
bair: hope you have a good week talk next week
Ron's iMac: 6 days did our Lord labour making the earth and the universe and all that is therein. Then on the 7th, he said, "Ok Murphy, take over."
rich c: OK Bob, do continue to come by often. Great having you here.
Pamela: Good nite, Bob - see you next week I hope
bair left chat session
Ron's iMac: say goodnite Bob B.
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: And Murphy has been screwing up ever since
rich c: He be done goed
changed username to Dale
Ron's iMac: ya
rich c: Dale's back
Dale: I left for a moment because IE was slowing right down.
rich c: Dale, have a question for you
Pamela: On Linux now Dale?
rich c: Have an unused gig on my hard disc and Corel Linux disc
Ron's iMac: Dale is the update process for adding and cancelling addresses on the adam list automatic (like MajorDOMO?)
Dale: I think that IE and my machine couldn't handle the long transcript.
rich c: Also have System Commander running the other partitions
Dale: I should have switched to Linux. Next week.
Dale: No. I do it,, but I am behind.
Dale: I have to do it though.
rich c: System Commander has its own rules for installing new OSs in empty partitions
Ron's iMac: oh ok.... gotcha..... would like my Ottawa Freenet address removed
rich c: Do I follow SC's installation instructions, or Corel's?
Ron's iMac: and also
Dale: I thought I removed the freenet one already.
Ron's iMac: the freenet one is
Ron's iMac: ok good, thanks
Ron's iMac: the only one that should be there now is <>
Pamela: While Dale is thinking about all this, I shall bid you all good night, as the room is starting to spin. Time for bed, I think
Ron's iMac: sleep well Pamela
rich c: OK Pam, talk to you later this week?
Pamela: Thanks Ron, I don't think that will be a challenge. Dad, I will try and call this weekend, okay?
BobS: bye Pam
rich c: Very good - sleep tight, then
Pamela: Good nite Bob - please say hi to Judy, Doug and Meeka for me
Dale: Find where they agree, is the best bet.
BobS: time for me to head off into the bedroom also guys (and still Pam here)
BobS: see's ya next week........
Pamela: good nite, Dale - have Jillian send me a message soon
Ron's iMac: yes..... EST goes faster than PSt
rich c: Corel says put teh CD on auto , dump it in and sit back. SC says no, do it our way
Pamela: poof!
Pamela left chat session
BobS left chat session
rich c: Bob, catch you next week - nite now
Ron's iMac: I have a new downloaded version of Mandrake to install
Ron's iMac: version 7.2
Dale: I've made a change Ron.
Ron's iMac: thank you sir
Dale: What have you prepared in SC?
Ron's iMac: sorry, in SC?
Dale: You need at least a Linux ext2 partition and a Linux swap partition.
Dale: System Commander. For choosing between OSes.
rich c: System Commander runs all my boots - I have two OS partitions (Win 3.1 and 95) and two datas partitions
Ron's iMac: Oh, ok, I've got that from previous installs. Going to use the same partitions
Ron's iMac: Although I've been reading that I should have separate partitions for USR HOME and some others
Dale: Corel comes with it's own boot manager to launch other partitons.
Ron's iMac: been putting it all on one EXT2 partition
Dale: One way to do it is to have SC's boot manager launch Corel's or the other way around.
Ron's iMac: Think I might just clear Win98 off my Pentium 133 and devote the whole 6 gig to Linux
rich c: So if I launch Corel Linux from SC it will do its own configuration of the partition from then on?
Dale: Well, in some ways you'd might as well have just a "/" (slash) partition.
Ron's iMac: Ok now I'm with you. Been using Boot Magic, not System Commander
Dale: If you've got a multi user system, then have a /usr partiton for installed software, and /home for user's data makes sense.
rich c: Given Windows propensity for crashing, think I'd prefer to have Linux as separate as possible
Ron's iMac: ok good Dale.... that makes sense
Dale: But for a home system, just one partiton means that you never run out of space of one type.
rich c: Oops! Will adding Linux mean I'll end up with new drive letters because I'll need more than a C drive?
Ron's iMac: Well that's what happened last time I tried multiple partitions. Ran out of space. But I only had 500 meg then
Dale: Rich, the / partiton contains only Linux files. You can mount your other Windows partitions under Linux but not the other way around.
