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Dave Compson: Hello...
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rich-c: hi dave, see you're early
Dave Compson: Hey rich
rich-c: just got an email from my nephew
Dave Compson: Rich, to start off, lets talk about the new adam i recieved for parts.
rich-c: seems Orlando is in the process of renewing patches
Dave Compson: How is the nephew?
rich-c: more to come - on to your questions
Dave Compson: Whenever the nephew has the time, or is interested in trading patches, have him just email me.
rich-c: anyway, he was complaining he hadn't heard from my daughter lately
Dave Compson: And now onto the questions. First off, let me explain what the new adam is doing when powered on...
rich-c: yes, I'll tell him to do so
rich-c: he also wants one from Wyoming, NY as theirs is a derivative of the Orlando design
Dave Compson: The adam printer moves to the right, and just keeps going, or it trys to keep going to the right. It keeps trying to move, there is no video. ???
rich-c: bet that's shipping damage - there is a little microswitch
Dave Compson: To test the p.s., i exchanged cpu's the one you sent me works with the broken printer, so i think there is a problem within the cpu,
rich-c: essentially, the printer has microswitches at either end of the print head travel
rich-c: the printhead moves to the left until the switch tells it OK, you've found the margin
Dave Compson: I have found one of the microswitches (the one on the left) and cant seem to find the one on the right.
rich-c: same thing occurs on the right, it goes till the switch tells it it's at the end
Dave Compson: That makes sence
rich-c: if it doesn't find the end there it tries to keep going
Dave Compson: Ill double check the microswitches in the printer, specifically the micro on the right.
rich-c: I've never been able to find it either but I've been around when others did
Dave Compson: hehe
rich-c: if Herman or Guy or Ron turn up as promised, I think one of them can help
Dave Compson: Ok, now onto the next question. The parts adam has two data drives in it. They appear older, when they are opened, there is a spring above the center, instead of the plactic push pin. Make sence?
rich-c: just so you'll know, Herman is an electrician. lives in Cleveland, active in the group there for over 15 years
rich-c: yes, there were at least six variations on the tape drives that I know of
rich-c: some have the speed adjustment on top, some on the bottom
rich-c: some were made in Japan, others in the USA
Dave Compson: I have noticed the roller on the far right is really sticky on both drives?? Whats the deal with that?
rich-c: the deal with that is you've got problems - don't use those drives
rich-c: the roller should be hard rubber
rich-c: but from time to time for no reason they suddenly become soft and sticky
rich-c: it can happen overnight and no one knows why
rich-c: but they can stop a tape in its tracks and ruin it
Dave Compson: ok, i wont use those drives, i figured if i did try to use them, the tapes would get eaten.
rich-c: I'm told that all cassette drives have these "tires" on them and that replacements are available
rich-c: this may be true - I've never quite figured out where to look
rich-c: nor have I figured out how to get the sticky "tire" off
Dave Compson: Also, i noticed on the good working adam the tape drive is really loud. I dont remember it being that loud.
rich-c: I have one tape drive that sounds like a banshee with its tail caught in the door - the other is so quiet you can't tell if it's running
rich-c: another of those little mysteries
Dave Compson: huh, oh well, and now onto mr. b
rich-c: right - let's have the update
Dave Compson: Ok, i sent off the money, he recieved it, and told me he would begin shipping the items out on friday. I havent heard from him yet to confirm. I need to email him and say hi. I am nervious.
rich-c: my experience is that most folks don't confirm shipment, they just do it
rich-c: it's a pain because the stuff can take weeks to arrive and you never know
Dave Compson: I hope that is the case. ill email anyway. I am not afraid to tell him i am nervous.
rich-c: maybe he'll wait and tell you when everything has been packed and shipped
Dave Compson: He tells me everything is packed, i just dont know when it is all enroute. It will be quite a shipping job, i mean 270 pounds.!!
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rich-c: I realize you have serious bucks at stake, but you've also got strong remedies if he tries to con you
changed username to Ron
Ron: There is life on the west coast
rich-c: hello Ron, how's things on the Wet Coast?
Dave Compson: Like what, i used paypal. I dont know if they have protections.
