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rich-c: test
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Gee, you must be lonesom, Dad
rich-c: yes, no one but you has arrived yet
rich-c: don't know what's with the rest of the gang tonight
Pamela: Russell's here too, temporarily
Pamela: It's only 9:16, they'll get here
rich-c: OK - hello, Russell
Pamela: He says hi
rich-c: anyway, gather you found the sailing game not to your taste
Pamela: It's nothing to write home about - he says 'alright, but not as good as he thought"
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rich-c: pity - it's the only one I've seen of that type; it looked promising
changed username to Dale
rich-c: well, hello Dale
Dale: I'm not here.
Pamela: Age of Sail II is about to come out - it may be better
rich-c: or only partly here?
Pamela: Hi, Dale - how come you're not really here?
Dale: I'm still at work.
Pamela: Oh, that explains it.
rich-c: Pam - I have all three computer papers here for you
rich-c: So you're logging on from the office, in between bouts of writing code?
Pamela: Right. I guess I should see you at some point, then, huh?
rich-c: well, we haven't talked for a while
Pamela: Um, life is a bit messy right now, what with work and other stuff
rich-c: know what you mean - I'm not without my diversions either
rich-c: with the satellite dish my weekends look to be a lot busier
Pamela: Well, I was sort of sick all weekend - no inclination to do anything except stare at the boob tube
Dale: I just wanted to make sure that the server was working correctly.
Pamela: Or sleep, of course - Mom will be pleased
Dale: I rearranged my network this week.
rich-c: thanks for checking, Dale, we do value our chats highly
Dale: Anyway since things are working I'd better go.
Pamela: Dale, I never heard from Jillian - I would love to
rich-c: OK glad to have you here even if only for a minute
Dale: Pamela, she plans to, but hasn't yet. I'll remind her.
Pamela: I don't think we appreciate how much work goes into maintaining this thing - let me take this opportunity to say thanks
rich-c: by the way, only one person turned up Sunday, but we had a good talk
Pamela: Who were you talking to, Dad?
rich-c: Dave Compson, a policeman from Las Vegas
Pamela: The guy with the free Adam, right?
rich-c: you've got it
rich-c: he can't come on these nights - he works the 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. shift
Dale left chat session
Pamela: That's a weird shift
rich-c: yes, sounds like he must be on a 4 x 10 week, but his off day is never Wednesday
rich-c: I'm waiting to hear from him when the Adam arrives, but it's likely to be some time yet
Pamela: Russell says the problems with Age of Sail are: no coast line, graphics could be better but on the plus side, realistic sail status and reload times (sorry for the abrupt change)
rich-c: that's OK, I appreciate the commentary
Pamela: How did you send the Adam, by turtle?
rich-c: I do have to decide whether to devote a rather humungous chunk of my hard disc to it
Pamela: Need a bigger hard disk, Dad.
rich-c: snail - the US Snail
Pamela: As in snail mail?
rich-c: need a new computer, but can't decide on the most basic items
rich-c: actually Parcel Post, but yes, the mail "service"
Pamela: Like what? You have a good monitor, a decent keyboard and good sound, so now you have to go on to things like hard drive size, CD ROM vs. CD-RW, DVD, graphics - how much do you need?
rich-c: Start with processor - how imperative are the new Intel extensions going to be?
Pamela: Thought you didn't like Intel?
rich-c: then operating system - 98/2 is reasonably well proven and will support my existing hardware/software
Pamela: 98/2 is what I'm using and haven't had any problems so far (knock wood!)
rich-c: on the other hand ME has much greater support for some goodies, but doesn't support other legacy stuff I still value
Pamela: I have heard very poor reviews for the most part on ME - better not to go with it
rich-c: but the new Whistler is going to have such rigid copy protection you'll need Bill Gates personal permission to reload it after your hard disc crashes/dies
Pamela: what is Whistler - the newest version of Windows?
rich-c: And do I want serial, parallel, USB and/or Firewire ports, or will wireless come in too quickly?
rich-c: Whistler is the consumer Windows 2001 due later this year
rich-c: If allowing for wireless, Bluetooth, 802.11b or some third option?