Ron's iMac: Only thing I found about Corel's install was that it didn't see various legacy stuff I had in this box (P133) the network card
rich c: Think I'm a bit lost, Dale
Dale: /usr normally contains system software other than the software need to boot.
Ron's iMac: never had any trouble that way with Mandrake
Dale: /home contains the user file areas.
rich c: SC creates separate C partitions invisible to each other for each OS
Dale: / contains everything by default.
Ron's iMac: Also have LINUX PPC for the iMac.... as yet uninstalled
Dale: Linux doesn't follow the C: D: ... naming convention, so you have "/" (slash) and any other file systems look like subdirectories under it.
Dale: That means the your drive A: files appear as /floppy/readme.txt
Ron's iMac: /dev/fda0
Dale: or your CD-ROm could appear as /cdrom
rich c: Then how does it look to my BIOS? One big dirve called C, or something else?
Dale: To your bios it looks like a Linux ext2 partiton (type 83) and all of your FAT drive are available too.
Dale: BRB.
rich c: this is beginning to look a bit more complicated than I thought
Ron's iMac: I had some difficulty getting my head around this stuff Rich. Still not sure about some of the file structure works
rich c: Among other things, I'm already having some path troubles from adding (thereby renaming) drives
Dale: Back.
rich c: I'm not sure I want to go round that one again
Ron's iMac: you pretty well have to under stand something about how Linux sets up in order to navigate .
Ron's iMac: although, the Xwindow system helps you with point and click ..... sometimes
rich c: Yes, and I'm not sure whre to find an interoduction
Dale: So to SC, it will see a primary parition (all C: partitions are primary) of a strange type.
Ron's iMac: Any of the basic books.... have one of the "Teach Yourself in 24 hours series...." Teach yourself Linux in 24 Hours"
rich c: which means then that it will not reletter any of my drives, Dale
Dale: We'll have to get together some Sunday afternoon. Jill is at work and I have that time free usually.
rich c: For sure, that would be neat
Dale: Right Rich. To Windows ithose drive will not be visible.
Ron's iMac: you'll be in good hands Rich
rich c: yes, Dale knows what he's about
Ron's iMac: unless you mount it
Dale: I actually installed Linux at AdamCon 2 years ago.
Dale: Rembmber Ron?
Ron's iMac: I can actually see the dos side of the house
Ron's iMac: Yes ... remember that Dale
rich c: was that in a session or one of the informals, Dale?
Ron's iMac: we have a user group going here..... on Linux.... 8 of us
Dale: That was a prep for my session.
Ron's iMac: I'm a relative newbie....we've got some good expertise
Ron's iMac: hah.... a newbie with 5 years experience
Dale: I don't rembmber Linux being a session. Buy I was using the emulator under Linux.
rich c: I don't want to mess with it too much, but would like to try using it
Dale: Well, find me some sunday afternoon and I'll get you fixed up with Corel Linux on your system.
rich c: right. almost forgot that, even though I downloaded the Linux version of the emulator at one point
Ron's iMac: would like to at least get to the point where I can make modifications to the kernel and recompile
Ron's iMac: so I'm able to reconfigure for some of the older hardware
rich c: OK Dale, right now I'm breaking in a new satellite dish, but that's what VCRs are for
Ron's iMac: anyway guys...... see ya's next week
rich c: yes, it's getting late even out on the Left Coast
rich c: have a good one, Ron
Ron's iMac: take care men
Ron's iMac: ker....poof
Ron's iMac left chat session
rich c: Dale, I don't think I have your phone number
rich c: also, what are the tactful times to call?
Dale: Safelysorry...
Dale: I'm easiest to reach ... thinking...
rich c: right
Dale: Phone my cell phone 416-451-2697 after 5pm is usually good. Or in the afternoon on Saturday or Sunday.
rich c: remember I'm very flexible - except in the morning
Dale: sounds good.
rich c: I'm getting into geek habits - the time I get up in the morning is defined by teh time I go to bed in the morning
Dale: Right. :-) ;-)
rich c: if you need to call me, I have an answering machine. A busy signal means I'm online
Dale: Okay.
Dale: I'll talk to you later.
rich c: Oh, and I don't use the machine to monmitor. If there's no answer, I'm not in (except dinner time)
rich c: right. I shall look forward to it.
rich c: Guess we'd bettervwrap it up for now, though,
Dale: bye
rich c: nite.
Dale: poof
rich c left chat session
Dale left chat session > chat > 2001-02-07
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