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Colecoguy: Hello
Colecoguy: Richard should be here soon!
Colecoguy: I will return myself after a short walk with the dog
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Dave C: Hello, i was just hanging out waiting for others to show. How are you?
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rich=c: you're early again
Dave C: hello rich, ive been waiting. I am playing wargames on the adam sitting here.
rich=c: ah yes, the old 8-bit games aren't without their attractions
Dave C: I do like them.
rich=c: among other things, they don't take a month to finish
Dave C: let me switch that off so i dont get distracted.
Dave C: OK, i recieved my first shipment from mr, b
rich=c: right. so you got the first box. what was in it?
Dave C: are you ready?
rich=c: go!
Dave C: OK, there was 3 cpu's (r-80's) a colecovision, and exp. #3, a brand new power supply, three complete keyboards......
rich=c: right as shown in the pictures...
Dave C: the guts to a keyboard, brand new, misc. cables... lots of them... two adamlink modems, one still in the box, never opened.....
rich=c: a second modem, then? I had thought it looked like an autodialler
Dave C: two 64k mem expanders... and all of the cpu's have two data drives in various states of being.
rich=c: two memory expanders? neat-o!
Dave C: hold a sec, ill read the info off of them... in addition, all of the cpus work fine.. one of them displays funny symbols, but i can fix that thanks to the asg.
rich=c: by the way, a lot of tape drives that don't work just need cleaning and/or timing
Dave C: ok heres the info ... 64k expander uiss inc, made in CANADA!!! hehe
Dave C: as for the tape drives, ill test them out as soon as i get time. And, some of them will just be used for parts. The rollers are gummey.
rich=c: yes, there was an outfit doing that for a while
rich=c: don't put a tape in a drive with a ummy roller, or it's toast
rich=c: I'm told the "tires" that get gummy can be removed and replacements bought - if you ever find out where and how, let us know
Dave C: yeah, i read about it last night. Ill get all of the systems set up and running. I still am expecting alot of loose data drives.
rich=c: yes, there should be four more to come
Dave C: i plan to get the modem up and running, although i need to find that cable to connect the phone line to the modem. There is an old bbs still running 300 bps here in vegas
rich=c: I am very curious as to how many tapes and carts will turn up, and whether the disc drive will work
Dave C: me too, that is the real gem of this deal. I really want that, and the sofrware. i am really curious.
rich=c: I know some people have wired up their own connector cables for the modems
Dave C: the package could arrive at any time
rich=c: when you're dealing with a post office, any time is infuriatingly elastic
Dave C: about the cable, i really hope there is one loose in the package, i dont want to open that brand new modem to use that one.
rich=c: man, you're getting into collector mode already
Dave C: about the mail, i know.. although he sent out the packages (1 on day one, and 2 more the next day)
Dave C: yeah, collecting this stuff is fun.
rich=c: well, you'll remember on my shipment the parcel I mailed later arrived first
rich=c: I will also be curious to see how many carts there are
Dave C: sure, but it was smaller, and the package that was delievred was about 100 lbs. i needed to remove it from the mail truck, the mail lady couldnt lift it.
rich=c: Yikes! I thought they had a lower limit than that
rich=c: no wonder teh shipping was so high
Dave C: oh, by the way, colecobuy was here. he says he has to walk the dog, and will return later.
Dave C: colecoguy
rich=c: oh, that's Michael Hurst. I encouraged him to come on
rich=c: he is not without his problems, but he's quite enthusidastic
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Dave C: nobody is perfect, hey, i read an arcive of the chat session where you were talking to your daughter, and i came into the conversation.
changed username to Ron
Ron: hallo!
Dave C: it was funny, its like a big family here
rich=c: his dog is 17 years old and feeling every day of it - last time we talked, Michael didn't think he'd last the week
Ron: day late and a sheckle short
rich=c: hello Ron; at least you are here
Dave C: hi ron..
Ron: hi!
rich=c: and apparently Michael will be back later
Dave C: rich, did you forward the photos out like we talked about?
Dave C: Also, i wanted to tell you about the overall condition of the cpus, and other parts...
rich=c: no, not yet. Ron, would you like the pictures of what Dave bought?
Ron: Wouldn't mind seeing them - yes
rich=c: you did mentione they were awful dirty or dusty
Ron: Be back in a sec guys
rich=c: Ron, will send later today
Dave C: the parts look in good physical shape, although i can tell they have sat for quite some time. There are populated by tribes of dust bunnies!
rich=c: well, discreet use of a vacuum cleaner will suck up the bigger lumps
Dave C: i need to dissamble all of the parts, and bathe them. Also, i can tell he (mr. b) works in the post office, all of the packing looked professional.