Pamela: Decide how much $ you want to spend, then get the best system youcan for the bucks - the latest gadgets will be there when you upgrade again in 5 years or so
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rich-c: yes, but the way things are jumping around, it may not last nearly five years
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
rich-c: hello Guy, we wre just talking about computers
Pamela: Well, then, don't spend a lot of money right now - wait until things are more defined
Pamela: Hi, Guy, nice to see another body
rich-c: I don't see that I have much choice
rich-c: money as you know just isn't a problem, it's finding the right thing to spend it on
Pamela: Oh, the joys of being in the intermediate age of the computer revolution - a little of this, alittle of that . . .
Pamela: Still, you don't want a boat anchor in 2 years
Guy B.: Oh you were. I'm finally going to start building my new Athlon this weekend. Barring anymore interuptions. I got my Athlon 850 processor last weekend. So, finally it will be started.
Pamela: Drool.
rich-c: rate you're going, Guy, it will be obsolete before you get the hard disc formatted
Guy B.: Now was anyone on last Saturday?
Pamela: I'm not above a little computer envy
rich-c: yes, Dave Compson joined me. Ron forgot all about it
Guy B.: I tried at 3:00, but no one was there. Guess it was a short one.
rich-c: yes, Dave had to leave about 2.45, had stuff to do before his shift started at 4
rich-c: still, we had a good hour and a half of interesting chat
Guy B.: So it was just the two of you.
rich-c: really, that's all it takes in many cases
rich-c: remember we had not talked before, just exchanged emails, so the free flow gave us ,ots of openings
Guy B.: I would of joined at 2:00, but I didn't get home from work until 2:30. I'll try for this Satruday.
Pamela: Unless you like talking to yourself
rich-c: Oh, is there going to be one this Saturday?
Guy B.: I have to work again this Saturday. Ah, the extra money will come in handy.
rich-c: found yourself a new love interest?
Pamela: Why do you have to work on Saturday, Guy?
Guy B.: Our dept is up to our ears in semi annual reports we have to process. Plus, we get paid for working overtime.
rich-c: that's always persuasive - teh overtime pay, that is
Pamela: Sounds familiar.
rich-c: well, just discovered that Opera spellcheck doesn't operate in chat
Guy B.: We do this for January and July and it never ends. My car is still in the body shop and I don't know when it will be ready.
Pamela: At least they pay you for the O/T - some places are pretty stubborn about that
Pamela: Do you have a rental during repairs?
rich-c: they still haven't got your car fixed?
Guy B.: Yes, still have the rental. Been a week Rich.
Pamela: How much damage ($) was there?
rich-c: work overload at the shop, or is the insurance being difficult?
Guy B.: I'm estimating about $3000
rich-c: these days, that's not much more than a broken headlight
Pamela: Given the turnaround on our claims recently, I'm not that surprised at the timing. That
Pamela: 's considerably more than a headlight, dad.
Pamela: Headlight assemblies usually run about $150 - $200
rich-c: Priced some of thes new high-end assemblies, Pam?
Guy B.: Well, it's the wheel well panel and I'm very sure that it will be replaced. Photos have been taken of the damage and I'll bring it to the con to show you.
Pamela: Kindly remember what I do for a living, Dad
Pamela: What year is your car, Guy?
rich-c: yes, but folks wuith the xenon multiple lamps aren't common in Car-Ex shops
Guy B.: 1993 Buick Century.
Pamela: So, high end, but metal panels - they may repair rather than replace, depending on how much damage
rich-c: Ugh - front wheel drive. That always makes things expensive
Guy B.: The good news was the wheel itself was not damaged. Just the panel.
Pamela: Make sure you get an alignment as well, Guy - just to be sure
Pamela: That's Car-X, Dad
rich-c: yes, but there's a lot of stuff in behind attached to it that can get torn or bent
Guy B.: I plan to get new tires this spring and I might as well do that too.
rich-c: if you need them, get them.
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rich-c: 90% of tire troubles occur in the last 10% of tire life
rich-c: if that
changed username to Ron's Mandrake
rich-c: s Ron he's early, if it's Bob he
rich-c: s late
Guy B.: Well, it's the original tires that came with the car when my sister had it. So, it's due and it has 68000 miles on them.
Ron's Mandrake: early
Guy B.: Hi Ron!
Pamela: If you decide to get new tires, Guy, go to a Car-X - I'll try to get you a discount
Pamela: Good Evening Ron
Ron's Mandrake: All is well?
Pamela: Except for Guy's car, yes
rich-c: lessee - got to take a minute to figure out this Mandrake bit
Guy B.: Car-X only does mufflers and brakes, right?
