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Dale: Hello
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Dale: Hi Rich.
rich-c: hi Dale - did you just open this?
rich-c: I tried getting on using Opera 5 but the applet didn't seem to run
Dale: Open this?
Dale: No, it's been going since about 8pm.
Dale: You only appeared just now.
rich-c: guess it was just a software glitch, then
rich-c: I've been on using Opera the last couple of sessions
rich-c: anyway, if the gang wants it, is Saturday at 3 OK again?
Dale: I'll try and make sure the server is up then.
rich-c: much appreciated - I'll send you a copy of any announcement
rich-c: did you know we got a completely new user last Saturday?
Dale: No I didn't check the transcripts.
Dale: That's good though.
rich-c: anyway, the Saturday before we got the chap who took the free Adam I offered
Dale: Has Opera been good?
rich-c: Has its eccentricities, but my general first impressions are reasonably favourable
Dale: I haven't seen a version in quite a while.
rich-c: it has an interestingly idiosyncratic list of built-in bookmarks
rich-c: well, they're up to 5.0 now and sponsored mode is free
rich-c: so far it is much more hassle-free than Netscape 6 which I just tried
Dale: I may check it out.
rich-c: you will I think find it worth your while
Dale: Netscape 6 isn't quite ready for mainstream use yet. The Mozilla project should be at a more stable point this summer.
rich-c: meanwhile, every time I hit "clear history" in the preferences, Netscape crashes on me
rich-c: well, Netscape has taken the beta tag off 6 - prematurely, it would seem
rich-c: anyway, Netscape now claims to be "powered by Gecko", whatever that means
Dale: It corresponded to their quarterly corporate objectives, not the code bases' maturity.
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Pamela: Hi, everyone
rich-c: like, put it out and charge $29 (U.S.) for tech support when it crashes?
rich-c: hi daughter, I think I got your tape
rich-c: turned on the dish, turned on the VCR, and prayed
Dale: Hi Pamela.
Pamela: I certainly hope so, Dad - it's one I didn't want to miss. Tonite was a cooperative effort
Pamela: Hi, Dale - are you at home tonite?
rich-c: well, I owe you a few so I hope it works
Dale: I'm at home. Last time I worked until Midnight.
Pamela: Midnight??? When do you sleep?
rich-c: isn't that standard issue in the computer world?
rich-c: I"d heard any proggrammer who can spell "sleep" is slacking
Pamela: Dad, I had Kimberly taping Voyager and West Wing, I am taping my movie, and I had you tape the Mole - I watched Voyager, it was a two parter
Pamela: Why does everyone broadcast the good stuff on Wednesday nights?
rich-c: it's a plot
Dale: Gecko is the code name of the new XML based render engine. It is as much as 100 times faster than the old netscape.
Pamela: Are the programmers supposed to be able to spell programmer?
rich-c: I guess that's why Wednesday works best for our chats
rich-c: outside organizations don't schedule against the tv, so everyone's at home
Pamela: Thank goodness for VCR's
rich-c: then they can tape the programs and come on line!
Dale: I'm actually tired tonight. I actually ended up working on the weekend too, which is usually my catchup time for sleep.
Pamela: Dale, the work isn't going anywhere, you know
rich-c: got a project coming up with a tight deadline, Dale?
rich-c: or was it just get it done while the stream of thought is flowing fast?
Dale: I just saw the Voyager part II but I was working last week, so I didn't see part I. Did Kim get abducted?
Pamela: No, he was one of the ones who didnt along with Chakotay, Neelix and the Doctor. Everyone else had their memory engrams reprogrammed and was assigned to work in this plant with a desperate shortage of skilled workers
Pamela: Janeway fell in love, and B'Elanna and Tom fell in love all over again. It had it's moments
Dale: Actually the work did go somewhere. It went to Japan for some demos. I've been more relaxed since my boss left on Monday.
Dale: It is officially too late to help him now.
rich-c: funny, you sound just like Pamela when her boss is away
Pamela: The absence of the boss is a condition devoutly to be wished where I come from.
Pamela: Might be because the boss has a high PITA factor
rich-c: , OK, explain PITA
Pamela: pain in the a**
rich-c: Oh, never mind
rich-c: sorry, took a second to dawn
Pamela: the light goes on
rich-c: Dale, how many of those OAP 64Ks do you have that work?
Pamela: She was in an unusually good mood today - I think it was her evil (good?) twin
Dale: I'd have to cound them to tell you officially. But is is less than 6.
Pamela: Speaking of which, oh veteran surfers, how can I find a salary comparison site for Toronto? I've had no luck with all the versions I tried
Pamela: and I have my annual review tomorrow
rich-c: don't ask me - I didn't know they exist
Pamela: that's a big help, Dad
Pamela: Dale? Any suggestions?
Dale: I don't know. I have that challenge myself.
rich-c: but my preferred search engine at the moment is google - they seem pretty thorough
rich-c: don't know what I would use as the search parameters though
Pamela: I tried salary comparison + toronto, compensation, maybe I should try wage comparison and see if that works
rich-c: can't guess who might maintain and publish such statistics, either
rich-c: department of labour, maybe?