Dave C: the power supply hasnt been opened,, ever. It looks new
rich=c: and you can get tiny low=power tool set attachments that you can use right on the board surface without breaking things
Dave C: that sounds nice
rich=c: yes, nothing like being an insider to learn the real hazards
rich=c: and he conducts his hobby supply business by mail
Dave C: lets talk about the data drives... i was wondering ...
rich=c: yes, I have a set with a reducing attachment that cuts way back on the strength of the vacuum
rich=c: go ahead
Dave C: on some of the drives, there is a plastic button which pushes out the tape, it is located in the top center of the drive, ....
rich=c: right
Dave C: the other drives have a spring on them... what is the difference, which is better, that was not covered in the asg.
rich=c: there are at least half a dozen variations on the drives, maybe more
rich=c: some were made in Japan, others in the US
rich=c: look at the screw patterns in the tape compartments, you'll see variations
rich=c: also some have the adjusting screw on the top, others on the bottom
rich=c: I don't know how many suppliers wre involved over the production run
Ron: Present once more am I
rich=c: just discussing tape drives, Ron
Ron: ok
Dave C: i see, one of the drives has three screws on top, and the other has none
Ron: oh yeah, I see.... would like some day to hear the whole story about how that happened
rich=c: yes. I've never found two people who agree on which drive variation is best
Ron: What we really need is a complete chronology of ADAM development from beginning to end
Ron: But we can't write the end just yet
rich=c: wonder if the text would pass the obscenity laws?
Ron: :)
Dave C: ron, which drive do you like?
Dave C: i know it really dosent matter.
Ron: well, depends - are you talking tape drives only?
Dave C: they are all the same at heart. what i need is a disk drive that works..
Dave C: yeah, tape drives for now..
Ron: What I wanted on my 'serious' ADAMs was a tape drive with that adjustment screw on the top
Ron: In actual practice throughout, I always had, and still have - a mixture
rich=c: yes, but was that for quality or convenience?
Ron: depends on what works and is operational
Ron: convenience Rich
rich=c: once you get used to it, doing the bottom adjustment isn't that big a hassle
Dave C: i plan to add another drive to the cpu i recieved from rich, i just dont know exactly which one to choose. I have options now.
Ron: I'm actually surprised that I have here 4 working tape drives that will still read and write.
Ron: They get used only about twice a year
rich=c: except that you have to unscrew it and lift it up, of course
rich=c: remember you've got four loose drives still to come, Dave
Ron: There was a time Dave when I would have loved a problem like that
Dave C: yeah, i am going to look for the cleanest
Ron: Now basically everything I use regularly is on a hard drive
Dave C: i konw, i think this stuff i am getting is a real score. i should be set for a LONG time now.
rich=c: oh, you'll end up even helping out other members of the Adam community
Dave C: the wife has driven up, let me say hi to her, just a sec...
rich=c: I see Hrman and Guy haven't made it yet, though I reminded them
Ron: we're expecting more are we?
rich=c: well, both indicated interest, and Herman said remind him
Ron: Finally found a program on the iMac that is of some value
rich=c: Pamela was also talking of coming on, but has likely forgotten
Ron: Sticky Notes..... it allows you to paste them (electronically) on the screen
Ron: reminders
Ron: It worked
rich=c: yes, they should be a fine antidote to senior moments
Ron: yup exactly
rich=c: if I recall correctly, one of the Walters twins had something similar for the Adam
Ron: just bought myself an old Mac Laptop
Ron: Powerbook 180
Ron: had $400. burning a hole in my pocket - and a buddy who wanted to unload one
rich=c: what are teh basic specs, Ron?
Ron: 68030 processor - 150 meg hard drive - 4 meg RAM (shortly to be increased to 14 meg)
rich=c: about the equivalent of an Amiga 3000 - lots of life left in that yet
Ron: A power Mac it is not, but it fits very nicely between my stomach and the steering wheel of the car
rich=c: IBM here had a big sale on of desktops and notebooks
Ron: Power Mac notebooks are running about $1400 used and I didn't want to spend that yet
rich=c: they were offering one desktop at $900, which was $1000 off the original price
Dave C: hello, i am back. the wife is evesdropping
Ron: So now I want a DOS emulator and ADAMEM... by the time I get to Cleveland should be all figured out
rich=c: it was a really nice unit, except that it was one of the unexpandable ones
Ron: sounds like a good deal Rich
rich=c: height was less than that of a pack of cigarettes, so you can imagine the space inside
Dave C: i wanted to ditch my windows machine, and i found a powermac 6100 for $10 at a thrift store. it is a 68040, 500 meg drive, and 16 megs, also a 2x cd rom
Ron: Back to you Dave. What kinds of work are you planning using your ADAM for?