Ron's Mandrake: It's Linux Mandrake 7.02 OS
Guy B.: You have Linux running Ron?
Ron's Mandrake: ya
Pamela: No, we are now Car-X Auto service - we do exhaust, brakes, alignments, tires, suspension, radiator flushes & fills, just about anything you want.
rich-c: OK - let's hear it for Linux
rich-c: that's because it managed to get you on, and do it early
Guy B.: On which computer Ron?
Ron's Mandrake: P133
Ron's Mandrake: Variety you know
Guy B.: Well, so you managed to dual boot between Linux and Win98. Guess you have System Commander then, right?
Ron's Mandrake: Um... no, Boot Magic
rich-c: and makes the boat anchor look like a high-speed Chris-Craft
Pamela: I'm told it's the spice of life
Guy B.: How's that different from System Commander?
Ron's Mandrake: actually, just lately this one's the most reliable of the bunch
Pamela: What happened to the iMac?
Ron's Mandrake: Built from spare parts
rich-c: you don't need a dual-boot setup with Linux, you can have it as a directory in Windows
Ron's Mandrake: for those who wish, yes
Guy B.: I know there is a Linux that you can run in Windows. I can't remember the name of it, but I've seen it in the stores.
rich-c: afraid it will get contaminated if it finds out about Bill Gates?
(Guy B. laughs heartily)
Pamela: How did I know that was coming?
Ron's Mandrake: This one can see the Windows partition and exchange files, etc.
rich-c: (I'd worry about that)
Guy B.: Ron, I take it you are in graphics mode in Linux.
Ron's Mandrake: yes, really not a heck of a lot of difference..... using Netscape 4.7. something
rich-c: I've heard that on multi-boot machines Linux can do that
Ron's Mandrake: looks pretty much the same
Pamela: BRB, folks - gotta go lock the front door after Russell.
Guy B.: Well, that's the version I'm using with Win95.
rich-c: I downloaded Netscape 6 day before yesterday
rich-c: have been giving it a preliminary try
Guy B.: Ok, I know there are different versions of Linux out there. What do you guys recommend?
Ron's Mandrake: As newly elected Pres of the local Linux User Group (North Island Linux User Group) I need the practice
rich-c: it managed to royally screw up my bookmarks and won't let me edit them
Ron's Mandrake: I'm a newbie and I get elected Pres
Ron's Mandrake: Told them... which part of the word 'no' don't you understand, but it didn't work
rich-c: yes, that's what happened to us with the Adam, remember, Ron?
Ron's Mandrake: oh yes, I remember it well
rich-c: Guy, I own Corel Linux but haven't installed it yet
rich-c: but I got the CD free at a Cor4el seminar - their demo looked neat
Ron's Mandrake: When Lou Hubert left AUFG, there was a void, and the void was without form and substance
Ron's Mandrake: 75 members in that club, and not one would come forward
rich-c: funny you should say, just substitute Tony Bombardier...
rich-c: sounds eerily familiar
Ron's Mandrake: the rest we all know
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changed username to Guy B.
Ron's Mandrake: What I find amazing Rich is that it took several years for us to meet
rich-c: mind you, if they hadn't put two big guys in front of the only door...
Guy B.: Ok. I'm back. Got cut again.
Ron's Mandrake: re hi Guy
rich-c: what's with your ISP? I thought you got a new, good one?
Guy B.: Ok, what version and OS would you guys recommend to me?
Ron's Mandrake: They're all a pain Guy
rich-c: technically, they call tehm distributions, Guy
Guy B.: It's the same ISP that Bob Slopsema and I have, Corecomm.
Ron's Mandrake: Oh you mean Linux
Ron's Mandrake: All depends
rich-c: to confuse things, branders may have other distributions
rich-c: for instance I think Corel uses the Debian distribution
Ron's Mandrake: There's a neat article in the latest Linux Journal about that.... reviews them all
rich-c: don't know which Red Hat offers
Guy B.: Yes, Ron. Linux. There's Red Hat, Mandrake, even Corol has one. Isn't there a free one?
Ron's Mandrake: Corel
rich-c: they are all free
Ron's Mandrake: depends on the system you're using. Corel is great for the newbie, it just sort of steps in and installs itself. but you had
rich-c: if you get charged it's for a medium, printed documentation or other services
Ron's Mandrake: better have a new computer with no odd legacy stuff
Guy B.: Then how come companies like is charging for them in the box?