Pamela: What I need to know, and the info must be out there, is what other people doing my job are making in comparison
Dale: Maybe list Toronto first.
Pamela: That's a thought, Dale
Pamela: BRB, I'm gonna try that
rich-c: and don't forget the = sign in front of each term
rich-c: oops, +
Dale: You could try going to the Stats Can site directly. I usually start at and go from there.
rich-c: Dale, how recently have you checked the expanders?
Dale: The + isn't as important with Google.
rich-c: I'm very dubious of Gary's work based on past experience
rich-c: they aren't fast sellers, as you know, but maybe I should have a couple
Pamela: Okay, that didn't work - any other suggestions?
Dale: If you don't like the OPAs, then refer your customers to MTAG. We'll deal with them, and have an exchange/refund warranty we offer.
Dale: I've never met anyone who had problems with the OPA memory expanders.
Dale: You'vbe had trouble with them?
rich-c: I'd be more likely to buy them myself for resale - I am able to respond faster
rich-c: yes, I had I think six of which two proved defective
Dale: Pamela, did you notice the Stats Can suggestion?
rich-c: I think I chucked teh first one, then for an inquiry a while back I checked the good one I had lwft
rich-c: turned out it had died too
rich-c: Pam, you might try and see what dept of labour or whatever has
rich-c: or with the feds, Pam, try Human Resources - likely
Dale: I suggested to check and look for Statistics Canada information.
Pamela: Am trying now and got something like 50,000 hits - be back shortly and will try the hrc next too, along with stats can - back shortly
Dale: Did you burn everone else out for tonight Richard? It is 9:30, an usually we have some American visitors by now.
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rich-c: sorry Dale - seem to have got dumped
james: morning all :)
Dale: James!
rich-c: good morning james!!!
Dale: Good to see you.
james: hey dale, long time no see!
james: hi rich :)
Pamela: Good morning James - I got back just in time
Dale: It's been a busy time for me.
james: how's it going pam?
rich-c: still in the clutches of NTT or got the new deal going?
james: still in the clutches of ntt until japan telecom sends me my application form. things here move very slowly.
Pamela: Okay, I was just looking for a salary comparison website and having no luck at all - apparently the info doesn't exist in a usable form
Pamela: However, got some good suggestions Ihave yet to try
rich-c: yes, one of the local papers was blaming the local business methods for the Japanese economic doldrums
rich-c: Pam, maybe some of the job recruitment sites will have some figures?
james: yeah, things are changing, albeit slowly. keep this up and the japanese will be playing catch-up with the koreans instead of the other way around.
james: the koreans are already well ahead in things like financial reform/transparency.
Pamela: being dragged kicking and screaming into the 20th century, right?
rich-c: yes - the article has words like cronyism, bureaucracy and stuff
Dale changed username to Jillian
Pamela: Well, hi, Jillian - when did you sneak in?
rich-c: didn't suggest actual corruption - just very much a "who you know" thing - if you don't know who, you wait
Jillian: Dale is laughing at the people on Temptation Island so I took over.
Pamela: I don't blame him. Isn't reality programming wonderful?
rich-c: that's reality?
james: yeah, well i'll say quite bluntly that corruption is a serious probrem here.
Jillian: It's pretty surreal.
Pamela: unreal
rich-c: you're there, I'm not, I defer to your superior knowledge - which also matches the facts that we do know
Pamela: James, have you gotten any of this stuff ie Survivor, Temptation Island, The Mole, Real World?
Jillian: It's been a big topic of conversation at my office too.
rich-c: anyway, another month and you'll be on our side of the Pacific - braced for that?
james: almost every other day there's some news involving a politician, gross amounts of cash and some company.
Pamela: Mine too. It's the newest form of water cooler torture
james: i'm expecting a bit of reverse culture shock.
Pamela: If you don't watch these things, you're out
Jillian: Mostly at my office people express disgust at any one who watchs.
rich-c: yes, how do you like the Mitsubishi scandal?
Jillian: Followed with 'Did you see last episode?"
rich-c: right on the heels of Bridgestone/Firestone, too
Pamela: LOL, Jillian
Jillian: Sorry I haven't gotten back to you about painting.
Pamela: I'm almost ashamed to admit I had Dad tape the final episode of the Mole tonite - I saw it once but had to see the outcome
james: haven't been following the mitsubishi scandal. actually, i barely watch tv at all. and from what i can hear of the
Pamela: S'alright - but it does sound interesting - I like to flex my creative side once in a while or it atrophies
Jillian: I ended up going with another friend about two weeks ago. It's really expensive at the place on Yonge.
james: crap coming out of north america, i'm not missing much there either.
rich-c: you mean you had me tape something SHAMEFUL? Horrors!
Pamela: No shame here -
Pamela: that's Temptation Island territory
Pamela: How expensive is really expensive?
