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>rich-c: hi jerry
>rich-c: you're a new name on chat - are you an Adam user?
Jerry Engseth: I've never done this before. Yes, I have two Adams, but they are used for special things.
>rich-c: Anything done on an Adam is seriously special
>rich-c: and any time you want to talk about it, these chats are the place
Jerry Engseth: I've come mainly to listen in, perhaps learn something.
>rich-c: OK, just remember that around here, the only dumb questions are the ones you don't ask
>rich-c: if you want to know anything, speak up - you'll get the best help available
>rich-c: by the way, when Dave Compson shows up, he hasn't even got all the parts of his new Adam yet
Jerry Engseth: One of my problems is that I have a manuscript on my Adam, and would like to edit it on this computer. Will I have to scan all the pages, and use that as a means to get it on, or is there another way?
>rich-c: are you on the Adam mailing list, by the way?
Jerry Engseth: Yes to the mailing list
>rich-c: OK, it is complex but there is a way to get text from the Adam to a DOSbox
>rich-c: I'm not smart about it, but Ron Mitchell said he'd be here today and he can clue you in
Jerry Engseth: I assume that means copying to a floppy
>rich-c: one way I believe is to use a modem or null modem to transmit ASCII text, but Smartwriter is formatted binary
>rich-c: yes, there is a program that lets DOSboxes read, write and format Adam discs
>rich-c: you may find though that you need a Win 3.1 partition as win9x doesn't support double density discs
>rich-c: I assume you know that I have a retirement hobby "business" offering supplies to the Adam community
Jerry Engseth: I don/t know what you mean by a Dos box, though I do a bit about DOS. I also have WP 5.1 on another computer, are you suggesting that might be easier to receive a copy?
>rich-c: sorry - DOSbox is our group slang for any Intel computer running MSDOS and/or Windows - any flavour
>rich-c: again, don't be shy - Ron will likely come on from an iMac, my wife uses an Amiga; we are not Wintel fans here!
>rich-c: some years ago now one of my customers completed a manuscript on his Adam
Jerry Engseth: Now understand DOSbox. Have seen your name on the posts, and did not know you have a business. Now, what is Wintel slang for?
>rich-c: he had two problems - publishers were demanding the text in Word on HD floppies
>rich-c: Windows + intel
>rich-c: and not only was his MS on tape, one of the tapes had crashed
>rich-c: with the help of Michael Hurst, a local user, I got the tapes transferred to Wintel floppies
Jerry Engseth: You have me hanging! What did he do?
>rich-c: I used Disc Doctor to salvage teh crashed tape myself
>rich-c: Michael told me he just used a null modem to send the files over to his DOSbox
>rich-c: I think there was more to it than that but I wasn't around when he did it
>rich-c: by the way, describing what I do as a business is an exaggeration
>rich-c: for local sales tax purposes using business practices keeps me out of trouble, that's all
>rich-c: where are you located?
Jerry Engseth: Do not understand Null modum. Thjis is not a book MS, but a 40 page journal entry that has been sitting too long. I have to leave now, because of family. I will tune in if there is anything going on in a half hour. I am located just outside of Milwaukee. Signing off. If I don/t get back I'll respond with an email.
>rich-c: OK see you later
(The lights sudddenly go out)
>rich-c: test
>rich-c: test343
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>rich-c: welcome back, Jerrry
>rich-c: don't know where the others are, but I sent a couple of emails while you wre away
>rich-c: oh, and before I forget - the nearest mailing list subscriber to you is Patrick McHugh, in West Allis
Jerry Engseth: Rich, I cant remember where I was; seems as though I was getting to the point where I wanted to know if I did acquire a 3 floppy -is it ever possible to copy, or would I need a situation similar to what you described, in which someone had better equipment.
>rich-c: can't answer that without knowing what equipment you have, but the requirements are low
Jerry Engseth: Can I get Patrick's address from the Adam group? My equipment is basic. I have not added to it. I assume that a disc drive can be added.
>rich-c: as for Pat's address, you'd have to ask him
Jerry Engseth: I meant email address.
>rich-c: i can't give you his email address off the top of my head, but if you look at the exchange over that virus that went round the list recently you'll find it
>rich-c: it was his machine that got infected and we really teased him about it
>rich-c: he runs a computer security business so it was really embarrassing for him
Jerry Engseth: Oh, I remember. I think I erased most of those.
>rich-c: OK, you're saying you have only a basic Adam, so no serial port and no disc drive
>rich-c: OK hold on a minute while I check my email archive - maybe I can get it for you
>rich-c: OK, I'm back. It's
>rich-c: ain't multitasking wonderful?