Ron: sunny.... spring like
Ron: the earth is still\
rich-c: doesn't matter, Dave, he's an established business with roots
Ron: Hi Dave
rich-c: and Florida has pretty stiff consimer protection laws - not to mention mail fraud statutes federally
Dave Compson: Hello ron, my name is dave compson, i am in las vegas. Nice to meet you.
Ron: Ron Mitchell, Comox British Columbia Canada..... good to meet you too
Dave Compson: Thanks rich, i appreciate the support. I needed that.
Dave Compson: Another canadian, thats nice, i have not even been up there, i hear its really beautiful country.
rich-c: Ron, Dave has just bought a humungous lot of Adam stuff - 270 lbs. of it
Ron: Good Lord!
Ron: You are obviously going to become an ADAMite in good standing Dave
Dave Compson: I know, the wife found out, and all she said was "so that is it, you should be set for adam stuff now right!"
rich-c: I believe it was offered, in vague terms, on the Adam mailing list, wasn't it, Dave?
Dave Compson: Ill try to become an adamite.
Ron: Oh.... Don Bueltman's stuff?
Dave Compson: Yup, it was offered on the mailing list, actually it was a relay from delphi.
rich-c: No, someone in Florida, name of Ballinger
Ron: Oh, I remember that one, yes
Ron: Wonder what kind of shape it's in
Dave Compson: I didnt think it was going to be that big of a shipment. I really didnt need all that stuff, although the deal was too good to pass up.
rich-c: from the pictures Dave sent me, not terribly well cared for but likely still workable
Ron: sounds typical
Dave Compson: You know, i really dont know what the shape the items are in. Rich and i checked out the photos.
Ron: If I were to offer all my ADAM gear here (Lord forbid) It would come to that volume probably
rich-c: There seems to be a couple of big cartons of datapacks
Ron: and it would look 'used' but is all working
Dave Compson: Some of it looks really beaten, some of it looks good, unopened power supplys and such.
rich-c: I've been kidding Dave about cornering the market on Buck Rogers tapes
Ron: Yeah right... I guess so eh?
Dave Compson: Hehe it appears there are about 50 b-r tapes in there.
Dave Compson: Can i send a photo to the mailing list?
rich-c: trouble with game tapes is that you can't re-initialize them to use as regular dtapacks
Ron: The Buck Rogers tapes were amongst the last ADAM items to be available in various second hand stores
Ron: At one point we were using them for data pack..... re-formatting them etc
Dave Compson: I just wonder what kind of other software is in the packages.
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rich-c: I'd say offer the photos to those who want them, but the last photos sent to the list provoked a flame war
changed username to Guy B.
Ron: that was the problem, they were all right handed directory tapes. I actually did reformat some of them using Syd 's megacopy
Guy B.: Good afternoon, everyone!
rich-c: hello Guyu, is it still raining in Chicago?
Ron: but they were a pain for CP/M because the directory was not in the right place
Guy B.: No sunny skies here in Chicago.
Ron: hi Guy
Dave Compson: Well, i guess ill just see when the packages start to arrive. As for the photos, ill pass, i remember the flame was now.
Guy B.: Hi Ron
rich-c: Oddly enough, we're seeing intermittent sun here - they promised us freezing rain so I won't complain
Dave Compson: Hello Guy, i am a newbe here, dave compson from las vegas.
Guy B.: Hi Dave, welcome!
Ron: Good. Now we have evened up the nationality quotient
Dave Compson: As far as the weather goes here, there is supposte to be BIG storm hitting us starting tonight or tommrow am.
Ron: or ratio
rich-c: see from your posting that you're having problems with the web page, Guy
Guy B.: I was hoping to have my website up. But, my ISP won't co-operate. Won't respond.
rich-c: hey Dave, you've got the big NASCAR race tomorrow - are they going to have ANOTHER rainout?
Dave Compson: Rich, i wanted to tell you i tested everything out on the adam, its working perfectly! Thanks alot. I appreciate it.