Jillian: I haven't seen the Mole or Big Brother and only one episode of Survivor two.
rich-c: Mitsubishi got caught violating the recall regulations - had some serious problems they just let the customers suffer
Pamela: One episode of the Mole, part of one of Survivor two, couldn't be bothered with T island
Jillian: It's 8 dollars an hour for painting time and betwwen 4 and 40 dollars for the piece.
Pamela: Do watch the Real World from time to time, though.
Pamela: I have nothing to compare that to - have you been anywhere else?
Jillian: When I went I spent 36 dollars for about 3 hours of being there.
Jillian: Well, In collingwood, a 3 hour lesson was 5 dollars.
Pamela: Quite the difference.
james: i figure, why watch "reality tv" when i can live?
Pamela: Most of us watch it to escape, James
rich-c: yes, it's better that way
Jillian: I'm hoping to find a place which is in someone's basement or home.
Pamela: Some of it is more real than others
Pamela: If you succeed, let me know
rich-c: long ago, Frances used to go to a group at the YWCA at Bayview and Sheppard
Jillian: I don't think that I'll find a place which is the same as Collingwood, but I'm hoping closer
Pamela: Yeah, but that was an art class, Dad
rich-c: of course that was for retired folks, with sessions in working hours
Jillian: I will. There used to be a sign at Yonge and Steeles saying 'You're fired' which I think was a studio,
rich-c: these days you need a big group just to cover the rent in a community centre room
Jillian: but I haven't seen it in a while.
Pamela: The aim as I understand it with this stuff is to pull in the people who want to decorate pottery but don't want to do the throwing of the actual pots
Pamela: Am I right, Jillian?
Jillian: A couple o f years ago I went to a class at one of the highschool's in toronto(near Lawrence west station)
rich-c: that would be Bathurst Heights - it's closing now
Pamela: We should look it up in the phone book. That would be Bathurst Heights S.S., right around the corner from my parents
Jillian: Pretty much, Pam.
rich-c: but you could look up classes when they start advertising night school
Jillian: The forms are actually poured into molds and fired once before you start to paint them.
rich-c: I know Frances took carpentry once - found it was really mostly experts doing stuff they didn't have tools for at home
Pamela: Haven't gotten the parks and rec for summer yet
Pamela: She got a lot out of it, though. Barbara is also taking woodworking classes at the local voc school and is enjoying it very much
Jillian: I didn't know they did a parks and rec for summer. I still have the one for winter and fall.
rich-c: well, try the Board of Ed - might be second semester of night school coming up soon
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Jillian: I'd like to have access to a wood shop now and then.
MacShaker: hello
rich-c: that sounds like Ron after the earthquake
Pamela: The summer one is the one with all the day camps and swimming info in it along with the classes they offer
Pamela: Hi, Ron
MacShaker: interesting sequence of events today
Jillian: Dale started making a small table this weekend. but we don't have a whole lot of tools.
rich-c: the Mandrake still getting bad vibes from Seattle?
Pamela: I have become an addict for HGTV - lots of ideas, but no cash
MacShaker: right..... they got it allright
MacShaker: Hi Pam
Jillian: He also started it without a clear pattern or plan.
rich-c: yes, didn't managed to kill anyone, but from the pix I don't know how they escaped
Jillian: Greetings, Ron.
MacShaker: Hi Jillian
Pamela: Any cracks in the foundation, Ron?
MacShaker: no. not here. Alls we got was a rumble or two.... enough to know what was goin on, but not enought to do anything silly
Pamela: Ah, the joys of living in the circle of fire
rich-c: oh well, your turn will come
MacShaker: But Seattle, now that's another story
MacShaker: yes, so they say
james: morning ron :)
rich-c: the epicentre was nearer Tacoma, but they seem to have got off easy
Jillian: It drives me crazy to watch in the workshop and he does all these really neat projects with his super workshop
MacShaker: Hey James!
MacShaker: keep the quakes over there eh?
rich-c: but with Mt. Ranier a still active volcano in their backyard, I'll bet their nerves took serious damage
MacShaker: hell, they got at least two, maybe even 3. Mt Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Baker
james: heh heh. just sending a little tremor or two your way :D
Pamela: Me too - actually, I was watching a Home Again Classic recently featuring the modular homes of Japan - I want one! Just $85 per square foot, and they can build one in three weeks!
MacShaker: Thanks James
Jillian: Shocking. all the trash island couples stayed together.
Pamela: You're kidding!
rich-c: money can do that to a relationship
james: i'm amazingly ignorant of any devleopments going on here outside of the telecommunications industry. i've heard of prefab homes
james: though.
james: how's it going ron?
rich-c: actually, apparently a couple fo Canadian companies are doing a roaring trade in Japan in prefabs
Pamela: They were really cool, James - I wanted to ask if you had been in any or seen any going up
MacShaker: very well sir. Spent all this afternoon raking up the back yard
MacShaker: I am now slightly dead and stiff
Pamela: that's better than very dead, Ron
james: not yet. parts of our house are over 100 years old and likely took months to be built.
Jillian: There'll be another one soon. Dale's already said he wants no part of it.
MacShaker: true
Pamela: But you know he'll watch anyway Jillian. People get sucked in.