Ron: Now that's the kind of deal I would have loved to find Dave.....
Ron: around here, the portables really hold their value
Ron: too much sometimes
Dave C: basiclly, i want to sue my adam for playing games, some light programming, i like smartlogo, i want to use it to teach my kid about computers.
rich=c: yes, my cursor crony in Phoenix recently got one too, and was vvery pleased with a far greater price than that
Ron: and that's a perfect way to do it
rich=c: yes, Frances says that SmartLogo is still the best Logo dialect she has found
Ron: Fortunately I also have an external SCSI CD and a SCSI Zip, either of which will work with the Powerbook
Ron: and it also drives my Mac 17 inch monitor if I want it to
rich=c: that should leave you very well set up, Ron. Is there an Adamem for the Mac?
Dave C: i havent figured all about the mac yet, i am still learning. i cant get rid of my windows machine until i set up the mac to do the internet thing.
Ron: looking into that Rich. might have to run an emulator (either DOS - or Linux)
rich=c: I'd like to get a DOS laptop but a 166 or better is at least a kilobuck here still
rich=c: and at that you only get a 12" screen, often the old type
Ron: yup., that's pretty much what my research told me here Rich.
Dave C: i am eating and typing now
rich=c: maybe someone should persuade Steve Jobs to port the OS X to the Intel chip
Ron: One of these days, I'm going to blow $4100 and buy the latest Mac G4 powerbook. the "Titanium"
Ron: maybe next year when my ship comes in
Ron: if I'm not at the airport
rich=c: I know how you feel, but the Lotto is SO unsympathetic
Ron: we're having a big OS10 party on the 24th ot this month
Ron: down at the Mac store
Ron: I know..... figured that I would write a Basic program (I think I've mentioned this before) on each of my 25 computers here
rich=c: I heard it won't be complete as issued - you'll have to download plugins later (free, though)
Ron: in the snakepit...and which ever Basic loto program makes me a million will mean that computer can stay
Dave C: i wenat out and had to buy that book "macs for dummies" it taught me enough to let me become comftroable on the mac, they are different from windows machines.
rich=c: I did that years ago with Adam, aned I'm still using it, but no results
Ron: yep that's the word. Apparently there's no DV support and a bunch of other stuff
Ron: There you go Dave....write us a SmartBasic program to pick the correct 6 numbers between 1 and 49
Ron: Do you have a Mac, Dave?
rich=c: and don't forget to include a way of randomizing the seed
Ron: Still have Guy Cousineau's article on that here
Dave C: that would be nice, although i wouldnt be able to use it here. No state lottery. there are slot machines all over the place here. even in the gas stations.
rich=c: by the way, Dave, have you done a "catalog" command yet on the Basic tape I sent you?
Ron: No State Lottery? Wow!
Ron: you must be one of the few
rich=c: yes, I guess a lottery would be kinda redundant in Nevada
Dave C: rich, i have, only once. i havent had time to explore it. the catalog seemed very full
rich=c: there are some early but useful programs on it, though you may find better in your shipment
Ron: ok..... somehow I was thinking Illinois, don't know why...... but you're in Las Vegas aren't you . That makes more sense
Dave C: yup, lost wages nevada. its nice here so long as you dont gamble.
rich=c: yes, the casiono operators would be muchly unhappy with the government taking up competition
Ron: That's what my son calls it. He's been there twice. I've never had the pleasure
Dave C: the state makes LOTS of money off taxes on the casinos. There is no state income tax here.
rich=c: and as long as you don't pick August to visit
Dave C: rich knows, its TOO hot here in the summer. it is the desert though.
Ron: I do not do well in hot weather
Ron: well sure. That's how deserts are
rich=c: then I recommend you time your visit for January
Ron: yep
Dave C: i like the spring, and fall here.
Ron: Orlando in October was bad enough
Dave C: that must have been humid in orlando.
Ron: ADAMCON 10 - two years ago (or was it three)
rich=c: yes, the weather break in Orlando is usually in thev second half of October
Ron: Apparently summer departure was late
Ron: and yes, it was humid
rich=c: I'll say this for the desert - you do not have a humidity problem
Dave C: i have another question on the adam...