Jerry Engseth: Is there any need on the part of anyone for the CP/M or the CM/P? I cannot remember which it was.
>rich-c: CP/M is the optional operating system for the Adam. Some folks prefer it, others hate it
>rich-c: most now use a freebie upgrade of CP/M called TDOS
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Jerry Engseth: Thanks for looking up the address. Yes, this is a new experience for me. And it is rather full of wonder. I assume then that I can throw away the CP/M.
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>rich-c: no, don't toss it, the day may come when you want it
>rich-c: hi Ron, bout time you got here
>rich-c: forget to thumbtack the note to your forehead?
Ron changed username to Ron
Ron: Memory like a seive
Ron: Sorry about that
>rich-c: that's OK, Jerry here has a problem that could benefit from your advice
Ron: The note is under my mouse... and I didn't see it... been sitting here all the time
>rich-c: he has only a basic Adam
Ron: well, I'll try
>rich-c: he needs to transfer a file to his DOSbox (WordPerfect 5.1)
>rich-c: what's your best advice?
Ron: And you've got an ADAM with 2 tape drives Jerry?
Jerry Engseth: Hi Ron. I Have an emachine with windows 98. On it I do my writing, but I have a MS that I would like to move from my Adam. Yes, Rich, I have two tape drives.
Ron: Am I still connected?
>rich-c: yes, Ron
>rich-c: Ron, Jerry lives quite cole to Pat McHugh
>rich-c: close, that is
Ron: no disk drives eh?
Jerry Engseth: My only mention of the WP5.1 was wondering if it would take the copy easier. Right Ron, no disc drives.
>rich-c: Jerry, Ron is the retired president of the Adam User Friendly Group in Ottawa, now retired to Vancouver Island
Ron: Makes it tough to do....trying to think of something
>rich-c: Jerry, if may make a difference what the file actually is, as formatting affects transfers
Ron: At the very minimum you would need a serial connection with a DOS box
>rich-c: At least a dual serial port is cheaper than a disc drive
Ron: What software was the MS on the ADAM prepared with?
Jerry Engseth: Don't sweat it. I bought a scanner, thinking that would be the way to go. Does that work, in your collective opinions. I do not even knowwhere the serial port is, if any. It's been a while.
Ron: Ok, that's your best bet. If you've got a working ADAM printer, print it out, then scan it to the IBM
>rich-c: well, if you can print the document out in Smartwriter, then scanning it should be a cinch
>rich-c: one neat part about Adam's clunky old printer is that it gives really clear copy
>rich-c: even Textbridge should be able to read it into a usable DOS file
Jerry Engseth: I do not understand the question about software on the Adam. Was there any other? Did I load software. I can go down and look. OK, yes it was Smartwriter. And I used it for business letters when I was working.
Ron: There are methods of transferring files back and forth Jerry, and even ways of doing a direct connection, but they pretty much
Ron: require that you have a disk drive on the ADAM end
>rich-c: OK, no problem printing out from Smartwriter. And no wonder you're confused; it's firmware - written on a chip inside the machine instead of a disc you feed into it
Ron: There are several options re wordprocessing Jerry
Ron: Speedywrite
Jerry Engseth: Understand about need for disk drive
Ron: CP/M wordprocessors like Wordstar and VDE
>rich-c: think you're getting into the deep end for Jerry, Ron
Ron: yes.... best stay with what's there
>rich-c: besides, using CP/M without a disc drive is very painful slow torture
Jerry Engseth: You leave me wondering. Yes, Ron, I am a relative neophyte. And I have a lot of trouble trying to copy old files from Q
>rich-c: Did you get TExtbridge or some similar reader with your scanner?
Jerry Engseth: Quattro and WP5.1 into the MS or the Sun's word processor. I cannot understand which of the choices to use. But that is another matter.
>rich-c: Such a program is likely to have "OCR" in its name or description
Ron: interrupted by Mother
Jerry Engseth: Yes, it is OCR, and I have not used it yet. I believe Textbridge is one of the choices in my computer.
>rich-c: oh dear - is this golf day?
Ron: no.... but she wants to go down town
Ron: 1/2 hour or so
>rich-c: OK, then if you print out a hard copy on the Adam printer you can scan that
Ron: Jerry how much do you know about Quattro?
Jerry Engseth: No golf for us in Milw. Slush and 35 degrees. Yes, I think that is the way to go.
>rich-c: then you can use Textbridge to edit it - Textbridge will have saved it as a tiff file
Jerry Engseth: I have used quattro for some time, and liked it.
>rich-c: but once done you can "Save as..." text and it will be in a DOS format on your DOSbox
Ron: ok. Just wondering why you import a text file into a spreadsheet
Jerry Engseth: Are you saying that Quattro is a text file?