MacShaker: Wish Bart Lynch would say if he's ok
rich-c: oh, some of us manage to resist. It's not like it's football, or something
Jillian: Totally.
Pamela: You see what I mean?
Pamela: Sucked in.
rich-c: yes, Zonker is right down in the area where it got rough
MacShaker: I seem to have lost the thread. What are we to avoid getting sucked in to?
MacShaker: exactly Rich
Pamela: Bad TV
Jillian: I have sat and berated myself for three episodes. Totally glued to the set the whole time.
rich-c: the evil eye - the boob toob
MacShaker: Don't get me onto that
Pamela: Comments, Ron?
MacShaker: I am a confirmed radio listener
james: brb. ntt is crapping out on my connection
james left chat session
rich-c: oh, I remeber - radio - that's something we had back when I was a kid
MacShaker: Don't know who survived or who became a millionaire
MacShaker: don't care to know
Jillian: I hardly ever listen to radio. Just on the way to the subway.
Pamela: No one's become a millionaire for at least 100 days now
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Pamela: Hi, Guy - overtime again?
rich-c: hope you have a better connection now, james
MacShaker: Mr. Bona I presume
rich-c: oops! it's Guy!
rich-c: Hi Guy
Guy B.: Greetings folks. Sorry, I'm late. got my car back tonight.
MacShaker: And is it running?
Pamela: Yay!!
Pamela: Bet that felt good
rich-c: how well did they do the repair jopb?
Guy B.: Can't even tell it's been hit. They did a great job on it.
rich-c: still steers straight?
Jillian: Good job.
MacShaker: beautiful
rich-c: no funny noises from the front end?
Pamela: Glad to hear it. Where did you have the work done? I could use the name of a good body shop in Chicago area
Jillian: Dale and I have been hit about three times since we last reported an accident.
Pamela: Where are you when you get hit, Jill?
Guy B.: Nope, but being idle for two weeks. The engine was a little rough. But, it's fine now.
rich-c: comes from stopping for red lights and stop signs, Jill
Jillian: People keep rearending us and their car gets smucked and we drive away.
MacShaker: causing all manner of difficulties... whiplash, dislocated necks...
rich-c: that's the advantage of suvs - nice high bumpers
Pamela: Sounds like fun. Knock wood, so far I have been lucky
Jillian: A couple of times on the 401 and once on keele near bloor.
Guy B.: Ron, did you feel any of that earthquake that hit Seattle this morning?
Pamela: Neither of those locations surprises me. Where do you two live?
Jillian: One thing I really like about the Jeep is the really high seat backs.
Jillian: Yonge and Finch.
Pamela: Nice area.
MacShaker: only just a little Guy. Actually I was over at the curling rink and felt nothing. Mom said she felt a couple of loud 'bangs' and a little
MacShaker: rumbling
Pamela: You drive to the subway in the a.m.?
Jillian: Not many accidents that I see around here, but my office is on the one of the ten most dangerous corners in the GTA.
Pamela: Which one?
rich-c: And anyone who hits you from behind is automatically at fault, so your insurance shouldn't get shirty
MacShaker: Reports say that Victoria (140 mi south of us) was shaken quite a bit
Guy B.: I'm hope Zonker is alright out there. Anyone heard from him?
Jillian: I'm just lazy and it cuts about 40 minutes of my commute.
Jillian: Dale drives me and then comes home and has breakfast.
MacShaker: Re Zonker, no I haven't heard
Pamela: I drive to Wilson station in the mornings, then go to Bloor and Sherbourne by subway. Much better than driving
rich-c: we know there wre no fatalities and they didn't indicate too many injuries either
rich-c: just huge amounts of property damage
Jillian: Our insurance is over 2000 a year and would almost double if I got my liscense.
MacShaker: geez!
Jillian: Dale drives me to Sheppard.
Pamela: $2000 A YEAR? Why?
Guy B.: But, there was alot of damage. I'll catch the news in 45 minutes to find out more.
rich-c: yes, new drivers get dumped on - even "older" married females
Pamela: No Dad, she doesn't drive - just Dale
MacShaker: Seattle TV statons at noon were talking about 12-16 injuries, a couple of them still on critical list
MacShaker: There was apparently 1 death..... (reported to be a heart attack)
rich-c: yes, but if Jill drove she'd be a new driver - that was my point
Jillian: Big fancy expensive SUV.
rich-c: and I don't think $2000 a year is out of line with other insurance costs I've heard
Jillian: Plus it's leased.
Guy B.: Well, I'm going to make a couple of changes for my website before I upload it this weekend. The change will be that VBScript page will be VBScript/Visual Basic. I'
MacShaker: ah the SUV. (Silly Uninspiring Vehicle)
Pamela: Ah. That explains it. Still, even when I was a new driver, my insurance never went that high
MacShaker: sorry. I didn't mean that
Guy B.: I'm exploring Visual Basic to run Dcopy.
Jillian: I'd love to get my own wheels.
Pamela: Do it! It spells freedom. I was 28 when I finally got mine, and have never regretted it.
rich-c: if you can get by withoutb them, don't. more trouble than they're worth
Jillian: I'm not offended, Ron. I love my Jeep and pretty unshakeable in that.