Ron's Mandrake: Mandrake does the best job - imho - of detecting whatever is there....Network cards from Boeing Surplus, etc
rich-c: I thought Linux was kinda behind on its drivers and legacy was an advantage
Ron's Mandrake: That used to be true Rich, but lately they've been getting more picky. The latest distributions of Red Hat failed to
Guy B.: Would it work better with Intel or AMD? I'm building a new system with an Athlon 850 processor. All new stuff.
Ron's Mandrake: recognize my sound card and my network card
Ron's Mandrake: Yes, Guy. Corel would do just fine with that kind of setup
rich-c: It's quite indifferent as to platform or processor from all I can gather
Ron's Mandrake: Now the seasoned Linux user doesn't care about any of this
Guy B.: Where can I get a copy at?
Ron's Mandrake: because he/she can go and write or amend the various configuration files to take account of whatever is aboard
rich-c: it's open source software, anyone can write it change it, distribute it, do as they damn please
Ron's Mandrake: yup
rich-c: the one thing they can't do is charge for it - only for associated services
rich-c: if you'
rich-c: d rathetr buy a CD than download upteen megs, they'll charge for the CD
Guy B.: How big is the file?
Ron's Mandrake: agreed Rich. At least you get a book
rich-c: download from
Ron's Mandrake: I've just downloaded the latest Mandrake distribution (the one after the one I have installed now) but I"m
Ron's Mandrake: reluctant to install it. Burned it onto CD, and all that, and there it sits
rich-c: or maybe is faster, but there will be links
rich-c: you can get Star Office suite free to run under it, it's very full-featured
rich-c: there asre Netscape and Opear Linux versions
Pamela: I'm back - have you mastered Star Office yet, Dad?
Ron's Mandrake: oh yes. Actually with Star Office, you don't even need Netscape
Guy B.: I've heard about that. I know about the web browsers.
Ron's Mandrake: Esseentially the Star Office Shell is a browser
Guy B.: What about the others, like Red Hat?
rich-c: no, it's too egomaniacal a program - spend all my time telling it "that's someone else's job"
Pamela: Huh?
Ron's Mandrake: If you want to stay mainstream Guy, the Red Hat is the most widely used
Ron's Mandrake: Hey... we're leaving Pam behind here.....this is an ADAM discussion right?
Pamela: very funny, Ron
Ron's Mandrake: I know Dale is right into Linux
Pamela: I've been ghosting for a few minutes
Ron's Mandrake: aha!
Guy B.: Ron, what would be good for me. Corol or Red Hat?
Pamela: lurk, lurk, lurk\
rich-c: anyway, I found Star Office assumes you want it to do everything it's capable of even when you have better programs for the purpose
Ron's Mandrake: Recommend Red Hat Guy
rich-c: tends to change dlls and defaults and stuff behind your back
Guy B.: They have a website that I can check it out at?
Ron's Mandrake: yeah.... there have been times Rich where it kinda got in the way ... had to tell it to butt out
Ron's Mandrake: I'm afraid Gates has me conditioned, and I compare everything with Microsoft Orifice
rich-c: that's a gentle way of putting it, Ron - I wasn't so kind
Pamela: Dad! Such language!
Pamela: Since I'm a Lotus Smartsuite user, I can't really comment
Ron's Mandrake: he didn't say anything, that was me
rich-c: corel is, I think there's a
Pamela: Oh yes he did, I heard it all the way over here
Ron's Mandrake: Guy, it you want to start with a site that tells you all, go to
rich-c: I have problems enough with Mr. Gates without adding Office to them
Ron's Mandrake:
Guy B.: Be right back. Going to check this out.
rich-c: and isn't there an too? and
Ron's Mandrake: Also have Corel WordPerfect 2000, Wordperfect 8 for Linux, Lotus Smartsuite, Millenium edition,
Ron's Mandrake: I'm a software wordprocessor junkie
Pamela: is there a difference between a .com and a .org?
rich-c: speaking of open source, got me a little word processor last week
Ron's Mandrake: .com is 'commercial'
Guy B.: Yep. got coming up in another window right now.
rich-c: not quite sure why, just sounded like it might be worth looking at
Ron's Mandrake: .org is..... um......... a non-profit group or organization (not quite certain of that)
rich-c: it's call AbiWite and comes from
Ron's Mandrake: if you want to be a .com you have to pay money
Ron's Mandrake: .org registration is free
Pamela: I started on Wordperfect, then went to Lotus when we switched at the office.