Ron: You got a disk drive Dave?
rich-c: OK, in a couple of months when the dust clears, remind me to sell you a copy of Addictus
Dave Compson: Re NASCAR All i know is some of the races have already been reschedules, and people are mad as usual. The roads (freeways) are really a big mess.
rich-c: that's the Adam version of Tetris and to my mind the most playable cversion of the game I have seen
Dave Compson: Whats addictus?
Dave Compson: OH
Ron: it's very well done
rich-c: if your wife is into games at all, I think she would like it
Dave Compson: oh and thats rescheduled.
Guy B.: What was the other one that Steve Pitman brought out that was like Tetris?
rich-c: my wife is the all-time reigning champ for it
rich-c: Steve Pitman's big game is Adam Bomb
Dave Compson: Yes, the wife is into games, not as much as i am , but she tried playing looping last night and couldnt get it. i laughed
Dave Compson: I tried ADAM Bomb, it is kinda addicting, although i only played it once so far.
rich-c: you can tell her I sympathize - working out that control is not the world's easiest!
Dave Compson: That was her complaint, she is used to the playstation on the big screen, not the 8-bit world on the commodore 1084s.
rich-c: our guru for Adam Bomb is Bob Bair, but he is rarely on for our chats
Dave Compson: Oh, and by the way !! Rich, !!! I made my own audio cable to connect to my monitor. I followed your advice in a previous email.
Ron: I need a guru for ADAM Bomb
rich-c: so you do have picture and sound, then?
Dave Compson: My one year old loves the adam. He acts like the controller is a t.v. remote. He points it at the monitor and presses the buttons.
rich-c: Judy Slopsema is good at it, Ron. Maybe she'll help you at Adamcon
rich-c: give him a couple of years then start him with one of the Smurf carts or such
Guy B.: Tried uploading again. No dice, still no response.
Ron: Yup
Dave Compson: Yes, i have a great looking screen and now sound. I tried to hook it up to a t.v., using the switchboxes i have laying around. The picture looked really bad, and whenever i breathed wrong, the picture got worse.
rich-c: that's usually a sign of corrosion in the connections, Dave
Ron: That's always been a problem Dave. My adam here is hooked to a Commodore monitor.
rich-c: but even at best the tv picture can't match a monitor in 8-bit
Ron: You might want to try one of those Radio Shack video amplifiers. Found that they help
Guy B.: I know I just got here, but I haven't had lunch and need to mail a few bills, so at least I was here and see you all Wednesday night.
rich-c: I used to have a little 14" Toshiba tv that wasn't bad as an Adam monitor
Ron: also it's better to use coax cable from the ADAM to your TV
Dave Compson: Well, ill clean up the switchboxes, and see where it takes me. ALthough i have more than enough monitors laying around. I do need to hold onto an older t.v for my atari 2600 and colecovision systems.
rich-c: OK Guy, glad you did check in. Come back later if you have a chance
Dave Compson: Thanks alot guy.
Guy B.: Ok, but, I got to see my sister. She's having computer trouble again.
Ron: later Guy
rich-c: we wish you both luck, Guy
Guy B.: Bye!
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Dave Compson: I used coax from the switchbox to the input on the tv. Is that what you meant?
rich-c: yes, I believe I got my best picture by using a coax to RCA-pin adapter and running the coax to the tv
Ron: yes, Dave that's it.
Dave Compson: Thats what i did, maybe the switch boxes are OLD! hehe
rich-c: that of course cut out the switchbox entirely
Ron: I found there was quite a variation in the performance of those switch boxes. Some better than others
rich-c: my, we're polite today, Ron. I'd have phrased it less gently
Ron: Think you'd be better off to connect the ADAM directly to the TV. There are adaptors that will convert a coaxial cable input to an RCA Jack
Ron: :)
Dave Compson: OH i understand now rich, i have to look around, i think i have one of those around.
rich-c: if not, I believe they are cheap and easy to find
Ron: there are line loses in a switch.... particularly those switches
rich-c: Ron, before we came in, Dave was asking about printers that run to the right and try to beat their way through the side
Dave Compson: I just wanted to have another way to test all these adams when they arrive.
Ron: and with ADAM you don't need any line loses
rich-c: do you have any idea where the right hand microswitch is?