MacShaker: my ex wife still gives me credit for teaching here how to drive
MacShaker: teaching her how to drive
rich-c: ah - NOW we know why she left!
MacShaker: :)
MacShaker: nah. The barefoot and pregnant bit didn't work
rich-c: that's automatic cause for divorce, isn't it?
Guy B.: Was Bob Slopsema on at all tonight?
Jillian: I get sick way more than my collegues who don't take the TTC. Plus my commute is about 30 minutes if we drive and 1&1/2 hours if I go completely on my own.
Pamela: Well for all the horrible stories of parents teaching children, Dad did a damn good job with me. Not one accident or ticket so far and it's been eight years
MacShaker: well done, father and daughter
rich-c: you're just riding the lucky end of the curve, daughter. no one ever escapes wholly
Jillian: My mother tried to teach me, but just made me so nervous, I stopped trying for ten years.
Pamela: I had the best, what can I say
Jillian: Dale is a much better teacher.
rich-c: but I couldn't get your mother to continue learning, Pam
Guy B.: Rich, how many were on for the Saturday chat? Sorry, I couldn't make it.
MacShaker: I recall the first application for insurance I ever made. Think I was 22 years old. The guy said, you may not have
MacShaker: had an accident yet, but we have stats that show that before you turn
Pamela: That's because you wouldn't buy a car with an automatic tranny, Dad - she hated the stickshift
rich-c: Ron and I and a totally new user, never met before
MacShaker: 25, you will, and when it happens it'll be more serious that the average, and cost more money
MacShaker: I proved him wrong
Pamela: good for you, Ron - the insurance companies need to start learning to look at individuals more
Pamela: and stats less.
MacShaker: lies, damn likes, and statistice
MacShaker: statistics
rich-c: they have to pay from stats, Pam, and the whole idea is to spread the risk
Pamela: Now say it three times fast
Jillian: My dad wouldn't buy an automatic either.
Pamela: Why should I get dinged for someone elses stupidity?
rich-c: back then, Jill, they wre hideously expensive, originally and to maintain
Guy B.: I would have to say for someone who filed a claim for the first time that my insurance company really helped me get through everything. I was pleased how everything turned out.
rich-c: As long as it isn't your fault they tend to be fairly accomodating
Pamela: Glad to hear it, Guy. Some companies are more helpful than others. Also, I think it depends on whether or not you're at fault.
MacShaker: Well there ya go. Guy's experience was favourable
rich-c: they're going to have to pay anyway
rich-c: sop maybe if they're nice they can slip a cheapie repair past you
Jillian: He still won't buy one. He insists that standard drivers are better drivers.
Guy B.: I'm grateful for one thing, that I wasn't in the car and it was parked.
MacShaker: Well let me say this about that (standard vs auto)
rich-c: if it weren't for the trailer, I'd likely still have a stick shift too
MacShaker: Having driven both
Jillian: One of Dale's uncles was recently t-boned by a fire truck going full tilt.
MacShaker: I found that the standard required me to focus more on what I was asking the engine to do
rich-c: I don't think I want to hear the results on that one, Jill
MacShaker: But I wouldn't want to spend my life in downtown Toronto with a standard shift
Pamela: lucky for me that the trailer came along then - but that doesn't explain the Zephyr, Dad
rich-c: yes, as you get old those thigh muscles lose their endurance
MacShaker: exactly
rich-c: but there's no denying a stick shift gives you far better control
Jillian: I do prefer a standard sometimes, but splitting the learning experience up leads to better learning overall.
MacShaker: When I got out here in 1995, I hadn't driven in Ottawa or anywhere else (reguarly at least) for 5 years
Guy B.: I wouldn't even know if I could handle a stick shift.
MacShaker: and sitting in the driveway was my late fathers old 1981 Fairmont.
MacShaker: My late father (God rest his soul) felt exactly the same way about this issue ad Rich does
Pamela: I find I am focussed on the engine anyway, but that's training. I can tell I have tranny problems right now, but so far they're minor.
Jillian: The uncle is relatively ok after about 2 months in intensive care. He's back at home.
rich-c: the Zephyr was in the hopes we could revive your Mom's ambition, Pam
Pamela: Instead, you got me. Poor Daddy. Mom should have done it then too.
Jillian: An automatic is easier to off road with.
Pamela: So do you still have the Fairmont Ron?
MacShaker: Think my mom never learned to drive for same reasons
MacShaker: No, it went into trade when we bought Rosie the Bull
Jillian: No reason why she couldn't do it now.
Pamela: Along with pottery, learning to drive a stick shift is on my list of things I'd like to tackle, along with skid school
MacShaker: they allowed me $2000 for it. But then I suppose they'd have allowed that amount for any damned thing
Jillian: I really like the graduated liscensing. Kind of took the pressure off.
MacShaker: Rosie the Bull is the 1993 Ford Taurus
Jillian: When we turned in the festiva, we got $500 and considered our selves lucky.