Pamela: Okay, I'm a little less confused.
Ron's Mandrake: abiWite or AbiWrite?
Ron's Mandrake: but then Pam there's .gov, .edu, .mil
rich-c: sorry - make that AbiWord
Ron's Mandrake: ok
Pamela: I know .gov is anything government in all countries, what are the others?
Ron's Mandrake: must check it out.
Ron's Mandrake: somewhere here I have a book
rich-c: not to mention the nationals - .ca, .uk, .ch,.jp, .nl.....
rich-c: there's .net and .edu
rich-c: and soon there will be a lot of new ones
Pamela: Okay, I get the picture - now I need the caption to go with it
rich-c: in fact I believe james' site has a .tv domain - not sure what that's about
rich-c: new ones will include .biz, .museum
rich-c: our government doesn't use .gov - it's
Ron's Mandrake: .net
Pamela: the Ontario government uses .gov - it's in Lindsay's email address
Pamela: as in
rich-c: yes, but I don't think it's as the final unit in the domain name., is it?
Pamela: Don't know - haven't checked a website, just the e-mail address
rich-c: well, the top domain in that is .ca, the rest is just modifiers
Guy B.: I'm going to download of the guides first before I download the main file it self.
rich-c: sensible, you're likely to find out it's like leaerning CP/M
Ron's Mandrake: yesterday I bought an early version of OS/2 for 5 bux
Ron's Mandrake: Don't know why
Ron's Mandrake: except it hadn't been opened
rich-c: neither do I - why didn't they pay you to take it?
Pamela: I feel like I'm back at school, complete with teachers
Ron's Mandrake: the school of hard knocks Pam
rich-c: not unless you were in the habit of eavesdropping on the staff room
Pamela: No, that's if Dad's not teaching - and I was in the habit, remember?
Ron's Mandrake: exactly Rich
Pamela: The joys of being the librarian's kid - free access to otherwise restricted areas
rich-c: right
Ron's Mandrake: would be an advantage Pam
Pamela: Oh, the things I learned
Pamela: None of them reprintable
Ron's Mandrake: All I know is I've GOT to get myself a new office chair
Ron's Mandrake: This one's having adverse impact on my back
rich-c: but she did learn when not to talk about certain things!
Pamela: True!
rich-c: what impact is your back having on the chair, Ron?
Ron's Mandrake: :)
Pamela: I managed to score an ergonomic chair from work for $5.00 when we were cleaning out the office - it's the same one I use at work and I could sit in it all day with no problems
rich-c: my problem is with my printer
rich-c: it's deeper than its shelf
Ron's Mandrake: Actually, it's what's in front of the back
Pamela: Um, would'nt that be the front?
rich-c: so the paper catcher sticks out front and catches my foot every time I move
rich-c: doesn't hurt my foot at all, but I worry about the catche4r
Ron's Mandrake: ergonomics
Pamela: Push the catcher in when you're not using it, Dad - it should do that
rich-c: oh well, at least so far the printer works well
Pamela: Okay, printer opinions please
Ron's Mandrake: shot
rich-c: no Pam, it unhooks but doesn't swing aside - and it's a pain to reinstall
Ron's Mandrake: shoot
Pamela: what, shoot the printer?
Pamela: Doesn't it telescope under the printer?
Ron's Mandrake: I don't know much about printers that I could say in a family chat room
rich-c: actually, my experience has been most printers work well but recent ones have a serious drinking problem
Ron's Mandrake: Presently have a Hewlett Packard Deskjet 660C that never quite knows what it's connected to
Pamela: So that's the *hic* I've been hearing lately - I couldn't figure out where it was coming from
rich-c: and Pam, no, mine is not the retractable sort
Pamela: Mine has taken to upchucking ink all over the page - it's cheaper to replace than repair, I think
rich-c: oh, mine is connected to the parallel pass-through of the scanner
Ron's Mandrake: have an old (and very large) Apple Laserwriter that North Island College kinda left at the back door
rich-c: it secretly lustss to be coupled with a USB port
Ron's Mandrake: actually it is Rich. The iMac has a USB/Parallel converter
Pamela: You know, if I told people what came out of these convos, nobody would believe me
Pamela: That was very careless of the college, Ron
rich-c: well, they're logged, so they can see for themselves
Ron's Mandrake: inddeed it was
Pamela: They should be more careful - you never know what types are hanging around
Ron's Mandrake: they have a massive garage sale every year. Always make it a point to go
rich-c: will be slight delays in reaction while I ward off a nic fit - I'll be in and out for a few minutes
Ron's Mandrake: I hear ya my son
Pamela: I really want a three in one copier, printer, fax but they run to about $600 and the toner paks are $100 each - way too rich for my blood
Ron's Mandrake: So really Pam, it still comes down to the question.... what will you be printing?