Ron: losses I mean
Ron: oh yes
rich-c: pray inform us
Ron: Just a sec....gonna have to go actually look at an ADAM printer.... be right back
Dave Compson: I am anxious
rich-c: OK Dave, maybe we'll get a clue for your problem
rich-c: meantime, do you know how the format is laid out on datapacks?
Dave Compson: From what i read, the directory is in the center of the tape, is that what you mea? Or are you talking about the structure, and verbage?
rich-c: OK, you have the right idea, not the full information
Ron: Ok....if you remove the cover of the printer (as if you were going to replace the ribbon)
rich-c: all datapacks have two tracks
rich-c: Ron's back - I'll hold
Dave Compson: ok
Ron: the microswitch is on the left hand side of the printer, near corner - assuming you're looking at it from the front
Dave Compson: is there only one switch?
Ron: There are two chrome bars that the print head mechanism rides on
Ron: the microswitch is anchored to the side of the printer case just atop the nearest bar
Ron: does that make any sense
Dave Compson: i see that one, it is on the left.. Is there one on the right?
rich-c: that's the left limit control, but what about the right?
Ron: Yes, only one. The print head actually contacts it when its over at left most positon
Dave Compson: So, what happens when the print head wants to leave the printer from the right side?
Ron: sec will have to look again. Didn't see one but hold on
rich-c: and if the contact is bad?
Dave Compson: the contact on the left? rich?
rich-c: Dave, perhaps if the switch doesn't close the printhead starts back anyway
rich-c: but not being aware of where it started from, doesn't know when to stop
Dave Compson: hmmm, ill have to play with it.
rich-c: but then why wouldn't it try to bash through the left side? Or just sit and sulk?
Ron: That's wierd.....
Dave Compson: dont know, all i know is the power supply is still working fine, and i cant get the printer to stop trying to move to the right.
Ron: I don't see any similar switch on the right, but it seems to me that when that problem occurs the print
rich-c: it is a not uncommon problem; almost all of us have experienced it
Ron: head is trying to beat it's way through the right hand side does it not?
Dave Compson: yes, it does.
Ron: Seems to me there's another microswitch on the right hand side, but I can't see it
Dave Compson: Is the switch actually on the print head somewhere?
Ron: Wonder if Howard Pines is still around.... he knows all this stuff
rich-c: when we reboot the Adam, the printhead moves to the extreme left, then back right a bit and stops
rich-c: could the problem be that the margin signal where it's supposed to stop isn't registering?
Dave Compson: OH, and rich, i installed the 64k expander correctly, i didnt seem to have any problems when playing with adam bomb.
Dave Compson: What controls the margin signal?
Ron: All I know is that the inside of my ADAM printer is in need of dusting
rich-c: yes, Hopward Pines is still around - he's changed his email address
rich-c: I think he's set up his own ISP - oscarnet,net
Ron: you got the new address Rich?
Dave Compson: Ill post a message to the board. I am looking at that in another window now.
rich-c: I think it's, but I have the wrong glasses on so don't take it as gospel
rich-c: Oh, are you running the new Netscape, Dave?
Ron: got it thanx
Dave Compson: nope, still using i.e. 4.0 i think
rich-c: take my advice, if you have 4.08 DO NOT update it under any circumstances
Ron: agreed. Rich
rich-c: the 4.7x version are buggy, crash-prone and full of spyware
Dave Compson: ok, this system pretty much does what i want, so its not going to change for some time.
Ron: tried the Mac version of Netscape 6 and it comes across looking like an AOL page
Ron: I do not like AOL or anything remotely connected with AOL
rich-c: and the 6.0 version crashes left, right and centre
Dave Compson: I have an older version of netscape for the mac also.
rich-c: the editor of the local computer paper devoted this month's editorial to why after over ten years he was giving Netscape the boot from his machine
Ron: yeah... the company apologetically suggested that Mac users be patient, and try re-installing.
Dave Compson: i am running i.e. version 5 now on my p200
Ron: I did not be patient
rich-c: I updated to IE 5.5 and find it quite nice, but I'm using Opera 5.0 at the moment
Ron: I find myself less and less patient with software these days
rich-c: funny you should say, Ron...