Pamela: Problem with graduated is, if you can't book an appointment before the G2 runs out, you have to start over again and pay again too
MacShaker: Aw. I always wanted a Festiva. Neighbour in Ottawa had one
Guy B.: What year was that car Jill?
MacShaker: neat to drive
Pamela: I got lunch money for the LTD
rich-c: and the Fairmont was not a durable car, especially in a salt-air climate
MacShaker: especially not with a 4 cylinder engine Rich. That was another of Dad's preferences. He couldn't see why any car should
MacShaker: have an engine with any more
Guy B.: Fairmont were poorly made cars and it haunted Ford for that.
Jillian: I'm not sure. 1991 or 1993. cracked windshield, no radio, bald tires, rear window defrost broken, ripped seats, bad brakes, dent in every panel (including the roof), lost of rust.
MacShaker: But in the case of the Fairmont, it was quite underpowered
Guy B.: Your right, at least you got a decent price for it.
Jillian: It was a standard too. Very much a student car. Dale commuted from Waterloo to Toronto for a year with it.
Pamela: The Zephyr was the same, but it was well balanced I'm told because of where the engine sat in the compartment. Great in snow and on curves
MacShaker: He bought that Fairmont new, and it served well between 1981 and 1996. In fact it's still on the road
MacShaker: I see it around town now and then
Jillian: Really? I thought the G2 lasted five years and then you could get it renewed?
Pamela: There was however an issue with the oil pan as I understand it - something about lacework?
Jillian: I have Friday's off so I'm not going to bother with an appointment the next time I try and get my G2.
Pamela: Once you get your G2, you have to book and pass the test for your G licence before the time expires - then I believe youstart over.
MacShaker: What's a G2
MacShaker: Oh, a learner's permit?
Jillian: G2 is sortof a second level learners. you can drive on your own, but not on highways, with any blood alcohol, etc.
Pamela: The new driver licencing system in Ontario is graduated - a G1 is what youget when you pass your test to get your learners permit - it allows you to drive during certain daylight hours and only with an experienced driver in the passenger seat with you
MacShaker: Ok. Sounds similar to changes they've just introduced here
Pamela: The experienced driver must be licenced for at least five years
Jillian: With the G1 you can't drive on any road with a 100 km/h limit, which is what I like.
Pamela: Which means you can't use any of the 400 highways and some two lane highways
Jillian: It's been in effect in some parts of the states for years.
MacShaker: ic
Jillian: I think that if I had to try and learn to drive on the 401 before I got my liscense, I wouldn't be trying at all.
Pamela: The problem is, in some parts of the province, if you book an appointment to take your G test, you may already be outside your window for the G2. There is a long waiting period for your appointment.
rich-c: not to worry, Jill, most of the drivers on 401 , can't
rich-c: of course that's good incentive for staying off
Pamela: Seems to me I never did get any lessons, I just did it. It wasn't that hard.
MacShaker: I felt reasonably comfortable on the 401 - until some point west of Oshawa. Then panic set in
Pamela: Of course the first time it was 6:30 on a Saturday morning, just to be on the safe side.
Jillian: The last time I was at the testing office there wasn't anyone on standby for either G1 or G2 so if people can take the time to go, it shouldn't be a problem.
MacShaker: Like when I came for ADAMCON 2. Suddenly I realized just how many lanes of traffic there were
Pamela: But again, I've been learning from Dad all these years about what to do and what not to do
rich-c: yes, when we're travelling, I fell very comfortable anyplace over 50 miles from Toronto
Pamela: They've expanded since you were here last, Ron.
MacShaker: yeah
MacShaker: Oh I'm sure.
Jillian: I took lessons in highschool and passed, but wasn't comfortable enough to pass.
rich-c: I didn't find the roads around Seattle any sweat
rich-c: but then after commuting on 401 in rush hour for a quarter entury...
Pamela: Same thing for me. When travelling to Windsor to visit family, the first 25 kms are a pain, after that it's smooth sailing. Same thing coming home. Toronto is the only part where I get tense.
MacShaker: I was just saying to mother earlier, I don't thinkg I've ever felt more on edge than I was when coming off the ferry into
rich-c: just don't go over to Detroit, Pam
Pamela: No worries there, Dad
MacShaker: Downtown Seattle (ADAMCON 11) and out onto the I5
rich-c: and I will go 100 miles out of my way to avoid Montreal
MacShaker: I hated driving in that town
Pamela: Guy, what's the driving like in Chicago?
MacShaker: seemed 3 times busier than anything else I'd ever experinced
rich-c: when 7000 lbs. of car and trailer can't even intimidate a Renault 5, you're in trouble
MacShaker: agreed re Montreal Rich
Jillian: I would rather drive in Montreal than toronto. At least they don't tail gate as much.
rich-c: don't try driving into the Loop in rush hour
Pamela: That's what the El is for
rich-c: the traffic jam starts 20 miles out, and it's stop-go from there
MacShaker: Trouble I found with Montreal is that all the signs seemed to be displaced about 50 yards right
MacShaker: Took me the longest time to realize that the signs I was looking at weren't intended for me at all
Pamela: Since the last time we drove through Montreal I was 15, I cant comment
rich-c: signs? Montreal has signs? who dares look away from the road to read them?