>rich-c: think we've got some wires crossed here
Jerry Engseth: Can I print this stuff out. Just wondering
>rich-c: Ron, if he's dealing with a text file surely WP 5.1 is his best choice
Ron: Quattro is a spread sheet program.
Ron: yes I agree Rich. Word Perfect 5.1 would be better
Jerry Engseth: Back to the OCR. I think I understand this. I introduced a probably offline topic in speaking about transferring the files in my old other computer.
>rich-c: Just print it on the Adam printer, scan it with Textbridge, and save as .txt
Ron: not at all Jerry, that's what we're here for
>rich-c: OCR is Optical Character Reader. It "reads" an image (of text) and saves it as a printable file
>rich-c: before the file is saved Textbridge lets you preview and edit it
Ron: amazsing piece of work when you consider what it does
>rich-c: since you're using Textbridge and the scanner on youR DOSbox, the files it produces are those used in the Wintel world like .txt or .rtf or wri
Jerry Engseth: So I should try to file my Quattro files into WP6.1, which is the only choice given? ANOTHER OFF Topic: Does it work to change extensions.
Jerry Engseth: Yes, we are talking about two things. I understand OCR, even tho I have not used it.
Ron: Mine saves it as a Word 2000 Files, but then I'm not using Textbridge. I've got something called
>rich-c: Sorry Jerry - are you saying that in addition to transferring the files from teh Adam, you also want to transfer some other files from Quattro to WP?
Ron: Omnipage Pro version 10
Ron: I'd be very careful about changing file extensions Jerry, unless you know exactly what kind of file you're changing
Ron: What kind of files are we dealing with here, just plain text?
Jerry Engseth: I am really trying to copy Quattro files into either the Star speadsheet OR the Microsoft Office 97 Word. Yes, I have frozen my machines a few times, and that I suppose is why I ask.
>rich-c: ROn, shouldn't Star Office just import files from Quattro directly?
Ron: well the thing is that when a program such as Word Perfect saves a file, it will assign an extension to it, and if you
Ron: change that extension then the Word Perfect Program will not be able to find the file
>rich-c: and Jerry, all DOSboxes freeze or crash, not necessarily because of anything you did
Jerry Engseth: I do not know what Quattro files are in termsof extensions. They come out WQ1, and I have not found them transmittable. They are my old financial records, and I am too lazy to make new ones.
Ron: haven't had that much experience with Star yet, although I've got it here, but as far as I know, Star is supposed to be able to read anything
Jerry Engseth: But I do not have Word Perfect in my present Windows 98 computer
>rich-c: don't fuss it, Jerry. As Ron says, Star Office is very flexible
>rich-c: I have it on my computer but haven't had a chance to play with it yet
>rich-c: but the documentation suggests it will import files from any popular program
Ron: yup
>rich-c: that would include WP and Quattro almost certainly
Ron: think that's true, yes
Jerry Engseth: So when it asks for a filter, what do I use: *Other"? That is good to know- its ability to adapt.
>rich-c: haven't been that far into the help files yet
>rich-c: besides, all our spreadsheets are on teh Adam or Amiga
Ron: you could try that 'other' filter, if it doesn't like it, it'll just refulse to import the rilfe
Ron: file
Ron: Listen guys, I hate to do this, having been late and all, but I've got to jump ship
Ron: next week I'll try to be on time...gotta figure some way of making that happen
>rich-c: see you Wednesday night, Ron. Our best to your Mom
Ron: thanks..... good luck Jerry
Jerry Engseth: I have a bit of a doubt that Star takes what I give it, and if it asks for a filter, I don't know. Is it seeking a filter to read or to write? Thanbk you Ron.w
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>rich-c: from the little I've poked around, I sort of got the impression that you could just tell the appropriate module in Star Office to import a file
>rich-c: and that it would then do so, possibly keeping it in its native format
Jerry Engseth: Thank you both for your help. Iwill try to print this. It may become clearer to me when I do. Signing off in a moment. Yes, I will try to "import." I have not done that before. I have tried to copy.
>rich-c: I'd be inclined first to pick a Quattro file, open the spreadsheet module in Star, then tell it "Open" on the File menu, direct it to the Quattro file, and see what happens
Jerry Engseth: OK
>rich-c: OK Jerry, give it your best shot, and if you can try to join us on the main chat Wednesday night at 9 Eastern
>rich-c: It's been neat meeting you
Jerry Engseth: Roger, I have been trying to close this down so I can print it.
>rich-c: OK, if you mess up remember there is a transcript on the site you can download
>rich-c: Jerry, if you're having a problem getting off, just click "File" then "Exit"
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