Dave Compson: mee too, hey, do you guys know if there any more adam bbs floating around there nowadays?
rich-c: I know lots of websites but no BBSs
Ron: I'm not sure if it's still up, but you might try:
Dave Compson: yeah, i have been searching for websites and have found alot. As for bbs' i was wondering if i could still "just for fun" try to connect using my adam.
Ron: That was my last contact for ADAM FIDO traffic
rich-c: likely even the ones still up won't adapt to 300 baud any more
Ron: He's down in Florida, and can be reached with your browser or telnet client
Dave Compson: theneverendingbbs didnt work
Ron: We used to have 15 or 20 right in this area, now there are none.
Ron: Some people say good riddance, but I find it sad
Ron: ok, well then I guess he ended
Dave Compson: thats too bad, i do know of one here in vegas, he is a commodore run bbs, although he is running 300 bps and up. Ill try that.
rich-c: what did a BBS offer that you can't find on a website?
Ron: Is Michael Hurst still running the New Canada BBS Rich?
Dave Compson: nothing, i just wanted to play with the adam online. Maybe ill feel better about my "slow" p200
rich-c: I don't think so - he hasn't mentioned it lately
rich-c: he was talking a day or two ago of coming on this afternoon
Ron: A suggestion Dave: if you have a community net in your vicinity, they will probably offer 'text based' access
Dave Compson: what is a community net
rich-c: but his grandfather died a short while ago, and now his dog is very ill
Ron: I have one that's a local call for me, and I can get the ADAM online through it
Dave Compson: i found it!
Ron: It's usually a non-profit group that provides internet accesss for those who wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise
Ron: Call it a community run BBs if you will
Dave Compson: ill check around for the community net
rich-c: aren't they more often termed "freenets"?
Ron: might be known as a Freenet
rich-c: what speed modem do you use with your Adam, Ron?
Ron: I still have a 2400 baud
rich-c: can you get it that high without losing charact4ers?
rich-c: I thought the Adam UART couldn't handle that speed of input
Ron: No, if you call yourself a freenet, you have to pay royalties
Ron: don't have much of a problem with lost chars
rich-c: assume it's an external modem hooked to a serial card of some sort?
Ron: yes. And I usually use Qterm of Mex, which has mechanisms for compensating for the character loss problem
rich-c: since I don't speak CP/M, those are foreign terms to me
rich-c: but wasn't Dale running a 14.4 modem on his Adam at Adamcon 07?
Ron: Seems to me that the EOS world never found a satisfactory solution to that problem eh?
Dave Compson: well, guys, i am getting really hungry now, i am going to head out. Rich, thanks for organizing this meeting. And as usual i leaned alot from everyone. It was nice to meet you ron, ill talk with you later.
Ron: yes... there's ways of doing that (What Dale Did). I my C128 I have a 14,400 modem
rich-c: OK Dave, do you want us to set it up again next week?
Ron: yeah....gotta think about leaving here too... got 700 copies of my FSNA newsletter to pick up
Dave Compson: please! That would be great!! I want to stay online, although my stomach tells me different. And now are are talking about commodores. I love them! I have 7 of them now. They all work and i use them often, well maybe less often now that adam in back in my life.
Ron: Wish I could get to mine more regularly.
Dave Compson: now that the ADAM is back into my life.
rich-c: well, we are all computer kooks here; we have Amigas too
rich-c: so I will set this up again next week and look for you, Dave
Ron: right...... there are 25 here of varying ages
Dave Compson: yeah, we talked about amigas..
Ron: nothing leaves the 'snakepit' while it's still working
Ron: And it all still works
Ron: anyway guys, it's been a slice
rich-c: and someone's always coming by sshovelling a new one in, right, Ron?
Ron: yup
Ron: buddy of mine has a Mac laptop I'm going to look at tomorrow
rich-c: OK, we'll join again same time, same place next week
Dave Compson: thats correct, ill see you next saturday. Ill email you rich with any more info on the deal with mr. b
Ron: thanks guys....see ya's next week
rich-c: OK, bye all
Dave Compson: take care bye sksk
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