MacShaker: but for the ramp joining from my right
Jillian: I sort of grewup driving through Montreal, so I don't read the signs.
Guy B.: You don't want to know. Right now in downtown Chicago, Wacker Drive both upper and lower is closed for a complete rebuilding job that will take 2 years.
MacShaker: Although, I must say.... once I took Jeff to a ball game at the Big Owe, and I was surprized at how easy it was to navigate there
rich-c: last fall we went to a garden show in Montreal - but took the Metro in from Longueil
MacShaker: probably easier
Pamela: I am a big believer in public transit. I wouldn't drive downtown for anything - people are crazy down there
rich-c: we went round on the south shore to a campground halfway to the USA
MacShaker: In Ottawa, the bus trip from suburbia took 35 minutes. By car it was 65
MacShaker: minutes
Jillian: Whenever we go to the ex or downtown, we take TTC.
MacShaker: And the few times I took the car into work, I turned into a raving maniac
rich-c: yes, they have that express bus right of way in Ottawa
Jillian: I've never driven south of Eglinton.
Guy B.: I always take the L here in Chicago to work. Although I have to connect to 3 lines to do it. It beats driving there everyday.
MacShaker: very neat. I could read, or snooze, or both
rich-c: you shouldn't, Jill, it's an exercise in masochism
Pamela: Or to the skydome, or the convention centre, or the Eaton Centre or the ACC - anywhere between Bloor and Lakeshore
MacShaker: And then there's always Vancouver
MacShaker: which has streets that change names without provocation
MacShaker: Just like Winnipeg
Jillian: Just walking downtown above ground, is an excercise in masochism.
rich-c: again, we stayed weell out in Surrey and could get the expressway to the airport
MacShaker: smart lad Rich
Pamela: And Toronto - for instance Albion, Wilson, York Mills, Ellesmere - all one street from one side of the city to the other
MacShaker: oh you have those too do you?
rich-c: actually, I didn't find Van City traffic especially intimdating
MacShaker: naw.... it's a pussey cat really - but the I'm more familiar with VR
Pamela: I don't remember it, but then I was probably asleep - it was 2:00 am for me
Jillian: I think all cities have such streets.
rich-c: yes, and we took the LRT in to the Expo 86 site, Pam
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Pamela: Of course with T.O. you also have east and west everything - very confusing for those that don't know Yonge is the dividing line
MacShaker: the infamous sky train
changed username to james
Jillian: It's time for me to get to bed. I've got to finish a CSC assignment this weekend and work is bugging me to do over time.
rich-c: welcome back, james
Pamela: WB, James - the topic is transit
MacShaker: contractors for the latest section have just announced they're taking the BC gov't to court
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james: hi everyone
changed username to Guy B.
MacShaker: James my son
Jillian: Bye all, Back to Dale.
Guy B. requested to ban Guy B.
Pamela confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
james confirmed ban
Pamela: G'nite Jillian - nice to see you
rich-c: good to have you, Jill
Guy B.: Hi james, Bye Jill
Jillian changed username to Dale
rich-c: welcome back Dale
MacShaker: Guy, they want to forcibly remove you
james: hi guy :)
MacShaker: Hi Dale
rich-c: his evil twin has already been evicted
Pamela: too late, we got rid of the evil twin
MacShaker: alter ego
rich-c: choose one of
Pamela: you're outvoted, Ron
Dale: Hi Ron.
Guy B.: Well, I should be getting off too. Going to check my e-mail. I will be here a little earlier next week. See you then.
Pamela: G'nite Guy
MacShaker: watch out for the car now... it deserves TLC
Dale: Bye Guy.
rich-c: OK Guy, going to try again Saturday ?
Dale: Guy, I never saw your web site is it ready yet?
Guy B.: I'll see, I have to work this Saturday. Won't get home until 2:00 or so.
rich-c: that's fine, 2 is when it will start
MacShaker: Are we on Sat?
rich-c: that's your time, of course
MacShaker: Will have to do something about remembering
Guy B.: I'm going to put in a few changes and hopefully I'll have it up this weekend. The webspace is ready for me.
rich-c: if you folks want to, guess so, Dave has requested it
MacShaker: And it might be a little after noon before I get in...... have computer club at the hosiptal in the a.m.
rich-c: his ISP crashed on him last Saturday and he is unhappy
Guy B.: Ok, I'll try for Saturday, but not guaranteeing it. Otherwise next week. Bye.
rich-c: well, I'll set it up - just don't you guys abandon me, OK?
MacShaker: well, if we have a newbie, then we must serve
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: You know, I think these people have the right idea. It's bedtime. See y'all next time.
MacShaker: sleep well Pamela
rich-c: Nite Pam, see you this weekend?
Pamela: Definitely Dad - I have a game to return and a tape to pick up
Pamela: Will call to let you know when
rich-c: OK, and I have the computer papers for you too. Night then.
Pamela: Night all. POOF!