Ron's Mandrake: And who is going to read it
Ron's Mandrake: Is there a need to make an impression
Pamela: Well, Russell likes the astronomy websites and anything to do with Scientific American.
Ron's Mandrake: or will 'draft' mode do for most things
rich-c: yes, but something like my S400 should handle that
Ron's Mandrake: you want pic's, and do you need the pic's to be really good?
Pamela: There is not much need for impressive displays except work that i may print off
Ron's Mandrake: Let's say this about that.
Ron's Mandrake: I have a colour printer (the HP) and I have been through 3 times as many black cartriges and color cartridges
Pamela: The colour on my BJC 4300 is off - I would like more realistic colour for my cross stitch projects, any cards or calendars I make, etc
Ron's Mandrake: cartridges?
Pamela: cartridges, I think
Ron's Mandrake: Ok then you've defined your requirement .... if you're into that, something a little newer would be in order
Ron's Mandrake: These days they're rated in 'dots per inch'. The going value for about $150 bucks is 1200 dots per inch
rich-c: Mine has a separate black cartridge - but it cost $65 before taxes
Pamela: I know we use more black than colour - I 'm not really the heavy user, that's the other half - he likes the cheat sites for gamers and prints reams of stuff off them
Ron's Mandrake: mine only does a paltry 300 dots per inch, and the colour ain't great
Pamela: I have been eyeing Kimberly's HP - what I've seen so far has looked really good
Ron's Mandrake: but the greater the dots per inch, the more ink you're going to use. and it's the Carts that are expensive
Pamela: She has a 612something, I believe
rich-c: don't know what mine is, but the colour seems OK
rich-c: you can come over and give it a try, Pam
Pamela: I just may do that, Dad - but having had one Canon, do I really want another?
Ron's Mandrake: Was looking at stuff over in Edmonton and they're almost giving the printers away
Ron's Mandrake: but they get you with the ink
rich-c: the S400 has separate ink tanks for colours (3) plus black
Ron's Mandrake: seems to me that Consumer Reports has done a comparison on brands available
Pamela: The black cartridges for the BJC 4300 were only $9.99, and they last a fairly long time
Ron's Mandrake: oh really
Pamela: Of course, the printer is another matter
Pamela: It died just out of warranty
Ron's Mandrake: I tell ya, my experience with this HP 660C will prompt me to ask next time about the cost of ink carts
rich-c: all computer equipemnt does that, doesn't it?
Pamela: Well the computer itself is okay
Ron's Mandrake: no...... my iMac died 2 weeks BEFORE warranty's end
Ron's Mandrake: surprised the hell out of me
Pamela: Now that's timing
Ron's Mandrake: actually it didn't die, I think I killed it
Pamela: you . . you . . murderer, you
rich-c: for many of the printers you can get ink cartridge refill kits
Ron's Mandrake: had to have a new G3 processor... which it got, at no cost to me
rich-c: how did you do it in, Ron? Overwork?
Ron's Mandrake: we have a guy here who does it locally Rich. Cost is about half, and the endurance is actually better
Ron's Mandrake: he's making a fortune
Pamela: I'll bet
rich-c: here you can buy kits that will do about six refills for $30
Ron's Mandrake: re the G3 Rich, we're not sure, but my seller says it may have been him. We replaced the hard drive
Ron's Mandrake: upgraded for larger last April, and he thinks he might have statically discharged into the machine
Ron's Mandrake: ...apparently it can take up to 4 months for a zap to make it's presence felt
rich-c: you must have a good vendor if he'd actually admit it
Ron's Mandrake: he's since installed all sorts of anti-static gear in his shop
Pamela: I hope he removed the carpet while he was at it
Ron's Mandrake: he's a very good vendor... also a Mac User group member
Ron's Mandrake: yup.... rubber mat on cement floor now
rich-c: that makes a great deal of positive difference
Ron's Mandrake: in the work area at least
Guy B.: I'm still here. Going to check Corel's website.