Ron: Any chance of your joining us in Cleveland in July Dave?
rich=c: in fact keeping your innards humid enough is quite a challenge
Ron: go ahead sir
rich=c: go with your question, Dave
Dave C: i have read about why the plastic becomes yellow over time. is there any way to make it nice and white again?
Ron: I do not know - I would like to know. There are ADAMs here that could benefit
rich=c: not that I've ever heard of. Ron?
Ron: There was an outfit here in town that specialized in cleaning up old Computers, but they've disappeared from view
rich=c: I assume it reflects a chemical change in the plastic that is irrevesible
Ron: believe you're right Rich
rich=c: my guess would be it's from evaporation of the plassticizers used in the original shaping
Dave C: yeah, i think i am stuck with the yellow keyboard and cases
rich=c: well, you'll just have equipment to match the rest of us, Dave
Ron: Mostly alls I do is clean the cookie crumbs from the keyboard, and remove coffee and Diet Coke stains periodically
Dave C: well guys the wife need me. i will say good bye until next week. ill shoot you an email rich when the packages arrive.
rich=c: I am sure my keyboard keys alone show at least 20 very different shades
Ron: Very Good Dave. We'll talk again next week
rich=c: OK Dave, see you next week
Ron: Interestingly, the iMac's keys are black, and they can look just as dirty
Dave C: thanks alot for meeting with me and leting me talk your ears off about topics you have covered long ago
rich=c: that's what we're here for
Dave C: take care guys bye sksk
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Ron: S'ok Dave. you help to remind us about this stuff
Ron: Rich .... won't be around Wed evening
rich=c: yes, but black keys don't discolour so obviously
Ron: I'm the piano player for a curling skit we're rehearsing for
rich=c: oh, other obligations I gather
Ron: (and I need rehearsing)
rich=c: right - that sounds like fun
Ron: indeed it is
Ron: but it'll all be done in a couple of weeks, so I won't be away long
rich=c: OK, and with luck we'll get in the Saturday chats for a few more weeks
Ron: amost looks like Marcel might come in at some point
rich=c: yes, Sao Paulo is only +2 to Eastern
Ron: he does get around
rich=c: don't know if Brazil uses Daylight Time or not
Ron: have no idea
rich=c: if not, he'd only be +1 to us there
Ron: must ask him if there any plans to port ADAMEM to Mac
rich=c: long as his girlfriend has a computer and affordable ISP
Ron: this business of loading one emulator on top of another can get a little shaky
Ron: right
rich=c: yes, a direct port would be so much easier
Ron: I think with this Powerbook 180, processor speed and memory might be a problem
rich=c: I'm still not putting in the time needed to make the emulator work
Ron: but we'll see. Have just ordered more memory
Ron: Well I don't get to it often either, and everytime I do I have to rememnber where I was withy it
Ron: with it
rich=c: well, even on a fast processor, doesn't the emulator really slow things down?
Ron: Still my intent to use a Real ADAM if I need an ADAM
rich=c: I've heard that the reason it won't work on a 386 is speed - just too slow to tolerate
Ron: yes.. it will run there, but you spend a lot of time waiting, and that won't wash these days (not even with me)
rich=c: just a diversion - have a new program in DOS
Ron: oh?
rich=c: it's a word processor, still simple, still a work in progress
rich=c: it's open source and is called AbiWord
rich=c: you get it from
Ron: Yes, you were telling me about that. meant to check it out
rich=c: the nice feature is that it will take in html and let you save it as txt or wri or whatever
Ron: Ok have noted the URL
rich=c: I used it to cut a tv schedule from a web page then paste it into Abi and print out
Ron: cool
rich=c: also used it for a casual letter and it seemed less crank and demanding than Notepad or Writepad
Ron: for those jobs where you want to accomplish something usual without the usual arguements with the wordprocessor
rich=c: rather like the Adam - all you need but no frills to mess stuff up
Ron: something useful I meant
rich=c: yes. I'm also still experimenting with the Opera browser
rich=c: in fact I'm using it now
Ron: Anyway rich, I'm due to run an AA meeting down at the Men's Recovery Centre at 1:30 so I better get with it
Ron: ain't retirement grand1
rich=c: has its quirks but it's free, there's a Mac version I think, and Bill Gates didn't do it
rich=c: OK Ron, I'll send those clips. We'll miss you Wednesday but it's in a good cause
Ron: oh ok...will check that out....have heard of it ..... the fact it's non-Microsoft is a plus
Ron: see ya later sir
rich=c: gets it
rich=c: bye for now
Ron: ok got it
Ron: bye
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