Pamela left chat session
MacShaker: Dale, are you guys working on a newsletter?
rich-c: yes, with two new Adam users coming on, I figure we more or less need the Saturday shot for a while
MacShaker: why not Rich.... I'm usually around. Alls I have to do is get the event embedded in my psyche
rich-c: Michael told me a couple of days ago he'd been talking with you, Ron
Dale: Ron, newsletters.
MacShaker: I know, and I promised an article re Ena. Still want to write it, so I better get at it
Dale: Michael is working on the Nov/Dec and Neil is working on the Jan/Feb. I'm a little slow getting people organized.
rich-c: yes, Dale, Michael said you wre a couple of issues in arrears
MacShaker: well, you wouldn't be the first one. Just got a copy of the Amstrad group newsletter dated December 1999 (and in brackets....a little late)
MacShaker: he makes no apologies
Dale: Hmmm...we're not that far behind at least.
MacShaker: Now meanwhile Dale, my $45. cheque remains uncashed - MTAG catchup mailed last July. Think I better mail another and
MacShaker: include the dues for this year eh?
Dale: I propably have here in my appartment. I have all of the financial papers. I just have to sort through them.
rich-c: yes, but it will likely be stale dated by now anyway, Dale
MacShaker: well, the cheque was dated July something or other 2000. It's now stale dated
Dale: Well, April is the renewal date, so I suppose that is where we're at now.
MacShaker: yeah. I'll send along another cheque. The MTAG mail box is still operative?
rich-c: postdate the next one, Ron
Dale: Yes.
MacShaker: :) (ROTFL Rich)
Dale: Ena received the cheque in July, and sent you some newsletters. I guess it somehow didn't get processed through the bank.
MacShaker: yes, I got quite a package, which told me she'd got the cheque
rich-c: Sunday morning is a good time to clear the mailbox, Dale
Dale: So Ron, are you still thinking of trying to do a newsletter for MTAG too?
rich-c: you can even drive down to the Post Office and survive
MacShaker: yes Dale could do
rich-c: the marvels of electronic communication
rich-c: by the way, gentlemen, I found a new toy
Dale: Richard, what are you talking about?
MacShaker: tell us more
rich-c: it's a word processor that will read html and save it as an editable txt or wri file
rich-c: it includes a spellchecker, it's open source, and it's free
rich-c: I think there's a Mac version, too
Dale: Are you talking about StarOffice?
rich-c: no, as far as I know that won't help you convert html to text, though I could be wrong
Dale: I've been using it to good effect for a couple of years now. I can install it on Linux, Windows and several other OSes.
rich-c: this is called AbiWord and it's freeware
rich-c: you can get it from (I think it's org)
Dale: I don't know that one.
rich-c: they had a bit on it in We Compute and I followed up
MacShaker: new one to me
rich-c: give it a look - what beyond a bit of disc space have you to lose?
Dale: The quake in Seatle, they said on the news that 30 people were heart. 3 dead (one of a heart attack).
rich-c: and Dale, I have the Star Office CD which has versions for all OSs on it
rich-c: so when I get Linux installed, that goes on next
Dale: Not even as rambunctious as the riots in Seatle last night (70 injured and 2 dead).
MacShaker: nothing at all
rich-c: yes, they had a fair to middling riot in Philadelphia too
rich-c: wonder whre the Spring Break riot will be this year?
Dale: I james still here?
rich-c: he shows on the list
Dale: MAybe not.
rich-c: could have got cut off by his ISP for inactivity - but he'd have been downloading
Dale: Well, it is already 11, so I think that I'll be moving along.
james: sorry, yeah, i've been lurking and searching for a replacement part for one of my computers.
MacShaker: Moral of the story is, don't try and talk on the telephone and do a chat group simultaneously if you only have a single channel mind
rich-c: yes, getting on for bedtime, Dale. Do let me know how many working expanders you have
MacShaker: Now that I'm on cable.... the phone rings
Dale: Okay. I figured you were there somewhere. It's jsut I hadn't heard from you in a while.
MacShaker: so be well all
Dale: Bye for now.
rich-c: right. think I'll leave too. Ron, see you Saturday, Dale, I'll remind you
MacShaker: not sure what I'm going to do with the rest of the evening, but it'll no doubt have something to do with earthquake preparedness
james: yeah, i get all of the computers for my classroom upgraded and *done* and then the floppy drive dies on one of them.
rich-c: james, any changes to the trip agenda, keep us posted
james: so now i'm looking for some stupid proprietary floppy drive. had one come today but it won't connect.
james: sure thing rich. i'm not anticipating any big changes at this point!
MacShaker: fun James
james: yeah. well i think the drive i ordered can be used but i have to find a cable.
rich-c: I'll leave you folks to it then. Goodnight all
james: one cable i have plugs into the mb no problem but not the drive. the other plugs into the drive but not the mb.
MacShaker: see ya sat Rich..Good Lord willin
james: bye rich!
MacShaker: niters all
rich-c left chat session
Dale: poof
james: anyone left?
MacShaker: and poof
james: nope. okay, bye!
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