Pamela: How's the download going, Guy?
rich-c: wondering whre you'd been, Guy
rich-c: maybe he should get Katiesoft - that lets you have four windows open on the screen at once
Pamela: obviously, it's keeping him busy
Ron's Mandrake: Katiesoft?
Pamela: ??
Guy B.: Redhat was a little confusing. So, I'm going to check Corel's Linux.
rich-c: I think the docs for Opera say you can do that in Opera too
Pamela: Where do you get this stuff, Dad?
rich-c: Katiesoft is a freebie, think it's a sort of "skin" for IE
Ron's Mandrake: Keep track of your impressions're not alone
rich-c: tell you when you come over, Pam, it's too long a tale for now
Pamela: oh no.
Ron's Mandrake: To my mind, Linux has come a long way, but it still has a way to go before being of interest to the average user
Ron's Mandrake: aha!
rich-c: sort of like CP/M once upon a time
Ron's Mandrake: Was going to ask, who is Katie, and why is she soft?
Pamela: Very good questions
Ron's Mandrake: but I won't ask that
rich-c: that's good
Pamela: Awww!
Ron's Mandrake: Hey guys
Ron's Mandrake: I now have a web cam
Ron's Mandrake: and a microphone that actually works
Ron's Mandrake: can transmit my ugly mug all over the world
rich-c: so what are they good for?
Pamela: Do you really want others to see you first thing in the morning with no makeup? No thanks
Pamela: That would scare the people I talk to
Ron's Mandrake: I don't know.... just happened to have 100 bux burning a hole in my pocket
rich-c: if we all had mikes could we chat by voice?
Ron's Mandrake: yes... we could do that
Pamela: Well, send it this way - I could use it
Ron's Mandrake: I haven't the slightest notion what I'm going to do with it
Ron's Mandrake: but it works rather well I must say
rich-c: the latest Eudora has some sort of voice-enablement
Guy B.: Well, I'm going have to put Linux on hold. Corel says I need to transfer the files to a CD-Rom in order for it to work. The CD-RW drive will be coming later on this year. So, not now.
rich-c: Put it on your hard drive against the day, Guy
Ron's Mandrake: Yes Guy, meant to tell you that. They assume you have a burner
rich-c: then when you do get the hardware you'll have it to hand
Ron's Mandrake: but you can go buy it at your local establishment where such things are sold
Ron's Mandrake: for about $39.95 (and that's Canadian)
Pamela: About $15.00 US
rich-c: no, Ron, maybe he'll want a 2x and those faster ones cost a bit more
Guy B.: They mentioned I could get it for $4.95 shipping. But, I think it would be better that I wait until I get this new system of mine, built and running.
Ron's Mandrake: true
Ron's Mandrake: good idea Guy.
rich-c: build it in from the start, Guy, and save redoing the hard disc when the installation crashes it
Ron's Mandrake: that is a good point Rich
rich-c: voice of experience
Pamela: not the voice of doom?
Ron's Mandrake: I've found when doing these various upgrades, I'm usually better to start by cleaning everything off
Ron's Mandrake: Windows and Linux sides of the house
Ron's Mandrake: And sometimes I'm not really prepared to do that
Guy B.: Win95 with USB will be going on the new system. I plan to put two hard drives in there now. One I got with Win95, the other a brand new 13GB hard drive.
Ron's Mandrake: It does involve repartitioning, although you can get away without doing that if you're lucky
rich-c: I know, I still haven't installed my 56K modem; still using the 33.6
Ron's Mandrake: Someday I must inject some sanity into things around here
rich-c: Guy, ask Dale about that - he says the USB support in Win95 is largely a pious hope, even in 95B
Ron's Mandrake: Three boxes with at least 2 operating systems on each
Ron's Mandrake: if I ever get alszheimers, I'm in trouble
Pamela: Nothing like a little variety,
Pamela: Ron
Ron's Mandrake: can't spell it, so I don't got it
rich-c: thwe nice thing about multiple OS partitions is that when one crashes you still have resources available
Guy B.: Well, checking out the docs with this computer. There's a driver for the USB ports and it would work with the original Win95.
Ron's Mandrake: That's right Rich. It's a good defence against Murphy
Ron's Mandrake: if there's really any defence against Murphy
Pamela: A good offence.
rich-c: Guy, I think my motherboard docs say the same thing - but Dale is dubious
rich-c: he could be wrong but I'm leery of putting his experience to the test
Ron's Mandrake: Guy.... word of warning. I've found USB ports on my Win 98 to be a little flaky (they sometimes don't work)
Guy B.: There's one way to find out. Install the OS and see if it recognizes the ports.
Ron's Mandrake: My son Jeff had the same experience on his
rich-c: I'd like to have working USB ports because my printer supports them
Ron's Mandrake: iMac's are solid
Guy B.: Well, I got to run. I'll see you all next week.
Ron's Mandrake: be good Guy
Pamela: Good nite, Guy
rich-c: OK Guy, let us know how you get on with the Linux hunt
Guy B.: Oh, I will. Keep an eye on the list.
Ron's Mandrake: yeah, really..... if you have any questions holler
rich-c: will do that. be good
Ron's Mandrake: I don't have many answers, but I know people who do
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: Time I went to bed too - just ask my mother
rich-c: your mother says yes
Pamela: On second thought, don't - too late
Ron's Mandrake: Say hi to Frances for me
Ron's Mandrake: Hi Frances
rich-c: Frances says Hi Ron
Pamela: I gotta catch up on my snoozes - I lose way too many - Hi Mom and G'nite, Mom
Ron's Mandrake: :)
rich-c: Nite Pam from both
Ron's Mandrake: take care Pam
Pamela: Will see you next week - bye!
rich-c: bye
Pamela left chat session
Ron's Mandrake: I just paid my annual software tax to Intuit for their latest Quicken
rich-c: Ron, I wonder if it's worth offering the weekend chat again
Ron's Mandrake: How many did you get....sorry, I just plumb forgot
rich-c: just me and Dave Compson
Ron's Mandrake: will have to stick up a note here or something
Ron's Mandrake: Who is Dave Compson?
rich-c: mind you, 90 minutes helping a "newbie" was time well spent
rich-c: he's the guy who took up my offer of the free Adam
Ron's Mandrake: yeah well that's a plus
Ron's Mandrake: ok
rich-c: it has now been in the mail to him for a week or so
rich-c: I'm eagerly awaiting his report of receipt but suspect it will be a few weeks yet
Ron's Mandrake: Do it one more time Rich. Announce it like you did last week
Ron's Mandrake: I don't have to go out Sat morning, and noon would still be good
rich-c: I'm afraid everyone will think either I'm organizing these things, or that it is a fixture
Ron's Mandrake: Know how you feel
Ron's Mandrake: nobody from Europe eh?
rich-c: not a peep, dammit
rich-c: nor was there any feedback in the email, either
Ron's Mandrake: Wonder if a message to Marcel would help
Ron's Mandrake: specifically to him I mean
rich-c: he's on the mailing list, isn't he?
Ron's Mandrake: yes, and I know he does read sometimes
rich-c: I invited comment in my posting about Telegames but no reaction to that either
Ron's Mandrake: I've still got that on my 'to do' list. Was contemplating a purchase
rich-c: I thought an emulator as a native Windows program using DirectX sounded interestinmg
Ron's Mandrake: it is indeed, and I'd like to try it
Ron's Mandrake: well sir..... I shall off I think
rich-c: I found a CD of Activision games and emulator but it seemed to be a DOS thing and likely unstable
rich-c: the box talked a lot about possible crashes
Ron's Mandrake: well that's one thing about Marcel's
Ron's Mandrake: It's solid as a rock
rich-c: yes, it's about that time Ron
Ron's Mandrake: even on an iMac, running a win98 emulator
rich-c: I'll take the thought of one more try under advisement, for 8 Zulu
Ron's Mandrake: ok... let us know about Sat
Ron's Mandrake: ok
Ron's Mandrake: sounds good
rich-c: right - 8 Zulu is 3 here. I shall see
Ron's Mandrake: I'm going to stick up a big note here
Ron's Mandrake: yup, and noon here
rich-c: maybe I'll send you a forward Friday night
Ron's Mandrake: good.
Ron's Mandrake: take care my son
rich-c: time to go - take care, till teh weekend
Ron's Mandrake: :)
Ron's Mandrake left chat session
rich-c: colour me gone!
rich-c left chat session
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